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         Project Meeting Agenda (M131)

      Project Name:                                                      PlanView Number:
      Project Sponsor:                                                   Project Size:
      Project Director:                                                  Project Start Date:
      Project Manager:                                                   Project End Date:

    In preparation for a project meeting, fill in the Attendance portion of the agenda outlined below with the list of people
    who are to be present. Once a conference room is booked and the event is scheduled via an Outlook meeting invitation,
    complete the logistical details for Date, Time, and Location (copy from Location field in the Outlook meeting). List
    Discussion Items, categorized as suggested. Assemble the agenda and any handouts for distribution. Make electronic
    versions of the agenda and handouts available to attendees for their review prior to the meeting. Delete this
    instructional paragraph from your final draft.

   Attendance: <attendee>, <attendee>, …

   Date: <date>                            Time: <time>               Location: <copy from Location field in
                                                                                         the Outlook meeting>

   Discussion Items:
      Deliverables/             <item>
   Schedule Status              <item>
   Issues/Changes/              <item>
      Risks Review/             <item>
        Other Topics:           <item>
                                <item>
         Action Items           <item>
              Review:           <item>

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