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									   Prairie Grassland

Mrs.Studebakers science class
            Prairie Grasslands
• Have you ever heard
  of a biome? A biome
  is a large enviroment.
  One biome our group
  Found interesting is
  the prairie grasslands.
  A lot of plants and
  animals live there.
                  Prairie Grasslands
•    The praire has an abundance of
    plants because of it’s climate.
    Here are some examples of those
    plants, the blazing star. Tons of
    these flowers bloom because a lot
    of butterflies are attracted to this
               Prairie Grassland
• . Two unusual plants
  are the praire grass, it
  can live through
  fire.The other plant is
  the flea bane, which
  produces an oily
  smoke that repels
Prairie Grasslands
         • Another plant is the
           stinging needle plant.
           It makes sure animals
           don’t mess with it
           because of it’s painful
Prairie Grassland
         • The last plant is the
           bluestem grass.
           Animals can’t get to
           the flower of this plant
           because it is so tall.
Prairie Grasslands
         • There’s a multitude of
           animals living in the
           prairie grasslands.One
           is the ground
           squirrel.There’s seeds
           and grasses in the
           grasslands for the
           ground squirrel to eat.
Prairie Grasslands
         • Elk live there because
           there is not a lot of
           predators there.You
           can find coyotes there
           to.They live in bushy
           plants and bushes.
Prairie Grasslands
         • Bison are found a lot
           of places in this
           biome. They are found
           in open areas.Prairie
           dogs are found here
           to. They burrow
           underground to escape
           from predators.
Prairie Grasslands
         • Bobcats are found
           here but rarely.It has
           sharp teeth to rip open
           animals flesh.
           Badgers are also found
           here.A badger has
           strong arms to build
           dams. With all these
           unique animals you
           can see Grasslands are
           full of life.
Prairie Grassland
         • The climate of a
           prairie biome is very
           unique. The prairie is
           humid and warm most
           of the year. There is
           only 10-30 inches of
           rain with 4-5inches a
Praire grasslands
         • The average temp is
           30-40F. The Prairie
           biome is found on all
           the continets except
           Antarctica Prairies
           also cover about 20%
           of the world. Prairies
           also cover about 20%
           of the world.
Prairie Grasslands
         • Now that we’ve told
           you so much about the
           grasslands maybe
           you’ll visit the
           grasslands near
           you.Then you can
           teach the world about
           it also.

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