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					 heather                                     the Bride Heather Sauer, 35, a government social worker

                                             the groom Jonathan Katz, 33, a government attorney
                                             how they met In Chicago

   jon                                       their engagement period 18 months
                                             their wedding style Heather and Jon wanted their
                                             wedding to complement the surroundings of Raspberry
                                             Plain, so they chose a nature-inspired palette of green,
  Leesburg, VA · May 15                      brown, cream and blue for their interfaith ceremony and
photography by Three Lights Photography      reception. They used a birch tree design for their wedding
          at Raspberry Plain                 paper and lots of organic details, like bark, branches and
                                             birdseed, throughout the day. —CC

                                          heather & jon’s
                                          wedding ingredients
                                          Ceremony and reCeption site Raspberry
                                          Plain, Leesburg, VA, (703) 777-1888
                                          photography LauraLuis/Three Lights
                                          Photography, Washington, DC,
                                          Consultant Vicki Grafton, My Simple Details,
                   the reception
                                          Fairfax, VA, (703) 691-8089
         Twine and burlap were
      wrapped around some of              gown Erica gown, J. Crew,
    the glass jars and vases that         hair and makeup Earth Diva – Hair and
    held full floral centerpieces.        Makeup Artistry, Leesburg, VA, (703) 622-6970
    The cream and green blooms            Bridesmaid dresses J. Crew,
     matched perfectly with the
                                          Formalwear Ermenegildo Zegna, Dash’s of
          open reception space.
                                          Old Town, Alexandria, VA, (703) 299-4015
               the escort cards           stationery Paper Source,
       Guests found their table           Flowers Holly Heider Chapple Flowers Ltd.,
        numbers on the back of
                                          Leesburg, VA,,
       smooth river stones; their
        names were written on             (703) 777-8227
         the front of the stones          Catering RSVP catering, Fairfax, VA,
             with white marker.           (703) 573-8700
                                          musiC Amaretto, booked through Bialek’s Music,
            the bridal bouquet
                                          Rockville, MD, (301) 340-6206
         More burlap and twine
        were used to tie together         Cake RSVP catering, Fairfax, VA, (703) 573-8700
       Heather’s gorgeous green           transportation Metropolitan Parking and
        and cream bouquet filled          Transportation, McLean, VA, (703) 448-9790
         with roses, ranunculus,
                                          honeymoon Kauai, Hawaii
      lamb’s ear and hydrangeas.

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