Timeline by huanghengdong


									Chivalry/Feudalism Glogster

Instructors: Mr. Buys & Mrs. Cortez-Tafolla

                                  Tentative Timeline

December 7, 2011- Glogster Samples will be viewed by students

                     Go over the Rubric with Students

                     Go over Tentative Timeline with Students

                     Provide students time to find and upload images into First Class

                     Provide students’ time to type up accompanying text

December 8, 2011- Using Glogster.com

                            Students will be able to

                                    -Sign up for Glogs

                                    -Learn how to use the Magnet Tool to

                                                 Upload Graphics

                                                 Create text

                                                 Upload images

                                                 Insert Video & Sound

December 9, 2011- Finalization of student projects

                     Submission of URL’s for individual glogs

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