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									The Pineapple Times
Dr. Vincent Phelan and Elizabeth Council-Phelan Artistic Directors
                                                                                    VOLUME 13, ISSUE 1 FALL 2011

   10th Annual CSP Summer Camp                                                 TEEN STRINGS
Summer always begins on a high note for students who                      Annual Retreat at Grailville
participate in the CSP summer camp! Eager campers
enjoyed a week of music, art and fun. Students learned           The 3rd annual TEEN STRINGS Retreat was held on
new music, became more proficient at familiar Suzuki             the weekend of October 14-15 at the Grailville
repertoire, and played in ensembles. Jennifer Baldwin            Retreat Center, in Loveland. Ohio. In addition to
from Art Machine taught the students new and                     serving as a retreat center, Grailville is also a working
interesting ways to experience visual art. CSP alumna,           organic farm, complete with a wide array of crops and
Meghan (Lyons) King came to perform solo violin                  livestock.
music for the campers, speak about her college music
experiences, and share some of her favorite memories             The beautiful
of CSP. Meghan also performed the campers‟ favorite              landscape with
tunes by taking requests for Suzuki repertoire.                  its nature trails
        The Camp Celebration Concert was held at                 was great for
The Spotted Goose, a children‟s clothing store on                outdoor games
Oakley Square, which proved to be a wonderful                    and free time.
performance space for our camp musicians and parent              Other fun
accompanist Joanne Dukart.                                       activities
        Special thanks to guest teachers Heidi                   included a
Flanders, Sarah Gannon, Gayle Castle, teen camp                  “sweatpants” party, a competitive game of Apples to
assistant Carlie Fahrnbach, and volunteers from the              Apples, and a scavenger hunt. “The Retreat was a great
college and alumnae chapters of Sigma Alpha Iota, a              way to bond with my fellow TEEN STRINGS members”
professional women‟s music for women.                            said Senior, Carlie Fahrnbach. “It was pretty
Mark your calendar now                                           exciting,” added new member, seventh grader Darwin
for June 11-15. 2012!                                            Struble.
CSP camp is great summer                                                  The retreat was also an opportunity for some
fun that Suzuki students                                         intense rehearsal to prepare for the November 12th
shouldn’t miss!                                                  concert at Music Hall. The teens fit in six hours of
            CSP camper                                           practicing at the retreat, scheduled between meals,
          Amy Gutmann.                                           games, and free time. When asked how she handled
                                                                 the hours of rehearsal, member Nora Dukart said:
                                                                 “It was really long, but all the hard work should
                                                                 eventually pay off.”
               Mark Your Calendar                                         Given the exciting performance at Music Hall
CSP Solo Recital, Friday, December 2, 7pm                        on November 12th, their work during rehearsals at the
St. Monica-St. George Parish Hall,                               retreat sure did pay off!
328 W. McMillan St., Cincinnati, OH 45202
(Located behind St. Monica-St. George Church)                             We still have space available in the
                                                                                TEEN STRINGS Ensemble!
City-Wide “Play-In”, Saturday, February 4, 11am                           In addition to violin and viola students, we are
Northminster Presbyterian Church (Finneytown)                    also seeking one more cello, a string bass and a pianist
703 Compton Road, Cincinnati, OH 45231
                                                                 to fill out the ensemble. For more information, see
All area Suzuki students and teachers are invited to this        our website at www.suzukiproject.org, or call the
annual community event, hosted this year by CSP.                   Phelans at 513-231-3523.

                                                                     1   www.suzukiproject.org
THE CORRYVILLE SUZUKI PROJECT, INC.                                               VOLUME 13, ISSUE 1 FALL 2011
Dr. Vincent Phelan and Elizabeth Council-Phelan Artistic Directors

              CSP Students Participate in Cincinnati Pops Inaugural
                              Concert Festivities

On September 18th, CSP students provided pre-concert entertainment at Music Hall for John Morris Russell‟s
inaugural concert as Conductor of the Cincinnati Pops. Nathan Smith and his father, Adam, performed
Mozart‟s Sonata for Violin and Piano K. 304. Cellist Peter Phelan performed several short pieces with pianist
John Simerlink. Nora Dukart and her mom, Joanne, performed a duo for violin and piano entitled
“Cascade of Tears” by Brazilian composer Moacyr Braga.

CSP Students Entertain Residents                               TEEN STRINGS Performs in Support
  at Little Sisters of the Poor                                   of the Cincinnati Symphony
                             Students (ages 4-12)                          Orchestra
                             performed a concert in          The TEEN STRINGS ensemble performed for a packed
                             May for the residents at        lobby in advance of the Cincinnati Symphony‟s
                             Little Sisters of the           Nov. 12 concert, “Russian Festival.” The group per-
                             Poor in Clifton. The            formed music by Vivaldi, Ellington, Brubeck, and several
                             Repertoire Ensemble             Latin pieces. The audience loved the music and gave the
                             performed several Irish
                                                             young musicians many compliments!
                             folk tunes, and the entire
                             CSP Ensemble                            Thanks to Kathy Jorgensen-Finley, CSO‟s
CSP student Mable Lecrone. performed pieces from             Director of Community Engagement, for inviting the
                             Suzuki volumes 1-4.             TEEN STRINGS to perform!
The nuns and residents at Little Sisters appreciated
the students‟ ability to perform so many pieces by
                                                                      TEEN STRINGS Performs for
memory and were delighted by the young students                        Women’s Music Fraternity
in their concert clothes. CSP has performed at
Little Sisters many times since CSP‟s beginnings in
                                                             The TEEN STRINGS ensemble was featured at a meeting
1995.                                                        of the Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter of Sigma Alpha
                                                             Iota (SAI), a professional women‟s music fraternity. The
      CSP Ensemble Performs at                               May performance took place in a beautiful setting at the
                                                             home of Barbara Kellar.
             Autumn Air Art Fair
                                                                     Co-Artistic Director Vincent Phelan gave a
The CSP ensemble                                             brief summary of the Suzuki Method and the TEEN
members (ages 4-12)                                          STRINGS ensemble, an outgrowth of the larger CSP en-
performed a wonderful                                        semble that is designed to serve the musical and social
program for the                                              interests of teenagers. The group performed many styles
community at the                                             of music, from Bach to Duke Ellington,and was accompa-
Clifton Cultural Arts                                        nied by CSP parent and theory teacher Adam Smith at
Center on November 5.                                        the piano.
In addition to the CSP
                                                                     The SAI organization has been in existence since
Concert, the MadCap
                                                             1903, with its primary mission being to promote and
Puppet Theater gave
                                                             encourage young women in music. Nationally, SAI has
two shows, and over 30
                                                             raised funds and provided support to thousands of aspir-
artists exhibited a wide
                                                             ing female musicians, helping them to further their musi-
variety of visual art.
                                                             cal education and careers.
  CSP students Rodrigo Carpinteyro-Martinez, Matteus
                       Thomson, and Darwin Struble            2   www.suzukiproject.org
    THE CORRYVILLE SUZUKI PROJECT, INC.                                                  VOLUME 13, ISSUE 1 FALL 2011
    Dr. Vincent Phelan and Elizabeth Council-Phelan Artistic Directors

   CSP Parent Education Series                                             Welcome New Student!

The Suzuki triangle (the working relationship of child, parent
and teacher) is vital in the success of the Suzuki method.
CSP is committed to fostering this relationship through
parent lessons, parent-teacher conferences and parent
education sessions. For this fall‟s “Play-In, Potluck and
Parent Education,” CSP invited Carla Wade, a Suzuki mom                Darwin Struble is in 7th grade at Clark
for 15 years, to speak on “Why Suzuki? Positive Answers to             Montessori School. He has been playing violin
Difficult Questions.”                                                  since he was 5 years old, and has attended several
                                                                       CSP summer camps. Darwin lives in Mt.
Drawing from her experience as the mother of 2 teenaged
                                                                       Washington with his mom, (Lynn) and dad,
musicians, Carla shared some of her successes, and
encouraged the parents in the work and sacrifice it takes to           (Givon). When he isn‟t practicing violin, Darwin
raise children who study music. Carla touted the experience            helps his mom in her petsitting business.
and friendships that her sons, Hunter and Austin, have
gained. The boys have attended numerous summer music                                      
camps, including CSP‟s summer camp, workshops and Suzuki
institutes throughout the country.
                                                                                     CSP Welcomes New
                                                                                      Office Assistant
Carla helped parents recognize the demands that are placed
on children today for involvement so many activities. She              CSP is pleased                      to welcome Julia
emphasized that parents have to set priorities early on for            Morton as the                       new CSP
activities that can come between children and their music              Development                         Assistant
study, and explained how children can be successful music              beginning this                      fall. Julia graduated
students and still participate in other activities that interest       from Florida                        State University
                                                                       with a BA in                        Music & English
                                                                       Literature, and                     is now in the
                                                                       MBA/MA Arts Administration program at CCM. Julia
Thank you, Carla, for giving CSP parents new                           has had internship experience with several non-profit
strength and inspiration!                                              dance and music organizations and is currently the
                                                                       Marketing Intern for the Cincinnati Ballet. She
                                                                       looks forward to getting to know the students,
                                                                       parents, and volunteers of CSP, and getting to hear
                                                                       the students‟ beautiful performances!
                                                                       Thank you to Ahlam “Ally” Yusuf who served as
                                                                       Office & Development Assistant for the 2010-11 year.
                                                                       Ally is currently working as the Associate of Client
                                                                       Services and Research at Patton McDowell and
                                                                       Associates, a nonprofit consulting firm in Charlotte,
                                                                       North Carolina.

            Summer 2011 CSP campers

                                                                   3   www.suzukiproject.org
THE CORRYVILLE SUZUKI PROJECT, INC.                                                           VOLUME 13, ISSUE 1 FALL 2011
Dr. Vincent Phelan and Elizabeth Council-Phelan Artistic Directors

                                                            Alumni News
     We are delighted to have Elise (Kaminsky) Haddad as CSP theory teacher for pre-twinkle students. Elise was a CSP
      student for 9 years, and says that working with her former teachers at the St. Monica/St. George Parish Center
      brings back many wonderful memories. After bringing Elise to classes for years, her mom, Sherry, now is back on
      Saturdays accompanying Elise‟s children, Lily and Louie, to class.
     Fanta (Powell) Labitue got married this summer, and lives in Atlanta. Her husband Ian is an attorney, and Fanta works
      at a subsidiary of the Center for Disease Control.
     Katie (Ryan) Schroeder got married this summer to Jim Schroeder, and is now in medical school at the University
      of Iowa.
     Julia Ryan graduated from Wheaton College last spring, and is now attending nursing school at Rush University in
      Chicago. Caroline Ryan is a sophomore at Wheaton College, majoring in English Writing.
     Evan Marton is a sophomore at University of Cincinnati, majoring in Business and Communications.

     Meghan (Lyons) King graduated from the University of Memphis with a bachelors degree in Violin Performance. She
      is teaching Suzuki classes for Allegro Music Classes and interning for the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. She is
      also completing Suzuki teacher training for books 1-4. Meghan shares her CSP memories :
           “I will never forget the experiences and opportunities I had while a CSP student. As a part of the CSP program for ten years, I not
only grew as a musician, but as a person. During my studies with the Phelans, I developed skills like perseverance, diligence, careful attention to
detail, care for others, the importance of sharing your gift of music-making with others, proper performance dress and conduct, and respect for
my peers and those in authority. One of the advantages to studying at CSP was the opportunities Mr. and Mrs. Phelan gave us to learn and
grow as musicians. I had the opportunity to perform solo, group and chamber music as well as opportunities to meet musicians from all walks
of life who played a variety of different musical styles and methods. One of the special guests we had at the 2000 CSP Workshop was Henry
Meyer, a violin child prodigy, who used his musical abilities to escape the Jewish Holocaust. I remember crying when I saw the numbers inked
on his arm, and the look of despair in his eyes as he spoke about the pain and struggles he went through. Meeting Mr. Meyer was not only
inspiring—it was life-changing.
         How could I have known when I first stepped on my round little foot chart that I would be where I am today, studying music? CSP
helped shape my future—whether I pursued violin or another career. I talk with my students about this all the time—if you don’t build a firm
foundation, you will have nothing to build on later. CSP helped me to build a firm foundation both as a person and as a musician.”
                                                 –Meghan (Lyons) King, CSP Alumna

                                                            At Katie’s wedding.                             Fanta and her husband, Ian.
    Meghan with Mrs. Council-Phelan.

                                                      In Memoriam of Larry Kinley, Friend of CSP
                           In May, singer Larry Kinley passed away. CSP is very sorry to lose a good friend. We
                           offer our condolences to the Kinley family. Larry appeared with the CSP ensemble
                           three times for special concerts over the years, and was very generous with his time
                           and talent.

                                                               4   www.suzukiproject.org
THE CORRYVILLE SUZUKI PROJECT, INC.                                                VOLUME 13, ISSUE 1 FALL 2011
Dr. Vincent Phelan and Elizabeth Council-Phelan Artistic Directors

                                            Student Activities
   Anna MacLennan and Sydney Brigger performed their Book I recitals in August for a large audience at the
    New England Club in Anderson Township.
   Nora Dukart is a member of the Cincinnati Junior Strings in the first violin section. Nora also was hired to
    perform at a wedding and reception of a family friend this summer.
   Ruth Ferguson attended the Intermountain Suzuki String Institute in Salt Lake City, UT this summer.
    Ruth also performed her Book I recital at Little Sisters of the Poor with Mabel Lecrone, who performed
    her Book III recital.
   Carlie Fahrnbach played a „gig‟ with her uncle‟s band, Robinson Circus, at a local restaurant.
   Levi Swartz and his sister Meg played for a summer worship service at St. Paul United Church of Christ.
   Christopher Nathan and Ann Rieke performed “Amazing Grace” during the Labor Day worship service at
    Mt. Washington Presbyterian Church.
   Peter Phelan performed in the pit orchestra for Walnut Hills High School‟s production of Annie Get Your
   Nathan Smith performed music by Bach, Mozart and Kabalevsky at his sister Miriam’s Book 1 cello recital.
    Nathan also attended the Young Artists chamber camp this past summer.
   Bhargav Vemuri, Sarvani Vemuri and Veronica Phelan presented a recital at
    The Kenwood Senior Star retirement community in August.
   Char Daston presented a recital featuring a variety of his favorite music at his home in North Avondale.

Artistic Directors’ Letter
We are very grateful for your support of string
music education, and our efforts to bring music to
the Cincinnati community.
        In 2012, CSP will reach young audiences at                   Artistic Directors’ Activities
the Hyde Park Library, arts patrons at the
Women’s Symphony Club, and young musi-                        Elizabeth Council-Phelan is serving on com-
cians and their families at the 3rd annual Cincin-             mittees for programs and fundraising for the Cin-
nati City-Wide Play-In.                                        cinnati Alumnae Chapter of Sigma Alpha
        We hope to continue to provide the high-               Iota.
est possible quality music education to as many               Vincent Phelan was an adjudicator for the final
students as possible, and we can‟t do this without             round of the Overture Awards, sponsored by
the help of so many kind volunteers. The current               the Cincinnati Arts Association.
economy is making it more difficult for families to           This summer Vince taught at the Suzuki Music
provide music education for their children. There-             Columbus Summer Institute in Columbus,
fore, we are very grateful for the generosity of so            OH, and at the Greater New Orleans Suzuki
many people who have made it possible to con-                  Forum in Metaire, LA, where he taught private
tinue our mission.                                             lessons, group classes and directed the advanced
        We hope to see you at one of our concerts              orchestra.
this year!                                                    Vince and pianist Steve Phillips performed sona-
                                                               tas by Brahms and Ravel at a November benefit
                                                               concert organized by Sigma Alpha Iota. Money
Vincent and Elizabeth                                          raised at the event benefits young women pursu-
                                                               ing careers in music.
                                                  5   www.suzukiproject.org
 THE CORRYVILLE SUZUKI PROJECT, INC.                                                           VOLUME 13, ISSUE 1 FALL 2011
 Dr. Vincent Phelan and Elizabeth Council-Phelan Artistic Directors

                                                          Board News
 A huge thank you to Mary Rieke for serving on the CSP We are currently taking applications for the following board positions: Vice
 board for the past three years!                       President, Community Outreach & Recruitment, Fundraising Chair, PR &
                                                                     Marking, and Grant Chair. Contact Katie Fitzgerald to apply at ka-
 Our board members for the 2011-12 year are:
 Katie Fitzgerald, President
 Kevin Miller, Treasurer
 Nancy MacLennan, Secretary
                                                                          CSP teen Carlie Fahrn-
 Bill Brigger, Corporate Donation Chair
                                                                           bach serves as teaching
 Elizabeth Council-Phelan, Co-Artistic Director
                                                                            assistant for Saturday
 Vince Phelan, Co-Artistic Director

                                        CSP Spring Recital and Raffle
     CSP students ended the school year with the Spring Solo Recital, where students performed their most polished
 repertoire. Matteus Thompson received the Ashley Pearson-Shaver Award, a scholarship given annually to a minority
 student to further their music study in the summer. Volunteers were also recognized for their valuable service.
      After the recital, a raffle drawing was held, where the names of several lucky winners were announced. We would
 Cincinnati Ballet                            Rieke Family                                          Newport Aquarium
 Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra                 Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati                           Perfect North Slopes
 Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park             Greenleaf Photo Studio                                Strings N’ Things
 Cincinnati Shakespeare Company               Hansa Guild                                           Xavier University
 Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

                                   Special Thanks to Our Sponsors                                                  Wish List
                                                  (May 2011– November 2011)
Season Class Sponsor
                                               Overture Club (Gifts of $25-$49)                        CSP is currently in need of the
                                               Richard Council                                                   following:

                                               In-Kind Donors
Season Scholarship Sponsor                                                                            White Copy Paper (20 &
                                               First Choice Mailers
The Corbett Foundation                                                                               24 lbs)
                                               Sound Press Design
                                               Louis Proske, Piano Technician
                                                                                                       1/2” and 1” black binders
Symphony Club (Gifts of $200 to $499)
                                               Lyons Photography                                       Heavy-Duty Easel
                                               Mt. Washington Presbyterian Church                     Volunteer needed to help
Hard Warehouse Technologies
                                               Middletown Symphony Orchestra                         reorganize CSP office filing
Inderhees Family Trust
                                               Bill Brigger
                                               Fitzgerald Family                                   The Corryville Suzuki Project Inc., is a
Rhapsody Club (Gifts of $100 to $199)
                                               Lara Messerley                                                 non-
                                                                                                   501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. The
Steven & Diane Kurtz
                                               Bruce Miller                                                                     semi-
                                                                                                   Pineapple Times is published semi-
Brigger and Associates
                                               Larry Swaisgood                                     annually.

Sonata Club Gifts of $50 to $99)               Mary Anne Tankersley

Joel & Janet Ebersole                                                                              Send questions and address changes
                                                        Anna MacLennan                             to: CSP, P.O. Box 30316, Cincinnati,
Roy Johnston
                                                        enjoys art class at                        OH 45230. info@suzukiproject.org
Russ Uckotter                                                  CSP camp.
                                                              6   www.suzukiproject.org

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