Mound Builders by C0vcd6US


									Mound Builders
   Wb. 32 and 51
          Woodland Indians
• Many of the
  Woodland Indians
  who lived in
  Tennessee were
  Mound Builders.
• Their name comes
  from the large piles of
  earth, called mounds
  they built in or near
  their settlements.
What were mounds used for?
• Burial grounds
• Location of temples
• Location for homes
How were they built?
• Workers would carry heavy baskets of dirt,
  one at a time, to their building sites.
• Each mound could take months or even
  years to build.
• Mounds range from 20’ (6m) to 300’ (91m)
• Some mounds were built in rectangular or
  circular shapes.
• Others had four straight sides that sloped
  up to a flat top.
• Some mounds were as tall as 72’ which is
  the same as a seven-story building.
      Mississippian Indians
• The Mississippi Mound Builders were the
  last group of Mound Builders to settle in
  Tennessee. (1600s)
• They were one of the greatest mound-
  building societies in Tennessee.
• They made their homes along the MS
• Some of the mounds they built were
  almost as large as a football field.
             Let’s Review
• Nomads - Moved from place to place
• Woodland Indians - Built villages in
  Middle Tennessee
• Native Americans - First people to live in
• Mound Builders - Built mounds of earth
• Mississippian Indians - The last of the
  Mound Builders

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