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CATALOG   2011-2012
Showing appreciation to our clients is important in my line of work. One of the biggest elements that sets us apart from our competition is
customer service. I rely on Dreadnought Wines for all of my giving needs. Whether it is just a single bottle of wine and chocolates or a large gift
basket, their product always has the “wow” factor! I used to send out thank you cards to my clients with gift cards to upscale restaurants and
never received much feedback in return. Since I have been using Dreadnought Wines, the difference is night and day! I get emails or phone
calls almost immediately after a client receives his or her gift to tell me how wonderful it was! - Brianna Casciola, Skyward Aviation

                                                                       ultimate fruit basket
                                                                       This classic sentiment delivers an array of seasonally fresh fruits,
                                                                       gourmet goodies, and cookies. The bottle of boutique Rock River
                                                                       Chardonnay is the ideal partner. As shown $100. Fruit baskets
                                                                       start at $50.

     scarbolo collections
     Scarbolo produces such wonderful Italian wines that we have to
     offer three different collections. Ramato X is a Pinot Grigio made in
     the traditional style so it has deeper flavor and is the beautiful color
     of copper. The Viotto is made from Merlot grapes, half of which are
     dried like the grapes of Amarone. My Time is a delicious blend of
     white grapes which gets rave reviews every time we serve it. Along
     with these are a couple of classics: the Merlot and Refusco.
     The Complete Collection $182. The 2 Bottle Collection (Ramato and
     Viotto) $67. The 3 Bottle Collection (Merlot, Fruliano, Refusco) $80.

                                                                      tasty treats
                                                                      What better way to say “hey” than with a bottle of
                                                                      smooth Chardonnay, Tate’s cookies, white cheddar
                                                                      and peppercorn biscuits, and two bags of gourmet
                                                                      flavored popcorn. Tasty giving indeed! $59.                                                           412-391-1709                                   page 2
                                                                                wine of the month club
                                                                                Wine Club Membership is your passport to a world of unexpected
                                                                                and extraordinary wines. Travel with us on our wine adventures!
                                                                                This year we celebrated the 14th Anniversary of delivering
                                                                                unique grape blends, esoteric varietals and boutique wines to
                                                                                club members throughout the U.S. Each month two wines are
                                                                                showcased, tasting notes provided, and wineries highlighted
                                                                                from Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Australia, Chile, and the
                                                                                United States. Mike Gonze selects the wines from the cellars of
                                                                                Dreadnought Wines and our import partners.
                                                                                Give the constant reminder of your generosity. When sent as a
                                                                                gift, a hand-written gift card is enclosed each month.
                                                                                               3 month membership $108.
                                                                                               6 month membership $216.
                                                                                               9 month membership $324.
                                                                                              12 month membership $432.
                                                                                Continuous memberships are billed monthly at $36.00. All
                                                                                prices include shipping.
                                                                                Wine-of-the-Month Custom Programs can be created for gifts
                                                                                with 24 or more recipients per month. Call 412.391.1709 for

we are the champions
Celebrate your team with this bold homage to the City of Champions.
A Terrible Towell, Iron City Beer Nuts, a Pirates’ cap, a Penguins’
magnet and our Pittsburgh labeled wines. Go Team! $79.

                                                 tasty trio
                                                 Our favorite french caramels, Fastachi’s ‘pb&j’ mix and a bottle of
                                                 rich, deep red wine will make a statement. The black basket will be
                                                 a constant reminder of your sentiment. $55.

                                                    pittsburgh labels
                                                    These fun labels are a Dreadnought Wines’
                                                    exclusive. Redd Up Red, Yinzer Blanc, and
                                                    Bubbles N’At are most definitely a gift to treasure.
                                                    The libation makes a statement too. $45.                                                      412-391-1709                                     page 3
                                                                        As 2011 closes, we look forward to 2012. Once again we
                                                                        are grateful for your patronage throughout this past year.
                                                                        Your support allowed us to build a classroom within our
                                                                        retail location, and expand our wine selections. Items like
                                                                        half bottles of Barolo have brought much excitement to our
                                                                        list and created my new mantra: “Barolo for Breakfast”!
                                                                        Mike and I continue to study and practice our skills with
                                                                        a new group of wine professionals here in Pittsburgh that
                                                                        blind tastes wines every month, and we take new wine
                                                                        courses so that we can expand and intensify the classes
                                                                        that we schedule for you.
                                                                        This coming year will bring the challenge of developing a
                                                                        new website to combine our two current sites. It is our goal
                                                                        to vastly improve the functionality of the wine list, and to
                                                                        bring you more information on a timely basis. More wine
                                                                        events and classes will be added to the calendar in 2012
                                                                        and our delivery service will expand. (Watch for our trucks
                                                                        out and about the streets of Pittsburgh) As always we are
                                                                        on the hunt for new, fun and functional items for our retail
                                                                        store, which celebrated its 19th anniversary this year.
                                                                        2012 will no doubt bring new challenges, but Dreadnought
                                                                        was started and has grown because of confronted
                                                                        adversity. We look forward to growth so that we can bring
                                                                        you more exciting wines from around the world, and
                                                                        deliver exciting ways to enjoy them. Sign up for our email
                                                                        newsletter to keep up with our progress.
                                                                        We salute our small wineries, our suppliers and YOU, our
                                                                        customers, for allowing us to make a living doing what we
                                                                        love most. We couldn’t do this without you.
                                                                        Sipping through the year!!
                                                                        Deb and Mike

    deb’s selection
    People always ask me, “what do you like to drink?” So here
    is the shortest version of an answer I could come up with. I
    wax on and on about all of our wines and I like them for many
    different reasons. But on the day of the photo shoot this is the
    selection I was in the mood for. If you want another selection,
    with more reds? More whites? Different price point? Well, that
    is what we do here. We will find a selection that fits your style
    and budget. Just give us a call and we’ll create your personal,
    customized collection.

    Deb’s choices are: Clos Teddi Patrimonio Vermentinu, Eberle
    Viognier, Louis Dry Riesling, LaSpinetta Borolo (1/2 bottle), and
    Yorkville Cabernet Franc. As shown $158.                                                412-391-1709                                 page 4
Dreadnought Wines has been a terrific source for our gift giving needs, not only
at the holidays but throughout the year. Our clients love the unique products
and I love the ease of working with them. Anne Parys, Rothman Gordon, P.C.
Other high level gift companies that I have used cannot compete with the custom client
gifts that Dreadnought Wines designs. They think of every detail and customize each
product so that my clients feel like I personally put their gift together myself. Since we
have been working with Dreadnought Wines, holiday gift giving is no longer a dreaded
activity, it’s actually fun! - Melissa J. Stein, Stein Wealth Advisors

                                                                                    la spinetta selection
                                                                                    LaSpinetta is a small, exquisite, Italian producer
                                                                                    who takes extreme care in his wine making. We’ve
                                                                                    included his Chianti Reserva, Barbera D’Asti Ca’di
                                                                                    Pian, and the Langhe Nebbiolo. $116.

chocolate and red
Try resisting this temptation! Along with a bottle of smooth
Eberle Syrah is an assortment of decadently addictive
chocolates and 6 pieces of chocolate drizzled biscotti.                    happy hour twofer
Indulge. $77.                                                              Two beautifully wrapped gifts in one.
                                                                           Each includes a bottle of Redd Up
                                                                           Redd and Yinzer Blanc. One gift for
                                                                           them and one for you. $64.

                                  cork bottle
                                  The wine bottle cork cage is a fun way to display
                                  cherished corks and to deliver a bottle of wine.
                                  It includes a lush white blend, but a red can be
                                  substituted with a simple call to 412-391-1709.
                                  Show your innovation. $51.

                                                         wabbit hutch
                                                         Our favorite cuddly wabbit wanted some friends
                                                         so we introduced him to Wabbit Widge Red and
                                                         Wabbit Widge White. We’re thinking Barbara
                                                         Walters would wuv this wonderful gift. $66.                                                                  412-391-1709                                  page 5
                               the runquist collection
                               The Jeff Runquist Winery in Amador County, CA always
                               delivers wine with an attitude, and packaging to match.
                               These wines are big and bold. The Zinfandel “Z” bursts
                               with fruit, the Syrah “R” has a little smokiness, and “1448”
                               is a blend of nine grapes! We are pleased to introduce this
                               collection from one of our new wineries. $80.

                                                    urban picnic
                                                    In this woven basket are an array of gourmet snacks
                                                    and two lush red wines. Perfect for an afternoon picnic,
                                                    an outdoor concert or a special thank you among
                                                    friends. The memory will be jogged with every use of
                                                    this sturdy woven basket. $125.

                                                                                  riedel ultra
                                                                                  The crystal Ultra (750 ml.) decanter is
                                                                                  a must for wine lovers. A rich California
                                                                                  Cabernet is a perfectly balanced partner.
                                                                                  These discriminating classics come gift
                                                                                  wrapped with our custom gray paper. $260.
                                                                                  Decanter without wine $200.
                                                                                  Magnum size decanter $220.

       Provide an experience worth remembering.
       A few years ago, to meet the changing needs of our clients,
       we began offering Wine Tastings as gifts. The success of
       this deliciously different concept was amazing. Combining
       education and fun, a wine tasting is the perfect gift for the
       person who has everything.
       Whether exploring the wines of a region, a specific varietal,
       or the pairing of wines with foods and cheeses, recipients
       and their guests are treated to an entertaining and knowledge
       expanding experience.
       Tastings start at $350.00 for eight people and are always
       tailored to the recipient’s tastes.
       For a truly memorable and enjoyable adventure give the gift
       of a wine tasting.                                       412-391-1709                                   page 6
     WINE            GIVING
     At Dreadnought, wine is our passion. We pride ourselves in deliberately choosing to sell exclusive wines
     that are unique, purposeful - and always unexpected. By developing relationships with vineyard owners
     and winemakers, we embrace purists who respect grapes. After tasting wines in the romance of the
     winery, we always bring them back to our tasting room in Pittsburgh and present them to our Tasting
     Panel before adding them to our list, which is updated daily on our website. These featured collections,
     each beautifully packaged, allow you to enjoy our passion. Additional collections can be found on every
     page of this catalog. Details about our Wine of the Month Club are on page 3.

                                                      From Dom. Jerome Gradassi come Chateauneuf-
                                                      du-Pape Red and White. These wines are tradition
                                                      at its best. These classics from the Rhone are such
                                                      a rare treat, that supplies are limited. To order, just
                                                      give us a call for availability. $112.

                   chahalem vineyard collection
                   Three knock-outs from Willamette, one of Oregon’s premier
                   producer: INOX, an unoaked Chardonnay, 3 Vineyards Pinot
                   Noir, and 3 Vineyards Pinot Gris. You will feel like you are
                   touring the valleys of Oregon with this collection. $84.

                                   pares balta, spain
                                   Not only have the excellent wines of
                                   Pares Balta been praised in International
                                   and National wine publications, they are
                                   now collecting awards. This trio of Cava,
                                   Blanc de Pas, and Mas Petit reveal why
                                   one boutique winery can deliver great
                                   sparkling, red - and white. $56.

                                              dreadnought to go
                                              A Friday Night Wine Tasting at home is definitely unexpected giving.
                                              Along with two gift certificates to our first and third Friday Night Wine
                                              Events we will include the three reds and three whites from our
                                              most recent tasting. Have a Tasting at home and then come to our
                                              retail store and make new wine friends at a Friday Event. (Crate not
                                              included) Start your weekend right. $126.

                     Although wine giving collections can be found on every page of the catalog,
                     you can create a personalized custom collection just by giving us a call.                                           412-391-1709                                      page 7
                                                           CORPORATE GIVING
                                                           Dreadnought Wines knows that whatever the
                                                           occasion or sentiment, your Corporate Gifts say a
                                                           lot about you. That’s why our collection celebrates
                                                           your style: distinctive, unique, and deliciously
                                                           different - just like the people you work with.

                                                           From retention to retirement, from your assistant’s
                                                           new baby to the wedding of your boss’s daughter,
                                                           and from a personal thank you to hundreds of
                                                           year-end expressions, Dreadnought Wines has
                                                           the gifts. For special assistance, call us today.

                                                           More than unique products, our Corporate Gift
                                                           Program was designed to manage and assist you
                                                           with your gift giving needs throughout the entire
                                                           year. We make giving easy.
tailored tote
This genuine leather, insulated tote has a sturdy
shoulder strap and an inner divider. Sleek and elegantly
designed, the Tailored Tote will age as beautifully as a
bottle of fine wine. Available in black or brown. $80.

                                                           plush and fresh
                                                           After playing with, bathing and dressing baby, mom needs a
                                                           chilled glass of the young, fresh and juicy San Vinito Chardonnay.
                                                           The toy, shower mitts and booties will make baby smile; the wine
                                                           will help mommy enjoy a quiet moment alone. $85.

red white & chocolate
Seven chocolate treats to feed the addiction along
with the elegant Heron Pinot Noir and the fruity
Monmousseau Vouvray. The wicker basket is a
bonus. $90.
                                                                                 p3: pgh pirates pride
                                                                                 No explanation required here. Yinzer Blanc,
                                                                                 Redd Up Redd and a Pirates cap. Show your
                                                                                 support for our boys of summer. $50.                                         412-391-1709                                       page 8
                                                                                                    spirits from amrut
                                                                                                    From India arrive the Award Winning
                                                                                                    Spirits of Amrut Distilleries. Jim Murray
                                                                                                    of the Whisky Bible calls Amrut “one of
                                                                                                    the great and most consistent distilleries
                                                                                                    of the world” and calls their Amrut Fusion
                                                                                                    “genius whisky”. Fusion was rated the third
                                                                                                    best whisky in the world and all have been
                                                                                                    given ratings in the 90+ points level. To
                                                                                                    order Amrut, you must give us a call due to
                                                                                                    changing availability.

For a number of years, I have relied on Dreadnought Wines for corporate gifts for an annual
conference. I truly appreciate that they are easy to work with, are sensitive to my budget and
manage the details, which saves me so much time. This year we wanted a basket with a ‘heart
healthy’ theme and Deb and her team delivered. - Nancy Keegan, The Devonshire Group
I love sending 3 months of the Wine-of-the-Month Club as a gift at Thanksgiving to all of my
clients. - Maryann Bacharach, Howard Hanna Real Estate Services

                                                   defy ordinary!
                                                   Give a taste of your favorite hockey team and
                                                   city. Presented in our custom gray wrapping
                                                   are a Penguins logo magnet with bottles of
                                                   Redd Up Redd and Yinzer Blanc. $42.

                                                                  Why give one gift, when you can give three? We start with a trio of smooth
                                                                  richness: Norman Vineyards’ Conquest Cabernet Sauvignon, refreshing
                                                                  Merlot, and vibrant Chardonnay Reserve. The second gift box holds a
                                                                  plethora of tasty treats sure to make every palate smile, and a Vac U Vin
                                                                  wine saver. It’s all topped off with a gift box of 2 Riedel ‘O’ Cabernet/Merlot
                                                                  stemless glasses. Definitely not Aunt Tilly’s ‘tower of treats’. $193.

                                                                                                                              page 9
The gift designers at Dreadnought Wines have a
passion for creating Custom Gifts. Learning about
the recipient and creating an innovative design that
will perfectly compliment their individual tastes is a
rewarding challenge. And staying within the client’s
budget is a satisfying test.
Amazingly, each year we prepare almost as many
custom designs as the gifts from these pages
and from our website combined. Customers
often want to personalize their gift specifically to
a recipients taste, or they want a $500.00 gift to
really express their gratitude. Some clients wish
to indulge a friend’s obsession with interesting
grape blends or a particular varietal, or satisfy
their sweet tooth or passion for salty snacks.
Whatever your intention for a custom giving
may be, we have the answer; in fact we have
hundreds!                                                                           true colors
                                                                                    Red, White, Black and Gold! Deliver some Pittsburgh
                                                                                    pride with Redd Up Redd, Yinzer Blanc and a wave of
                                                                                    the Terrible Towel. $45.

                                                         california kisses
                                                         The One Last Kiss White is a voluptuous
                                                         blend of Chardonnay, French Columbard and
                                                         Symphony, while the Red is a fruit forward
                                                         Syrah based Blend. Scott Harvey says “the
                                                         last kiss is always sweeter than the first.” $40

                                                                      classic wine and cheese
                                                                      Heron’s Chardonnay and Merlot are flawlessly partnered
                                                                      with cheeses, snacks, a bottle of aged balsamic vinegar,
                                                                      and an all purpose cheese knife. Delivered creatively
                                                                      packaged in a large wooden oval box, your recipients will
                                                                      know they are in your thoughts. Large as shown $175.
                                                                      Medium $95.                                                    412-391-1709                                  page 10
      a bicycle tour of france
      If a French wine experience is your desire, our Tasting Panel will
      choose three wines from our current cellar selections to provide
      a rich tour of these reknowned and magnificent wine regions.
      Bicycle not included. Go green. $70.

                                                 champagne & chocolates
                                                 A bold toast! In our custom gray box are
                                                 Monmousseau Sparkling Brut and a collection of
                                                 decadent chocolates. A timeless classic. $76.

                                                 mckenzie mueller duo
                                                 It’s no surprise that this family run Napa
                                                 County winery was named Estate Winery of
                                                 the Year. Farming in harmony with nature,
                                                 they are renowned for producing world class
                                                 reds with authentic expressions of the fruit as
                                                 exemplified by this rich Cabernet and robust
                                                 Pinot Noir. $98.

               pittsburgh, baby!
               Cheer the ‘team’ with a rattle for baby
               and two bottles for the proud parents.
               Yinzer Blanc and Redd Up Redd - sweet.

                                                 redd up “o”
                                                 Two unique statements are better
                                                 than one. Two stemless Riedel “O”
                                                 glasses and a bottle of our private
                                                 label Pittsburgh Redd Up Redd. Our
                                                 signature gray box will ensure a
                                                 “wOw” surprise. $58.                                           412-391-1709                        page 11
              welcome to the world
              Congrats to Mom, Dad - and Baby. In this chrome utility basket
              are a bubbly bottle of LeBaron Brut for the parents, a fun pull-toy
              for Baby - and booties (I guess they’re for the baby.) $68.

                                                                    wine barrel cork cage
                                                                    Deliver a bottle of fresh, crisp white
                                                                    in this artfully crafted metal wine
                                                                    barrel, which becomes a great
                                                                    display for favorite wine corks. $51.

                  greek sampler
         This selection takes a tour of
         Greece and the modern wine
     making techniques embraced to
     showcase the traditional grapes
    of the area. This 3 bottle sampler
  includes: Argatia Xinomavro, Thira
       Estate Santorini, and Domaine
      Kiknoes Ippeas Dry Red. $105.

                                          EDUCATION                     GIVING
                         Dreadnought Wines offers Wine Classes with a ciriculum
                             developed to meet the diverse and changing needs                            among friends
                            of our patrons. Some are single classes, while others                        The big red is proudly aromatic
                              are presented in a series. Some are geared toward                          and delivers a smooth finish.
                                   educated palates,while others are designed to                         The tasty treats fill this grapevine
                                 help ‘newbies’ discover the finer aspects of wine                       basket for a smooth sentiment
                               appreciation and enjoyment. All help to de-mystify                        between friends. $72.
                                                     wine in a seriously fun format.
                                Our Class Schedule is updated constantly on our
                                 website. The gift certificate can be redeemed by
                                     your recipient for the class or classes of their
                                                 choice. Be unexpected and bold.
                                                          Give the gift of education.                                                 412-391-1709                                       page 12
                                   all occasion - white
                                   Giving the L’Astore Massaria Krita (a sublime blend
                                   of Malvasia and Chardonnay) required an equally
                                   deliberate mix of snacks and nuts, with just a hint of
                                   chocolate. Birthday, congrats, just because: this
                                   one covers them all. $65.

            CERTIFICATE                      GIVING
            Providing endless choices, our Gift Certificates
            can be redeemed for catalog gifts, retail store
            sales, classes, wine tastings, or retail wine
            sales (because of PA state law, wine sales
            require a specific certificate). We gift wrap
            each certificate with our signature gray paper.
            This is indeed giving made great!
                                                                                     pittsburgh bridges
                                                                                     Wind down after the game with
                                                                                     Bridges of Pittsburgh, a glass of
                                                                                     wine, or a cup of Pittsburgh-roasted
                                                                                     Fortune’s coffee. Pittsburgh-made
                                                                                     biscotti and Toffee Taboo chocolate
                                                                                     bark complete the experience. $88.

            muses estate pairing
            We couldn’t resist pairing the
            Greek 9 Muses Red and White.
            Ancient history and holiday
            colors all in one gift. Arriving in
            our custom gray packaging it’s
            just - sweet! $40.

            the ultimate hat box
            A bottle of red - a bottle of white - a tasty treat for every
            appetite. We wanted to add more, but frankly with all the
            pictured gourmet goodies, there just wasn’t room. Will
            deliver the perfect message for every occasions. $110.                                 412-391-1709                                    page 13

chateau richelieu
A vertical of French Bordeaux wines from Chateau Richelieu: Fronsac
2003, Fronsac 2004, and Trois Musketeers. The 2004 is drinking beautifully
with a lovely comparison of the older 2003 following up nicely. The Trois
Musketeers delivers a fine structure and long finish for easy libating. $89.50

                italian selection
                Savini Rondineto’s Chardonnay-Pinot
                Grigio (Abruzzo) and Pinot Nero showcase
                the current trend in Italian white wines:
                the blending of a traditional varietal with
                Chardonnay to improve both varietals and
                makes for some seriously fun sipping. We
                added the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo to
                remind you of tradition! $46.

                You can’t believe the time I save since I established a client gift program with Dreadnought Wines.
                No more shopping around for the perfect gift. One email and I’m done. As a bonus, my clients love
                the gifts. - Cathy Taylor, CTaylor Interiors

                We have been presenting our clients with corporate gift baskets from Dreadnought Wines for many
                years. Their uniqueness and sophistication provide us the perfect way to say “thanks” to the most
                important people, our loyal customers. Dreadnought Wines has become an integral part of our
                business and it’s great because they manage all the details. And…they help me with my personal
                gifts too. - David Meyer, Ralph J. Meyer Company

                ‘burgh to go
                This insulated tote with a handle and over-the-shoulder strap is loaded with
                a cutting board, corkscrew, knife and our private label Redd Up Redd and
                Yinzer Blanc. For picnics, tailgate parties and nights dining at your favorite
                BYOB restaurant - Go! $62.

                                                                                              page 14
                                                                     toffee taboo tree
                                                                     Beyond decadent, this Pittsburgh-made
                                                                     chocolate bark tree is an awesome gift.
                                                                     When the Obamas sampled it, they
                                                                     agreed. Gift available for local delivery
                                                                     or pick-up only. 1.5 pounds of chocolate
                                                                     in an 11” tall structure. Unexpected
                                                                     giving. $75.

scott harvey celebration
An awesome way to celebrate the day is to appreciate Scott Harvey, the
winemaker. Syrah, Zinfandel and Barbera - three bold wine exclamations. $66.

                                                                snack explosion
                                                                Selbach Zeller Schwarze Katz Riesling, a delicate balance of
                                                                crispness and sweetness demanded an explosion of treats to
                                                                deliver your bold statement. The basket is understated and will
                                                                prove functional long after the snacks have been devoured. $76.

                                                                               say congrats!
                                                                               Celebrate the moment with a rich bottle of Spanish
                                                                               red wine and a strong bounty of snacks. Job well
                                                                               done, my friend. $85.
                SHIPPING CHARGES
                Most gifts ship within 48 hours. Allow 5-10 business days
                for delivery. For next day and second day delivery, please
                give us a call. Although we ship wine within PA, law prohib-
                its us from shipping wine gifts to AK, GA, HI, IN, KY, MA,
                MD, NC, NH, TN and UT. Wine may be sold and delivered
                only to persons 21 years of age or older.
                Order value          Shipping charge
                $0.00 - $50.00       $12.00
                $50.01 - $65.00      $12.50
                $65.01 - $80.00      $14.50
                $80.01 - $100.00     $18.50
                over $100.00         15% of total order                                                412-391-1709                                 page 15
                                                        ”nuts about the ‘burgh”
                                                        From the Iron City beer nuts to the decadent
                                                        Toffee Taboo bark, this bridge basket loaded
                                                        with crunchy snacks will let your recipient
                                                        know you are “nuts about the ‘Burgh.” We’re
                                                        proud to call Pittsburgh our home. $60.

                                                        sylvester style
                                                        This CA winery honors tradition and state
                                                        of the art technology, and has a huge
                                                        passion for wine. We purposefully chose
vinito & snacks                                         their Sparkling, Paso Cabernet and Syrah
San Vinito Cabernet Sauvignon’s palate is fresh         for this awesome gift box. $46.
and juicy and delivers black fruit aromas. It’s
partnered with chocolate cherries, a raspberry
flavored pretzel dip and a decadently dipped
pretzel stick. Poetry in a gray box! $49.

                                                                                                       pittsburgh “o”
                                                                                                       A bottle of Yinzer Blanc and
                                                                                                       two stemless chardonnay
                                                                                                       glasses. It’s great to share the
                                                                                                       ‘Burgh! $45.

                                       tote that wine
                                       The all natural jute tote holds a bottle of
                                       Yellow Cellars Cape White, a classic Chenin
                                       Blanc that delivers zingy tropical fruit and
                                       crisp acidity. We added the snacks to
                                       reinforce your sentiment. $61.                                                   412-391-1709                                 page 16

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