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									                                               Action Network
                               Memorandum of Understanding

Memorandum of Understanding
This MOU is between Avoid Readmissions through Collaboration (ARC) and the President of each
hospital member of the Action Network. Upon completion of this MOU your hospital and your
community partner(s) will be fully entitled to all of the benefits of Action Network membership for a two
year period. These benefits include: participation in the afternoon of all six learning sessions for up to
three team members, participation in all webinars with unlimited participation, and limited support
from an Improvement Advisor to help your team.

        Avoiding Readmissions through Collaboration (ARC) is a two year project to improve care
        coordination and reduce re-hospitalization among various health care providers. Funded by the
        Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, with supplemental support from the California HealthCare
        Foundation, ARC is attempting to link hospitals with partners in long-term and ambulatory care
        to avoid preventable readmissions.

        To reduce 30 and 90day all-cause readmissions by 30% by 2013.

        ARC is a partnership between the Center for Quality System Improvement (CQSI), and the
        California Quality Collaborative (CQC). ARC has 3 levels or participation:

           A statewide Learning Community of interested providers where evidence-based practices
            are discussed and implementation strategies shared.
           An Action Network where organizations actively engaged in reducing readmissions
            interactively share learnings, tools, practices and de-identified data.
           Up to 10 Bay Area hospitals and partners who are developing or implementing high-quality
            plans to reduce readmissions with the support of planning grants from the Moore
            Foundation and technical assistance from ARC.

        Over the two year period ARC will hold six in-person day long learning sessions and
        supplemental bi-monthly webinars. Additionally, hospitals in the Action Network and those
        receiving planning grants will receive support from a dedicated improvement advisor.

Expectations of Action Network Members
As a member of the Action Network your facility will:

           Link readmission reduction to your strategic goals.
           Formally charter a readmission reduction improvement team which reports into your
            organization’s Performance Improvement structure.
           Identify a project leader and executive sponsor.
           Adequately resource the team.
           Actively work to decrease all-cause 30 and 90 day readmission rates with a goal of reducing
            both rates by 30 percent by 2013.
           Share learnings with other members of the Learning Community.
           Submit 30 and 90 day all cause readmission data via a secured web site.

My signature on this MOU demonstrates my organizations commitment to reduce avoidable
readmissions and meet the expectations outlined in this document. I will designate a “key contact” who
will receive information about learning sessions and project calls. My organization’s key contact will
attend at least four (4) of the six (6) face-to-face learning sessions which will be held over the next two
years in the East Bay area.

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