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 July eNEWS


                A big welcome to all our new subscribers and thank you for taking the
                time to visit us at the Good Food and Wine Shows in Melbourne, Sydney
                                                                                                   This Month's Special
                and Perth this year! It was fun taking many of you through a Woodstock
                wine journey and showing you our latest releases. As always, the
                Woodstock Semillon Sauvignon Blanc and Woodstock Rosé were huge
                hits and we had lots of interest in all our reds and dessert wines. For
                those who purchased at the shows, we hope you are enjoying the wines.
                Do drop us a note if we can help with any information on the wines or if
                you would like to restock your cellar!
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                Email us at: cellar@woodstockwine.com.au or call us on (08) 8383 0156.
                Athough we were very busy most of the time, we managed to capture a
                few snapshots. Click on the facebook link on the right for a quick snippet
                or look for Woodstock Wine Estate on facebook…

AN OLD FAVOURITE AT WOODSTOCK…                                                                       Restaurant Menu

              With a firm belief that wines are made to be consumed with food, the
              Collett family built Woodstock Coterie Restaurant in 1988. Scott’s love for
              nature ensured all significant trees were marked and a building designed
              to nestle amongst the towering century old gum trees, hence the Coterie’s
              unique semi-circle shape. Rammed earth walls were chosen to complement
              the landscape, glass doors and windows enable wide views to tranquil
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              native gardens teaming with birdlife and the occasional wondering koala.

              When the restaurant first opened, we served a Woodstock Regional Platter
              with a selection of local produce ideal for grazing over a few tasting
              glasses. Today, the platter is still a favourite among our regulars                Follow Woodstock Wine
              and we‘ve received plenty of reports that the much revered Woodstock                 Estate on Facebook
              Turkey and Muscat Paté, made from turkey livers sourced from the
              Fleurieu region and finished with our very own Woodstock Muscat, is still a
              highlight on the platter. We have had many requests over the years from           First Name
              diehard paté lovers. Next time you are at The Adelaide Central Markets or
              on The Parade in Norwood SA, do call into either Lucia’s or Norwood Fine
              Foods if you’d like to try some. Alternatively little tubs are available at our   Last Name
              Cellar Door for $9 each. To avoid disappointment, we suggest you ring
              (08) 8383 0156 and book ahead. They are made every Tuesday in our
              Woodstock Kitchen.                                                                Email

              As for a good wine match, we suggest trying it with a cheeky little sticky…                         Submit
              our Woodstock Botrytis Semillon to kick start a dinner party. Serve
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              Woodstock Paté on warm crusty sourdough bread with a nice chilled glass
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              of Botrytis Semillon!
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                      Have you tried the Woodstock Very Old Fortified lately? This tawny
                      port style wine is made from a blend of many vintages, and is a           Your Email
                      pretty decadent treat!

                      Typically, Grenache and Shiraz ferments are fortified with the

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                        addition of grape spirit when about half the natural sugar remains,    Friend's First Name
                        the spirit kills yeast and preserves the remaining sweetness. The
                        wine is clarified and then matured in 100 to 300 litre oak casks for
                        20 or more years. Each year, 4 to 5% is lost to evaporation from       Friend's Last Name
                        each barrel, but the luscious flavours evolve and concentrate as
                        the wine matures. The parcels are kept separately then added
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                        when blending to ensure freshness, complexity and consistency.

                        The original parcel at Woodstock was made by the late Doug                               Submit
                        Collett AM over 37 years ago. Today, Scott Collett enjoys the task
                        of continuing the port wine tradition, sourcing, cellaring, blending
                        and bottling small amounts as required.

                        The Very Old Fortified keeps for up to 8-10 months after opening,
                        so it‘s a perfect wine to have on the occasional winter night to
                        warm the soul. Enjoy with a coffee, chocolates or cigars… and if
                        you are ever stuck for a dessert idea, grab some vanilla pod ice
                        cream, pour a shot glass of Very Old Fortified over and serve with
                        a smashed up Ferrero Rocher for an easy, delicious dessert!


                        For those with a sweet tooth, here is an offer that might be of

                           1 x MV Woodstock Very Old Fortifed
                           1 x MV Woodstock Muscat
                           1 x 2009 Woodstock Botrytis Semillon

                        For $80 delivered to your door step... click here to place your


P: +61 08 8383 0156 - F: +61 08 8383 0437 - W: www.woodstockwine.com.au

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