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					                                                                                            SUL LAGO
                                                                                            R i s t o r a n t e - Pi z z e r i a

                             ANTIPASTI / STARTERS                                                                                                       SECONDI / MAIN COURSE
Funghi Trifolati (v)     Breaded mushrooms with garlic dip                                                      £4.95   Vitello Verbena                Veal escalopes topped with cheese & asparagus in white wine sauce          £13.50
Costolette Dello Chef    Spare ribs in special chef sauce                                                       £6.50   Vitello Sul Lago               Veal escalopes with white wine, mushrooms & cream                          £12.95
Funghi Ripieni (v)       Stuffed mushroom with goat cheese & pesto served on a bed of spinach                   £5.95   Fracosta ai Ferri              Grilled sirloin steak                                                      £13.95
Crespella del Pescatore  Fresh seafood pancake                                                                  £5.95   Monte Faito                    Sirloin steak cooked in a red wine, shallots and wild mushrooms sauce      £15.95
Calamari Fritti          Fresh squid in light batter with garlic dip                                            £5.70   Fracosta al Pepe               Sirloin steak in peppercorn, brandy & cream sauce                          £14.95
Cozze Marinare           Fresh mussels with garlic, chillies & tomatoes                                         £5.95   Fracosta DoIceIatte            Sirloin steak cooked with Dolcelatte cheese, cream & white wine            £14.95
Cozze Alla Crema         Fresh mussels sauteed in white wine, shallots, garlic, chillies and a dash of cream    £6.20   Filetto ai Ferri               Grilled fillet steak                                                       £15.95
Bufala con Parma         Fresh Buffalo mozzarella wrapped in Parma ham shallow fried in olive oil               £6.95   * Filettini Strogonoff         Cuts of fillets, Strogonoff sauce served with rice                         £14.50
                         served on a bed of rocket salad and a splash of balsamic vinegar                               Filetto Nerone                 Fillet steak cooked with port sauce, bayleaf topped with bacon             £17.95
Gamberoni Piccanti       King prawns in garlic, white wine & chillies                                           £6.95   Filetto Rossini                Fillet steak cooked with Marsala wine sauce topped with                    £22.95
Capesante di Mare        Fresh scallops with garlic, chillies & tomatoes                                        £6.95                                  pate & black Truffle
Cocktail di Gamberi      Prawn cocktail with marierose sauce                                                    £4.95   Filetto Pavarotti              Fillet steak cooked in red wine sauce, cream & king prawn                  £17.95
Parma & Mozzarella       Parma ham & Fresh Mozzarella cheese served with salad                                  £5.95   Filettini al Pepe              Medallions of fillet steak in peppercorn, cream & brandy sauce             £15.95
Salmone Marinato         Slightly smoked salmon with rocket & lemon dressing                                    £5.95   Filettini Al Barolo            Medallions of fillet steak in a Barolo red wine sauce                      £15.95
Antipasto Misto          Mixed Italian salami                                                                   £5.95   Pollo del Duca                 Chicken breast cooked with cream, asparagus tips, mushrooms                £13.95
Pate Della Casa          Home made chicken, liver & brandy pate with toast                                      £5.50                                  & white wine sauce
Zuppa Del Giorno (v)     Soup of the day                                                                        £3.95   Pollo Di Parma                 Chicken breast topped with parma ham and Mozzarella with red wine sauce    £13.95
Bruschetta Pomodoro (v) Toasted bread with tomatoes, basil & olive oil                                          £3.50   * Pollo Leonardo               Strips of chicken breast with peppers, onions, mushrooms                   £13.50
Bruschetta Bel Paese (v) Toasted bread with cheese, sundried tomatoes & pesto                                   £3.95                                  & white wine sauce served with rice
Olive Marinate (v)       Marinated black & green olives in olive oil, garlic and fresh chillies                 £2.95   Pollo Cacciatora               Chicken breast cooked in red wine, garlic, tomato, oregano                 £13.50
Pizza All’ Aglio (v)     Garlic pizza                                                                           £2.50                                  & rosemary baked in our wood fire oven
                         Garlic pizza with tomato                                                               £2.95   Pollo Diavola                  Grilled chicken breast cooked with red wine, tomato, mushrooms & chilli    £13.50
                         Garlic pizza with mozzarella cheese                                                    £3.50
                         Garlic pizza with cheese & tomatoes                                                    £3.95
Cesto Di Pane (v)        Fresh baked Italian bread served with Olive oil and balsamic vinegar                   £2.95
                                                                                                                                                                        PESCI / FISH
                                       PASTA & RISO                                                                     Filetto Di Spigola             Fresh fillet of seabass served on a bed of spinach                         £17.50
Penne al Salmone          Penne with smoked salmon, cream & brandy sauce                                        £6.95                                  topped with asparagus, sun dried tomato and balsamic vinegar
Penne Mare & Monti        Penne with prawns, peppers, tomato & cream sauce                                      £6.95   Halibut                        Pan fried halibut steak with tomatoes, olives, prawns & cream              £15.95
Penne Arrabbiata (v)      Penne in tomatoes, garlic & chillies                                                  £6.20   Halibut Del Golfo              Fresh Halibut steak served with mushrooms in a English mustard,            £16.95
Spaghetti Carbonara       With egg yolks, cream & bacon                                                         £6.50                                  cream, parsley and white wine sauce
Spaghetti Bolognese       Spaghetti with traditional Bolognese sauce                                            £6.50   Branzino Sale                  Seabass in rock salt                                                       £16.95
Any of the above Pasta served as starter                                                                        £4.95   Branzino Cartoccio             Seabass baked with seafood, lemon, white wine wrapped in foil              £16.95
                                                                                                                        Coda di Rospo                  Grilled fresh monk fish served with a light white wine and parsley sauce   £17.95
TorteIIini Parma & Panna     With Parma ham, mushrooms & cream                                                  £7.20   Salmone Ravello                Salmon with cream, tomatoes & prawns                                       £14.95
Lasagna or Cannelloni        Baked in our wood fire oven                                                        £6.95   * Misto Mare                   Deep fried King prawns, scallops, mussles. calamari and zucchini           £17.95
Pasta alla Fabio             Pasta ribbons with broccoli, chicken, cream and tomato                             £7.95                                  served with salad
Pappardella Amatriciana      Pasta ribbons with onion, bacon, chillies & tomatoes                               £7.20
Polpette della Nonna         Traditional pasta with meatballs                                                   £6.95            ALL MAIN COURSES ARE SERVED WITH FRESH VEGETABLES AND ROAST POTATOES
Spaghetti Pescatore          Spaghelli with fresh seafood, fresh tomato, garlic & white wine                    £9.95     * THESE DISHES ARE COMPLETE AND ARE NOT SERVED WITH FRESH VEGETABLES AND POTATOES
Ravioli Sorrentina           Homemade ravioli filled with lobster, served with prawns and cream sauce          £10.95
Ravioli al Granchio          Homemade ravioli served with crab claw meat, garlic, white wine,                  £10.95   Extra sauce                    Black pepper sauce, red wine sauce, white wine and mushrooms sauce          £1.95
                             fresh chillies, lemon zest
Risotto Pollo & Funghi       Risotto with chicken,mushrooms, tomatoes & a little cream                          £8.95
Risotto Funghi Misti (v)     Risotto with wild mushrooms, cream and parmesan cheese                             £9.95
Risotto Marinara             Risotto with king prawns, mussels, fresh scallops and white wine                  £10.95                                   VEGETALI / VEGETABLES
                                                                                                                        Zucchini                       Deep fried courgettes                                                       £2.50
                                                 PIZZE                                                                  Spinaci                        Sauteed spinach with butter & parmesan cheese                               £2.50
Margherita (v)               Cheese, tomato & basil                                                             £6.20   Patate Saltate                 Roast potatoes with onions & garlic                                         £2.50
Mimi’                        Cheese, tomato, ham & mushrooms                                                    £6.70   Patate Fritte                  Chips                                                                       £2.50
Calabrese                    Cheese, tomato, spicy salami & mushrooms                                           £6.70   Insalata Mista                 Mixed salad                                                                 £2.50
Vegetariana (v)              Cheese, tomato, peppers, onions & garlic                                           £6.80   Pomodori & Cipolla             Tomato & onion salad                                                        £2.50
Marinara                     Cheese, tomato & fresh seafood                                                     £7.95
Calzone (folded)             Cheese, tomato, mushrooms, salami, peppers & ham                                   £6.90
Capricciosa                  Cheese, tomato, salami, mushrooms, ham                                             £6.90
Sorrento (v)                 Cheese, fresh tomato, parmesan shavings, rocket & olive oil                        £7.95              DOLCI & FORMAGGI / SWEETS & CHEESES
Francesco Saverio            Cheese, tomato, prawns, King prawns, garlic & chillies                             £8.95   Dolce del Giorno  Sweets & ice creams from the menu                                                        £4.50
4 Formaggi (v)               Cheese, tomato and four Italian cheeses                                            £7.20   Child Ice Cream                                                                                            £2.50
Amalfi                       Cheese, tomato, Parma ham & rocket                                                 £7.80   Formaggi Misti    Mixed cheese & biscuits                                                                  £4.95
Extra Topping                                                                                                    .80p

Please note that all our pizzas are cooked in our original wood fire oven bringing you the authentic flavour of                                                      (v) Suitable for vegeterians
Naples to your table.                                                                                                                             Gluten free and other vegetarian dishes are available on request
                                                                                                                                                         Some dishes may contain traces of nuts or wheat
In 1889 - Umberto 1, King of Italy and his wife, Queen Margherita di Savoia, in Naples on holiday, called to
their palace the most popular of the pizzaioli (pizza chef) Raffaele Esposito, to taste his specialities. He                                                         Table bills cannot be split
prepared a pizza with mozzarella, basil and tomatoes (in the colours of the Italian flag). The Queen liked                               Service at your discretion. Service of 10% will be added on tables of 8 or over.
this pizza so much that she sent to the pizzalolo a Ietter to thank him saying, “I assure you that the pizza you                                         100% of Service and Gratuities go to the staff.
have prepared was very delicious.” Raffaele Esposito dedicated his speciality to the Queen and called it
Pizza Margherita.This pizza set the standard by which todays pizza evolved as well as firmly establishing                                            Cars may be left in the car park over night at your own risk.
Naples as the pizza capital of the world.                                                                                                        Please note the car park opening times are 3.30 pm till 12 midnight
                                                                                        SUL LAGO
                                                                                        R i s t o r a n t e - Pi z z e r i a

                                         VINI / WINES                                                                                        VINI ROSSI I RED WINES
Vino della Casa            Italian house wine red, white or rose                                                 Montepulciano DOC        Oak aged, well rounded, superb red with good length and persistent finish £15.95
Rosso, Bianco & Rose       1 Litre                                                                      £12.95   Cabernet Sauvignon DOC Intense and complex, exceptionally elegant with ripe raspberry                  £16.95
                           1/2 Litre                                                                     £7.95                            and liquorice root tones
                                                                                                                 Merlot DOC               Dry, smooth, velvety with excellent tannin structure                          £16.95
                                                                                                                 Chianti Classico DOC. Intense ruby red colour with a persistent bouquet which has aromas of violets £18.95
                        VINI BIANCHI / WHITE WINES                                                               Maestro DOC i.g.t        A ruby red with fruity notes of strawberry, cherry, pepper and cinnamon £18.95
Pinot Grigio DOC.        Dry, full and fruity very aromatic with elegant finish on the palate           £15.95                            Ideal with mediterranean dishes
Soave Classico           A delicate bouquet of white flowers but also fruity with hint of almond        £15.95   Syrah Sicilia i.g.t      Full bodied with depht of fruit and nicely balanced.                          £22.95
Orvieto Classico DOC.    A delicious medium sweet wine with an elegant and refined ripe fruit bouquet   £15.95   Lacrimia Cristi DOC      Dark ruby in colour with delicate hints of violets and ground pepper.         £25.95
Chardonnay DOC.          Dry, fruity and elegant, harmonious and pleasant with a delicate bouquet       £15.95   Amarone DOC              Distinctive intense wine refined in oak casks for a smooth and fruity finish. £44.95
Frascati DOC.            Single vineyard Frascati dry and light with a lingering taste of almonds       £17.95   Barolo DOC               Italy’s most acclaimed red. Dry, full and robust evoking aromas of            £41.95
                         with a velvety smooth finish                                                                                     violets and woodland fruits
Mastro i.g.t             Pleasant taste with notes of peach and pineapple pairs well with seafood       £17.95   Pinot Nero DOC           100% Pinot nero grapes intense and persistent full bodied and velvety. £19.95
Lacrima Cristi DOC.      Straw yellow in colour superb with fish, pleasantly fresh in the mouth         £19.95   Salice Salentino Riserva This prestigious, award winning wine is rich and full bodied with ripe fruits £25.95
                         with citrus fruit and quince notes                                                                               and vanilla aromas

                                                                                                                             VINI ROSE’ / ROSE WINE & CHAMPAGNE
                                                               Tables bills cannot be split                      Vino Rose’          Fresh, fruity and well structured medium dry rose                                 £14.95
                                              Service at your discretion. Service of 10% will be added on        Maestro Rose’ i.g.t A peachy pink wine, elegant distinctive with fruit, peach and rose taste          £17.95
                                                                   tables of 8 or over.                          Rose’ Frizzante     Sparkling rose’ with a lively apple and citrus aftertaste                         £18.95
                                                    100% of Service and Gratuities go to the staff.              Pink Champagne                                                                                        £48.95
                                                   For parties of 8 or over, please note that booking
                                                                 conditions may apply.                                 CHAMPAGNE & SPUMANTI / SPARKLING WINES
                                                              Prices are inclusive of VAT                        Asti Spumante          Sweet sparkling white wine  £15.95
                                                                                                                 House Champagne / Prosecco                         £19.95
                                              Cars may be left in the car park over night at your own risk.      Moet & Chandon                                     £44.95
                                                     Please note the car park opening times are                  Bollinger                                          £64.95
                                                                3.30 pm till 12 midnight                         Dom Perignon                                      £109.95

                                                                                             Welcome to Sul Lago
                                           Sul Lago in 2010 is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. Opened in November 2000 by
                                            chef owner Aldo Lucci, Sul Lago is considered by many to be the regions most
                                            authentic and independent Italian restaurant, presenting quality Modern and
                                                               Traditional Italian Cuisine at excellent value.

                                                       The wine list has the best that Italian vineyards have to offer.
                                               All wines are imported from Italy to guarantee authenticity of the product.
                                              The recently refurbished restaurant is light, elegant and airy with atmosphere.

                                                  Our newly refurbished lounge upstairs is available for private parties,
                                                       (including weddings, birthday parties, corporate events etc.)
                                             There is also a terrace which overlooks the lake, where you will be able to sit in
                                                            the Summer months enjoying an after dinner drinks.

                                                                                             SUL LAGO
                                                                                              R i s t o r a n t e - Pi z z e r i a
                                                                    Sul Lago, Cutler Hill Road, Daisy Nook, Oldham OL8 3NZ
                                                                               Telephone: & Fax: 0161 682 1723
                                                                                        VAT No: 757946765

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