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                              List of Abbreviations

AAJE            American Association for         commr      commissioner
                Jewish Education                 comp       composer, composed
acad            academy                          cond       conductor
ACLU            American Civil Liberties         conf       conference
                Union                            cong       congress, congregation
act             active, acting                   constr     construction, constructed
ADL             Anti-Defamation League           contrib    contributor
admin           administrative, administra-      corr       correspondent
adv             advisory                         d          died
affil           affiliated                       dem        democrat
agr             agriculture                      dept       department
agric     . .   agriculturist, agricultural      dir        director
Am. Jewish                                       dist       district
      Com       American Jewish Committee        div        division
AJCongress      American Jewish Congress
AJYB            AMERICAN     JEWISH    YEAR      econ       economic, economist
                BOOK                             ed         editor
Am              America, American                edit       edited
amb             ambassador                       editl      editorial
apptd           appointed                        edn        edition
assoc           associate, association,    as-   e duc      education, educator
                sociated                         educl      educational
asst            assistant                        Eng        English, England
atty            attorney                         estab      established
au              author                           exec       executive
b               born                             fd         fund
bd              board                            fdn        foundation
Bib .           Bible                            fdr        founder
bibliog         bibliography, bibliographer      fed        federation
Bklyn           Brooklyn                         for        foreign
bur             bureau
bus             business                         gen        general
                                                 Ger        German
Can             Canada                            g° v      governor, governing
CCAR            Central Conference of Ameri-     govt       government
                can Rabbis
chmn .          chairman                         Heb        Hebrew
CJFWF           Council of Jewish Federations    hist       historical, history
                and Welfare Funds                hon        honorary
CJMCAG          Conference on Jewish Mate-       hosp . .   hospital
                rial Claims Against Germany      HUC-JIR    Hebrew Union College-Jew-
coll            collector, collective, college              ish Institute of Religion
Colo            Colorado                         Hung       Hungarian
com             committee
comdr           commander                        ILGWU      International Ladies' Gar-
comm            commission                                  ment Workers' Union

552      /   A M E R I C A N J E W I S H YEAR BOOK,         1978
incl            including                       OSE        Oeuvre de Secours aux En-
ind             independent                                fants Israelites
inst            institute
instn           institution                     Pal        Palestine
instr .         instructor                      phar       pharmacist,    pharmaceuti-
internat        international                              cal
Ital            Italian                         philan     philanthropist
                                                phys       physician
JDA             Joint Defense Appeal            pres       president
JDC             American Jewish Joint Distri-   prin       principal
                bution Committee                prod       producer, production, pro-
JEC             Jewish Education Commit-                   ducing
                tee                             prof       professor
JNF             Jewish National Fund            pseud      pseudonym
JPA             Joint Palestine Appeal          pub        publish, publication, pub-
JPS             Jewish Publication Society                 lisher
JTA             Jewish Telegraphic Agency
JTS             Jewish Theological Seminary     rabb       rabbinate, rabbinical
                of America                      RCA        Rabbinical Council of Amer-
JWB             National Jewish Welfare                    ica
                Board                           reed       received
JWV             Jewish War Veterans of          rel        religion, religious
                America                         reorg      reorganized
                                                rep        representative
lang            language                        ret        retired
LCBC            Large City Budgeting Com-       Rum        Rumania
                mittee                          Russ       Russian
leg             legal, legislation              RZA        Religious Zionists of Amer-
lit             literature, literary                       ica
mag             magazine                        SCA        Synagogue Council of Amer-
med             medical                                    ica
mem             member                          sch        school
metrop          metropolitan                    sci        scientific
mfr             manufacture, manufacturer       sec        secretary
mng             managing                        sect       section
mngr            manager                         sem        seminary
ms              manuscript                      soc        society
                                                Sp         Spanish
NAACP          National Association for the     spec       special, specialist
               Advancement of Colored Peo-      subj       subject
                pie                             supt       superintendent
nat .          national
NATO           North Atlantic Treaty Orga-      techr      teacher
               nization                         theol      theological
NCC            National Council of Churches     tr         translator, translated
               of Christ in U.S.A.              trav       travel, traveler
NCCJ           National Conference of Chris-    treas      treasurer
               tians and Jews
NCRAC          National Community Rela-         UAHC       Union of American Hebrew
               tions Advisory Council                      Congregations
NYANA          New York Association for         UAR        United Arab Republic
               New Americans                    UHS        United HIAS Service
N.Y.C.         New York City                    UIA        United Israel Appeal
                                                UJA        United Jewish Appeal
off            office, officer                  UN . . .   United Nations
org            organized, organizers            UNESCO     United Nations Educational,
orgn           organization                                Scientific and Cultural Orga-
ORT            Organization for Rehabilita-                nization
               tion through Training            univ       university
                                    LIST    OF    ABBREVIATIONS           /   553

UNRWA     United Nations Relief and       WJC        World Jewish Congress
          Works Agency for Palestine      WZO        World Zionist Organization
UOJC      Union of Orthodox Jewish        Yid .      Yiddish
          Congregations of America        YIVO       YIVO Institute for Jewish Re-
UPA       United Palestine Appeal                    search
USO       United Service Organizations,   YMHA       Young Men's Hebrew Associ-
          Inc.                                       ation
                                          yrs .      years
vol       volume                          YWHA       Young Women's Hebrew As-
v. pres   vice-president                             sociation
west      western                         Zion       Zionist
WIZO      Women's International Zion-     ZOA        Zionist Organization       of
          ist Organization                           America
                                                  National Jewish

                               UNITED STATES
Organizations are listed according to functions as follows:
                        Religious, Educational       563
                        Cultural                     558
                        Community Relations          554
                        Overseas Aid                 561
                        Social Welfare               580
                        Social, Mutual Benefit       578
                        Zionist and Pro-Israel       583

Note also cross-references under these headings:
                        Professional Associations             590
                        Women's Organizations                 591
                        Youth and Student
                          Organizations                       591

       COMMUNITY RELATIONS                           Pres. Mrs. Arthur Gutman. Applies Jew-
                                                    ish values of justice and humanity to the
AMERICAN COUNCIL FOR JUDAISM (1943).                Arab-Israel conflict in the Middle East; re-
  309 Fifth Ave., Suite 303-6, N.Y.C.,              jects nationality attachment of Jews, par-
  10016. Pres. Clarence L. Coleman, Jr.; Sec.       ticularly American Jews, to the State of
  Jerome Frankle. Seeks to advance the uni-         Israel as self-segregating, inconsistent with
  versal principles of a Judaism free of na-        American constitutional concepts of indi-
  tionalism, and the national, civic, cultural,     vidual citizenship and separation of church
  and social integration into American insti-       and state, and as being a principal obstacle
  tutions of Americans of Jewish faith. Brief:      to Middle East peace. Report.
  Special Interest Report.
  ZIONISM, INC. (1968). 133 E. 73 St.,              stitute of Human Relations, 165 E. 56 St.,
  N.Y.C., 10021. Pres. Elmer Berger; V.             N.Y.C., 10022. Pres. Richard Maass;

   'Includes national Jewish organizations in existence for at least one year prior to June 30,
1976, based on replies to questionnaires circulated by the editors. Inclusion in this list does
not necessarily imply approval of the organizations by the publishers, nor can they assume
responsibility for the accuracy of the data. An asterisk (*) indicates that no reply was received
and that the information, which includes title of organization, year of founding, and address,
is reprinted from AJYB, 1977 (Vol. 77).

                        NATIONAL JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS                                  / 555

 Exec. V. Pres. Bertram H. Gold. Seeks to           and public understanding of Jewish com-
 prevent infraction of civil and religious          munity center and kindred work. The
 rights of Jews in any part of the world; to        Kesher; Viewpoints.
 advance the cause of human rights for peo-
 ple of all races, creeds, and nationalities to    ASSOCIATION OF JEWISH COMMUNITY R E -
 interpret the position of Israel to the            LATIONS WORKERS (1950). 60 Glenwood
 American public; and to help American              Ave., East Orange, N.J., 07017. Pres.
 Jews maintain and enrich their Jewish              Meyer Fine; Sec. Harold Adler. Aims to
 identity and, at the same time, achieve full       stimulate higher standards of professional
 integration in American life; includes             practice in Jewish community relations;
 Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Center for               encourages research and training toward
 Human Relations, William E. Wiener Oral            that end; conducts educational programs
 History Library, Leonard and Rose Sperry           and seminars; aims to encourage coopera-
 International Center for the Resolution of         tion between community relations workers
 Group Conflict. AMERICAN JEWISH YEAR               and those working in other areas of Jewish
 BOOK (with Jewish Publication Society of           communal service.
 America); Commentary; Present Tense;
 What's Doing at the Committee.                    COMMISSION ON SOCIAL ACTION OF R E -
                                                    FORM JUDAISM (1953) (under the auspices
AMERICAN JEWISH CONGRESS (1918). Ste-               of the Union of American Hebrew Congre-
 phen Wise Congress House, 15 E. 84 St.,            gations). 838 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C., 10021.
 N.Y.C., 10028. Pres. Arthur Hertzberg;             Chmn. Alex Ross; Co-Dirs. Albert Vor-
 Exec. Dir. Naomi Levine. Works to foster           span, Balfour Brickner. Develops materi-
 the creative religious and cultural survival       als to assist Reform synagogues in setting
 of the Jewish people; to help Israel develop       up social-action programs relating the
 in peace, freedom, and security; to elimi-         principles of Judaism to contemporary so-
 nate all forms of racial and religious big-        cial problems; assists congregations in
 otry; to advance civil rights, protect civil       studying the moral and religious implica-
 liberties, defend religious freedom and            tions in social issues such as civil rights,
 safeguard the separation of church and             civil liberties, church-state relations;
 state. Congress Monthly; Judaism.                  guides congregational social-action com-
                                                    mittees. Issues of Conscience; Newsletter.
      , WOMEN'S DIVISION OF (1933). Ste-
  phen Wise Congress House, 15 E. 84 St.,          CONFERENCE OF PRESIDENTS OF MAJOR
  N.Y.C., 10028. Pres. Leona Chanin; Exec.           AMERICAN  JEWISH   ORGANIZATIONS
  Dir. Esther H. Kolatch. Is committed to           (1955). 515 Park Ave., N.Y.C., 10022.
  achievement of social justice through its         Chmn. Alexander M. Schindler; Exec. Dir.
  international and domestic programs;              Yehuda Hellman. Coordinates the activi-
  works for a free and secure Israel, world         ties of 32 major American Jewish organiza-
  peace, human dignity, and the creative            tions on the American scene as they relate
  continuity of the Jewish people; supports         to American-Israeli affairs, and problems
  Louise Waterman Wise Youth Hostel in              affecting Jews in other lands. Annual Re-
  Jerusalem.                                        port; Middle East Memo.

  B'RITH (1913). 315 Lexington Ave.,                 GANIZATIONS-CCJO (1946). 61 Broad-
  N.Y.C., 10016. Nat. Chmn. Burton M. Jo-            way, N.Y.C., 10006. Hon. Chmn. Rene
  seph; Nat. Dir. Benjamin R. Epstein. Seeks         Cassin (Alliance Israelite Universelle); Co-
  to combat antisemitism and to secure jus-          Chmn. Jules Braunschvig (Alliance Israel-
  tice and fair treatment for all citizens alike     ite Universelle), Harry Batshaw (Canadian
  through law, education and community re-           Friends of Alliance Israelite Universelle),
  lations. ADL Bulletin; Face to Face; Fact          Victor Lucas (Anglo-Jewish Association);
  Finding Report; Israel Backgrounder; Law           V. Chmn. Marcel Franco (American
  Notes; Rights.                                     Friends of Alliance Israelite Universelle);
                                                     Sec-Gen. Moses Moskowitz. A nongov-
ASSOCIATION OF JEWISH CENTER WORK-                   ernmental organization in consultative sta-
  ERS (1918). 15 E. 26 St., N.Y.C., 10010.           tus with the UN, UNESCO, International
  Pres. Hans Meyer; Exec. Dir. Debbie                Labor Organization, UNICEF, and the
  Schwartz. Seeks to enhance and improve             Council of Europe; cooperates and con-
  the standards, techniques, practices, scope,       sults with, advises and renders assistance
556    /   A M E R I C A N J E W I S H YEAR BOOK, 1 9 7 8
  to the Economic and Social Council of the        religious intolerance; cooperates with orga-
  United Nations on all problems relating to       nized labor and other groups in dealing
  human rights and economic, social, cul-          with human rights issues; sponsors educa-
  tural, educational, and related matters per-     tional and cultural programs related to val-
  taining to Jews.                                 ues and concerns of Jewish labor move-
                                                   ment. JLC News.
  GANIZATIONS (1947). 1640 Rhode Island                , NATIONAL TRADE UNION COUNCIL
  Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C., 20036. Co-         FOR HUMAN RIGHTS (1956). Atran Center
  Chmn. David M. Blumberg (B'nai B'rith),          for Jewish Culture, 25 E. 78 St., N.Y.C.,
  Lord Fisher of Camden (Board of Deputies         10021. Chmn. Edward Schneider; Exec.
  of British Jews), Maurice Porter (South          Dir. Betty Kaye Taylor. Works with trade
  African Jewish Board of Deputies); Sees.         unions on programs and issues affecting
  David Thursz (U.S.), Mrs. Ursula Webster         labor and the Jewish community.
  (U.K.), J.M. Rich (S. Africa). As an orga-
  nization in consultative status with the Ec-         ,   WOMEN'S     DIVISION    OF (1947).
  onomic and Social Council of the United         Atran Center for Jewish Culture, 25 E. 78
  Nations, represents the three constituents      St., N.Y.C., 10021. Nat. Chmn. Eleanor
  (B'nai B'rith, the Board of Deputies of         Schachner. Supports the general activities
  British Jews, and the South African Jewish      of the Jewish Labor Committee; maintains
  Board of Deputies) in the appropriate           child-welfare program in Europe and Is-
  United Nations bodies for the purpose of        rael; participates in educational and cul-
  promoting human rights, with special at-        tura activities.
  tention to combatting persecution or dis-
  crimination on grounds of race, religion, or         , WORKMEN'S CIRCLE DIVISION OF
  origin.                                         (1939). Atran Center for Jewish Culture,
                                                  25 E. 78 St., N.Y.C., 10021. Chmn. Harry
COUNCIL OF JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS IN                Zegas; Asst. Dir. Vladka Meed. Promotes
  CIVIL SERVICE, INC. (1948). 45 E. 33 St.,       aims of, and raises funds for, the Jewish
  N.Y.C., 10016. Pres. Louis Weiser; Sec.         Labor Committee among the Workmen's
  Robert H. Gottlieb. Supports merit sys-         Circle branches; conducts Yiddish educa-
  tem; combats discrimination; promotes all       tional and cultural activities.
  Jewish interest projects; sponsors scholar-
  ships; is member of Greater N.Y. Confer-       JEWISH WAR VETERANS OF THE UNITED
  ence on Soviet Jewry, Jewish Labor Com-          STATES OF AMERICA (1896). 1712 New
  mittee, America-Israel Friendship League.       Hampshire Ave., N. W., Washington,
  CJO Digest.                                     D.C., 20009. Nat. Comdr. Robert Shor;
                                                  Nat. Exec. Dir. Irwin R. Ziff. Seeks the
INSTITUTE FOR JEWISH POLICY PLANNING              maintenance of true allegiance to the
  AND RESEARCH (see Synagogue Council of          United States of America; to combat big-
  America, p. 571).                               otry and to prevent or stop defamation of
                                                  Jews; to encourage the doctrine of univer-
INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF JEWISH                sal liberty, equal rights, and full justice to
  COMMUNAL SERVICE (1966). 15 E. 26 St.,          all men; to cooperate with and support ex-
  N.Y.C., 10010. Pres. Charles Zibbell; Sec-      isting educational institutions and establish
  Gen. Miriam R. Ephraim. Established by          new ones; to foster the education of exser-
  Jewish communal workers to strengthen           vicemen, ex-servicewomen, and members
  their understanding of each other's pro-        in the ideals and principles of American-
  grams and to communicate with colleagues        ism. Jewish Veteran.
  in order to enrich quality of their work.
  Conducts quadrennial international con-             : NATIONAL MEMORIAL, INC; NA-
  ferences in Jerusalem and periodic regional     TIONAL SHRINE TO THE JEWISH WAR
  meetings. Proceedings of International          DEAD (1958). 1712 New Hampshire Ave.,
  Conferences; Newsletter.                        N.W., Washington, D.C., 20009. Pres.
                                                  Meyer J. Abgott; Treas. Sheri Siegel. Ad-
JEWISH LABOR COMMITTEE (1933). Atran              ministers shrine in Washington, D.C., a
 Center for Jewish Culture, 25 E. 78 St.,         repository for medals and honors won by
 N.Y.C., 10021. Pres. Jacob Sheinkman;            Jewish men and women for valor from
 Exec. Dir. Emanuel Muravchik. Seeks              Revolutionary War to present; maintains
 to combat antisemitism and racial and            Golden Book of names of the war dead.
                        NATIONAL JEWISH                 ORGANIZATIONS                / 557
NATIONAL   CONFERENCE    ON SOVIET                Marcy Rosenbaum. Provides a framework
  JEWRY (formerly AMERICAN JEWISH                 for coordination and exchange of programs
  CONFERENCE ON SOVIET JEWRY) (1964;              and information among national and local
 reorg. 1971). 11 W. 42 St., Rm. 1075,            Jewish youth organizations to help them
 N.Y.C., 10036. Chmn. Eugene Gold;                deepen the concern of American Jewish
 Exec. Dir. Jerry Goodman. Coordinating           youth for world Jewry with special empha-
 agency for major national Jewish organi-         sis on Soviet and Israeli Jews; repre-
 zations and local community groups in            sents Jewish youth in the Conference on
  the U.S., acting on behalf of Soviet            Presidents, National Conference on
  Jewry through public education and so-          Soviet Jewry, United States Youth Coun-
  cial action; stimulates all segments of the     cil, etc.
  community to maintain an interest in the
  problems of Soviet Jews by publishing STUDENT STRUGGLE FOR SOVIET JEWRY,
  reports and special pamphlets; sponsor-        INC. (1964). 200 W. 72 St., N.Y.C., 10023.
  ing special programs and projects, organ-      Nat. Dir. Jacob Birnbaum; Nat. Coord.
  izing public meetings and forums. News         Glenn Richter. Provides information and
  Bulletin.                                      action guidance to adult and student or-
                                                 ganizations, communities and schools
        : SOVIET JEWRY RESEARCH BU-              throughout U.S. and Canada; assists indi-
  REAU. Organized by NCSJ to monitor             vidual Soviet Jews financially and by pub-
  compliance by Soviet Union to Trade            licity campaigns; helps Russian Jews in the
  Act of 1974. Primary task is the ac-           U.S.; maintains speakers bureau. Soviet
  cumulation, evaluation, and processing         Jewry Action Newsletter; S.O.S. Soviet
  of information regarding Soviet Jews, es-      Jewry.
  pecially those who apply for and seek
  emigration.                                   WORLD JEWISH CONGRESS (1936); org. in
                                                 U.S. 1939). Stephen Wise Congress House,
NATIONAL JEWISH COMMISSION ON LAW                15 E. 84 St., N.Y.C., 10028. Pres. Nahum
  AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS (COLPA) (1965).             Goldmann; Chmn. Gov. Bd. Philip M.
  66 Court St., Bklyn., 11201. Pres. Sidney      Klutznick; Chmn. Amer. Sect. Jacob
  Kwestel; Sec. Martin B. Cowan. Voluntary       Katzman; Chmn. No. Amer. Sect. Edgar
  association of attorneys whose purpose is      N. Bronfman; Sec. Gen. Gerhart M.
  to represent the Orthodox Jewish commu-        Reigner (Geneva); Dir. No. Amer. Branch,
  nity on legal matters and matters of public    Exec. Dir. Amer. Sect. Max Melamet.
  affairs.                                       Seeks to intensify bonds of world Jewry
                                                 with Israel as central force in Jewish life; to
                                                 strengthen solidarity among Jews every-
                                                 where and secure their rights, status, and
  West 42 St., N.Y.C., 10036. Chmn. Theo-        interests as individuals and communities;
  dore R. Mann; Exec. V. Chmn. Albert D.         to encourage development of Jewish social,
  Chernin; Sec. Raymond Epstein. Consulta-       religious, and cultural life throughout the
  tive, advisory, and coordinating council of    world and coordinate efforts by Jewish
  national Jewish organizations and local        communities and organizations to cope
  Jewish councils that seeks cooperatively       with any Jewish problem; to work for
  the promotion of equal status and opportu-     human rights generally. Represents its affi-
  nity for all groups, including Jews, with      liated organizations—most representative
  full expression of distinctive group values    bodies of Jewish communities in more than
  and full participation in the general soci-    60 countries and 18 national organizations
  ety. Through the processes of the Council,     in Amer. section—at UN, OAS,
  its constituent organizations seek agree-      UNESCO, Council of Europe, ILO, UNI-
  ment on policies, strategies, and programs     CEF and other governmental, intergovern-
  and on best means and techniques for most      mental, and international authorities. Pub-
  effective utilization of their collective re-  lications (including those by Institute of
  sources for common ends. Guide to Pro-         Jewish Affairs, London): Christian Atti-
 gram Planning for Jewish Community Re-          tudes on Jews and Judaism; Compendium
  lations.                                       of Current Jewish Research; Folk, Velt un
                                                 Medinah; Gesher; Jewish Journal of Sociol-
NORTH AMERICAN JEWISH YOUTH COUN-                ogy; Patterns of Prejudice; Soviet Jewish
 CIL (1965). 515 Park Ave., N.Y.C., 10022.       Affairs.
 Chmn. Marcy Rosenbaum; V. Chmn.
558    /   AMERICAN            JEWISH        YEAR      BOOK, 1 9 7 8

                CULTURAL                           AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR JEWISH MUSIC
                                                     (1974). 251 W. 100 St., N.Y.C., 10025.
AMERICAN     ACADEMY       FOR JEWISH R E -          Pres. Albert Weisser; Sec. Hadassah B.
  SEARCH (1920). 3080 Broadway, N.Y.C.,              Markson. Seeks to raise standards of com-
  10027. Pres. Salo W. Baron; Sec. Isaac E.          position and performance in Jewish liturgi-
  Barzilay. Encourages research by aiding            cal and secular music; encourages research
  scholars in need and by giving grants for          in all areas of Jewish music; publishes
  the publication of scholarly works. Pro-           scholarly journal; presents programs and
  ceedings, American Academy for Jewish              sponsors performances of new and rarely
  Research.                                          heard works and encourages their record-
                                                     ing; commissions new works of Jewish in-
AMERICAN BIBLICAL ENCYCLOPEDIA SOCI-                 terest. Musica Judaica Journal.
  ETY (1930). 24 West Maple Ave., Monsey,
  N.Y., 10952. Pres. Leo Jung; Exec. V.            ASSOCIATED AMERICAN JEWISH MUSEUMS,
  Pres. Bernard Greenbaum; Author-Ed.               INC. (1971). 303 LeRoi Road, Pittsburgh,
  Menachem M. Kasher. Fosters biblical-             Pa., 15208. Pres. Walter Jacob; V. Pres.
  talmudical research; sponsors and pub-            William Rosenthall; Sec. Robert H. Leh-
  lishes Torah Shelemah (the Encyclopedia           man; Treas. Jason Z. Edelstein. Maintains
  of Biblical Interpretation) and related pub-      regional collections of art, historical and
  lications; disseminates the teachings and         ritual objects, as well as a central catalogue
  values of the Bible. Hatkufah Hagdola;            of such objects in the collections of Jewish
  Noam.                                             museums throughout the U.S.; helps Jew-
                                                    ish museums acquire, identify and classify
AMERICAN HISTADRUT CULTURAL EX-                     objects in their collections; arranges ex-
 CHANGE INSTITUTE (1962) 33 E. 67 St.,              changes of collections, exhibits, and indi-
  N.Y.C., 10021. Nat. Chmn. Herbert Le-             vidual objects among Jewish museums; en-
  vine; Acting Exec. Dir. Nahum Guttman.            courages the creation of Jewish art,
  Serves as a vehicle for promoting better          ceremonial, and ritual objects.
  understanding of the efforts to create in
  Israel a society based on social justice. Pro-   ASSOCIATION     FOR THE       SOCIOLOGICAL
  vides a forum for the joint exploration of        STUDY OF JEWRY (1971). Dept. of Sociol-
  the urgent social problems of our times by        ogy, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, N.Y.,
  American and Israeli labor, academic and          11210. Pres. Samuel Z. Klausner; Sec-
  community leaders. Publishes pamphlets            Treas. Egon Mayer. Arranges academic
  and books on various Israeli and Middle           sessions among social scientists studying
  East topics.                                      Jewry; facilitates communication among
                                                    social scientists studying Jewry through
AMERICAN JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY                  meetings, newsletter, and related materi-
 (1892). 2 Thornton Rd., Waltham, Mass.,            als. Contemporary Jewry: A Journal ofSoci-
 02154. Pres. David R. Pokross; Dir. Ber-           ological Inquiry.
 nard Wax. Collects, catalogues, publishes
 and displays material on the history of the       ASSOCIATION OF JEWISH LIBRARIES (1966).
 Jews in America; serves as an information           c/o National Foundation for Jewish Cul-
 center for inquiries on American Jewish             ture, 408 Chanin Bldg., 122 E. 42 St.,
 history; maintains archives of original             N.Y.C., 10017. Pres. Margot S. Berman;
 source material on American Jewish his-             Corr. Sec. Sheri Davis Hoenig. Seeks to
 tory; sponsors lectures and exhibitions.            promote and improve services and profes-
 American Jewish Historical Quarterly;               sional standards in Jewish libraries; serves
 Newsletter.                                         as a center for the dissemination of Jewish
                                                     library information and guidance; pro-
AMERICAN JEWISH PRESS ASSOCIATION                    motes publication of literature in the field;
 (formerly AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF                   encourages the establishment of Jewish li-
 ENGLISH JEWISH NEWSPAPERS) (1943).                  braries and collections of Judaica and the
 611 Olive St., Suite 1541, St. Louis, Mo.,          choice of Jewish librarianship as a voca-
 63101. Pres. Robert A. Cohn. Seeks the              tion. AJL Bulletin; Proceedings.
 advancement of Jewish journalism, the at-
 tainment of highest editorial and business        ASSOCIATION     OF JEWISH        PUBLISHERS
 standards for members, and maintenance              (1962). 838 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C., 10021.
 of a strong Jewish press in the U.S. and            Pres. Jacob S. Steinberg; Exec. Sec. Robert
 Canada. AJPA Bulletin.                              Garvey. As a nonprofit group, provides a
                        N A T I O N A L JEWISH O R G A N I Z A T I O N S             / 559
 forum for discussion of mutual problems          adult division offers instrumental, vocal,
 by publishers of books of Jewish interest.       and dance classes, music workshop for
                                                  teachers, ensemble workshops, and classes
CENTER FOR HOLOCAUST STUDIES, INC.                of special interest covering many areas of
 (1974). 1605 Ave. J., Bklyn, N.Y., 11230.        music-making, dance, and theatre; has
 Dir. Yaffa Eliach; Chmn. Adv. Bd. Allen          Jewish Music Teacher-Training Institute,
 J. Bodner. Collects and preserves docu-          a part-time program for professional musi-
 ments and memorabilia, oral histories and        cians or music majors; sponsors Hebrew
 literary works on the Holocaust period for       Arts Chamber Players, Hebrew Arts
 purpose of documentation and research;           Chamber Orchestra, Jewish Young Peo-
 arranges lectures and exhibits; maintains        ple's concerts in schools. Notes &
 speakers bureau and audio-visual depart-         Quotes.
 ment. Newsletter.
                                                 HEBREW CULTURE FOUNDATION (1955).
CENTRAL YIDDISH CULTURE ORGANIZA-                 515 Park Ave., N.Y.C., 10022. Chmn. Mil-
 TION (CYCO), INC. (1938). 25 E. 78 St.,          ton R. Konvitz; Sec. Abraham P. Gannes.
 N.Y.C., 10021. Pres. Noah Singman; Sec.          Sponsors the introduction of the study of
 Jona Gutkowicz. Promotes and publishes           Hebrew language and literature in institu-
 Yiddish books; distributes books from            tions of higher learning in the United
 other Yiddish publishing houses through-         States.
 out the world; publishes annual biblio-
 graphical and statistical register of Yiddish   HlSTADRUTH IVRITH OF AMERICA (1916;
 books, and catalogues of new publications.       reorg. 1922). 1841 Broadway, N.Y.C.,
 Zukunft.                                         10023. Pres. Israel Mowshowitz; Exec.
                                                  Dir. David Epstein. Emphasizes the pri-
CONFERENCE ON JEWISH SOCIAL STUDIES,              macy of Hebrew in Jewish life, culture, and
  INC. (formerly CONFERENCE ON JEWISH             education; aims to disseminate knowledge
  RELATIONS, INC.) (1939). 2929 Broadway,         of written and spoken Hebrew in the Dias-
  N.Y.C., 10025. Pres. Jeannette M. Baron;        pora, thus building a cultural bridge be-
  Hon. Pres. Salo W. Baron; V. Pres. Joseph       tween State of Israel and Jewish communi-
  L. Blau, J. M. Kaplan. Publishes scientific     ties through the world. Hadoar;
  studies on the Jews in the modern world,        Lamishpaha.
  dealing with such aspects as antisemitism,
  demography, economic stratification, his-      JEWISH ACADEMY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES,
  tory, philosophy, and political develop-        INC. (1925). c/o Sec'y, 123 Gregory Ave.,
  ments. Jewish Social Studies.                   West Orange, N.J., 07052. Headquarters:
                                                  Dropsie University, Philadelphia, Pa.
CONGRESS    FOR JEWISH      CULTURE, INC.         19132. Pres. Jewish Center, N.Y.C. Leo
  (1948). 25 E. 78 St., N.Y.C., 10021. Pres.      Jung; Pres. Emeritus Dropsie Univ.
  Israel Knox; Exec. Dir. Hyman B. Bass.          Abraham I. Katsh. Scholarship, contribu-
  Seeks to centralize and promote Jewish          tions, accomplishments of Jewish in the
  culture and cultural activities throughout      arts and sciences; recognition by election to
  the world, and to unify fund raising for        membership and/or fellowship; publishes
  these activities. Bulletin fun Kultur Kon-      papers delivered at annual convocations.
 gres; Zukunft; Leksikonfun der Nayer Yid-        Annals.
  disher Literature; Pinkos far der Forshung
 fun der Yiddisher Literature un Presse;         JEWISH BOOK COUNCIL OF JWB (1940). 15
   World of Yiddish.                              E. 26 St., N.Y.C, 10010. Pres. Sidney B.
                                                  Hoenig; Dir. Sharon Strassfeld. Promotes
HEBREW ARTS SCHOOL FOR MUSIC AND                  knowledge of Jewish books through dis-
 DANCE (1952). 15 W. 65 St., N.Y.C.,              semination of booklists, program materi-
 10023. Bd. Chmn and Pres. Abraham                als; stimulates observance of Jewish Book
 Goodman; Dir. Tzipora H. Jochsberger;            Month; presents literary awards and li-
 Sec. Hon. Benjamin W. Mehlman. Char-             brary citations; cooperates with publishers
 tered by the Board of Regents, University        of Jewish books, and gives advice on gen-
 of the State of New York. Provides chil-         eral Jewish literature. Jewish Book Annual;
 dren with training in instrumental and           Books in Review.
 vocal skills as well as musicianship, com-
 bining instruction in Western music with        JEWISH   INFORMATION       BUREAU,     INC.
 musical heritage of the Jewish people;           (1932). 250 W. 57 St., N.Y.C, 10019.
560    /   A M E R I C A N J E W I S H YEAR BOOK, 1 9 7 8
  Chmn. Judah A. Richards; Sec. Bruce               Gruenewald; Sec. Fred Grubel. Engages in
  Graeber. Serves as clearing house of infor-       historical research, the presentation and
  mation for inquiries regarding Jews, Juda-        publication of the history of German-
  ism, and Jewish affairs; refers inquiries to      speaking Jewry, and in the collection of
  communal agencies. Index.                         books, manuscripts and documents in this
                                                    field; publishes monographs. LBI Quar-
JEWISH MUSEUM (1904) (under auspices of             terly Bulletin; LBI News; LBI Year Book;
  Jewish Theological Seminary of America).          LBI Library and Archives News.
  1109 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C., 10028. Dir. Mrs.
  Joy G. Ungerleider; Admin. Henry Korn.           MEMORIAL FOUNDATION FOR JEWISH CUL-
  Main repository in U.S. of Jewish ceremo-         TURE, INC. (1964). 15 E. 26 St., N.Y.C.,
  nial objects. Collection ranges from Bibli-       10010. Pres. Nahum Goldmann; Exec.
  cal archaeology to Italian Judaica to con-        Dir. A.J. Sherman. Supports Jewish cul-
  temporary silver. Offers           changing       tural and educational programs all over the
  contemporary exhibitions of paintings,            world, in cooperation with universities and
  sculpture and photography in addition to          established scholarly organizations; con-
  films, lectures, children's programs, walk-       ducts annual scholarship and fellowship
  ing tours of Lower East Side. Dedicated to        program. Annual Report.
  exploring richness and diversity of past
  and present Jewish life; publishes cata-         NATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR JEWISH CUL-
  logues of contemporary exhibitions.               TURE (1960). 408 Chanin Bldg., 122 E. 42
                                                    St., N.Y.C., 10017. Pres. Earl Morse; Exec.
JEWISH MUSIC COUNCIL OF JWB (1944). 15              Dir. Harry I. Barron. Provides consulta-
  E. 26 St., N.Y.C., 10010. Chmn. Shalom            tion, guidance, and support to Jewish com-
  Altman; Dir. Mrs. Irene Heskes. Promotes          munities, organizations, educational and
  Jewish music activities nationally, annu-         other institutions, and individuals for ac-
  ally sponsors and promotes the Jewish             tivities in the field of Jewish culture;
  Music Festival, and encourages participa-         awards fellowships and other grants to stu-
  tion on a community basis. Jewish Music           dents preparing for careers in Jewish schol-
  Notes (supplement to JWB Circle) and nu-          arship and to established scholars; makes
  merous music resource publications for na-        awards for creative efforts in Jewish cul-
  tional distribution.                              tural arts and for Jewish programming in
                                                    small and intermediate communities; en-
JEWISH PUBLICATION SOCIETY OF AMER-                 courages teaching of Jewish studies in col-
  ICA (1888). 117 S. 17th St., Philadelphia,        leges and universities; serves as clearing-
  Pa., 19103. Pres. A. Leo Levin; Ed. Maier         house of information on American Jewish
  Deshell; Exec. V. Pres. Bernard I. Levin-         culture; administers Joint Cultural Appeal
  son. Publishes and disseminates books of          among local Jewish welfare funds in behalf
  Jewish interest on history, religion, and lit-    of 9 national cultural organizations, and
  erature for the purpose of helping to pre-        administers Council for Archives and Re-
  serve the Jewish heritage and culture.            search Libraries in Jewish Studies. Jewish
  AMERICAN JEWISH YEAR BOOK (with                   Cultural News.
  American Jewish Committee).
                                                   •NATIONAL HEBREW CULTURE COUNCIL
JUDAH L. MAGNES MEMORIAL MUSEUM—                    (1952). 1776 Broadway, N.Y.C., 10019.
  JEWISH MUSEUM OF THE WEST (1962).                 Pres. Frances K. Thau; Exec. Dir. Judah
  2911 Russell St., Berkeley, Calif, 94705.         Lapson. Cultivates the study of Hebrew as
  Pres. Marvin Weinreb; V. Pres. Alfred             a modern language in American public
  Fromm; Dir. Seymour Fromer. Serves                high schools and colleges, providing guid-
  both as museum and library, combining             ance to community groups and public edu-
  historical and literary materials illustrating    cational authorities. Hebrew in Colleges
  Jewish life in the Bay Area, the Western          and Universities.
  States, and around the world; provides ar-
  chives of world Jewish history and Jewish        RESEARCH FOUNDATION FOR JEWISH IMMI-
  art; repository of historical documents in-       GRATION, INC. (1971). 570 Seventh Ave.,
  tended for scholarly use; changing exhibits,      N.Y.C., 10018. Pres. Curt C. Silberman;
  facilities open to the general public.            Sec. Herbert A. Strauss. Studies and rec-
                                                    ords the history of the migration and accul-
LEO   BAECK INSTITUTE, INC. (1955). 129             turation of Jewish Nazi persecutees in the
  E. 73 St., N.Y.C., 10021. Pres. Max               various resettlement countries; is in
                         NATIONAL JEWISH                 ORGANIZATIONS               /   561

 process of preparing world-wide biograph-          and its panel of consultants. Annual Bul-
 ical handbook of outstanding emigres, in           letin.
 partnership with the Institut fur Zeitges-
 chichte, Munich, Germany.                                    OVERSEAS AID
                                                  AMERICAN COUNCIL FOR JUDAISM PHILAN-
 VAK JEWS, INC. (1961). 87-08 Santiago             THROPIC FUND (1955). 386 Park Ave. S.,
 St., Holliswood, N.Y., 11423. Pres. Ludo-         10th fl., N.Y.C., 10016. Pres. Charles J.
 vit Sturc; Exec. V. Pres. Lewis Weiner.           Tanenbaum; Exec. Dir. Mrs. Anna Wall-
 Studies the history of the Czechoslovak           ing Matson. Through offices in Austria,
 Jews, collects material and disseminates in-      France, West Germany, Italy and the
 formation through the publication of              United States, maintains programs offering
 books and pamphlets. The Jews of Czechos-         freedom of choice and resettlement assist-
 lovakia book series, Vol. I (1968), Vol. II       ance in Western Europe and the United
 (1971); Vol. Ill in prep. Annual Reports          States to Jewish refugees from the Soviet
 and Pamphlets.                                    Union, Eastern Europe and Arab coun-
  2520 Amsterdam Ave., N.Y.C., 10033.              ISRAELITE UNIVERSELLE, INC. (1946). 61
  Curator Mrs. Dalia Tawil. Dir. of Admin.          Broadway, N.Y.C., 10006. Pres. Marcel
  Sylvia A. Hershkowitz. Collects, preserves,       Franco; Exec. Dir. Saadiah Cherniak.
  interprets, and displays ceremonial objects,      Helps networks of Jewish schools in
  rare books and scrolls, models, paintings,        Europe, Asia, and Africa. Alliance Review;
  and other works of art expressing the Jew-        Revista de la Alliance.
  ish religious experience historically, to the
  present.                                        AMERICAN JEWISH JOINT DISTRIBUTION
                                                    COMMITTEE, INC.—JDC (1914). 60 E. 42
YIDDISHER     KULTUR     FARBAND—YKUF              St., N.Y.C., 10017. Pres. Jack D. Weiler;
  (1937). 853 Broadway, Suite 2121, N.Y.C.,        Exec. V. Pres. Ralph I. Goldman. Organ-
  10003. Exec. Sec. Ruth Baharas. Publishes        izes and finances rescue, relief, and
  a monthly maagazine and books by con-            rehabilitation programs for imperiled
  temporary and classical Jewish writers;          needy Jews overseas; conducts wide range
  conducts cultural forums and exhibits            of health, welfare, rehabilitation, education
  works by contemporary Jewish artists and         assistance and aid to cultural and religious
  materials of Jewish historical value. Yid-       institutions, programs for 430,000 needy
  dishe Kultur.                                    Jews in 25 countries overseas. Major areas
                                                   of operation are Israel, North Africa, Iran
Yivo INSTITUTE FOR JEWISH RESEARCH,                and Europe. Guidelines for Services Needed
  INC. (1925). 1048 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C.,            for the Aged; Helping the Blind in Israel;
   10028. Chmn. Morris Laub. Engages in            JDC Annual Report; JDC in Israel; JDC
  Jewish social and humanistic research;            Overseas Guide; JDC World.
  maintains library and archives of material
  pertaining to Jewish life; serves as informa- AMERICAN ORT FEDERATION, INC.—OR-
  tion center for organizations, local institu-  GANIZATION        FOR REHABILITATION
  tions, information media, and individual       THROUGH TRAINING (1924). 817 Broad-
  scholars and laymen; publishes books. Ye-       way, N.Y.C., 10003. Pres. Harold Fried-
  dies fun Yivo—News of the Yivo; Yidishe man; Exec. Dir. Paul Bernick. Teaches vo-
  Shprakh; Yivo Annual of Jewish Social Sci-     cational skills in 24 countries around the
  ence; Yivo Bleter.                             world, particularly in Israel, to over 75,000
                                                 persons annually, with the largest program
        : MAX WEINREICH CENTER FOR AD-           of 50,000 trainees in Israel. The teaching
  VANCED JEWISH STUDIES (1968). 1048              staff numbers about 3,400. Annual cost of
  Fifth Ave., N.Y.C., 10028. Pres. Nathan         program is $51 million. ORT Bulletin;
  Reich; Act. Dean Marvin I. Herzog.              ORT Yearbook.
  Trains scholars in the fields of Eastern
  European Jewish life and culture; the                 :  AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN
  Holocaust; the mass settlement of Jews in       FRIENDS OF ORT (1941). 817 Broadway,
  the U.S. and other countries; Yiddish lan-      N.Y.C., 10003. Pres. Simon Jaglom;
  guage, literature, and folklore through         Chmn. Exec. Com. Jacques Zwibak. Pro-
  inter-university courses and seminars           motes the ORT idea among Americans of
562   /    A M E R I C A N J E W I S H YEAR BOOK, 1 9 7 8
  European extraction; supports the Litton         balance of funds received from the German
  ORT Auto-Mechanics School in Jerusa-             Federal Republic under Luxembourg
  lem.                                             agreement for relief to needy Jewish vic-
                                                   tims of Nazi persecution and needy non-
       : AMERICAN LABOR ORT (1937). 817            Jews who risked their lives to help such
  Broadway., N.Y.C., 10003. Chmn. Shelley          victims.
  Appleton; Exec. Sec. Samuel Milman. Pro-
  motes ORT program of vocational training       FREELAND LEAGUE FOR JEWISH TERRITO-
  among Jews.                                      RIAL COLONIZATION (1935; in U.S. 1938).
       : BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL ORT             200 W. 72 St., N.Y.C., 10023. Pres.
  (formerly YOUNG MEN'S AND WOMEN'S                Nathan Turak; Exec. Sec. Mordkhe
  ORT) (1937). 817 Broadway, N.Y.C.,               Schaechter. Plans colonization in some
  10003. Pres. Rose Seidel Kalich; Exec. Sec.      sparsely populated territory for those Jews
  Helen S. Kreisler. Promotes work of              who seek a home and cannot or will not go
  American ORT Federation.                         to Israel; promotes the development and
                                                   use of the Yiddish language and culture.
       : NATIONAL ORT LEAGUE (1914).               Afn Shvel (in Yiddish).
  817 Broadway, N.Y.C., 10003. Pres. Bruce
  B. Teicholz; Chmn. Exec. Bd. Philip         HIAS, INC. (1884; reorg. 1954). 200 Park
  Braver; Exec. V. Pres. and Sec. Jack Wein-    Ave. S., N.Y.C., 10003. Pres. Carl Glick;
  stein. Promotes ORT idea among Jewish         Exec. V. Pres. Gaynor I. Jacobson. World-
  fraternal landsmanshaften, national and       wide Jewish migration agency with offices,
  local organizations, congregations; helps to  affiliates, committees in United States,
  equip ORT installations and Jewish arti-      Europe, North Africa, Latin America,
  sans abroad, especially in Israel. ORT Bul-   Canada, Australia, Israel, New Zealand
  letin.                                        and Hong Kong. Assists migrants and re-
                                               fugees from Eastern Europe, the Middle
       : WOMEN'S AMERICAN ORT (1927).           East, North Africa and Latin America to
   1250 Broadway, N.Y.C., 10001. Pres.         find new homes in the United States and
  Ruth Eisenberg; Exec. V. Pres. Nathan        other countries. Responsible for premigra-
  Gould. Represents and advances the pro-      tion planning, visa documentation, consu-
  gram and philosophy of ORT among the         lar representation and intervention, trans-
  women of the American Jewish commu-          portation, reception, initial adjustment and
  nity through membership and educational      reunion of families; carries on adjustment
  activities; supports materially the voca-    of status and naturalization programs; pro-
  tional training operations of World ORT;     vides protective service for aliens and natu-
  contributes to the American Jewish com-      ralized citizens; works in the United States
  munity through participation in its author-  through local community agencies for the
  ized campaigns and through general edu-      integration of immigrants; conducts a
  cation to help raise the level of Jewish     planned program of resettlement for Jew-
  consciousness among American Jewish          ish immigrants in Latin America; has
  women; through its American Affairs pro-     world-wide location service to assist in
  gram, cooperates in efforts to improve       locating missing friends and relatives; con-
  quality of education and vocational train-   ducts educational campaigns on oppor-
  ing in U.S. Facts and Findings; Highlights; tunities for migration and resettlement,
  Insights; The Merchandiser; Women's          with particular emphasis on family reun-
  American ORT Reporter.                       ion. F. Y.I.; HIAS Annual Report; HIAS
                                               Bulletin; Statistical Abstract.
  (1944). 119 E. 95 St., N.Y.C., 10028. Pres.     ZATION (1948). 15-19 E. 26 St., N.Y.C.,
  Baroness Robert de Gunzburg; Sec.-Treas.        10010. Pres. Monroe Goldwater; Sec. Saul
  Simon Langer. Helps Jewish religious and        Kagan. Acts to discover, claim, receive,
  cultural institutions in France.                and assist in the recovery of Jewish heirless
                                                  or unclaimed property; to utilize such as-
CONFERENCE ON JEWISH MATERIAL                     sets or to provide for their utilization for
  CLAIMS AGAINST GERMANY, INC. (1951).            the relief, rehabilitation, and resettle-
 15 E. 26 St., N.Y.C., 10010. Pres. Nahum         ment of surviving victims of Nazi perse-
 Goldmann; Sec. A.J. Sherman. Utilizes            cution.
                         NATIONAL JEWISH                ORGANIZATIONS               / 563

UNITED JEWISH APPEAL, INC. (1939). 1290           B. Boruch Borchardt. Educates Jewish
  Ave. of the Americas, N.Y.C., 10019. Gen.       girls to the realization of the historic na-
  Chmn. Leonard R. Strelitz; Pres. Frank R.       ture of the Jewish people as the people of
  Lautenberg; Exec. V. Chmn. Irving Bern-         the Torah; to greater devotion to and un-
  stein. Channels funds for overseas humani-      derstanding of the Torah. Kol Basya; Kol
  tarian aid, supporting immigration and set-     Bnos.
  tlement in Israel, rehabilitation and relief
  in 30 nations and refugee assistance in U.S.       , WOMEN'S DIVISION—N'SHEI AGU-
  through Joint Distribution Committee,           DATH ISRAEL OF AMERICA (1940). 5
  United Israel Appeal, United HIAS Ser-          Beekman St., N.Y.C., 10038. Pres. Mrs.
  vice and New York Association for New           Esther Bohensky, and Mrs. Josephine
  Americans.                                      Reichel. Organizes Jewish women for phil-
                                                  anthropic work in the U.S. and Israel and
       , WOMEN'S DIVISION OF (1946). 1290         for intense Torah education, seeking to
  Ave. of the Americas, N.Y.C., 10019. Pres.      train Torah-dominated Jewish mothers.
  Mrs. Merrill L. Hassenfeld; Nat. Chmn.
  Mrs. Marilyn Brown, Mrs. Peggy Steine;               , YOUTH DIVISION—ZEIREI AGU-
  Dir. Mrs. Rena Button. Right Now;               DATH ISRAEL (1921). 5 Beekman St.,
  Women's Division Record.                        N.Y.C., 10038. Pres. Joseph Ashkenazi;
                                                  Exec. Dir, Yaakov Bender. Educates Jew-
WOMEN'S SOCIAL SERVICE FOR ISRAEL,                ish youth to the realization of the historic
  INC. (1937). 240 W. 98 St., N.Y.C.,             nature of the Jewish people as the people of
  10025. Pres. Rosi Michael; Sec. Dory            the Torah and to seek solutions to all the
  Gordon. Maintains in Israel apartments          problems of the Jewish people in Israel in
  for the aged, old age homes, nursing            the spirit of the Torah. Haknessiah: The
  home, hospital for incurable diseases,          Zeirei Forum.
  rehabilitation department, department
  for bone injuries, soup kitchens. Annual       AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR JEWISH EDU-
  Journal; Newsletter.                            CATION (1939). 114 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C.,
                                                  10011. Pres. Robert H. Arnow; Exec. V.
  RELIGIOUS AND EDUCATIONAL                       Pres. Isaac Toubin. Coordinates, pro-
                                                  motes, and services Jewish education na-
AGUDAS ISRAEL WORLD ORGANIZATION                  tionally through 17 constituent national
  (1912). 471 West End Ave., N.Y.C.,              organizations and 47 affiliated Bureaus of
  10024. Chmn. Central Com. Am. Sect.             Jewish Education; conducts and adminis-
  Isaac Lewin; Hon. Sec. Joseph Friedenson.       ters exchange program for Israeli teachers;
  Represents the interests of Orthodox Jewry      sponsors and supports the National Cur-
  on the national and international scenes.       riculum Research Institute, the National
                                                  Board of License, the National Testing Bu-
AGUDATH      ISRAEL     OF AMERICA, INC.          reau, the National Council on Adult Jew-
  (1912). 5 Beekman St., N.Y.C., 10038.           ish Education, the National Council on
  Exec. Pres. Morris Sherer; Gen. Sec. Jo-        Jewish Audio-Visual Materials, the Com-
  seph Friedenson. Mobilizes Orthodox Jews        mission on Teaching About Israel and Jew-
  to cope with Jewish problems in the spirit      ish Civics; Commission on Jewish Studies
  of the Torah; sponsors a broad range of         in Public Schools. National Council on
  constructive projects in fields of religion,    Jewish Camping; engages in statistical and
  education, children's welfare, protection of    other educational research. Information
  Jewish religious rights and social services.    and Research Bulletins; Jewish Education
  Jewish Observer; Dos Yiddishe Fort.             Newsletter; Jewish Education Register and
                                                  Directory; Pedagogic Reporter.
  AGUDATH ISRAEL (1925). 5 Beekman St.,
  N.Y.C., 10038. Pres. Gershon Nathan;           ASSOCIATION FOR JEWISH STUDIES (1969).
  Nat. Dir. Joshua Silbermintz. Educates           Widener Library M, Harvard University,
  Orthodox Jewish children in the tradi-           Cambridge, Mass., 02138. Pres. Marvin
  tional Jewish way. Darkeinu; Inter Tal-          Fox; Exec. Sec. Charles Berlin. Seeks to
  mud Torah Voice; Leaders Guide.                  promote, maintain, and improve the teach-
                                                   ing of Jewish studies in American colleges
       , GIRLS' DIVISION—BNOS AGUDATH              and universities by sponsoring meetings
  ISRAEL (1921). 5 Beekman St., N.Y.C.,            and conferences, publishing a newsletter
  10038. Chairwoman Pessie Gross; Advisor          and other scholarly materials, setting
564   /   A M E R I C A N J E W I S H YEAR BOOK, 1 9 7 8
  standards for programs in Jewish studies,     BRANDEIS INSTITUTE (1941). 1101 Pepper-
  aiding in the placement of teachers, coor-      tree Lane, Simi Valley, Calif., 93064.
  dinating research and cooperating with          Chmn. of Bd. Steve Broidy; Pres. Willard
  other scholarly organizations. AJS Review;      Chotiner; Dir. Dennis Prager. Maintains
  Newsletter.                                     Brandeis Camp Institute (BCI) for college
                                                  students as a leadership training institute;
ASSOCIATION OF JEWISH CHAPLAINS OF                Camp Alonim for children 8-16, and
  THE ARMED FORCES (1946). 15 E. 26               House of the Book Association weekend
  St., N.Y.C., 10010. Pres. Charles Reuven        institutes for married adults, in an effort to
  Seigel; Sec. Joseph L. Weiss. An organi-        instill an appreciation of Jewish cultural
  zation of former and current chaplains          and spiritual heritage and to create a desire
  of the armed forces of the U.S. which           for active participation in the American
  seeks to enhance the religious program          Jewish community.
  of Jewish chaplains in the armed forces
  of the U.S. and in Veterans' Administra-      CANTORS ASSEMBLY (1947). 150 Fifth Ave.,
  tion hospitals.                                 N.Y.C., 10011. Pres. Michal Hammerman;
                                                  Exec. V. Pres. Samuel Rosenbaum. Seeks
ASSOCIATION OF ORTHODOX JEWISH SCIEN-             to unite all cantors who are adherents to
  TISTS (1947). 116 E. 27 St., N.Y.C., 10016.     traditional Judaism and who serve as full-
  Pres. Herbert Goldstein; Bd. Chmn. Nora         time cantors in bona fide congregations; to
  Smith. Seeks to contribute to the develop-      conserve and promote the musical tradi-
  ment of science within the framework of         tions of the Jews; to elevate the status of the
  Orthodox Jewish tradition; to obtain and        cantorial profession. Annual Proceedings;
  disseminate information relating to the in-     Journal of Synagogue Music.
  teraction between the Jewish traditional
  way of life and scientific developments—on    CENTRAL     CONFERENCE        OF   AMERICAN
  both an ideological and practical level; to     RABBIS (1889). 790 Madison Ave.,
  assist in the solution of problems pertain-     N.Y.C., 10021. Pres. Rabbi Arthur J. Lely-
  ing to Orthodox Jews engaged in scientific      veld; Exec. V. Pres. Rabbi Joseph B.
  pursuits, teaching science, or studying it.     Glaser. Seeks to conserve and promote Ju-
  Intercom; Proceedings.                          daism and to disseminate its teachings in a
                                                  liberal spirit. CCAR Journal; CCAR Year-
  (1923). 1640 Rhode Island Ave., N.W., CENTRAL YESHIVA BETH JOSEPH RABBINI-
  Washington, D.C., 20036. Chmn. B'nai         CAL SEMINARY (in Europe 1891; in U.S.
  B'rith Hillel Com. Seymour Martin Lipset;    1941). 1427 49 St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11219.
  Internat. Dir. Norman E. Frimer. Provides    Pres. and Dean Jacob Jofen. Maintains a
  a program of cultural, religious, educa-     school for the teaching of Orthodox rabbis
  tional, social, and counseling content to    and teachers, and promoting the cause of
  Jewish college and university students on    higher Torah learning.
  350 campuses in the United States, Aus-
  tralia, Canada, England, Israel, the Neth- CLEVELAND COLLEGE OF JEWISH STUDIES
  erlands, South Africa, Switzerland, Italy,   (1964). 26500 Shaker Blvd., Beachwood,
  Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela and Sweden.      Ohio, 44122. Pres. Martin Goldstein; Bd.
  Clearing House; Campus; Hillel "Little       Chmn. Maurice Terkel; Sec. Mrs. Elsa Ko-
  Book" series; Inside Hillel.                 nigsberg. Trains Hebrew- and religious-
                                               school teachers; serves as the department
B'NAI B'RITH YOUTH ORGANIZATION                of Hebraic and Judaic studies for Cleve-
  (1924). 1640 Rhode Island Ave., N.W.,        land area colleges and universities; offers
  Washington, D.C., 20036. Chmn. Nat.          intensive Ulpan and Judaic studies for
  B'nai B'rith Youth Com. Mike Teitel-         community; serves as Jewish information
  baum; Internat. Dir. Sidney Clearfield. To   center through its library; grants teachers
  help Jewish teenagers achieve self-fulfill-  diplomas and degrees of Bachelor of He-
  ment and to make a maximum contribu-         brew Literature, Bachelor of Judaic Stud-
  tion to the Jewish community and their       ies, and Master of Hebrew Literature.
  country's culture; to help the members ac-   Index to Jewish Periodicals.
  quire a greater knowledge and add appreci-
  ation of Jewish religion and culture. BBYO DROPSIE UNIVERSITY (1907). Broad and
  Advisor; Monday Morning; Shofar.             York Sts., Philadelphia, Pa., 19132. Acting
                       NATIONAL JEWISH                    ORGANIZATIONS            / 565

 Pres. Leon J. Perelman; Sec. Joseph B.      awareness of the Jewish heritage. Hebrew
 Saltz. The only nonsectarian and nontheo-   College Bulletin.
 logical graduate institution in America
 completely dedicated to Hebrew, Biblical HEBREW THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE (1921).
 and Middle Eastern studies; offers gradu-   7135 N. Carpenter Rd., Skokie, 111., 60076.
 ate programs in these areas. Course study   Pres. Irving J. Rosenbaum; Exec. Bd.
 includes the cultures and languages of Ara- Chmn. Morton A. Blitstein; Secy Joseph
 bic, Aramaic, Ugaritic, Akkadian, and an-   R. Friedman. A modern orthodox school
 cient Egyptian peoples; offers Ph.D. de-    to train leaders for modern Jewish commu-
 gree. Jewish Quarterly Review.              nity on basis of a philosophy that harmo-
                                             nizes ideals of Torah with best values in
      , ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF (1925).        human culture. Ordains rabbis and syna-
 Broad and York Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.      gogue leaders, trains Hebrew school prin-
  19132. Pres. Israel D. Lemer; Sec.-Treas.  cipals, teachers, Hillel directors and youth
 Sidney Fish. Fosters the interests of Drop- leaders. The Torch; Yeshiva Parents News;
 sie University.                              Yeshiva Women Bulletin.
 Rd., Philadelphia, Pa., 19141. Chmn. Bd.         TUTE OF RELIGION of Cincinnati, New
 of Overseers Daniel C. Cohen; Pres. Daniel      York, Los Angeles, and Jerusalem (1875;
 Isaacman; Dean Saul P. Wachs. Prepares          1922; merged 1950; 1954; 1963). 3101 Clif-
 teachers for Jewish schools and teachers of     ton Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio, 45220; 40 W.
 Hebrew for public high schools; grants          68 St., N.Y.C., 10023; 3077 University
 Master of Hebrew Literature, Bachelor of        Mall, Los Angeles, Calif, 90007; 13 King
 Hebrew Literature and Bachelor of Arts in       David St., Jerusalem, Israel. Pres. Alfred
 Jewish Studies degrees; is accredited by the    Gottschalk; Bd. of Govs. Chmn. Jules
 Middle States Association of Colleges and       Backman; Sec. Henry H. Hersch. Prepares
 Secondary Schools and the Association of        students for rabbinate, cantorate, religious-
 Hebrew Colleges; provides studies in            school teaching, community service, aca-
 Judaica and Hebraica, maintains a Hebrew        demic careers; promotes Jewish studies;
 high school, two college preparatory de-        maintains libraries and a museum; offers
 partments for cadet teachers, and a school      Ph.D. and D.H.L. degrees in graduate
 of observation and practice; provides Jew-      school; engages in archaeological excava-
 ish studies for adults; community-service       tions; publishes scholarly books through
 division (central agency for Jewish educa-      Hebrew Union College Press. American
 tion) coordinates Jewish education in the       Jewish Archives; Bibliographica Judaica;
 city and provides consultation services to      HUC—JIR Catalogue; Hebrew Union Col-
 Jewish schools of all leanings. Alumni          lege Annual; Studies in Bibliography and
 Newspaper; College Bulletin; DCS Bulletin;      Booklore.
  Gratz Chats; GC Annual of Jewish Studies;
  75th Anniversary Volume; Kinnereth;
  Telem Yearbook; What's New.                         ,    ALUMNI   ASSOCIATION    OF THE
                                                  (1889). 3101 Clifton Ave., Cincinnati,
                                                  Ohio, 45220. Pres. Jordan Pearlson. Pro-
HEBREW COLLEGE (1921). 43 Hawes St.,              motes the welfare of the Hebrew Union
 Brookline, Mass., 02146. Pres. Eli Grad;         College-Jewish Institute of Religion, and
 Assoc. Dean Herbert Rosenblum. Provides          of its graduates.
 intensive programs of study in all areas of
 Jewish culture from the high-school                  :    AMERICAN   JEWISH      ARCHIVES
 through college and graduate-school lev-         (1947). 3101 Clifton Ave., Cincinnati,
 els, also at branches in Hartford, New           Ohio, 45220. Dir. Jacob R. Marcus; Assoc.
 Haven, Providence, and Springfield; main-        Dir. Abraham Peck. Maintained for the
 tains ongoing programs with most major           preservation and study of American Jewish
 local universities; offers the degrees of        historical records. American Jewish Ar-
 Bachelor and Master of Hebrew Litera-            chives.
 ture, and Bachelor and Master of Jewish
 Education, with teaching certification;                  AMERICAN JEWISH PERIODICAL
 trains men and women to teach, conduct           CENTER (1957). 3101 Clifton Ave., Cin-
 and supervise Jewish schools; offers ex-         cinnati, Ohio, 45220. Dir. Jacob R. Mar-
 tensive Ulpan program; offers courses            cus; Exec. Dir. Herbert C. Zafren. Main-
 designed to deepen the community's               tains microfilms of all American Jewish
566   /     AMERICAN          JEWISH          YEAR     BOOK,       1978

  periodicals, 1823-1925; selected periodi-          undergraduate and graduate programs in
 cals, since 1925. Jewish Periodicals and            Jewish studies; continuing education
 Newspapers on Microfilm (1957); First Sup-          courses for teachers in Hebrew and Yid-
 plement (1960).                                     dish schools; academic and professional
                                                     programs in major disciplines of Judaism,
          : RHEA HIRSCH SCHOOL OF EDUCA-             historic and contemporary, with emphasis
 TION (1967). 3077 University Mall, Los              on Hebrew language and literature; Yid-
 Angeles, Calif., 90007. Pres. Irving J.             dish language and literature; Jewish educa-
 Rosenbaum. Dean Lewis M. Barth; Dir.                tion; history; philosophy, and sociology.
 William Cutter. Serves local needs in reli-
 gious education in Los Angeles area                      : GRADUATE DIVISION (1965). Dean
 through teacher training, consultation,             Meir Ben-Horin. Offers programs leading
 laboratory research; offers M.A. program            to degree of Doctor of Jewish Literature in
 in Jewish and Hebrew education; conducts            Hebrew Language and Literature; Jewish
 joint programs with University of South-            Education, Jewish History, Jewish Philos-
 ern California. Newsletter.                         ophy, Jewish Sociology. Admits men and
                                                     women who have bachelor's degree and
       : SCHOOL OF EDUCATION (1947). 40              background in Hebrew, Yiddish, and Jew-
 W. 68 St., N.Y.C., 10023. Pres. Alfred              ish studies. Annual Horace M. Kallen lec-
 Gottschalk; Dean Paul M. Steinberg.                 ture by major Jewish scholars.
 Trains and certifies, teachers and princi-
 pals for Reform religious schools; offers               : HERZLIAH HEBREW TEACHERS IN-
 M.A. degree with specialization in reli-            STITUTE, INC. (1921). V. Pres. for Aca-
 gious education.                                    demic Affairs Meir Ben-Horin. Offers four-
                                                     year college level programs in Hebrew and
 SERVICE (1968). 3077 University Mall,               Jewish subjects and education; offers na-
 Los Angeles, Calif., 90007. Pres. Irving J.         tionally recognized He"brew teachers di-
 Rosenbaum. Dir. Gerald B. Bubis. Offers             ploma; serves American Jewish commu-
 certificate and master's graduate studies in        nity and all its grouping concerned with
 Jewish psychological, sociological, cul-            Jewish survival; offers preparatory courses,
 tural, historical, and valuation materials to       some Yiddish courses required; co-educa-
 those employed in Jewish communal ser-              tional.
 vices, or preparing for such work, regard-              : JEWISH TEACHERS SEMINARY AND
 less of setting or professional discipline;         PEOPLE'S UNIVERSITY, INC. (1918). V.
 offers M.S.W. and M.A. in Jewish educa-
 tional and communal service through                 Pres. for Academic Affairs Meir Ben-
 HUC and M.A. in conjunction with Uni-               Horin. Offers four-year college level pro-
 versity of Southern California.                     grams leading to Yiddish teachers diploma
                                                     and Bachelor of Jewish Literature; serves
       : SCHOOL OF SACRED MUSIC (1947).              American Jewish community and all its
 40 W. 68 St., N.Y.C., 10023. Dean Paul M.           groupings concerned with Jewish survival;
 Steinberg. Trains cantors and music per-            offers preparatory courses, some Hebrew
 sonnel for congregations; offers B.S.M.,            courses required; co-educational. College
 M.A., and Ph.D. degrees. Sacred Music               program toward Bachelor of Jewish Liter-
 Press.                                              ature and Yiddish teachers certificate.
                                                     Transfer credit for B.A. degree in college
      : SKIRBALL MUSEUM (1913; 1972 in               of general studies.
 Calif). 3077 University Mall, Los Angeles,
 Calif., 90007. Dir. Nancy Berman. Col-                   : Music DIVISION (1964). Performing
 lects, preserves, researchers and exhibits          Arts Div. Dir. Cantor Marvin Antosofsky.
 art and artifacts made by or for Jews, or           Offers studies in traditional and contempo-
 otherwise associated with Jews and Juda-            rary music, religious, Yiddish, secular and
 ism. Provides opportunity to faculty and            Hebraic; offers certificate and degree pro-
 students to do research in thefieldof Jew-          grams in Jewish music education and can-
 ish art.                                            torial art and artist diploma.
 (1967). 69 Bank St., N.Y.C., 10014.                 (1970). 130 W. 42 St., Suite 1305, N.Y.C.,
 Pres. Eli Goldstein; V. Pres. for Aca-              10036. Dir. Rabbi Henry Lieberman; Exec.
 demic Affairs Meir Ben Horin. Offers                Dir. Rabbi Chaim Lieberman. Maintains
                        NATIONAL JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS                                 /   567
 active placement service for the three           Philadelphia, Pa.; publishes books through
 branches in Judaism; seeks to improve the        the Reconstructionist Press; maintains
 professional and economic standing of its        Reconstructionist Federation (congrega-
 members; screens the authenticity of their       tions and havurot). Reconstructionist.
 ordinations. Monthly Newsletter; Rabbini-
 cal Registry and Directory.                          : RECONSTRUCTIONIST FEDERATION
                                                  OF CONGREGATIONS AND FELLOWSHIPS
INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF HILLEL               (1954). 432 Park Ave. S., N.Y.C., 10016.
  DIRECTORS (1949). 5715 S. Woodlawn              Pres. Leonard Leveton; Exec. Dir. Ira
  Ave., Chicago, 111., 60637. Pres. Daniel I.     Eisenstein; Assoc. Dir. Ludwig Nadelman.
  Leifer; Sec. Richard Marker. Seeks to pro-      Committed to the philosophy and program
  mote professional relationships, exchanges      of the Reconstructionist movement. News-
  of experience, develop personnel standards      letter.
  and qualifications, safeguard integrity of
  Hillel profession; represents and advocates          : RECONSTRUCTIONIST RABBINICAL
  before National Hillel Staff, National Hil-     ASSOCIATION (1975). 432 Park Ave. So.,
  lel Commission, B'nai B'rith Supreme            N.Y.C., 10016. Pres. Rabbi Arnold Rach-
  Lodge, Jewish Federations and Welfare           lis; Sees Rabbis Lee Friedlander, Mitchell
  Funds.                                          Smith. Advances the principles of Recon-
                                                  structionist Judaism; provides forum for
JEWISH CHAUTAUQUA SOCIETY, INC. (spon-            fellowship and exchange of ideas for
  sored by NATIONAL FEDERATION OF                 Reconstructionist rabbis; cooperates with
  TEMPLE BROTHERHOODS) (1893). 838                Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, and
  Fifth Ave. N.Y.C., 10021. Pres. Robert E.       Reconstructionist Federation of Congrega-
  Katz; Exec. Dir. Av Bonderin. Dissemi-          tions and Havurot. RRA Newsletter.
  nates authoritative knowledge about Jews
  and Judaism; assigns rabbis to lecture at             RECONSTRUCTIONIST RABBINICAL
  colleges; endows courses in Judaism for         COLLEGE (1968). 2308 N. Broad St.,
  college credit at universities; donates Jew-    Philadelphia, Pa., 19132. Pres. Ira Eisen-
  ish reference books to college libraries;       stein. Trains rabbis for all areas of Jew-
  sends rabbis to serve as counselor-teachers     ish communal life: synagogues, academic
  at Christian Church summer camps and as         and educational positions, Hillel centers,
  chaplains at Boy Scout camps; sponsors          Federation agencies; requires students to
  institutes on Judaism for Christian clergy;     pursue outside graduate studies in reli-
  produces motion pictures for public service     gion and related subjects; confers title of
  television and group showings. Brother-         rabbi and grants degree of Doctor of He-
  hood.                                           brew Letters.
  TION OF AMERICA, INC. (1900). 236 Sec-          (1926). 45 E. 33 St., N.Y.C., 10016.
  ond Ave., N.Y.C., 10003. Pres. Shaye            Pres. Michael Leinwand; Sec. Dorothy
  Pinsky; V. Pres. S. Mandel. To further          G. Posner. Promotes the religious, social,
  and propagate traditional liturgy; place        and moral welfare of children; provides a
  cantors in synagogues all over U.S. and         program of professional, cultural, and
  Canada; develop the cantors of the fu-          social activities for its members; cooper-
  ture. Kol Lakol.                                ates with other organizations for the pro-
                                                  motion of goodwill and understanding.
 (1940). 432 Park Ave. S., N.Y.C., 10016.
 Pres. Ira Eisenstein; Exec. V. Pres. Ludwig     JEWISH THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY OF A-
 Nadelmann; Chmn. of Bd. Benjamin Wm.             MERICA (1886; reorg. 1902). 3080 Broad-
 Mehlman. Dedicated to the advancement            way, N.Y.C., 10027. Chancellor Gerson D.
 of Judaism as an evolving religious civiliza-    Cohen; Chmn. Bd. of Dir. Sol. M. Lino-
 tion, to the upbuilding of Eretz Yisrael as      witz. Organized for the perpetuation of the
 the spiritual center of the Jewish people, to    tenets of the Jewish religion, cultivation of
 the furtherance of universal freedom, jus-       Hebrew literature, pursuit of biblical and
 tice, and peace and the fostering and estab-     archaeological research, advancement of
 lishment of Reconstructionist foundations        Jewish scholarship; maintains a library
 and fellowship movements; sponsors               with extensive collections of Hebraica and
 Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in          Judaica, a department for the training of
568     /    AMERICAN        JEWISH          YEAR     BOOK,       1978

 rabbis, a pastoral psychiatry center, the          authoritative information regarding some
 Jewish Museum, and such youth programs             of the basic issues now confronting spiritu-
 as the Ramah Camps and the Leaders                 ally-minded men.
 Training Fellowship. Conservative Juda-
 ism.                                                    :    MELTON     RESEARCH      CENTER
                                                    (1960). 3080 Broadway, N.Y.C, 10027.
            AMERICAN STUDENT CENTER IN              Exec. Dir. Elaine Morris. Devises new cur-
 JERUSALEM (1962). Neve Schechter,                  ricula and materials for Jewish education;
 Jerusalem, Israel. Dean Shamma Fried-              recruits, trains and retrains educators for a
 man; Dir. Reuven Hammer. Offers hous-              vital program. Melton Newsletter.
 ing and courses tofitcurriculum of Semi-
 nary students spending a year in Israel.                : SCHOCKEN INSTITUTE FOR JEWISH
                                                    RESEARCH (1961). 6 Balfour St., Jerusa-
    : CANTORS INSTITUTE AND SEMI-                   lem, Israel. Librarian Yaakov Katzenstein.
 NARY COLLEGE OF JEWISH MUSIC (1952).               Incorporates Schocken library and its
 3080 Broadway, N.Y.C., 10027. Dir.                 related research institutes in medieval He-
 David C. Kogen; Dean Morton Leifman.               brew poetry and Jewish mysticism.
 Trains cantors, music teachers, and choral         Schocken Institute Yearbook (P'raqim).
 directors for congregations. Offers pro-
 grams leading to degrees of B.S.M.,                         SEMINARY COLLEGE OF JEWISH
 M.S.M., and D.S.M., and diploma of Haz-            STUDIES-TEACHERS INSTITUTE           (1909).
                                                    3080 Broadway, N.Y.C, 10027. Dean Ivan
                                                    G. Marcus. Offers complete college pro-
        : DEPARTMENT OF RADIO AND TEL-              gram in Judaica leading to B.H.L. degree;
 EVISION (1944). 3080 Broadway, N.Y.C.,             conducts joint program with Columbia
 10027. Exec. Prod. Milton E. Krents. Pro-          University, enabling students to receive
 duces radio and TV programs expressing             B.A. from Columbia and B.H.L. from the
 the Jewish tradition in its broadest sense,        Seminary, after four years.
 with emphasis on the universal human sit-
 uation: "Eternal Light," a weekly radio                 : UNIVERSITY OF JUDAISM (1947).
 program; 7 "Eternal Light" TV programs,            6525 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif.,
 produced in cooperation with NBC, and 12           90028. Pres. David L. Lieber; V. Pres. Max
 "Directions" telecasts with ABC: distrib-          Vorspan, David Gordis. West Coast school
 utes program scripts and related reading           of JTS. Serves as center of undergraduate
 lists.                                             and graduate study of Judaica; offers pre-
                                                    professional and professional programs in
      FANNIE AND MAXWELL ABBEL                      Jewish education and allied fields, includ-
 RESARCH INSTITUTE IN RABBINICS                     ing a pre-rabbinic program and joint pro-
 (1951). 3080 Broadway, N.Y.C., 10027.              gram enabling students to receive B.A.
 Co-Dirs. Louis Finkelstein, Saul Lieber-           from UCLA and B.H.L. from U. of J. after
 man. Fosters research in Rabbinics; pre-           4 years, as well as a broad range of adult
 pares scientific editions of early Rabbinic        education and Jewish activities.
                                                MACHNE ISRAEL, INC. (1940). 770 Eastern
        : INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED STUDY              Parkway, Bklyn., N.Y., 11213. Pres.
 IN THE HUMANITIES (1968). 3080 Broad-              Menachem M. Schneerson (Lubavitcher
 way, N.Y.C., 10027. Dean Ismar                     Rebbe); Dir., Treas. M.A. Hodakov; Sec.
 Schorsch; Chmn. Bd. of Trustees Stanley            Nissan Mindel. The Lubavitcher move-
 H. Fuld. A graduate program leading to             ment's organ dedicated to the social,
 M.A. degree in all aspects of Jewish Stud-         spiritual, and material welfare of Jews
 ies and Ph.D. in Bible, Jewish education,          throughout the world.
 history, literature, philosophy, or rabbin-
                                                MERKOS L'INYONEI CHINUCH, INC. (THE
                                                 CENTRAL ORGANIZATION FOR JEWISH
        : INSTITUTE FOR RELIGIOUS AND SO-           EDUCATION) (1940). 770 Eastern Park-
 CIAL STUDIES (N.Y.C. 1938; Chicago                 way, Bklyn., N.Y., 11213. Pres. Mena-
 1944; Boston 1945). 3080 Broadway                  chem M. Schneerson (the Lubavitcher
 N.Y.C, 10027. Pres. Gerson D. Cohen;               Rebbe); Dir., Treas. M.A. Hodakov; Sec.
 Dir. Jessica Feingold. Serves as a scholarly       Nissan Mindel. The educational arm of the
 and scientific fellowship of clergymen             Lubavitcher movement. Seeks to promote
 and other religious teachers who desire            Jewish education among Jews, regardless
                       NATIONAL JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS                               / 569
 of their background, in the spirit of Torah-    10011. Pres. Leivy Smolar; Exec. Sec. Jack
 true Judaism; to establish contact with         M. Horden. Fellowship of Jewish educa-
 alienated Jewish youth, to stimulate con-       tion profession, comprising administrators
 cern and active interest in Jewish educa-       and supervisors of national and local Jew-
 tion on all levels, and to promote religious    ish educational institutions and agencies,
 observance as a daily experience among all      and teachers in Hebrew high schools and
 Jews; maintains worldwide network of re-        Jewish teachers colleges, of all ideological
 gional offices, schools, summer camps and       groupings; conducts annual national and
 Chabad-Lubavitch Houses; publishes Jew-         regional conferences in all areas of Jewish
 ish educational literature in numerous lan-     education; represents the Jewish education
 guages and monthly journal infivelan-           profession before the Jewish community;
 guages: Conversaciones con la juventud;         co-sponsors, with American Association
 Conversations avec les jeunes; Schmuessen       for Jewish Education, a personnel commit-
 mit kinder un yugent; Sihot la No-ar; Talks     tee and other projects; cooperates with
 and Tales.                                      Jewish Agency department of education
                                                 and culture in promoting Hebrew culture
MESIVTA YESHIVA RABBI CHAIM BERLIN               and studies; conducts lectureship at He-
 RABBINICAL ACADEMY (1905). 1593                 brew University. Jewish Education; Shevi-
 Coney Island Ave., Bklyn., N.Y., 11230.         ley Hahinuch.
 Pres. Pincus Iseson; Exec. V. Pres. Rabbi
 Bezalel Reifman. Maintains elementary di-      •NATIONAL    COUNCIL    OF BETH     JACOB
 vision in the Hebrew and English depart-        SCHOOLS, INC. (1945). 1415 E. 7 St.,
 ments, lower Hebrew division and Mesivta        Bklyn, N.Y., 11230. Pres. Israel M. Zaks;
 high school, rabbinical academy, and post-      Chmn. of Bd. Shimon Newhouse; Sec.
 graduate school for advanced studies in         David Rosenberg. Operates Orthodox all-
 Talmud and other branches of rabbinic           day schools from kindergarten through
 scholarship; maintains Camp Morris, a           high school for girls, a residence high
 summer study camp. Igud News Letter;            school in Ferndale, N.Y., a national insti-
 Kol Torah; Kuntrasim; Merchav; Shofar.          tute for master instructors, and a summer
                                                 camp for girls. Bais Yaakov Digest; Pnimia
 Poland 1817; in U.S. 1947). 1791-5 Ocean
 Parkway, Brooklyn, N.Y., 11223. Pres.          NATIONAL COUNCIL OF YOUNG ISRAEL
 and Dean Rabbi Shrage Moshe Kalmano-            (1912). 3 W. 16 St., N.Y.C., 10011. Nat.
 witz; Exec. Dir. and Sec. Manfred Han-          Pres. Herman Rosenbaum; Exec. V. Pres.
 delsman. Maintains rabbinical college,          Ephraim H. Sturm. Maintains a program
 postgraduate school for Talmudic re-            of spiritual, cultural, social and communal
 search, accredited high school, and Kollel      activity towards the advancement and per-
 and Sephardic divisions; dedicated to the       petuation of traditional, Torah-true Juda-
 dissemination of Torah scholarship in the       ism; seeks to instill in American youth an
 community and abroad; engages in rescue         understanding and appreciation of the eth-
 and rehabilitation of scholars overseas.        ical and spiritual values of Judaism. Spon-
                                                 sors kosher dining clubs and fraternity
NATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR FURTHER-                  houses and an Israel program. Viewpoint;
  ANCE OF JEWISH EDUCATION (1951). 824           Hashkofa Series; Massoeah Newspaper.
 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, N.Y., 11213.
 Exec. V. Pres. Jacob J. Hecht; Sec. Morris          , ARMED FORCES BUREAU (1912). 3
 Drucker. Seeks to disseminate the ideals of     W. 16 St., N.Y.C., 10011. Dir. Stanley W.
 Torah-true education among the youth of         Schlessel; Assoc. Dir. David Rinzler. Ad-
 America; aids poor, sick and needy in U.S.      vises and guides the inductees into the
 and Israel; maintains camp for under-           armed forces with regard to Sabbath ob-
 privileged children; sponsors Hadar HaTo-       servance, kashrut, and Orthodox behavior.
 rah and Machon Chana seeking to win             Guide for the Orthodox Servicemen.
 back college youth and others to the fold of
 Judaism; maintains schools and dormitory            , EMPLOYMENT BUREAU (1912). 3 W.
 facilities. Panorama; Passover Handbook;        16 St., N.Y.C., 10011. Exec. V. Pres.
 Seder Guide; Spiritual Suicide; Focus.          Ephraim H. Sturm; Employment Dir.
                                                 Dorothy Stein. Operates an on-the-job
NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR JEWISH EDUCA-               training program under federal contract;
 TION (1926). 114 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C.,            helps secure employment, particularly for
570    /   AMERICAN            JEWISH         YEAR     BOOK,      1 9 7 8

  Sabbath observers; offers vocational guid-         V. Pres. Allen Cutler; Corr. Sec. Rachel D.
  ance. Viewpoint.                                   Maggal. Seeks to convert non-Jews to Ju-
                                                     daism and revert Jews to Judaism; main-
       , ERETZ ISRAEL DIVISION (1926). 3             tains College for Jewish Ambassadors for
  W. 16 St., N.Y.C., 10011. Chrnn. Marvin            the training of Jewish missionaries and the
  Luban; Exec. V. Pres. Ephraim H. Sturm.            Correspondence Academy of Judaism for
  Promotes Young Israel synagogues and               instruction on Judaism through the mail.
  youth work in synagogues in Israel.                 Voice of Judaism.
  (1947). 3 W. 16 St., N.Y.C., 10011. Pres.          400 Mt. Wilson Lane, Baltimore, Md.,
  Herman Rosenbaum; Exec. V. Pres. Rabbi             21208. Pres. Rabbi Jacob I. Ruderman, V.
  Ephraim H. Sturm. Introduces students to           Pres. Rabbi Herman N. Neuberger. Trains
  Jewish learning and knowledge; helps form          rabbis and educators for Jewish communi-
  adult branch schools; aids Young Israel            ties in America and worldwide. Offers
  synagogues in their adult education pro-           Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees
  grams. Bulletin.                                   in Talmudic Law as well as Teachers Di-
                                                     ploma. College has four divisions: Mechina
                                                     High School, Rabbinical College, Teachers
                                                     Training Institute, Graduate School and a
  RAEL; 1951). 3 W. 16 St., N.Y.C., 10011.           branch in Toronto, Canada. Maintains an
  Pres. Steve Lustgarten; Dir. Stanley W.            active community service division. Ner Is-
  Schlessel. Organizes and operates kosher           rael Bulletin; Alumni Bulletin; Bito'one
  dining clubs on college and university cam-        Chanecha Yeshivas Ner Yisroel; Ohr Ha-
  puses; provides information and counsel-           nair Talmudic Journal; Zacher L 'Avrohom
  ling on kashrut observance at college; gives       Torah Journal.
  college-age youth understanding and ap-
  preciation of Judaism and information on         OZAR HATORAH, INC. (1946). 411 Fifth
  issues important to Jewish community; ar-          Ave., N.Y.C., 10016. Pres. Joseph Shalom;
  ranges seminars and meetings; publishes            Intl. Pres. S.D. Sassoon; V. Pres. Moshe
  pamphlets and monographs. Hashkafa;                Milstein. Establishes and maintains ele-
  Massorah.                                          mentary, secondary and boarding schools,
                                                     combining a program of religious and secu-
       : YISRAEL HATZAIR (reorg. 1968). 3            lar education for Jewish youth in Morocco,
  W. 16 St., N.Y.C., 10011. Pres. Jackie             Iran, Syria and France.
  Goldstein; Nat. Dir. Arnold Grant. Fos-
  ters a program of spiritual, cultural, social,   P'EYLIM—AMERICAN YESHIVA           STUDENT
  and communal activities for the advance-           UNION (1951). 3 W. 16 St., N.Y.C., 10011.
  ment and perpetuation of traditional               Pres. Nisson Alpert; Dir. Avraham
  Torah-true Judaism, to instill an under-           Hirsch. Aids and sponsors pioneer work by
  standing and appreciation of the high ethi-        American graduate teachers and rabbis in
  cal and spiritual values and to demonstrate        new villages and towns in Israel; does reli-
  compatibility of ancient faith of Israel with      gious, organizational, and educational
  good Americanism.                                  work and counseling among new immi-
                                                     grant youth; maintains summer camps for
NATIONAL JEWISH HOSPITALITY COMMIT-                  poor immigrant youth in Israel; belongs to
  TEE  AND INFORMATION      CENTERS                  worldwide P'eylim movement which has
  (1973). 437 Chestnut St., Rm. 426, Phil-           groups in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, En-
  adelphia, Pa., 19106. Pres. Allen S.               gland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzer-
  Mailer; Exec. Dir. Steven S. Jacobs.               land, France, and Israel; engages in relief
  Deals with intermarriage and conversion            and educational work among North Afri-
  to and from Judaism through dissemina-             can immigrants in France and Canada, as-
  tion of literature and formation of chap-          sisting them to relocate and reestablish a
  ters and information centers. Board of             strong Jewish community life. P'eylim Re-
  over 100 rabbis. Our Choice.                       porter.

  FOR THE PROPAGATION OF JUDAISM, INC.               (IGUD HARABONIM) (1944). 156 Fifth
  (1960). 5174 W. 8th St., Los Angeles,              Ave., Suite 810, N.Y.C., 10010. Pres.
  Calif., 90036. Pres. Moshe M. Maggal; 1st          Rabbi David B. Hollander. Seeks to
                        NATIONAL JEWISH                 ORGANIZATIONS                 / 571
  promulgate the cause of Torah-true Juda-        Jewish holidays, folk and choral singing,
  ism through an organized rabbinate that is      and about Jewish life in America and Is-
  consistently Orthodox; seeks to elevate the     rael. Kinder Journal (Yiddish).
  position of Orthodox rabbis nationally,
  and to defend the welfare of Jews the world    SOCIETY OF FRIENDS OF THE TOURO SYNA-
  over. Also has Beth Din Rabbinical Court.        GOGUE, NATIONAL HISTORIC SHRINE,
  Perspective.                                    INC. (1948). 85 Touro St., Newport, R.I.,
                                                  02840. Pres. Seebert J. Goldowsky; Sec.
RABBINICAL ASSEMBLY (1900). 3080 Broad-           Theodore Lewis. Assists in the mainte-
  way, N.Y.C., 10027. Pres. Rabbi Stanley S.      nance of the Touro Synagogue as a na-
  Rabinowitz; Exec. V. Pres. Rabbi Wolfe          tional historic site.
  Kelman. Seeks to promote Conservative
  Judaism, and to foster the spirit of fellow- SPERTUS COLLEGE OF JUDAICA (1925). 618
  ship and cooperation among the rabbis and      S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111., 60605.
  other Jewish scholars; cooperates with the     Pres. David Weinstein; Bd. Chmn. Donald
  Jewish Theological Seminary of America         A. Kahan. Educates teachers of Hebraica
  and the United Synagogue of America.           and Judaica for elementary and secondary
  Beineinu; Conservative Judaism; Proceed- Jewish schools; certifies Hebrew teachers
  ings of the Rabbinical Assembly.               for public and private Illinois schools; pro-
                                                 vides Chicago area colleges and universi-
RABBINICAL COLLEGE OF TELSHE, INC.               ties with specialized undergraduate and
  (1941). 28400 Euclid Ave., Wickliffe,          graduate programs in Judaica and serves as
  Ohio, 44092. Pres. Rabbi Mordecai Gifter;      a Department of Judaic Studies to these
  Sec. Moshe Helfan. College for higher Jew-     colleges and universities; serves as Midwest
  ish learning specializing in Talmudic Stud-    Jewish information center through its
  ies and Rabbinics; maintains a preparatory     Asher Library and Maurice Spertus Mu-
  academy including secular high school, a       seum of Judaica; grants degrees of Master
  postgraduate department, a teachers train-     of Arts in Jewish Education, Bachelor of
  ing school, and a teachers seminary for        Arts, and Bachelor of Judaic Studies. Jour-
  women. Pri Etz Chaim; Peer Mordechai;          nal of Jewish Art.
  Alumni Bulletin.
                                                 SYNAGOGUE COUNCIL OF AMERICA (1926).
RABBINICAL COUNCIL OF AMERICA, INC.                432 Park Ave. S., N.Y.C., 10016. Pres.
  (1923; reorg. 1936). 220 Park Ave. S.,           Rabbi Joseph H. Lookstein; Exec. V. Pres.
  N.Y.C., 10003. Pres. Walter S. Wurz-             Rabbi Henry Siegman. Serves as spokes-
  burger; Exec. V. Pres. Israel Klavan. Pro-       man for, and coordinates, policies of na-
  motes Orthodox Judaism in the commu-             tional rabbinical and lay synagogal organi-
  nity; supports institutions for study of         zations of Conservative, Orthodox, and
  Torah; stimulates creation of new tradi-         Reform branches of American Judaism.
  tional agencies. Hadorom; Record; Sermon         SCA Report.
  Manual; Tradition.
                                                        INSTITUTE FOR JEWISH POLICY
                                                   PLANNING AND RESEARCH OF (1972).
  LEGE (see Jewish Reconstructionist Foun-         1776 Massachusetts Ave., N.W., Washing-
  dation, p. 567)
                                                   ton, D.C., 20036. Chmn. Philip M. Klutz-
•RESEARCH        INSTITUTE   OF RELIGIOUS          nick; Acting Dir. George E. Johnson.
  JEWRY, INC. (1941; reorg. 1954). 471 West        Seeks to strengthen American Jewry by
  End Ave., N.Y.C., 10024. Chmn. Salomon           conducting and promoting systematic
  Goldsmith; Sec. Marcus Levine. Engages           study of major issues confronting its future
  in research and publishes studies concern-       vitality, for which it enlists informed aca-
  ing the situation of religious Jewry and its     demic and lay people; sponsors research
  problems all over the world.                     and analysis on the subject and dissemi-
                                                   nates findings to synagogues and other
SHOLEM ALEICHEM FOLK INSTITUTE, INC.               Jewish organizations. Analysis; Back-
  (1918). 3301 Bainbridge Ave., Bronx,             ground.
  N.Y., 10467. Pres. Burt Levey; Sec. Noah
  Zingman. Aims to imbue children with TORAH UMESORAH—NATIONAL SOCIETY
  Jewish values through teaching Yiddish   FOR HEBREW DAY SCHOOLS (1944). 229
  language and literature, Hebrew and the  Park Ave. S., N.Y.C., 10003. Nat. Pres.
  Bible, Jewish history, significance of   Samuel C. Feuerstein; Nat. Dir. Joseph
572   /   AMERICAN JEWISH                YEAR BOOK,             1978

 Kaminetsky. Establishes Hebrew day                    : NATIONAL CONFERENCE OF YE-
 schools throughout U.S. and Canada and           SHIVA PRINCIPALS (1956). 229 Park Ave.
 services them in all areas including place-      S., N.Y.C., 10003. Pres. Joel Kramer;
 ment and curriculum guidance; conducts           Exec. Sec. Rabbi Joshua Fishman; Bd.
 teacher training institutes, a special fellow-   Chmn. David Mykoff. A professional orga-
 ship program, seminars, and workshops            nization of primary and secondary yeshiva
 for in-service training of teachers; pub-        day-school principals which seeks to make
 lishes textbooks and supplementary read-         yeshiva day-school education more effec-
 ing material; conducts education research        tive. Hamenahel.
 and has established Fryer Fdn. for research
 in ethics and character education; super-             : NATIONAL YESHIVA           TEACHERS
 vises federal aid programs for Hebrew day        BOARD OF LICENSE (1953). 229 Park Ave.,
 schools throughout the U.S. Hamenahel:           S., N.Y.C., 10003. Bd. Chmn. Elias
 the Jewish Parent; Olomeinu—Our World;           Schwartz; Ex. Consult. Zvi H. Shurin. Is-
 Tempo; Torah Umesorah Report; Mach-              sues licenses to qualified instructors for all
 beret Hamenahel.                                 grades of the Hebrew day school and the
                                                  general field of Torah education.
                                                        SAMUEL A. FRYER EDUCATIONAL
 ENRICHMENT (1973). 229 Park Ave. So.,            RESEARCH FOUNDATION (1966). 229 Park
 N.Y.C., 10003. Dir. Bernard Dov Mil-             Ave. S., N.Y.C., 10003. Chmn. Bd. of
 ians. Provides enriched training and up-         Trustees Jack Sable; Dir. Louis Nulman.
 graded credentials for administrative,           Strengthens the ethics programs of Hebrew
 guidance, and classroom personnel of             day, afternoon, and Sunday schools, sum-
 Hebrew day schools and for Torah-com-            mer camps, and Jewish centers through
 munity leaders; offers graduate and un-          moral sensitivity-training program; pro-
 dergraduate programs, in affiliation with        vides extensive teacher-training program;
 accredited universities which award full         publishes monographs, newsletter, and
 degrees: M.A. in geriatric counseling,           teachers' bulletin. Fryer Foundation News-
 early childhood and elementary educa-            letter.
 tion, applied human relations (adult,
 family, alcoholism counseling); M.B.A.
 in management; M.S. in special educa-        TOURO COLLEGE (1970). 30 W. 44                St.,
 tion, reading; B.S. in education; B.A. in        N.Y.C., 10036. Pres. Bernard Lander.
 liberal arts. Professional Enrichment            Chartered by the N.Y. State Board of Re-
 News (PEN).                                      gents to operate and maintain nonprofit,
                                                  four-year college with liberal arts pro-
                                                  grams leading to B.A. and B.S. degrees,
    : NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF HE-                 with an emphasis on the relevance of the
 BREW DAY SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS                   Jewish heritage to the general culture of
 (1960). 229 Park Ave. S., N.Y.C., 10003.         Western civilization. Annual Bulletin.
 Pres. David H. Schwartz; Bd. Chmn.
 Rabbi Saul Wolf; Exec. Coord. Bernard        UNION OF AMERICAN HEBREW CONGREGA-
 Dov Milians. Coordinates the work of the         TIONS (1873). 838 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C.,
 fiscal directors of Hebrew day schools           10021. Pres. Rabbi Alexander M. Schin-
 throughout the country. NAHDSA Re-               dler. Serves as the central congregational
                                                  body of Reform Judaism in the Western
                                                  Hemisphere; serves its approximately 740
    : NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF H E -               affiliated temples and membership with re-
 BREW DAY SCHOOL PARENT-TEACHER                   ligious, educational, cultural, and adminis-
 ASSOCIATIONS (1948). 229 Park Ave. S.,           trative programs. Keeping Posted; Reform
 N.Y.C., 10003. Nat. Pres. Mrs. Henry C.          Judaism.
 Rhein; Exec. Secy. Mrs. Samuel Brand;
 Chmn. of Bd. Mrs. Clarence Horwitz. Acts *        : AMERICAN CONFERENCE OF CAN-
 as a clearinghouse and service agency to   TORS OF (1956). 838 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C.,
 PTAs of Hebrew day schools; organizes      10021. Pres. Norman Belink; Exec. Dir.
 parent education courses and sets up pro-  Raymond Smolover. Members receive in-
 grams for individual PTAs. Jewish Parent;  vestiture and commissioning as cantors at
 National Program Notes; PTA Bulletin;      ordination-investiture ceremonies at He-
 Fundraising With a Flair; PTA With A Pur- brew Union College-Jewish Institute of
 pose for the Hebrew Day School.            Religion-Sacred School of Music. Through
                      NATIONAL JEWISH                 ORGANIZATIONS                 / 573
Joint Placement Commission, serves con-          Progressive Judaism. Notes for Now; Presi-
gregations seeking cantors and music di-         dent's Packet.
rectors. Dedicated to creative Judaism,
preserving best of the past, and encourag-             : NATIONAL FEDERATION OF TEM-
ing new and vital approaches to religious       PLE YOUTH (1939). 838 Fifth Ave.,
ritual, music and ceremonies.                   N.Y.C., 10021. Pres. Philip Jordan; Dir.
                                                Rabbi Stephen Schafer. Seeks to train Re-
    : COMMISSION ON SOCIAL ACTION OF            form Jewish youth in the values of the syn-
REFORM JUDAISM (see p. 555).                    agogue and their application to daily life
                                                through service to the community and con-
      NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF TEM-              gregation; runs department of summer
PLE ADMINISTRATORS OF (1941). 838               camps and national leadership training in-
Fifth Ave., N.Y.C., 10021. Pres. Melvin S.      stitutes; arranges overseas academic tours
Harris; Adm. Sec. Harold Press. Fosters         and work programs, international student
Reform Judaism; prepares and dissemi-           exchange programs, college student pro-
nates administrative information and            grams in the U.S. and Israel, including an
procedures to member synagogues of              accredited study program in Israel.
UAHC; provides and encourages proper
and adequate training of professional syna-         , AND CENTRAL CONFERENCE OF
gogue executives; formulates and esta-           AMERICAN RABBIS: COMMISSION ON
blishes professional ideals and standards        JEWISH EDUCATION OF (1923). 838 Fifth
for the synagogue executive. NA TA Quar-         Ave., N.Y.C., 10021. Chmn. Jacob P.
terly.                                           Rudin; Dir. Rabbi Daniel B. Syme. Devel-
                                                 ops curricula and teachers' manuals; con-
     : NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF TEM-              ducts pilot projects and offers educational
PLE EDUCATORS (1955). 838 Fifth Ave.,            guidance and consultation at all age levels
N.Y.C., 10021. Pres. Raymond Israel;             to member congregations and affiliates and
Exec. Sec. Alan D. Bennett. Represents           associate bodies. What's Happening.
the temple educator within the general
body of Reform Judaism; fosters the full-           , AND CENTRAL CONFERENCE OF
time profession of the temple educator;          AMERICAN RABBIS: JOINT COMMISSION
encourages the growth and development            ON   SYNAGOGUE     ADMINISTRATION
of Jewish religious education consistent         (1962). 838 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C., 10021.
with the aims of Reform Judaism; stimu-          Chmn. Mrs. Lillian Maltzer; Dir. Myron
lates communal interest in and responsi-         E. Schoen. Assists congregations in man-
bility for Jewish religious education.           agement, finance, building maintenance,
NATE News.                                       design, construction, and art aspects of
                                                 synagogues; maintains the Synagogue Ar-
     : NATIONAL FEDERATION OF TEM-               chitectural Library consisting of photos,
PLE BROTHERHOODS (1923). 838 Fifth               slides, and plans of contemporary and
Ave., N.Y.C., 10021. Pres. Robert E. Katz;       older synagogue buildings. Synagogue Ser-
Exec. Dir. Sylvan Lebow. Helps its mem-
bers to be better Jews through more knowl-
edge of Judaism and increased participa-             : CENTRAL CONFERENCE OF AMERI-
tion in temple and brotherhood activities;       CAN RABBIS: BOARD OF CERTIFICATION
sponsors the Jewish Chautauqua Society.          FOR TEMPLE ADMINISTRATORS (1963).
Brotherhood.                                     838 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C., 10021. Chmn.
                                                 Daniel E. Diamond; Sec. Myron E.
     : NATIONAL FEDERATION OF TEM-               Schoen. Seeks to establish standards of
PLE SISTERHOODS (1913). 838 Fifth Ave.,          qualification for temple administrators and
N.Y.C., 10021. Pres. Mrs. Irving S. Benja-       to further opportunities for their training;
min; Exec. Dir. Eleanor R. Schwartz;             conducts examination of candidates and is-
Serves more than 600 sisterhoods of Re-          sues certificates of Fellowship. Information
form Judaism; inter-religious understand-        Bulletin.
ing and social justice; scholarships and
grants to rabbinic students; Braille and       UNION OF ORTHODOX JEWISH CONGREGA-
large type Judaic materials for Jewish           TIONS OF AMERICA (1898). 116 E. 27 St.,
blind; projects for Israel, Soviet Jewry and     N.Y.C., 10016. Pres. Harold M. Jacobs;
the aging; is women's agency of UAHC             Exec. V. Pres. Pinchas Stolper; Dir. David
and cooperates with World Union for              Cohen. Serves as the national central
574    /   A M E R I C A N J E W I S H YEAR BOOK, 1 9 7 8
  body of Orthodox synagogues; provides          235 E. Broadway, N.Y.C., 10002. Pres.
  educational, religious, and organizational     Rabbi Moshe Feinstein; Chmn. Rabbi
  guidance to congregations, youth groups,       Symcha Elberg, Rabbi Hersh M. Ginsberg.
  and men's clubs; represents the Orthodox       Seeks to foster and promote Torah-true Ju-
  Jewish community in relationship to gov-       daism in U.S. and Canada; assists in the
  ernmental and civic bodies, and the general    establishment and maintenance of yeshivot
  Jewish community; conducts the national        in the United States; maintains committee
  authoritative U Kashruth certification ser-    on marriage and divorce and aids individu-
  vice. Jewish Action; Jewish Life; Keeping      als with marital difficulties; disseminates
  Posted; U News Reporter.                       knowledge of traditional Jewish rites and
                                                 practices and publishes regulations on
     : NATIONAL CONFERENCE OF SYNA-              synagogal structure; maintains rabbinical
  GOGUE YOUTH (1954). 116 E. 27 St.,             court for resolving individual and commu-
  N.Y.C., 10016. Pres. Morris Goldstein;         nal conflicts. Hapardes.
  Nat. Dir. Baruch Taub. Serves as central
  body for youth groups of traditional con- UNION OF SEPHARDIC CONGREGATIONS,
  gregations; provides such national activi-    INC. (1929). 8 W. 70 St., N.Y.C., 10023.
  ties and services as educational guidance,    Pres. The Hahom, Solomon Gaon; Sec. Jo-
  Torah study groups, Chavrusa-community        seph Tarica; Bd. Chmn. Victor Tarry. Pro-
  service, programs consultation, Torah li-     motes the religious interests of Sephardic
  brary, Torah fund scholarships, Ben Zak-     Jews; prepares and distributes Sephardic
  kai Honor Society, Friends of NCSY; con-      prayer books and provides religious leaders
  ducts national and regional events            for Sephardic congregations.
  including week-long seminars, summer
  Torah tours in over 200 communities, Is- UNITED LUBAVITCHER YESHIVOTH (1940).
  rael summer seminar for teens and collegi-    841-853 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, N.Y.,
  ates, Camp NCSY in Israel for preteens.       11230. Chmn. Exec. Com. S. Gourary.
  Divisions include Senior NCSY in 18 re-      Supports and organizes Jewish day schools
  gions and 465 chapters; Junior NCSY for
  pre-teens, CYT-College Youth for Torah;      and rabbinical seminaries in the U.S.A.
  B'nai Torah Day School and NCSY in Is-       and abroad.
  real. Keeping posted with NCSY; Advisors'
  Newsletter; Mitsvos Ma 'asiyos; Holiday Se-UNITED ORTHODOX SERVICES, INC. (1971).
  ries; Jewish Thought Series; Leadership       1311-49 St., Brooklyn, N.Y., 11219. Coor-
  Manual Series; Texts for Teen Study.         dinator Rabbi Zev Perl; Adm. Dir. Ira Ax-
                                               elrod; Exec. Sec. Mrs. Lillian Deutsch.
                                               Centralized religious administrative um-
        : NATIONAL ORGANIZATION OF OR-         brella organization, with 35 affiliates worl-
  THODOX SYNAGOGUE ADMINISTRATORS              wide; acts as liaison between various reli-
  (1964). 116 E. 27 St., N.Y.C., 10016. Pres.  gious groups with specialized functions
  Harold M. Jacobs. Seeks to utilize the ex-   and the Jewish community; initiates pro-
  perience and knowledge of the synagogue      jects of its own.
  administrator in establishing specific pro-
  fessional standards and practices for Or-
  thodox congregations.                       UNITED SYNAGOGUE OF AMERICA (1913).
                                                155 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C. 10010. Pres. Simon
        : WOMEN'S BRANCH (1923). 84 Fifth      Schwartz; Exec. V. Pres. Rabbi Benjamin
  Ave., N.Y.C., 10011. Pres. Mrs. Samuel       Z. Kreitman. National organization of
  A. Turk; Exec. V. Pres. Mrs. Mordecai        Conservative Jewish congregations. Main-
  A. Stern. Seeks to spread knowledge for       tains 12 departments and 20 regional
  the understanding and practice of Ortho-     offices to assist its affiliated congregations
  dox Judaism, and to unite all Orthodox        with religious, educational, youth, commu-
  women and their synagogal organizations,      nity, and administrative programming and
  services affiliates with educational and      guidance; aims to enhance the cause of
  programming materials, leadership and         Conservative Judaism, further religious
  organizational guidance and has an NGO        observance, encourage establishment of
                                               Jewish religious schools; embraces all ele-
  representative at UN. Hachodesh; News-        ments essentially loyal to traditional Juda-
  letter.                                       ism. Program Suggestions; United Syna-
UNION OF ORTHODOX RABBIS OF THE                gogue Review; Yearbook Directory and
  UNITED STATES AND CANADA (1900).              Buyers' Guide.
                     NATIONAL JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS                                / 575
    , ATID, COLLEGE AGE ORGANIZA-              adult Jewish education; prepares and pub-
TION OF (1960). 155 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C.,        lishes pamphlets, study guides, tracts, and
10010. Student Advisory Board. Seeks to        texts for use in adult-education programs;
develop a program for strengthening iden-      publishes the Jewish Tract series and dis-
tification with Judaism, based on the per-     tributes El-Am edition of Talmud. Dis-
sonality development, needs and interests      tributes black-and-white and colorfilmsof
of the collegian. A TID Curricula Judaica;     "Eternal Light" TV programs on Jewish
ATID Bibliography. ATID Bookmobile             subjects, produced by Jewish Theological
Project.                                       Seminary in cooperation with NBC. Bulle-
TION (1930). 155 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C.,                , NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SYNA-
10010. Chmn. Rabbi Joel H. Zaiman; Dir.        GOGUE ADMINISTRATORS OF (1948). 3080
Morton Siegel. Promotes higher educa-          Broadway, N.Y.C, 10027. Pres. Burton D.
tional standards in Conservative congrega-     Shanker. Aids congregations affiliated with
tional schools and Solomon Schechter Day       the United Synagogue of America to fur-
Schools and publishes material for the ad-     ther aims of Conservative Judaism through
vancement of their educational program.        more effective administration; advances
Briefs; Impact; In Your Hands; Our Age;        professional standards and promotes new
 Your Child.                                   methods in administration; cooperates in
                                               United Synagogue placement services and
    , JEWISH EDUCATORS ASSEMBLY OF             administrative surveys. The Synagogue Ad-
(1951). 155 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C., 10010.         ministrator; NASA Newsletter; NASA Jour-
Pres. Jay Stern; Admin. Herbert L. Tep-        nal.
per. Promotes, extends, and strengthens
the program of Jewish education on all lev-         : NATIONAL FEDERATION OF JEWISH
els in the community in consonance with        MEN'S CLUBS, INC. (1929). 475 Riverside
the philosophy of the Conservative move-       Dr., Suite 244, N.Y.C, 10027. Pres.
ment. Annual Yearbook; Quarterly Bulle-        Abraham A. Silver; Exec. Dir. David L.
tin; Newsletters.                              Blumenfeld; Sec. Harvey J. Lauigne. Pro-
                                               motes principles and objectives of Conser-
    : JOINT COMMISSION ON SOCIAL AC-           vative Judaism by organizing, sponsoring,
TION (1958). 155 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C.            and developing men's clubs or brother-
10010. Chmn. Jerry Wagner; Dir. Muriel         hoods; supports Leaders Training Fellow-
Bermar. Consists of representatives of         ship national youth organization.
United Synagogue of America; Women's
League for Conservative Judaism; Rab-               , UNITED SYNAGOGUE YOUTH OF
binical Assembly, and National Federation      (1951). 155 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C, 10010.
of Jewish Men's Clubs; reviews public is-      Pres. Jeff Siholnberg; Exec. Dir. Paul
sues and cooperates with civic and Jewish      Freedman. Seeks to develop a program for
community organizations to achieve social      strengthening identification with Judaism,
action goals. Judaism in Social Action.        based on the personality development,
                                               needs, and interests of the adolescent. Ach-
    , KADIMA OF (formerly PRE-USY;             shav; HaMadrich: A Journal of Informal
reorg. 1968). 155 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C,           Jewish Education; Tikun Olam.
10010. Dir. Robert J. Leifert. Encourages
positive attitudes and observances in an ac-       , WOMEN'S LEAGUE FOR CONSERVA-
tive Jewish life for pre- and early adoles-    TIVE JUDAISM (formerly NATIONAL
cence; conducts synagogue-based chapter        WOMEN'S LEAGUE) (1918). 48 E. 74 St.,
programs and regional Kadima days and          N.Y.C, 10021. Pres. Mrs. M. Milton
weekends. KADIMA; Mitzvah of the               Perry. Constitutes parent body of Conserv-
Month; Kadima Kesher; Advisors Aid Se-         ative women's groups in U.S., Canada,
ries; Parshat HaShavua; Chagim series.         Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Israel; provides
                                               them with programs in religion, education,
    , NATIONAL ACADEMY FOR ADULT               social action, leadership training, Israel
JEWISH STUDIES OF (1940). 155 Fifth            affairs, and community affairs; publishes
Ave., N.Y.C, 10010. Chmn. Bd. of Gov.          books of Jewish interest; contributes to
Morris Fond; Dir. Marvin S. Wiener. Pro-       support of Jewish Theological Seminary
vides guidance and information on re-          and Mathilde Schechter Residence Hall.
sources, courses, and other projects in         Women's League Outlook.
576    /   A M E R I C A N J E W I S H YEAR BOOK, 1 9 7 8
WEST COAST TALMUDICAL SEMINARY (Ye-               gained in college studies, and to become a
  shiva Ohr Elchonon) (1953). 851 No.             force for the dissemination of Torah Juda-
  Kings Rd., Los Angeles, Calif., 90069.          ism in the Jewish community; initiated
  Pres. Abraham Linderman; Dean S. Wass-          kiruv programs aimed at drawing into the
  erman; Sec. David Bass. Provides facilities     established Jewish community alienated
  for intensive Torah education as well as        and assimilated Jewish students; publishes
  Orthodox rabbinical training on the West        occasional monographs in Yavneh Studies
  Coast; conducts an accredited college pre-      Series; conducts summer tours to Israel
  paratory high school combined with a full       and Western Europe and an Eastern
  program of Torah-Talmudic training and a        Europe holocaust study tour. Kol Yavneh,
  graduate Talmudical division on college         Parshat Hashavua Series; Yavneh Shiron,
  level.                                          Guide to Jewish Life on the College Cam-
   155 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C., 10010. Pres. David    YESHIVA UNIVERSITY (1886). 500 W. 185
  Zucker; Dir. Muriel M. Bermar; Act.          St., N.Y.C., 10033. Pres. Norman Lamm;
  Exec. Dir. in Israel Rabbi Bernard Segal.    Chmn. Bd. of Trustees Max J. Extra; V.
  International representative of Conserva-    Chmn. Max Stern. The nation's oldest and
  tive organizations and congregations         largest private university founded under
  (Hatenuah Hamasoratit); promotes the         Jewish auspices, with a broad range of un-
  growth and development of the Conserva-      dergraduate, graduate, and professional
  tive movement in Israel and throughout       schools, a network of affiliates, publica-
  the world; supports new congregations and    tions, a widespread program of research,
  educational institutions overseas; holds bi- community service agencies, and a mu-
  ennial international convention; represents  seum. Curricula lead to bachelor's mas-
  the world Conservative Movement in the       ter's, and doctoral degrees. Undergraduate
  World Zionist Organization.                  schools provide general studies curricula
                                               supplemented by courses in Jewish learn-
WORLD UNION FOR PROGRESSIVE JUDAISM,           ing; graduate schools prepare for careers in
   LTD. (1926). 838 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C.,        medicine, law, mathematics, physics, so-
   10021. Pres. David H. Wice; Exec. Dir.      cial work, education, psychology, Semitic
  Richard G. Hirsch; Sec. Jane Evans; N.A.     languages, literatures, and cultures, and
  Bd. Dir. Ira S. Youdovin. Promotes and       other fields. It has five undergraduate
  coordinates efforts of Reform, Liberal, and  schools, eight graduate schools, and ten
  Progressive congregations throughout the     affiliates, with its four main centers located
  world; supports new congregations; assigns   in Manhattan and the Bronx. Inside Ye-
  and employs rabbis overseas; sponsors        shiva University; Yeshiva University Report.
  seminaries and schools; organizes interna-
  tional conferences of Liberal Jews. Interna-    Undergraduate schools for men at Main
   tional Conference Reports; News and Views; Center: Yeshiva College (Dean Isaac
  Shalhevet (Israel); Teshuva (Argentina).     Bacon) provides liberal arts and sciences
                                               curricula; grants B.A. degree. Erna Mi-
YAVNE HEBREW THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY,             chael College of Hebraic Studies (Dean
  INC. (1924). 510 Dahill Road, Brooklyn,      Jacob M. Rabinowitz) awards Hebraic
  N.Y., 11218. Pres. and Exec. Dir. Rabbi      Studies and Hebrew Teacher's diplomas,
  Nathan Shapiro. School for higher Jewish     B.A., and B.S. James Striar School of
  learning; trains rabbis and teachers as Jew- General Jewish Studies (Dir. Morris J.
  ish leaders for American Jewish communi-     Besdin) grants Associate in Arts degree.
  ties; maintains branch in Jerusalem for         Undergraduate schools for women at
  Higher Jewish Education-Machon Mahar-        Mid town Center, 245 Lexington Ave.,
  shal and for an exchange student program.    N.Y.C., 10016: Stern College for Women
   Yavne Newsletter.                           (Dean David Mirsky) offers liberal arts and
                                               sciences curricula supplemented by Jewish
YAVNEH, NATIONAL RELIGIOUS JEWISH              studies courses; awards B.A., Jewish Stud-
  STUDENTS ASSOCIATION (1960). 156 Fifth       ies certificate, Hebrew Teacher's diploma.
  Ave., N.Y.C., 10010. Pres. Naomi Terner;     Teachers Institute for Women (Dir. Ba-
  V. Pres. Robert Adler. Seeks to promote      ruch N. Faivelson) trains professionals for
  religious Jewish education on the college    education and community agency work;
  campus, to facilitate full observance of ha- awards Hebrew Teacher's diploma and
  lakhic Judaism, to integrate the insights    B.S. in Education.
                      NATIONAL JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS                                / 577
   Sponsors two high schools for boys and      Work Forum; Midrashon; Stern College
two for girls (Manhattan and Brooklyn).        Alumnae Newsletter; Wurzweiler School of
   Auxiliary services include: Stone-Saper-    Social Work Alumni Association Newslet-
stein Center for Jewish Education, Sephar-     ter; Yeshiva College Alumni Bulletin.
dic Studies Program, Brookdale Founda-
tion Programs for the Aged, Maxwell R.             , BELFER GRADUATE SCHOOL OF
Maybaum Institute of Material Sciences         SCIENCE (1958). 500 W. 185 St., N.Y.C.,
and Quantum Electronics.                       10033. Dean Arthur B. Komar. Offers pro-
                                               grams in mathematics and physics, includ-
   , ALBERT EINSTEIN COLLEGE OF                ing college teaching in those areas; con-
MEDICINE (1955). Eastchester Rd. and           ducts advanced research projects; confers
Morris Pk. Ave., Bronx, N.Y., 10461.           M.A. and Ph.D. degrees
Dean Ephraim Friedman. Prepares physi-              , BENJAMIN N. CARDOZO SCHOOL OF
cians and conducts research in the health      LAW (1976). 55 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C., 10003.
sciences; awards M.D. degree; includes Sue     Dean Monrad G. Paulsen. Prepares stu-
Golding Graduate Division of Medical           dents for the professional practice of law or
Sciences (Dir. Jonathan R. Warner), which      other activities in which legal training is
grants Ph.D. degree. Einstein College's        useful; grants L.L.D. degree.
clinical facilities and affiliates encompass
six Bronx hospitals—including Bronx Mu-            , BERNARD REVEL GRADUATE
nicipal Hospital and Montefiore Hospital       SCHOOL (1937). 500 W. 185 St., N.Y.C.,
and Medical Center—a wide variety of           10033. Dean Haym Soloveitchik. Offers
community health and special training in-      graduate work in Judaic studies and Se-
stitutions, and links to the Edenwald          mitic languages, literatures, and cultures;
School of Jewish Child Care Association        confers M.S., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees.
and other agencies, through the Rose F.
Kennedy Center for Research in Mental             , FERKAUF GRADUATE SCHOOL OF
Retardation and Human Development.             HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES
AECOM News; AECOM Newsletter.                  (1957). 55 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C., 10003.
                                               Dean Joseph B. Gittler. Offers programs in
      ALUMNI OFFICE, 500 West 185th            elementary and secondary education, ad-
Street, N.Y.C., 10033. Dir. Rabbi              ministration, reading, psychology Jewish
Abraham Avrech. Seeks to foster a close        education, and special education; grants
allegiance of alumni to their alma mater by    M.S., M.A., Specialist's Certificate, Doctor
maintaining ties with all alumni and servic-   of Education, and Ph.D. degrees.
ing the following associations: Yeshiva            , HARRY FISCHEL SCHOOL FOR
College Alumni, Pres. Sam Bloom; Erna          HIGHER JEWISH STUDIES (1945). 500 W.
Michael College of Hebraic Studies             185 St., N.Y.C., 10033. Dean Haym Solo-
Alumni; James Striar School of General         veitchik. Offers summer graduate work in
Jewish Studies Alumni; Stern College           Judaic studies and Semitic languages, liter-
Alumnae, Pres. Mrs. Doina L. Bryskin,          atures, and cultures; confers M.S., M.A.,
Mrs. Marga Marx; Teachers Institute for        and Ph.D. degrees.
Women Alumnae, Pres. Esther L. Dzia-
dek; Albert Einstein College of Medicine          , (affiliate) RABBI ISAAC ELCHANAN
Alumni, Pres. L. Donald Weinstein; Fer-        THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY (1896). 2540
kauf Graduate School of Humanities and         Amsterdam Ave., N.Y.C., 10033. Chmn.
Social Sciences Alumni, Pres. Alvin I.         Bd. of Trustees Herbert Tenzer; Dir. Rabbi
Schiff; Wurzweiler School of Social Work       Zevulun Charlop. Offers comprehensive
Alumni, Pres. Jules Brotsky; Bernard           training in higher Jewish studies; grants
Revel Graduate School—Harry Fischel            semikha (ordination) and the degrees of
School Alumni, Pres. Bernard Rosen-            Master of Religious Education, Master of
sweig; Rabbinic Alumni Pres. Max N.            Hebrew Literature, Doctor of Religious
Schreier; Alumni Council, Chmn.                Education, and Doctor of Hebrew Litera-
Abraham S. Guterman, offers guidance to        ture; includes Kollel (Institute for Ad-
Pres. and Bd. of Trustees on university's      vanced Research in Rabbinics; Dir. Rabbi
academic development and service activi-       Hershel Schachter), and auxiliaries: Can-
ties. Alumni Review; AECOM Alumni              torial Training Institute (Dir. Macy Nul-
News; Bat Hayyil; Chavrusa; James Striar       man): provides professional training of
School Alumni Newsletter; Jewish Social        cantors and other musical personnel for
578   /   AMERICAN JEWISH                 YEAR BOOK, 1 9 7 8
 the Jewish Community; awards Associate            college-age men with limited Hebrew back-
 Cantor's certificate and Cantonal diploma.        ground, Yeshiva program for day-school
 Sephardic Community Activities Program            and yeshivah high-school graduates, and
 (Dir. Rabbi Solomon Gaon): serves the             Bet Medrash program of Torah scholar-
 specific needs of 70 Sephardi synagogues in       ship; students encouraged to pursue B.A.
 the U.S. and Canada; holds such events as         or B.S. degree at college of their choice;
 annual Sephardic Cultural Festival; main-         completion of YULA program leads to ad-
 tains Sephardic Home Study Group pro-             ditional degree or diploma.
 gram. American Sephardi. Community
 Service Division (Dir. Rabbi Morris H.        YESHIVATH   TORAH    VODAATH AND
 Finer) makes educational, organizational,       MESIVTA RABBINICAL SEMINARY (1918).
 programming, consultative, and placement          425 E. 9 St., Brooklyn, N.Y., 11218.
 resources available to congregations,             Chmn. of Bd. Fred F. Weiss; Sec. Earl H.
 schools, organizations, and communities in        Spero. Offers Hebrew and secular educa-
 the U.S. and Canada, through its youth            tion from elementary level through rab-
 bureau, department of adult education, lec-       binical ordination and post-graduate work;
 ture bureau, placement bureau, and rab-           maintains a teachers institute and com-
 binic alumni. National Commission on              munity-service bureau; maintains a dormi-
 Torah Education (Dir. Robert S. Hirt);            tory and a nonprofit camp program for
 Camp Morasha (Dir. Zvi Reich) offers              boys. Chronicle; Mesivta Vanguard;
 Jewish study program; Educators Council            Thought of the Week; Torah Vodaath
 of America (Dir. Robert S. Hirt) formu-           News.
 lates uniform educational standards, pro-
 vides guidance to professional staffs, rab-   •         , ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (1941). 425
 bis, lay leaders with regard to curriculum,       E. 9 St., Brooklyn, N.Y., 11218. Pres. Mar-
 and promotes Jewish education.                    cus Saffer; Chmn. of Bd. Seymour Plu-
                                                   chenik. Promotes social and cultural ties
                                                   between the alumni and the schools
                                                   through fund raising; offers vocational
 CINE (1953). 55 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C., 10003.        guidance to students; operates Camp
 Seeks to further interest and participation       Torah Vodaath; and sponsors research fel-
 in activities on behalf of Einstein College       lowship program for boys. AnnualJournal;
 and to develop community understanding            Hamesivta Torah Periodical.
 of and support for its programs.              *       , BETH MEDROSH ELYON (ACAD-
                                                   EMY OF HIGHER LEARNING AND RE-
      , WOMEN'S ORGANIZATION (1928).
 55 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C., 10003. Pres. Mrs.          SEARCH) (1943). 73 Main St., Monsey,
 Stanley Schwartz; Exec. Dir. Mrs. Malkah          N.Y., 10952. Pres. Henry Hirsch; Chmn.
 Isseroff. Supports Yeshiva University's na-       of Bd. Marvin J. Herskowitz. Provides
 tional scholarship program for students           postgraduate courses and research work in
 training in education, community service,         higher Jewish studies; offers scholarships
 law, medicine, and other professions, and         and fellowships. Annual Journal.
 its development program. YUWO News                   SOCIAL, MUTUAL BENEFIT
                                               AMERICAN FEDERATION OF JEWISH FIGHT-
 WORK (1957). 55 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C.,               INC. (1971). 315 Lexington Ave., N.Y.C.,
 10003. Dean Lloyd Setleis. Offers graduate        10016. Pres. Solomon Zynstein; Sec.
 programs in social casework, social group         Myron Ziyzider. Seeks to perpetuate mem-
 work, community social work; grants Mas-          ory of victims of the Holocaust and make
 ter of Social Work and Doctor of Social           Jewish and non-Jewish youth aware of the
 Welfare degrees. Jewish Social Work               Holocaust and resistance period. Martyr-
 Forum.                                            dom and Resistance.
 Los ANGELES (1977). 6505 Wilshire Blvd.,       CENTRAL EUROPE, INC. (1942). 570 Sev-
 Los Angeles, Calif., 90048. Bd. Chmn.             enth Ave., N.Y.C., 10018. Pres. Curt C.
 Samuel Belzberg; Co-chmn. Roland E.               Silberman; Exec. V. Pres. Herbert A.
 Arnall; Dean of Admin. Rabbi Marvin               Strauss. Seeks to safeguard therightsand
 Hier. Offers Jewish studies program for           interests of American Jews of Central
                       NATIONAL JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS                              / 579
 European descent, especially in reference     Berkowitz; Exec. V. Pres. Herman Z.
 to restitution and indemnification; through   Quittman. Fosters principles of American-
 its Research Foundation for Jewish Immi-      ism, fraternalism, and Zionism; fosters He-
 gration sponsors research and publications    brew culture; offers life insurance, Blue
 on the history of Central European Jewry      Cross hospitalization, and other benefits to
 and the history of their immigration and      its members; sponsors settlements, youth
 acculturation in the U.S.; sponsors a social  centers, medical clinics, and Bnai Zion
 program for needy Nazi victims in the         Home for Retardates in Rosh Ha'ayin, Is-
 U.S. in cooperation with United Help,         rael. Program is dedicated to furtherance
 Inc. and other specialized social agencies.   of America-Israel friendship. Bnai Zion
 Undertakes cultural activities, annual con-   Foundation Newsletter; Bnai Zion Voice.
 ferences, publication, and lecture pro-
 grams. Member, Council of Jews from BRITH ABRAHAM (1887). 853 Broadway,
 Germany.                                      N.Y.C., 10003. Grand Master Samuel F.
                                               Schwab. Protects Jewish rights and com-
AMERICAN SEPHARDI FEDERATION (1972).           bats antisemitism; supports Israel and
  521 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C., 10017. Pres. Li-     major Jewish organizations; maintains
 liane L. Winn; Exec. Dir. Gary Shaer.         foundation in support of Soviet Jewry, aids
 Seeks to preserve the Sephardi heritage in    Jewish education and Camp Loyaltown for
 United States, Israel, and throughout         Retarded. Beacon.
  world by fostering and supporting religious
 and cultural activities of Sephardi congre- BRITH SHOLOM (1905). Adelphia House,
 gations, organizations and communities,        1235 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.,
  and uniting them in one overall organiza-     19107. Nat. Pres. David E. Molish; Nat.
  tion; supports Jewish institutions of higher Exec. Dir. Albert Liss. Fraternal organi-
  learning and those for the training of Se-   zation devoted to community welfare,
  phardi lay and religious leaders to serve    protection of rights of Jewish people and
  their communities everywhere; assists Se-    activities which foster Jewish identity
  phardi charitable, cultural, religious and   and provide support for Israel; sponsors
  educational institutions everywhere; dis-    Brith Sholom House for senior citizens
  seminates information by the publication,    in Philadelphia and Brith Sholom Beit
  or assistance in the publication, of books   Halochem under construction in Haifa, a
  and other literature dealing with Sephardi   rehabilitation center for war-wounded.
  culture and tradition in the United States.   Community Relations Digest; Brith Sho-
  Newsletter; Sephardi World.                   lom News.

  c/o Samuel E. Alexander, 548 E. Walnut        OF AMERICA (1940). 8 W. 70 St., N.Y.C.,
  St., Long Beach, N.Y., 11561. Pres. Sidney    10023. Pres. Solomon Altchek; Sec. Isaac
  Rabinovich; Sec. Samuel E. Alexander.         Molho. Seeks to foster Sephardic culture,
  Maintains contact with American and Ca-       education and communal institutions.
  nadian volunteers who served in Aliyah        Sponsors wide range of activities; raises
  Bet and/or Israel's War of Independence;      funds for Sephardic causes in U.S. and Is-
  promotes Israel's welfare; holds memorial     rael.
  services at grave of Col. David Marcus; is
  affiliated with World Mahal. Newsletter.     FREE SONS OF ISRAEL (1849). 932 Broad-
                                                way, N.Y.C., 10010. Grand Master Harry
ASSOCIATION OF YUGOSLAV JEWS IN THE             Pavony; Grand Sec. Murray Birnback.
  UNITED STATES, INC. (1940). 247 W. 99         Promotes fraternalism; supports State of
  St., N.Y.C., 10025. Pres. Sal Musafia;        Israel, UJA, Soviet Jewry, Israel Bonds,
  Sec. Mile Weiss. Assists members and          and other Jewish charities; fights antise-
  Jews and Jewish organizations in Yugo-        mitism; awards scholarships. Local lodges
  slavia; cooperates with organization of       have own publications.
  former Yugoslav Jews in Israel and else-
  where, as well as with other Jewish or-      INTERNATIONAL JEWISH LABOR BUND (Di-
  ganizations. Bulletin.                         rected by WORLD COORDINATING COM-
                                                 MITTEE OF THE BUND) (1897; reorg.
BNAI ZION—THE AMERICAN FRATERNAL                 1947). 25 E. 78 St., N.Y.C., 10021. Exec.
  ZIONIST ORGANIZATION (1908). 136 E.            Sec. Emanuel Scherer. Coordinates activi-
  39 St., N.Y.C., 10016. Pres. William           ties of the Bund organizations throughout
580   /   A M E R I C A N J E W I S H YEAR BOOK, 1 9 7 8
  the world and represents them in the So-      community service; nat. projects: cancer
  cialist International; spreads the ideas of   service, handicapped children, deaf, blind,
  Socialism as formulated by the Jewish         etc. Echo.
  Labor Bund; publishes pamphlets and
  periodicals on world problems, Jewish life, WORKMEN'S CIRCLE (1900). 45 E. 33 St.,
  socialist theory and policy, and on the his-  N.Y.C., 10016. Pres. Bernard Backer;
  tory, activities, and ideology of the Jewish  Exec. Dir. William Stern. Provides frater-
  Labor Bund. Unzer Tsait (U.S.); Foroys        nal benefits and activities, Jewish educa-
  (Mexico); Lebns-Fragn (Israel); Unser Ge-     tional programs, secularist Yiddish schools
  dank (Argentina); Unser Gedank (Aus-          for children, community activities, both in
  tralia); Unser Shtimme (France); Tsait-       Jewish life and on the American scene, co-
  Fragn (Uruguay).                              operation with the labor movement. The
                                                 Call; Inner Circle; Kinder Zeitung; Kultur
JEWISH PEACE FELLOWSHIP (1941). Box              un Lebn.
  271, Nyack, N.Y., 10960. Pres. Naomi
  Goodman; Hon. Chmn. Isidor B. Hoff-                 , DIVISION OF JEWISH LABOR COM-
  man. Unites those who believe that Jewish     MITTEE (see p. 556).
  ideals and experience provide inspiration               SOCIAL WELFARE
  for a nonviolent philosophy and way of life;
  offers draft counseling, especially for con- AMERICAN JEWISH CORRECTIONAL CHAP-
  scientious objection based on Jewish "reli-   LAINS ASSOCIATION, INC. (formerly NA-
  gious training and belief; encourages Jew-    TIONAL COUNCIL OF JEWISH PRISON
  ish community to become more                  CHAPLAINS) (1937). 10 E. 73 St., N.Y.C.,
  knowledgeable, concerned, and active in        10021. (Cooperating with the New York
  regard to the war/peace problem. JPF          Board of Rabbis and Jewish Family Ser-
  Newsletter.                                   vice.) Pres. Frederic S. Nathan; Exec. Dir.
                                                Ely Saltzman. Seeks to provide a more ar-
JEWISH SOCIALIST VERBAND OF AMERICA             ticulate expression for Jewish chaplains
  (1921). 45 E. 33 St., N.Y.C., 10016. Pres.    serving the needs of Jewish men and
  Morris Bagno; Nat. Sec. Maurice Pe-           women in penal and correctional institu-
  trushka. Promotes ideals of democratic so-    tions, and to make their ministry more
  cialism and Yiddish culture; affiliated with  effective through exchange of views and
  Social Democrats, USA. Der Wecker.            active cooperation.
  ICA, INC. (1958). Main St., Old Chatham,        INC., (1949). 15 E. 26 St., Rm. 1302,
  N.Y., 12136. Pres. Charles H. Kremer;           N.Y.C., 10010. Pres. E. Kenneth Marx;
  Treas. Albert Sigal. Serves as a representa-    Exec. Dir. Harry E. Saltzman; Sec. Ely
  tive body for Rumanian Jewry throughout         Saltzman. Conducts 4 voluntary work ser-
  the world and intervenes on their behalf;       vice camps each summer to enable young
  cooperates with all national Jewish and         people to live their faith by serving other
  non-Jewish organizations for purpose of         people. Newsletter.
  aiding Rumanian Jews economically, so-
  cially and politically here or abroad; dis-    •AMERICAN MEDICAL CENTER AT DENVER
  seminates information about Rumanian            (formerly Jewish CONSUMPTIVES' RELIEF
  Jewish activities.                               SOCIETY,    1904; merged       with EX-
                                                  PATIENT'S    SANITARIUM,       1966).   6401
SEPHARDIC    JEWISH     BROTHERHOOD OF            West Colfax, Spivak, Colo., 80214. Pres.
  AMERICA, INC. (1915). 97-29 64th Rd.,           Robert A. Silverberg; Exec. V. Pres. Man-
  Rego Park, N.Y., 11374. Pres. Bernard           fred L. Minzer, Jr. A national hospital for
  Ouziel; Sec. Jack Ezratty. Promotes the in-     cancer treatment and research, supported
  dustrial, social, educational, and religious    by private donations from all parts of the
  welfare of its members, offers funeral and      U.S.; provides treatment free to all in need;
  burial benefits, scholarships and aid to        offers long-term treatment for advanced
  needy. Sephardic Brother.                       and recurrent cancer, combined with ex-
                                                  tensive basic and clinical research. Spon-
UNITED ORDER TRUE SISTERS, INC. (1846).           sor's Report.
  150 W. 85 St., N.Y.C., 10024. Nat. Pres.
  Mrs. Stanley Friedman; Nat. Sec. Mrs.                : NATIONAL COUNCIL OF AUXILIA-
  Martin Sporn. Philanthropic, fraternal,          RIES (1904; reorg. 1936). 6401 W. Colfax,
                        NATIONAL JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS                                / 581
  Spivak, Colo., 80214. Pres. Mrs. Bess Goff-     disadvantaged and the handicapped, and
  stein. Provides support for the American        public affairs programs. Women's World.
  Medical Center program by disseminating
  information, fund raising, and acting as ad-            YOUTH    ORGANIZATION (see p.
  missions officers for patients from chapter     564).
  cities throughout the country. Bulletin.
                                                 CITY OF HOPE—A NATIONAL MEDICAL
  Park Ave. S., N.Y.C., 10016. Pres. Robert       (1913). 208 W. 8 St., Los Angeles, Calif.,
  Simons; Mng. Dir. Theodore Norman.              90014. Pres. M. E. Hersch; Exec. Dir. Ben
  Aids Jewish immigrants and their children       Horowitz. Admits on completely free, non-
  in the U.S., Israel, and elsewhere by giving    sectarian basis patients from all parts of the
  grants to agencies active in educational and    nation suffering from cancer and leukemia,
  vocational fields; has limited program for      blood, heart, and respiratory ailments, and
  scholarships and study tours in U.S.            certain maladies of heredity and metabo-
                                                  lism including diabetes; makes available its
B'NAI B'RITH (1843). 1640 Rhode Island            Consultation Service to doctors and hospi-
  Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C., 20036.            tals throughout the nation, concerning di-
  Pres. David M. Blumberg; Exec. V. Pres.         agnosis and treatment of their patients; As
  Daniel Thursz. International Jewish orga-       a unique pilot medical center, seeks to in-
  nization, with affiliates in 40 countries.      fluence medicine and science everywhere,
  Programs involve community relations            affecting treatment, research and educa-
  and service; international affairs with em-     tion in the catastrophic diseases; seeks im-
  phasis on Israel and Soviet Jewry; teen and     provements in the quality, quantity, econ-
  college age youth movements; adult Jewish       omy, and efficiency of health care. Many
  education; civic and social welfare. The        hundreds of original findings have emerged
  National Jewish Monthly; Shofar.                from its staff who are conducting clinical
                                                  and basic research in the catastrophic
      _, ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE OF                maladies and in lupus erythematosus,
  (see p. 555).                                   Huntingdon's disease, genetics and the
                                                  neurosciences. Pilot; President's Newsletter;
       , CAREER AND COUNSELING SER-               City of Hope Quarterly.
  VICES (1938). 1640 Rhode Island Ave.,
  N.W., Washington, D.C., 20036. Chmn. COUNCIL OF JEWISH FEDERATIONS AND
  Irving Rubenstein, Sr.; Nat. Dir. S. Nor-   WELFARE FUNDS, INC. (1932). 575 Lex-
  man Feingold. Conducts educational and      ington Ave., N.Y.C., 10022. Pres. Jerold
  occupational research and engages in a      C. Hoffberger; Exec. V. Pres. Philip Bern-
  broad publications program; provides di-    stein. Provides national and regional ser-
  rect group and individual guidance ser-     vices to more than 215 associated Federa-
  vices for youths and adults through profes- tions embracing 800 communities in the
  sionally staffed regional offices in many   United States and Canada, aiding in fund
  population centers. B'nai B'rith Career and                                     health
  Counseling Services Newsletter; Catalogue raising, community organization, recruit-
                                              and welfare planning, personnel
  of Publications; Counselors Information     ment, and public relations. Directory of
  Service.                                    Jewish Federations, Welfare Funds and
                                              Community Councils; Directory of Jewish
      _. HILLEL FOUNDATIONS, INC. (see p.     Health and Welfare Agencies (triennial);
  564).                                       Jewish Communal Services: Programs and
        : INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF        Finances; Yearbook of Jewish Social Ser-
  HILLEL DIRECTORS (see p. 567).
        , WOMEN (1897). 1640 Rhode Island        HOPE CENTER FOR THE RETARDED, INC.
  Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C., 20036.            (1965). 3601 E. 32 Ave., Denver, Colo.,
  Pres. Mrs. Louise Kash; Exec. Dir. Fae E.       80205. Bd. Chmn. John Fischer; Exec.
  Hoffman. Participates in contemporary           Dir. George E. Brantley; Sec. Mrs. Lor-
  Jewish life through youth and adult Jewish      raine Faulstich. Provides services to
  education programs, human rights endeav-        developmentally disabled of community:
  ors, and community-service activities; sup-     preschool training, day training and
  ports a variety of services to Israel; con-     work activities center, speech and lan-
  ducts community service programs for the        guage pathology, occupational arts and
582    /   A M E R I C A N J E W I S H YEAR BOOK, 1 9 7 8
  crafts, and recreational therapy, social        Jewish caseworkers and related profession-
  services.                                       als in Jewish family, children, and health
                                                  services. Seeks improvement in personnel
INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL ON JEWISH SO-               standards; ways of furthering Jewish conti-
  CIAL AND WELFARE SERVICES (1961). 200           nuity and identity; to strengthen Jewish
  Park Ave. S., N.Y.C., 10003. (N.Y. liaison      family life and individual identity as Jews;
  office with UN headquarters.) Chmn. Jack        provides forums for professional discus-
  Weiler; V. Chmn. William Haber; The Rt.         sion at national conference of Jewish com-
  Hon. Lord Nathan; Exec. Sec. Leonard            munal service and regional meetings; takes
  Seidenman; Dep. Exec. Sec. Theodore D.          action on social policy issues; provides a
  Feder. Provides for exchange of views and       vehicle for representation of Jewish case-
  information among member agencies on            workers and others in various national as-
  problems of Jewish social and welfare ser-      sociations and activities.
  vices, including medical care, old age, wel-
  fare, child care, rehabilitation, technical    NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF JEWISH HOMES
  assistance, vocational training, agricul-       FOR THE AGED (1960). 2525 Centerville
  tural, and other resettlement, economic as-     Road, Dallas, Texas, 75228. Pres. Sidney
  sistance, refugees, migration, integration      Friedman; Exec. V. Pres. Herbert Shore.
  and related problems, representation of         Serves as a national representative of vol-
  views to governments and international or-      untary Jewish homes for the aged. Con-
  ganizations. Members: six national and in-      ducts annual meetings, conferences, work-
  ternational organizations.                      shops and institutes. Provides for sharing
                                                  information, studies and clearinghouse
JEWISH BRAILLE INSTITUTE OF AMERICA,              functions. Directory; Progress Report.
  INC. (1931). 110 E. 30 St., N.Y.C., 10016.
  Pres. Mrs. David M. Levitt; Exec. Dir. NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF JEWISH VOCA-
  Jacob Freid. Seeks to serve the religious     TIONAL SERVICES (formerly Jewish Occu-
  and cultural needs of the Jewish blind by     pational Council) (1940). 114 Fifth Ave.,
  publishing prayerbooks in Hebrew and En-      N.Y.C., 10011. Pres. Sidney Friedman;
  glish braille; provides Yiddish, Hebrew,      Exec. V. Pres. Herbert Shore. Acts as coor-
  and English records for Jewish blind          dinating body for all Jewish agencies hav-
  throughout the world who cannot read          ing programs in educational vocational
  braille; maintaining worldwide free braille   guidance, job placement, vocational
  lending library. Jewish Braille Review.       rehabilitation, skills-training, sheltered
                                                workshops, and occupational research.
JEWISH CONCILIATION BOARD OF AMER-              Newsletter; Information bulletins; Confer-
  ICA, INC. (1922). 33 W. 60 St., N.Y.C.,       ence publications.
  10023. Pres. Herbert A. Schneider; Dir.
  Sarah F. Gillman. Evaluates and attempts THE NATIONAL ASTHMA CENTER (1907).
  to resolve conflicts within families, organi-  1999 Julian St., Denver, Colo., 80204.
  zations, and businesses to avoid litigation;  Bd. Pres. Charles M. Shayer; Exec. V.
  offers, without charge, mediation, arbitra-   Pres. Dudley Solomon. Administers care
  tion, and counseling services by rabbis, at-  and treatment to children from the ages
  torneys, and social workers; refers cases to  of 4-16 suffering from chronic, intracta-
  other agencies, where indicated.              ble asthma; performs outpatient services
                                                for people of all ages; research and dis-
LEO N. LEVI MEMORIAL NATIONAL AR-               semination of information. National
  THRITIS HOSPITAL (sponsored by B'nai          Asthma Center News.
  B'rith) (1914). 300 Prospect Ave., Hot
  Springs National Park, Ark., 71901. Pres. NATIONAL CONFERENCE OF JEWISH COM-
  Emile L. Grossbart; Adm. D. E. Wagoner.       MUNAL SERVICE (1899). 15 E. 26 St.,
  Maintains a nonprofit nonsectarian hospi-     N.Y.C., 10010. Pres. William Kahn; Exec.
  tal for treatment of sufferers from arthritis Dir. Matthew Penn. Serves as forum for all
  and related diseases.                         professional philosophies in community
                                                service, for testing new experiences,
NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF JEWISH FAM-             proposing new ideas, and questioning or
  ILY, CHILDREN'S AND HEALTH PROFES-            reaffirming old concepts. Concerned with
  SIONALS (1965). 130 East 59 St., N.Y.C.,      advancement of professional personnel
  10022. Pres. Solomon Brownstein; Sec.         practices and standards. Concurrents;
  Mrs. Elizabeth Brooks. Brings together        Journal of Jewish Communal Service.
                        NATIONAL JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS                                 /    583
NATIONAL COUNCIL OF JEWISH PRISON                 JWB Facts; Public Relations Idea Ex-
  CHAPLAINS, INC. (see AMERICAN JEWISH            change; JWB Personnel Reporter; Sherut;
  CORRECTIONAL CHAPLAINS ASSOCIA-                 The Jewish Chaplain; Jewish Lay Leader;
 TION, INC.).                                     Mail Call; Mrs. G.I.
  INC. (1893). 15 E. 26 St., N.Y.C., 10010.      LAINCY (1940). 15 E. 26 St., N.Y.C.,
  Nat. Pres. Esther R. Landa; Exec. Dir.         10010. Chmn. Rabbi Eric Friedland; Dir.
  Marjorie M. Cohen. Operates programs in        Rabbi Joel Balsam, Recruits, endorses, and
  education, social and legislative action and   serves Jewish military and Veterans Ad-
  community service for children and youth,      ministration chaplains on behalf of the
  the aging, the disadvantaged in Jewish and     American Jewish community and the three
  general communities; conducts nationwide       major rabbinic bodies; trains and assists
  study of juvenile justice system as basis for  Jewish lay leaders where there are no chap-
  legislative reform and community projects;     lains, for service to Jewish military person-
  promotes education in Israel through           nel, their families, and hospitalized veter-
  NCJW Research Institute for Innovation         ans. Jewish Chaplain; Jewish Lay Leader.
  in Education at Hebrew University,
  Jerusalem; provides educational materials          -, JEWISH BOOK COUNCIL (see p.
  to kindergartens. Council Woman; Wash-         559).
  ington Newsletter; Children Without Jus-             , JEWISH MUSIC COUNCIL (see p.
  tice; Manualfor Action; Symposium on Sta-
  tus Offenders Proceedings; Windows on Day 560).
  Care.                                         WORLD CONFEDERATION OF JEWISH COM-
                                                  MUNITY CENTERS (1947). 15 E. 26           St.,
NATIONAL JEWISH COMMITTEE ON SCOUT-               N.Y.C., 10010. Pres. Morton L. Mandel;
 ING (1926). Boy Scouts of America. North         Exec. Dir. Herbert Millman. Serves as a
 Brunswick, N.J., 08902. Chmn. Melvin B.          council of Jewish community center move-
 Neisner; Exec. Dir. Harry Lasker. Seeks to       ments in the various countries; promotes
 stimulate Boy Scout activity among Jewish        communication and cooperation among
 boys. Ner Tamid for Boy Scouts and Ex-           constituents through periodic world con-
 plorers; Scouting in Synagogues and Cen-         ferences, exchange visits of lay leaders,
 ters.                                            professionals and youths, and sharing of
                                                  publications; acts as clearing house for cur-
NATIONAL JEWISH HOSPITAL AND RE-                  rent information on lay and professional
  SEARCH CENTER (1899). 3800 E. Colfax            leaders of national organizations; makes
  Ave., Denver, Colo., 80206. Pres. Alvin         available program information and techni-
  Cohen; Exec. V. Pres. Richard N. Blue-          cal assistance.
  stein. Offers nationwide, nonsectarian care
  for adults and children suffering from tu-         ZIONIST AND PRO-ISRAEL
  berculosis, asthma, emphysema, chronic
  bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, and other im-    AMERICAN-ISRAEL       CULTURAL      FOUNDA-
  munological and pulmonary disorders.            TION, INC. (1939). 4 East 54 St., N.Y.C.,
  NJH Report.                                     10022. Chmn. of Bd. William Mazer, Isaac
                                                  Stern; Pres. Bernard Mandelbaum; Chmn.
NATIONAL     JEWISH     WELFARE      BOARD        Exec. Com. David Berg. Membership or-
  (1917). 15 E. 26 St., N.Y.C., 10010. Pres.      ganization supporting Israeli cultural insti-
  Daniel Rose; Exec. V. Pres. Arthur Rot-         tutions, such as Israel Philharmonic and
  man. Major service agency for Jewish            Israel Chamber Orchestras, Tel Aviv Mu-
  Community Centers and camps serving             seum, Rubin Academies, Bat Sheva Dance
  more than a million Jews; Government ac-        Co.; sponsors cultural exchange between
  credited agency for providing services and      U.S. and Israel; awards scholarships in all
 programs to Jewish military families and         arts to young Israelis for study in Israel
 hospitalized veterans; promotes Jewish           and abroad. Hadashot; Tarbut.
 culture through its Book and Music Coun-
 cils, JWB lecture bureau, and Jewish edu- AMERICAN COMMITTEE FOR SHAARE
 cational, cultural and Israel-related pro-  ZEDEK HOSPITAL IN JERUSALEM, INC.
 jects. JWB Circle; Jewish Community         (1949). 6 E. 46 Street, N.Y.C., 10017. Pres.
  Center Program Aids; Jewish Bookland;      Leo Jung; Bd. Chmn. Max Stern; Sec.
 Jewish Music Notes; Running the Center;     Isaac Strahl; Treas. Norbert Strauss.
584   /    A M E R I C A N J E W I S H YEAR BOOK,               1978

  Raises funds for the various needs of the      American Friends Bulletin: News from the
  Shaare Zedek Hospital, Jerusalem, such as      Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Scopus
  equipment and medical supplies, nurses         Magazine.
  training school, research, as well as general
  maintenance of present hospital and build-    AMERICAN FRIENDS OF THE ISRAEL MU-
  ing funds for Shaare Zedek Medical Center      SEUM (1968). 120 E. 56 St., N.Y.C., 10022.
  now under construction. At the Hospital;       Pres. Charles M. Diker; Exec. Dir. Leon-
  Heartbeat.                                     ard K. Straus. Raises funds for special pro-
                                                 jects of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.
                                                 AMERICAN FRIENDS OF THE JERUSALEM
                                                  MENTAL HEALTH CENTER—EZRATH
  (1944). 515 Park Ave., N.Y.C., 10022.           NASHIM INC. (1895). 10 E. 40            St.,
  Pres. Stephen L. Stulman; Chmn. of Bd.          N.Y.C, 10016. Pres. Joel Finkle; Exec.
  Morris L. Levinson; Exec. Dir. Harold           Dir. George M. Lewis. Supports the
  Hill. Secures support for basic and applied     growth, development, and maintenance
  scientific research. Onterface; Rehovot.        of Jerusalem Mental Health Center-
AMERICAN FRIENDS OF HAIFA UNIVERSITY              Ezrath Nashim in Jerusalem, Israel, a
  (1969). 60 E. 42 St., N.Y.C. 10017. Pres.       200-bed hospital which is the only non-
 Charles J. Bensley; V. Pres.-Sec. Kenneth        governmental, nonprofit, voluntary men-
 J. Bialkin. Supports the development and         tal-health facility in Israel devoted to re-
 maintenance of the various programs of           search in, training for, and treatment
 the University of Haifa, among them the          and alleviation of, problems caused by
 Arab Jewish center, the Yiddish depart-          mental illness. Progress Reports.
 ment, Bridging The Gap project, division
 of management and hotel management, AMERICAN FRIENDS OF THE TEL AVIV UNI-
 school of education and the kibbutz move-    VERSITY, INC. (1955). 342 Madison Ave.,
 ment, and fine arts department; arranges     N.Y.C, 10017. Pres. Joseph H. Strelitz; V.
 overseas academic student programs for       Pres. Yona Ettinger, Malcolm Rosenberg;
 American and Canadian students. Newslet-     Exec. V. Pres. Zvi Almog. Supports devel-
  ter.                                        opment and maintenance of the Tel Aviv
                                              University. Sponsors exchange student
AMERICAN FRIENDS OF RELIGIOUS FREE-           programs and exchange professorships in
 DOM IN ISRAEL (1963). P.O. Box. 5888,        U.S. and Israel. Sentinel; Aleph-Tav.
 Washington, D.C., 20014. Exec. Dir. Alex AMERICAN ISRAEL PUBLIC AFFAIRS COM-
 Hershaft. Calls for complete religious free- MITTEE (1954). 1341 G. St., N.W., Suite
 dom and separation of church and state in    908, Washington, D.C., 20005. Pres. Ed-
 Israel; publicizes violations of religious   ward Sanders; Exec. Dir. Morris J.
 freedom to bring the influence of benevo-    Amitay. Registered to lobby on behalf of
 lent opinion of the American Jewish com-     legislation affecting Israel, Soviet Jewry,
 munity to bear on solution of this problem;  arms sales to Middle East; represents
 assists other groups and individuals work-   Americans who believe support for a se-
 ing toward these goals.                      cure Israel is in U.S. interest.
  VERSITY (1925; inc. 1931). 11 E. 69 St.,        (1928; reorg. 1955). 30 E. 60 St., N.Y.C,
  N.Y.C, 10021. Pres. MaxM. Kampelman;            10022. Nat. Pres. Mrs. Leonard F. Dank;
  Exec. V. Pres. Seymour Fishman; Chmn.           Nat. Sec. Mrs. L.T. Rosenbaum. Provides
  of Bd. Julian B. Venezky; Chmn. Exec.           education and rehabilitation for the blind
  Comm. Henry Sonneborn III. Fosters the          and physically handicapped in Israel to
  growth, development, and maintenance of         effect their social and vocational integra-
  the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; col-        tion into the seeing community; built and
  lects funds and conducts programs of in-        maintains Rehabilitation Center for the
  formation throughout the United States in-      Blind (Migdal Or) in Haifa. Tower.
  terpreting the work of the Hebrew
  University and its significance; administers   AMERICAN JEWISH LEAGUE FOR ISRAEL
  American student programs and arranges          (1957). 595 Madison Ave., N.Y.C, 10022.
  exchange professorships in the United           Pres. Hon. Seymour R. Levine; Chmn.
  States and Israel. Created, and recruits        Exec. Com. Eleazar Lipsky; Chmn. of Bd.
  support for, Truman Research Institute.         Samuel Rothberg. Seeks to unite all those
                         NATIONAL JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS                                 / 585
 who, notwithstanding differing philoso-           AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR TECHNION-ISRAEL
 phies of Jewish life, are committed to the         INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, INC. (1940)
 historical ideals of Zionism; works, inde-         271 Madison Ave., N.Y.C., 10016. Pres.
 pendently of class or party, for the welfare       Samuel Neaman. Supports the work of the
 of Israel as a whole. Not identified with any      Technion-Israel Institute of Technology,
 political parties in Israel. Bulletin of the       Haifa, which trains 9,800 students in 20
 American Jewish League for Israel.                 departments and medical school, and con-
                                                    ducts research across a broad spectrum of
AMERICAN MIZRACHI WOMEN (formerly                   science and technology. ATS Newsletter;
 MIZRACHI WOMEN'S ORGANIZATION OF                   ATS Women's Division Newsletter; Tech-
 AMERICA) (1925). 817 Broadway, N.Y.C.,             nion Magazine; Inside Technion.
  1003. Nat. Pres. Mrs. Sarah P. Shane; Sec.
 Mrs. Samuel S. Silverstein. Conducts so- AMERICAN ZIONIST FEDERATION (1939;
 cial-service, child care, and vocational-   reorg. 1949 and 1970). 515 Park Ave.,
 educational programs in Israel in an envi-  N.Y.C., 10022. Pres. Mrs. Faye Schenk;
 ronment of traditional Judaism; promotes    Acting Exec. Dir. Mrs. Carmella Carr.
 cultural activities for the purpose of dis- Consolidates the efforts of the existing
 seminating Zionist ideals and strengthen-   Zionist constituency in such areas as public
 ing traditional Judaism in America. The     and communal affairs, education, youth
 American Mizrachi Woman.                    and aliyah, and invites the affiliation and
                                             participation of like-minded individuals
AMERICAN PHYSICIANS FELLOWSHIP, INC.         and organizations in the community-at-
 FOR THE ISRAEL MEDICAL ASSOCIA-             large. Seeks to conduct a Zionist program
 TION (1950). 1622 Beacon St., Brookline,    designed to create a greater appreciation of
 Mass., 02146. Pres. Joseph Kaufman;         Jewish culture within the American Jewish
 Sec. Manuel M. Glazier. Aims to help        community in furtherance of the continu-
 Israel become a major world medical         ity of Jewish life and the spiritual centrality
 center; secures fellowships for selected    of Israel as the Jewish homeland. Com-
 Israeli physicians and arranges lecture-    posed of 14 National Zionist organizations;
 ships in Israel by prominent American       10 Zionist youth movements; individual
 physicians; supports Jerusalem Academy      members-at-large; corporate affiliates.
 of Medicine and financially assists Israel  Maintains regional offices in Philadelphia,
 Medical Association; contributes medical    Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Cleveland,
 books, periodicals, instruments, and        Detroit, and New York. News & Views.
 drugs. APF News.
                                                   AMERICAN ZIONIST YOUTH FOUNDATION,
AMERICAN RED MAGEN DAVID FOR IS-                    INC. (1973). 515 Park Ave., N.Y.C.,
  RAEL, INC. (1941). 888 7th Ave., N.Y.C.,          10022. Chmn. Bd. of Trustees Andrew N.
  10019. Nat. Pres. Joseph Handleman; Nat.          Dubester; Exec. Dir. Than D. Alderman.
  Chmn. Emanuel Celler; Nat. Exec. V.               Sponsors educational programs and ser-
  Pres. Benjamin Saxe. An authorized tax            vices for American Jewish youth including
  exempt organization; the sole support arm         tours to Israel, programs of volunteer ser-
  in the United States of Magen David               vice or study in leading institutions of sci-
  Adom in Israel with a national member-            ence, scholarship and arts. Also prepares
  ship and chapter program. Educates and            and provides specialists who present and
  involves its members in activities of Magen       interpret the Israeli experience for commu-
  David Adom, Israel's Red Cross Service;           nity centers and federations throughout
  raises funds for MDA's emergency medi-            the country.
  cal services, including collection and distri-
  bution of blood and blood products for Is-             •. AMERICAN ZIONIST YOUTH COUN-
  rael's military and civilian population;           CIL (1951). 515 Park Ave., N.Y.C., 10022.
  supplies ambulances, bloodmobiles, and             Chmn. Heshi Gorewitz. Acts as spokes-
  mobile cardiac rescue units serving all hos-       man and representative of Zionist youth in
  pitals and communities throughout Israel;          interpreting Israel to the youth of Amer-
  supports MDA's 73 emergency medical                ica; represents, coordinates, and imple-
  clinics and helps provide training and             ments activities of the Zionist youth move-
  equipment for volunteer emergency                  ments in the U.S.: Betar, B'nai Akiva,
  paramedical corps. Chapter Highlights;             Dror, Hashomer Hatzair, Hamagshimim,
  Lifeline.                                          Ichud Habonim, Masado of ZOA.
586   /   A M E R I C A N J E W I S H YEAR BOOK, 1 9 7 8
•AMERICANS FOR A MUSIC LIBRARY IN IS-                information on budget, size, functions, etc.
  RAEL (1950). 220 S. State St., Rm. 1208,           of traditional educational, welfare, and
  Chicago, 111., 60604. Pres. Samuel Barliant;       philanthropic institutions in Israel, work-
  Exec. V. Pres. Mrs. Samuel Barliant. Pro-          ing cooperatively with the Israel govern-
  motes and encourages music education in            ment and the overseas department of the
  Israel through financial and other assist-         Council of Jewish Federations and Welfare
  ance; supplies all material for nine music         Funds, New York; handles and executes
  libraries; grants music scholarships in Is-        estates, wills and bequests for the tradi-
  rael; popularizes Israeli music works in the       tional institutions in Israel. Annual Finan-
  principal cities of the United States. AMLI        cial Reports and Statistics on Affiliates.
                                                   HADASSAH, THE WOMEN'S ZIONIST ORGA-
  (1942). 10 Rockefeller Plaza, N.Y.C.              W. 58 St., N.Y.C, 10019. Pres. Mrs. Na-
  10020. Finances and invests in Israel eco-        than Tannenbaum; Exec. Dir. Aline Ka-
  nomic enterprises; mobilizes finance and          plan. In America helps interpret Israel to
  investment capital in the U.S. through sale       the American people; provides basic Jew-
  of own debenture issues and utilization of        ish education as a background for intelli-
  bank credit lines. Annual Report; Prospec-        gent and creative Jewish living in America;
  tuses.                                            sponsors Hashachar, largest Zionist youth
                                                    movement in U.S., which has four divi-
BAR-ILAN UNIVERSITY IN ISRAEL (1955).               sions; Young Judaea, Intermediate Judaea,
  641 Lexington Ave., N.Y.C, 10022. Chan-           Senior Judaea, and Hamagshimim; oper-
  cellor Joseph H. Lookstein; Chmn. Bd. of          ates eight Zionist youth camps in this
  Trustees Phillip Stollman; Chmn. Amer.            country; supports summer and all-year-
  Bd. of Overseers Mrs. Jerome L. Stern. A          courses in Israel. Maintains in Israel
  liberal arts and sciences institution, located    Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical
  in Ramat-Gan, Israel, and chartered by            Center for healing, teaching, and research;
  Board of Regents of State of New York.            Hadassah Community College, Seligs-
  Bar-Ilan News; Academic Research; Philo-          berg/Brandeis      Comprehensive      High
  sophia.                                           School, Hadassah Vocational Guidance
                                                    Institute. Is largest organizational con-
BRIT TRUMPELDOR BETAR OF AMERICA,                   tributor to Youth Aliyah and to Jewish
 INC. (1935). 55 W. 42 St., N.Y.C, 10036.           National Fund for land purchase and rec-
 Pres. Fred Pierce; V. Pres. Larry Chariton.        lamation. Hadassah Headlines; Hadassah
 Teaches Jewish youth love of the Jewish            Magazine.
 people and prepares them for aliyah; em-
 phasizes learning Hebrew; keeps its mem-               , HASHACHAR (formerly YOUNG
 bers ready for mobilization in times of cri-       JUDEA and JUNIOR HADASSAH; (org.
 sis, self-respect; seeks to aid and protect        1909, reorg. 1967). 817 Broadway, N.Y.C,
 Jewish communities everywhere. Herut.              10003. Nat. Pres. of Senior Judaea (high
                                                    school level) Marilyn Feit; Nat. Coordina-
DROR—YOUNG ZIONIST ORGANIZATION,                    tor of Hamagshmimim (college level)
 INC. (1948). 215 Park Ave. S., N.Y.C,              David Lehrer; Nat. Dir. Irv Widaen. Seeks
  10003 Pres. Robby Regev; V. Pres. Hagai           to educate Jewish youth from the ages of
 Aizenberg; Sec. Mark Cohen. Fosters                10-25 toward Jewish and Zionist values,
 Zionist program for youth with emphasis            active commitment to and participation in
 on aliyah to the Kibbutz Ha'meuchad;               the American and Israeli Jewish communi-
 stresses Jewish and labor education; main-         ties, with aliyah as a prime goal; maintains
 tains leadership seminar and work-study            summer camps and summer and year pro-
 programs in Israel, summer camps in the            grams in Israel. Hamagshimim Journal;
 U.S. and Canada. Sponsors two garinim in           Kol Hat'una; The Young Judaean.
 Israel. Alon Dror; Igeret Dror.
                                                   HASHOMER HATZAIR, INC. 150 Fifth Ave.,
FEDERATED COUNCIL OF ISRAEL INSTITU-                Suite 700, N.Y.C, 10011.
 TIONS—FCII (1940). 38 Park Row,
 N.Y.C, 10038. Chmn. Bd. Z. Shapiro;                       AMERICANS FOR PROGRESSIVE IS-
 Exec. V. Pres. Julius Novack. Central              RAEL (1951). Nat. Chmn. Bernard Har-
 fund-raising organization for 104 affiliated       kavy; Exec. Dir. Linda Rubin. Affiliated
 institutions; is a clearing house for              with Kibbutz Artzi. Believes Zionism is
                        NATIONAL JEWISH                   ORGANIZATIONS             / 587
 the National Liberation Movement of the          modern Israel, and Jewish social research
 Jewish people; educates members towards          with particular consideration of history
 an understanding of their Jewishness and         and impact of Zionism. Herzl Institute Bul-
 progressive values; dignity of labor, social     letin.
 justice, and the brotherhood of nations.
 Background Bulletin; For Your Informa-                : HERZL PRESS. Chmn. Kalman Sul-
  tion; Israel Horizons.                          tanik. Publishes books and pamphlets on
                                                  Israel, Zionism, and general Jewish sub-
      : SOCIALIST ZIONIST YOUTH MOVE-             jects.
  MENT (1923). Nat. Sec. Yonit Brownstein;
  Dir. Etai Pedan. Seeks to imbue Jewish ICHUD HABONIM LABOR ZIONIST YOUTH
  youth with a Jewish national awareness      (1935). 575 Sixth Ave., N.Y.C., 10011. Sec.
  and socialist-Zionist values in centers and Gen. Heshi Gorewitz. Fosters identifica-
  camps run by, and for, youth; organizes     tion with pioneering in Israel; stimulates
  oldest leadership in settlement groups for  study of Jewish life, history, and culture;
  aliyah and settlement in kibbutzim of Kib-  sponsors community action projects and
  butz Federation Artzi. Youth and Nation;    seven summer camps in the North Amer-
  Young Guard; Niv Haboger; Hayasad;          ica, programs in Israel, Garinet Aliyah to
  Layidiatcha.                                Kibbutz Grofit and Kibbutz Gezer. Bago-
                                              lah; Haboneh; Hamaapil.
  MAINTENANCE APPEAL (1954). 11 E. 69             Cedarhurst Ave., Cedarhurst, N.Y.,
  St., N.Y.C., 10021. Chmn. Daniel G. Ross;       11516. Pres. Oscar Regen; Sec. Oliver
  Dir. Clifford B. Surloff. Conducts mainte-      Sabin. Supports and stimulates the growth
  nance campaigns formerly conducted by           of music in Israel, and disseminates re-
  the American Friends of the Hebrew Uni-         corded Israeli music in the U.S. and
  versity and the American Technion Soci-         throughout the world.
  ety; participates in community campaigns
  throughout the U.S. excluding New York         JEWISH   NATIONAL FUND OF AMERICA
  City.                                           (1901). 42 E. 69 St., N.Y.C., 10021. Pres.
                                                  Meyer Pesin; Exec. V. Pres. Samuel I.
HERUT-U.S.A. (formerly UNITED ZIONIST-            Cohen. Exclusive fund-raising agency of
  REVISIONISTS OF AMERICA) (1925). 41 E.          the world Zionist movement for the affore-
  42 St., N.Y.C., 10017. Pres. Howard L.          station, reclamation, and development of
  Adelson. Supports Herut policy in Israel        the land of Israel including the construc-
  and seeks Jabotinskean solutions of prob-       tion of roads and preparation of sites for
  lems facing American, Russian and world         new settlements; helps emphasize the im-
  Jewry; assists in the fostering of private      portance of Israel in schools and syna-
  enterprises and developments in Israel; fos-    gogues throughout the world. JNF Alma-
  ters maximalist Zionism among Jews in           nac; Land and Life.
  America. Subsidiaries: Betar Zionist
  Youth, Young Herut Concerned Jewish KEREN OR, INC. (1956). 1133 Broadway,
  Youth, Tel-Hai Fund, and For the Chil-         N.Y.C., 10010. Pres. Ira Guilden; V. Pres.
  dren of Israel. Igeret Betar; Uzra Report;     and Sec. Samuel I. Hendler; Exec. Dir.
  Zionews.                                       Jacob Igra. Funds special program at Jew-
                                                 ish Institute for the Blind in Jerusalem that
THEODOR HERZL FOUNDATION (1954). 515             houses, clothes, feeds, educates and trains
  Park Ave., N.Y.C., 10022. Chmn. Kalman         blind from childhood into adulthood;
  Sultanik; Sec. Isadore Hamlin. Cultural ac-    funds, in conjunction with Institute, the
  tivities, lectures, conferences, courses in    Keren Or Center for the Multiple Handi-
  modern Hebrew and Jewish subjects; Is-         capped Blind Child in Jerusalem.
  rael, Zionism and Jewish history. Mid-
  stream.                                      LABOR ZIONIST ALLIANCE reorg. (formerly
                                                   FARBAND LABOR ZIONIST ORDER, now
       :   THEODOR     HERZL      INSTITUTE.       uniting also membership and branches of
  Chmn. Jacques Torczyner. Program                 POALE ZION—UNITED LABOR ZIONIST
  geared to review of contemporary prob-           ORGANIZATION OF AMERICA and AMERI-
  lems on Jewish scene here and abroad; pre-       CAN HABONIM ASSOCIATION) (1913). 575
  sentation of Jewish heritage values in light     Sixth Ave., N.Y.C., 10011. Pres. Judah J.
  of Zionist experience of the ages; study of      Shapiro; Exec. Dir. Bernard M. Weisberg.
588   /    A M E R I C A N J E W I S H YEAR BOOK, 1 9 7 8

  Seeks to enhance Jewish life, culture, and   relief, modern education, and scientific re-
  education in U.S. and Canada; aids in        search in Israel. Annual Report.
  building State of Israel as a cooperative
  commonwealth, and its Labor movement PIONEER WOMEN, THE WOMEN'S LABOR
  organized in the Histadrut; supports efforts ZIONIST ORGANIZATION OF AMERICA,
  toward a more democratic society             INC. (1925). 315 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C.,
  throughout the world; furthers the demo-      10016. Pres. Mrs. Charlotte Stein; Exec.
  cratization of the Jewish community in       Dir. Mrs. Lucette Halle. Supports in coop-
  America and the welfare of Jews every-       eration with Na'amat a widespread net-
  where; works with Labor and liberal forces   work of educational, vocational, and social
  in America. Alliance Newsletter; Jewish      services for women, children, and youth in
  Frontier; Yiddisher Kemfer.                  Israel. Provides counseling and legal aid
                                               services for women, particularly war wid-
LEAGUE FOR LABOR ISRAEL (1938; reorg.          ows. Authorized agency of Youth Aliyah.
   1961). 575 Sixth Ave., N.Y.C., 10011.       In America, supports Jewish educational,
  Pres. Susan Brecher; Sec. Frank Phillips.    youth, cultural programs; participates in
  Conducts labor Zionist educational, youth,   civic affairs. Pioneer Woman.
  and cultural activities in the American
  Jewish community and promotes educa- POALE AGUDATH ISRAEL OF AMERICA,
  tional travel to Israel.                     INC. (1948). 156 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C.,
                                               10010. Pres. David B. Hollander; Exec.
NATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR LABOR ISRAEL            Dir. Saul Eisner; Presidium: Alexander
  —ISRAEL HISTADRUT CAMPAIGN (1923).           Herman, Anshel Wainhaus. Aims to edu-
  33 E. 67 St., N.Y.C., 10021. Pres. Judah J.  cate American Jews to the values of Or-
  Shapiro; Exec. V. Pres. Bernard B. Jacob-    thodoxy, aliyah, and halutziut; supports
  son. Provides funds for the social welfare,  kibbutzim, trade schools, yeshivot, teach-
  vocational, health, and cultural institu-    ers' college, civic and health centers, chil-
  tions and other services of Histadrut to be- dren's homes in Israel. Achdut; PAI Views;
  nefit workers and immigrants and to assist   PAI Bulletin.
  in the integration of newcomers as produc-
  tive citizens in Israel; promotes an under-        : WOMEN'S DIVISION OF (1948).
  standing of the aims and achievements of     Presidium: Ethel Blasbalg, Sarah Iwa-
  Israel labor among Jews and non-Jews in      nisky, Bertha Rittenberg. Assists Poale
  America. Fundraising arms are: Israel His-   Agudath Israel to build and support chil-
  tadrut Campaign and Israel Histadrut         dren's homes, kindergartens, and trade
  Foundation. Histadrut Foto-News.             schools in Israel. Yediot PAI.
  CIL FOR HISTADRUT (1947). 33 E. 67 St.,          FINANCIAL CORPORATION (1950). 535
  N.Y.C., 10021. Chmn. Matthew Schoen-             Madison Ave., N.Y.C., 10022. Pres.
  wald; Exec. Dir. Gregory J. Bardacke.            Shmuel Lavi; Bd. Chmn. Igal Weinstein.
  Carries on educational activities among          Maintains ties with Western Hemisphere
  American and Canadian trade unions for           investments.
  health, educational, and welfare activities
  of the Histadrut in Israel. Histadrut Foto-    RELIGIOUS ZIONISTS OF AMERICA. 25 W. 26
  News; Shalom.                                    St., N.Y.C. 10010.
  merly PALESTINE ECONOMIC CORPORA-                (1934). 25 W. 26 St., N.Y.C, 10010.
  TION) (1926). 511 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C.,            Pres. Mordy Stein; Sec. Machum Baru-
  10017. Pres. Albert Levinson; Sec.-Asst.         chi. Seeks to interest youth in aliyah to
  Treas. William Gold. Fosters economic de-        Israel and social justice through pioneer-
  velopment of Israel on a business basis          ing (chalutziyut) as an integral part of
  through investments. Annual Report.              their religious observance; sponsors five
                                                   summer camps, a work-study program
P.E.F. ISRAEL ENDOWMENT FUNDS, INC.                on a religious kibbutz for high school
  (1922). 511 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C., 10017.           graduates, summer tours to Israel; esta-
  Pres. Sidney Musher; Sec. Ruth Ginzberg.         blishes nuclei of college students for kib-
  Uses funds for Israeli educational and phil-     butz or moshav settlement. Akivon;
  anthropic institutions and for constructive      Hamvoser; Pinkas Lamadrich; Z'raim.
                       NATIONAL JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS                                 / 589
     : HAPOEL HAMIZRACHI, WOMEN'S               philatelic library, and support of public
 ORGANIZATION OF (1948). 1123 Broad-            and private exhibitions. Israel Philatelist.
 way, N.Y.C., 10010. Nat. Pres. Mrs. Her-
 bert Willig; Exec. Dir. Mrs. Jack Singer.     STATE OF ISRAEL BOND ORGANIZATION
 Helps to assume the responsibility of car-     (1951). 215 Park Ave. S., N.Y.C, 10003.
 ing for the health and education of 15,000     Pres. Michael Arnon; Gen. Chmn. Sam
 children and young adults in over 160 in-      Rothberg; Exec. V. Pres. Morris Sipser.
 stitutions in Israel. Menorah.                 Seeks to provide large-scale investment
                                                funds for the economic development of the
     : MIZRACHI-HAPOEL       HAMIZRACHI         State of Israel through the sale of State of
 (1909; merged 1957). 25 W. 26 St.,             Israel bonds in the U.S., Canada, Western
 N.Y.C. 10010. Pres. Louis Bernstein;           Europe and other parts of the free world.
 Exec. V. Pres. Israel Friedman. Dedi-          Campaign Scope; The Corporate Way.
 cated to building the Jewish state based
 on principles of Torah; conducts cultural     UNITED     CHARITY       INSTITUTIONS      OF
 work, educational program, public rela-        JERUSALEM, INC. (1903). 1141 Broadway,
 tions; sponsors NOAM and Bnei Akiva;           N.Y.C, 10001. Pres. David L. Meckler;
 raises funds for religious educational in-     Exec. Dir. S. Gabel. Raises funds for the
 stitutions in Israel. Horizon; Kolenu;         maintenance of schools, kitchens, clinics,
 Mizrachi News Bulletin.                        and dispensaries in Israel.
      :   MIZRACHI     PALESTINE     FUND      UNITED ISRAEL APPEAL, INC. (1925). 515
 (1928). 25 W. 26 St., N.Y.C, 10010.            Park Ave., N.Y.C, 10022. Chmn. Melvin
 Chmn. Joseph Wilon; Sec. Israel Fried-         Dubinsky; Exec. V. Chmn. Irving Kessler.
 man. Fundraising arm of Mizrachi move-         As principal beneficiary of the United Jew-
 ment.                                          ish Appeal, serves as link between Ameri-
                                                can Jewish community and Jewish Agency
     : NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR TORAH               in Israel, its operating agent; assists in re-
  EDUCATION   OF  MIZRACHI-HAPOEL               settlement and absorption of refugees in
  HAMIZRACHI    (1939). 25 W. 26 St.,           Israel and supervises flow and expenditures
 N.Y.C., 10010. Pres. Israel Shaw; Dir.         for this purpose. Briefings.
 Meyer Golombek. Organizes and super-
 vises yeshivot and Talmud Torahs; pre- UNITED STATES COMMITTEE—SPORTS FOR
 pares and trains teachers; publishes text-  ISRAEL, INC. (1948). 130 E. 59 St., N.Y.C,
 books and educational materials; conducts   10022. Pres. Nat Holman; Exec. Dir. Mi-
 a placement agency for Hebrew schools;      chael M. Rand. Sponsors U.S. participa-
 organizes summer seminars for Hebrew        tion in and fields and selects U.S. team for
 educators in cooperation with Torah de-     World Maccabiah Games in Israel every
 partment of Jewish Agency; conducts         four years; promotes physical education
 Ulpan.                                      and sports program in Israel and total
                                             fitness of Israeli and American Jewish
      : NOAR MIZRACHI-HAMISHMERET            youths; provides funds, technical and ma-
 HATZEIRA (NOAM) (1970). 25 W. 26 St.,       terial assistance to Wingate Institute for
 N.Y.C, 10010. Committed to aliyah;          Physical Education and Sport in Israel;
 maintains Garin Neot-Midbar, an aliyah      sponsors U.S. coaches for training pro-
 core group of couples and singles settling  grams in Israel and provides advanced
 in a moshav shitufl in the Negev, aliyah to training and competition in U.S. for Is-
 Even Shmuel, summer program in Israel of    rael's national sports teams, athletes and
 studying, development town and touring,     coaches; offers scholarship at U.S. colleges
 local co-ed Shabbat groups, young couples,  to Israeli physical education students.
 Israeli dance class, and other programs.    Newsletter.
 Bechol Zot; Daf Kesher.
                                               WOMEN'S LEAGUE FOR ISRAEL, INC. (1928).
SOCIETY OF ISRAEL PHILATELISTS (1948).           1860 Broadway, N.Y.C, 10023. Pres. Mrs.
 c/o A. Engers, 40-67 61 St., Woodside,          Harry M. Wiles; Exec. Dir. Mrs. Regina
 N.Y., 11377. Pres. Michael M. Madesker;         Wermiel. Promotes the welfare of young
 Sec. Arthur Engers. Promotes interest in,       people in Israel, especially young women
 and knowledge of, all phases of Israel phi-     newcomers; built and maintains Y-style
 lately through sponsorship of chapters          homes in Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv and
 and research groups, maintenance of a           Natanya for young women; in cooperation
590   /   A M E R I C A N J E W I S H YEAR BOOK, 1 9 7 8
  with Ministry of Labor, operates live-in vo-      development of Israel; to foster the unity
  cational training center for girls, including     of the Jewish people and the centrality of Is-
  handicapped, in Natanya, and weaving              rael in Jewish life in the spirit of General
  workshop for blind. Bulletin; Israel News         Zionism. American Zionist; Public Affairs
  Digest.                                           Memorandum; ZINSWeeklyNews Bulletin;
                                                    ZOA in Review; Ayin L 'Tzion; Perspective.
 ISTS (1946; reorg. 1958). 595 Madison              PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS*
 Ave., N.Y.C., 10022. Pres. Ezra Z.
 Shapiro; Exec. V. Pres. Kalman Sultanik.         AMERICAN CONFERENCE OF CANTORS (Re-
 General Zionist world organization, not            ligious, Educational)
 identified with any political party in Israel,   AMERICAN JEWISH CORRECTIONAL CHAP-
 but with Israel as a whole; supports pro-         LAINS ASSOCIATION, INC. (Social Wel-
 jects identified with Israel; sponsors non-       fare)
 party chalutzic youth movements in dias-
 pora, Shnat Sherut and Noar Zioni Azmai          AMERICAN      JEWISH PRESS ASSOCIATION
 in Israel; promotes Zionist education and         (Cultural)
 strives for an Israel-oriented creative Jew-
 ish survival in the diaspora.                    AMERICAN JEWISH PUBLIC RELATIONS SO-
                                                   CIETY (1957). c/o Brickman, HIAS, 200
WORLD ZIONIST       ORGANIZATION-AMERI-            Park Ave. S., N.Y.C., 10003. Pres. William
  CAN SECTION (1971). 515 Park Ave.,               Pages; Treas. Philip Gutride. Reempha-
  N.Y.C., 10022. Chmn. Mrs. Charlotte              sizes and advances professional status of
  Jacobson; Exec. V. Chmn. Isadore Ham-            workers in the public-relationsfieldin Jew-
  lin. As the American section of the overall      ish communal service,- upholds a profes-
  Zionist body throughout the world it oper-       sional code of ethics and standards; serves
  ates primarily in thefieldof aliyah from the     as a clearinghouse for employment oppor-
  free countries, education in the diaspora,       tunities; exchanges professional informa-
  youth and hechalutz, organization and in-        tion and ideas; presents awards for excel-
  formation, cultural institutions, publica-       lence in professional          attainments.
  tions, and handling activities of Jewish Na-     Handout.
  tional Fund; conducts a worldwide
  Hebrew cultural program including special ASSOCIATION OF JEWISH CENTER WORK-
  seminars and pedagogic manuals; disperses      ERS (Community Relations)
  information about and assists in research
  projects concerning Israel; promotes, pub-   ASSOCIATION OF JEWISH CHAPLAINS OF
  lishes, and distributes books, periodicals,    THE ARMED FORCES (Religious, Educa-
  and pamphlets concerning developments          tional)
  in Israel, Zionism, and Jewish history; ASSOCIATION OF JEWISH COMMUNITY RE-
  sponsors "Panoramas de Israel" radio pro-      LATIONS WORKERS (Community Rela-
  gram in the Latin American countries. Is-      tions)
  rael Digest; Israel y America Latina.
                                                  CANTORS ASSEMBLY OF AMERICA (Reli-
      , ZIONIST ARCHIVES AND LIBRARY               gious, Educational)
  OF THE (1939). 515 Park Ave., N.Y.C.,
  10022. Dir. and Librarian Mrs. Sylvia Lan-      COUNCIL OF JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS IN
  dress. Serves as an archives and informa-        CIVIL SERVICE (Community Relations)
  tion service for material on Israel, Pales-     EDUCATORS ASSEMBLY OF THE UNITED
  tine, the Middle East, and Zionism.               SYNAGOGUE OF AMERICA (Religious,
ZIONIST   ORGANIZATION        OF AMERICA           Educational)
 (1897). ZOA House, 4 E. 34 St., N.Y.C.,          INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF HILLEL
 10016. Pres. Joseph P. Sternstein; Nat.           DIRECTORS (Religious, Educational)
 Exec. Dir. Leon Ilutovich. Seeks to safe-
 guard the integrity and independence of          INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF JEWISH
 Israel by means consistent with the laws          COMMUNAL SERVICE (Community Rela-
 of the U.S.; to assist in the economic            tions)

  *For fuller listing see under categories in parentheses.
                        NATIONAL JEWISH                  ORGANIZATIONS               / 591
  OF AMERICA, INC. (Religious, Educa-              (Social Welfare)
                                                NATIONAL FEDERATION OF TEMPLE SIS-
  (Religious, Educational)                        BREW CONGREGATIONS (Religious, Edu-
  tions)                                          ZIONIST ORGANIZATION OF AMERICA
                                                   (Zionist and Pro-Israel)
  OF AMERICA (Religious, Educational)              Mutual Benefit)
                                                WOMEN'S AMERICAN ORT, FEDERATION
                                                   (Overseas Aid)
  Educational)                                   THODOX JEWISH CONGREGATIONS OF
                                                   AMERICA (Religious, Educational)
  BREW CONGREGATIONS (Religious, Edu-              AMERICA (Zionist and Pro-Israel)
                                                WOMEN'S DIVISION OF THE AMERICAN
  MUNAL SERVICE (Social Welfare)                   tions)
  CIPALS (Religious, Educational)                  COMMITTEE (Community Relations)
  MISSION ON JEWISH CHAPLAINCY (Social             APPEAL (Overseas Aid)
  Welfare)                                      WOMEN'S LEAGUE FOR ISRAEL, INC. (Zion-
    WOMEN'S ORGANIZATIONS*                         ist and Pro-Israel)
  Pro-Israel)                                      DAISM (Religious, Educational)
B'NAI B'RITH WOMEN (Social Welfare)             WOMEN'S        ORGANIZATION    OF HAPOEL
                                                   HAMIZRACHI (Zionist and Pro-Israel)
                                                YESHIVA UNIVERSITY WOMEN'S ORGANI-
  WOMEN'S COMMITTEE (1948). Brandeis
  University, Waltham, Mass., 02154.               ZATION (Religious, Educational)
  Exec. Dir. Mrs. Esther Schwartz. Re-                      YOUTH AND STUDENT
  sponsible for support and maintenance of                   ORGANIZATIONS*
  Brandeis University libraries; sponsors
  University on Wheels and, through its         AMERICAN ZIONIST YOUTH FOUNDATION,
  chapters, study-group programs based on          INC. (Zionist and Pro-Israel)
  faculty-prepared syllabi, volunteer work               : AMERICAN ZIONIST YOUTH COUN-
  in educational services, and a program of
  New Books for Old Sales; constitutes
  largest "Friends of a Library" group in       ATID, COLLEGE AGE ORGANIZATION,
  U.S.                                            UNITED SYNAGOGUE OF AMERICA (Reli-
                                                   gious, Educational)
  Pro-Israel)                                      (Religious, Educational)

  *For fuller listing see under categories in parentheses.
592    /    A M E R I C A N J E W I S H YEAR BOOK, 1 9 7 8
B'NAI B'RITH YOUTH ORGANIZATION (Reli-             mechanism for national, independent, Jew-
  gious, Educational)                              ish student organizations; insures account-
                                                   ability of public Jewish communal funds
B'NEI AKIVA OF NORTH AMERICA, RELI-                used by these agencies; assists Jewish stu-
  GIOUS ZIONISTS OF AMERICA (Zionist and           dents undertaking projects of concern to
  Pro-Israel)                                      Jewish communities; advises and assists
                                                   Jewish organizations in determining stu-
  OF AMERICA (Religious, Educational)              dent project feasibility and impact; fosters
                                                   development of Jewish student leadership
DROR       YOUNG ZIONIST ORGANIZATION              in the Jewish community. Beneficiaries in-
  (Zionist and Pro-Israel)                         clude local and regional Jewish student
                                                   projects on campuses throughout North
HASHACHAR—WOMEN'S ZIONIST ORGANI-                  America; founding constituents include
  ZATION OF AMERICA (Zionist and Pro-              Jewish Student Press Service, North
  Israel)                                          American Jewish Students Network, Stu-
                                                   dent Struggle for Soviet Jewry, Response—
HASHOMER        HATZAIR,     ZIONIST YOUTH         A Contemporary Jewish Review, Yavneh
  MOVEMENT (Zionist and Pro-Israel)                —Religious Students Association and
                                                   Yuguntruf—Youth for Yiddish; benefici-
                                                   aries include National Conference of
  (Zionist and Pro-Israel)                         Chavurot and Batim; Conference of Jewish
JEWISH STUDENT PRESS-SERVICE (1970).—              Artists and Craftspeople; Davka, West
  JEWISH STUDENT EDITORIAL PROJECTS,               Coast Jewish Quarterly; Zamir, Univ. of
  INC. 15 East 26th St., Suite 1350, N.Y.C.        Mass, radio program; Lilith; Dirshu; Jew-
   10010. Ed.-in-Chief Peter J. Silverman;         ish Information Society, Washington
  Admin. Robert L. Kern. Serves all Jewish         Univ.; Minnesota Union of Jewish Stu-
  student and young adult publications in          dents Conference; Southwest Jewish Stu-
  North America and abroad through                 dents Seminar; Search, Oberlin Univ.; Jew-
  monthly packets of feature articles and          ish Arts Quarterly; Cornell-Ithaca Friends
  member-publications. Holds annual na-            of Israel; Educational Packet Project,
  tional and local editors' conference for         Northern Ohio Union of Jewish Stu-
  member-publications. Provides technical          dents.
  and editorial assistance; keeps complete file
  of member-publications since 1970; main-        NORTH   AMERICAN JEWISH STUDENTS'
  tains Israel and West Coast bureaus. Jew-        NETWORK (1969). 36 W. 37 St., N.Y.C,
  ish Press Features.                              10018. Chmn. Carole Stern. Coordinates
                                                   information and programs among all
KADIMA (Religious, Educational)                    Jewish student organizations in North
MASSORAH INTERCOLLEGIATES OF YOUNG                 America; promotes development of stu-
 ISRAEL, NATIONAL COUNCIL OF YOUNG                 dent-controlled Jewish student organiza-
  ISRAEL (Religious, Educational)                  tions; maintains contacts and coordinates
                                                   programs with Jewish students through-
NATIONAL CONFERENCE OF SYNAGOGUE                   out the world through the World Union
  YOUTH, UNION OF ORTHODOX JEWISH                  of Jewish Students; runs the Jewish Stu-
  CONGREGATIONS OF AMERICA (Religious,             dent Speakers Bureau; sponsors regional
  Educational)                                     conferences,    and National Jewish
                                                   Women's Conference, first Pan American
NATIONAL FEDERATION OF TEMPLE                      Jewish Students Conference and North
  YOUTH, UNION OF AMERICAN HEBREW                  American Jewish Students' Congress on
  CONGREGATIONS         (Religious,   Educa-       Israel, and Conference on Alternatives
  tional)                                          in Jewish Education. Guide to Jewish
                                                   Student Groups in North America; Net-
NOAR MIZRACHI-HAMISHMERET (NOAM)                   work.
  (Zionist and Pro-Israel)
                                                        : N E W JEWISH MEDIA PROJECT
NORTH AMERICAN JEWISH STUDENTS AP-                 (1972). 36 W. 37 St., N.Y.C, 10018. Dir.
  PEAL (1971). 36 W. 37 St., N.Y.C, 10018.         Terry Sutton. Serves as media producers'
  Pres. Steven M. Cohen; Exec. Dir. Susan          communication and resource center, and
  C. Dessel. Serves as central fund-raising        distribution cooperative; helps secure
                        NATIONAL JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS                                / 593
 funding for Jewish media; fosters festivals,   CANADIAN FRIENDS OF THE ALLIANCE
 exhibits, and workshops to increase media        ISRAELITE UNIVERSELLE (1958). 5711
 use in Jewish community.                        Edgemore Ave., Montreal, PQ #201,
                                                 Montreal, PQ, H3X 1Z3. Pres. Harry Bat-
NORTH AMERICAN JEWISH YOUTH COUN-                shaw; Exec. Sec. Mrs. Marlene Salomon.
 CIL (Community Relations)                       Supports the educational work of the Alli-
 INC. (Community Relations)                     •CANADIAN FRIENDS OF THE HEBREW
UNITED SYNAGOGUE YOUTH, UNITED SYN-              UNIVERSITY (1944). 1506 McGregor Ave.,
 AGOGUE OF AMERICA (Religious, Educa-            Montreal, PQ, H3G 1B9. Nat. Hon. Pres.
 tional)                                         Allan Bronfman; Nat. Hon. Sec. Samuel
                                                 R. Risk; Exec. Dir. Daniel Ben-Natan.
YAVNEH, NATIONAL RELIGIOUS JEWISH                Represents and publicizes the Hebrew
  STUDENTS ASSOCIATION (Religious, Edu-          University in Canada; serves as fund-rais-
  cational)                                      ing arm for the university in Canada; pro-
                                                 cesses Canadians for study at the univer-
YUGNTRUF YOUTH FOR YIDDISH (1966).               sity. Scopus.
  3328 Bainbridge Ave., Bronx, N.Y.,
  10467. Pres. Zachary Baker; Exec. Dir.        CANADIAN JEWISH CONGRESS (1919; reorg.
  David Neal Miller. A worldwide, non-           1934). 1590 McGregor Ave., Montreal,
  political organization for Yiddish-speak-      PQ, H3G 1C5. Nat. Exec. Dir. Alan Rose.
  ing high-school and college students. Or-      The official voice of Canadian Jewry at
  ganizes drama and choral groups,               home and abroad. Acts on all matters
  literature clubs, picnics, dances and          affecting the status, rights and welfare of
  other social activities. Offers services of    Canadian Jews. Congress Bulletin; I.O.I.;
  full-time field worker to assist in forming    Cercle Juif.
  Yiddish courses and clubs. Fum Khaver
   Tsu Khaver; Yugntruf.                        CANADIAN ORT ORGANIZATION (Organi-
                                                  zation of Rehabilitation Through Train-
ZEIREI AGUDATH ISRAEL, AGUDATH IS-                ing) (1940). 5165 Sherbrooke St. W., Suite
  RAEL OF AMERICA (Religious, Educa-              208, Montreal, PQ, H4A 1T6. Pres. J.A.
  tional)                                         Lyone Heppner; Exec. Dir. Max E. Levy.
                                                  Carries on cultural fund-raising projects in
                CANADA                            support of the worldwide vocational-train-
                                                  ing school network of ORT. Canadian
  OF ISRAEL BONDS (1953). 1255 University
  St., Montreal, PQ, H3B 3W7. Pres. Allan            _: WOMEN'S CANADIAN ORT (1940).
  Bronfman; Sec. Max Wolofsky. Sale of            Pres. Mrs. Ruth Druxerman.
  State of Israel Bonds in Canada. Israel
  Bond News.                                    CANADIAN SEPHARDIC FEDERATION (1973).
                                                  1310 Greene Ave., Montreal PQ, H3Z
CANADIAN ASSOCIATION FOR LABOR IS-                2B2. Pres. Charles Chocron; Exec. Dir.
  RAEL (HISTADRUT) (1944). 4770 Kent              Avi Shlush. Preserves and promotes
  Ave., Rm. 301, Montreal, PQ, H3W 1H2            Sephardic identity, particularly among
  Nat. Pres. Bernard M. Bloomfield; Nat.          youth; emphasizes relations between Se-
  Exec. Dir. Bernard Morris. Raises funds         phardi community all over the world; seeks
  for Histadrut institutions in Israel, sup-      better situation for Sephardim in Israel;
  porting their rehabilitation tasks. Hista-      supports Israel by all means. Horison, Se-
  drut Foto News; Histadrut Review.              pharadL
 CULTURE (1965). 150 Beverley St.,                lee Ave., Toronto, Ont., M6B 3K1. Nat.
 Toronto, M5T 1Y6. Pres. Joseph L. Kro-           Pres. Mark Joffe; Exec. Dir. Ian Borer.
 nick; Exec. Sec. Edmond Y. Lipsitz. Pro-         Strives to attract Jewish youth to Zionism,
 motes Jewish studies at university level and     with goal of aliyah; operates 9 summer
 encourages original research and scholar-        camps in Canada and Israel; is sponsored
 ship in Jewish subjects; awards annually         by Canadian Hadassah-WIZO and Zionist
 scholarships and grants-in-aid to scholars       Organization of Canada, and affiliated with
 in Canada.                                       Hanoar Hatzioni in Israel.
594   /   A M E R I C A N J E W I S H YEAR BOOK,               1978
CANADIAN ZIONIST FEDERATION (1967).               Documents on Immigration and Integra-
  1310 Greene Ave., Westmount, Montreal           tion in Canada.
  PQ, H3Z 2B2. Pres. Philip Givens; Exec.
  V. Pres. Leon Kronitz. Umbrella organiza-      JEWISH LABOR COMMITTEE OF CANADA
  tion of all Zionist- and Israel-oriented        (1934). 5165 Isabella Ave., Montreal, PQ,
  groups in Canada; carries on major activi-      H3W 1S9. Toronto Chmn. Al Hershko-
  ties in all areas of Jewish life through its    witz; Montreal Chmn. Harry Lautman;
  departments of education and culture,           Nat. Dir. Elie Chalouh. Fights for human
  aliyah, youth and students, public affairs,     rights and against racism, antisemitism
  and fund-raising for the purpose of             and other forms of discrimination; works
  strengthening the State of Israel and the       for strengthening and continuation of Jew-
  Canadian Jewish Community. Canadian             ish life in Canada. Bulletins.
  Zionist; The Reporter,
                                                 JEWISH NATIONAL FUND OF CANADA
  TION AND CULTURE (1972). Pres. Philip           (1902). 1980 Sherbrooke St. W., Suite 300,
  Givens; Exec. V. Pres. and Dir. of Educ.        Montreal, PQ, H3H, 2M7. Nat. Pres. Na-
  Leon Kronitz. Provides counselling by           than Scott; Exec. V. Pres. Harris D. Gulko.
  pedagogic experts, in-service teacher train-    Seeks to create, provide, enlarge, and ad-
  ing courses and seminars in Canada and          minister a fund to be made up of voluntary
  Israel; teacher placement bureau; national      contributions from the Jewish community
  pedagogic council and research centre;          and others, to be used for charitable pur-
  publishes and distributes educational ma-       poses. JNF Bulletin.
  terial and teaching aids; conducts annual
  Bible contests and Hebrew language             LABOR ZIONIST MOVEMENT OF CANADA
  courses for adults. Al Mitzpe Haninuch.         (1939). 4770 Kent Ave., Montreal, PQ,
                                                  H3W 1H2. Nat. Pres. Sydney L. Wax; Nat.
HADASSAH—WIZO          ORGANIZATION       OF      Exec. Dir. Leo J. Moss. Disseminates in-
  CANADA (1916). 1310 Greene Ave., 9th fl.,       formation and publications on Israel and
  Montreal, PQ, H3Z 2B2. Nat. Pres. Mrs.          Jewish life; arranges special functions in
  Chas. Balinsky; Nat. Exec. Dir. Lily            pursuit of above and coordinates the con-
  Frank. Assists needy Israeli Jews by spon-      stituent bodies (Pioneer Women, Na'amat,
  soring health, education, and social welfare    Labor Zionist Alliance, Poale Zion party,
  services; seeks to strengthen and perpetu-      Habonim-Dror Labor Zionist Youth; Is-
  ate Jewish identity; encourages Jewish and      rael Histadrut Campaign; Schools, day and
  Hebrew culture in promoting Canadian            afternoon, in Montreal, Toronto, Win-
  ideals of democracy and pursuit of peace.       nipeg).
                                                 *MIZRACHI-HAPOEL HAMIZRACHI ORGA-
 CANADA (1907). 5151 Cote St. Catherine           Victoria Ave., Suite 101, Montreal, PQ,
 Rd., Montreal, PQ, H3W 1M6. Pres. Laza-          H3W 2R1. Nat. Pres. Kurt Rothschild;
 rus Phillips; Sec. Morley M. Cohen; Mgr.         Nat. Exec. Dir. Rabbi Sender Shizgal;
 M.J. Lister. Promotes Jewish land settle-        Sec. Zalman Stern. Promotes religious
 ment in Canada through loans to estab-           Zionism, aimed at making Israel a state
 lished farmers; helps new immigrant farm-        based on Torah; maintains Bnei Akiva, a
 ers to purchase farms or settles them on         summer camp, adult education program,
 farms owned by the Association; provides         and touring department; supports Mizra-
 agricultural advice and supervision. Con-        chi-Hapoel Hamizrachi and other reli-
 tributes funds to Canadian Jewish Loan           gious Zionist institutions in Israel which
 Cassa for loans to small businessmen and         strengthen traditional Judaism. Mizrachi
 artisans.                                        Newsletter.
 ADA (JIAS) (1919). 5151 St. Catherine            CANADA (1947). 3O0A Wilson Ave., Suite
 Rd., Montreal, PQ, H3W 1M6. Nat. Pres.           2, Downsview, Ont., M3H 1S8. Nat. Pres.
 Louis Orenstein, Q.C.; Nat. Exec. V. Pres.       Mrs. Dorothy Reitman; Exec. Sec. Mrs.
 Joseph Kage. Serves as a national agency         Florence Greenberg. Dedicated to further-
 for immigration and immigrant welfare.           ing human welfare in the Jewish and non-
 JIAS Bulletin; JIAS News; Studies and            Jewish communities, locally, nationally,
                      NATIONAL          JEWISH      ORGANIZATIONS                /   595

 and internationally; provides essential      UNITED   JEWISH   TEACHERS'     SEMINARY
 services and stimulates and educates the      (1946). 5237 Clanranald Ave., Montreal,
 individual and the community through an       PQ, H3X, 2S5. Dir. A. Aisenbach. Trains
 integrated program of education, service,     teachers for all types of Yiddish and He-
 and social action. Keeping You Posted.        brew schools under auspices of Canadian
                                               Jewish Congress. YTONENU.
  COMMITTEE OF CANADIAN JEWISH CON-            reorg. 1919). 788 Marlee Ave., Toronto,
 GRESS AND B'NAI B'RITH IN CANADA              Ont., M6B 3K1. Nat. Pres. David Mon-
 (1936). 150 Beverley St., Toronto, Ont.,      son; Exec. V. Pres. George Liban. Furthers
 2B. Chmn. Jacie C. Horwitz; Nat. Exec.        the general Zionist aims by operating nine
 Dir. Ben G. Kayfetz. Seeks to safeguard       youth camps in Canada and one in Israel;
 the status, rights, and welfare of Jews in    produces 2 weekly TV shows "Shalom"
 Canada; to combat antisemitism and pro-       and "Jewish Dimensions"; maintains
 mote understanding and goodwill among         Zionist book club; arranges programs, lec-
 all ethnic and religious groups. Congress     tures; sponsors Young Judea, Youth Cen-
 Bulletin.                                     tre Project in Jerusalem Forest, Israel.
                              Jewish Federations,
                                  Welfare Funds,
                             Community Councils

 J. His directory is one of a series compiled    called a community council in another. In
annually by the Council of Jewish Federa-        the main these central agencies have re-
tions and Welfare Funds. Virtually all of        sponsibility for some or all of the following
these community organizations are affiliated     functions: (a) raising of funds for local, na-
with the Council as their national association   tional, and overseas services; (b) allocation
for sharing of common services, interchange      and distribution of funds for these pur-
of experience, and joint consultation and ac-    poses; (c) coordination and central plan-
tion.                                            ning of local services, such as family wel-
   These communities comprise at least 95        fare, child care, health, recreation,
per cent of the Jewish population of the         community relations within the Jewish
United States and about 90 per cent of the       community and with the general commu-
Jewish population of Canada. Listed for each     nity, Jewish education, care of the aged,
community is the local central agency—fed-       and vocational guidance; to strengthen
eration, welfare fund, or community council      these services, eliminate duplication, and
—with its address and the names of the presi-    fill gaps; (d) in small and some intermedi-
dent and executive officer.                      ate cities, direct administration of local so-
   The names "federation," "welfare fund,"       cial services.
and "Jewish community council" are not              In the directory, (*) preceding a listing
definitive and their structures and functions    identifies those who are not member agencies
vary from city to city. What is called a         of the Council of Jewish Federations and
federation in one city, for example, may be      Welfare Funds.

                               UNITED STATES

               ALABAMA                           MOBILE
BIRMINGHAM                                       MOBILE JEWISH WELFARE FUND, INC. (Inc.
                                                 1966); 1509 Government St. (36604); Pres.
BIRMINGHAM JEWISH FEDERATION (1935;              Melvin Stein; Exec. Dir. Richard Grant.
reorg. 1971); P.O. Box 9157 (35213); Pres.
Jack Held; Exec. Dir. Seymour Marcus.            MONTGOMERY
Box 7377, 3960 Montclair Rd. (35223); Pres.      INC. (1930); P.O. Box 1150 (36102);
Mayer U. Newfield; Exec. Dir. Harold E.          Pres. Perry Mendel; Sec. Mrs. Jeanette C.
Katz.                                            Waldo.

              JEWISH        FEDERATIONS, FUNDS, COUNCILS                            / 597

TRI-CITIES                                      PALM SPRINGS
TIES, INC. (1933; Inc. 1956); Route 7, Flo- SPRINGS-DESERT AREA (1971); 611 S. Palm
rence (35632); Pres. Mrs. M. F. Shipper.     Canyon Dr. #210 (92262); Pres. A. S. Weiss;
                                             Exec. Dir. Samuel J. Rosenthal.
                                             JEWISH FEDERATION OF SACRAMENTO
GREATER PHOENIX JEWISH FEDERATION            (1948). 2418 K St., Suite A (95816); Pres.
(incl. surrounding communities) (1940); 1718 Oscar Morvai; Exec. Dir. Ephraim Spivek.
W. Maryland Ave. (85015); Pres. Miss Belle
Latchman; Exec. Dir. Saul Silverman.         SAN BERNARDINO
                                                SAN BERNARDINO UNITED JEWISH WEL-
TUCSON                                          FARE FUND, INC. (1936; Inc. 1957); 3512 No.
JEWISH COMMUNITY COUNCIL (1942); 102            "E" St. (92405). Pres. Edward Stein.
N. Plumer (85719); Pres. Alvin D. Stern;
Exec. V. Pres. Benjamin N. Brook.               SAN DIEGO
                                                UNITED JEWISH FEDERATION (incl. San
               ARKANSAS                         Diego County) (1935); 4079 54 St. (92105).
LITTLE ROCK                                     Pres. Bernard L. Lewis; Exec. Dir. Donald L.
221 Donaghey Bldg; Main at 7th (72201);         SAN FRANCISCO
Pres. Philip E. Kaplan; Exec. Sec. Ms. Isabel   JEWISH WELFARE FEDERATION OF SAN
Cooper.                                         FRANCISCO, MARIN COUNTY AND THE PE-
              CALIFORNIA                        NINSULA (1910; reorg. 1955); 220 Bush St.,
                                                Room 645 (94104); Pres. Peter E. Haas;
LONG BEACH                                      Exec. Dir. Brian Lurie.
                                                JEWISH FEDERATION OF GREATER SAN
FUND); 2601 Grand Ave. (90815); Pres. Eu-
gene Schlessinger; Exec. Dir. Harold Beno-      JOSE (incl. Santa Clara County except Palo
witz.                                           Alto and Los Altos) (1930; reorg. 1950);
                                                1777 Hamilton Ave., Suite 201 (95125);
LOS ANGELES                                     Pres. Harold Witkin; Exec. Dir. Donald A.
JEWISH       FEDERATION-COUNCIL          OF     Glazer.
GREATER     LOS ANGELES (1912;         reorg.   SANTA BARBARA
                                                *SANTA BARBARA JEWISH FEDERATION,
FUND); 6505 Wilshire Blvd. (90048); Pres.
Mrs. Lawrence J. Weinberg; Exec. V.             P.O. Box 3314 (93105); Pres. M. Howard
Pres. Alvin Bronstein; Exec. Dir. Ted Kan-      Goldman.
OAKLAND                                         •STOCKTON     JEWISH     WELFARE       FUND
                                                (1972); 5105 N. El Dorado St. (95207); Pres.
JEWISH WELFARE  FEDERATION OF                   Joel M. Senderov; Treas. Harry Green.
TIES (1918); 3245 Sheffield Ave. (94602);       VENTURA
Pres. Paul C. Maier; Exec. Dir. Oscar A.        •VENTURA COUNTY JEWISH COUNCIL—
Mintzer.                                        TEMPLE BETH TORAH (1938); 7620 Foothill
ORANGE COUNTY                                   Rd. (93003); Pres. Mrs. Martha K. Jaffe.
JEWISH    FEDERATION-COUNCIL OF OR-                            COLORADO
ANGE COUNTY (1964; Inc. 1965); (sponsors
Arbor Blvd., Costa Mesa (92626); Pres.          ALLIED JEWISH FEDERATION OF DENVER
Robert Kerr; Exec. Dir. Mortimer Green-         (1936); (sponsors ALLIED JEWISH CAM-
berg.                                           PAIGN); 300 S. Dahilia St. (80222); Pres.
598    /   A M E R I C A N J E W I S H YEAR BOOK, 1 9 7 8

Robert E. Loup; Exec. Dir. Robert N. Ker-                      DELAWARE
              CONNECTICUT                        JEWISH FEDERATION OF DELAWARE, INC.
BRIDGEPORT                                       (1935); 701 Shipley St. (19801); Pres. Ber-
                                                 nard L. Siegel; Exec. Dir. Nathan Barnett.
BRIDGEPORT,       INC. (1936);      (sponsors           DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA
Ave. (06604); Pres. Nathan Rosenbaum;            WASHINGTON
Exec. Dir. Sanford Lupovitz.                     UNITED JEWISH APPEAL—FEDERATION OF
                                                 GREATER WASHINGTON, INC. (1935); 4701
DANBURY                                          Willard Ave., Chevy Chase, Md. (20015);
JEWISH FEDERATION OF GREATER DAN-                Pres. Herschel W. Blumberg; Exec. V. Pres.
BURY (1945); 8 West St. (06810); Pres. Albert    Meyer H. Brissman.
Kohn; Exec. Dir. Haim Morag.                                     FLORIDA
HARTFORD                                         CENTRAL FLORIDA
TION (Incl. New Britain) (1945); 333 COUNCIL, INC. (1949); 851 N. Maitland
Bloomfield Ave., W. Hartford (06117); Ave., Maitland (32751); Pres. Sy Irsael; Exec.
Pres. Arthur W. Feinstein; Exec. Dir. Har- Dir. Paul Jeser.
old Cohen.
                                              FT. LAUDERDALE
                                              JEWISH FEDERATION OF GREATER FT.
*MERIDEN JEWISH WELFARE FUND, INC.            LAUDERDALE (1967); 2999 N.W. 33rd Ave.
(1944); 127 E. Main St. (06450); Pres. Joseph (33311); Pres. Allan E. Baer; Exec. Dir.
Barker; Sec. Harold Rosen.                    Leonard Zoll.
NEW HAVEN                                     HOLLYWOOD
(sponsors COMBINED JEWISH APPEAL)                INC. (1943); 2838 Hollywood Blvd. (33020);
(1969); 1184 Chapel St. (06511); Pres. Her-      Pres. Lewis E. Cohn; Exec. Dir. Donald E.
bert Setlow; Exec. Dir. Arthur Spiegel.          Klein.
NEW LONDON                                       JACKSONVILLE
GREATER NEW LONDON, INC. (1950; Inc.             CIL (1935); 5846 Mt. Carmel Terr. (32216);
1970); 302 State St. (06320); Pres. Jerry Win-   Pres. Arnold Vandroff; Exec. Dir. Gerald L.
ter; Exec. Dir. Eugene F. Elander.               Goldsmith.
NORWALK                                          MIAMI
WALK (1946; reorg. 1964); Shorehaven Rd.,        INC. (1938); 4200 Biscayne Blvd. (33137);
East Norwalk (06855); Pres. Mrs. Bernard         Pres. Morton Silberman; Exec. V. Pres.
Kaslove; Exec. Dir. Israel Moss.                 Myron J. Brodie.
STAMFORD                                         PALM BEACH COUNTY
1973); 1035 Newfield Ave. (06905); Pres.         COUNTY, INC. (1938); 2415 Okeechobee
Harvey Schreiber; Exec. Dir. Sandor Sher-        Blvd., West Palm Beach (33409); Pres. Stan-
                                                 ley Brenner; Exec. Dir. Norman J. Schimel-
INC. (1938); 1020 Country Club Rd.               *PENSACOLA FEDERATED JEWISH CHARI-
(06720); Pres. Morton Tarr; Exec. Dir.           TIES (1942); 1320 E. Lee St. (32503); Pres.
Burton Lazarow.                                  Gene Rosenbaum; Sec. Mrs. Harry Saffer.
              JEWISH        FEDERATIONS,             FUNDS, COUNCILS                    / 599
PINELLAS COUNTY (Inc. Clearwater)               Pres. Marvin N. Stone; Exec. V. Pres. James
JEWISH     FEDERATION       OF     PINELLAS     P. Rice.
COUNTY, INC. (1950; reincorp. 1974); 8994       JEWISH UNITED FUND OF METROPOLITAN
Seminole Blvd., Seminole (35542); Pres. Syl-    CHICAGO (1968), 1 S. Franklin St. (60606);
van Orloff; Exec. Dir. Ernest Budwig.           Pres. Marvin N. Stone; Exec. V. Pres. James
                                                P. Rice.
INC. (1959); 1900 Main Bldg., Suite 300         JEWISH FEDERATION (member Central Illi-
(33577); Pres. Sol Levites; Exec. Dir. Alex-    nois Jewish Federation) (1942); 78 Mont-
ander Tudor.                                    gomery PI. (62522); Pres. Don Champion.
TAMPA                                           ELGIN
INC. (1941); 2808 Horatio (33609); Pres. Joel   (1938); 330 Division St. (60120); Pres. Gerald
Karpay; Exec. Dir. Don Cooper.                  Levine; Treas. Harry Seigle.
                GEORGIA                         JOLIET
ATLANTA                                         JOLIET JEWISH WELFARE CHEST (1938);
                                                250 N. Midland Ave. (60435); Pres. S. J.
INC. (1905; reorg. 1967); 1753 Peachtree Rd.,   Goldhaber; Sec. Rabbi Morris M. Hershman.
N.E. (30309); Pres. David Goldwasser; Exec.
Dir. Max C. Gettinger.                          PEORIA
AUGUSTA                                         CENTRAL ILLINOIS JEWISH FEDERATION
FEDERATION OF JEWISH CHARITIES (1937);          (1969); 718 Central Bldg. (61602); Pres. Ar-
P.O. Box 3251, Hill Station (30904) c/o Hill    thur Robinson; Exec. Dir. Peretz Katz.
L. Silver, Treas; Pres. Abram Serotta.          JEWISH COMMUNITY COUNCIL & WELFARE
                                                FUND OF PEORIA (member CENTRAL ILLI-
COLUMBUS                                        NOIS JEWISH FEDERATION) (1933; Inc.
JEWISH WELFARE FEDERATION OF COLUM-             1947); 718 Central Bldg. (61602); Pres. Dan-
BUS, INC. (1941); P. O. Box 1303 (31902);       iel J. Steinberg; Exec. Dir. Peretz A. Katz.
Pres. Paul Witt; Sec. David Helman.
                                                ROCK ISLAND—MOLINE—DAVEN-
SAVANNAH                                        PORT—BETTENDORF
sors UJA-FEDERATION CAMPAIGN); P. O.            IES (1938; comb. 1973); 1804 7th Ave., Rock
Box 6546, 5111 Abercorn St. (31405); Pres.      Island (61201); Pres. Bernard Goldstein; Sec.
Murray Bono; Exec. Dir. Stan Ranati.            Marvin Schrager.
                  IDAHO                         ROCKFORD
BOISE                                           ROCKFORD JEWISH COMMUNITY COUNCIL
                                                (1937); 1502 Parkview Ave. (61107); Pres.
FUND (1947); 1776 Commerce Ave. (83705);        Benjamin Schaider; Exec. Dir. Daniel Tan-
Pres. Kal Sarlat; Treas. Martin Heuman.         nenbaum.
                                                SOUTHERN ILLINOIS
          ILLINOIS                              JEWISH FEDERATION OF SOUTHERN ILLI-
CHAMPAIGN-URBANA                                NOIS (incl. all of Illinois south of Carlinville,
FEDERATED     JEWISH    CHARITIES    (1929);    Cape Girardeau, Mo., and Paducah, Ky.)
(member Central Illinois Jewish Federation);    (1941); 6464 W. Main, Suite 7A, Belleville
1707 Parkhaven Dr., Champaign (61820);          (62223); Pres. Aaron Karchmrr; Exec. Dir.
Co-Chmn. Stanley Levy, Zelda Derber; Exec.      Hyman H. Ruffman.
Sec. Mrs. Donald Ginsberg.
CHICAGO                                         SPRINGFIELD JEWISH FEDERATION (mem-
CHICAGO (1900); 1 S. Franklin St. (60606);      TION) (1941); 730 E. Vine St. (62703); Pres.
600    /    A M E R I C A N J E W I S H YEAR BOOK, 1 9 7 8
Leonard M. Lieberman; Exec. Sec. Mrs. DES MOINES
Lenore Loeb.                          JEWISH WELFARE FEDERATION OF DES
             INDIANA                  MOINES (1914); 315 Securities Bldg. (50309);
                                      Pres. Gary Rubin.
EVANSVILLE                            SIOUX CITY
                                                JEWISH FEDERATION (1921); 525 14 St.
CIL, INC. (1936; Inc. 1964); P.O. Box 5026      (51105); Pres. Harold L. Levinger; Exec. Dir.
(47715); Pres. Mrs. Sadelle Berger.             Joseph Bluestein.
FORT WAYNE                                      WATERLOO
(1921); 227 E. Washington Blvd. (46802);        c/o Congregation Sons of Jacob, 411 Mitch-
Pres. Robert S. Walters; Exec. Dir. Benja-      ell Ave. (50702); Pres. Irving Uze.
min Eisbart.
(1905); 615 N. Alabama St. (46204); Pres.       TOPEKA-LAWRENCE JEWISH FEDERATION
Walter E. Wolf, Jr.; Exec. V. Pres. Frank H.    (1939); 101 Redbud Lane (66607); Pres. Wil-
Newman.                                         liam Rudnick.
LAFAYETTE                                       WICHITA
P.O. Box 676 (47902); Pres. Leslie Feld; Fin.   TION, INC. (1935); 400 N. Woodlawn, Suite
Sec. Louis Pearlman, Jr.                        28 (67206); Pres. Laurence Davis.
MICHIGAN CITY                                                  KENTUCKY
GAN CITY; 2800 Franklin St. (46360); Pres.
Irving Loeber; Treas. Harold Leinwand.          JEWISH    COMMUNITY       FEDERATION     OF
                                                LOUISVILLE, INC. (1934); (sponsors of
MUNCIE                                          UNITED JEWISH CAMPAIGN); 702 Marion E.
                                                Taylor Bldg. (40202); Pres. Stuart Hand-
c/o Beth El Temple; P.O. Box 2792 (47302);      maker; Exec. Dir. Norbert Fruehauf.
Chmn. Gerald Goldstone; Treas. Robert                          LOUISIANA
FEDERATION (1941; reorg. 1959); 4844            SIANA (1938); 1261 Heyman Lane (71301);
Broadway, Gary (46408); Pres. Jerome Bren-      Pres. Nathan Kaplan; Sec.-Tres. Mrs.
man; Exec. Dir. Barnett Labowitz.               George Kuplesky.
SOUTH BEND                                      BATON ROUGE
SEPH COUNTY (1946); 804 Sherland Bldg.          FARE FEDERATION (1971); P. O. Box 15123
(46601); Exec. Dir. Bernard Natkow.             (70895); Pres. Ernest Dampf; Adm. Asst.
JEWISH WELFARE FUND (1937); 804 Sher-           Mrs. Betty Shapiro.
land Bldg. (46601); Exec. Dir. Bernard Nat-     MONROE
                                                UNITED JEWISH CHARITIES OF NORTHEAST
                   IOWA                         LOUISIANA (1938); 2400 Orrel PI. (71201);
                                                Pres. Morris Blumenthal; Sec.-Treas. Her-
CEDAR RAPIDS                                    man E. Hirsch.
COUNTY (1941); 510 Guaranty Bldg.               NEW ORLEANS
(52401); Chmn. Norman Lipsky; Treas.            JEWISH WELFARE FEDERATION OF N E W
Maurice Nathanson.                              ORLEANS (1913; reorg. 1962); 211 Camp St.
               JEWISH       FEDERATIONS,              FUNDS, COUNCILS                   / 601
(70130); Pres. Marvin L. Jacobs; Exec. Dir.      FITCHBURG
Gerald C. Lasensky.                              •JEWISH     FEDERATION       OF    FITCHBURG
SHREVEPORT                                       (1939); 40 Boutelle St. (01420); Pres. Elliot L.
                                                 Zide; Treas. Allen I. Rome.
Inc. 1967); 1021 Lane Bldg. (71101); Pres.       FRAMINGHAM
Mrs. Leo Greengus; Exec. Dir. Emanuel M.
Kumin.                                           FRAMINGHAM JEWISH FEDERATION (1968;
                                                 Inc. 1969); 1000 Worchester Road, Framing-
                  MAINE                          ham Centre (01701); Pres. Mrs. Harvey
                                                 Stone; Exec. Dir. Howard G. Joress.
Somerset St. (04401); Pres. Sam Nyer; Exec.      •HAVERHILL      UNITED     JEWISH     APPEAL,
Dir. Alan Coren.                                 INC., 514 Main St. (01830); Pres. Louis
                                                 Kleven; Exec. Dir. Joseph H. Elgart.
JEWISH FEDERATION (1947); (sponsors the          HOLYOKE
Lewiston (04240); Pres. Mrs. Bertha Allen;       (1939); 378 Maple St. (01040); Pres. Herbert
Exec. Dir. Robert Schwartz.                      Goldberg; Exec. Dir. Dov Sussman.
                                                 •JEWISH      COMMUNITY         COUNCIL      OF
CIL OF SOUTHERN MAINE (1942); (sponsors
                                                 GREATER LAWRENCE (1906); 580 Haverhill
Ave. (04101); Pres. Jerome F. Goldberg;          St. (01841); Pres. Michael Baker; Exec. Dir.
Exec. Dir. Gerald Goldsmith.                     Irving Linn.

               MARYLAND                          LEOMINSTER
                                                 LEOMINSTER JEWISH COMMUNITY COUN-
ANNAPOLIS                                        CIL, INC. (1939); 30 Grove Ave. (01453);
*ANNAPOLIS      JEWISH    WELFARE      FUND      Pres. Marc Levine; Sec.-Treas. Mrs. Edith
(1946); 601 Ridgley Ave. (21401); Pres.          Chatkis.
Anton Grobani.
                                                 NEW BEDFORD
                                                 JEWISH FEDERATION OF GREATER N E W
ASSOCIATED JEWISH CHARITIES & WEL-               BEDFORD, INC. (1938; Inc. 1954); 467
FARE FUND, INC. (A merger of the As-             Hawthorn St., North Dartmouth (02747);
sociated Jewish Charities & Jewish Welfare       Pres. Alan Aides; Exec. Dir. Gerald A.
Fund) (1920; reorg. 1969); 319 W. Monu-          Kleinman.
ment St. (21201); Pres. Jack Pearlstone;
Exec. V. Pres. Robert I. Hiller.                 PITTSFIELD
           MASSACHUSETTS                         •JEWISH COMMUNITY COUNCIL (1940); 235
                                                 E. St. (01201); Pres. Howard Kaufman; Exec.
BOSTON                                           Dir. Sanford Lubin.
GREATER BOSTON, INC. (incl. Brockton)            SPRINGFIELD
(1895; reorg. 1961); 72 Franklin St. (02110);    SPRINGFIELD JEWISH FEDERATION, INC.
Pres. Leonard Kaplan; Exec. Dir. Bernard         (1938); (sponsors UNITED JEWISH WELFARE
Olshansky.                                       FUND); 1160 Dickinson (01108); Pres. Rich-
                                                 ard Gaberman; Exec. Dir. Eli Asher.
(1949); 624 Florence St. (02721); Pres. Irving   WORCESTER      JEWISH     FEDERATION, INC.
Fradkin.                                         (1947; Inc. 1957); (sponsors JEWISH WEL-
FALL RIVER UNITED JEWISH APPEAL, INC.            FARE FUND, 1939); 633 Salisbury St. (01609);
(1949); 41 N. Main St., Rm. 310 (02720);         Pres. David F. Gould; Exec. Dir. Melvin S.
Chmn. Edward Markel.                             Cohen.
602   /   A M E R I C A N J E W I S H YEAR BOOK, 1 9 7 8

               MICHIGAN                                       MISSISSIPPI
BAY CITY                                        JACKSON
FARE FEDERATION (1940); 1100 Center         Honeysuckle Lane (39211); Drive Chmn.
Ave., Apt. 305 (48706); Sec. Mrs. Hanna Emanuel Crystal.
DETROIT                                     •JEWISH WELFARE FEDERATION (1936);
JEWISH WELFARE FEDERATION OF D E - 1210 Washington St. (39180); Pres. Richard
TROIT (1899); (sponsors ALLIED JEWISH       Marcus.
CAMPAIGN); Fred M. Butzel Memorial
Bldg., 163 Madison (48226); Pres. Martin E.              MISSOURI
Citrin; Exec. Dir. Sol Drachler.            KANSAS CITY
FLINT                                       JEWISH FEDERATION & COUNCIL OF
JEWISH COMMUNITY COUNCIL (1936); 120            GREATER KANSAS CITY (1933); 25 E. 12 St.
W. Kearsley St. (48502); Pres. Murray E.        (64106); Pres. H. Paul Rosenberg; Exec. Dir.
Mass; Exec. Dir. Arnold S. Feder.               Sol Koenigsberg.
GRAND RAPIDS                                    ST. JOSEPH
RAPIDS (1930); 1121 Keneberry Way S.E. (1915); 2903 Sherman Ave. (64506); Pres.
(49506); Pres. Joseph N. Schwartz; Sec. Mrs. Mrs. Grace Day; Exec. Sec. Mrs. Ann Safer-
William Deutsch.                             stein.
KALAMAZOO                                    ST. LOUIS
2902 Bronson Blvd. (49001); Pres. Martin H.     Louis County) (1901); 611 Olive St., Suite
Kalb.                                           1520 (63101); Julian L. Meyer; V.P. David
(1939); 319 Hillcrest (48823); Pres. Carl H.    LINCOLN
Kaplan; Exec. Dir. Jonathon Spinner.            LINCOLN JEWISH WELFARE FEDERATION,
SAGINAW                                         INC. (1931; Inc. 1961); 809 Lincoln Benefit
                                                Life Bldg. (68508); Pres. Herbert F. Gaba;
SAGINAW JEWISH WELFARE FEDERATION               Sec. Louis B. Finkelstein.
(1939); 1424 S. Washington (48607); Pres.
Norman Rotenberg; Fin. Sec. Mrs. Henry          OMAHA
Feldman.                                        JEWISH FEDERATION OF OMAHA (1903);
              MINNESOTA                         333 S. 132 St. (68154); Pres. Leonard Gold-
                                                stein; Exec. Dir. Louis B. Solomon.
CIL (1937); 1602 E. 2nd St. (55812); Pres. R.   LAS VEGAS
L. Solon; Exec. Dir. Mrs. Arnold Nides.         LAS VEGAS COMBINED JEWISH APPEAL
MINNEAPOLIS                                     (1973); 846 E. Sahara Ave. # 4 (89105); Pres.
                                                Arthur Marshall; Exec. Dir. Jerry Countess.
SERVICE (1929; Inc. 1930); 811 La Salle Ave.
(55402); Pres. Thomas D. Feinberg; Exec.                   NEW HAMPSHIRE
Dir. Franklin Fogelson.
ST. PAUL                                        JEWISH     COMMUNITY        COUNCIL      OF
(1935); 790 S. Cleveland (55116); Pres. E.      St. (03104); Pres. Milton Novick; Exec. Dir.
David Krawetz; Exec. Dir. Morris Lapidos.       Kenneth Gabel.
              JEWISH        FEDERATIONS, FUNDS, COUNCILS                           / 603
              NEW JERSEY                        NORTHERN MIDDLESEX COUNTY
ATLANTIC CITY                                   JEWISH FEDERATION OF NORTHERN MID-
                                                DLESEX COUNTY (sponsors UNITED JEWISH
FEDERATION OF JEWISH AGENCIES OF A T -          APPEAL) (1975); 212 Durham Ave., Metuc-
LANTIC COUNTY (1924); 5321 Atlantic Ave.,       hen (08840); Pres. Morton Klein; Exec. Dir.
Ventnor County (08406); Pres. Milton Ack-       Charles Plotkin.
erman; Exec. Dir. Murray Schneier.
                                                OCEAN COUNTY
VICES, BERGEN COUNTY, N.J. (incl. most of       Madison Ave., Lakewood (08701); Pres. Her-
Bergen County) (1953); 170 State St., Hack-     bert Wisnik; Exec. Dir. Marvin Relkin.
ensack (07601); Pres. Moshe Dworkin; Exec.      PASSAIC-CLIFTON
Dir. Steven Shaw.
                                                JEWISH COMMUNITY COUNCIL OF PASSAIC-
CENTRAL NEW JERSEY                              CLIFTON AND VICINITY (1933); (sponsors
                                                Ave. (07012). Pres. Aaron Z. Schomer; Exec.
(1940; expanded 1973 to include Westfleld       Dir. Max Grossman.
and Plainfield); Green Lane, Union (07083);     RARITAN VALLEY
Pres. Alan Goldstein; Exec. V. Pres. Elton J.   JEWISH FEDERATION OF RARITAN VALLEY
Kerness.                                        (1948); 2 South Adelaide Ave., Highland
ENGLEWOOD                                       Park (08904); Pres. Mrs. Jane Freedman;
UNITED JEWISH FUND OF ENGLEWOOD                 Exec. Dir. Howard Kieval.
                                                SOMERSET COUNTY
153 Tenafly Rd. (07631); Pres. Mrs. Stanford
E. Eisenberg; Exec. Dir. George Hantgan.        JEWISH    FEDERATION       OF    SOMERSET
                                                COUNTY (1960); 11 Park Ave., P. O. Box
JERSEY CITY                                     874, Somerville (08876); Pres. Mrs. Margit
UNITED JEWISH APPEAL (1939); 604 Bergen         Feldman.
Ave. (07304); Chmn. Melvin Blum; Exec.
Dir. Arthur Eisenstein.                         SOUTHERN NEW JERSEY
                                                JEWISH FEDERATION OF SOUTHERN N E W
METROPOLITAN NEW JERSEY                         JERSEY (incl. Camden and Burlington Coun-
JEWISH COMMUNITY FEDERATION (spon-              ties) (1922); (sponsors ALLIED JEWISH AP-
sors UNITED JEWISH APPEAL) (1923); 60           PEAL); 2393 W. Marlton Pike, Cherry Hill
Glenwood Rd., East Orange (07017); Pres.        (08002); Pres. William Bryan; Exec. V. Pres.
Arthur Brody; Exec. V. Pres. Carmi              Bernard Dubin.
JEWISH FEDERATION OF GREATER MON-               TON (1929); 999 Lower Ferry Rd., P. O. Box
MOUTH COUNTY (Formerly Shore Area)              7249 (08628); Pres. Richard M. Glazer; Exec.
(1971); 100 Grant Ave. (07723); Pres. C. Gil-   Dir. Mark M. Edell.
bert Shapiro; Exec. Dir. Clifford R. Joseph-
son.                                            VINELAND
                                                JEWISH     COMMUNITY        COUNCIL     OF
MORRIS COUNTY                                   GREATER VINELAND, INC. (1971); (sponsors
SUSSEX; 500 Route 10, Ledgewood (07852);        (08360); Pres. Mrs. Hanna Hahn; Exec. Dir.
Pres. Sanford L. Hollander; Exec. Dir. Elliot   Mrs. Nan Goldberg.
                                                             NEW MEXICO
(formerly   Jewish   Community      Council)    JEWISH   COMMUNITY      COUNCIL    OF AL-
(1933); (sponsors UNITED JEWISH APPEAL          BUQUERQUE, INC. (1938); 600 Louisiana
DRIVE); 1 Pike Dr., Wayne (07470); Pres.        Blvd., (87108); Pres. Morton Lieberman;
Fred Lafer; Exec. Dir. Richard Krieger.         Exec. Dir. Charles Vogel.
604    /   A M E R I C A N   JEWISH        YEAR      BOOK, 1 9 7 8

               NEW YORK                          Michel, Sanford Solender; Chmn. Exec.
                                                 Com. Lawrence B. Buttenwieser.
FUND); 19 Colvin Ave. (12206); Pres. Jason       MIDDLETOWN, INC. (1976); 360 Powell Ave.
Baker; Exec. Dir. Steven F. Windmueller.         (12550); Pres. George Handler; Exec. Dir.
                                                 Raymond M. Kalman.
COUNTY (1937; Inc. 1958); 500 Clubhouse          JEWISH FEDERATION OF NIAGARA FALLS,
Rd., Binghamton (13903); Pres. Mrs. Edwin        N.Y., INC. (1935); 209 United Office Bldg.
Pierson; Exec. Dir. Stanley Bard.                (14303); Pres. Robert D. Wisbaum; Exec.
                                                 Dir. Mrs. May Chinkers.
CAMPAIGN); 787 Delaware Ave. (14209);            (sponsors UNITED JEWISH CAMPAIGN);
Pres. Morris Himmel; Exec. Dir. Lester I.        258 Willett Ave. (10573); Pres. Alfred
Levin.                                           Jacobs.
ELMIRA                                           POUGHKEEPSIE
(1942); Federation Bldg., 115 E. Church St.      KINGSTON (1941); 110 Grand Ave. (12603);
(14905); Pres. Irving Etkind.                    Pres. Harold Fleisher; Exec. Dir. Marden
GLENS FALLS                                      Paru.
(1939); 6 Arbor Dr. (12801); Chmn. Orel          JEWISH    COMMUNITY       FEDERATION OF
Friedman.                                        ROCHESTER, N.Y., INC. (1937); 440 Main St.
HUDSON                                           E. (14604); Pres. Irving Ruderman; Exec.
                                                 Dir. Darrell D. Friedman.
N.Y., INC. (1947); Joslen Blvd. (12534); Pres.   SCHENECTADY
Albert Rapport.                                  JEWISH COMMUNITY COUNCIL (incl. sur-
KINGSTON                                         rounding communities) (1938); (sponsors
                                                 SCHENECTADY     U J A AND FEDERATED
96 Maiden Lane (12401); Pres. Joseph             WELFARE FUND); 2565 Balltown Rd., P. O.
Cohen; Exec. Dir. Marden Paru.                   Box 2649 (12309); Pres. Philip Ziffer; Exec.
                                                 Dir. Michael Ruvel.
OF NEW YORK (incl. Greater New York,             JEWISH FEDERATION, INC. (1918); (sponsors
Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester Counties)       JEWISH WELFARE FUND [1933]); 321 Seitz
(1917); 130 E. 59th St. (10022); Pres. Fred-     Bldg., 201 E. Jefferson St. (13202); Pres. Al-
erick P. Rose; Exec. V. Pres. Sanford So-        bert Rothman; Exec. Dir. Norman Edell.
lender.                                          TROY
YORK, INC. (incl. Greater New York, Nas-         (1936); 2500-21 St. (12180); Pres. Daniel
sau, Suffolk and Westchester Counties)           Gotkis.
(1939); 220 W. 58th St. (10019); Pres. James
L. Weinberg; Exec. V. Pres. Ernest W.            UTICA
Michel.                                          JEWISH COMMUNITY COUNCIL OF UTICA,
UNITED JEWISH APPEAL—FEDERATION OF               N.Y., INC. (1933, Inc. 1950); (sponsors
PAIGN (1974); 220 W. 58 St. (10019); Pres.       Oneida St. (13501); Pres. Mrs. Helen Sperl-
William Rosenwald; Exec. V.P.s Ernest W.         ing; Exec. Dir. Irving Epstein.
              JEWISH FEDERATIONS, FUNDS, COUNCILS                                   /   605
          NORTH CAROLINA                        STEUBENVILLE
ASHEVILLE                                       JEWISH COMMUNITY COUNCIL (1938); P. O.
                                                Box 472 (43952); Pres. Curtis Greenberg;
FEDERATED JEWISH CHARITIES OF ASHE-             Exec. Sec. Mrs. Joseph Freedman.
VILLE, INC., 236 Charlotte St. (28804); Pres.
Lowell Pearlman; Exec. Dir. Burt Shima-         TOLEDO
                                                JEWISH     WELFARE      FEDERATION      OF
CHARLOTTE                                       TOLEDO, INC. (1907; reorg. 1960); 5151
                                                Monroe St., Suite 226 West (43623); Pres.
CHARITIES (1940); P.O. Box 17523 (28211);       William N. Osterman; Exec. Dir. Alvin S.
Pres. Paul Stewart; Exec. Dir. Marvin Bien-     Levinson.
stock.                                          WARREN
                   OHIO                         JEWISH FEDERATION (1938); 901 Melwood
                                                Dr. N. E. (44483); Pres. Abe Knofsky.
(1935); 750 White Pond Dr. (44320); Pres.       JEWISH FEDERATION OF YOUNGSTOWN,
David Lockshin; Exec. Dir. Morris               OHIO, INC. (1935); P. O. Box 449 (44501);
Rombo.                                          Pres. Bert Tamarkin; Exec. Dir. Stanley
TON (1935; reorg. 1955); 2631 Harvard Ave.,
N. W. (44709); Pres. Robert I. Friedman;        ARDMORE
Exec. Dir. Revella R. Kopstein.                 JEWISH FEDERATION (1934); 23 "B" St.,
                                                S.W. (73401); Co-Chmn. Ike Fishman.
VICINITY (merger of the Associated Jewish       JEWISH COMMUNITY COUNCIL (1941); 1100
Agencies and Jewish Welfare Fund) (1896;        N. Dewey, Suite 103 (73103); Pres. Sig Harp-
reorg. 1967); 200 West 4th St. (45202); Pres.   man, Jr.; Exec. Dir. Jay B. Bachrach.
Mrs. I. Mark Zeligs; Exec. V.P. Harold Gold-
berg.                                           TULSA
                                                TULSA    JEWISH    COMMUNITY      COUNCIL
CLEVELAND                                       (1938); (sponsors TULSA UNITED JEWISH
JEWISH    COMMUNITY       FEDERATION      OF    CAMPAIGN); 3314 E. 51 St., Suite T (74135);
CLEVELAND (1903); 1750 Euclid Ave.              Pres. Donald Newman; Exec. Dir. Leonard
(44115); Pres. Albert B. Ratner; Exec. Dir.     Rubin.
Stanley B. Horowitz.
1175 College Ave. (43209); Pres. Ernest         JEWISH WELFARE FEDERATION OF PORT-
Stern; Exec. V. Pres. Ben M. Mandelkorn.        LAND (incl. State of Oregon and adjacent
                                                Washington communities) (1920; reorg.
DAYTON                                          1956); 6651 S. W. Capitol Highway (97219);
JEWISH COMMUNITY COUNCIL OF DAY-                Pres. Arden E. Shenker; Exec. Dir. Morris A.
TON (1943); Community Services Bldg.,           Stein.
184 Salem Ave., Rm. 210 (45406); Pres.
Irvin Zipperstein; Exec. Dir. Robert Fitter-                PENNSYLVANIA
LIMA                                            JEWISH FEDERATION OF ALLENTOWN, INC.
FEDERATED JEWISH CHARITIES OF LIMA              (1938; Inc. 1948); 22nd and Tilghman Sts.
DISTRICT (1935); 217 S. Dale Dr. (45805);       (18104); Pres. Robert Margolis; Exec. Dir.
Fin. Sec. Norman Mervis.                        Leslie Gottlieb.
606    /   A M E R I C A N J E W I S H YEAR BOOK, 1 9 7 8

ALTOONA                                        Powell Sts. (19401); Pres. Bernard Tepper;
FEDERATION OF JEWISH PHILANTHROPIES            Exec. Dir. Harold M. Kamsler.
(1920; reorg. 1940); 1308 17th St. (16601);    PHILADELPHIA
Pres. Bert Leopold.
                                               FEDERATION     OF JEWISH      AGENCIES OF
BUTLER                                         GREATER     PHILADELPHIA      (1901; reorg.
BUTLER JEWISH WELFARE FUND (incl. But-         1956); 226 South 16 St. (19102); Pres. I.
ler County) (1938); P. O. Box 992 (16001);     Jerome Stern; Exec. Dir. Robert Forman.
Chmn. Julius Bernstein; Sec. Maurice Hor-      PITTSBURGH
witz.                                          UNITED JEWISH FEDERATION OF GREATER
EASTON                                         PITTSBURGH (1912; reorg. 1955); 234 McKee
JEWISH COMMUNITY COUNCIL OF EASTON,            PI. (15213); Pres. Sidney N. Busis; Exec. Dir.
PA. AND VICINITY (1939); (sponsors ALLIED      Gerald S. Soroker.
WELFARE APPEAL); 660 Ferry St. (18042);        POTTSVILLE
Pres. Mrs. Sidney Kaplan; Exec. Dir. Eugene    UNITED JEWISH CHARITIES (1935); 2300
Hurwitz.                                       Mahantongo St. (17901); Chmn. Henry Gil-
ERIE                                           bert; Exec. Sec. Miss Gertrude Perkins.
OF ERIE (1946); 32 W. 8th St., Suite 512 JEWISH COMMUNITY COUNCIL (1935);
(16501); Pres. Marcia Siegel; Exec. Dir. Ivan (sponsors UNITED JEWISH CAMPAIGN);
C. Schonfeld.                                 1700 City Line St. (19604); Pres. Edwin A.
HARRISBURG                                    Lakin; Exec. Dir. David Morris.
Vaughn St. (17110); Pres. William L. Kanen-    SCRANTON-LACKAWANNA JEWISH COUN-
son; Exec. Dir. Albert Hursh.                  CIL (incl. Lackawanna County) (1945); 601
HAZELTON                                       Jefferson Ave. (18510); Pres. Alvin Nathan;
                                               Exec. Dir. George Joel.
rel & Hemlock Sts. (18201); Pres. Richard      SHARON
Chait; Exec. Dir. Jay Rostov.                  SHENANGO VALLEY JEWISH FEDERATION
JOHNSTOWN                                      (1940); 840 Highland Rd. (16146); Pres. Ber-
                                               nard Goldstone; Treas. Irwin Yanowitz.
TOWN (1938); 521 Luzerne St. (15905); Pres.    UNIONTOWN
William L. Glosser.                            UNITED JEWISH FEDERATION (1939); 406
LANCASTER                                      W. Main St. (15401), c/o Jewish Community
                                               Center; Pres. Harold Cohen; Sec. Morris H.
LANCASTER, PA., INC. (1928); 2120 Oregon
Pike (17601); Pres. Jay S. Poser; Exec. Dir.   WILKES-BARRE
Lawrence Pallas.                               THE WYOMING VALLEY JEWISH COMMIT-
LEVITTOWN                                      TEE (1935); (sponsors UNITED JEWISH AP-
                                               PEAL); 60 S. River St. (18701); Pres. Isadore
JEWISH COMMUNITY COUNCIL OF LOWER              Landau; Exec. Dir. Monty Pomm.
BUCKS COUNTY (1956, Inc. 1957); 15 Stony-
brook Dr. E. (19055); Pres. Sidney Tessler;    YORK
Exec. Dir. Sidney Stein.                       YORK COUNCIL OF JEWISH CHARITIES, INC.
NEW CASTLE                                     120 E. Market St. (17401); Exec. Dir. Cecil
PA. (1967); 110 Elizabeth St. (16105); Chmn.               RHODE ISLAND
Norman Levine.
NORRISTOWN                                     JEWISH FEDERATION OF RHODE ISLAND
JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER (serving Cen-          (1945); 130 Sessions St. (02906); Pres. Robert
tral Montgomery County) (1936); Brown and      A. Riesman; Exec. Dir. Dan Asher.
              JEWISH         FEDERATIONS,            FUNDS,       COUNCILS           /     607

           SOUTH CAROLINA                       BEAUMONT
CHARLESTON                                      BEAUMONT       JEWISH    FEDERATION          OF
                                                TEXAS, INC. (Org. and Inc. 1967); P. O. Box
JEWISH WELFARE FUND (1949); 1645 Mill-          1981 (77704); Pres. Edwin Gale; Dir. Isadore
brook Dr. (29407); P. O. Box 3565; Pres.        Harris.
Mrs. Arnold Prystowsky; Exec. Dir. Nathan
Shulman.                                        CORPUS CHRISTI
                                                CORPUS    CHRISTI    JEWISH     COMMUNITY
COLUMBIA                                        COUNCIL (1953); 750 Everhart Rd. (78411);
JEWISH WELFARE FEDERATION              OF CO-   Pres. Julius Brownstein; Exec. Dir. Mrs. Lil-
LUMBIA (1960); 4540 Trenholm Rd. (29206);       lian Racusin.
Pres. Melton Kligman; Exec. Dir. Jack Wein-     COMBINED JEWISH APPEAL OF CORPUS
traub.                                          CHRISTI (1962); 750 Everhart Rd. (78411);
            SOUTH DAKOTA                        Pres. Harold Alberts; Exec. Dir. Mrs. Lillian
SIOUX FALLS                                     DALLAS
JEWISH WELFARE FUND (1938); National            JEWISH   WELFARE      FEDERATION         (1911);
Reserve BIdg. (57102); Pres. Richard M.         8616 Northwest Plaza-Suite 319 (75225);
Light; Exec. Sec. Louis R. Hurwitz.             Pres. Stanley C. Pearle; Exec. Dir. Emily
               TENNESSEE                        Fink.
                                                EL PASO
                                                JEWISH COMMUNITY COUNCIL OF E L PASO,
CHATTANOOGA JEWISH WELFARE FEDERA-              INC. (incl. surrounding communities) (1939);
TION (1931); 5326 Lynnland Terrace              405 Mardi Gras, P. O. Box 12097 (79912);
(37411); Pres. Mark A. Spector; Exec. Dir.      Pres. Mrs. Robert E. Goodman; Exec. Dir.
Steven Drysdale.                                Howard Burnham.
KNOXVILLE                                       FORT WORTH
Deane Hill Dr. (37919); P. O. Box 10882);       (1936); 6801 Grandbury Rd. (76133); Pres.
Chmn. Louis Joffe; Exec. Dir. Peter Margo-      E. M. Rosenthal; Exec. Dir. Norman A.
lis.                                            Mogul.
MEMPHIS                                         GALVESTON
County) (1864, Inc. 1906); 6560 Poplar Ave.,    COUNCIL & WELFARE ASSOCIATION (1936);
P. O. Box 38268 (38138); Pres. Leo Bearman,     P. O. Box 146 (77550); Pres. Mrs. I. A.
Jr.; Exec. Dir. Jack Lieberman.                 Lerner; Sec. Mrs. Charles Rosenbloom.
JEWISH    WELFARE     FUND    (incl.   Shelby   HOUSTON
County) (1934); 6560 Poplar Ave., P. O. Box     JEWISH COMMUNITY COUNCIL OF METRO-
38268 (38138); Pres. Morris Kriger; Exec.       POLITAN HOUSTON, INC. (incl. neighboring
Dir. Jack Lieberraan.                           communities) (1937); (sponsors UNITED
                                                JEWISH CAMPAIGN); 5601 S. Braes wood
NASHVILLE                                       Blvd. (77096); Pres. J. Livingston Kosberg;
JEWISH   FEDERATION      OF NASHVILLE &         Exec. Dir. Earl Jordan.
MIDDLE TENNESSEE (1936); 3500 West End
Ave. (37205); Pres. Mrs. Louis K. Fox; Exec.    SAN ANTONIO
Dir. Martin Kraar.                              JEWISH SOCIAL SERVICE FEDERATION (incl.
                                                Bexas County) (1922); 8434 Ahern Dr.
                  TEXAS                         (78216); Pres. Mrs. Sondra Sugerman; Exec.
                                                Dir. Robert D. Jolton.
(1939; reorg. 1956); 8301 Balcones Dr., Suite   •FEDERATION OF JEWISH WELFARE FUND
308-1 (78759); Pres. Alfred M. Rosenfield;      (1938); P. O. Box 934 (75702); Pres. Sylvan
Exec. Dir. Charles P. Epstein.                  Mellinger.
608   /   A M E R I C A N J E W I S H YEAR BOOK, 1 9 7 8

WACO                                           Paulsen Bldg. (99201); Pres. Samuel Huppin;
JEWISH    WELFARE    COUNCIL OF WACO           Sec. Robert N. Arick.
(1949); P. O. Box 8031 (76710); Pres. Mrs.                 WEST VIRGINIA
Marc E. Wolf.
                  UTAH                         FEDERATED       JEWISH     CHARITIES     OF
SALT LAKE CITY                                 CHARLESTON, INC. (1937); P. O. Box 1613
                                               (25326); Pres. Robert Levine; Exec. Sec.
JEWISH WELFARE FUND (1936); 2416 E.            Charles Cohen.
1700 South (84108); Pres. Neisen Bank;         HUNTINGTON
Exec. Dir. Harry Altschule.                    FEDERATED JEWISH CHARITIES (1939); P.
                VIRGINIA                       O. Box 947 (25713); Pres. David Riter; Sec.
                                               Jerome Cantor.
(23606) P. O. Box 6680; Pres. Leonard Wa-      VALLEY, INC. (1933); 20 Hawthorne Court
ters; Exec. Dir. Chaim Lauer.                  (26003); Pres. Dr. Harold Saferstein.
NORFOLK                                                      WISCONSIN
(1937); 7300 Newport Ave., P. O. Box 9776      (1963); 3131 N. Meade St. (54911); Co-
(23505); Pres. Robert M. Rubin.                Chmn. Arnold Cohodas and Dov Edelstein;
PORTSMOUTH                                     Treas. Mrs. Harold Rusky.
CIL (1919); 430 Merchants & Farmers            GREEN BAY JEWISH WELFARE FUND; P. O.
(23704); Pres. Stanley Peck; Exec. Dir. Mrs.   Box 335 (54305); Pres. Stuart Milson; Treas.
Ruth Silverman.                                Herman J. Robitshek.
RICHMOND                                       KENOSHA
Monument Ave., P. O. Box 8237 (23226);         6537-7th Ave. (53140); Pres. Ben Cheme-
Pres. Hortense B. Wolf; Exec. Dir. Julius      row; Sec.-Treas. Mrs. S. M. Lapp.
ROANOKE                                        MADISON JEWISH WELFARE COUNCIL, INC.
JEWISH COMMUNITY COUNCIL; C/O WROV,            (1940); 303 Price PI. (53705); Pres. Isadore
15th & Cleveland Ave. (24015); Pres. Burt      V. Fine; Exec. Dir. Abraham Mintz.
             WASHINGTON                        MILWAUKEE JEWISH FEDERATION, INC.
SEATTLE                                        (1938); 1360 N. Prospect Ave. (53202); Pres.
                                               Gerald J. Kahn; Exec. V. Pres. Melvin S.
TLE (incl. King County, Everett and Bremer-
ton) (1926); Suite 525, Securities Bldg.       RACINE
(98101); Pres. Martin Rind; Exec. Dir. Mur-    RACINE JEWISH WELFARE BOARD (1946);
ray Shiff.                                     944 Main St. (53403).
SPOKANE                                        SHEBOYGAN
KANE (incl. Spokane County) (1927); (spon-     (1927); 1404 North Ave. (53081); Sec. Mrs.
sors UNITED JEWISH FUND) (1936); 401           Abe Alpert.
              JEWISH FEDERATIONS, FUNDS, COUNCILS                                /   609


               ALBERTA                        Pres. Albert I. Foreman; Exec. Dir. Samuel
(1962); 102-18th Ave., S.E. (T2G 1K8); •LONDON JEWISH COMMUNITY COUNCIL
Pres. S. Bruce Green; Exec. Dir. Harry S. (1932); 532 Huron St. (24); (N5Y 4J5); Pres.
Shatz.                                    Gerald Klein; Exec. Dir. Barry Eisen.
EDMONTON                                  OTTAWA
INC. (1954, Inc. 1965); 7200-156 St. (T5R (1934); 151 Chapel St. (2); Pres. David Loeb;
1X3); Pres. Mrs. Leon Singer; Exec. Dir. Uri Exec. Dir. Hy Hochberg.
Rosenzweig.                                  ST. CATHARINES
                                             CATHARINES; C/O Jewish Community Cen-
VANCOUVER                                    tre, Church St.; Pres. Jack Silverstein; Sec.
VANCOUVER (1932); 950 W. 41 Ave. (V5Z         TORONTO
2N7); Pres. Mrs. D. Frankenburg; Exec. Dir.
Morris Saltzman.                              UNITED JEWISH CONGRESS (1937); 150 Bev-
                                              erley St. (M5T 1Y6); Pres. Milton Harris;
              MANITOBA                        Exec. Dir. Irwin Gold.

WINNIPEG                                      WINDSOR
                                              JEWISH COMMUNITY COUNCIL (1938); 1641
                                              Ouellette Ave. (NBX 1K9); Pres. Herbert
(incl. Combined Jewish Appeal of Winnipeg)    Brudner; Exec. Dir. Joseph Eisenberg.
(org. 1938, reorg. 1973); 370 Hargrave St.,
(R3B 2K1); Pres. Al Omson; Exec. Dir. Izzy                    QUEBEC
               ONTARIO                        ALLIED JEWISH COMMUNITY SERVICES
                                              (merger of FEDERATION OF JEWISH COM-
HAMILTON                                      MUNITY SERVICES and COMBINED JEWISH
HAMILTON    JEWISH FEDERATION (incl.      APPEAL) (1965); 5151 Cote St. Catherine Rd.
United Jewish Welfare Fund) (org. 1934, (H3W 1M6); Pres. Joseph Ain; Exec. Dir.
merged 1971); 57 Delaware Ave. (L8M 1T6); Manuel G. Batshaw.
                                      Jewish Periodicals1

                               UNITED STATES
                ALABAMA                          HERITAGE-SOUTHWEST          JEWISH     PRESS
                                                   (1954). 2130 S. Vermont Ave., Los An-
JEWISH MONITOR (1948). P.O. Box 9155,              geles, 90007. Weekly. Herb Brin. (Also
  Crestline Sta., Birmingham, 35213. Joseph        SAN DIEGO JEWISH PRESS-HERITAGE,
  S. Gallinger. Monthly.                           San Diego [weekly]; CENTRAL CALIFOR-
                                                   NIA JEWISH HERITAGE, Sacramento and
JEWISH SOCIOLOGY AND SOCIAL RESEARCH               Fresno area and region [monthly]; OR-
  (1974). Dept. of Sociology, Univ. of Ala-        ANGE COUNTY JEWISH HERITAGE, Or-
  bama, Birmingham, 35294. Murray B.               ange County Area [weekly].)
  Binderman. Semi-annually.
                                                 ISRAEL TODAY (1973). 10340 Reseda
                 ALASKA                            Blvd., Northridge, 91324. Phil Blazer.
*THE ALASKAN JEWISH BULLETIN (1973).               Bi-weekly.
  7-730 H, "J" St., Anchorage, 99506. Rabbi
  Israel Haber. Monthly.                         JEWISH OBSERVER        OF THE EAST BAY
                                                   (1967). 3245 Sheffield Ave., Oakland,
                 ARIZONA                           94602. Bernice Scharlach. Monthly. Jew-
                                                   ish Welfare Federation of Alameda & Con-
ARIZONA POST (1946). 102 N. Plumer Ave.,           tra Costa Counties.
  Tucson, 85719. Martha K. Rothman. Bi-
  monthly. Tucson Jewish Community               JEWISH SPECTATOR (1935). P.O. Box 2016,
  Council.                                         Santa Monica, 90406. Trade Weiss-Ros-
                                                   marin. Quarterly.
PHOENIX JEWISH NEWS (1947). 1530 West
  Thomas Rd., Phoenix, 85015. Pearl R.           JEWISH STAR (1956). 693 Mission St. #305,
  Newmark. Fortnightly.                            San Francisco, 94105. Alfred Berger.
                                                 SAN FRANCISCO JEWISH BULLETIN (1943).
B'NAI B'RITH MESSENGER (1897). 2510 W. 7           870 Market St., San Francisco, 94102.
  St., Los Angeles, 90057. Joseph J. Cum-          Geoffrey Fisher. Weekly. San Francisco
  mins. Weekly.                                    Jewish Community Publications.

   'Periodicals which have been in existence at least one year prior to June 30, 1975 are
included in this directory. Information is based upon answers furnished by the publications
themselves, and the publishers of the YEAR BOOK assume no responsibility for the accuracy
of the data presented; nor does inclusion in this list necessarily imply approval or endorsement
of the periodicals. The information provided here includes the year of organization and the
name of the editor, managing editor, or publisher; unless otherwise stated, the language used
by the periodical is English. An asterisk (*) indicates that no reply was received and that the
information, including name of publication, date of founding, and address, is reprinted from
AJYB, 1976 (vol. 77). For organizational bulletins, consult organizational listings.

                                                 JEWISH      PERIODICALS             / 611
 QUARTERLY (1968). 2429 23rd St., Santa
 Monica, 90405. Dr. Norton B. Stern.             SOUTHERN ISRAELITE (1925). P.O. Box
 Quarterly. Southern California Jewish His-        77388, 188-15 St. N.W., Atlanta, 30357.
 torical Society.                                  Jack Geldbart. Weekly.
                COLORADO                                        ILLINOIS
                                                 CHICAGO    JEWISH   POST AND OPINION
  1275 Sherman St., Denver, 80203. Mrs.            (1953). 6350 N. Albany, Chicago, 60659.
  Max Goldberg. Weekly.                            Theodore Cohen. Weekly.
                                                 SENTINEL (1911). 216 W. Jackson Blvd.,
            CONNECTICUT                            Chicago, 60606. J. I. Fishbein. Weekly.
  Box 1107, Hartford, 06101. Abraham J.            NEWS (1945). 6464 West Main, Suite 7A,
  Feldman. Weekly.                                 Belleville, 62223. Hyman H. Ruffman.
JEWISH DIGEST (1955). 1363 Fairfield Ave.,         Monthly. Jewish Federation of Southern
  Bridgeport,    06605.     Bernard    Postal.     Illinois.
  Monthly.                                       THE TORCH (1941). 1946 W. Hood, Chicago,
                DELAWARE                           60660 Mannye London. Quarterly. Natl.
                                                   Fed. of Jewish Men's Clubs, Inc.
JEWISH VOICE (1967). 701 Shipley St., Wil-
  mington, 19801. Ruth J. Kaplan. Bi-                           INDIANA
  monthly. Jewish Federation of Dela-            INDIANA    JEWISH   POST    AND OPINION
                                                   (1935). 611 N. Park Ave., Indianapolis,
                                                   46204. Jo Ann Pinkowitz. Weekly.
                                                 JEWISH POST AND OPINION. 611 N. Park
AMERICAN JEWISH JOURNAL (1944). 890                Ave.,  Indianapolis,     46204.   Gabriel
  National Press Bldg., Washington, 20004.         Cohen.
  David Mondzac. Quarterly.
JEWISH VETERAN (1896). 1712 New Hamp-
  shire Ave., N.W., Washington, 20009. Ste-      KENTUCKY JEWISH POST AND OPINION
  phen Barlas. Bimonthly. Jewish War Vet-          (1931). 1551 Bardstown Rd., Louisville,
  erans of the U.S.A.                              40205. Gail Tolpin. Weekly.
JEWISH WEEK (1965). National Press Bldg.,                      LOUISIANA
  Washington, 20004. Joseph M. Hochstein.        THE JEWISH CIVIC PRESS (1965). P.O. Box
  Weekly.                                          15500, New Orleans, 70175. Abner Tritt.
NATIONAL JEWISH MONTHLY (1886 under                Monthly.
  the name Menorah). 1640 Rhode Island           JEWISH TIMES (1974). 211 Camp St., New
  Ave., N.W., Washington, 20036. Charles           Orleans, 70115. Preston G. Ribnick.
  Fenyvesi. Monthly. B'nai B'rith.                 Weekly.
NEAR EAST REPORT (1957). 1341 G. St.,                         MARYLAND
  N.W., Washington, 20005. Wolf I. Blitzer.
  Weekly. Near East Research, Inc.               BALTIMORE JEWISH TIMES (1919). 2104 N.
                                                   Charles St., Baltimore, 21218. Gary
                FLORIDA                            Rosenblatt. Weekly.
JEWISH    FLORIDIAN       (1928).   P.O.   Box              MASSACHUSETTS
  012973, Miami, 33101. Fred K. Shochet.
  Weekly.                                        AMERICAN    JEWISH HISTORICAL QUAR-
                                                   TERLY (1893). 2 Thornton Road, Wal-
SOUTHERN JEWISH WEEKLY (1924). P.O.                tham, 02154. Nathan M. Kaganoff. Quar-
  Box 3297, Jacksonville, 32206. Isadore           terly. American Jewish Historical
  Moscovitz. Weekly.                               Society.
612   /    A M E R I C A N J E W I S H YEAR BOOK, 1 9 7 8
JEWISH ADVOCATE (1902). 251 Causeway            Monthly. Las Vegas Combined Jewish Ap-
  St., Boston, 02114. Joseph G. Weisberg,       peal.
  Alexander Brin. Weekly.
                                              LAS VEGAS ISRAELITE (1965). P.O. Box
* JEWISH CIVIC LEADER (1926). 40 Foster         14096, Las Vegas, 89114. Jack Tell.
  St., P.O. Box 921, Worcester, 01613. Con-     Weekly.
  rad H. Isenberg. Weekly.
                                                            NEW JERSEY
JEWISH REPORTER (1970). 1000 Worcester
  Road, Framingham, 01701. Howard G.          JEWISH COMMUNITY NEWS (1962). Green
  Joress. Monthly. Greater Framingham           Lane, Union, 07083. Esther Blaustein.
  Jewish Federation.                            Fortnightly (monthly in July and Au-
JEWISH TIMES (1945). 118 Cypress St.,
  Brookline, 02146. James Kahn. Weekly.       JEWISH JOURNAL (1956). 2 S. Adelaide Ave.,
                                                Highland Park, 08904. Clifford B. Ross.
JEWISH WEEKLY NEWS (1945). P.O. Box             Fortnightly. Jewish Federation of Raritan
  1569, Springfield, 01101. Leslie B. Kahn.     Valley.
                                              JEWISH NEWS (1947). 60 Glenwood Ave.,
MOMENT (1975). 55 Chapel St., Newton,           East Orange, 07017. Harry Weingast.
 02160. Leonard Fein. Monthly except            Weekly. Jewish Community Federation of
 May-June, July-August.                         Metropolitan New Jersey.
                                              JEWISH RECORD (1939). 1537 Atlantic Ave-
DETROIT JEWISH NEWS (1942). 17515 W. 9          nue, Atlantic City, 08401. Martin Korik.
  Mile Rd., Suite 865, Southfield, 48075.       Weekly.
  Philip Slomovitz. Weekly.
                                              JEWISH STANDARD (1931). 40 Journal Sq.,
MICHIGAN JEWISH HISTORY (1960). 163             Jersey City, 07306. Morris J. Janoff.
  Madison, Detroit, 48226. Irving I. Edgar.     Weekly.
  Semi-annual. Jewish Historical Society of
  Michigan.                                   MORRIS/SUSSEX JEWISH NEWS (1972). 500
                                                Route 10, Ledgewood, 07852. Rhoda Has-
             MINNESOTA                          son. Monthly. United Jewish Federation
AMERICAN JEWISH WORLD (1912). 9 N. 4th          Morris/Sussex.
  St., Minneapolis, 55401. Norman Gold.       VOICE (1940). 2393 W. Marlton Pike, Cherry
  Weekly.                                       Hill, 08002. Benn Friedman. Bi-monthly.
              MISSOURI                          Jewish Federation of Southern N.J.
KANSAS CITY JEWISH CHRONICLE (1920).                        NEW YORK
  P.O. Box 8709, Kansas City, 64114. Mil-
  ton Firestone. Weekly.                      ALBANY JEWISH WORLD (1965). 416 Smith
                                                St., Schenectady, 12305. Sam S. Clevenson.
  (1948). 8235 Olive St., St. Louis. 63132.
  Kathi Sutin. Weekly.                        BUFFALO JEWISH REVIEW (1918). 110 Pearl
                                                St., Buffalo, 14202. Steve Lipman. Weekly.
ST. LOUIS JEWISH LIGHT (1947). 611 Olive        Kahaal Nahalot Israel.
  St., Room 1541, St. Louis, 63101. Robert
  A. Cohn. Fortnightly. Jewish Federation     •JEWISH   LEDGER     (1924). 721 Monroe
  of St. Louis.                                 Ave., Rochester, 14607. Donald Wolin.
                                              JEWISH WORLD OF LONG ISLAND AND
JEWISH PRESS (1921). 333 S. 132 St., Omaha,     QUEENS (1971). 1 Old Indian Head Rd.,
  68154. Morris Maline. Weekly. Jewish          Commack, 11725. Robert Gross. Bi-
  Federation of Omaha.                          weekly.
                                              REPORTER. 500 Clubhouse Rd., Bingham-
JEWISH REPORTER (1976). 846 E. Sahara           ton, 13709. Hal Smith. Weekly. Jewish
  Ave., Las Vegas, 89104. Jerry Countess.       Federation of Broome County.
                                               JEWISH PERIODICALS                 /   613
           NEW YORK CITY                         Quarterly. Rabbinical Assembly and Jew-
                                                 ish Theological Seminary of America.
  Fifth Ave., 10011. Milton Weinstein. Bi-     ECONOMIC HORIZONS (1953). 500 Fifth
  monthly. American Association for Jewish       Ave., N.Y.C. 10036. Phil Opher. Quar-
  Education.                                     terly. American-Israel Chamber of Com-
                                                 merce and Industry, Inc.
AFN SHVEL (1941). 200 W. 72 St., 10023.
  Editorial board. Quarterly. Yiddish. Free-   FREIE ARBEITER STIMME (1890). 33 Union
  land League for Jewish Territorial Coloni-     Square W., 10003. P. Costan. Monthly.
  zation.                                        Yiddish. Free Voice of Labor.
ALGEMEINER JOURNAL (1972). 404 Park            HADASSAH MAGAZINE (formerly HADAS-
  Ave., So., 10016. Geshon Jacobson.             SAH NEWSLETTER; 1921). 50 W. 58 St.,
  Weekly. Yiddish.                               10019. Jesse Zel Lurie. Monthly, (except
                                                 July and August). Hadassah, Women's
                                                 Zionist Organization of America.
  E. 56 St., 10022. Morris Fine, Milton Him-
  melfarb. Annual. American Jewish Com-        HADOAR(1921). 1841 Broadway, 10023. Itz-
  mittee and Jewish Publication Society.        hak Ivry. Weekly. Hebrew. Histadruth Iv-
                                                rith of America.
  Broadway,     10003. Agatha    Leifer.       HADOROM (1957). 220 Park Ave. S., 10003.
  Monthly. English Mizrachi Women's Or-          Charles B. Chavel. Semiannual. Hebrew.
  ganization of America.                         Rabbinical Council of America, Inc.
AMERICAN ZIONIST (1910). 4 E. 34 St.,          HISTADRUT FOTO-NEWS (1948). 33 E. 67
  10016. Elias Cooper. Monthly (except July      St., 10021. Nahum Guttman. Bimonthly.
  and August). Zionist Organization of           National Committee for Labor Israel.
                                               U INSTITUTIONAL AND INDUSTRIAL K O -
AUFBAU (1934). 2121 Broadway, 10023.            SHER PRODUCTS DIRECTORY (1967). 116
  Hans Steinitz. Weekly. English-German.         E. 27 St., 10016. Berel Wein, Admin. Ir-
  New World Club, Inc.                           regular. Union of Orthodox Jewish Con-
BITZARON (1939). 1141 Broadway, 10001.           gregations of America.
  Maurice E. Chernowitz. Monthly. He-          ISRAEL HORIZONS (1952). 150 Fifth Ave.,
  brew. Hebrew Literary Foundation.              10011. Richard Yaffe. Monthly (except Ju-
B'NAI YIDDISH (1968). 22 E. 17 St., 10003.       ly-August). Americans for Progressive Is-
  Itzik Kozlovsky. Bimonthly. English-Yid-       rael—Hashomer Hatzair.
  dish.                                        ISRAEL INVESTORS' REPORT (1961). 575
CCAR JOURNAL (1953). 790 Madison Ave.,           Lexington Ave., 10022. Aryeh Greenfield.
  10021. Bernard Martin. Quarterly. Central      Monthly.
 Conference of American Rabbis.                JEWISH ACTION (1950). 116 East 27 St.,
CENTRAL     CONFERENCE      OF AMERICAN          10016. Yaakov Kornreich. Bimonthly.
  RABBIS YEARBOOK (1890). 790 Madison            Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations
  Ave., 10021. Joseph B. Glaser, Elliot L.       of America.
  Stevens. Annual. Central Conference of       JEWISH BOOK ANNUAL (1942). 15 East 26th
  American Rabbis.                               St., 10010. Jacob Kabakoff. Annual. Eng-
COMMENTARY (1945). 165 E. 56 St., 10022.         lish-Hebrew-Yiddish. Jewish Book Coun-
  Norman Podhoretz. Monthly. American            cil of the National Jewish Welfare Board.
  Jewish Committee.
                                               JEWISH BOOKLAND (supplement of the JWB
CONGRESS MONTHLY (1934). 15 E. 84 St.,           CIRCLE; 1945). 15 East 26 St., 10010. A.
  10028. Herbert Poster. Monthly (except         Alan Steinbach. 7 times a year. Jewish
  July and August). American Jewish Con-         Book Council of the National Jewish Wel-
  gress.                                         fare Board.
CONSERVATIVE      JUDAISM     (1945).   3080   JEWISH BRAILLE REVIEW (1931). 110 E.
  Broadway, 10027. Stephen C. Lerner.            30 St., 10016. Jacob Freid. Monthly.
614   /   A M E R I C A N J E W I S H YEAR BOOK, 1 9 7 8
  English-Braille. Jewish Braille Institute of     JEWISH TELEGRAPHIC AGENCY COMMU-
  America, Inc.                                      NITY NEWS REPORTER (1962). 165 W. 46
                                                     St., Rm. 511, 10036. Murray Zuckoff.
•JEWISH CURRENT EVENTS (1958). 430 Kel-              Weekly.
  ler Ave., Elmont, L.I., 11003. Samuel
  Deutsch. Biweekly.                               JEWISH TELEGRAPHIC AGENCY DAILY
                                                     NEWS BULLETIN (1917). 165 W. 46 St.,
JEWISH CURRENTS (1946). 22 E. 17 St.,                Rm. 511, 10036. Murray Zuckoff. Daily.
  10003. Morris U. Schappes. Monthly.
                                                   JEWISH TELEGRAPHIC AGENCY WEEKLY
                                                     NEWS DIGEST (1933). 165 W. 46 St., Rm.
  St., 10016. Simon Weber. Daily. Yiddish.           511, 10036. Murray Zuckoff. Weekly.
  Forward Association, Inc.
JEWISH EDUCATION (1928). 114 Fifth Ave.,
                                                   JEWISH WEEK (1876, reorg. 1970). 3 E. 40
  10011. Alvin I. Schiff. Quarterly. National        St., 10016. Philip Hochstein. Weekly.
  Council for Jewish Education.                    JWB CIRCLE (1946). 15 E. 26 St., 10010.
JEWISH    EDUCATION     DIRECTORY        (1951).
                                                     Lionel Koppman. 7 times a year. JWB.
   114 Fifth Ave., 10011. Murray Rockowitz.        JOURNAL OF JEWISH COMMUNAL SERVICE
  Triannual. American Association for Jew-           (1899). 15 E. 26 St., 10010. Sanford N.
  ish Education.                                     Sherman. Quarterly. National Conference
JEWISH FRONTIER (1934). 575 6th Ave.,
                                                     of Jewish Communal Service.
  10011. Judah J. Shapiro. Monthly. Labor          JUDAISM (1952). 15 E. 84 St., 10028. Robert
  Zionist Letters, Inc.                              Gordis. Quarterly. American Jewish Con-
JEWISH GUARDIAN (1974). G.P.O. Box                   gress.
  2143, Brooklyn, 11202. Pinchus David.            KEEPING POSTED (1955). 838 Fifth Ave.,
  Quarterly. Neturei Karta of U.S.A.                 10021. Aron Hirt. Monthly (Oct. through
JEWISH JOURNAL (1970). 16 Court St.,                 May). Union of American Hebrew Con-
  Brooklyn, 11241. Earl Foreman. Weekly.             gregations.
JEWISH LIFE (1946). 116 E. 27 St., 10016.          KINDER JOURNAL (1920). 3301 Bainbridge
  Yaakov Jacobs. Quarterly. Union of Or-             Ave., Bronx, N.Y., 10467. Bella Gottes-
  thodox Jewish Congregations of Amer-               man. Quarterly. Yiddish. Sholem Alei-
  ica.                                               chem Folk Institute, Inc.
JEWISH MUSIC NOTES (1945). 15 E. 26 St.,           KINDER ZEITUNG (1930). 45 E. 33 St., 10016
  10010. Irene Heskes. Semiannual. JWB               Joseph Mlotek, Saul Maltz, Mates Olitzky.
  Jewish Music Council.                              Bimonthly. Yiddish. Workmen's Circle.
JEWISH OBSERVER (1963). 5 Beekman St.,             KOL YAVNEH (1960). 156 Fifth Ave., 10010.
  10038. Nisson Wolpin. Monthly (except             Roslyn M. Sherman. Bimonthly. Yavneh,
  July and August). Agudath Israel of               National Religious Jewish Students Asso-
  America.                                          ciation.
JEWISH PARENT (1948). 229 Park Ave. S.,            U KOSHER PRODUCTS DIRECTORY (1925).
  10003. Joseph Kaminetsky. Quarterly. Na-           116 E. 27 St., 10016. Berel Wein, Admin.
  tional Association of Hebrew Day School            Irregular. Union of Orthodox Jewish Con-
  PTA's, an affiliate of Torah Umesorah.             gregations of America—Kashruth Div.
  Fifth Ave., 10003.         Charles      Roth.      (1967). 45 E. 33 St., 10016. Joseph Mlotek.
  Weekly.                                            Bimonthly. Yiddish. Workmen's Circle.
JEWISH PRESS (1950). 338 3rd Ave., Brook-          LILITH (1976). 500 E. 63 St., 10023. Susan
  lyn, 11215. Sholom Klass. Weekly.                  Weidman Schneider, Amy Stone. Quar-
JEWISH    SOCIAL   STUDIES     (1939).    2929
  Broadway, 10025. Bertram E. Schwarz-             LONG ISLAND JEWISH PRESS (1942). 95-20
  bach. Quarterly. Conference on Jewish So-          63 Rd., Rego Park, 11374. Abraham B.
  cial Studies, Inc.                                 Shoulson. Monthly.
                                                JEWISH      PERIODICALS             / 615
MIDSTREAM (1955). 515 Park Ave., 10022.         RESPONSE (1967). 523 W. 113 St., 10025.
  Joel Carmichel. Monthly (June/July,             Steven Martin Cohen. Quarterly. Jewish
  Aug./Sept. bimonthly). Theodor Herzl            Educational Ventures, Inc.
  Foundation, Inc.
                                                SEVEN ARTS FEATURE SYNDICATE. See
MORNING FREIHEIT (1922). 22 W. 21 St.,            News Syndicates, p. (617).
    10011. Paul Novick. Daily. Yiddish-
    English.                                    SHEVILEY HAHINUCH (1939). 114 Fifth
                                                  Ave., 10011. Matthew Mosenkis. Quar-
U NEWS REPORTER (1956). 116 E. 27 St.,            terly. Hebrew. National Council for Jewish
    10016. Berel Wein, Admin. Irregular.          Education.
    Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations      SH'MA (1970). Box 567, Port Washington,
    of America—Kashruth Div.                      N.Y., 11050. Eugene B. Borowitz. Fort-
OLOMEINU—OUR WORLD (1945). 229 Park               nightly (except June, July, Aug.).
    Ave. S., 10003. Nosson Scherman, Yaakov     SHMUESSEN M I T    KINDER      UN YUGENT
    Fruchter. Monthly. English-Hebrew.            (1942). 770 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn,
    Torah Umesorah National Society for He-       11213. Nissan Mindel. Monthly. Yiddish.
    brew Day Schools.                             Merkos L'Inyonei Chinuch, Inc.
U     PASSOVER     PRODUCTS      DIRECTORY      SYNAGOGUE LIGHT (1933). 47 Beekman St.,
    (1923). 116 E. 27 St., 10016. Berel Wein,     10038. Meyer Hager. Monthly.
    Admin. Annual. Union of Orthodox
    Jewish Congregations of America—Ka-         SYNAGOGUE SCHOOL (1942). 155 Fifth Ave.,
    shruth Div.                                   10021. Morton Siegel. Quarterly. United
                                                  Synagogue Commission on Jewish Educa-
PEDAGOGIC REPORTER (1949). 114 Fifth              tion.
    Ave., 10011. Mordecai Schreiber. 3 times
    yearly. American Association for Jewish     TALKS AND TALES (1942). 770 Eastern Park-
    Education.                                    way, Brooklyn, 11213. Nissan Mindel.
                                                  Monthly (also Hebrew, French and Span-
PIONEER WOMAN (1926). 315 Fifth Ave.,             ish editions). Merkos L'Inyonei Chinuch,
     10016. David C. Gross, Judith A. Soko-       Inc.
    loff. Monthly (except May-June, Oct.-
    Nov.). English-Yiddish-Hebrew. Pioneer      TRADITION (1958). 220 Park Ave. S., 10003.
    Women, Women's Labor Zionist Organi-          Walter S. Wurzburger. Quarterly. Rab-
    zation of America.                            binical Council of America.
PRESENT TENSE (1973). 165 E. 56 St., 10022.     Ul HORIZONT (1969). P.O. Box 625, Far
    Murray Polner. Quarterly. American Jew-       Rockaway, 11691. M.D. Weinstock.
    ish Committee.                                Monthly. Hungarian.
    EMY FOR JEWISH RESEARCH (1920). 3080          Broadway, 10027. Alvin Kass. Quarterly.
    Broadway, 10027. Isaac E. Barzilay. An-       United Synagogue of America.
    nual. Hebrew, Arabic and English. Ameri-    UNSER TSAIT (1941). 25 E. 78 St., 10021.
    can Academy for Jewish Research.              Emanuel Scherer. Monthly. Yiddish. In-
                                                  ternational Jewish Labor Bund.
    220 Park Ave. S., 10003. Louis Bern-        DER WECKER (1921). 45 E. 33 St., 10016.
    stein. Quarterly. Rabbinical Council of       Elias Schulman. Nine times a year. Yid-
    America.                                      dish. Jewish Socialist Verband of Amer-
RECONSTRUCTIONIST (1935). 15 W. 86 St.,
    10024. Ira Eisenstein. Monthly. Jewish      WESTCHESTER     JEWISH TRIBUNE       (1942).
    Reconstructionist Foundation, Inc.            95-20 63 Rd., Rego Park, 11374. Abraham
                                                  B. Shoulson. Monthly.
REFORM JUDAISM (1972; formerly Dimen-
  sions in American Judaism). 838 Fifth         WOMEN'S     AMERICAN      ORT REPORTER
  Ave., 10021. Albert Vorspan. Monthly            (1966). 1250 Broadway, 10001. Elie Faust-
  (Sept. through June, except Jan.). Union of     Levy. Bimonthly. Women's American
  American Hebrew Congregations.                  ORT.
616   /   A M E R I C A N J E W I S H YEAR BOOK, 1 9 7 8
WOMEN'S LEAGUE OUTLOOK (1930). 48 E.              through June). Hadassah Zionist Youth
  74 St., 10021. Mrs. Harry I. Kiesler. Quar-     Commission.
  terly. Women's League for Conservative
  Judaism.                                      YOUTH AND NATION (1934). 150 Fifth
                                                  Ave., 10011. Danny Shapiro. Quarterly.
WORKMEN'S CIRCLE CALL (1932). 45 E. 33            Hashomer Hatzair Zionist Youth Move-
  St., 10016. William Stern. Bimonthly.           ment.
  Workmen's Circle.
                                                YUGNTRUF (1964). 3328 Bainbridge Ave.,
WORLD OVER (1940). 426 W. 58 St., 10019.         Bx., 10467. David Fishman. Quarterly.
  Ezekiel Schloss. Fornightly (October-           Yiddish. Yugntruf Youth for Yiddish.
  May). Board of Jewish Education, Inc.
                                                ZUKUNFT(1892). 25 E. 78 St., 10021. Hyman
YAVNEH REVIEW (1963). 156 Fifth Ave.,             Bass, Moshe Crystal, I. Hirshaut. Monthly
  10010. Shalom Carmy. Annual. Yavneh,            (bimonthly May-Aug.). Yiddish. Congress
  National Religious Jewish Students Asso-        for Jewish Culture and CYCO.
                                                          NORTH CAROLINA
YIDDISH (1973). Queens College, Acad.
  1309, Flushing, N.Y., 11367. Joseph           AMERICAN      JEWISH     TIMES—OUTLOOK
  C. Landis. Quarterly. Queens College            (1934; reorg. 1950). P.O. Box 10674, Char-
  Press.                                          lotte, 28234. Ronald Unger. Monthly.
Di YIDDISHE HEIM (1958). 770 Eastern                              OHIO
  Parkway, Bklyn., 11213. Mrs. Rachel Al-       THE   AMERICAN     ISRAELITE (1854). 906
  tein. Quarterly. English-Yiddish. Agudas        Main St., Cincinnati, 45202. Henry C.
  Nshei Ub'nos Chabad.
                                                  Segal. Weekly.
YIDDISHE KULTUR (1938). 853 Broadway,
                                                AMERICAN JEWISH ARCHIVES (1947). 3101
  10003. I. Goldberg. Monthly (June-Sept,         Clifton Ave., Cincinnati, 45220. Jacob R.
  biweekly). Yiddish. Yiddisher Kultur Far-       Marcus, Abraham J. Peck. Semiannually.
  band, Inc.—YKUF.                                American Jewish Archives of Hebrew
Dos YIDDISHE VORT (1953). 5 Beekman St.,          Union College—Jewish Institute of Reli-
  10038. Joseph Friedenson. Monthly. Yid-         gion.
  dish. Agudath Israel of America.
                                                CLEVELAND JEWISH NEWS (1964). 13910
YIDDISHER KEMFER (1906). 575 Sixth Ave.,          Cedar Road., Cleveland, 44118. Jerry D.
  10011. Mordechai Shtrigler. Weekly. Yid-        Barach. Weekly.
  dish. Labor Zionist Letters, Inc.
                                                DAYTON JEWISH CHRONICLE (1961). 118
YIDISHE SHPRAKH (1941). 1048 Fifth Ave.,          Salem Ave., Dayton, 45406. Anne M.
  10028. Mordkhe Schaechter. 3 times a            Hammerman. Weekly.
  year. Yiddish. Yivo Institute for Jewish
  Research, Inc.                                HEBREW UNION COLLEGE ANNUAL (1924).
                                                  3101 Clifton Ave., Cincinnati, 45220. Shel-
YIVO ANNUAL OF JEWISH SOCIAL SCIENCE              don H. Blank. Annual. English, Hebrew,
  (1946). 1048 Fifth Ave., 10028. David           French and German. Hebrew Union Col-
  Roskies. Biannually. Yivo Institute for         lege—Jewish Institute of Religion.
  Jewish Research, Inc.
                                                INDEX TO JEWISH PERIODICALS (1963).
YIVO BLETER (1931). 1048 Fifth Ave.,              P.O. Box 18570, Cleveland Hts., 44118.
  10028. Biannually. Yiddish. Yivo Institute      Jean H. Foxman, Miriam Leikind, Bess
  for Jewish Research, Inc.                       Rosenfeld. Semiannually.
YOUNG ISRAEL VIEWPOINT (1952). 3 W. 16          OHIO JEWISH CHRONICLE (1921). P.O. Box
  St., 10011. Burton Donner. Monthly (ex-         09744, Columbus, 43209. Milton J. Pinsky.
  cept July, August). National Council of         Weekly.
  Young Israel.
                                                THE STARK JEWISH NEWS (1920). P.O. Box
YOUNG JUDAEAN (1912). 817 Broadway,               9112, Canton, 44711. David F. Leopold.
  10003. Barbara Gingold. Monthly (Nov.           Monthly.
                                               JEWISH      PERIODICALS             / 617
 (1953). 3101 Clifton Ave., Cincinnati,
 45220. Herbert C. Zafren. Irregular. Eng-     HEBREW WATCHMAN (1925). 227 Jefferson,
 lish-Hebrew-German. Library of Hebrew           Memphis, 38103. Herman I. Goldberger.
 Union College—Jewish Institute of Reli-         Weekly.
 gion.                                         OBSERVER (1934). Wilson Pike Circle,
TOLEDO JEWISH NEWS (1951). 2506 Ever-
                                                 Brentwood, 32007. G. Hillel Barker.
  green St., Toledo, 43606. Burt Silver-         Weekly.
  man. Monthly. Jewish Welfare Federa-                          TEXAS
                                               JEWISH   CIVIC PRESS (1971). P.O. Box
YOUNGSTOWN JEWISH TIMES (1935). P.O.             35656, Houston, 77035. Abner Tritt.
  Box 777, Youngstown, 44501. Harry              Monthly.
  Alter. Fortnightly.
                                               JEWISH HERALD-VOICE (1908). P.O. Box
              OKLAHOMA                           153, Houston, 77001. Joseph W. Samuels.
                                               TEXAS JEWISH POST (1947). P.O. Box 742,
  324 N. Robinson St., Rm. 313, Okla-            Dallas, 75234. 11333 N. Central Express-
  homa City, 73102. E. F. Friedman.              way, Dallas, 75231. Jimmy Wisch.
  Quarterly.                                     Weekly.
*TULSA JEWISH REVIEW (1930). 2205 E. 51                       VIRGINIA
  St., Tulsa, 74105. Peggy Shea. Monthly.
  Tulsa Section, National Council of Jewish    UJF NEWS (1945). P.O. Box 9776, Norfolk,
  Women.                                        23505. Joni Norris. Weekly. United Jewish
                                                Federation of Norfolk and Virginia Beach.
            PENNSYLVANIA                                    WASHINGTON
JEWISH CHRONICLE OF PITTSBURGH (1962).         JEWISH   TRANSCRIPT      (1924).   Securities
  315 S. Bellefield Ave., Pittsburgh, 15213.     Building, Rm. 929, Seattle, 98101. Philip
  Albert W. Bloom. Weekly. Pittsburgh Jew-       R. Scheier. Bimonthly. Jewish Federation
  ish Publication and Education Founda-          & Council of Greater Seattle.
JEWISH EXPONENT (1887). 226 S. 16 St.,
  Philadelphia, 19102. Frank F. Wundohl.       WISCONSIN    JEWISH   CHRONICLE      (1921).
  Weekly. Federation of Jewish Agencies of       1360 N. Prospect Ave., Milwaukee,
  Greater Philadelphia.                          53202. Richard B. Pearl. Weekly. Wise.
                                                 Jewish Publications Foundations, Inc.
  and York Sts., Philadelphia, 19132.                   NEWS SYNDICATES
  Abraham I. Katsh. Quarterly. Dropsie         JEWISH PRESS FEATURES (1970). 15 E. 26
  University.                                    St., Suite 1350, N.Y.C. 10010. Sue Berrin.
•JEWISH TIMES OF DELAWARE VALLEY.                Monthly (except June-August). Jewish
  (1925). 717 E. Chelten Ave., Philadelphia,     Student Press Service.
  19144. Leon E. Brown. Weekly.                JEWISH    TELEGRAPHIC      AGENCY,     INC.
                                                 (1917). 165 W. 46 St., Rm. 511, N.Y.C,
            RHODE ISLAND                         10036. Murray Zuckoff. Daily.
  (1954). 130 Sessions St., Providence,          WORLD WIDE NEWS SERVICE (1923). 165
  02906. Seebert J. Goldowsky. Annual.           W. 46 St., Rm. 511, N.Y.C, 10036. Jack
  Rhode Island Jewish Historical Assn.           Siegel. Semi-weekly.
618   /   AMERICAN          JEWISH       YEAR     BOOK,     1 9 7 8


  FRANCAISE   DU   CONGRES    JUIF              borne St., Toronto, Ont. M5E 1E1. Julius
  CANADIEN (1952). 1590 McGregor Ave.,          Hayman. Semi-monthly.
  Montreal, P.Q., H3G 1C5. Mayer Levy.
  Quarterly. French. Canadian Jewish          JEWISH WESTERN BULLETIN (1930). 3285
  Congress.                                     Heather St., Vancouver, V5Z 3K4, B.C.
                                                Samuel Kaplan. Weekly.
CANADIAN JEWISH NEWS (1960). 562 Eglin-
  ton Ave. E., Toronto, Ont., M4P 1P1.        KANADER ADLER-JEWISH EAGLE (1907);
  Ralph Hyman. Weekly.                          4180 De Courtrai, Suite 218, Montreal,
                                                PQ, H3S 1C3. M. Husid. Weekly. Yiddish.
CANADIAN JEWISH OUTLOOK (1963). P.O.            Combined Jewish Organizations of Mont-
  Box 65, Station B, Toronto, Ont., M5T         real.
  2T2. Editorial Board. Monthly.              OTTAWA JEWISH BULLETIN & REVIEW
CANADIAN    JEWISH    WEEKLY     (VOCHEN-       (1936). 151 Chapel St., Ottawa, Ont., KIN
  BLATT; formerly DER KAMPF, reorg.             7Y2. Gay Applebaum. Fortnightly. Jewish
  1941). 430 King St. W., #209, Toronto,        Community Council of Ottawa.
  Ont., MV5 IL5. Joshua Gershman. Fort-       UNDZER VEG (1925). 272 Codsell Ave.,
  nightly. Yiddish.                             Downsview, Ont., M3H 3X2. Joseph Klig-
CANADIAN ZIONIST (1934). 1310 Greene
                                                man. Quarterly. Yiddish-English. Achdut
  Ave., Montreal, P.Q., H32 2B2. Ruth           HaAvoda-Poale Zion of Canada.
  Moriel. Monthly (Sept. through June). Ca-   VIEWPOINTS (1966). 4770 Kent Ave., Mont-
  nadian Zionist Federation.                    real, P.Q., H3W 1H2. Stanley M. Cohen.
                                                Quarterly. Labor Zionist Movement of
CHRONICLE    REVIEW    (1914). 4781 Van         Canada.
  Home, Montreal, P.Q., H3W Ul. Arnold
  Ages. Monthly.                              WESTERN JEWISH NEWS (1925). P.O. Box
                                                87, Winnipeg, Man., R3C 2G6. Pauline
CONGRESS BULLETIN (1943). 1590 McGre-           Essers. Weekly.
  gor Ave., Montreal, P.Q., H3G 1C5. An-
  nabelle King. Monthly. Canadian Jewish      WINDSOR JEWISH COMMUNITY COUNCIL
  Congress.                                     BULLETIN (1938). 1641 Ouellette Ave.,
                                                Windsor, Ont., N8X 1K9. Joseph Eisen-
JEWISH DIALOG (1970). 501 Yonge St., Suite      berg. Monthly. Windsor Jewish Commu-
  13A, Toronto, Ont. M4Y 1Y4. Joe Rosen-        nity Council.
  blatt. Quarterly.
                                              YOUR COMMUNITY NEWS (1946). 5151 Cote
JEWISH POST (1925). P.O. Box 3777, St. B,       St. Catherine Rd., Montreal, P.Q., H3W
  Winnipeg, Man., R2W 3R6. Martin Levin.        1M6. Joe King. Monthly. English-French.
  Weekly.                                       Allied Jewish Community Services.

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