Assessment Update – April 2008 by wuzhengqin


									                        Assessment Update – April 2008
   Program/Department Level Learning Outcomes Assessment (5 Column Reports)
       o 21 out of 23 programs submitted reports for 06/07.
       o Reading/Writing Developmental Education Department submitted report for 06/07.
       o Reports are available at

   Core Learning Outcomes (CLOs)
       o Assessment
              Culture and Community CLO Pilot set for Spring ’08 – essay, department level,
                in humanities/social sciences courses.
              Computer Literacy CLO Pilot set for Spring ’08 – computerized test, in three
                capstone courses.
              CCSSE conducted Winter ’08 – data for all CLOs except Computation CLO.
              Computation CLO – minimum requirement for all graduates set at equivalent of
                MTH 103, basic algebra; team currently studying COMPASS scores.
              New CLO schedule for biennial assessment – available at
       o Assessment Day Proposal
              CLOs Assessment Day will:
                     Occur annually during spring quarter, preferably on spring convocation
                        day when classes are cancelled;
                     Involve students who are near graduation;
                     Assess all 5 CLOs on a rotating biennial schedule;
                     Randomly assign students to the year’s 2 or 3 CLOs.
              Goal of CLOs Assessment Day is to improve the assessment, especially data
                collection and documentation, of the College’s CLOs. (Goal of CLOs
                assessment is to use results for improving student learning of the CLOs.)
              Proposal sent to PAC and available at
       o CLO-Syllabus Project 07-08
              Goal is to promote embedding of CLOs in course outcomes.
              CLO Table added to course syllabus template.
              Fall sticker project identified CLOs in courses.
              Feedback project underway, reports go to faculty Spring ’08; feedback rubric
                available at

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