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									                              PRACTICUM GUIDELINES

                                    VISION MISSION


    De La Salle University-Dasmariñas is a Filipino Catholic University established and
managed by the De La Salle Brothers and their lay partners in the historic province of
Cavite in response to the needs of the Church and the Nation for human and Christian
education, particularly the youth at risk. Guided by the Lasallian values of Religio,
Mores, and Cultura, the University participates meaningfully in the process of social
transformation by forming God-centered, people-oriented, and patriotic persons who
serve as responsible and professionally competent stewards of God's creation.


    To realize this vision, the University shall strive to become a leading institution
nationally and globally in the integral formation of the youth by offering relevant,
responsive, and community-oriented academic programs, research and extension
services, and promoting a keen sense of history, arts and culture. Following the footsteps
of Saint John Baptist De La Salle, the University shall continue transforming itself into a
caring community guided by Gospel values, with a fervent spirit of service, love for
learning and excellence through a holistic formation of its members.



              The practicum program is designed to allow the student the opportunity to
          apply the knowledge gained through actual business operations. The role, duties,
          and responsibilities of students must be clearly defined in order to enhance
          benefits to the students, and to ensure the integrity of the academic process and
          its outcomes.

            As such, the following must be considered in the practicum program:

            1. Support the career goals of the students;

            2. It should bring professional and personal satisfaction to students;

            3. Make the practicum program applicable to students’ professional goals.


        In line with the College of Business Administration thrust to meet the
     industry’s demand for technically competent and well-rounded Agribusiness
     Management, Economics, and Entrepreneurship students, the practicum program
     aims to:

        a. Provide students experience/exposure to the actual technical and
           managerial aspects of Agribusiness Management, Economics, and
           Entrepreneurship professions.

        b. Enable the students to gain experience, relate and apply the theories
           learned in school to real situations and problems.

        c. Give the students an insight of the various operations, processes,
           techniques, and controls presently used in the industry.

        d. Develop and instill a positive attitude, self-confidence, and self-motivation
           required of a responsible professional in handling tasks.

        e. Impress on the student the importance of human relations in the working

        f. Enhance the department’s network and linkages in relation to career
           placement for its graduates by establishing and maintaining harmonious
           relationships with host companies.

        g. Improve the practicum program of the department by gaining inputs from
           the host companies.

        h. Exhibit the spirit of faith by interpreting, judging, and evaluating life’s
           realities in the workplace in light of the Gospel.

        i. Demonstrate the spirit of zeal by translating the acquired knowledge into
           practice by dealing with their everyday human experience and problems in
           the workplace.

        j. Manifest the spirit of communion by promoting positive individual and
           social changes in the workplace.


        a. Practicumer refers to the student enrolled in the practicum program.

        b. University refers to De La Salle University – Dasmarinas (DLSU-D).

             c. Host Company refers to the organization for possible practicum setting
                and accredited by the university.

             d. Practicum Supervisor refers to the faculty member from DLSU-D who
                oversees the practicum activities of the practicumer.


                            PART I – THE PRACTICUMER

Section 1. Admission to the Practicum Program

       1.1      An incoming practicumer shall finish 90 percent of all
                academic/nonacademic requirements of the practicum program endorsed
                by the academic adviser and approved by the department chair.

       1.2      An incoming practicumer should secure a waiver duly signed by his/her
                parents/guardian, which serves as proof that DLSU-D will not be held
                liable for any untoward incident that may occur during the
                practicum/internship period.

Section 2. General Directives

       2.1      An admitted practicumer shall abide by the rules and regulations set forth
                by the institution and the company where s/he is undergoing internship.

       2.2      The host company may be assigned by the practicum supervisor or chosen
                by the practicumer. In the latter case, s/he has to request for a formal
                approval from the practicum supervisor.

       2.3      The host company shall not in any way be related to the practicumer up to
                the 3rd degree of consanguinity and/or affinity. The list of accredited host
                companies is shown in Appendix A.

       2.4      The practicumer must always observe discipline and right conduct.

                2.4.1   S/he shall at all times wear the appropriate dress code.

                2.4.2   S/he shall always project the Lasallian image.

                2.4.3   S/he shall not engage in any form of intimate relationship with
                        clients, patients, students, staff and employees of the host

             2.4.4   S/he shall not invite/entertain personal visitors in the practicum

             2.4.5   S/he should avoid incessant talking and loitering in the practicum

             2.4.6   S/he shall not engage in any form of gambling/drinking
                     intoxicating beverages and the like while on duty or off duty
                     within the practicum site premises.

             2.4.7   S/he shall follow the general direction/instruction of the practicum
                     supervisor unless otherwise stated by the host company as long as
                     it is not detrimental to the student.

      2.5    The practicumer cannot take any other academic or non-academic subjects
             for the same term.

Section 3. Attendance

      3.1    Attendance to the practicum orientation is a must.

      3.2    The practicumer shall observe punctuality and regular attendance in
             reporting to his/her assigned duty. S/he should religiously accomplish the
             attendance sheet noted by his/her immediate supervisor.

      3.3    The required number of hours of practicum for Entrepreneurship and
             Economics students is 480 hours and 600 hours for Agribusiness
             Management students.

      3.4    In cases when it is inevitable for the practicumer to bring home or
             accomplish some duties at a location other than the office site, and the host
             company so allows, crediting of duty hours shall be at the discretion of the
             host company.

      3.5    If and when the University requires the attendance of the practicumer in
             official activities or functions, the Practicum Supervisor shall send an
             official communication to the practicumer’s immediate supervisor at least
             three days before the date of the official activity or function.

Section 4. Requirements for Submission

      4.1    Resume (to be submitted at least one month before the start of the

       4.2      Application Letter signed by the Practicum Supervisor as shown in
                Appendix C

       4.3      Acceptance form signed by the representative of the host company

       4.4      Waiver to be submitted at least three days before day 1 of practicum duty

       4.5      Weekly Status Report/Journal

       4.6      Soft copy and soft bounded final report at the end of the practicum
                program. The format and content of the final report is shown in Appendix

       4.7      Daily Attendance Sheet noted/signed by the immediate supervisor of the

Section 5. Criteria for Best Practicumer

               At the end of each semester, the committee on Honors and Awards shall
       select the Best Practicum Student based on the following:

       5.1      S/he should not have violated any rules and regulations set forth by the
                University and the host company.

       5.2      S/he must have garnered the highest possible practicum grade.

       5.3      S/he must be recommended by the practicum supervisor.

       5.4      The committee on Honors and Awards shall be composed of the
                department chair, practicum supervisor, and a faculty representative.

Section 6. Student Discipline Board

       6.1      Composition of the Board

                6.1.1   Dean/Chair

                6.1.2   Practicum Supervisor

                6.1.3   Faculty Representative

       6.2      Jurisdiction

                The Board shall have the entire jurisdiction over all cases involving the
             behavior of the practicumers.


Section 1. General Provisions

       1.1    The practicum supervisor shall not receive additional remuneration and/or
              deloading from the university. The practicum load will serve as his/her
              teaching load.

       1.2    S/he shall be allowed to reimburse the expenses incurred during his/her
              practicum visit such as meals, transportation, and other incidental

       1.3    Professional conduct shall be properly observed by the practicum
              supervisor as stipulated in the faculty manual.

Section 2. Duties and Responsibilities of the Practicum Supervisor

       2.1    Endorses students to their respective host company.

       2.2    Conducts practicum orientation and evaluation(s).

       2.3    Maintains data bank of accredited host companies, evaluation of
              practicumers, and other pertinent documents necessary for the conduct of
              the practicum program.

       2.4    Sends letters/tokens of appreciation, if necessary, to forge closer ties with
              the host companies.

       2.5    Convenes practicum focus discussion with the host companies to facilitate
              constructive feedback for the improvement of the program.

       2.6    Oversees all administrative responsibilities associated with the practicum
              program in terms of preparation of the following but not limited to:

              2.6.1   Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)

              2.6.2   Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

              2.6.3   Recommendation/endorsement letter

       2.7    Communicates and regularly visits the host company for purposes of
              administration, assistance, monitoring and evaluation of the practicumers’
              performance. The number of visits shall be as follows:

                  Number of Practicumers               Required Number of Visits
                         1 - 12                                   3
                         13 - 25                                  2
                      26 and above                                1

      2.8    Serves, if and when necessary, as a mediator between the host company
             and the practicumer.

      2.9    Meets, if necessary, with the practicumers during the semester, in a group
             setting, for the purpose of bringing them together to share their
             experiences and to offer support.

      2.10   Submits all necessary documents to the department for completion of
             reports and other evaluation in relation to the practicum program.


Section 1. Expectations from the host company

      1.1    The host company may conduct screening and selection procedures as
             deemed necessary depending on company policies. Notification of such
             requirements may be communicated through the practicum supervisor.

      1.2    The host company shall ensure, through the immediate supervisor or the
             Human Resources Department, that the practicumer undergo practicum
             training related and relevant to the practicumer’s course.

      1.3    The host company shall ensure a safe working environment for students
             undergoing practicum training.

      1.4    The host company shall assign an immediate supervisor who will monitor
             the attendance and performance of the practicumer until he/she finishes
             the duration of the training.

      1.5    The host company, upon completion of the required number of hours by
             the practicumer, shall issue a Certificate of Completion stating that the
             student has satisfactorily completed all requirements in the practicum

      1.6    The host company, through the immediate supervisor and/or Human
             Resources Department, shall fill up, sign, and seal the provided Evaluation
             Form. The evaluation form shall be submitted to the practicum supervisor.

      1.7    The host company shall inform the university through the practicum
             supervisor and/or department chair on matters related to the practicum

      1.8    There shall be no employer-employee relationship between the host
             company and the practicumer.

Section 2 – Deliverables Between the University and the Company

       The following documents shall be required in the conduct of the practicum

      2.1   Duly acknowledged Practicum Guidelines by the three parties: Practicumer,
            University and Host Company.

      2.2   Recommendation Letter from the University signed by the Department
            Chair, the College Dean, and the Director of the University Linkages
            Office. The recommendation letter shall be handed over by the practicumer
            to the host company or its representative.

      2.3   Brief Description of the practicumer’s duties and responsibilities duly
            signed by the representative of the host company.

      2.4   Duly Accomplished Performance Evaluation Form by the immediate
            supervisor to be submitted to the practicum supervisor after completion of
            the practicum program.


      The following procedure shall guide the student in the conduct of the practicum

      a. Before a student enrolls for the practicum program, he/she must consult with
         the department on the possible venue for practicum. The department shall
         provide a list of accredited host companies (Appendix A) where students can
         choose from to have their practicum.

      b. If the student wishes to take the practicum in a company not included in the
         list, he/she shall fill up the Request for Practicum Host Company
         Approval/Recommendation Letter as shown in Appendix B.

      c. A student can apply in at least three possible host companies and shall write a
         Letter of Application (Appendix C) addressed to the possible host company
         and to be signed by the practicumer and the practicum supervisor.

      d. The student shall be responsible for the updates and acceptance of his/her
         application to the possible host company. Once accepted, the student shall

           submit a duly signed Practicum Acceptance Form (Appendix D) to the
           practicum supervisor.

     e. The student shall then complete all the documentary requirements to be
        submitted to the Practicum Supervisor.      The Practicum Supervisor upon
        receiving the complete documents of the practicumer, shall then prepare a
        Recommendation Letter (Appendix E) duly signed by the Department Chair,
        College Dean, and the Director of University Linkages Office.

     f. The student shall submit the Recommendation Letter to the host company
        where he/she has been accepted for practicum.

     g. The student shall then start his/her practicum with the host company. No
        student can start the practicum program without first enrolling in the subject.

     h. The student shall comply with all the reports as required by the practicum
        supervisor and shall form part of the final report.

     i. Upon completion of the practicum program, the student is required to obtain
        from the host company the following documents:

             i.   Certificate of Completion duly signed by the representative of the host
            ii.   Final evaluation of the host company

     A flowchart of the procedure is provided in Appendix F.


     5.1       The grading system shall consist of 2/3 of the evaluation of the host
               company and 1/3 shall come from the evaluation of the practicum

     5.2       The evaluation of the host company shall be based on the following

                             Factor                             Weight (%)

               Quality of work                                       20
               Professional competence                               20
               Work ethics                                           15
               Personality                                           30
               Attendance and punctuality                            15


      5.3   The evaluation of the practicum supervisor shall be based on the following

                          Factor                              Weight (%)

            Final output                                           80
            Visitation evaluation                                  10
            Attendance in practicum orientation                    10



__________________________               ________________________________
      Practicumer                               Practicum Supervisor

__________________________               ________________________________
Host Company Representative                        Dean, CBA

Appendix A

List of Accredited Host Companies

Appendix B

Request for Letter of Application/Recommendation Letter

     Request for Practicum Host Company Approval/Recommendation Letter

___ Host Company Approval                                 ___ Recommendation Letter

Name of Requesting Student________________________________________________
Program Code_______

Name of Host Company____________________________________________________
Address of the Host Company_______________________________________________
Full Name of Addressee____________________________________________________
Position of Addressee______________________________________________________
Contact Number of Addressee_______________________________________________

___ Copy of resume
___ Copy of Good Moral Character Certification
___ Certificate of grades
___ Copy of Enrollment Certificate of Registration (Practicum)
___ Waiver duly signed by parents or guardian
___ Filled up index card with 1x1 picture
Name of student                                 Host Company
Address                                         Department
Mobile Number                                   Address
Parent’s Name:                                  Supervisor/Contact Person
Contact Number of Parents or Guardian           Contact Number

Appendix C

Letter of Application


Host Company Address

Dear Sir/Madam:


I am a (year level) student taking up (course) at De La Salle University – Dasmariñas. In
partial fulfillment of the requirements of my degree, I am required to have an
apprenticeship of 240 hours this summer term.

In this regard, I would like to apply as a practicum trainee in your prestigious company. I
believe that the training and experiences I will gain from your company will broaden and
sustain my knowledge about my course.

Thank you for your consideration and immediate approval of this request.

Respectfully yours,


Noted by:


Appendix D

Practicum Host Company Acceptance Form


TO              :     Practicum Supervisor

FROM            :     ______________________________________
                            (Name of Partner Company’s Representative)


       This is to confirm our acceptance of ___________________________________
                                                              (Name of Student)

to undergo on-the-job training for _______ hours from ___________________________
                                                                    (Duration of OJT)
at _____________________________________________________________________.
                               (Name of Partner Company)

Your student shall be assigned to the following department/s:
       1. _________________________________
       2. _________________________________
       3. _________________________________
       4. _________________________________
       5. _________________________________

Thank you.

Appendix E

Recommendation Letter


Address of the host company

Dear Mr/Ms._____________:

       This is to recommend our student, NAME OF STUDENT, who is currently taking
(Course) for on-the-job training in your company.

        The practicum program covers 240 hours of work exposure and application of
what the students learned in the university. Our student will be available from (practicum
period). We acknowledge that the practicumer is expected to know and observe your
policies. Our practicum supervisor, (name of practicum supervisor), will communicate
with you regularly to monitor our student’s performance.

      We appreciate your approval in accepting our student to be trained in your
company. If you have other concerns, please feel free to call us at (02) 844-7832 or (046)
416-4531 local 3185.

       Thank you.

In Saint La Salle,

Chair, Allied Business Department

Endorsed by:

DANILO R. MERAIS, Ph.D.                             MR. WILSON R. JACINTO
Dean, College of Business Administration            Director, University Linkages Office


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