2006 WCL Commencement by jianghongl


									No. 721

American University
                             The Docket                                                                                Mar 6, 2006
                                                                                                  Washington College of Law
   The Docket is the official bulletin of the Administrative Offices of the Washington College of Law
Students, faculty, and staff are invited to place announcements in the Docket, published each week, by
submitting text no later than noon on Thursday to docket@wcl.american.edu.
The Docket is also accessible at www.wcl.american.edu/docket/

                                               2006 WCL Commencement
          The Commencement ceremony will be held on Sunday, May 21 at Bender Arena on the main
          campus of American University. Doors open at noon and seating is first come, first served; this
          is not a ticketed event. Cap and gown photos will be taken the day of the ceremony. Graduation
          announcements will be available through the AU Bookstore. Complete details about
          Commencement may be found at www.wcl.american.edu/commencement.cfm

          Cap and Gown Orders:
          For those students who missed the cap and gown representative on February 23, please utilize the
          web based ordering option , please copy and paste the link of the company’s website:

          We have made arrangements with the following vendors for discounts:
          American Airlines: 800-433-1790 For Phone Reservations Provide: 6856AP ; For online
          Reservations Provide: A6856AP.
          Continental Airlines: 800-468-7022 Provide Agreement Code: 3NZRBB
          Savoy Suites Georgetown: 202-337-9700 Mention: WCL Commencement
          We suggest you make reservations immediately!!

          WCL New Orleans Recovery Campaign
           Support New Orleans Recovery and Revitalization: Write Your Member of Congress on New
          Orleans’ Behalf! Last month SBA President Adam Cohen, Vice President Jon Feere, and Senate
          Finance Chair Lydia Edwards visited New Orleans, and after witnessing the devastation first-
          hand launched a grassroots campaign to overcome Washington D.C.’s “Katrina Fatigue.”
          President Cohen has now taken the effort national by advocating that other law school presidents
          throughout the country take action in their respective schools. Please visit
          www.wcl.american.edu/sba/congress.cfm today to complete a short form letter and do your part
          as WCL leads this nationwide effort to make members of Congress take action to help save New
          Orleans from the impending hurricane season, which is less than four short months away.
          Congress needs to hear that Americans have not forgotten about this important region, their
tragedy, and the possibility of another hurricane hitting a levee-less New Orleans in less than 120

                             OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR
                           E-mail: registrar@wcl.american.edu

ATTENTION PROSPECTIVE MAY 2006 GRADUATES: A list of all students (JD and
LLM) who have applied for May 2006 graduation will be posted Monday, March 6th, outside the
Registrar’s Office, Suite 304 and in the 6th floor lounge behind the dining area. Please check the
list to see (1) whether your name appears, and (2) that your name is spelled correctly as you wish
it to appear on your diploma. Please notify us of any changes or problems immediately.

If you plan to graduate in May and have not applied, you MUST COMPLETE an Application to
Graduate immediately, or we cannot guarantee that you will have your diploma at the ceremony
or that your name will appear in the official program. Applications are available in the
Registrar’s office, and on-line at http://www.wcl.american.edu/registrar/gradapp.pdf.

PRE-REGISTRATION FOR SUMMER 2005 SEMESTER: Begins at 9:00 a.m. on Monday,
March 27th and students may continue to add/drop classes throughout the first week of classes.
There is no lottery or priority system for summer pre-registration. Schedules for summer course
listings and information may be found on-line under http://www.wcl.american.edu/registrar/summer.cfm.
and in the Registrar’s office (suite 304).
Students who have stops of any kind will be unable to register unless they clear these stops.

Attention Maryland Bar Applicants: You must submit your Pre-Legal Certificate to your
undergraduate institution. WCL Registrar’s Office does not certify
pre-legal education. Please read all instructions carefully. You are responsible for requesting a
final transcript to be sent to the MD Bar.

Attention Bar Exam Applicants: Anyone needing certification to submit with your bar exam
application, please request as soon as possible. (for most states, applying early means avoiding
late fees) Please be sure to carefully read all instructions before filing your bar exam
applications. Each state has different requirements and procedures.

Go to barexam.org to find your state’s exam instructions, requirements, deadlines, and fees.

ANONYMOUS GRADING NUMBERS: All students must use anonymous grading numbers,
and not names, on all school examinations. These are available on my.american.edu under
Personal Links at the bottom (WCL Anonymous Grading Number). Students may also find
previous semesters’ grading numbers here.

The decision to close the university or have a delayed opening is made by the Provost in
consultation with the Assistant Vice President for Facilities Management. In case of overnight
snow and ice, the decision is made by 6:00 am. In cases of snow during the day, the decision to
close fir evening classes will be made by 3:00 pm. Decisions to change a delayed opening to a
closing will be made by 8:30 am. Decisions are made as early as possible, but often are affected
by rapidly changing conditions. Circumstances considered in taking such decisions are: (1)
conditions of campus, (2) conditions of roads and public transportation, and (3) predicted
weather. All major TV and Radio stations will be notified as soon as decisions are made. The
University Hotline number for information on closing is 202-885-1100. For individual
cancellations of law classes students please call 202-274-4400.

Monday         9:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Tuesday        9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Wednesday      9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Thursday       9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Friday         9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

To make other arrangements or schedule appointments outside regular office hours, please call

                                  OFFICE OF THE DEAN

Dean Grossman, Vice Chairman of the United Nations Committee Against Torture (UNCAT),
will be selecting a group of approximately 5 rising second and third year J.D. students to assist
him in preparing for the official meetings of the UNCAT in November. Participants will
accompany the Dean and others to Geneva, Switzerland, for one week in November 2006, to
further assist the Dean and to attend UNCAT meetings. Interested rising second and third year
J.D. students should submit a one-page cover letter and resume by Monday, March 20, 2006, via
email to jdelaurentiis@wcl.american.edu. Applications should specifically address experience in
international human rights law. For questions, please call Jennifer de Laurentiis, Special
Assistant to the Dean, at 274-4071.

                            OFFICE OF STUDENT AFFAIRS
Lunch with the Dean!
The Spring series of lunch meetings with Dean Claudio Grossman continues on Thursday,
March 9, at 1:15 p.m. Learn about plans for the semester, speak your mind about issues that
affect you, and enjoy a free lunch courtesy of the Office of the Dean.
The lunch is limited to 14 students on a first-reply, first-invited basis. Requests to be included are
addressed to fpolo@wcl.american.edu and must contain your name, telephone number, and e-
mail address. Your space will be confirmed by return e-mail.

New Writing Competitions:
Class Action Reports, Inc. announces the Beverly C. Moore, Jr. Memorial Student Writing
Competition. Deadline: June 7, 2006. Award: publication in Class Action Reports.

The Planning & Law Division of the American Planning Association is pleased to announce
its 23rd Annual Smith-Babcock-Williams Student Writing Competition. Award: $250 - $2,500
Deadline: June 5, 2006.

Writing Competitions: Up to $59,500 in cash prizes available! Posted outside Room 300:
ABA Section on Tort Trial and Insurance Practice is sponsoring a writing competition.
Award: $500-$1,500. Deadline: March 6, 2006 http://www.abanet.org/tips/lawstudent/

American Immigration Law Foundation is sponsoring the Edward L. Dubroff Memorial
Writing Contest Deadline: March 13, 2006 Award: $1,000.

Supreme Court of Oklahoma is sponsoring Chief Justice John B. Doolin Writing
Competition. Deadline: March 15, 2006 Award: $200- $500.

Association of Family & Conciliation Courts & Hofstra Law School are sponsoring the
Family Law Writing Competition. Award: $250 -$500. Deadline: March 15, 2006

The ABA Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice is sponsoring a writing
competition. Award: $5000. Deadline: March 31, 2006. Please direct any questions about the
contest to the Section Staff Director at knightk@staff.abanet.org

ABA Commission on Domestic Violence is sponsoring its third annual Law Student Writing
Competition: Domestic Violence and the Law. Deadline Monday, March 31, 2006. Awards:

American College of Trust and Estate Counsel is sponsoring the Mary Moers Wenig Student
Writing Competition. Award: $ 1,000 - $ 5,000. Deadline: April 1, 2006.

ABA Section on Criminal Justice is sponsoring a writing competition. Award: $2,000.
Deadline: April 13, 2006 http://www.abanet.org/crimjust/cjmag/greenhalgh.html

Inter-American Bar Association is sponsoring the Law Student Best Paper Award
Deadline: April 14, 2006 Award: $400 -$800.

ABA Section on Armed Forces Law Standing Committee is sponsoring a writing competition.
Award: Certificate. Deadline: April 14, 2006

Environmental Law Institute is sponsoring the First "Endangered Environmental Laws"
Student Writing Competition. Award: $2,000. Deadline: April 14, 2006.

ABA Section of Family Law- Annual Howard C. Schwab Memorial Essay Contest.
www.abanet.org/family/lawstudents. Award: First prize winner will be considered for
publication of the article in the Family Law Quarterly and on the website of the ABA Section of
Family Law. Deadline: April 15, 2006. http://www.abanet.org/family/lawstudents/schwab.html

International Association of Defense Counsel (IADC) Legal Writing Contest. Deadline:
April 23, 2006 Award: $500 - $2,000. http://www.iadclaw.org/contestrules.cfm
Notre Dame Law School is sponsoring the Smith-Doheny Legal Ethics Writing Competition.
Award: $1,000. Deadline: April 28, 2006.

The NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund is sponsoring a writing competition. Award: $1,000-
$5,000. Deadline: May 31, 2006.

LexisNexis is sponsoring the Seventh Annual James William Moore Federal Practice Award.
Award: $1,000. Deadline: June 1, 2006

The American Judges Association (AJA) is sponsoring essay. Awards: $1,000-$3,000.
Deadline: June 1, 2006. http://aja.ncsc.dni.us/entryform.pdf

American Inns of Court / Warren E. Burger Writing Competition Deadline: June 15, 2006
Award: $5,000. http://www.innsofcourt.org/Content/Default.aspx?Id=309

ABA Section on Dispute Resolution and the Penn State University Dickinson School of Law
is sponsoring James B. Boskey Law Student Essay Contest on Dispute Resolution. Deadline: June
15, 2006. Award:$1,000. http://www.dsl.psu.edu/academics/boskey.cfm

ABA Section on Mental and Physical Disabilities Law is sponsoring the Adam A. Milani
Disability Law Writing Contest. Award: $500. Deadline: June 15, 2006.

ABA Section on Public Utility, Communications and Transportation is sponsoring
Law Student Writing Competition. Award: $2,500. Deadline: June (Details for 2006 to be
released in Spring). http://www.abanet.org/pubutil/writingcompetition.pdf

The National Lesbian & Gay Law Association is sponsoring the Michael Greenberg Student
Writing Competition. Award: $1,000. Deadline: June 15, 2006.

The Theodore Tannenwald, Jr. Foundation for Excellence In Tax Scholarship/Tannenwald
Writing Competition Deadline: June 30, 2006 Award: $1,500 – $3,500.

The National Association of Counsel for Children is sponsoring a writing competition.
Deadline: August 1, 2006. Award: $1,000.

ABA Section on Labor and Employment Law is sponsoring the Labor Lawyer Student
Writing Contest. Award: $500. Deadline: August 31, 2006.
                        OFFICE OF DIVERSITY SERVICES
      Sherry Weaver, Director – (202) 274-4032 – Suite 300 – sweaver@wcl.american.edu
                                    Hours: 10:00 am-6:00pm
 If I’m not in my office, please leave a message in the basket or on the bulletin board next to
                                         my door. Saw

IN SEARCH OF . . . .
       The Office of Diversity Services and the Admissions Office need a few volunteers on
Saturday, March 11 to help us with a program. The Council on Legal Education Opportunity
(CLEO) will be in that day doing a couple of pre-law programs that day, and we need some law
students to act as hosts and tour guides between 12:30 and 2:00. If you can lend a hand, please
contact Sherry Weaver or Brooke Sandoval in Admissions. sandoval@wcl.american.edu.
    • The Richard D. Hailey ATLA Law Student Scholarship – Deadline, May 5
    • GWAC’s 20th Annual Legal Intern Placement Program application
    • Akin Gump Diversity Reception for 1Ls
    • National Lesbian & Gay Law Association Michael Greenberg student Writing
       Competition – Deadline, June 15

                   !!!!HAVE A GREAT SPRING BREAK, EVERYONE!!!!

After March 10, the Photocopied Course Material Distribution Center (Room 473A) will be
closed to prepare for the Summer 2006 classes.
Students who need to pick up photocopied course materials should visit the Course Material
Distribution Center on or before March 10. Thank you.

                            OFFICE OF FINANCIAL AID

Change in Private Loan Disbursements
Effective with the 2006-07 award year all private loan proceeds will be posted directly to
your student account. Beginning with loans for summer, lender disbursements will be sent
to the Student Accounts Office and not to WCL. It will be necessary for you to complete a
Refund Request Form to receive the funds available after your bill is paid in full. This is a
major departure from present procedures and will require the effort of all to ensure that
file requirements are satisfied so that aid can be disbursed and your refund released in a
timely manner. The Student Accounts Office is working closely with us in this effort. We
will keep you posted on this and other changes that are occurring that will affect financial
aid processes and eligibility for the coming year. If you have any questions, contact the

Save the Date - Loan Consolidation Workshop – April 11
Loan consolidation rules have changed again. Be prepared for an informative update Tuesday,
April 11. Come out to learn how best to handle your federal loans. Time and location: TBD.

2006 – 2007 Grant Applicants
Applicants for need-based grant aid must submit a Verification Worksheet/Supplemental
Information Form and a copy of your 2005 federal income tax return by May 1. The form is
available in the office.

Summer Financial Aid
Loan assistance is available for summer study. To receive aid you must:
       $ file a summer aid application by May 1. Forms will be available March 15.
       $ enroll in a minimum of six credit hours.
       $ have a 2006-07 FAFSA on file, and
       $ meet satisfactory academic progress standards.
Funding is available for study at another institution if credits earned will be accepted by WCL.
Additional information is available at the financial aid counter.

2005-2006 Spring Aid – Second Disbursements
The second disbursement of loans initiated as spring only loans is scheduled for payment March
14. (This generally applies to students who received aid this past summer.) Any refund expected
with this disbursement can be obtained by submitting a Refund Request Form to the Student
Accounts Office. Contact the office right away if any disbursement for the year is

Dean’s Fellows – Mussey Gillett Fellows
The deadline for submitting new appointments for spring term is March 8. The final payment
(paycheck) for the term is scheduled for March 31; all paperwork must be completed by March 8
for a check to be processed. Check with Kareen Morgan in the office if you have questions.

Income Tax Information
Form 1098-T has been mailed to enrolled students by the Office of Student Accounts. This
information is used to claim the Hope Scholarship or Lifetime Learning Tax Credit on your
federal return. Form 1098-E (Student Loan Interest Statement) is provided by your lender for
the Student Loan Interest Deduction. An information sheet on educational tax benefits is
available in the office. Detailed information can be found at www.irs.ustreas.gov

Outside Scholarships
Information regarding the following outside scholarship opportunities has been received.
• Howard Fox Memorial Scholarship Award for Berks County, PA residents. Deadline:
    April 1, 2006. Applications are available at www.bccf.org.
• Robert A. Shuker Memorial Scholarship for residents of the DC Metropolitan Area.
    Deadline: April 21, 2006. Apply at www.shukerscholarship.com
• Hudson County (NJ) Bar Association Scholarship for county residents. Deadline: April
    30, 2006.
• Women Lawyers’ Caucus of Mercer County (NJ) Ruth Rabstein Scholarship Deadline: April
    8, 2006.
• Essex County (NJ) Bar Association Biunno Scholarship for students with disabilities.
    Deadline: May 12, 2006.
•   Erie County (PA) Bar Association Scholarship for (rising) second and third year students.
    Deadline: July 7, 2006.
•   Atlantic County (NJ) Bar Association Vincent S. Haneman-Joseph B. Perskie Memorial
    Foundation Scholarship. Deadline: May 1, 2006.
•   Federal Circuit Bar Association Giles S. Rich Memorial Scholarship. Deadline: April 28,
•   National Italian American Foundation Graduates to Leaders Workshop in Law Scholarship.
    Apply at www.niaf.org/g21/index.asp . Deadline: March 17, 2006.

Feel free to check the Outside Scholarship Binder for other scholarship opportunities.

                              OFFICE OF PUBLIC INTEREST
          Suite 515 - Phone: 202-274-4099 - Email: publicinterest@wcl.american.edu


Mark Your Calendars for the 7th Annual Peter M. Cicchino Public Service Awards Dinner
Tuesday, April 4th at 6:00 p.m. Dinner will be followed by opening remarks by keynote speaker
Professor Stephen Wizner of the Yale University Law School. Professor Wizner specializes in legal
ethics, disability law, poverty and immigration and is involved in clinical teaching and trial practice. A
presentation of the awards will follow at the conclusion of Professor Wizner’s comments. Award
presentation includes: the Annual Cicchino Awards, Pro Bono Pledge Honors for 2006 graduates, WCL
Community Service Awards, and recipients of postgraduate public interest fellowships.

Hispanic Bar Association of DC Summer Public Interest Fellowship Applications Available: The
HBA-DC is offering two fellowships of $5000 each to support the work of law students doing public
interest work over the summer of 2006. The goals of the fellowship are to provide legal services to
individuals or groups served by legal service entities in and around DC and to provide students with
valuable work experience and exposure to an area of public interest law. Applications are available on
the resource table outside the Office of Public Interest in Suite 515. Completed applications must
be post-marked no later than April 1, 2006.

South Asian Bar Association of New York Public Interest Fellowship Applications Available: The
SABANY provides two $1000 grants to: 1) a first or second-year law students of South Asian descent
who will be working in unpaid public interest jobs in the New York area during the summer of 2006, OR
2) a first or second-year law student will be working in unpaid public interest jobs specifically focusing
on the needs of the local South Asian community in the New York area during the summer of 2006.
Applications are available on the resource table outside the Office of Public Interest in Suite 515.
Completed applications must be post-marked no later than April 7, 2006.

Seeking a Summer Public Interest Opportunity? The Washington Council of Lawyers has compiled a
listing of public interest organizations that have openings for paid or unpaid summer internships. The
listing is posted on the Council’s website at www.wclawyers.org under "Publications" and entitled
"2006 Registry of Summer Public Interest Opportunities." To date, 22 organizations are listed.

An interactive listserv for all students interested in posting or receiving emails from student groups
regarding public interest programming and events. To subscribe to the listserv, send an email to
listserv@listserv.american.edu. Leave the subject line blank, and in the body of the message, type
“subscribe pi_wcl” without the quotes.

2L Postgraduate Fellowship Application Workshop, March 7, 12:30-1:20 p.m. in room 351: A
must-attend session for students planning to apply for Equal Justice Works or Skadden post- graduate
public interest fellowships. Mainly for 2Ls, the brownbag workshop will discuss the application and
selection process, timelines and strategy. Space is limited and students must RSVP in advance to

3L Public Interest Loan Repayment Assistance Program (PILRAP) Information Session: A must-
attend session for graduating students planning to pursue public interest or government employment
immediately after graduation or in the near future. Learn the ins and outs of WCL’s PILRAP program,
including application deadlines and procedures. Hear from PILRAP recipients about how to navigate
post-law school finances with limited income and educational debt. Lunch will be provided.

Pro Bono Honors Pledge Program

Attention 2006 Graduates Participating in the Pro Bono Honors Pledge Program: You must report
ALL pro bono hours no later than Friday, March 10th in order to be included in the Cicchino Public
Service Awards Dinner on April 4. Graduates completing the pledge will receive recognition and a
certificate signed by Dean Grossman at the annual awards dinner. There are three levels of pro bono
honors based on the total number of hours completed:
              • Honors (75-124 hours)
              • Outstanding Service Honors (125-174 hours)
              • Exceptional Service Honors (175+ hours)

                                        Phone 202.274.4075 Fax 202.274.4079
                            Jennifer Dabson • Director; Natasha Rennie • Assistant Director
                          E-mail: secle@wcl.american.edu; Website www.wcl.american.edu/secle

                   WELCOME TO FOUNDER’S CELEBRATION 2006!
We invite you to explore some of the most important legal issues facing the nation and the world
                                Founders’ Celebration 2006
                        Events for the week beginning March 6, 2006
                                   Common Ground
                        Global Perspectives on Minorities’ Land Rights
                                       Monday, March 6
                                       9:00 am - 4:00 pm
                                   6th Floor Student Lounge
                                         S PONSORED BY
                          Welcome Remarks: Dean Claudio Grossman
SPEAKERS : Savi Horne, Dr. Stephan Schwartzman, Lauren Baker, Dr. Beverly L. Peters, Enrique
                           Gomez-Pinzon, Alexandra Page, Paul Hurt
                             Criminal Law in The 21st Century
                                            MARCH 7
                               4:00   PM  – 6:00 P M , R O O M 603
                                 F O L L O W E D B Y R E C EP T I O N
         SPEAKERS :   Barry Sabin, Leonard Bailey, Judge Andrew L. Sonner, Angela Davis
                                    Moderator: Elizabeth Boals
                            Closing Remarks: Dean Claudio Grossman
                          Ninth Annual Hispanic Law Conference
                 Serving the Community: The Role of the Hispanic Lawyer
                                   Wednesday, March 8
                                     4:00 pm – 9:00 pm
                      Welcoming Remarks: Dean Claudio Grossman
      Speakers: Mario Cristaldo, The Honorable Laura Cordero, Enrique Gomez-Pinzon,
                              Felix Sanchez, Sylvia J. Trujillo
                                Moderator: Anthony Varona
                      Keynote Speaker: Judge Sergio García Ramírez
          Annual Diversity Award 2006 Recipient: The Honorable Vanessa Ruíz

                              I MMIGRATION C ONSEQUENCES
                                 C RIMINAL C ONVICTIONS
                                       Current Cases and
                                        Future Changes
                                      Thursday, March 9
                                       12 noon – 1:30 pm
                                           Room 603
                              CLE CREDIT AVAILABLE
      SPEAKERS: Mary Holper, Dan Kesselbrenner, Lory Rosenberg, Gwen Washington,
      Quynh Bain, (invited)
Moderator: Muneer Ahmad
                         Women’s Rights and Access to Justice
                                      in the Americas
                      Reception and dinner with a special guest from
                     The Rapporteurship on the Rights of Women
                    Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
                                    Thursday, March 9
                                    Reception: 6:30 pm
                                      Dinner: 7:00 pm
                                 6th Floor Student Lounge

                               Founders’ Celebration 2006
                             UPCOMING MARCH EVENTS
Mar 17        One Nation under the Constitution
Mar 18        William H. Karchmer Spring Moot Court Competition
Mar 20        EMININT 2006
Mar 21        EMININT 2006
Mar 22        Disaster in the Law
Mar 23        Diversity Consulting: Solving Race and Gender Issues Without the Courts?
Mar 24        IP/Gender: Unmapped Connections
Mar 25        IP/Gender: Unmapped Connections

                          ACADEMY ON HUMAN RIGHTS
The Summer Program of the Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law is the
only intensive, three week program in the world to offer human rights courses in both English
and Spanish. Every year the Academy hosts over 25 visiting world-renowned scholars and
activists who teach courses on topics including regional human rights approaches; the United
Nations; international criminal tribunal; human rights and development; women’s rights;
terrorism and human rights; international humanitarian law; and much more. As a Graduate
Certificate Program, the program is open to lawyers, professionals in the human rights field, and
law students, who can earn up to seven credits toward their degree. This year’s program will
take place May 30-June 16, 2006. For more information on the Academy, including the annual
Human Rights Award competition and Human Rights Month, please visit our website at
http://www.wcl.american.edu/humright/hracademy/2006/academy.cfm, contact Meredith Fox at
hracademy@wcl.american.edu, by phone at 202-274-4070.

Robert K. Goldman is Professor of Law and Louis C. James Scholar at American University
Washington College of Law, where he has taught since 1971. Professor Goldman is also Co-
Director of the Law School's Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law and Faculty
Director of the War Crimes Research Office. He was a member of the Inter-American
Commission on Human Rights from 1996 to 2003 and its President from March 1999 to March
2000. From July 2004 to August 2005, he was the U.N. Human Rights Commission's
Independent Expert on the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms while
Countering Terrorism. Professor Goldman teaches and publishes on subjects relating to
International Law, Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law. He is co-author,
with Claudio Grossman, Claudia Martin and Diego Rodriquez, of The International Dimension
of Human Rights: A Guide For Application in Domestic Courts (2002). Prof. Goldman will be
co-teaching “International Humanitarian Law” at the 2006 Academy Summer Program. It is
a two credit course and will be held May 30-June 16, 2006. For more details about this class and
others     during     the     Summer     Program,     please    visit    our     website       at

Call for Volunteers! LLM Students can be Judges!
The Inter-American Human Rights Moot Court Competition is one of the only trilingual
(English, Spanish & Portuguese) human rights moot court competitions in the world. The
Competition brings together nearly 200 students and over 100 attorneys from all over the world
for a week of tough competition (and great fun) at WCL in late May, 2006. As a volunteer, you
will communicate with participants (volunteers needed in all three languages), recruit volunteer
attorneys, research the Bench Memorandum, plan the various events of the Competition and
interact with all the participants during the week they are here in Washington, DC. LLM students
with a background in public international law are eligible to be judges. The Competition will
take place from May 21-26, 2006. For more information, please contact Shazia Anwar,
Competition Coordinator, at iamoot@wcl.american.edu or 202.274.4215. Projects are already
underway, so don’t delay!

                           CENTER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS
                               CENTER ANNOUNCEMENTS

                             JOIN THE CENTER’S LISTSERV!
Keep up-to-date on human rights events, activities, and resources at WCL and in the community
by joining the Center's group email list! You will receive occasional updates (maximum one per
week) from the Center about human rights goings-on right in your inbox. To subscribe, send an
email to chrhlupdate-request@wcl.american.edu. Please leave the subject line BLANK and in
the body of the message write SUBSCRIBE.

                             UPCOMING EVENTS

                          Tuesday, March 7, 12:00 – 1:00 pm, Rm 100
We are holding this event in recognition of International Women’s Day. WCL Humphrey
Fellows: Judge Tashi Chhozom (Bhutan), Geraldine Chin (Cameroon), and
Kumuthini Renganathan (Sri Lanka) will share their perspectives on challenges to the protection
of women’s human rights. The Human Rights Defenders Speaker Series invites Human Rights
Defenders from around the world to meet with the WCL community and discuss their work and
their personal journey into the world of human rights advocacy. Lunch will be served.

                             HUMAN RIGHTS COFFEE HOUR
     Help build a human rights community while enjoying free coffee, donuts and bagels
              Every Wednesday Morning, 8:30-10am, 6th Floor Student Lounge
Action for Human Rights sponsors early morning coffee hours for students, faculty and staff
interested in human rights to come and share fair trade coffee and tea, bagels and donuts, ideas
and inspiration. The weekly Coffee Hours provide a forum for announcements (at 8:50am &
9:30am), recruitment, campaign information – and a great place to get to know others interested
in human rights. Come join us every Wednesday throughout the semester in the 6th floor Student
Lounge (behind the cafeteria). Everyone is welcome, and the coffee is delicious!
  AHR is trying to make Coffee Hour as eco-friendly as possible and is selling $5 “Human
                             Rights Begin with Breakfast” mugs!

                                 CLINICAL PROGRAM
The Clinical Program is currently recruiting for academic year 2006-07. During the next two
weeks before the application deadline of March 10, 2006, program faculty is hosting small
information meetings. We strongly encourage you to attend at least one of these meetings,
preferably for your first choice clinic. Your attendance will be viewed as demonstrating your
seriousness about your commitment to learning about the Clinical Program. You may attend
multiple meetings. The schedule for these meetings is available outside the program office,
room 417. Sign up sheets for the meetings are posted across from the doorway outside room
                        NEW ON-LINE APPLICATION PROCESS
                        CLICK ON APPLICATION BUTTON.
                           FILL OUT PAGES 2 & 3 ON-LINE.
                        CLICK “SUBMIT” & PRINT APPLICATION.
                           COMPLETE & SIGN HARD COPY.
                        DELIVER HARD COPY, RESUME & ESSAY
                                       TO ROOM 417.

                              AND MARCH 10.
             APPLICATION DEADLINE 5PM – FRIDAY – MARCH 10, 2006.
                      NO FAX AND E-MAIL SUBMISSIONS.


                                 EXTERNSHIP PROGRAM
                            Room 413 (202) 274-4200 www.wcl.american.edu/externship
                             Monday-Thursday 9:00am-5:30pm; Friday 9:00am-3:00pm

Hundreds of local, domestic long-distance and international opportunities are available. Please
see the Externship Database (please contact our office for the username and password) for a
complete list of organizations that employ WCL externs. Summer session can be more
competitive, so start contacting employers now.

Note: most government agencies are now requiring some form of security clearance. This often
takes approximately 8 weeks from the time you accept the offer. Apply now for government
externships to ensure you get your clearance by the beginning of the summer.
Who is looking this week?
The following organizations have contacted WCL this week looking for externs for the summer:
•    The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG): The Office handles a variety of substantive
     legal areas including government contracts, employment and labor relations law,
     appropriations law, international agreements, legislation, administrative law, ethics and many
     other areas
Please see the Externship Database for contact information.

•    HIAS (the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society): Summer Refugee Law Externships for U.S. law
     students in Vienna, Austria and Kyiv, Ukraine.

Please see the Externship Office for contact information.

The schedule of summer externship seminars will be posted on the Externship Program bulletin
board (outside of room 413) within the next week. Please come by to see what seminar best fits
your schedule and interests.

Long-Distance Seminar: If you plan on participating in an externship in another state or country
this summer, please come to our office and let us know. You must register for the Long-
Distance Externship Seminar.

EVENING EXTERNSHIPS NOW AVAILABLE: A number of organizations offering
flexible hours have contacted our office. Please select the evening hour search criteria on the
Externship Database to view these opportunities.

Avis Sanders, Director of the Externship Program, is available for one-on-one counseling. Email
externship@wcl.american.edu or call (202) 274-4200 for an appointment.
For more information, contact Meadow Wirick, Program Assistant, at (202) 274-4200 or
externship@wcl.american.edu. Students are welcome to come by the office during office hours.
Evening appointments are available for evening students.

                                                 PENCE LAW LIBRARY
                                                   Monday – Thursday      8:00 am – 12:00 am*
                                                   Friday                  8:00 am – 10:00 pm*
                                                   Saturday                9:00 am – 10:00 pm*
                                                   Sunday                  9:00 am - 12:00 am*

The library is open two additional hours beyond the posted closing times for registered WCL students with law school IDs. Only security
personnel are available in the library and there are no library services during extended hours. Registered WCL students with IDs may also use the
library beginning at 6:00 am, but must first register with the Facilities Office in Room 383, 202-274-4008.

Are you researching a topic related to Legislative History? The Library website has a
handy guide to sources for legislative materials and statutes posted at
http://library.wcl.american.edu/trg.statutelegis.php One very useful database is LexisNexis
Congressional, accessible at http://library.wcl.american.edu/researchtools.php on our Research
Tools list of databases. Use this resource to access full text or indexing information for all
Congressional committee reports, prints, hearings, documents and some compiled legislative
histories. For assistance using LexisNexis Congressional consult a reference librarian, either in
person or by emailing us at reflib@wcl.american.edu. We are also holding a training session for
this database tomorrow, Friday, March 3 at noon in Room 103 in the Library.

SHHH! Isn’t that what librarians are supposed to say? We all need to be good library
citizens (we’re trying too!) and keep our personal conversations to a minimum and not use cell
phones in the library. Your fellow students are studying! You can use one of our group study
rooms for collaborative learning and conversations - sign up for one at the Circulation Desk.

 The Library has another new face – Mimi Games has joined our staff as our new
Cataloging Coordinator. Ms. Games is planning to complete her master’s degree in library
science and has extensive experience in various libraries. She can be reached at 202-274-4348.


On March 7 at noon, the Program hosts "Courting Justice: The Contesting Role of the Courts in
the Struggle for LGBT Equality." Professor Varona has organized a distinguished panel of
experts who will consider the following questions. What does the LGBT civil rights movement
teach us about the real role of the courts in American government? Has the judiciary abdicated
its duty to protect minority rights under the influence of the political branches and the majority's
whims? Professors Varona and Raskin will join panelists Dan Furmansky, Executive
Director of Equality MD; Professor Larry Catá Backer, Penn State Dickinson College of Law;
and Professor Suzanne Goldberg from Rutgers School of Law-Newark for this event.


As a part of Professor Paul Williams' Public International Law & Policy Program (PILPP),
talented students have the opportunity to complete practical and substantive work on issues of
international law and policy. Students collaborate with some of the top professionals in the field,
including AU alumni, State Department officials, international diplomats, and foreign
government officials. Applications are available outside Room 400 at WCL and online at
http://www.publicinternationallaw.org/application.doc . Applications are due this Friday, March
3rd by 5 pm in Room 400 at WCL. Please place your applications in the box outside Room 400.
No electronic applications will be accepted.
Those selected for interviews will be informed next week and all interviews will be held on
Monday, March 20th and Tuesday, March 21st.

                         WAR CRIMES RESEARCH OFFICE
The WCRO serves as a source of expertise in humanitarian and international criminal law for
selected international organizations. In the past year, for example, the office undertook
international law research projects for the International Criminal Court, the Special Court for
Sierra Leone and the Special Panels for Serious Crimes in East Timor. We also speak at
conferences on humanitarian law and international criminal law issues, and publish regularly on
the development of international criminal jurisprudence.

     The War Crimes Research Office and the National Institute of Military Justice of
               American University Washington College of Law present
           with Geoffrey Corn Assistant Professor, South Texas College of Law
   Geoffrey Corn will discuss questions of accountability in military operations, including the
 standards governing civilian contractors. Professor Corn has served as Special Assistant to the
    US Army Judge Advocate General for Law of War Matters, and Chief of the Law of War
  Branch, US Army Office of the Judge Advocate General International and Operational Law

                         Part of the WCRO War Crimes Speakers Series
                                   Wednesday, March 29, 2006
                                         12:00 - 1:30 pm
                                            Room 100
                                Light refreshments will be served!

Getting Involved:

Dean’s Fellows: See the “In Search of…” section of this Docket for information on how to
apply to be a WCRO Dean’s Fellow.

Volunteers: All students with an interest in public international law are encouraged to volunteer
at the WCRO. We have several volunteer opportunities with a wide range of time commitments.
Volunteers work on projects including:

    •   Monitoring of on-going cases before the world’s major international criminal courts and
    •   Writing summaries of judgments from the ICTR for publication.
    •   Assisting with discrete legal research, editing, or spading projects.

If you would like more information about volunteer opportunities, contact us via email at
warcrimes@wcl.american.edu, or call us at (202) 274-4067.

International Student Resource Panel:
Those students who have legal experience in countries other than the United States are
encouraged to sign up for the WCRO’s International Student Resource Panel. We keep a list of
panel members who are willing to serve as resource persons on WCRO research projects that
have a comparative law element. The time commitment for Panel members is highly flexible as
volunteers are free to donate as much or as little time as they would like. If interested, please
send your contact information and country (or countries) of expertise to

                      Critical Issues in Women’s Rights in Latin America
                                      March 9 12:00-1:20pm
                                           Room 503
Please join the Women and International Law Program and the Women and the Law Program for
a panel discussion by special guests from Chile, Peru and Guatemala. The professors will discuss
cutting-edge issues in for women in Latin America. Lunch will be provided. Our special guests
will discuss:
                        The Fight for Emergency Contraception in Chile
                 Lidia Casas, Professor of Law, University of Diego Portales, Chile

             Truth and Reconciliation Commissions and Violence Against Women
              Julissa Mantilla, Professor of Law, Catholic University of Lima, Peru
                           Former WCL Fulbright Scholar 2004-2005

                                    Femicides in Guatemala
      Maria del Rosario Velasquez, Professor of Law, University of San Carlos de Guatemala

The special guests are members of a delegation of feminist scholars hosted by the Women and
International Law Program and the Women and the Law Program. These scholars are
participating in a three-day workshop in conjunction with the Red de Academicas
Latinoamericanas (Red ALAS), a network of young Latin American scholars working to
integrate gender into law schools throughout Latin America.

Additional participants will also be in attendance. Participating schools include: Universidad de
los Andes (Colombia); Universidad de Beunos Aires (Argentina); Universidad Catolica de Lima
(Peru); Universidad Diego Portales (Chile); Universidad San Carlos (Guatemala); and
Universidad de San Andres (Argentina).

For more information, contact the Women and International Law Program at

                           STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION
SBA Executive Elections Interest Meeting
All students interested in running for SBA President or Executive Vice President for the 2006-
2007 academic year must attend the candidate interest meeting on Monday, March 6, 2006 at
10:10pm in the SBA Lounge. Elections By-Laws and candidate petitions will be distributed at
the meeting. Candidates for President and Executive Vice President must run together as a
ticket, and should be prepared to declare which office they seek at the meeting. If you have any
questions, please contact Joe Anzalone at anzalone@gmail.com.

SBA Senate Meeting
The next meeting of the SBA Senate will be Tuesday, March 7, at 10:10pm in Room 101.
Any student or student group that wishes to be put on the agenda should contact Senate President
Pro Tempore, Lucy Wiggins at lucy.wiggins@american.edu. Senate meetings are open to the
public, and all students are encouraged to attend.

Any student group wanting to make a funding request must also attend the Finance Committee
meeting at 9 pm on the same day in the SBA Lounge. All funding related questions should be
made to the Finance Committee Chair, Lydia Edwards, at sbafinance@wcl.american.edu.

The Graduation Committee
Dear Graduating Students, The SBA is looking for students interested in serving as the student
speaker at WCL Commencement on May 21, 2006. If you are interested in being the student
speaker please send an email with your name and a brief (NO LONGER than 1 PAGE) statement
of interest indicating why you would like to be the speaker, what message (generally) you hope
to impart on the graduating class and anything else describing your interest to:
sbagrad@wcl.american.edu. After all statements are received an expanded graduation
committee, including faculty and possibly senior school administrators, will host short interviews
for each candidate to answer any remaining questions. All statements must be received by
Wednesday (March 15th). Warm regards, The Graduation Committee

The SBA Presents “Everything you need to know about Student Loans and Consolidation:
Best Practices for Law Students.” Presented by Dan Thibeault, 2005 Graduate of Harvard
Business School. Join the SBA and Graduate Leverage on Tuesday, March 7th at either noon-
1pm, room 526 or 5-6pm, room TBA, to discuss loan consolidation and debt management!
Pizza and soft drinks will be provided.
Graduate Leverage was founded out of a research project at Harvard Business School and will be
providing information on debt management and loan consolidation. The salient points to be
covered include:
    • An overview on federal and private student loan consolidation, including the recent
       regulatory changes that take effect this year.
                    st  nd       rd
    • Why every 1 , 2 , and 3 year student needs to consolidate this year before rates
       increase and the ability to do an in-school consolidation is eliminated.
    • What impact will your debt burden have on your credit score and your ability to get
       additional funds (i.e. home mortgage or small business loan)?
    • How to effectively manage your private student loans after graduation.
For questions on Graduate Leverage, please visit www.graduateleverage.com. For more
information on the discussion and Q&A session, please contact SBA Senator and ABA Liaison,
Katie Smith at Katie.Smith@abanet.org.

Barrister's Ball
Law Students have BALLS!! Of Course I am referring to the upcoming Barrister's Ball where we
get the chance to dress up, bring a date, and dance the night away. Mark your Calendar because
Barrister's Ball is March 25th from 8pm till midnight. The tickets will be going on sale the
last week of February!!!!! So purchase your ticket, and start counting down the days!!!
Want to REALLY enjoy Barristers? Then have a voice in song selection!!! Send me (Stella) your
must have song titles and voila - your song will be on the list. Send all selections to

American University Law Review
Joint Journal Short Write-On Competition Time Change
YEAR PART-TIME STUDENTS: To accommodate students who have evening classes on
Tuesday, March 7th, we have changed the time to pick up packets to 5 pm – 8:30 pm. If you
have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Steve Squillario, Senior Symposium Editor,
American University Law Review at lawrev-projects-editor@wcl.american.edu or (202)

Presents: Hip-Hop as a Social Movement- March 9, Room 528, noon-1pm. Come join the
discussion: Is Hip-Hop the new civil Rights movement? Bling as an expression of resistance?
Womens' liberation or degradation? Gangster rap's influence

Business Law Society
Career Panel- Please join the Business Law Society for a career panel featuring speakers from
both the private and public sectors. We will be hosting one of the original founding members of
the Business Law Society, WCL alum Heather Koenig, who is currently working as an associate
at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP in the Bankruptcy/Regulatory Group. In
addition, WCL alum, Sean Dillon, who works in the Bureau of Competition at the Federal Trade
Commission, will be joining us. There will also be a speaker from the SEC.
Thursday, March 9th * 12-1:00pm * Room 603 * Lunch will be provided.

Christian Legal Society
Volunteer at the DC Central Kitchen - Saturday, March 4, 8:30am - 12noon
It’s not too late to sign up! Please contact Meadow Wirick (mwirick@wcl.american.edu) for
more details and to be added to the list. All members of the WCL community (and friends) are

Weekly Meeting - Tuesday, March 7, 12-12:50pm, room 627
Please bring your lunch join us as we continue reading from Mark for Everyone by Tom Wright!
Contact tritiayuen@gmail.com with questions. All are welcome.

Criminal Law Society
The CSI Effect: The Impact of Modern Media on Criminal Law- RESCHEDULED
Interested in the issue of how modern pop-culture and TV in particular are influencing and
changing criminal trial work? Join the Criminal Law Society and Jeff Wenner, Assistant State’s
Attorney for Montgomery County, to discuss how the media, in particular shows like CSI, Law
& Order, etc., are creating preconceptions in jurors as to what they should expect from the
government as "proof" and how that is effecting trial work in criminal cases. Mr. Wenner works
on Circuit Court cases primarily involving gang and juvenile crimes. Please note this event is
rescheduled, from the original date of 2/27. The new date is Thursday, March 23 from
12:00-1:00 and the room will be announced in next week’s docket. Since this is a
rescheduled event, it will be a brown bag lunch (a.k.a., bring you own lunch).

Environmental Law Society
ELS Moot Court Team - Congratulations to the Environmental Law Society's Moot Court team
for their great showing in this year's moot court competition at Pace Law School. The team - Liz
Tripodi, Amelia Samaras and Liz Klein - took Best Oralist in 2 of the 3 preliminary rounds and
advanced to the Quarterfinals before being edged out by a formidable team from Houston.
Louisiana State Univ. went on to win the competition.

ELS is currently accepting applications for a spot on the team that will compete in the 2006-2007
Environmental Law Moot Court Competition at Pace Law School. The competition is the
preeminent environmental law moot court in the country, attracting hundreds of students and
judges from around the country. Team members will write a brief during the fall semester and
compete in the spring at Pace Law School. Requirements for participation include: receiving
credit for participation, taking an appropriate advocacy course, participating in practice moot
sessions, and handling the logistics of participating in the competition. For more information or
to apply, email your resume and a brief (less than 2 pages) letter of interest explaining why you
should be selected for the team to liz_klein@american.edu by Friday, March 3.

General Body Meeting Wednesday, March 8 8:00 - 9:30 PM Room 402- Please join
WCL's Evening Law Students Association (ELSA) for our first meeting of the 2006 spring
semester: Wednesday, March 8th from 8:00-9:30pm in Room 402.

We will have representatives from the clinical program, faculty and students, to discuss how
evening students can participate successfully in the clinic. In addition, we will discuss survey
results and current issues for both ELSA and the SBA and upcoming ELSA programs for the
spring semester. Pizza will be served. Questions? Email elsa@wcl.american.edu .

Immigrants' Rights Coalition
Rally to Stop Anti-Immigrant Legislation- Please join members of the WCL Immigrants' Rights
Coalition in participating in a community rally to stop anti-immigrant legislation (see below). If
you are interested, meet us in the lobby of the law school no later than 3:25 on Tuesday,
March 7th. Questions? Email Lindsay at lmj9d@yahoo.com Hope to see you there!

Immigration Coalition, a coalition of 40 Faith, Labor, Business and Community Based
Organizations from Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC is calling for a rally to "Stop
HR4437." This anti-immigrant legislation will criminalize 11 million people residing in this
country and will criminalize anyone that provides services, support or assistance to them.
When: Tuesday, March 7th Where: The United States Capitol, West Front Lawn
Time:     4 P.M. sharp (please arrive early)

Media & the Law Society
Are you interested in defending journalists, becoming one yourself, or learning more about the
effects of the War on Terror on our First Amendment freedoms? Do you think that the press
should have access to the names of detainees being held at Guantanamo Bay or that cameras
should be allowed in the Supreme Court? Are you interested in meeting lawyers, journalists, and
other media law practitioners? If so, please consider joining the WCL Media & the Law Society.
Last year we hosted a panel discussion about the Valerie Plame leak investigation featuring Time
Magazine reporter Matt Cooper and a roundtable on media coverage of the U.S. Supreme Court
featuring top reporters from the Washington Post, Slate, and Legal Times. We’re seeking new
members, especially students who are interested in helping us plan more great programs next
year. If you’re interested in joining, please e-mail molly.crawford@american.edu for more

Careers in Media & Communications Law- Co-Sponsored by the Media & the Law Society
and the Communications Law Society Tuesday, March 28th Room 524 12:00-1:30 p.m.
Lawyers practicing media and communications law will discuss their professional experiences
and share tips for students interested in practicing media and/or communications law. Panelists
will include lawyers from private practice, government, non-profits, media organizations, and
special interest groups. This will be a great opportunity to learn how to break into these fields
and to network with experienced professionals! Questions: Molly Crawford

Mock Trial Honor Society
CONGRATULATIONS to team members Brandon Gantus, Travis Markley, and Adriana
Morera for being recognized for the exceptional job they did over the weekend at the 43rd
Annual Gourley Mock Trial Invitational, held in Pittsburgh, PA.
We are happy to announce that that the team was one of the two top teams in the competition
AND was named the best Plaintiff Team overall! Congratulations on a job well done!

Moot Court Board
and Team would like to wish the best of luck to many of our members this weekend. Lydia
Edwards, Zehra Naqvi, and Shoshana Weiner are competing in the William E. McGhee National
Civil Rights Moot Court Competition in Minnesota, and Ethan Don, Jessica Fegan, David
Goodwin, Jimmy Howell, Rebecca Maisel, Anjetta McQueen, Colin Winkler, and Jed
Wulfekotte are competing in the ATLA National Trial Competition. Good luck to all of you!

GOOD LUCK to the Civil Rights team (Lydia Edwards, Zehra Naqvi, and Shoshana
Rothman) and both ATLA teams (Ethan Don, Jed Wulfekotte, Dave Goodwin, Rebecca Maisel,
Jimmy Howell, Anjetta McQueen, Colin Winkler, and Jessica Feegan) all competing this

CONGRATULATION to all the Moot Court Teams who competed this past weekend!!!
 The following are the honors and awards our teams came back with:
• ABA National Team - Isorys Dilone, Laura Schmoyer, and Molly Hostetler advanced to the
quarterfinal round and also won a $100 award for having the 5th best brief in the entire region.
• Craven Constitutional Law Team – Scott Sanford, Anik Shah, and Sarah advanced to the
quarterfinal round.
• First Amendment Team - Genny Johnson and Paul Stern made it to the semifinal round of the
Vanderbilt First Amendment Competition. They also won the award for best brief.
Second Place in Region:
• Jessup Team – Annelies Brock, Dave Jaquette, Chad Flores, and Jodi Newman placed second
in the Mid-Atlantic Region and were the only undefeated team in preliminary rounds. Also, the
team’s written pleadings won 3rd place among all memorials at the competition, Jodi Newman
was ranked second among all individual oralists in the Region, and Chad Flores won the
Regional award for Best Oralist.

Keep reading the Docket for the exact dates of Moot Court Executive Board Info Sessions held
the week after Spring Break! Remember, you can run for an Executive Board position even if
you are not on the team. For more information, contact Renee Kurth at rmkurth@msn.com.

Women’s Law Association
(WLA) is offering a summer fellowship in the targeted amount of $1,500 to an individual doing
an unpaid summer internship at a non-profit organization. This internship must involve legal
work on women’s issues, and individuals planning to work in direct services are encouraged to
apply. Participation in Women's Law Association fundraising, including bake sales, will be
considered. Applications will be available in the SBA lounge on the 5th floor and are due by
5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 24, 2006, in the SBA lounge in the box marked “Women’s Law
Association Summer Fellowship Applications.”

Social In-Security- This panel discussion will address social security’s disparate impact on
women. Speakers will also tackle privatization and its further affects on women. If you’re
concerned about whether social security will be around by the time you need it, come find out
how it has barely functioned for women as is. The speakers will be Terry O’Neil from the
National Council of Women’s Organizations, and Dr. Carroll Estes and Janet Witt from the
National Council to Preserve Social Security and Medicine. Monday, March 6, Room 401 from
12-1pm. Lunch will be served. Sponsored by the Women's Law Association

                                     IN SEARCH OF…
Prof. Ira Robbins seeks to hire Dean's Fellows/Research Assistants to work this summer and
next academic year in one or more of the following areas: criminal law, prisoners’ rights, habeas
corpus, and death penalty. Interested students should apply by putting a cover letter, resume,
photocopy of law school transcript, and writing sample in Professor Robbins’ mailbox in Room
465. In addition, please indicate the nature of your other commitments for the summer and
coming year. The work will be substantially full time in the summer and 15-20 hours a week
during the school year.

Integrated Curriculum Seeks Deans Fellows for 2006-2007 - The Integrated Curriculum (IC)
program is now accepting applications from students interested in serving as IC Deans
Fellows for the 2006-2007 Academic Year. The IC presents first-year courses in ways that
allow students to see the connections between subjects traditionally taught as unrelated units.
The approach is inspired by the recognition that real client problems almost never concern just
one area of law, but instead require lawyers to use knowledge from several, interrelated areas of
The IC Deans Fellows are a team of upper level students who are available to first-year students
as a resource and for advice. Deans Fellows also assist first-year professors in organizing IC
events and other special activities. If you are interested in being considered for a Deans' Fellow
position for the 2006-2007 Academic Year, please drop off your resume in Room 414 (Professor
Popper's office), no later than Friday, March 24. Please include a brief letter of interest as well
as a copy of your transcript. For more information email liz_klein@american.edu.

Prof. Kovacic-Fleischer is looking for a Dean's Fellow for the rest of this Spring semester to
help in research on work and family issues. If you are interested please put a copy of your
resume and a brief letter in her mailbox in Room 465.

Prof. Tony Varona is looking for one dean’s fellow to assist on projects over the Summer of
2006. Research will include helping him prepare for a major lecture in Peru on International and
Comparative Communications Law; by researching case law, statutory law, treaties, and
secondary materials. Another project will focus on researching the role of the courts in resolving
civil rights controversies involving minorities; including gays and lesbians, religious minorities,
and others. The candidate should demonstrate strong research and writing skills; as well as an
interest in these issues. 20 hours a week for a span of 10 weeks will be required. Applications
from 2Ls and 1Ls will be considered. To apply, please email your resume, transcript, and a
writing sample to avarona@wcl.american.edu.

The War Crimes Research Office (WCRO) is seeking Dean's Fellows for Summer and Fall
2006. JD (rising 2L and 3L) and LL.M students are eligible to work on major legal research
projects prepared exclusively for the international criminal courts and tribunals on issues of
critical importance to these institutions. Interested students with a background in international
law, particularly international criminal / humanitarian / human rights law, are especially
encouraged to apply, as are those with prior volunteer experience at the WCRO. The time
commitment will be 20 hours per week. Please submit a resume and a cover letter, along with a
short writing sample and a transcript (unofficial is fine) to Susana SáCouto, Director, War
Crimes Research Office, by email at warcrimes@wcl.american.edu. The deadline for
applications is Friday, March 3 at 5pm. Please specify if you are applying for the summer, fall
or both. If you want to discuss the various possibilities of working at the WCRO with us first,
please feel free to stop by our office at 4910 Massachusetts Ave, NW, just one block from WCL,
call us at 202-274-4067, or e-mail at warcrimes@wcl.american.edu.

                         ADDITIONAL ANNOUNCEMENTS
There is still time to register for WCL’s Summer Program in Turkey. The registration date has
been extended to March 21.
Don’t miss this opportunity to visit a fascinating country at the crossroads of civilizations while
learning about comparative trade and business, and the rule of law and human rights. Classes are
taught by Turkish experts in the field (each class by a different individual), and a generous
amount of time is available for exploration of Istanbul and the surrounding cities. A weekend trip
to Ephesus is included in the program, as well as a trip to Ankara.
Students interested in the program should contact Marcos Orellana at morellana@ciel.org and/or
visit the website: www.wcl.american.edu/turkey

Wednesday, March 22 - Development of the System of Industrial Property Protection in
the Republic of Tajikistan 12:00 - 1:00, Room 500. Please join the International Visitors'
Program for lunch and a presentation by Nodira Kazidzhanova, a JFDP Fellow and Associate
Professor at the National Center for Patents and Information in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. This
presentation will address development of capacity and how the regulatory system changed from
a communist to a capitalist system as reflected in the patent system. Her faculty host, Josh
Sarnoff will comment.

Notary Service is available in Room 417, the Clinical Program office. Please stop by or call
274-4142 to see if the notary is available or to set up an appointment. The fee is $2 per

C.F.T.C. Field Component-Law 785- Students who will have completed Business Associations
and Securities Regulation by the end of the Spring semester of 2006 or who, by the end of the
Spring semester 2006, will have completed Business Associations and who will enroll in the
Securities Regulation course in the Fall 2006 semester and are prepared also to enroll in an
Advanced Securities Law Seminar or in a the Seminar on Derivatives are eligible to participate
in a Field Component at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Please submit your
resume, a copy of your transcript, a writing sample and a cover letter by 5:30 p.m. on Friday,
March 31, 2006 to Professor Guttman=s mailbox in room 465 or to Carolyn Wright, his Sr. Legal
Assistant in room 325. Students are encouraged to submit your application as early as
possible. One hundred and forty (140) hours of working with a staff attorney or Administrative
Law Judge at the Commission will earn two credits; working for two hundred and ten hours with
such attorney or Judge will earn three credits. There will also be a meeting with Professor
Guttman every second week for approx. one hour.

S.E.C. Student Observers Program (Field Component)-Law 784- I would like to draw the
attention of students who have completed Securities Regulation or are going to complete this
course by the end of the Spring semester 2006, that students so qualified can apply for
participation for a minimum of three credits in the Field Component-Student Observers
Program at the Securities and Exchange Commission for the Fall 2006 semester. [Law-784]
Students will be expected to work a minimum of two hundred and ten hours (210) with an
attorney on the staff of the Commission and will have to attend approximately nine seminars
given by Commissioners, staff and outside counsel. (These meeting usually take place on a
Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.) Students participating in this Student Observers Program
also will have to enroll in an advanced securities law seminar, such as Regulation of Securities
Markets, Mergers and Acquisitions, Seminar on Derivatives, etc. which enables students to earn
additional credits.
Students should submit their resume, a copy of their transcript, a writing sample and a cover
letter by 5:30 p.m. on Friday, March 31, 2006. Due to length of time it takes to get a security
clearance students are encouraged to submit applications as early as possible. Interested
applicants can submit this information to Professor Guttman's mailbox in room 465 or to Carolyn
Wright his Sr. Legal Assistant in room 325. During the semester students will be meeting with
Professor Guttman to discuss recent developments in securities law every other week for
approximately one hour.

completed the course on Securities Regulation or are going to have to complete this course by
the end of the Spring semester 2006, are invited to apply for participation in a three credit
externship at the National Association of Securities Dealers for the Fall 2006 semester. [Law-
784] Students will be expected to work with an attorney on the staff of the NASD two hundred
and ten hours (210) for three credits. Students participating in this Program also will have to
enroll in an advanced securities law seminar, such as Regulation of Securities Markets, Mergers
and Acquisitions, Seminar on Derivatives, etc. which enables students to earn additional credits.
Students interested should submit their resume, a copy of their transcript, and a cover letter
along with a writing sample by 5:30 p.m. on Friday, March 31, 2006 to Professor Guttman's
mailbox in room 465 or to Carolyn Wright his Sr. Legal Assistant in room 325. Students are
encouraged to submit your application as early as possible. Students accepted by the
NASD for this externship will also meet with Professor Guttman every alternative week to
discuss recent developments in securities law.

like to draw the attention of students who have completed Securities Regulation or are going
to complete this course by the end of the Spring semester 2006, that students so qualified can
apply for participation in a two or three credit externship at the Securities Industry
Association (SIA) for the Fall 2006 semester. Students will be expected to work with an
attorney on the staff of the SIA for one hundred and forty hours (140) for two credits or two
hundred and ten hours (210) for three credits. Students participating in this Program also will
have to enroll in an advanced securities law seminar, such as Regulation of Securities
Markets, Mergers and Acquisitions, Seminar on Derivatives, etc. which enables students to
earn additional credits. Students selected by the SIA will also meet with Professor Guttman
to discuss recent developments in securities law every two weeks for approx. one hour.
Students interested should submit their resume, a copy of their transcript, and a cover letter
along with a writing sample by 5:30 p.m. on Friday, March 31, 2006 to Professor Guttman’s,
mailbox in room 465 or to his Sr. Legal Assistant in room 325. Students are encouraged to
submit your application as early as possible.

American University’s Intercultural Management Institute will host its 7th Annual
Conference: Best Practices and New Directions in Intercultural Relations, March 16-17
at AU. There will be a pre-conference symposium, International Negotiation with Dean
Foster, intercultural trainer and author on March 15. The Best Practices conference will have
more than 20 workshop sessions to choose from, the IMI conference offers varied, hands-on
experiences to individuals concerned with advancing intercultural relations. Keynote
speakers include: Lee Mun Wah, internationally acclaimed producer of The Color of Fearand
diversity trainer; Deborah Tannen, Georgetown University professor and New York Times
best-selling author of You Just Don't Understand, discussing You're Wearing That?, her
newest book about mothers and daughters; Thiagi, world-renowned trainer and founder of
The Thiagi Group, demonstrating intercultural experiential training exercises; Gary Weaver,
Director, Intercultural Management Institute, American University. For
complete information visit http://www.imi.american.edu/conf2006.htm

JD/MA Dual Degree program: For the week of 3/6/06-3/10/06 only: JD/MA peer
advising hours are on Wednesdays 10-12 in room 400, or by appointment. Contact Brianne at
briannemcgonigle@yahoo.com, the JD/MA peer advisor, to make an appointment. Or
contact Rebecca at rbellinger@american.edu, the academic advisor, to make an appointment.
Her office hours are 2-3:30 every day on main campus in the basement of the SIS building.

July 1st. Please be advised that applications for the Summer Law Program in Chile and
Argentina are due March 10. We would like to accommodate as many students as are
interested. There are, however, only few spaces available. If you are still interested in the
program, please turn in your application as soon as possible. For more information contact
Macarena Saez at msaez@wcl.american.edu or visit www.wcl.american.edu/chile.

                     OFFICE OF CAREER SERVICES
                          Monday, Thursday and Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
                             Tuesday, Wednesday: 9:00 am to 8:00 pm
                        1st Saturday of the month: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

                             UPCOMING DATES & DEADLINES
                                  IMPORTANT REMINDERS
 ATTENTION 3L/4Ls: The Office of Career Services is sponsoring 3L/4L Counseling
Week the week of March 6th. A number of counseling appointments have been reserved
for 3L/4Ls on a first come, first served basis. Career Counselors will be available to
discuss job search strategies and other career development issues.

Please contact the OCS front desk at (202) 274-4090 or stop by Suite 515 to schedule an

In addition to Counseling Week, please remember that there are still two sessions left in
the 3L/4L Career Workshop Series. For more information regarding these programs,
please check eCampusRecruiter.

3L/4L Career Workshop Series (a Four-Part Program)
If you are currently seeking post-graduation employment, please join the Office of
Career Services for our 3L/4L Career Workshop Series—a four-part program dedicated
to bringing you timely information and advice about how to plan and execute an
effective job-search campaign during your graduating year.

 •   Session 3: Public Sector Employment Opportunities (March 30; Room 526; 4:00-
     5:30 pm)
 •   Session 4: Contract Lawyering (April 13; Room 601; 12:00-1:00 pm)

Please sign up using eCampusRecruiter (www.ecampusrecruiter.com/wcl) so that
appropriate accommodations can be made. We look forward to your participation.

WALRAA Summer Housing Program: Summer will be here before you know it! The
Washington Area Legal Recruitment Administrators Association’s (WALRAA) Summer
Housing Program is great way for law students to sublet their residences to out-of-town
law students who will be living the DC Metro are this summer. If you have housing to
sublet this summer, please stop by the Office of Career Services to pick up a WALRAA
“2006 Available Housing Information Form”.

                        PUBLIC INTEREST & GOVERNMENT

EJF Applications will be available at the OCS front desk beginning March 3rd and are
due back in the resume collection box outside OCS by 5:00pm on March 10th.
2L Postgraduate Fellowship Application Workshop, March 7, 12:30-1:20 p.m. in
room 351: A must-attend session for students planning to apply for Equal Justice Works
or Skadden post- graduate public interest fellowships. Mainly for 2Ls, the brownbag
workshop will discuss the application and selection process, timelines and strategy. Space
is limited and students must RSVP in advance to cegomes@wcl.american.edu.

How to Build and Sustain a Student Run Public Interest Organization Session,
March 8, 12-1pm, in Room 501: Members from All Student Groups are Welcome to
Attend! Equal Justice Works takes you, step by step, through a strategic planning session
that will teach you to set inspiring goals and identify the manageable steps you can use to
take your student organization to the next level! Whether your organization is just
getting off the ground or is already well established, this interactive workshop will help
you develop your member group’s vision, make the most of its resources and achieve its

Hispanic Bar Association of DC Summer Public Interest Fellowship Applications
Available: The HBA-DC is offering two fellowships of $5000 each to support the work
of law students doing public interest work over the summer of 2006. The goals of the
fellowship are to provide legal services to individuals or groups served by legal service
entities in and around DC and to provide students with valuable work experience and
exposure to an area of public interest law. Applications are available on the resource
table outside the Office of Public Interest in Suite 515. Completed applications must
be post-marked no later than April 1, 2006.

Continue to check eCampusRecruiter for public interest and government summer,
fall, and spring internships and postgraduate positions. Summer positions can be
found in “Summer Full-Time” and “Summer Part-Time.” Fall and spring
internships can be found in “Temporary Part-Time.”

                            JUDICIAL CLERKSHIPS

Get the inside scoop from four current/former judicial clerks on Tuesday, April 4th
from 5:00-6:00 pm in Room 603.
* Please register to attend by clicking the “events & interviews” tab on


Opportunities are still available for the 2006 term!

   Current postings include opportunities with Maryland Special Appeals Court, New
   York Appellate Court, U.S Court of Appeals, California Supreme Court, Maryland
   Circuit Courts and many more.
* Look up other judge and court-specific hiring information on eCampusRecruiter
under "Judicial Clerkship".

Do you want to finish your post-graduate job search this year?
Some judges on the Maryland Court of Appeals, Maryland Court of Special Appeals,
Virginia Supreme Court, Virginia Court of Appeals and Florida Supreme Court are now
accepting applications for the 2007 term. Check the "Judicial Clerkship" section of
eCampusRecruiter for more information (you will see "2007 position" in the job title

Planning to apply for a judicial clerkship for the 2007 term?
Be sure to attend one of OCS’s judicial clerkship Nuts & Bolts Workshops this spring to
get critical updates and deadlines you need to know!

       Tuesday, March 28 (5-6 p.m.) - Room 527
       Monday, April 3 (12-1 p.m.) - Room 500
       Wednesday, April 5 (5-6 p.m.) - Room 602
       Thursday, April 13 (12-1 p.m.) - Room 500

Interested specifically in federal judicial clerkships for the 2007 term? Some judges
will be exclusively accepting applications online through the Online System for
Clerkship Application and Review (OSCAR). This session will demonstrate how to
search and apply to judges on OSCAR and provide tips for success.

       Tuesday, April 11 (12-1 p.m.) – Room 103

* Please register to attend by clicking the “events & interviews” tab on

Check out the Judicial Clerkship Alumni Survey Database! Link to this database
from the main page of the judicial clerkship website. Use this database to locate and
review feedback from alumni who clerked with federal judges, state judges/justices, and
administrative law judges around the country. The alumni surveys include information
    • Clerkship experience (role in chambers, main duties, and judge’s demeanor)
    • Interview process (format, length, and even specific questions asked)
    • Application advice specific to the judge or court
    • Alumni contact information so you can call or e-mail with further questions

Preparing for an interview? Curious about a judge’s interview style?
Search for information from alumni who interviewed with federal judges, state
judges/justices, and administrative law judges on the Judicial Clerkship Interview
Feedback Database. Link to this database from the main page of the judicial clerkship
website. Use this database to look up information about:
   •   Interview format and length
   •   General topics and specific questions asked
   •   Advice specific to the judge or court

To subscribe to the Judicial Clerkships Listserv:
   (1) From your eCampus home page, select “myProfile” at the top of the page.
   (2) Select “Edit”.
   (3) Make sure your “Primary Email Address” is one that you check regularly (this
        is the address used for e-mails).
   (4) Double-check that your “Graduation Date” is correct.
   (5) Under “Listservs,” select “Judicial.”


GWAC 20th Annual Legal Intern Placement Program (LIPP) Are you a minority law
student looking for a summer internship in the D.C. area? If so, you are cordially invited
to apply to the 20th Annual Legal Intern Placement Program (LIPP) of the Greater
Washington Area Chapter, Women Lawyers Division of the National Bar Association

The mission of GWAC is to address the concerns of the District of Columbia
Metropolitan community with an emphasis on African-American women in the legal
profession. GWAC places law students entering their second or third year of law school
in legal internships with various cooperating employers in the District of Columbia
metropolitan area. The interns will receive a minimum stipend of $12 per hour.
Following the internship, GWAC fosters on-going relationships with LIPP interns via a
committed Mentorship Program and GWAC student membership opportunities.

Application packages for LIPP are now available in OCS and on “the table” in the Office
of Diversity Services. Applications must be received by March 3, 2006.

For more information on LIPP, please contact Rashondra Jackson, Esq. at (202)772-

Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP Presents: DEMYSTIFYING THE PRACTICE OF
LAW Please join Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP for a panel discussion on the MYTHS
and TRUTHS about the practice of law. This discussion will provide practical
information on the wide variety of legal employment opportunities available to 1Ls,
giving them a convenient head start on the upcoming fall recruiting process.

Speakers will include a distinguished panel of Willkie attorneys with diverse professional

                                Thursday, March 9, 2006
                                    5:30pm – 6:30pm
                              (Refreshments will be served)

                           Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP**
                                  1875 K Street, NW
                                Washington, DC 20006
  ** Nearest Metro stops are Farragut West (Blue & Orange Lines) and Farragut North
                     (Red Line); Corner of 19th & K Streets, NW

                          RSVP BY: Tuesday, March 7, 2006

                               To register, please either:
   1. Sign up at the OCS Front Desk
   2. Email Willkie Farr at wfgdclegalrecruiting@willkie.com
      (Feel free to email any questions in advance so that they can be incorporated into
      the discussion.)

Vault and the Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA) Present: The 2006
Legal Diversity Job Fair & Leadership Summit, April 21-22, 2006 A networking
session will be held on Friday April 21st from 6pm – 9pm at the Metropolitan Pavilion
located at 125 W. 18th Street, New York, NY. The Job Fair and Leadership Summit will
be held from 9am – 4:30pm on Saturday, April 22nd at the Metropolitan Pavilion.

All students and lateral associates are welcome to attend; however, the Legal Diversity
Job Fair specifically targets the following underrepresented groups:

   1.      Minority, female and GLBT 1Ls who are researching employers in
           preparation for fall recruitment
   2.      Minority, female and GLBT 2Ls and 3Ls who have not yet committed to a
           firm or other employer

ABA Section of Family Law Spring CLE Conference Scholarship Program The
ABA Section of Family Law will be holding its Spring CLE Conference May 3-6, 2006
in Washington, DC and is offering two scholarships for minority law students to attend.
Each scholarship includes conference registration with access to all CLE programming,
two networking receptions, a mentor throughout the meeting and parking at the hotel.

Complete details and an application may be found at www.abanet.org/family/lawstudents
under Scholarships & Competitions. Please note that the deadline for applications is
April 1, 2006.

If you have any questions about the ABA Family Law Minority Scholarship, please feel
free to contact Karena Rybarczyk at rybarczk@staff.abanet.org.

The National Association of Women Lawyers® invites you to attend:
       From Backpack to Briefcase: A Transitions Program for Law Students

Law Students, join us for the third program in our "Transitions" series! Learn from a
panel of experienced women attorneys, who will discuss the transition from third-year
law student to first-year associate. Get tuned in on the basics of office practice and
survival, and start your career with confidence and understanding about the real practice
of law. The panel discussions will be followed by an informal networking reception,
where you can greet and meet the speakers and other law students. This is intended to be
an interactive discussion, so come with your questions! Registration is free. Please pre-
register online to attend at www.nawl.org. Please also feel free to contact me at
parkm@nawl.org or our Program Chair, Lisa Horowitz (lhorowitz@mwe.com) at any
time with questions about the program.

                                  March 24, 2006
     From Backpack to Briefcase: A Transitions Program for Law Students
    Co-sponsored by the Women’s Bar Association of the District of Columbia
   McDermott Will & Emery LLP, 600 Thirteenth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005
                             2:00 to 4:00 p.m. program
                      4:30 to 5:00 p.m. networking reception


Great opportunity for Indian LL.M.: Cajun Operating Company, the parent of
“Church’s Chicken”, with offices in Atlanta, GA is seeking an LL.M. candidate from
India with strong academic credentials to serve as an intern to the General Counsel, Mr.
Kenneth Cutshaw, from May 2006 through the summer (internship can last from 2 to 6
months total). This is a paid internship; only candidates with work authorization (OPT or
other) are eligible to apply. A monthly stipend of $2,000 will be provided, in addition to a
housing allowance. If you are interested in applying, please send your resume and cover
letter directly to Mr. Kenneth Cutshaw by email: kcutshaw@churchs.com
For more information about the company, please visit www.churchs.com
Please see more details about this internship opportunity posted in flyers in the glass case
outside the OCS office and around the ILSP office. Good luck!!

Chinese candidates for large international law firm internship: Many thanks to all of
you who applied for the Chinese speaker internship. Latest update: the law firm will be
making decisions and calling candidates for interviews within the next four weeks. Stay
tuned to your email and phones and good luck!!!

General Reminders for LL.M. Students:
I am available to meet with you for resume and cover letter review and to answer your
job search questions. You are required to attend a Basic Resume and Cover Letter
Writing Workshop before meeting with me on an individual basis. To schedule an
appointment, please contact the OCS front desk at (202) 274-4090 or stop by Suite 515.
Please remember to send me an email with your cover letter and/ or resume at least 24
hours prior to your appointment. If possible, include your job search/ career interests in
the email message so I can better attend to your needs. Thanks!

DROP-IN HOURS for LL.M. Students
I am also available to answer quick questions (10 minutes or less) during my drop-in

Mondays & Wednesdays from 11:00am - 12:00pm
Tuesdays from 4:00pm - 5:00pm.

****Remember to check your emails periodically – I will be sending you announcements
of workshops, internship opportunities and activities by email. Also be sure to check the
glass case outside of the Office of Career Services - Suite 515 under “International
Opportunities” for updates.*****



        If you are were unable to attend one of the OCS training sessions for
        eCampusRecruiter, the steps for accessing the system are as follows:

   1. DO NOT REGISTER AS A NEW USER. Once at the login screen, enter your
      full American e-mail account as the username and "auwcl" for the password to
      access the system. Since all 1L students have been pre-registered in the system
      using their American e-mail accounts, any additional registrations will be deleted.

   2. Fully complete the student profile (including areas of interests and any applicable
      listservs) and click “Update Profile” at the bottom of the window.

   3. Further instructions about using the system, can be found by clicking the
      "resumes & documents" tab at the top of the student welcome/homepage and then
      click "document library." The document entitled “Introduction to
      eCampusRecruiter” under the General Information section provides additional
      instructions about the system, including uploading documents such as resumes
      and cover letters, registering for events and programs, and searching for summer
      and academic year positions.

   4. Remember to review the student welcome/homepage for updates regarding Spring
      Recruitment and upcoming programs. Links to valuable on-line resources are
      listed on the page as well.
Please contact OCS at careerservices@wcl.american.edu if you experience any problems
        accessing the system, or if you can not remember your AU email address.

Student eCampusRecruiter Profiles
Please take a moment to update your eCampusRecruiter profile. Student profiles
should be updated on a regular basis to note changes in contact information and areas of
interest. Periodically, the Office of Career Services will email important information
concerning job postings and events to students based on what they have indicated on their
profiles. Therefore, keeping your profile current is necessary if you wish to receive such
information. To obtain a username and password go to

Please refer to the following Job Search categories for locating postings relevant to
your job search:

Permanent/Full Time – Post Graduate Positions for 3Ls & Lateral Positions for Alumni
Permanent/Part Time – Part Time Post Graduate Positions for 3Ls & Lateral Positions
for Alumni
Judicial Clerkship – Post Graduate Positions
Summer/Full Time – Full Time Summer Internships, Summer Associate, Law Clerk &
Judicial Internships
Summer/Part Time – Part Time Summer Internships (including Judicial) & Law Clerk
Temporary/Full Time – Fellowships, Contract Attorney Positions, Full Time Law Clerk
Positions & Internships (including Judicial)
Temporary/Part Time – Academic year Part Time Law Clerk Positions & Internships
(including Judicial)

OCS Website:

Some portions of the OCS website are protected by password for use by Washington
College of Law students and alumni. A login ID and password will be provided once the
eCampusRecruiter registration process has been completed.

OCS Counseling Services:

OCS has six career counselors to assist you with the career planning process. Counseling
services include:
    • resume and cover letter review
    • conducting mock interviews
    • creating job search strategies

Counselors also specialize in judicial clerkships, public interest, private practice and
government as noted below. To schedule an appointment, call 202-274-4090 or by stop
by Suite 515.
   Traci Jenkins
   General Counseling

   Stephanie Sullivan
   Public Interest & Government

   Matthew Pascocello
   Alumni, Domestic LL.M.s and
   2nd Career J.D.s

   Adriana Vito
   Foreign trained LL.M.s

   Shelley Rudge
   Judicial Clerkships

   Kelli Johnson
   General Counseling

   Laura Friedgood
   General Counseling

A counselor is available every Monday – Thursday from 11:30am to 12:30pm starting to answer
quick questions regarding resumes, cover letters and issues relating to the job search process. To
speak to a counselor regarding in-depth resume or cover letter review or regarding individual career
or job search strategies, please schedule an appointment by speaking with one of our front desk
staff members.

All Week, Suite 515, 3L/4L Career Counseling Week

Monday, March 6
9am-4pm, secle@wcl.american.edu, Common Ground

12-1pm, Rm 401, Social In-Security, a panel discussion

10:10pm, the SBA Lounge, SBA Executive Elections Interest Meeting
Tuesday, March 7
12-12:50pm, Rm 627, Christian Legal Society Weekly Meeting

12-1 pm, Rm 100, Global Challenges To Women’s Human Rights

12-1pm, Rm 526, Everything you need to know about Student Loans and Consolidation:   Best Practices for Law Students

12pm-1:30pm, secle@wcl.american.edu, Courting Justice

4pm-6pm, secle@wcl.american.edu, Criminal Law in the 21st Century

5-6pm, Rm TBA, Everything you need to know about Student Loans and Consolidation:    Best Practices for Law Students

8 pm, Rm 402, Clinical Program Application Information Meeting for Part-Time Students

9 pm, the SBA Lounge, SBA Finance Committee meeting

10:10pm, Rm 101, SBA Senate Meeting

Wednesday, March 8
8:30-10 am, 6th Floor Student Lounge, Action For Human Rights Coffee Hour

12-1pm, Rm 501, How to Build and Sustain a Student Run Public Interest Organization

4pm-6pm, secle@wcl.american.edu, 9th Annual Hispanic Law Conference

8- 9:30 pm, Rm 402, ELSA General Body Meeting

Thursday, March 9
12-1pm, Rm 528, Hip-Hop as a Social Movement- a discussion

12pm-1pm, secle@wcl.american.edu, Immigration Consequences

12-1pm, Rm 603, Business Law Society Career Panel

5pm-9pm, secle@wcl.american.edu, Women’s Rights and Access to Justice


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