THE VOICE by pengxuezhi


									                                                     THE VOICE
                                               St. Paul’s by-the-Sea Episcopal Church
465 11th Avenue N., Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250              ▪      (904) 249-4091           ▪     April 2011

                                 PENNY’S TWO CENTS
 Dear St. Paul’s by-the-Sea Family,                         been a joy to work with. I know you join me in wish-
     I pray that your Lenten journey continues to           ing him well as he takes this important step. Jon’s last
 bring you closer to God. If you haven’t been as at-        day with us is May 8th. As we say farewell to Jon, we
 tentive to Lent as you hoped, there is still time to get   also prepare for our next Director of Music. The
 back on track. I urge everyone to attend Holy Week         search will be underway soon.
 services at the church. They prepare us for a glori-           Did you know that St. Paul’s by-the-Sea has a
 ous Easter. This year we have changed the schedule         Facebook page? Thanks to Maurice Postal for setting
 a bit by moving Tenebrae to Tuesday evening. The           up and maintaining the page. Find us at
 Tenebrae service is complete with beautiful and  
 moving music. On Wednesday we will have a Seder                St. Paul’s by-the-Sea has served the residents of
 Dinner in the Parish Hall at 6pm. Bring the family         Fleet Landing for many, many years. Sadly, this min-
 and celebrate this ancient custom. Thanks to Ann           istry came to a close on March 30 th. Jack Miller vol-
 Brodt and her team of cooks for this opportunity.          unteered his services at Fleet Landing until his retire-
 The Maundy Thursday service is followed by the             ment several years ago. At the time of Jack’s retire-
 stripping of the altar and our all night vigil. Good       ment, Fleet Landing agreed to donate $500.00 per
 Friday services are at 12pm and 70pm.                      month to help cover the cost of a priest and musician.
     Of course we all look forward to a joyful Easter       The Rev. Lynne Dukes followed Jack until The Rev.
 celebration on Sunday, April 24 th. We begin with          Deborah Jackson joined us. Attendance at the service
 the Great Vigil of Easter; share a delicious cham-         declined markedly over the years while our expenses
 pagne breakfast, enjoy an Easter egg hunt,; and cele-      increased. Fleet Landing’s donation was not enough to
 brate with a Festival Eucharist 10am. Don’t forget         cover our actual costs. Fleet Landing is looking for
 to bring flowers for the cross and a bell to ring at the   clergy volunteers from area churches to hold services
 Gloria!                                                    for its residents.
     Many of you have heard that our wonderful Di-              I am delighted to announce that Mike Rady will be
 rector of Music, Jonathan Easter, is leaving to pur-       the Rector of the fall Cursillo for men! This is a great
 sue a Master of Music degree at Emory University           time for men and women to consider attending a Cur-
 in Atlanta. Jonathan has served us well and has            sillo week-end. Marty and I attended in Iowa – Marty
                                                            in 1964 and me in 1975. Bishop Howard believes
                                                            Cursillo builds faith and leaders. I agree. Please see
                                                            Mike or me if you want to learn more!
                                                                May you and those you hold dear continue to ob-
                                                            serve a Holy Lent and join us as we come to Holy
                Milestones                                  week and Easter!
                                                                                        Blessings and love,
   Births: Caroline Elizabeth Johnson, 3/13/11
   Baptisms: Gidget Lucille Woodward, 2/27/11
   Deaths: Herb Moller, 2/26/11.

            From Deborah’s Desk by The Rev. Deborah Jackson
                                                  New Life
     It seems we have to wait a long time for Easter       green, new leaves in places where old, dead ones
 this year. This year Easter is on April 24th, and the     had fallen. God renews nature on a regular cycle.
 truth is that is later than most of us can remember           Since Ash Wednesday, which was March 9th
 ever having experienced Easter before. It has been        this year, we have been on an intentional Lenten
 decades since it has been this late.                      journey to renew ourselves, to turn our mourning
     The “formula” for determining Easter tells us         into dancing. Forty days of self-examination and
 that it is the first Sunday after the full moon follow-   repentance, prayer, fasting, self-denial, reading
 ing the spring equinox. So with that, it can fall any-    and meditating on God’s holy Word -- I trust this
 where between March 22nd and April 25th, depend-          will result in each of us being transformed people
 ing on the moon. But, the latest Easter can ever fall     on Easter morning. After all, as our Lord suffered
 on the calendar is only one day later than this year’s    and died then passed over from death to life, during
 date. The last time Easter was on April 25th was in       Lent we reflect on and share in His passion and
 1943, and it will not be on that date again until 2038.   death and His victory over death.
     Meanwhile, colorful flowers are decorating our
 landscapes, pollen is covering everything outside,        I am Resurrection and I am Life, says the Lord.
 and allergies are in full bloom. It’s springtime!         Whoever has faith in me shall have life, even
 And Easter and springtime both bring new life.            though he dies. And everyone who has life, and has
     All winter long, we have been living with God’s       committed himself to me in faith, shall not die for
 promises and our hopefulness of new beginnings.           ever (BCP 491).
 Even if we did not think about it, we watched as                                     Easter Blessings,
 some of the trees lost their leaves while never doubt-
 ing that in the springtime, they would sprout bright

Tuesday, April 19, 7pm, Tenebrae Service*                    Sunday, April 24 - Easter Sunday
Wednesday, April 20, 6pm, Seder Dinner*                                   6:45am, The Great Vigil of Easter
Thursday, April 21, 7pm, Maundy Thursday Service*                         8am, Festival Breakfast
  followed by The Maundy Thursday Watch                                   9:30am, Easter Egg Hunt
Friday, April 22, 12pm & 7pm* Good Friday Service                         10am, The Festival Eucharist*

                                              *Child care available

              Adult Forum                                                 Spring Crafts
                                                                          During the April 10th Coffee Hour
                                                                          the Incredible Edible Arts and
April 3 .......... Father Joe, Book Discussion – Reva Bond                Crafts group will have a special
April 10 ........ Jerusalem Stations of the Cross – Lib D’Zamko           sale of spring items! Proceeds
April 17 ........ Palm Sunday – No Forum                                  will go to the 2011 Incredible
April 24 ........ Easter Sunday – No Forum                                Edibles event.

        A Message From the Senior Warden                                           by Wendy Wolfe

    Ahhhhh Lent - that quiet, somber season of our      at St. Paul’s by-the-Sea, and I am so glad we are all
Christian calendar. And although I am eagerly           in it together.
awaiting the joy of Easter, the season of Lent is al-        The Episcopal Church requires anyone who
ways its own blessing. I hope that you have the op-     works with children or youth to attend
portunity to attend the Wednesday Lenten pro-           “Safeguarding God’s Children”. We are fortunate
grams; they have been insightful, reflective, and       that Jackie Busse will conduct this training for our
inspirational. The From Mourning to Dancing jour-       volunteers on Sunday, May 1st at 11:45 in our Par-
ney gives us the opportunity to contemplate our         ish Hall. Many, many thanks to all who are in-
spirituality as individuals and within our parish       volved in ministries that include our children, youth
community.                                              and young adults. Please let Jerri know if you plan
    As we move into spring (and the weather it          to attend this important training.
brings) we have two really good points of news: 1)           If you made an estimate of giving and have
the roof apparently does not have a leak, and 2) the    picked up your envelops, thank you, thank you,
new A/C system is installed, functional, and a few      thank you. If you made an estimate of giving and
brave members have been trained to operate it!          haven’t picked up your envelops, thank you, thank
We anticipate being able to maintain a constant,        you, thank you; your envelops are in the Christo-
comfortable, and efficient temperature in our sanc-     pher Lobby. While we continue to operate on a
tuary throughout the year. Many thanks to Kenny         very tight budget (and who doesn’t these days), I
Richards for facilitating our facilities!               am optimistic about our financial standing and
    The Vestry Retreat is coming up in April. Our       thankful for the generosity of our parish. If you
Vestry will spend a day together, focusing on cur-      would like an estimate of giving card, please con-
rent issues and planning for the future. We hope to     tact Jerri at the church office, or any Vestry mem-
spend some time concentrating on the Strategic          ber can get one for you.
Plan and all the opportunities presented within. As          As always, thank you to our clergy and staff,
always, if you have a thought about our church, be      our volunteers, and every member of our commu-
it grounds, worship, outreach, mission, et al, please   nity. We are so blessed!
contact a Vestry member. This is an exciting time

                                           April is shaping up to be a busy, yet very fun month for SPY! This year as a
                                    team building effort we are entering the Sandcastle Contest at the Opening of the
               S.P.Y.               Beaches Event on April 16th. A practice run is scheduled for April 3rd.
                                           We will be working with BEAM on a new endeavor called Second Saturdays,
               News                 where up to 12 youth will spend Saturday morning at BEAM, sorting and clean-
                                    ing, painting, or doing whatever else needs to be done to support this wonderful
                                    local ministry.
                                           At the end of April, we will have our rescheduled “30-Hour Famine,” a very
                                    important world wide ministry. The Famine is sponsored by World Vision; their
                                    purpose is to “serve alongside the poor and oppressed as a demonstration of
              by James Kendrick
                                    God’s unconditional love for all people.” With offices in approximately 100
countries, 40,000 staff members serve more than 100 million people, including earthquake and hurricane survivors,
famine and civil war survivors, abandoned and exploited children, refugees, and children and families in communi-
ties devastated by AIDS in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The 30-Hour Famine event began in 1971 by 14 teen-
agers in Calgary, Alberta to raise money for World Vision. Today, the Famine is used as a fundraiser and to bring
awareness of the extreme poverty and hunger throughout the world. Our youth will participate in games and ac-
tivities that teach about global hunger and poverty while fasting for 30 hours. They will be seeking people to spon-
sor them at a rate of $1 per hour fasted. $1 = enough to feed and care for one child for a day; $30 = enough to help
feed and care for a child for a month; $360 = enough to help feed and care for a child for a year. Be on the look-
out for the youth and please give as generously as able to such a wonderful cause. Children helping children is defi-
nitely a vision of the kingdom we are striving to bring to earth.

                                     by Anne Wiggins
         Once a year in the Episcopal Diocese of Cuba, the
                                                                              Seafood Feast
         women of all the churches get together in Havana;                       Christ Church, Cedar Key
         this group is similar to our own Episcopal Church                             May 14th, 2011
         Women group. One of the projects they undertake                 Proceeds will benefit the Episcopal Diocese
         annually is a craft sale in May. They gather to pre-            of Cuba. Tickets are $10. For more infor-
         pare for this big event and to experience the fellow-           mation see Anne Wiggins or Karan Gilbert.
         ship of other women they may not see very often.
         During one of the recent meetings of the Diocesan
         Cuba Committee a request for some
         of the items needed was made and
         instead of just asking the members of
         St. Paul’s by-the-Sea, it was decided
to bring in other churches. Members of St.
George’s parish at Ft. George Island and
Christ Church, Ponte Vedra also donated
items. A small group from St. John’s Cathe-
dral traveled to Cuba for the convention and
took these items to prepare for the craft sale.
Needless to say, when they arrived in Ha-
vana, they were gratefully received; the do-
nated items will go a long way to help raise
money for the Episcopal churches in Cuba.
Thank you to all who donated.                         Donated items for Cuba.

Share meals and conversation with those you meet in church on Sunday morning – either in one another’s homes
                               or at various area restaurants. A Foyer Group is usually 6-8 people – singles and
                               couples both - who meet for a meal, usually once a month, over a six-month period.
                               The emphasis is getting to know each other better! There are four types of groups:
                                 Home groups are easy and fun, with members of the group taking turns hosting the
                               dinners. Guests contribute to the meal by bringing dishes to share.
                                 Restaurant Groups are for those who prefer not to host a group at home. Each
                               member has a chance to choose the restaurant, and everyone goes Dutch!
                                 Combination Groups are just that - groups that combine home and restaurant din-
                               ners. Maybe you enjoy hosting dinners in your home (with everyone bringing a dish)
   but want to get to know some of the people who prefer to set up restaurant dinners (with everyone going Dutch)
   The lunch bunch groups meet for lunch in various restaurants.
The deadline for signing up for the summer groups is Sunday, May 1st. Forms will be in the bulletin until then.
Just drop it in the offering plate or give it to Wendell Sheppard, 246-2219, or Sally Roberts, 221-4463. Or you
may call one of us. Please join us for dinner – or lunch!

        Thank you to my church family for the love, prayers, and cards
        during the recent illness and death of my mother, Libby Phelps.
        Each year from 1974 – 2000 she spent a month with us, the
        Sluzele/Borders family, and worshipped and sang in the choir
        with us. The people of SPBTS were very special to her.
                                             ~Gratefully, Nancy Borders

                  Notes From the Parish Nurse by Ava Wainwright, RN
                 The U.S. Surgeon General made a bit of       measure in the event of an emergency because it pro-
               an error recently by stating, “every house     tects the whole body from the radioactivity. Adminis-
               hold should have a supply of Potassium Io-     tering KI can be a reasonable, prudent, and inexpensive
dide in their medicine cabinet”. Actually, the NRC            supplement to in-place sheltering and evacuation.
(Nuclear Regulatory Commission) does recommend this              KI is an over-the-counter drug found in most phar-
to residents who live within 10 miles of a nuclear power      macies. The shelf life is from 5-6 years. The usual dos-
plant. In the case of the disruption of the power plant in    age is 1-4 capsules per day for no more than 10 days.
Japan, the NRC recommends residents living within 50          For maintaining beneficial levels of iodide in the thy-
miles not only take the drug but also evacuate.               roid, use the maximum dose. As with any medication,
   Potassium Iodide is a salt, similar to table salt. Its     prescription or over-the-counter, always consult with
chemical symbol is KI. You might have a box of iodized        your physician.
salt in your spice cabinet. KI, if taken in time and at the       WARNINGS: Not to be used by children under age
appropriate dosage, blocks the thyroid gland’s uptake of      18 (unless prescribed by physician), women who are
radioactive iodine, reducing the risk of disease which in-    pregnant, may become pregnant, or breastfeeding and
cludes thyroiditis, thyroid nodules, and thyroid cancer.      people who are allergic to Iodide.
   The NRC doesn’t require the use of KI by the gen-             Potassium Iodide is not intended to be used as a long
eral public because the NRC believes that current plan-       term daily supplement and should not be used for an
ning and protective measures (evacuation and shelter-         extended period of time without consulting a physician.
ing) are adequate and protective of public health and         It should only be taken when instructed to do so by of-
safety. Evacuation is the most effective protective           ficial health warnings or by your physician.

True Lenten Discipline                             TENEBRAE SERVICE
       Fast from judging others;
  Feast on Christ dwelling in them.         Tenebrae is the Latin word for "darkness" or "shadows."
 Fast from emphasis on differences;         The purpose of this service is to recreate the emotional
     Feast on the unity of all life.        aspects of the passion story. Through a series of scriptural
    Fast from apparent darkness;            readings, musical responses, and psalms, we will feel only
   Feast on the reality of all light.       a small portion of Christ's pain and torment the day of His
    Fast from thoughts of illness;          crucifixion. One of the most conspicuous features of this
Feast on the healing power of God.          service is the gradual reduction of light throughout, even-
    Fast from words that pollute;           tually leaving the story (and us) unfinished in total dark-
     Feast on phrases that purify.          ness, as the story is not "finished" until Easter day. We
         Fast from discontent;              hope you will continue your Lenten journey with this
           Feast on gratitude.              powerful service on Tuesday, April 19th, at 7pm.
            Fast from anger;
           Feast on patience.
         Fast from pessimism;
          Feast on optimism.
            Fast from worry;
     Feast on God’s providence.
        Fast from complaining;
         Feast on appreciation.
                                                    Seder Dinner
          Fast from negatives;
         Feast on affirmatives.
  Fast from unrelenting pressures;
      Feast on unceasing prayer.
            Fast on hostility;
       Feast on non-resistance.
           Fast on bitterness;
         Feast on forgiveness.
        Fast from self-concern;
   Feast on compassion for others.
     Fast from personal anxiety;
         Feast on eternal truth.
      Fast from discouragement;
             Feast on hope.
     Fast from facts that depress;           Let us celebrate the Exodus from Egypt, God's redemptive
     Feast on verities that uplift.     liberation of Israel from slavery and spiritual misery. The purpose
          Fast from lethargy;           of this Seder is to re-call the dramatic and miraculous events that
         Feast on enthusiasm.           led to the exodus from an ancient land of slavery. The Old Testa-
          Fast from suspicion;          ment instructs us to meet when it declares, "And you shall tell
             Feast on truth.            your children on that day, saying: It is because of what the Lord
    Fast on thoughts of weakness;       did for me when I came out of Egypt." Exodus 12:14
   Feast on promises that inspire.           Reconnect with your heritage and join us for a Seder Dinner
    Fast from shadows of sorrow;        in Stormes Hall on Wednesday, April 20th, at 6pm. The ceremo-
  Feast on the sunlight of serenity.    nial food plus a delicious lamb dinner (chicken, if you are ad-
         Fast from idle gossip;         verse to lamb) will be provided for $10.00 per adult. Children up
     Feast on purposeful silence.       to age 12 attend at no charge. We encourage families to attend.
Fast from problems that overwhelm;      The evening is limited to 125 people. Reservations must be pre-
    Feast on prayer that sustains.
                                        paid, please. Sign up using the Sunday bulletin insert or after church
                                        during Coffee Hour.

                                                                                                      by Walter Stutts
    Spring is just around the corner, launching the Lay Weeders into action.
Check out the grounds! We hope you like them. We owe special thanks
again to Tom and Gwen Farmer for purchasing even more mulch for
the church grounds. It reduced our weeding tremendously during the
winter months and has enhanced the appearance of the beds. A great
big thanks also goes to Martha Claire Beckham, Barbara Carter, Les-
ter Carter, and Stephen Beckham for making a contribution in mem-
ory of Theresa Smith for shrubs on the north side of the church where
the large overgrown variegated pittosporum was removed. This is on
our to-do list, and the bed will be landscaped shortly.
    The Memorial Garden will have been re-sodded by the time you read this. Thank you to Kenny Richards for
                                                                 providing the machinery for this sodding project and
                                                                 many, many thanks for those who assisted with the
                                                                 project. Ava, the roses you gave last year for the
                                                                 SPBTS sign bed are beautiful! Great selection.
                                                                     Attrition has taken its toll on the Lay Weeders. We
                                                                 are down to only a few workers and in great need of
                                                                 additional helpers. We are, nevertheless, thankful for
                                                                 the wonderful, dedicated few we have. If you can help,
                                                                 please contact Vickie Taylor, Ava Wainwright, Susie
                                                                 Miller, Joyce Goodman, Bev Stuck, or me, Walter, 249
                                                                 -6009, or call the church office, 249-4091.
                                                                     The Lay Weeders wish each of you a wonderful
        Weeders at work:(from left) Mike Miller, Ken Nimmich,    spring season and invite you to join us in the continu-
      Kenny Richards, and Ava Wainwright in coordinating colors. ing care and beautification of our church grounds.

    THE KING                                                          Ten Reasons to Volunteer
                                                                     When you stay home, you get too many
    Lenten Quiet Day                                                  telemarketing calls.
                                                                     Your family could use a break from you.
    Everyone is invited to join
                                                                     You might need help yourself some day.
    the St. Julian of Norwich
    Chapter of the Daughters of                                      It’s hard to win a game of solitaire.
    the King for a Quiet Day on Saturday, April                      Soap operas all sound alike.
    the 16th. We will begin the day with a light                     If you don’t go out each day, you get old.
    breakfast in the Christopher Lobby at 8:30am                     Why let your boss have all the fun in life?
    and continue in the Sanctuary from 9am until                     The car needs a workout.
    noon. The Rev. Lynne Dukes will lead us in                       Your mom would be proud of you.
    prayer and reflection as we prepare for our                      Who cares about money?
    journey through Holy Week. Please come!

                  Palm Sunday                                Maundy Thursday Watch
                     Crosses                       The custom of spending an hour with Jesus in the “Garden of
                   Bring a friend or the           Gethsemane” arose from the desire of devout persons to give an
                 whole family and help us          affirmative answer to the sorrowful question of our Savior in the
               make palm crosses for the           Garden of Gethsemane when he said to Peter:
             Palm Sunday Service. We                      “What? Could you not watch with Me one hour?
                  will meet in the Parish                  Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation.
                  Hall on Saturday, April                The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”
16th. Watch your bulletin for the time. We         The Watch is in the chapel (the choir loft) throughout the night
will teach you how; it’s easy, no experi-          before the Reserved Sacrament. A sign up sheet is the Christo-
ence is necessary!                                 pher Lobby.

                                                It is with mixed emotions that I deliver this news to you (well…
Music                                      some of you, since I’m sure a good number have already heard). I will
                                           be leaving SPBTS and heading back to school. I will be attending

  Notes                                    Emory University in Atlanta, getting a Master of Music degree in Or-
                                           gan Performance. My last Sunday will be May 8th. I will be moving to
                                           Atlanta for the summer to spend some time house and job hunting.
                                                On the one hand, I am thrilled to share this news with you, because
                                           it begins a new, exciting chapter in my life; however, St. Paul’s by-the-
                         by Jon Easter Sea has become something of a second home, and I’m not looking for-
                                           ward to saying goodbye. I have enjoyed getting to know you, working
with you, getting to know your children and sharing my gifts with you every Sunday. I have been so fortunate to
have spent time here with such a wonderful, accepting, and real congregation and do expect to be back to visit in
the future. Thanks you for the wonderful time I’ve spent here in and out of worship.

                                                                     Easter Lilies
                           g on at
                                                          Dedication forms for Easter Lilies are in your
               a  t’s goin
        See wh
                                                          Sunday bulletin.
         SPBT   S and c          ers
                llow p arishion
        with fe           ok at
             on  Facebo          pbts
        www.fa                                                            Lenten Program
                                                           Please join us for the final two weeks of our Lenten
                                                           Program on Wednesday evenings during Lent. We
                                                           start at 6pm in the church with a Taizé Service and
                                                           then go to the Parish Hall for a light supper and our
                                                           program, From Mourning to Dancing. We hope you
                                                           will join us!

The New A/C Units are Up and Running!
    A special thank you to Wendy Wolfe and Kenny Richards for getting the new A/Cs ordered and installed!

                                                 Beaches Episcopal School 1st graders
                                                 watch the crane move the A/C units.

 The crane, used to move the A/C units,                                                 One of the old A/C units is removed from
towers over the tallest part of the Church.                                               the fenced area behind the church.

         Word-Fill Puzzle
          Place the given words into the grid.
3 LETTERS       DENS         RINK             NANNY
CHE             DESK         ROIL             NETTS
DUG             DIRE         RYOT             OLIVE
EEL             EBON         SEEK             ORIEL
ERS             EDEN         SPEW             ORING
FUG             EKED         TERN             PHONE
GEN             ETTE         THIN             POLED
IDS             EVEN         TOOT             REFER
ILK             FOCI         WETA             SLING
MID             FROG         WIDE             SWAMI
OHO             GILA         WOVE             TOTAL
PLY             GOON                          UNITE
RAD             HOLY         5 LETTERS
RED             KALE         ATONE            6 LETTERS
ROO             LIFT         CRAVE            FORGET
                             DUDED            MUTANT
WAN             MALI
WIT             MORN         EDENS            TRIVET
                NEIL         EVILS            UNISON
4 LETTERS                    FILES
                NEST                          8 LETTERS
AFRO                         FLOOD
                NIGH                          MELANGES
ALEE                         FRONT
                OHIO         GIRTS            NETTLING                                                    H E L E N
CANS                         HELEN            STRENGTH
                ORAL                          WITHERED


        Register Now for BES
          Summer Camp
Mark your calendars and make plans now to attend the 2011 BES
Summer Camp. For the first time ever, BES will open their Sum-
mer Camp experience to rising pre-kindergarten students in 2011. This year's camp features offerings that are
                     sure to interest children of all tastes: American Girl, Builders Camp, Captain Cartoon,
                     Cheer Squad, Crafty Creations, Drama Magic, Fashion Runway Workshop, Games Galore,
                     Glitter Girls, Lego Mania, Movin’ and Groovin’, Photo Fun, Play with Your Food, Pot-
                     tery, Robotics, Rockin’ Rhythms, Scrapbooking, Sing, Dance and Play, Sports 2 the Max,
                     Stars and Stripes, Super Cool Science, Superhero Academy, Top Chef, and Zoo Discov-
                     ery. Brochures can be found in the church narthex, on the school's website,
           , or in the school office.
                       Some quick facts about this year's camp program*:
                        Dates: June 20-24, June 27-July 1, July 11-15, July 18-22
                        Days and times: Monday-Friday, 9am - 3pm
                        Grade ranges accepted: Students entering pre-kindergarten through 6th grade
                        Website:
                        Contact for more information: Dallas Skornia, Director of Communications
                        Email:
                        Phone: 246-2466 x121
                       *All programs are facilitated by adult educators associated with Beaches Episcopal School.

                 Spring Musicals on the Horizon
                 Please note the following dates for our Spring Musicals to be held
                 at St. Paul’s by-the-Sea in the coming weeks.
                          Pre-K and K: Tuesday, April 19 at 10:00am
                              st   rd                            th
                          1 - 3 Grade: Thursday, May 12 at 6:30pm
                              th   th                            th
                          4 - 6 Grade: Thursday, May 19 at 6:30pm

                                                      Upcoming Events
                                     Challenge Day Pre-K ...................................... April 8th, 10:00-11:00am
                                     Challenge Day K-6 Games ............................................ 12:30-2:30pm
                                     Teacher Appreciation Week ........................... May 2nd – May 6th
                                     BES FUNd Run .............................................. May 6th
                                     Awards Assembly (Gr. 4-6) ........................... May 25th at 8:10am
                                     Graduation/Last Day of School ...................... Friday, May 27th, 10:30am

    Sunday              Monday            Tuesday      Wednesday Thursday                          Friday          Saturday
                                                                                              1                   2
                                                                                              8a Icon Class       8a B’hood Mtg

3                   4                 5                6                  7                   8                   9
7:30a Eucharist    7p Guild of the    5:30p Handbell   7a Eucharist       6a EFM
8:15 Breakfast       Christ Child     7p Choir         8:10a BES
10a Eucharist      7p Children’s                       Eucharist
11:15a Rite 13/J2A   Choir Gr. 3+                      9a Bible Study
                                                       9:30a St. Monica’s
                                                       10:30a Eucharist
                                                       6p Lenten Program

10                  11                12               13                 14                  15                  16
7:30a Eucharist     7p Children’s     5:30p Handbell   7a Eucharist       6p EFM                                  8a B’hood Mtg
8:15a Breakfast       Choir Gr. 3+    7p Choir         9a Bible Study                                             9a DOK Quiet
10a Eucharist                                          10:30a Eucharist                                             Day
11:15 Rite 13/J2A                                      6p Lenten                                                  9a Vestry Retreat

17 Palm Sunday 18                     19               20                 21 Maundy Thurs. 22 Good Friday 23
7:30a Eucharist     7p Guild of the   10a BES PreK &   7a Eucharist       8:10a BES Maundy 7a Watch ends
8:15a Breakfast       Christ Child      K Program      9a Bible Study       Thursday Service    12p Good Friday
10a Eucharist                         7p Tenebrae      10:30a Eucharist   7p Maundy Thurs.        Service
11:15 Rite 13/J2A                                      6p Seder Dinner      Service             7p Good Friday
                                                                          8:30p Watch Before      Service
                                                                            the Altar of Repose

24 Easter Sunday 25                   26               27                 28                  29                  30
6:45 Easter Vigil                                      7a Eucharist       6p EFM              7:30p BFAS
8:15a Breakfast                                        9a Bible Study                           Chanticleer
9:30a Easter Egg                                       10:30a Eucharist
10a Festival

                                      UPCOMING EVENTS
                                               May 8, Mother’s Day
                                              May 27, BES Graduation
                                               May 30, Memorial Day
            St. Paul’s by-the-Sea Episcopal Church
                                                                            The Voice
                   First Church of the Beaches, Est. 1886                           of
                                                                       St. Paul’s by-the-Sea
        465 Eleventh Avenue N · Jacksonville Beach, Fl 32250 ·
            Phone: 904-249-4091 / Fax: 904-249-0409                    Edited and published by Jerri
                                                                       Moats, Sharon Schurer, and
                         Website:                        Ava Wainwright.
     St. Paul’s by-the-Sea is committed to renewal based on powerful   A special thank-you to Anne
              worship, unconditional welcome for the seeker,           Wiggins for her help with
                  and passionate service to the community.             photography.
                                                                       The deadline for articles to
                              SUNDAY WORSHIP SCHEDULE                  appear in The Voice is the
                               7:30 AM—HOLY EUCHARIST                  15th of the month.
                           8:45 AM—CHRISTIAN FORMATION
                                                                       Please email your articles to
                              10:00 AM—HOLY EUCHARIST
                                                                       Jerri at or
                            WEDNESDAY WORSHIP SCHEDULE                 leave a printed copy in the
                              7:00 AM—HOLY EUCHARIST                   “VOICE BOX” located be-
                             10:30 AM—HOLY EUCHARIST                   tween the bulletin boards in
                                                                       the Christopher Lobby.

St. Paul’s by-the-Sea Episcopal Church                                         Non-Profit Organization
465 Eleventh Avenue North                                                       U.S. POSTAGE PAID
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250                                                        Permit No. 6
                                                                               Jacksonville Beach, FL

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