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									                       Indiana Kiwanis

   Officers                          April Board Meeting Notes
 Steve Higgins    The board acted on the following items:
President-Elect   * accepted the March bingo report
 Joyce Scibek     *accepted the resignation of Shirley Stover
Vice President    *moved to send letters of termination to Kathy Monko, Ann Arthurs and Bill
  Jim Farren
                  *donated $425 to the Center for Family Life
   Fred Yun                             NN
                  *moved to donate $100 to $1,000 to the Foundation each month
                  *donated $100 to the Foundation for April
  Secretary       *discussed and implemented a corporate membership
Don Coleman       *agreed to hold Kiwanis Bingo at the Relay for Life event on May 15th from
Club Treasurer    11 a.m. to 1 p.m.m
Dave Koches       *discussed the upcoming elections
  Foundation      *agreed to reward bingo team members who work the entire month by
   Treasurer      buying their breakfast
  Jeff Mack
 Blaine Grube
Sherman Good
 Wayne Obitz
Dwight Gressley                          Kiwanis Education
 Dave Covato
 Mel O’Keefe              The following accomplishments are needed to
 Nancy Smith              become a distinguished Kiwanian:
 Gloria Bruner
                          1.   sponsor at least one new member
 Bingo Chair              2.   take part in four inter-clubs
Dwight Gressley           3.   participate in three service projects
 Mel O’Keefe              4.   attend three board meetings
Rebecca Farren
                          5.   attend two different district or division activities
    Bingo                 6.   maintain perfect attendance for nine months
Dave Schimsky
 Gloria Bruner
               Joan and Howard Henry, Joyce Scibek, Mike McElhaney and Ron Shearer
               inter-clubbed at the Punxsutawney Club’s pancake day.

               Fred Yun took seven of his family members to the Johnstown Club’s
               pancake day.

               Joyce Scibek and Mike McElhaney worked at the K-Kids Carnival.

               Joyce Scibek and Fred Yun visited Adelphoi Village’s alternative
               education school in Indiana. They are looking to form a Key Club there.

               Congratulations to Mel O’Keefe for securing our first corporate
               membership from Don Huey! Remember ASK! May is membership

               Red Amond, a Blairsville club member since 1946, moved to Indiana with
               his wife and joined our club.

               Ron and Luida Shearer, Erick Lauber, Herb Pollock, Joan and Howard
Thought of     Henry, Sandy Zimmerman, and Fred Yun attended the Circle K dinner.
               Awards were presented, a video recap of the year was shown and new
the Month      officers were inducted.

               The scholarship committee interviewed three ICTC students and ten
               Indiana High School students.
If you want
               PA Kiwanis Governor Ethan McBeth visited Indiana to observe our SCI
     to lift   Pine Grove Key Club. He and his wife, Doris, had breakfast with President
yourself up,   Steve Higgins, Marti Higgins, President-Elect Joyce Scibek and Secretary
               Fred Yun. The Governor and Fred visited SCI during their dodgeball
    lift up    tournament fundraiser and one inmate thanked him for visiting and caring.
               He said “as people drive past the prison, they see the prison as they see a
 someone       book. They see the cover, but never look inside”. The Governor
     else.     commented that our club is “truly living up to this year’s motto of Making
               Time to Make a Difference”.

  Booker T.    The SCI Key Club has 37 members now; 32 were at the last meeting.
               Steve Higgins, Joyce Scibek, Mel O’Keefe, Fred Yun and Ron and Luida
               Shearer attended the Region III meeting conducted by Trustee Al
               Hughes. Sessions included publicity, membership recruitment, and
               liability. Only three clubs attended the division meeting though. There was
               a brief meeting to discuss election of a Lt. Gov., but no candidates have
               stepped forth. Interested in serving? Contact Fred Yun!

                              Happy Birthday this month to Devon Duffy (10th), Steve
                               Mossgrove (21st), Mel O’Keefe (21st) and Jason Teal

               “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29:18
                                      MAY 2010
Sunday          Monday         Tuesday          Wednesday    Thursday         Friday         Saturday

         2               3                 4            5               6              7                8
                               Dinner                          Board
                BINGO         Meeting,                        Meeting

         9               10          11                12             13               14              15
                                NO                           Breakfast       9 Gateway      Relay for Life
                BINGO         MEETING!                      Meeting with       Garden          Bingo
                                                            NHS students       Flower       11 a.m. to 1
                                                             and Chris        Planting          p.m

         16              17                18          19               20             21              22
                BINGO         Meeting,
                              Eric Neal,

         23              24              25            26               27             28              29
                BINGO          Meeting,

  30                     31

              Memorial Day
                                                 Club Notes
April 6th Dinner Meeting
There were 25 Kiwanians and guests in attendance, along with special guest Rachel Zalinskas, a student at the
Indiana Junior High, and her father, a teacher and coach at the senior high. Rachel was recognized by the
Kiwanis Club for the gold medal she received in the individual medley and the silver medal she won in the
freestyle swimming at the PIAA state swimming meet. She is the first swimmer and the first ninth grader to win a
gold medal in swimming at state competition. Rachel briefly talked about her practice schedule and her future
plans and thanked her parents for all the sacrifices they have made for her to be a competitive swimmer.

It was announced that the Circle K Club members won awards at their annual convention for first place in T-shirt
design and their bulletin. They were awarded distinguished president, distinguished editor and outstanding
editor. Anne Wardrop and Katyln Krissinger were named distinguished members.

Joyce Scibek, the “Game Queen” and her gaming friends, had a game night, including Farkle, dominos and
Catch Phrase. Lottery tickets were awarded to the game winners. It was a casual, fun evening and enjoyed by

April 13th Breakfast Meeting
Leslie Stapleton and Jenna Wilson, members of the IASH Key Club, attended and talked about their current
projects, including raising money for Cystic Fibrosis. They also described the awards that the Key Club received
at the recent convention. Their scrapbook was awarded second place and the club was recognized as a
Platinum Club – one of only 2 in the state.

It was reported that $1200 was raised at Ben Franklin’s annual school carnival. Kiwanis members, Key Clubbers,
Circle K members and K-Kids were all involved in helping at the carnival.

Carol Maderer, Director of Care Net, spoke about the role that Care Net provides to the elderly. In collaboration
with community churches, Care Net trains volunteers to provide care to homebound elderly. They network with
other groups to bring the care so that they can remain at home as long as possible. There are currently 91
churches helping Care Net with their mission.

April 20th Breakfast Meeting
Glen Smartschan, Chief Operating Officer of Adelphoi Education explained that Adelphoi Village was founded by
Father Pascal Morlino. Tthe program is a private non-profit agency providing comprehensive community-based
treatment for boys and girls in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware and Maryland. Adelphoi is headquartered
in Latrobe and provides alternative education for 300 students in a secure setting. There are nine alternative
education sites in western Pennsylvania and 60 students at the Indiana site. Some of the students are court
placed with the student declared deprived or delinquent. The major source of funding is school tuition which is
paid by each school district. Smartschan explained that the continuum of care enables Adelphia Village to meet
the needs of a broad scope of clients from birth to 20.

April 27th Breakfast Meeting
Luida Shearer announced that the current Circle K president, Adriane Mc Graw won the IUP Volunteer Service
Award. McGraw, Stephanie Phillips, 2010-2011, President and Maria Bodenshantz, member, were all guests at
the meeting.

Kathy Yandura, assessAbilities Public Relations Director and Debra Forsha, Director of Children’s Services,
spoke about the organization, which has been in existence for 50 years and serves 1,800 citizens in Indiana,
Armstrong and Westmoreland counties. The group’s vision is to empower people with unique abilities to live life
to the fullest. The program is federally mandated and funded by state law. assessAbilities serves area
communities through early intervention services, Elks home service nursing programs, Kids Klub programs and
adult services programs.

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