Responsible to:                               Director of Learning

Responsible for:                              Raising the quality of access to, and standards in, ICT and
                                              Business Studies.
                                              Raising the quality of ICT across the curriculum.

Line Management Responsibilities:             Teachers of ICT and Business Studies

Salary:                                       Main Scale + TLR1a - £7158

Admin Support:                                3 hours per week

Additional Non-contact allowance:             3 lessons Leadership and Management per week


         Teaching throughout the school as required by the Headteacher and leading the development of
          appropriate schemes of work, assessment and teaching materials.
         Drawing up “aims and objectives” for the teaching of ICT and Business Studies.
         To advise the Headteacher on all matters connected with ICT and to liaise on timetable preparation
          and related issues.
         To regularly audit what is being taught in the Faculty.
         To review, evaluate and amend the curriculum as new developments occur.
         To implement the school’s policies on monitoring and evaluation.
         To develop a programme to widen participation in ICT, including its cross-curricular application.
         To evaluate the programme to enable:
          a) further action to be taken
          b) reports to be produced for appropriate bodies, eg Governors
         To develop monitoring strategies to measure:
          a) student participation
          b) student progress
          c) community participation
         In collaboration with the Deputy for Student Experience, embed the use of new technologies in
          teaching and learning across the whole school
                                                                                             Continued …

      To ensure the recording of student achievement in ICT and Business Studies and contribute to the
       overall system of student profiling and assessment.
      To ensure that statutory requirements, eg in relation to health and safety with regard to students are
      To promote exhibitions and displays of students’ work across the faculty.


      To encourage high standards of professionalism from all staff involved in ICT and Business Studies.
      To ensure staff carry out the responsibilities of their job description, and use their PPA and release
       time effectively.
      To establish areas of responsibility within the Faculty for all staff and the delegation of particular
      To exercise day to day responsibility for the teaching staff in the Faculty.
      To inspire an enthusiastic and committed approach to teaching ICT and Business Studies.
      To monitor and evaluate the performance of the faculty team providing support and guidance as
      To consult regularly with staff about policy, curriculum planning, teaching methods, organisation and
       to arrange meetings for this purpose.
      To co-ordinate the resources of the faculty, giving advice, encouragement and support to all staff
       concerned and to provide support in academic, pastoral and disciplinary matters.
      To encourage staff development; to supervise and help ITT students and NQT’s and to have
       responsibility for staff new to the Faculty.
      To be involved, as appropriate, in the formulation of job descriptions for specific faculty posts, and in
       the advertisement preparation, short-listing, interviewing and the appointment of new members of
       the Faculty.
      To participate in the Performance Management System implemented by the school.
      To act as a Form Tutor and to contribute to the teaching of the Personal, Social, Health and
       Citizenship Education, working to the standards as set in “Todmorden High School Professional
       Standards for Form Tutors”

      In conjunction with the Network Manager, and Finance Officer, to monitor the finances of the Area.
      To work with the Exams Officer to ensure that appropriate arrangements are made for examination
       entries and statutory requirements. If necessary to assist in the arrangements for all public exams,
       including a presence on the day.
      To take responsibility for the fabric and furnishings of the ICT/Business Studies areas.
      To be responsible for a consistent approach towards assessment, homework and other policies.
      To organise requisition of books and other resources and to ensure all resources are catalogued and
       stored in a systematic and secure fashion, that they are easily accessible and checked regularly. To
       ensure there is an up to date inventory of major items.


      To promote positive links with outside agencies, notably:
           a) Parents
           b) Inspectors and Advisory Teachers
           c) Feeder Primary Schools
           d) Local Industry, where appropriate
           e) The wider community
           f) Professional bodies appropriate to the faculty
      To promote the work of the Faculty through display and participation in external events

These responsibilities are in addition to those of a Standard Scale teacher. This job description is subject to
modification or amendment at any time after consultation with the post-holder and will be periodically
reviewed. The performance of some of these responsibilities may be delegated following negotiation.

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