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									                  WPC FOCUSES ON
                                     CHIMES   the Westminster

                                                WESTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, WILMINGTON, DE
                                                              NO. 573   MARCH 2011

    God’s Creation
    n recognition of Earth Day on April 22, our          The highlight of our mission emphasis on the envi-

I   church mission emphasis for both March and
    April is the environment. We will focus in partic-
ular on the benefits of growing and eating locally for
                                                         ronment will be Leaps and Bounds, a one-woman
                                                         show developed and performed by Tevyn East,
                                                         which explores the intersection of faith, ecology, and
freshness and nutrition and to help decrease our         the global economy. Sources for locally grown foods
“carbon footprint” in regard to our food and drink,      and gardening expertise will offer informational
meaning the fossil fuel energy required to get these     displays before and after this performance on
resources to our tables. (Consider this: How much        Friday, April 8, at 7:00 p.m. in the sanctuary. (See
coal and oil does it take to get Chilean fruit to        related article on page 3.)
                                                         If you would like to help with any of these activities,
On Sunday, April 3, and Sunday, April 10, Anne           please contact Sue Weissinger (302-652-5910;
Ledbetter will lead a discussion during the 10:TEN or Steve Tindall (302-559-5196;
Christian education time on Barbara Kingsolver’s
book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, which chronicles her
family’s journey to becoming locavores (those who
eat only locally grown foods). On Sunday, April 17,
everyone will have an opportunity to plant a con-
tainer garden, and plans are in process for breaking
ground on a Westminster Community Garden in

The annual WPC environmental film series contin-
ues in 2011, featuring Dirt! The Movie on Friday,
March 18, and Ingredients on Friday, April 15. Both
showings will be held at 7 p.m. in Grace Hall.

In conjunction with our 2-month environmental
initiative, WPC is also taking steps toward becoming
an Earth Care Congregation when (with Session
approval) we promise to make caring for the earth
an ongoing and integral part of our mission and
ministry. (See related article on page 14.)
2                                                                                                           March 2011

    THE CLERGY COLUMN                                                                    Rev. Dr. Anne Ledbetter
                                                                                             Associate Pastor
    Living In Community and
       In Harmony With God’s Creation
        read mainly for fun – and for inspiration. I      As part of our 125th anniversary celebration,

    I   gravitate to novels (particularly written by a
        Southern author), occasional suspense, and
    traditional young adult fantasy such as The Wind
                                                          Westminster will be hosting a one-woman
                                                          theatrical performance, Leaps and Bounds, on
                                                          Friday, April 8, that explores how faith speaks to
    in the Willows, Harry Potter, and Watership Down. I   economic and environmental issues. Through
    am not a fast reader, so I augment                    multiple tools, including song, prayer, story-
    traditional reading with audiobooks, preferably       telling, and movement, performance artist Tevyn
    unabridged. An inveterate fiction fan, I have         East invites her audiences to explore the
    branched out in recent years exploring                intersections of faith, ecology, and the global
    nonfiction, including memoir, biography, and          economy (
    essays. Reading can relax me after a long day,
    reward me after a busy weekend, take me on an         The Leaps and Bounds production is the
    exciting journey while sitting in my easy chair,      centerpiece of the Joint Mission Committee’s
    and turn my life around by triggering a new way       environmental emphasis for March and April.
    of seeing and thinking.                               However, there is much more to taste and
                                                          see – from attending the 2-part film series to
    Two such books that have prompted personal            discussing Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, from
    and powerful conversion experiences in the            planting your own container garden to working
    past year are Half the Sky by Nicholas D.             on Westminster’s Community Garden, from
    Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn and Animal,                 reflecting on your own carbon footprint to
    Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, Steven      helping Westminster reduce ours by becoming an
    L. Hopp, and Camille Kingsolver. The former           Earth     Care   Congregation     (gamc.pcusa.
    induced me to practice micro-lending through          org/ministries/environment/earth-care- and to adopt, or support, a              congregations/).
    woman in the Third World through             The    Living out our faith is not easy, but it is an
    latter ( has           adventure – an ongoing adventure in living in
    raised a new consciousness regarding my daily         community and in harmony with God’s creation.
    diet. Pointing out the thousands of miles our food    I heartily encourage you to participate in the rich
    often travels to our tables, the Kingsolvers and      menu of activities planned by our Joint Mission
    Hopp preach a local food economy that both            team as we seek to grow as stewards of God’s
    protects the environment and enhances taste and       earth.
    nutrition. Both books have given me concrete
    ways to put my faith in action.                                                                    In faith,
March 2011                                                                                                                          3

 Now for Something Totally Different, Dynamic, and Inspirational…

  Bounds       FRIDAY, APRIL 8                                A one-woman performance by Tevyn East
                                                              Employing movement, poetry, storytelling, and drama
                                                              A message on faith, ecology and the global economy

         hrough a gift from Peacemakers, Westminster is hosting Leaps and Bounds on Friday, April 8, at 8:00 p.m.

   T     in the sanctuary. Performing artist Tevyn East has been taking her show across the country the past year,
         sharing the message in churches, seminaries, synagogues, and community centers. Read below some of
   the reviews of her program and you’ll know you do not want to miss it!

       The dramatic presentation of The Affording Hope Project is not to be missed. Tevyn East is a remarkably versatile
       actress whose performance is supported by creative lighting and sound and a stage full of very interesting props.
       Tevyn engaged our audience with such a variety of one-person scenarios that we were entranced for the entire pres-
       entation. Her striking insights and prophetic challenges opened our eyes and hearts in so many areas—social injus-
       tice, economic inequality, and ecological devastation. The experience will jar your thinking and stir your imagination.
       I highly recommend this performance for any group or organization that cares about the state of our world today and
       that wishes to gain an alternative life-giving vision.
                              David Rhoads, Professor of New Testament, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago,
                                          Director of Biblical Performance Criticism, and Director of Web of Creation

       When you bring together dance, theatre, the spoken word, and the biblical story you get more than the sum of their
       parts. You get a challenging, prophetic monologue narrating over 6,000 years of history told from the balcony look-
       ing down on humanity’s interaction with the Earth and God’s people. Tevyn East, a one-woman narrator in the
       grand story-telling tradition, takes you on a journey that opens the past to critical reflection, the present to prophetic
       challenge, and the future to new possibilities—a journey sorely needed in our consumption-oriented, profit-driven,
       and industrial/technological world. Drawing from the best of modern biblical scholarship, Tevyn embodies the values
       of a God-centered world to challenge today’s followers of Jesus to live in a world where everyone has enough, every-
       one has a seat at the table, and we give back to the Earth God gave us. The performance is about an hour and fifteen
       minutes in length and is suitable for middle-high school youth through older adults.

                             Von Clemans, Associate Pastor for Adult Education, Myers Park Presbyterian Church,
                                                                                       Charlotte, North Carolina

   Read more reviews of this show at
4                                                                                             March 2011

    A Lent Event for All Generations
                           Sunday, March 13
                10:TEN Education Time: 10:10 – 11:00 a.m.

                               The Spirituality Center
       in Community Hall will have 12 stations designed to help you encounter some of
    the people who knew Jesus. You will meet Mary Magdalene, Peter, John the Baptist, the
                     Woman at the Well, Nicodemus, Pilot, and others.
                      Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.

                                      The Labyrinth
                      will be available for walking prayer and reflection.

                                     Praying in Color
      will be in Classroom 6. Paper, crayons, colored pencils, and watercolors will offer a
                        nonverbal medium for connecting to the sacred.

                                  A special Lenten craft
                         will be set up in the Art Room (Classroom 4).

                                      Holy Toast Café
           will be in Grace Hall, where you can enjoy coffee, food, and fellowship.

       Think of Lent as an Outward Bound for the soul. As we encounter the people who
         knew Jesus with all their doubts and faith, courage and fear, longing and hope,
     we encounter our own deepest selves, and we meet Jesus again. May your time spent in
           the Spirituality Center help you prepare for your personal journey through
                      the Season of Lent toward the hope and light of Easter.
                        Cribbery and Under Six Sunday School will be provided.
March 2011                                                                                                                 5

       What Are You Giving Up This Lent?
       How about the belief that you can’t play handbells!
              o you love bells but think you can’t ring? Have you rung bells but can’t

       D      commit to rehearsals every week? This Lent you have the unique opportunity
              to give ringing a try. On Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.,
       beginning March 16, you are invited to attend “Handbells for Reluctant Ringers,”
       a 4-week introduction to handbells for anyone in 6th grade and up! Invite a friend,
       bring your teen or grandchild, come as a family – shatter the myth that you can’t
       ring! Mary Beth Davis is looking forward to seeing you. Please let her know you're coming by contacting her
       at or 302-654-5214 x122.

                        Westminster Receives Four New Members

                         On Sunday, January 23, 2011, our Session received Joe Daley and Donna Schultz as members
                         and Moveti Mavuto and John Zakeyo as affiliate members. Please welcome them as you meet
                         them in worship, in a class, or at the Holy Toast Café!

                                                          Joe Daley, who works in sales, is married to member and for-
                                                          mer Deacon Moderator Tammy Daley. They have 3 sons: Matt,
                                                          Jeff, and Chris. Joe has attended Westminster for many years
                                                          and participated in many of our ministries and fellowships.
                                                          When not working or in church, Joe enjoys running.

                         Moveti Mavuto is in the United States working with Urban-
                         Promise as an intern. He expects to return to his home country
                         of Malawi at the end of his internship. Moveti (the “i” is silent)
                         spends Sundays visiting different congregations to talk about
                         UrbanPromise and the needs of Malawi.

                                                          Donna Schultz and her husband, Chris, moved to Wilmington
                                                          a year ago from New Hampshire. They live at Christina Land-
                                                          ing, making it easy for Chris to commute to his job with Shell
                                                          Oil in Philadelphia. Donna has a daughter and son-in-law, 3
                                                          grandchildren (ages 4, 7, and 9), and a Chihuahua named
                                                          Chalupa. In her free time, Donna enjoys yoga, quilting, and
                                                          visits to Disney World.

                         John Zakeyo also works for UrbanPromise as an intern. John
                         is a recent graduate of the African Bible College. He also visits
                         different congregations to spread the word about the needs of
                         both UrbanPromise and Malawi.

6                                                                                                        March 2011

                        MEET THE STAFF
Mary Beth Davis

             ary Beth Davis joined Westminster as director of youth music and
             handbells 5 years ago, and she is a member of our 180° Youth
             Ministry Team along with Susan Moseley and Michael Gnade, Jr.

    Mary Beth began taking piano lessons in the summer of 4th grade and took
    voice, piano, guitar, and organ lessons while attending Concord High School.
    She graduated from West Chester University with a bachelor’s degree in
    music education; while in college, she worked Sunday mornings as the organ-
    ist for Mt. Salem Methodist Church for 3 years.

    Mary Beth was the director of music at Siloam United Methodist Church and Elam United Methodist
    Church before joining Westminster. When asked what she loves about Westminster, Mary Beth says, “The
    team. Everyone loves what he/she does. Everyone is driven, creative, and inspired.” She is also very excit-
    ed about the 10:TEN classes for 3rd through 6th graders. “It is a creative approach to Christian Education
    through music. Everybody’s hands are ON! There is a door for everybody to enter; it’s about music, faith,
    and education.”

    When asked about Mrs. Davis, the children offered these observations:

    • “When you are having trouble with what she is teaching, she does not ignore you and go on with the
    other children. She stops and makes sure you have the hang of it before she moves on.”

    • “She is really patient with us if we arrive a little late because we were stuffing our mouths with donuts
    from the Holy Toast Café.”

    Mary Beth’s husband, Glenn, works in information systems at QVC, and they have 4 children: Greg, Kyle,
    Quintin, and Dana. Mary Beth loves to watch her children play sports and delights in their activities. She
    also loves reading and hiking Brandywine Creek State Park with Glenn.

Colleen Falasco
           olleen was born and raised just outside Philadelphia in Darby, Pennsyl-

    C      vania. Her background is in accounting and finance, and she has a
           bachelor’s degree in business administration from Widener University.
    She worked briefly as an auditor for Deloitte and then worked for JP Morgan
    for 10 years in the audit and private banking areas. Most recently, Colleen has
    been focused on family life and has a wonderful family, which includes her
    husband, Marty, and their 2 very busy daughters, Tori (13) and Jessica (10).

    Colleen previously worked with Debbie Brown, our church administrator, at
    JP Morgan and learned about WPC from Debbie. Colleen joined Westminster
    as an operations assistant in September 2009 as a part-time employee and works about 25 hours a week.
    Her primary job duties and responsibilities include putting together the Sunday worship bulletin each
March 2011                                                                                                           7

    week and working with many of the WPC staff members. She also schedules use of the facility for the WPC
    staff, church members, and the many outside groups who use our church facilities.

    What Colleen likes most about her job are the people, and she says the staff has been patient in teaching her
    about the Presbyterian worship service (she is Catholic). She recently started taking piano lessons (watch
    out, Paul!), and in her very limited spare time, she also enjoys reading and making jewelry.

Paul Fleckenstein

          aul Fleckenstein has been the organist and choir director at Westminster
          for the past 18 years. Paul was born in Los Angeles, California, to a moth-
          er who had an ear for music and a father who played the violin. His 3
    older brothers proved to be “failed musicians,” but Paul’s mother, who always
    wanted to pursue music herself, made certain that Paul had an organ by the
    time he was 9 years old. Paul has been playing in churches since he was 12 years
    old, when he traveled 40 miles on Sundays to play for 3 different masses and
    earned $50 a month.

    Paul graduated from the Pacific Conservatory of Music in Stockton, California,
    majoring in organ performance. His first job while in college was at First Pres-
    byterian Church in Stockton. Following the 11:00 a.m. service, Paul would scramble to get across town to
    attend mass at 11:15 a.m. (Paul was baptized Catholic and remains so to this day.) Paul spent 9 years in San
    Francisco before attending Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey, from which he graduated
    with a master’s degree in church music. Paul then worked for a congregational church in Wilton, Connecti-
    cut, for 5 years before coming to Westminster.

    “It is in liturgical settings that music has changed my life,” says Paul. In addition, the week-to-week com-
    mitment of the choir members is very meaningful. “When they sing the music with the passion I have tried
    to instill in them, it moves me to tears; that is God touching us. It is more than a choir; this is the way we
    serve God.” Paul maintains the choir is a combination of adult education, (a large) small group, support,
    family, and community. “I love them.”

   F  or some of you, the faces behind may be an unsolved mystery. An article or announce-
      ment is submitted for the Weekly Word or Chimes, and it magically appears in the next issue without ever
   knowing who (or possibly what) made it happen. Pictured here (from left to right) are Westminster’s three
   recipients of
   Nikki Thorn          Contract Graphic Designer (Off-site)

   Nicole Hughes        Director, Communications
                        & Database Management

   Colleen Falasco      Operations Assistant

   In the event that one is ill or has unforeseen circumstances, then
   there are two others that can support the role and make sure
   items are addressed or forwarded along as appropriate. This is
   why it is so important to send your communications submissions
   to and not to one person directly. Teamwork
   makes it happen!
8                                                                                                                         March 2011

    New Castle Presbytery Report

    T  he 809th Stated Meeting of New Castle Presbytery was held on a snowy and slippery Tuesday, January 18,
       2011, at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Elders Karen Dietz and Sue
    Linderman attended as commissioners. Highlights of the meeting were as follows:

          Sally Cordrey, a commissioned lay pastor and member of Westminster Rehoboth
        Beach, was installed as moderator of Presbytery during the worship service, succeeding
        Rev. Barry Gray, who became head of Council. Rev. Tom Stout is vice moderator.

          The Mission Unit reported on our Presbytery partnership in the Democratic Republic
        of Congo.

          The Committee for the Preparation for Ministry reported that Evans McGowan was
        approved as Certified Ready to be examined to receive a call and given permission to
        circulate his Personal Information Form.

          The Committee on Ministry welcomed Rev. Kit Schooley back into the Presbytery so he can assume
        a position as interim pastor, and the committee noted that congregations need to ensure that pastors
        take their vacation and study leave time to help prevent burnout.

          Amendment 10-A, G-6.0106(b), sent by the 219th General Assembly (2010) to all presbyteries for
        their affirmative or negative votes, was considered. The amendment reads as follows:

        Standards for ordained service reflect the church’s desire to submit joyfully to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in all
        aspects of life (G-1.0000). The governing body responsible for ordination and/or installation (G.14.0240; G-
        14.0450) shall examine each candidate’s calling, gifts, preparation, and suitability for the responsibilities of
        office. The examination shall include, but not be limited to, a determination of the candidate’s ability and com-
        mitment to fulfill all requirements as expressed in the constitutional questions for ordination and installation
        (W-4.4003). Governing bodies shall be guided by Scripture and the confessions in applying standards to indi-
        vidual candidates.

    Two scheduled speakers spoke in favor of the amendment, and one scheduled speaker spoke in opposition. Those
    present were given the opportunity to speak, alternating between those favorable and those opposed. In the end,
    New Castle Presbytery voted by written ballot in favor of the amendment: 79 in favor, 34 opposed, and 2

          Executive Presbyter Jim Moseley gave his “State of the Presbytery” address, focusing on national
        trends in the PC(USA) – declining membership, reduced financial support, perceived irrelevance of
        organized religion – and inviting those present to focus their energies on new and creative ways to
        be the church.

                                     Invite a Friend to Church!
                                    There are innumerable avenues to approach our
                                     friends with the invitation, “Come and see!”
                                     See the back page for March events that you
                                           and a friend won’t want to miss!
March 2011                                                                                                 9

             he Westminster Communications Advisory Board, formed in January 2010, has spent the

      T      past year focused on enhancing our internal church communications. Some of our efforts
             have included the following:

              Improving the process of producing the Westminster Weekly Word and Sunday worship
              bulletin announcements,
              Introducing the ‘Table Talk’ dialogue series on Sunday mornings,
              Facilitating a number of new programs as a result of feedback gained through ‘Table Talk,’
              Providing laminated name tags for the congregation – members and visitors alike,
              Producing bookmarks to commemorate our 125th anniversary, and
              Streamlining the editing and production of The Chimes.

      As we continually seek to improve our internal commu-
      nications in 2011, we will also turn our attention to
      reaching those outside the walls of our church. An
      initial project will engage the Community News
      publications, which reach many in our area. With a
      combination of advertisements, photos, and editori-
      al items, we will seek to share the experience of
      being part of Westminster’s community of faith with
      those around us.

      Look for Westminster’s presence in future issues of
      the Community News and share your reactions
      with us!

      Communications Advisory Board
      Karen Dietz
      Nicole Hughes
      Sue Linderman
      Jan Patrick
      David Atadan, consultant
10                                                                                                                March 2011

WPC@125: A SIGN of the Times
      here has long

T     been debate
Westminster has
adequate signage
on Pennsylvania Avenue. Ideally, our church’s signs
should not only identify who we are but also let the
general public know what is going on inside our build-
ing. Unfortunately, our permanent sign at the corner of
Pennsylvania Avenue and Rodney Street is relatively
small, totally static, and difficult to see. In addition, the
temporary banner-type signs on the lawn on Pennsyl-
vania Avenue are expensive, have a relatively short life
span, and are generally regarded to be a distraction to
WPC’s aesthetic stature.

With these thoughts in mind, a task force composed of
members of the Membership & Evangelism and
Worship & Music Committees was commissioned in
the spring of 2010 to study the church’s signage and
provide Session with appropriate options for improved                                     Proposed Sign Design and Location
or updated signage. Over the course of several months,
the task force considered proper size and location, the
pros and cons of various types of signs, a multitude of         the difficulty in obtaining matching stone materials.)
signs designed by other churches, and a variety of              The appearance of the exposed portion of the pedestal
construction materials. Guided by the Spirit and with           will most likely be softened with appropriate landscap-
able assistance from Tupp Signs, Inc., the task force           ing. The sign that sits above will consist of a
presented several options to Session at its October 2010        polyurethane enamel finished aluminum cabinet with
meeting. These options included an electronic sign, a           its face backed with translucent acrylic material. At
transparency sign, a transparency sign with plans to            night, only the lettering will be lit from internal high-
retrofit with an electronic sign in the future, or a new        output fluorescent lamps. The top of the sign will also
static sign with a base that could be retrofit with anoth-      be a polyurethane enamel finished aluminum cabinet
er type of sign in the future. After a month of prayerful       construction.
reflection and consideration, in addition to input from
the congregation at a Table Talk session in early               The picture also illustrates approximately where the
November, the Session voted unanimously at its                  sign will be placed on the lawn on Pennsylvania
November 2010 meeting to support the option of an               Avenue. The task force was advised that this is the
electronic sign. Once funding has been determined,              most desirable location, in addition to being in
fabrication and construction details will be developed          compliance with related city building code
under the direction of the Property Committee and the           requirements. The sign will be one-sided only; a
results put out for competitive bidding. The currently          two-sided sign would nearly double its cost, and the
envisioned design is pictured and is subject to modifi-         view from traffic going into the city would be minimal.
                                                                Church members wishing to comment on the sign
The proposed sign is approximately 9 feet tall and 9            concept or any of its currently proposed details
feet wide, and the graphic shown on the sign is                 should     contact    Karen      Dietz    (302-656-0343;
intended to represent an electronic graphic and video  It is the greatest hope of the task
display. The base will be a 2-foot thick textured stucco        force and Session that an electronic sign will effectively
finished concrete block pedestal on a reinforced                enhance Westminster’s communication with the
concrete foundation, with the pedestal extending out of         community, engaging more of our neighbors in the
the ground approximately 2 feet. (Several sign design           church’s ministries, and continuing our legacy of
concepts that attempted to replicate some of the                forward-thinking plans and actions for the ongoing life
church's stone features were eventually dropped due to          and ministry of Westminster.
March 2011                                                                                                                  11

        s Westminster embarks on         Henry Tatnall: I was

A       its 125th year of worship,
        music, activities, education,
and mission, it is so important to
                                         born into WPC in 1932
                                         and was entered on the
                                         “Cradle Roll” on Novem-
pause and remember the stories and       ber 10, 1932. I was baptized by Dr.        way nooks and crannies. There
details that have shaped the com-        Christie on April 15, 1934. In the         were lively volleyball games in
munity we call our church. We will       1940s, the WPC Sunday School               what is now the adult music room.
attempt in the coming months to          would meet during the church wor-          Dick and I were not active members
chronicle the beginnings of the          ship hour and have a short collec-         until our son, Bobby, got such joy
choir, the church school, the            tive worship service, led usually by       out of going to “Cundy Cool,” in
Women’s Association activities, and      Miss Elizabeth Grace. After some 15        the cribbery with Mrs. Costin.
the leaders who have come and            minutes of collective worship and          When he was in grade school, the
gone. In the last few months, mem-       hymn sing, we would break into             children were presenting the Christ-
bers have been busy sending us sto-      classes by age group and, at times,        mas Pageant in the old chapel. He
ries and memories that speak to the      by sexes. Herb McGonigal was my            and David Hodges were shepherds,
family atmosphere of the church.         class teacher in the Junior Depart-        or maybe sheep, in a “barn” with
These memories are personal and          ment during the 1941-1942 school           real hay. At one point I was dis-
are a tribute to the brand of pastors    year. By the end of the school year, I     tracted by the rustling of hay and
and leaders we have had over the         had earned my own Bible by know-           looked to see Bob and David
years. We are publishing all of the      ing by heart Bible verses, the books       wrestling near the manger… proba-
memories given to us in the West-        of the Bible, and Bible stories.           bly not in the script.
minster Weekly Word e-newsletter         Unfortunately, I was sick on the
that is distributed via e-mail each      Sunday of the presentations. My            Margaret Hodges: My parents,
Thursday (and as a separate hand-        Bible was presented to me at home          Velma and Sanford Hill, were mem-
out accompanying the worship bul-        that day by William Jamieson, Sun-         bers of WPC before I was born. I
letin the following Sunday). A few       day School Superintendent.                 was baptized as an infant in June
need more space and so will appear                                                  1934. I progressed through the Sun-
here in The Chimes. We so appreci-       Sara Geuder: My membership goes            day School, was confirmed in 1946,
ate the members who have con-            back to about 1950, when I was con-        and continued my membership
tributed their memories large and        firmed, probably as an 8th grader.         through high school and college.
small. They are making our               In 3rd grade, we had to memorize           Jim and I were married at Westmin-
anniversary a shared experience.         the books of the Bible and were            ster on December 1, 1956, and he
We encourage anyone to contact us        rewarded with a King James Bible           joined the church as well. While I
with a memory at any time.               with our name embossed on the              was in high school, the church
                                         cover. I still have mine. During the       called a young man to be the first
Mary Colbourn and Denison Hatch          Sunday School hour, the classes            assistant pastor. His name was
    125th Anniversary Committee          would all meet in the center of            Calvin Leonard. He was right out of
                                         Grace Hall and we would have an            seminary and very enthusiastic. He
For your enjoyment, more than 70         abbreviated worship service and            organized the first Christmas Eve
years of Westminster, from our           learned how to behave through the          service to be held at Westminster as
members in their own words:              different parts of the service. Every-     far as I know. I was thrilled to be a
                                         one had their Sunday School                part of it. He asked a number of us
Harry Hoopes: I attended Sunday          envelopes to be put into the offering      youth to process in the beginning,
School, 1930-1931, at age 12, with       plate. As I recall, I had to put a nick-   carrying lighted candles that we
Mr. Harting, teacher, and Jesse Still-   el from my allowance into the enve-        placed in holders at the ends of the
man, Dept. Supervisor. I joined Boy      lope each week. That was probably          pews for the duration of the service.
Scout Troop #40 (1934, 1935, and         tithing! I looked forward to youth         This lovely service became a tradi-
1936) with Dr. Walter Dew and Dr.        fellowship on Sunday evenings. As          tion that still continues.
Daddow, scoutmasters. Dr. Christie       is now, the children were from dif-
was the pastor at the time, and the      ferent schools in the area, and that       Jim Hodges: I was baptized in the
bowling alley was quite an attrac-       was a good educational experience          Episcopal Church in Detroit, Michi-
tion. I still have my Sunday School      in itself. We occasionally played          gan, and confirmed in Ortega, Flori-
achievement certificate.                 hide and seek, exploring the attic,        da, in 1946. As a Presbyterian in
                                         the bell tower, and other out-of-the-      Shawnee-on-the-Delaware, I was
                                                                                                           Continued on page 12...
12                                                                                                              March 2011

put in the choir and loved singing.      with children, grandchildren, bap-       in winter. One of my memories is
When I was in the U.S. Army and          tisms, marriages, and a faith            taking the boat to a pond in Penn-
visited my cousin in Wilmington, it      through times and circumstances          sylvania and having Reverend
was singing that brought us togeth-      hardly imaginable. I have built surf-    Mathias invite people after people
er, and I am very happy that the         boards and kayaks and owned a            into it, until it was near swamping,
void in my life that existed before      rowboat, taking our children across      grinning the whole time at my con-
1946 has been filled to overflowing      the Delaware River and back, even        cerns of impending capsize!

Seeing With New Eyes:
A Travel Seminar to Costa Rica
   n January, it was my privi-                               dominant in the United States,

I  lege to spend 2 weeks in
   Costa Rica studying ethnic
biblical interpretation. What a
                                                             read the biblical text through the
                                                             lens of their oppression or
                                                             struggle. Thus, the common
powerful experience! The                                     thread in ethnic biblical interpretation is the
class explored different eth-                                hermeneutic of liberation from oppression and hope in
nicities and their respective                                the midst of struggle.
histories within the United
States context. We focused on                                The course ended with a presentation and discussion
the unique interpretive lens                                 about the characteristics of a genuine Christian ethnici-
through which each ethnicity                                 ty. People who trust the transforming love of God as
engages in Bible study. The                                  demonstrated in the person of Jesus become the
ethnicities were Anglo-Ameri-                                message of love and hope in a hurting world. A Chris-
can, African American, Asian American, Feminist,             tian ethnicity does not dilute or destroy one’s ethnic
Womanist, Muharista, Hispanic, and Latino/Latina.            heritage; in fact, it raises the value of our differences
                                                             above conflict to celebration. We delight in the rich
I was amazed at the powerful influence of the histori-       expressions of our ethnicities, we honor each other’s
cal, critical method of Eurocentric academia on my           history, and we join together in the shared, sacred, and
own approach to biblical studies. Recognizing this           safe space of Christ’s holy communion.
method as only one alongside many methods was a
profoundly liberating insight. What I am beginning to        Thank you again for all the Westminster family has
understand more fully is that the sacred meaning of          done to make these studies possible for me as I pursue
the text is discerned within a given community for           the Doctor of Educational Ministries degree at
that particular community. That is, the biblical             Columbia Theological Seminary. Vaya Con Dios!
message is always interpreted through the multilay-
ered ethnic and cultural lens of the individual or                                                  In Christ’s peace,
community that approaches the text. The text too, with                                                Susan Moseley
its stories of human-divine interaction, reinterprets the
context in which it is engaged. Thus, as we do Bible
study together, we are creating a theology about
ourselves, our church, and the world.

If there is one word that captures the many issues
related to race, ethnicity, culture, and belonging, it
would be power. Ethnicities across the globe and
throughout history are identified in myriad ways, but
ethnicity is almost always defined as the physi-
cal/social/cultural/spiritual character of a people as
separate from the group with the power. All the ethnic                 See the blog at
groups that we studied, except for Anglo, which is
March 2011                                                                                                              13

Annual Meeting Finds a New Venue
      here was something different

                                          A balanced budget for 2011 that
      about this year’s annual meet-    assumes spending this year will be
      ing. It must have been the        the same as in 2010 and that our
balloons!                               stewardship pledge goal will be
                                        met. At present, the 2010 surplus
Westminster’s 2011 annual meeting       will be retained to help ensure that
took place on Sunday, January 30,       any gap between 2011 income and
in Community Hall. More than 200        expenses can be covered and any
members gathered as music played        deficit avoided.
and a slide show of 2010 church life
photos was displayed on the wall          A presentation on the role of the
screen.                                 Westminster endowment in sup-            Greg Jones and Anne Ledbetter,
                                        porting our annual operating budg-       which were also held to the same
The meeting was called to order by      et and the effect of investment per-     level as 2010. Following a series of
the Moderator, Dr. Greg Jones.          formance in the calculation of the       questions and discussion from the
Following some procedural items,        amount we draw. The amount               floor, the Terms of Call were
Nominating Committee Convener           available for 2011 operating expens-     approved.
Dick Haden presented the proposed       es is $100,000 less than that avail-
slates for elders, deacons, and         able in 2008. With pledged income        Clerk of Session Jan Patrick present-
trustees. With no additional            basically flat over this period, this    ed the Session report, which
nominations from the floor, each        has required significant spending        focused on the work done in 2010 to
slate was unanimously elected.          reductions.                              develop a vision statement and
Congregational at-large members of                                               guiding principles for Westminster.
the 2012 Nominating Committee              Thoughts on what Westminster          She then framed a series of ques-
were also elected.                      might do if we had more funds            tions for discussion by those seated
                                        available to increase our spending –     at each table, designed to elicit
Treasurer and Chair of the Joint        call a third pastor, increase our mis-   members’ thoughts and dreams
Finance Committee Clark Collins         sion outreach, and care for our          about the future of our church.
presented the financial report, the     aging building.
details of which are contained in the                                            The meeting was adjourned at 11:50
Financial Supplement, available at      Questions from the floor focused on      a.m. and followed immediately by a              support of youth programs and            wonderful chili lunch that had been
and as hard copy on the literature      mission trips, as well as under-         prepared by the deacons.
tables. Highlights of his report        standing what increase in member
included the following:                 pledges would be needed to call a        All in all, we shared a most produc-
                                        third pastor.                            tive annual meeting, a delicious
  A 2010 budget surplus of nearly                                                lunch, and great fellowship. Thanks
$58,000, due largely to spending        Personnel Committee Chair Fred           be to God for the presence of West-
reduced by $45,000 from the bud-        Iobst reported that the 2011 budget      minster in our lives.
geted amounts and greater than          includes no salary increases for our
anticipated contributions received      lay staff. He presented the Terms of     See all of the annual meeting photos on our
in December.                            Call (salary and benefits) for pastors   website:

                                                         Deacons and Carters working behind the kitchen doors.
14                                                                                                                 March 2011

 Westminster’s March and April Mission Emphasis is
Earth Care Pledge
                      The Joint Mission Committee is leading Westminster in becoming
                      a PC(USA) Earth Care Congregation. With the approval of
                      Session, we will take the Earth Care Pledge, responding to our
General Assembly’s study paper “Call to Restore the Creation.”

The Earth Care Pledge affirms the following:

Peace and justice is God’s plan for all creation. The earth and all creation are God’s. God calls us to
be careful, humble stewards of this earth, and to protect and restore it for its own sake, and for the
future use and enjoyment of the human family. As God offers all people this special gift of peace through Jesus Christ, and
through Christ reconciles all to God, we are called to deal justly with one another and the earth.

Earth Care Congregations work to fulfill the pledge by focusing on four areas: worship, education, facilities, and
outreach. In 2010, Westminster took significant earth-friendly steps in all these areas and thus qualifies to become
an Earth Care Congregation. However, the pledge is not a one-time commitment, but an ongoing part of a church’s
mission. Earth Care Congregations must demonstrate continual progress in caring for the earth in the four delin-
eated parts of church life.

As we celebrate Westminster’s 125th year and seek God’s guidance for our future, we will continue to respond to
the Creator’s call to care for the earth. If you are interested in helping us decrease Westminster’s carbon footprint,
please contact Sue Weissinger (302-652-5910; or Steve Tindall (302-559-5196;

Laminated Name                                      Stephen Ministry
Tags Are Still                                      PROVIDING SPIRITUAL CARE
                                                    A    t their monthly meetings, Stephen
                                                         Ministers receive continuing edu-

T   he Communications
    Advisory Board has
been offering laminated
                                                    cation. They participate in this training
                                                    because their ministry is Christ cen-
                                                    tered, meaning there is a constant focus
name tags to everyone in                            on care receivers’ needs in Jesus’ name.
the congregation since
December, and nearly 300                            Recently, Stephen Ministers had a training session on “Providing
members already have                                Spiritual Care.” They looked at their own spiritual status so they
one! For a modest $2 fee,                           could think about the “God-sized” needs of care receivers. These
you can help reduce the                             needs cover most existential concerns such as “who am I?” or
paper waste associated                              “who should I be?” – self-esteem, loneliness, aging, dissatisfaction,
with weekly name tags and you'll have               broken relationships, regrets, purpose, and others.
your choice of a pin or a magnetic
backing. Please contact Karen Dietz                 Your Stephen Minister is ready to listen, reflect, and support you
(; 302-656-0343) or              prayerfully and in complete confidence.
Sue Linderman (; 302-
239-7650) if you would like to request a            If you would like a Stephen Minister to “come alongside,” please
name tag.                                           call Dr. Anne Ledbetter (302-654-5214).
March 2011                                                                                                             15

2011 Habitat for Humanity
‘Bike to Build!’
Access your calendar right now, whether paper
or electronic, and mark June 11, 2011, for this
year’s ‘Bike to Build!’
Were you part of the wonderful ‘Bike to Build!’ event last year?
                     June 12, 2010, was a memorable day indeed
                     as hundreds of riders gathered in Tubman-
                                                                        Families Who Will
                     Garrett Park for the third annual ‘Bike to         Occupy the Homes Built
Build!’ event to benefit Habitat for Humanity of New Castle             as a Result of 2011
County. More than $135,000 was raised at the event, enough to
build a new home for Darin Thomas and his family, in memory
                                                                        ‘Bike to Build!’
of the Reverend Chad Miller.                                            Ms. Robin Baker
                                                                        Robin is a single mother of a child and
This year, on June 11,                                                  lives in a small 2-bedroom apartment.
Habitat’s goal is to raise                                              The heater, which is often on the fritz, is
$250,000 – enough to build                                              old and makes a lot of noise when it does
TWO homes in its new Mill                                               work. Robin would like a home where
Stone Community! These                                                  she can raise her family and not constant-
houses will be dedicated to                                             ly move from apartment to apartment.
Chad and his brother, Chris,                                            After learning she was selected to partner
who died in a tragic kayaking                                           with Habitat, she was so happy that she
accident in 2009. The                                                   could have something to call her own.
prospective      homeowners                                             Robin is looking forward to working with
have been identified and will                                           volunteers to construct her new home.
be working alongside us as                                              “It’s great that the volunteers are willing
we participate in the con-                                              to help me accomplish my goals. I am
                                                 The Thomas Family
struction of these homes.                                               happy to work with them and looking
                                                                        forward to building a relationship with
Westminster teams of riders, both those who get on a bicycle and        them.”
those who ride “in spirit,” are forming now. Look for more infor-
mation on how you can participate in this wonderful event and           Ms. Tamekia Mathias
help provide a lasting tribute to two brothers who epitomized the       Tamekia and her four children, Tamia
spirit of helping others.                                               (11), Tamera (8), Braheem (2), and
                                                                        Haleem (3 months), currently live in a
                                                                        drafty 3-bedroom home infested with
                                                                        pests. After rain or snow, the ceiling leaks
                                                                        in 2 of the 3 bedrooms and paint is peel-
                                                                        ing off the walls. Tamekia was referred to
                                                                        Habitat by a friend of hers who thought
                                                                        she might be a good fit. Tamekia looks
                                                                        forward to the day where she can own
                                                                        her own home and her children will have
                                                                        their own rooms, serving as a positive
                                                                        role model for her children and working
                                                                        hard building her home. “Thank you so
                                                                        much for giving my family this wonder-
                                                                        ful opportunity to become a home
                         2010 Bike to Build! Westminster Participants   owner,” said Tamekia.
16                                                                                                         March 2011

         1502 West 13th Street
         Wilmington, DE 19806

Rev. Dr. Gregory Jones
Rev. Dr. Anne Ledbetter
Rev. Jill Getty

Chimes Creative Director
Nikki Thorn
Next Chimes Deadline:
Monday, March 14, at 11:00 a.m.
For the April 2011 Issue
Submission guidelines at

                                              SEE IT IN COLOR!

      is an                 INVITE A FRIEND TO CHURCH!
                                 ome congregations sponsor one Sunday each year when they urge their
 of faith, and
   there are
                            S    members to “Invite a Friend to Church.” In fact, we once did that at Westmin-
                                 ster. However, we now recognize innumerable avenues to approach our
                            friends with the invitation, “Come and see!” Here are just a few examples for the
ever-changing               month of March:
                                    Join me for our women’s book group on Thursday, March 3!
   to grow,                         Come and experience worship led by our youth on March 6.
  learn, and                        Join me at our Ash Wednesday service and soup supper on March 9.
     serve.                          Our senior pastor Dr. Jones is teaching a class on Jesus’ parables.
We invite you                     Would you like to attend with me?
    to keep                         We have a Lent Event this Sunday (March 13). Join me and we’ll
                                  walk a prayer labyrinth.
  up-to-date                        It’s Friday night at the movies! Won’t you come with me to church?
 on the latest                    Come see Dirt! The Movie on March 18 and Ingredients on April 15,
happenings by                     both at 7:00 p.m.
   going to

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