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       2007 annual reporT
Foundation Leadership

Board of Directors                                        Medical Steering Committee
Chairman, W. Edward Walter                                              .
                                                          Chair, Lynne P Yao, M.D.
Chairman-Elect, Jeffrey A. Perlmutter, M.D.               Howard A. Austin, III, M.D.
President & CEO,                                          Col. Erin M. Bohen, M.D., M.C.
  Preston A. Englert, Jr., C.A.E.                         Robert Fildes, M.D.
Immediate Past Chairman, Jim Elkin                        Greg Gorman, M.D.
Vice Chairman for Medical Initiatives,                    Becky Hill
 Lynne P Yao, M.D.                                        Linda Holomah
Vice Chairman for Operations,                             Roslyn B. Mannon, M.D.
  Kenneth E. Patterson                                    Asha Moudgil, M.D.
Vice Chairman for Development,                            Rita Newton, R.D.
  C. Brian Givens                                         Carlos E. Palant, M.D.
Secretary, Francine E. Friedman, Esq.                     Anna Price, R.D.
Treasurer, Richard T. McKinless                           Anne Street Smith, M.S.W., L.I.C.S.W.
Counselor, Stephen D. Kahn, Esq.                          Judith Veis, M.D.

Howard A. Austin, III, M.D.
Greg J. Baroni
John J. Benda
                                                          Honorary Board
Katherine M. Bulow                                        Art Buchwald*
Jennifer E. Burkhart, Ph.D.                               Congressman Thomas M. Davis, III
Chris Cantarella                                          Senator Robert Dole
James G. Carlson                                          Joseph Edsel Edmunds, Ph.D., Ret.
John T. Devine                                            Senator Gloria Lawlah
Ernest D. Fears, III                                      Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton
Kevin Finnegan                                            Congressman John Edward Porter
Jerry A. Frissora                                                                           ., .R.C.P (Glas)
                                                          George E. Schreiner, M.D., M.A.C.P F       .S.
Larry D. Harris                                           Congressman Chris Van Hollen
Kristine Hartwell, C.P.A.                                 Senator John Warner
Jerome L. Haynesworth                                     Mrs. Virginia E. Hayes Williams
Ronald M. Hirschel, Esq.
Andrew D. Howard, M.D., F   .A.C.P.                       Distinguished Advisory Board
H. Daniel Jobe
                                                          Clive O. Callender, M.D.
Lynt B. Johnson, M.D., F.A.C.S.
                                                          Richard L. Coffman
Johann Jonsson, M.D., F.A.C.S.
                                                          Cristin T. Cotten
Francisco Llach, M.D.
                                                          Gilbert M. Eisner, M.D., F.A.C.P .
Thomas P McDonough
                                                          Michael C. Elmer, Esq.
Fernando Murias
                                                          The Hon. Donald L. Ivers
Carlos E. Palant, M.D.
                                                          Jimmy A. Light, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Ronald D. Paul
                                                          E. Burns McLindon, C.P   .A.
CDR Herman Phillips, U.S.N.
                                                          Robert P Miller
William O. Ritchie, Ph.D.
                                                          Jack Moore, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.P .
Marc H. Rosenberg
                                                          Michael C. O’Grady
Thomas J. Rossi
                                                          Nicholas A. Panuzio
Rosemary Z. Ryan, R.N., M.S.N.
                                                          Leslie H. Pierce, Jr., M.D.
Michael Sauls
                                                          Jean O. Raver
Samuel A. Schreiber
                                                          Robert R. Raver
James N. Short, Jr.
                                                          Kamaljit Sethi, M.D., F.A.C.P.
Jeremy W. Taylor
                                                          William A. Singleton
Will Thomas
                                                          Judith Terra
William G. Tompkins, Jr.
                                                          Frederick L. Webber
Keith S. Turner
                                                          Donald R. Wilson
Richard Whitney
                                                          James F. Winchester, M.D., F.R.C.P (Glas), F.A.C.P.
Thomas M. Wootten
Thomas A. Young, Jr.
Bennett A. Zier

National Kidney Foundation of the National Capital Area

Our Mission                  2

Chairman’s Message           3

President’s Message          4

Medical Research             5

Prevention                   6

Public Awareness             8

Community Outreach           9

Patient Services             10

Professional Education       11

Organ Donation Initiatives   12

Public Policy                14

Volunteers                   15

Development                  16

Financials                   17

Statement of Activities      18

Our Major Contributors       19

  Jordan Gray,
  Vivianne Pommier,
  and Alonzo
  Mourning taping
  the annual Kidney
  Ball Video
  in June 2007

                             2007 Annual Report
2 Our Mission

                                                          our Mission
                                                          The National Kidney Foundation of the National Capital
                                                          Area, Inc., a major voluntary health organization, seeks
                                                          to prevent kidney and urinary tract diseases, improve the
                                                          health and wellbeing of individuals and families affected
                                                          by these diseases, and increase the availability of all organs
                                                          for transplantation.

                                                          Who We are
                                                          Since its inception in 1956, The National Kidney Foundation of the National
                                                          Capital Area has made great strides in the quest to understand, prevent,
                                                          and treat diseases of the kidney and urinary tract. These diseases currently
                                                          affect more than 26 million Americans, with millions more at risk. One of
                                                          our most significant goals is to detect kidney disease early, or prevent its
                                                          onset entirely. For those patients who already have the disease, we are
                                                          working to ensure they receive quality care and have the opportunity to
                                                          live their lives to the fullest. For those patients on the transplant waiting
                                                          list, we are working to increase the pool of potential donors through
                                                          innovative public awareness programs.

                                                          Our work is funded through donations and grants from individuals,
                                                          corporations, foundations, government, the United Way, and Combined
                                                          Federal Campaigns. These funds advance our ongoing work in research,
                                                          patient services, public and professional education, and organ donation
                                                          awareness initiatives. The National Kidney Foundation of the National
                                                          Capital Area serves the District of Columbia, Suburban Maryland, and
                                                          Northern Virginia. Nationally, the Foundation is comprised of 30 Affiliates,
                                                          6 Direct Service Areas, and 13 Divisions.

National Kidney Foundation of the National Capital Area
                                                                                          Chairman’s Message 3

Dear Friends,
As I reflect upon my year as Chairman of the Board, I am pleased to report that we have
continued to build upon the successes of the last few years, and positioned the Foundation to
achieve even greater success in the future.
   Over the past year, the Foundation has significantly improved its financial position. Several
years ago we determined it was important to diversify our income streams and we are now
beginning to reap the rewards of that strategy. As a result, FY2007 saw an increase of $250,000
in planned giving, and Board giving grew by $98,000 – a 33% increase from the previous year,
both of which were identified as opportunities to reduce our dependence on special events.
   Notwithstanding these successes, we are still very dependent on our special events, and
we had a great year. For the 6th consecutive year, the Kidney Ball raised more than $1 million.
Thanks in large part to matching funds from the Ronald D. Paul Companies, the 2006 Kidney
Walk was the most successful Walk in affiliate history. The DC Chili Cook-Off sold out for the first
time in the event’s history – and raised more than $750,000.
   More importantly from my perspective is what we did with all that money. We take great
pride in making the most our of every donation – in fact, 83 cents out of every dollar goes to
programs and services, up from 78 cents two years ago, which far exceeds industry standards.
In our Medical and Community Programs, we rolled out the Knock Out Kidney Disease initiative
in the District and have already made a significant impact on the lives of DC residents.               We take great pride
   Our Research Program funded $120,000 in local research at area medical schools as well
as contributing significantly to the National Research Program. And all of our professional            in making the
development and patient services programs enjoyed great success this year.
                                                                                                       most out of every
  We also made great strides in Public Awareness and Education. In the pages of this report,
you will learn more about NKF’s success at significantly raising awareness about kidney disease        donation – in fact,
and organ donation through media campaigns, Speakers Bureau appearances, health fairs,
                                                                                                       83 cents out of
and public service announcements. Securing the involvement of three professional athletes
– basketball superstar Alonzo Mourning, boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard, and Redskins                  every dollar goes
player Randy Thomas – attracted the attention of millions of sports fans in our community and
helped to convey important information about kidney disease prevention and treatment.
                                                                                                       to programs and
   In summary, it was a banner year. I would like to congratulate the NKF staff, volunteers,           services.
                                and supporters for your outstanding efforts. Every year your
                                contributions – of your time, talents, and money – help to
                                ensure a brighter future for thousands of kidney patients in our
                                region, and thousands more people who never had to become
                                kidney patients thanks to the National Kidney Foundation’s
                                prevention programs. Thank you on their behalf.


                               W. Edward Walter
                               President & CEO, Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc.
                               NKF/NCA Board Chairman, 2006-2007

                                                                                                          2007 Annual Report
   4 President’s Message

                                         Dear Friends,
                                         As we reflect on 2007, it was certainly a year of transition and change. Two years ago we started on
                                         the course of our ambitious long-range plan for 2007-2009 and I am happy to report that this year we
                                         began to see the effects of that plan in our day-to-day operations.
                                           Rich McKinless from KPMG, Board Treasurer, chaired the Long Range Planning Committee and at
                                         the annual meeting in September 2006, the 2007-09 plan was finalized. It was then presented at the
                                         Annual Leadership Retreat in January 2007 and approved by the Board of Directors in February 2007.
                                         Rich, as chairman of the Long Range Planning Committee, had the insight to look ahead and we, as a
                                         board, committee, and volunteer organization, had the wisdom to implement the plan.
                                           Most notably, the National Kidney Foundation of the National Capital Area (NKF/NCA) sought and
                                         received a $250,000 grant from the Government of the District of Columbia for funding of our Knock
       The District of                   Out Kidney Disease (KOKD) program. This represented the first time that government funds have
Columbia funding our                     supported our prevention activities. The funding allowed us to leverage a grant from Amgen, Inc. to
                                         broadcast our message to a wide audience, greatly expanding our public education efforts. We have
   Knock Out Kidney                      implemented a full-fledged attack on kidney disease in District Wards 4 through 8 for individuals who
     Disease (KOKD)                      are most at risk. We have developed a comprehensive advertising campaign on radio and TV, and in
                                         print on Metro buses to raise awareness about the risk factors for kidney disease and how to access
   program represents                    our free screening program. The first grant we received from the District of Columbia has significantly
    the first time that                  changed the way we provide direct service for individuals in this community.
                                           To augment our screening and public education components, we initiated the first phase of our
    government funds                     Primary Care Physician Education Program on chronic kidney disease, which we call “Kidneys for Life.”
                                         To date we have hosted 17 seminars in Maryland, Virginia, and DC and have educated close to 200
   have supported our
                                         medical professionals.
 prevention activities.                    We diversified our sources of income in our ongoing attempt to move away from our dependence on
                                         special events income and embrace major gifts, government, and foundation grants.
                                           As we look ahead at the changes that will occur within the National Kidney Foundation in the near
                                         future, we continue to be very proud of the low percentage of our fundraising and administrative
                                           We had a very successful year and special thanks go to Ed Walter for his service and leadership as
                                         Chairman of the Board over this past year, to Kidney Ball Chair Anne Altman, and in particular my
                                         senior staff Michele Anthony, Cherie Carroll, Lisa Taylor and Vangie Welsh.
                                           While the organization has had strong achievements over the past year, unfortunately the National
                                         Capital Area continues to have the highest prevalence of
                                         kidney disease in the nation…meaning there is still much
                                         work to be done. As we forge ahead, we should be grateful
                                         for our successes and the opportunity to work together
                                         towards greater successes in the future.

                                         Respectfully submitted,

                                         Preston A. Englert, Jr., CAE

   National Kidney Foundation of the National Capital Area
                                                                                                        Medical Research 5

   principal investigators
  awarded nkF/nCa grants
           in 2006-2007                       Medical research
                                              What causes kidney disease? How can we prevent its
Christine Maric, PhD
Winner of the Joseph M. Krainin,
                                              progression to kidney failure?What can we do to improve
MD Memorial Young Investigator                the quality of life for those with kidney disease today?
Research Award
Georgetown University Medical Center          National Kidney Foundation of the National Capital Area’s
July 2006 – June 2007                         research program provides funding for national and local
                                              research as well as grants-in-aid to researchers at local
Marina Jerebtsova, PhD                        institutions to help them become the great investigators of
Children’s National Medical Center            tomorrow.
July 2006 – June 2007
$20,000                                       Top areas of research focus include chronic kidney disease,
                                              hemodialysis, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease,
Susan Mulroney, PhD
                                              and pediatric kidney disease. NKF believes that research is an
Georgetown University Medical Center
                                              important patient service—it helps patients today and those
July 2006 – June 2007
$20,000                                       who may not have to be patients tomorrow.

Sharon E. Maynard, MD                         Nationally, NKF has committed to doubling its funding
George Washington University                  of research grants and fellowships to promising young
Medical Center                                scientists over the next five years. Beginning in 2008, the
October 2007 – October 2009
                                              research budget will increase from $2,800,000 in five yearly
                                              increments until it reaches $5,600,000 annually.

                 in the past 10 years, nkF/nCa has funded
                        over $3.1 million in research                                                          The National Kidney
                            nkF/nCa’s annual research Funds                                                    Foundation and its
                                 National		       Local	   	      Total
                                                                                                               divisions and affiliates
                FY	1998		        145,754	
                                                         	        278,085                                      across the country
                FY	1999		        222,385	
                                                         	        421,255                                      represent the second
                FY	2000		               	
                                                  178,936	        355,794
                                                                                                               largest source of
                FY	2001		               	
                                                  206,554	        394,226

                FY	2002		        174,044	
                                                         	        366,879                                      kidney disease related
                FY	2003		        130,062	
                                                         	        250,960                                      research funding in the
                FY	2004		               	
                                                  104,998	        226,301
                                                                                                               country—behind only
                FY	2005		               	
                                                  		84,999	       232,999

                FY	2006		        154,000	
                                                                                                               the federal government.
                FY	2007		               	
                                                  119,969	        315,969

                FY 1998-2007                                      $3,110,218

                                                                                                                       2007 Annual Report
6 Prevention

                                                            Knock Out
                                                          Kidney Disease
                                                          knock out kidney Disease
                                                          The National Kidney Foundation believes the best way to fight kidney disease
                                                          is to prevent kidney disease. But disease prevention requires a multi-pronged
                                                          approach and the commitment of many. NKF/NCA is committed to approaching
                                                          prevention from all angles through its Knock Out Kidney Disease Campaign. The
                                                          Government of the District of Columbia joined the fight by providing funding
                                                          in FY07 for 650 DC residents to be screened. Additional funding from Amgen
                                                          helped expand screening for residents of Maryland & Virginia. In total, 1,352
                                                          individuals were screened in year one of KOKD.

                                                          keep Screening & Follow-up
                                                          The National Kidney Foundation’s Kidney Early Evaluation Program (KEEP™) offers
                                                          free screening for those at risk - anyone 18 years and older with high blood
                                                          pressure, diabetes, or a family history of high blood pressure, diabetes of kidney
                                                          disease. It is designed to raise awareness about kidney disease among high risk
                                                          individuals and provide free testing and educational information, so that kidney
                                                          disease and its complications can be prevented or delayed.

                                                          public education & awareness
                                                          A generous grant from Amgen, Inc. enabled the NKF/NCA to spread its
                                                          prevention message far and wide. Using television, radio, print advertisements
                                                          and Metro bus interior ads, the Foundation embarked on a creative promotional
                                                          campaign to introduce KOKD to the DC community, educate about risk factors
                                                          for kidney disease, who should be screened, and how those individuals could
                                                          access free screenings in their neighborhoods. This campaign continues in 2008
                                                          with new spokespeople and media outlets.

National Kidney Foundation of the National Capital Area
                                                                                                       Prevention 7

kidneys for life
                                                                                               According to the
Fighting kidney disease at the frontlines are primary care physicians. It is imperative that   Journal of the American
they be able to identify early signs of kidney disease, help diabetes and hypertension
patients keep their conditions under control, order further testing when needed, and           Medical Association,
make referrals to nephrologists when necessary. The Foundation’s Kidneys for Life              an estimated 13% of
program offers free continuing education with AMA credit to medical professionals in DC,
Maryland, and Virginia.                                                                        American adults --
                                                                                               that’s 26 million people
                                                                                               -- are living with kidney
                                                                                               disease and most are
                                                                                               completely unaware of
                                                                                               their condition.That is
kidney patrol-new in FY08!                                                                     up 30% from previous
New in its arsenal of prevention tools is Kidney Patrol, a youth education program
created for 5th graders. Working with the DC Public School System, the National Kidney         estimates.
Foundation is bringing a curriculum to the classroom that focuses on protecting kids’
kidneys through healthy living...exercising and making smart food choices to prevent

                                                                                                          2007 Annual Report
       8 Public Awareness

          public awareness
          Chronic kidney disease (CKD) in the United States has too long been overlooked and
          underestimated. Not only is it the 9th leading cause of death in this country, but its
          leading cause—diabetes—ranks #6. Futher, the presence of kidney disease increases the
          risk of heart attacks (#1) and strokes (#3). Other stats to consider:
          •  Twenty-six million Americans have CKD and most don’t even know it.
          •  Millions more are at risk but they are unaware of the risk factors…diabetes,
            hypertension, or family history of CKD.
          •  African Americans, Hispanics, Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, and seniors are at
            increased risk.
          •  Three simple tests can detect CKD.
          •  Early intervention can slow or prevent the progression to kidney failure; at kidney
            failure, a person needs dialysis or a transplant to live.

          Public awareness and education are crucial elements to the success of the Foundation’s
          campaign to Knock Out Kidney Disease. With the unveiling of the KOKD program in the
          District, the Foundation secured matching funds from Amgen, Inc. to roll out a multi-                                          NBAWorld Champion
          pronged media campaign designed to raise awareness about risk factors for kidney                                               Alonzo Mourning is used to
          disease and to encourage those at risk to get screened.
                                                                                                                                         teamwork on the court. But
                                                                                                                                         his successful rebound from
                          10 leading Causes of Death in uS
                                                                                                                                         kidney disease has led to the
                          1. Heart disease –2nd leading cause of kidney disease
                                                                                                                                         ultimate assist on the home
                          2. Cancer                                                                                                      front as well. Now his wife,
                          3. Stroke – kidney disease increases the chance of stroke                                                      TracyWilson Mourning,
                          4. Chronic lower respiratory diseases                                                                          (above) is scoring points
                          5. Accidents (unintentional injuries)
                                                                                                                                         through a public service
                          6. Diabetes – leading cause of kidney disease
                          7. Alzheimer’s diseases
                                                                                                                                         campaign with the National
                          8. Influenza/Pneumonia                                                                                         Kidney Foundation aimed at
                          9. Kidney disease                                                                                              raising awareness about the
                         10. Septicemia                                                                                                  importance of early detection
                         Not only is CKD the 9th leading cause of death in the US, but people                                            for chronic kidney disease.
                         with CKD have a higher likelihood of heart attack, stroke, and death.

In FY07, NKF/NCA generated millions of total media impressions for the Knock Out Kidney Disease campaign through promotional
partnerships with NBC4, WPGC-FM, SportsTalk 980, and Metro Bus, for which boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard serves as spokesman.

                                                know your risk factors for kidney disease:
                                                •High blood pressure                                                            National Kidney Foundation

                            “You have the
                          power to knock out    •Family history of kidney disease                                                KOKD
                                                                                                                               Knock Out
                           kidney disease.”                                                              If you are at risk,     Kidney Disease
                           —Sugar Ray Leonard
                                                                                      the National Kidney Foundation                Contact the National
                                                                                                                                  Kidney Foundation for
                                                                   invites you to participate in a free health screening.         more information and a
                                                                                                                                  list of upcoming health
                                                                         You can avoid kidney disease or kidney failure.             screenings in your

                                                                                           We are in your corner.               202.244.7900	•	www.kidneywdc.org

       National Kidney Foundation of the National Capital Area
                                                    Knock Out
                                                  Kidney Disease
                                                                                           Community Outreach 9

Community outreach
An important responsibility of being a local health organization is to reach out to the
community at large, and to spread our message about kidney disease and organ donation.
Below are a few ways the NKF/NCA got involved in our neighborhoods in FY07.

Battle of the Boulevard
In May, the NKF/NCA participated in the inaugural running of the Battle of the Boulevard
10K presented by Pacers Running Stores. The Farley family, who owns and operates
the growing chain of Northern Virginia stores, chose the NKF/NCA as the event’s main
beneficiary. Basketball Hall of Fame member and Head Basketball Coach at DeMatha High
School, Morgan Wootten, and son Joe Wootten were spokespeople for the race. Wootten
                                                                                           Coach JoeWootten, Chris Farley Sr., and
Sr. received a kidney from his son, and both are committed to educating the public about
                                                                                           Chris Farley Jr. at the Inaugural Battle of
organ donation. At the NKF/NCA’s Annual Meeting & Reception, Pacers presented an $8,000
                                                                                           the Boulevard in Arlington,Virginia. The
check from the fundraiser, which will take place annually in Clarendon, Virginia.
                                                                                           starting line for the race is pictured below.
public awareness partnerships with pro Sports Teams
In FY07, NKF/NCA joined forces with both the Washington Capitals and Washington Mystics to disseminate information to
mass audiences. Staff and volunteers set up an NKF booth on the concourse to distribute information about kidney disease,
promote organ donation, and hand out giveaways to eager fans. Through the partnerships, NKF offers specially priced tickets
to its supporters and the opportunity to sponsor young kidney patients to attend games on “Kidney Nights.”

Speakers Bureau & Community health Fairs
In FY07, the NKF/NCA’s Speakers Bureau addressed the epidemic of kidney disease and the shortage of organ donors
by advocating and educating at numerous engagements. Members who include medical professionals, patients, family
members, and active NKF/NCA volunteers, participated in:

• Legislative Receptions                                                    • School Health Courses
• NKF Community Events & Fundraisers                                        • Church & Community Centers
• United Way/CFC/CHC Charity Designation Events                             • Corporate “Lunch & Learn” Events
• One-On-One Counseling with Patients or Potential Organ Donors             • Media Interviews
Each year, NKF/NCA participates in health fairs hosted by a vast array of organizations and businesses. From the Department
of Labor’s Women’s Health Fair to the African American Festival on Zoo Day to a health fair at Fannie Mae, the NKF/NCA
spread the word about kidney disease and prevention at dozens of health fairs in FY2007.

                                                                                                                 2007 Annual Report
  10 Patient Services

                                                             patient Services
                                                             Improving patients’ lives is an important part of our work.
                                                             NKF/NCA provides direct assistance and education to people
                                                             on dialysis and with kidney disease, which makes a tremendous
                                                             difference for them.
                                                             people First
                                                             In October 2006, NKF presented the 3rd Annual People First Patient
                                                             Conference to more than 100 DC area dialysis patients, family members
                                                             and care providers. The theme “Living Well” was adopted, and the
“People First and the National Kidney                        event revolved around making daily active choices to enhance dialysis
Foundation help people continue to live                      patients’ health and well being. Participants who attended the free
                                                             day-long conference learned about the two types of dialysis, peritoneal
happy and fulfilled lives.”                                  and hemodialysis, why fistulas are preferred by medical staff, as well as
                                                             legislation that directly affects kidney patients. Washington Redskins’
                                                             guard Randy Thomas shared compelling testimony about his personal
“Inspiring and informative!”                                 experience with having a family member on dialysis. At the end of the
                                                             day, attendees gained both empowerment and valuable information.
         –People First participants on dialysis

                                                             other patient Services
                                                             The NKF/NCA provides crucial direct services to kidney patients in need
                                                             through the Patient Emergency Fund and Transportation Emergency
                                                             Fund. These programs are administered by volunteer social workers to
                                                             provide funding for medications, utility bills, or transportation to and
                                                             from dialysis treatment. The Medical Identification Jewelry program
                                                             provides dialysis and transplant patients with free medical ID bracelets
                                                             to serve as their voice in a medical emergency.

                                                                                  For kidney patients, NKF/NCA provided,
                                                                                  free of charge, 650 pieces of medical ID
                                                                                  jewelry, and distributed 170 emergency
                                                                                  grants to help them with transportation to
                                                                                  dialysis, utility bills, or other necessities.

                                                                            Randy Thomas of theWashington Redskins delighted
                                                                            dialysis patients by posing for photos at the 3rd
   National Kidney Foundation of the National Capital Area                  Annual People First conference
                                                                            Professional Education 11

                                                       professional education
                                                       The National Kidney Foundation of the National Capital Area
                                                       has long been a leader in providing Continuing Medical
                                                       Education (CME) to physicians and other members of the
                                                       kidney care team.

                                                       primary Care physician (pCp) education:
                                                       kidneys for life
                                                        “Kidneys for Life,” debuted this year as part of the NKF/NCA’s
                                                       Primary Care Physician (PCP) education initiative, aimed at
                                                       empowering DC area physicians to prevent, detect, and slow
                                                       the progression of chronic kidney disease. Through Kidneys
                                                       for Life, the NKF/NCA visited 60 individual physicians’ offices
                                                       for free to educate doctors, nurse practitioners, physician
                                                       assistants and other medical personnel on CKD and its
                                                       prevalence in the Washington area. Educating local physicians
                                                       is a component of the NKF/NCA’s greater prevention
                                                       campaign, the Knock Out Kidney Disease (KOKD) initiative.

Transplant Symposium
Continuing in its education efforts, NKF/NCA hosted the 3rd Annual Transplant Symposium for 60 DC area
nephrologists, transplant surgeons and other medical and health professionals. Guest speakers included physicians
Robert Gaston, Arjang Djamali, and Alan Wilkinson, who covered topics including outcomes of solid organ
transplantation in the US and management of risk factors for ischemic heart disease after transplantation.

Bone Care Conference
The NKF/NCA hosted its 3rd Annual Bone Care Conference in Washington with the theme, “A Team Approach to
Managing Bone Disease in CKD Stage 5.” The conference was attended by more than 70 people including renal
dietitians, social workers, and dialysis technicians. Participants learned about bone disease in CKD, recommendations
according to the K/DOQI Clinical Practice
Guidelines for Bone Metabolism and Disease, and
current management therapies.

Fellows Forum
The 16th Annual Fellows Research Forum
provided an arena for DC area graduate and
post-graduate trainees to showcase their
research in the fields of kidney disease and
related topics. The NKF/NCA hosts the Forum
to encourage local students to share their work
and develop relationships with other nephrology
and research professionals. In FY07, the Fellows
Forum was abuzz with both novice and veteran
professionals who presented research and
opened topics up for discussion.

                                                                                                        2007 Annual Report
  12 Organ Donation Initiatives

                         organ Donation initiatives
                         The most effective advocates for the power of organ donation are the people
                         whose lives have been profoundly affected. Through the NKF Speakers Bureau/
                         Patient Advocates, and U.S. Transplant Games, individuals who have been given a
                         second chance at life—transplant recipients—spread the word about the life-
                         saving power of organ donation. NKF seeks to increase the availability of all organs
                         for transplantation – kidney, heart, lungs, pancreas – which provides a wealth of
                         diversity in its advocates. In addition, our living donors are eager to talk about how
                         their experience has not only saved the life of a loved one, but enriched their lifes
                         in unexpected ways.

                         paired kidney Donations
                         In 2007, the Charlie W. Norwood Living Organ Donation Act was passed by the
                         House and Senate (March and July, respectively). The Act was signed into law
                         by the President in December 2007, and is slated to save thousands of lives and
                         hundreds of millions of dollars. The Act makes paired kidney donations in the US
                         legal—a measure that will allow transplant programs to engage in this practice without fear of legality
                         issues that might have prevented these types of donations from taking place before.

                         A paired donation allows a patient with a willing but incompatible donor to receive a transplant from
                         another donor who is compatible. The incompatible donor’s organ will then be transplanted in another
                         patient. The legislation clarifies that paired kidney donations do not violate laws against trading organs
                         for compensation. A study published in the Journal of Transplantation projects a 14 percent increase in
                         the number of live kidney transplants performed each year due to the new legislation. Furthermore, it is
                         estimated to save Medicare $500 million over 10 years. The National Kidney Foundation was instrumental
                         in helping urge Congress to pass this bill.

                         NKF/NCA Speakers Bureau member Dr. Jimmy A. Light, Director of Transplantation at Washington Hospital
                         Center, performed a paired kidney donation in February coined a “life-saving wife swap” in which two
                         women donated to each other’s husbands (pictured above).

                                         Donor Ca
                         uniForM                                          ____
                                                 __________                               are you an organ donor?
                            ____   __________         donor)
              __________               pe name of
__________                (print or ty                                   r.	I	
                                                             tissue	dono                  In addition to indicating your preference on your driver’s license or carrying a
                                                 organ	and	                    lace.
                               E	by	being
                                            	an	                n	can	take	p
                 	donate	LIF                    be fore	donatio
 I	w ould	like	to            ill	be 	consulted	                                            Uniform Organ Donor Card, two websites can record your intentions quickly
              	my	family	w
                                 wing:	                                                    and easily.
                  ate	the	follo rgans	or	tissue.

  I	wish	to	d                      	o
               o	  any	needed ing	organs	or	tissue.
   	                only	the	fo
                                                                        __                     www.Save7 Lives.org is the online registry for Virginia residents

   	            o	                            __________
                                 __________                    part(s)
                 __________ e organ(s), tissue(s) or                                            www.DonateLifeDC.org is the registry for DC residents

                       (specify th                                      	or	educatio
                                                           ical	research
                                               erapy,	med
                                 plantation,	th 	study	if	needed.                               www.donatelifemaryland.org is the registry for Maryland residents
                   ses	of	trans                ical                       _________
     for	the	purpo               	for	anatom                 __________
      	           o	my	body ishes,	if	any:_________
                               	w                                                            Don’t forget to discuss your wishes with your family. An estimated 35% of
                  	or	special
                                                                                              potential deceased organ donors’ wishes are not carried out because of
   National Kidney Foundation of the National Capital Area
                                                                                              family objections.
                                                                                                 Organ Donation Initiatives 13

                                            Meet Quandra
                                            You may recognize Quandra from a television commercial
                                            or newspaper ad—she is a passionate spokesperson for the
                                            Knock Out Kidney Disease Campaign. She is eager to share
                                            her story to encourage people at risk to get screened.

“Today I can rejoice because
I am the picture of health.
When I was 17, I was
diagnosed with kidney
failure, and have survived
two transplants and years of
dialysis. No matter what your                           The U.S.Transplant Games are an Olympic-style competition bringing together
                                                        thousands of transplant recipients, living donors, and donor families for a
age, be aware of your blood                             celebration of the new lives granted to the recipients and of the extraordinary
pressure and family health                              generosity of the living donors and donor families. Picture above is Team
                                                        Nation’s Capital at the 2006 Games in Louisville, KY. The Team brought
history. Kidney disease can                             home 16 medals, including 5 Gold.The 2008 Games are scheduled for July
happen to anyone. If you are                            11-16 in Pittsburgh, PA.

at risk, get tested!”

                                                           Meet hermoine & Jackie
In 2004, Jackie was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and began dialysis shortly
thereafter. For three years, Jackie was an inspiration to her daughter Hermoine—working,
singing, being active in her church—all the while going to dialysis three days a week for
3.5 hours a day. While Hermoine was eager to donate a kidney to her mother, she wasn’t a
match. But she didn’t stop there. She decided to do a “Kidney Swap,” that is, to anonymously
donate her kidney in order to place her mother at the top of the transplant list for her blood
type. After an early false alarm, the miracle came just before Christmas when Jackie received
a kidney in time for her 60th birthday.                                                                                   2007 Annual Report
14 Public Policy

                                                                 public policy
                                                                 FY07 was a ground-breaking year for the National Kidney Foundation of
                                                                 the National Capital Area as it rolled out its Knock Out Kidney Disease
                                                                 (KOKD) initiative in Washington, DC with line item funding from the District
                                                                 Government. Based on the blueprint laid out in the Foundation’s long-
                                                                 range strategic plan, NKF/NCA staff and board members worked diligently
                                                                 with Councilmember David Catania, Chair of the DC Health Committee, to
                                                                 carve out funding for thousands of District residents to participate in the
                                                                 comprehensive screening, follow-up, and education program.

                                                                 While Washington, DC continues to have the highest prevalence of kidney
                                      disease in the nation, the results of the first year indicate that the crisis is even worse than expected.
DC Councilmember                      Sixty-two percent of participants learned they may have kidney disease, while 89 % had at least one
                                      value outside the normal range (hypertension, glucose, cholesterol, microalbuminuria, or other test).
David Catania,                        These startling statistics clearly indicate the dire need for the program in this region.

pictured here with
                                      The results of KOKD’s first year in the District will enable the Foundation to secure additional funding
NKF/NCA President                     in FY08 to expand the program and target those individuals most in need of screening and education.
                                      It has also given ammunition to Foundation staff and volunteers as they meet with elected officials in
Tony Englert, was
                                      Maryland and Virginia to rally support for funding similar programs in selected counties.
instrumental in                       The National Kidney Foundation advocates for public policies that help prevent kidney disease and
                                      improve the lives and care of those impacted by the disease. Current legislative priorities from the
securing funding                      national perspective include:
from the DC                           •  Dialysis – Legislation in Congress would establish a Medicare educational benefit for patients with
                                      advanced kidney disease before they require dialysis or transplantation.
Government for the
Foundation’s KOKD
                                      •  Chronic Kidney Disease – NKF is calling on Congress to expand the Chronic Kidney Disease Control
                                      Program at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to support early detection and treatment
                                      among high-risk populations. Washington, DC is under consideration to serve as a test city.
                                      •  Transplantation and Organ Donation – To help close the gap that exists between the need for
                                      organs for transplantation and organ availability, NKF advocates for ways to increase the supply of
                                      organs for transplantation. Locally, the Fairfax County Commission on Organ and Tissue Donation
                                      and Transplantation passed HB2220 in Virginia, which provides an income tax deduction for un-
                                      reimbursed expenses paid by an organ and tissue donor that have not been taken as a medical
                                      deduction on the taxpayer’s federal income tax return.

                                      •  Medicare – As a critical source of health coverage for kidney disease patients, NKF works with
                                      Congress and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to ensure Medicare benefits meet the
                                      diverse needs of kidney patients.

                                      •  Immunosuppressive Drug Coverage – The National Kidney Foundation has long-advocated for
                                      allowing all ESRD transplant recipients to receive coverage of immunosuppressive drugs beyond the
                                      36 month limit through Medicare Part B.
                                      NKF’s Legislative Action Center provides the latest information about legislation and policy relating
                                      to chronic kidney disease, transplantation and donation. The featured action alerts allow you to easily
                                      advocate to your Members of Congress on these issues. We invite you to become an NKF patient advocate
                                      by joining our People Like Us E-Advocacy Network. http://www.kidney.org/news/pubpol/index.cfm

National Kidney Foundation of the National Capital Area
                                                                                                            Volunteers 15

                                                                       volunteers Service awards
                                                                       Ken Chen
                                                                       Kitty Richardson
                                                                       Lisa Mausser
                                                                       Heather Kirk
                                                                       Becky Scheip
                                                                       Mac Hirszel
                                                                       Dan Schumack
Volunteers truly are the lifeblood of the                         Committee Chairmen, FY2006-07
National Kidney Foundation. From medical
                                                                          Richard McKinless Budget
expertise to strategic direction to fundrais-
ing, our volunteers freely give of their time,        Robert Fildes, MD & Hon. Roger Wesley Public Policy

resources, and talents. We could not do what                                   Brian Givens Fundraising
we do without them. While we appreci-                                        Lynne Yao, MD Medical Steering
ate every one of them, each year we give                                  Carlos Palant, MD Research
recognition to several whose contributions                  Keith Turner & Thomas Wootten Long-Range Planning
have gone above and beyond. They are the
recipients of the Volunteer Service Awards         13                        Ronald D. Paul Nominating
                                                                      Jerome Haynesworth Personnel & Training
that are presented at our Annual Meeting in
June. In addition, we owe our deep gratitude                              Lynt Johnson, MD New Program Activities

to the individuals who chair our committees                        Nina M.Kolbe, RD, CSR,LD Council on Renal Nutrition
and events. Their dedication is unparalleled.                   Anne S. Smith , MSW, LICSW Council of Nephrology Social Workers

Each year at the NBC4 Health & Fitness Expo, NKF/NCA screens approximately 500 individuals for early signs of
kidney disease, requiring the participation of more than 150 dedicated volunteers

                                                                                                                  2007 Annual Report
16 Development


                                                      If VISION is the sum of all programs, then unrestricted giving is the
                                                      vehicle that enables fulfillment of institutional vision.
                                                      These sentiments have recently been shared with us – perhaps during a
“NKF has a record of                                  board meeting or while striding down the canal in Georgetown during
successful execution . . .                            the Annual Kidney Walk - by a handful of very special Kidney Foundation
something is happening.”                              friends. Comments such as these, in support of operational activities,
                                                      stand out because increasingly, donors ask to direct their gift to specific
—Jeffrey A. Perlmutter,                               programs or services.
M.D., nephrologist and
                                                      While support of new projects is key to ensuring that they are up and
board member                                          running, visionary gifts are crucial to maintaining organizational health
                                                      and longevity, because they provide financial fortification when the
                                                      vagaries of life, weather or the universe conspire to dampen the results of
                                                      a mailing, gala or golf tournament.

                                                      More than providing resources to keep us on course and poised for
                                                      expansion, undesignated donations enable more Washington area
“Both my company and my                               residents to be touched by the NKF/NCA whenever and wherever
family donate to the Annual                           opportunities exist, irrespective of seasonal budget variations. Whether
                                                      organizing new Knock Out Kidney Disease screening locations, enlisting
Fund instead of specific                              additional schools to participate in “Kidney Patrol,” or funding two first-
programs . . . because I feel                         place research awards, using undesignated funds make these things
it is vital to have a strong                          happen when they otherwise could not.
NKF in the community.”                                Increasingly the NKF has become a resource for schools, government
—Brian Givens, President,                             agencies, primary care providers, dialysis centers, companies, and local
Capital Carpets & NKF                                 citizens – one that provides accurate and timely public health information
                                                      about not only chronic kidney disease, but also its key risk factors such as
volunteer                                             diabetes, hypertension and, more broadly, methods to adopting healthier
                                                      lifestyles. We embrace this role and look forward to working with all of
                                                      you – our caring and committed stakeholders – to see that we reach out
                                                      whenever possible.

“Why do I contribute over
$100,000 each year in
unrestricted gifts to the                                                          The future has several names.
NKF? Simple - I have faith                                                         For the weak it is impossible,
in the institution and trust                                                       For the fainthearted it is unknown,
in the leadership.”
—Ronald D. Paul, kidney                                                            For the thoughtful and valiant it is ideal,
transplant recipient &                                                             The challenge is urgent, the task is large.
longtime supporter                                                                 The time is now.
                                                                                   ~Victor Hugo

National Kidney Foundation of the National Capital Area
                                                                                                 Financials 17

     The National Kidney Foundation of the National Capital Area
     continues to keep expenses for Fundraising and Management &
     General acceptably low at 17.5% of the total.

     Fiscal year 2006/07 saw an impressive change in net income from the previous year. Net
     income over expenses was $222,036 compared to a loss of $7,273 from the year before.
     Most of this increase can be attributed to the receipt of a grant for $250,000 from the
     District of Columbia Department of Health. The Foundation also received a $300,000
     bequest in 2006/07. Special events continue to be very important bringing in 52% of total
     revenue. Overall, total support increased 21% over 2006.

     Total expenses increased 19.8% from 2006 to support the substantial growth primarily
     in our preventive screening program. The National Kidney Foundation of the National
     Capital Area continues to keep expenses for Fundraising and Management & General
     acceptably low at 17.5% of the total. Public Health education has become the primary
     area we are spending our program money. The Knock Out Kidney Disease screening
     program’s primary mission is to screen people who may be at risk for kidney disease and
     provide them with education to seek further treatment if needed.

                           Management	&	
                           General               Research
           Community	                     7.9%

   Fundraising     9.5%
                                                       41.0%      Public	Health	
Patient	Services


                                                                                                   2007 Annual Report

      STaTeMenT oF aCTiviTieS
      Year ended June 30, 2007 (With Comparative Totals for 2006)
                                                             Unrestricted       Temporarily Restricted         2007             2006
          Revenue	and	Other	Support	                  	      	          	       	             	   	            	      	               	   	   	   	
          	          Support	from	the	public:	      	        	        	         	       	         	        	          	        	          	   	   	
          	          Received	directly	-	contributions	      			$498,770		      	$331,647		       				$830,417		      			$444,020		       	
          	          Received	indirectly	-	United	Way	
          	          		and	Federated	Funds	         	        					127,687		     								-		 	     						127,687		     					140,121		      	
                                                                   626,457          331,647              958,104            584,141
          Special events fund raisers:		              	      	        	         	             	   	        	          	         	
          	             Revenue	 	           	        	      		2,404,865		      								-		   	   			2,404,865		      		2,318,680	
          	             Less:	direct	benefit	costs	   	      (1,027,933)	       								-		   	   	(1,027,933)	       			(973,262)
          	             Net	support	from	special	
          																		events	fund	raisers	      	      		1,376,932		      								-		 	     			1,376,932		      		1,345,418	
          Total support from the public                          2,003,389          331,647           2,335,036           1,929,559
          Other Revenue:	 	            	         	           	          	       	        	        	         	         	
          	       Program	service	fees	          	           							71,746		    			224,269		      						296,015		     							83,713	
          	        Investment	income	-	including	net	
          	        			realized	gain	on	sale	of	securities	   							28,499		    								-		 	     								28,499		    							12,669	
          	        Other	 	            	         	           									4,600		   								-		 	     										4,600		   									4,851	
          Total other revenue                                     104,845           224,269              329,114           101,233	
          Net assets released from restrictions:
          	          Satisfaction	of	program	restrictions	   					566,284		     	(566,284)	       										-		 	     										-		
          Total revenue and other support                        2,674,518          (10,368)           2,664,150          2,030,792

          Program services:
          	          Public	health	education	         	      		1,000,783		      								-		   	   			1,000,783		      					690,965		      	
          	          Professional	education	          	      					348,336		     								-		   	   						348,336		     				 371,624		      	
          	          Patient	services	  	             	      					200,344		     								-		   	   						200,344		     			 	238,193		      	
          	          Community	services	              	      					270,663		     								-		   	   						270,663		     				 223,106		      	
          	          Research		         	             	      					193,006		     								-		   	   						193,006		     					189,281		      	
                                Total program services           2,013,132             -               2,013,132          1,713,169
          Supporting services:
          	          Fund	raising	   	                	      					232,635		     								-		 	     						232,635		     			 	210,660		      	
          	          Management	and	general	          	      					196,347		     								-		 	     						196,347		     				 114,236		      	
                                Total supporting services          428,982             -                 428,982            324,896
                     Total expenses                              2,442,114             -               2,442,114          2,038,065
          Change	in	net	assets	        	              	      					232,404		     			(10,368)	      						222,036		     							(7,273)
          Net	assets	at	beginning	of	year	            	      					187,441		     			310,984		      						498,425		     					505,698	

          Net assets at end of year                               $419,845          $300,616             $720,461          $498,425
National Kidney Foundation of the National Capital Area
                                                                                 Thanks to our Contributors 19

    SpeCial evenT SponSorS
    The National Kidney Foundation of the National Capital Area hosts a number of fundraising events
    throughout the year. Proceeds from these events help to fund medical research, early detection and
    screening programs, patient and community services, professional and public education, and organ
	   donation programs. The Foundation is deeply grateful for the support and hard work of our sponsors,
    participants, and volunteers, who contribute so generously of their time, talents, and resources.

    Casino night                               Sporting Clays                        Capital Carpets/ronald D. paul, inc.
    Francine Friedman, Chair                   Dick Whitney and Jeremy Taylor,       Maryland golf Classic
                                               co-chairs                             Brian Givens and Ronald D. Paul,
    Barton Brands, Ltd. – Caravella-           Sponsors
    Limoncello, Caravella-Orangecello                                                Sponsors
                                               Alabama BBQ Company
    Amaretto di Amore, Sambuca di              Bud Light                             Capitol Cadillac
    Artois                                     Capitol Cadillac                      Capital Carpets
    Bonner Kiernan Trebach & Crociata          Penn Companies                        Cherokee
    Capital Carpets                                                                  Greenstein Delorme & Luchs, P.C.
    Capital Eagle-Bass Pale Ale & Stella                                             J.J. Haines and Company
    Artois                                                                           PING
                                               nkF virginia golf Classic
    Coventry Health Care, Inc.                                                       Ronald D. Paul Companies
                                               Jim Elkin and Keith Turner,
    DC Lottery and Charitable Games            Co-Chairs                             Shaw
    Control Board                              Rep.Tom Davis, Honorary Chair
    Craig Dufresne,MD, FACS
    Freixenet USA                                                                    kidney Walk
    GEICO.com                                                                        Francine Friedman, Chair
    MIX 107.3 FM
                                               Bristol-Myers Squibb                  Sponsors
    National Distributing Company
                                               Coventry                              Chipotle
                                               Eli Lily and Company                  DaVita
    Prosperity CARE Pharmacy
                                               Novartis                              Georgetown Hospital
    Rolls Royce
                                               PING                                  Hunton & Williams
    Ronald D. Paul Companies, Inc.
                                               PhRMA                                 Kidney Kids
    Washington Council Ernst & Young
                                               Roche                                 Pacer’s Running Store
    The Washington Post
                                               Unisys                                Porter’s Dining Saloon
    Washington Wine Academy
                                               WEST*GROUP                            Washington Hospital Center
                                                                                     Georgetown Hospital

    DC101 Chili Cook-off
    Larry D. Harris, Chair

    Title Sponsor
    DC 101 (WWDC-FM)
    Beer Sponsor
    Capital Eagle Distributing

    Hard Times Café
    On Tap Magazine

                                                                                                                  2007 Annual Report
20 Thanks to our Contributors

  kidney Ball                                               president’s Circle                  Deloitte Services, LP
  Anne K. Altman, Chair                                     Amgen                               Deutsche Bank
  Donna Morea, Vice Chair                                   Argon ST                            Fannie Mae Foundation
  Greg Baroni, Vice Chair                                   Arnold & Porter                     FCW Media Group - Govt Health IT
                                                            Bank of America-Private Bank        Tom and Karen Frana
  Ceo’s Circle
                                                            Dart Group II Foundation            Goldman Sachs & Co.
  Analex Corporation                                        DaVita Inc.                         Goodman-Gable-Gould/Adjusters Intl
  Bedford Falls Foundation                                  DLA Piper US LLP                    Highland Hospitality Corporation
  Bert Smith & Company                                      Ernst & Young LLP                   Hilton Washington
  Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc.                               Hogan & Hartson LLP                 Hirschel, Savitz, Parker & Hollman PA
  PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP                                Latham & Watkins                    Holland & Knight, LLP
  Ronald D. Paul Companies                                  Marriott International, Inc.        IMC
  Sutherland Media Productions, Inc.                        McGuire Woods Consulting            immixGroup, Inc.
  Unisys Corporation                                        Northrop Grumman Corporation        Jefferson Consulting Group
  USAirways                                                 Oracle Corporation                  Lehman Brothers
                                                            Ranelli-Saunders Family             Albert & Suzanne Lord
  Director’s Circle
                                                            Roche                               McDonald Bradley Inc.
  CGI-AMS                                                   SAP                                 Washington Hospital Center/Admin
  Danaher Corporation                                       Schupp Companies                    Washington Hospital Center/Transplant
  Homeland Security                                         Troutman Sanders LLP                Mercer Human Resource Consulting
    & Defense Business Council                              WilmerHale                          Merrill Lynch & Co.
  IBM Corporation                                                                               Darryl Moody
  KPMG LLP                                                  Benefactor’s Circle                 Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, L.L.P.
  Lee Technologies                                          Coventry Health Care                PNC Bank
  Thomas E. McInerney                                       Juniper Networks                    Qorvis Communications
  Novartis Corporation                                      Rolls Royce North America, Inc.     Raytheon Company
  SAIC Intelligence & Security Group                        SRA International, Inc.             Resilient Corporation
  sanofi aventis                                                                                RR Donnelley Financial Services
  Wachovia Bank                                             patron’s Circle                     Shambaugh Leadership Group
                                                            ACS                                 Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker
                                                            Albers & Co                         Sidley Austin LLP
                                                            Alliance Bank                       SiloSmashers
                                                            Amgen                               The Meltzer Group
                                                            Arent Fox PLLC                      The Ritz Carlton Hotel Co., L.L.C.
                                                            ARPC                                UBS Investment Bank
                                                            Asset Management Advisors           Vinson & Elkins L.L.P.
                                                            CACI International Inc.             VOB BMW
                                                            Capital Carpets Inc.                WashingtonpostNewsweek
                                                            Colonial Parking                    Westport Corporation
                                                            Computer Associates                 West*Group
                                                            Computer Science Corporation        WMZQ

                                                          Anne Altman, 2006 Kidney Ball Chair
National Kidney Foundation of the National Capital Area
                                                                           Thanks to our Contributors 21

ada DeBold Society
Named after the founder of the National Kidney Foundation, the Ada DeBold Society represents
a distinguished group of donors who provide significant and important support to further the
Foundation’s mission. Membership is open to those who contribute or pledge gifts of $5,000 or more.
Pledges may be paid over a period of up to five years.

ada De Bold Society Members                                                                heritage Club
Greg & Camille Baroni                            Charles Huntley                           The Heritage Club recognizes
Capitol Cadillac – HUMMER & H. Daniel Jobe       Kidney Kids                               donors who have made planned
Ms. Harriet Chu                                  Mr. & Mrs. Benson Klein                   gifts through wills, insurance
Richard L. Coffman                               Kathleen A. McCallum                      policies, retirement plans, charitable
John & Marg o Devine                             Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. McKinless           gift annuities, or other gift
Jim & Sandy Elkin                                Jeffrey Megrue                            instruments.
Preston & Deb Englert                            Alan Meltzer
Diana & Stephen Goldberg                         Barry Nail                                Caroline C. Alleman Irrevocable
Jerome & Patricia Haynesworth                    Mike O’Connor                             Trust
Thomas & Olivia McDonough                        Donna Morea                               Harrison L. Clark
Robert & Esther Miller / United                  Mr. & Mrs. Michael Pollard                Cristin T. Cotten
 Investors Mgmt. Corp.                            /Discovery Logic, Inc.                   Francis A. Den Outer Trust
Ronald & Joy Paul                                Don Rogers                                James M. Earnest, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Perlmutter                 Rosemary Z. Ryan                          Gilbert M. Eisner, MD
Keith & Lynne Turner                             Daniel Schumack, Esq.                     Rona Eisner
W. Edward & Carol E. Walter                      Mr. & Mrs. Marjorie C. Singleton          Preston A. Englert, Jr.
                                                 William A. Singleton                      Herbert Hawthorne
partners                                         Lynn Smiroldo                             Jimmy Light, MD
($1,000 - $5,000)                                Barry Trebach                             E. Burns McLindon, CPA
                                                 J. Kirk Wade                              Carl A. Modecki
Lois Arreguin                                    Carol Ann Waligura                        Michael C. O’Grady
Carl Bernstein                                   Deborah Ward                              Ronald D. Paul
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Brothers                         Michael Wessel                            Doris Cook Ross, CFP
Ms. L. Monica Chavez                             Kimberly Wright                           Irving B. Ross, CPA
Bruce Cooper                                                                               John G. Ryan, Esq.
Dr. & Mrs. Craig R. Dufresne                                                               J. Jonathan Schraub
Emmanuel Baptist Church                                                                    Roohallah Shafeiy
Eileen Finnegan                                                                            Estate of Max Shostack
Keith Good                                                                                 Judith A. Singleton
Harvey Goodman                                                                             William A. Singleton
Abraham J. Greenstein                                                                      Dann P. Stringer*
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Hirschel                                                              Frederick L. Webber
Scott Holec                                                                                Donald R. Wilson
                                                                                           James F. Winchester, MD
                                                                                           Patricia J. Winchester


                                                                                                            2007 Annual Report
naTional kiDneY FounDaTion oF The naTional CapiTal area SignaTure evenTS

   kidney Ball                                                           nkF golf Classics
   Each year more than 1,200 business, political and                     lowes island • Whiskey Creek
   social leaders attend the Kidney Ball making it the                   The NKF Golf Classic is the nation’s premier amateur
   second largest charity ball in the city. Funds raised                 golf event for charity. Each year golfers from across
   through the event support ongoing programs in                         the country participate for the exciting competition,
   medical research, patient and community services,                     valuable gifts, and the chance to win great prizes,
   professional and community education and organ                        all to benefit a worthy cause. The top two foursomes
   donation. Guests enjoy cocktails, dinner, silent and live             earn an opportunity to play in the 2009 NKF
   auctions, entertainment and dancing.                                  National Championship at the Pebble Beach Resort.

   DC101 Chili Cook-off                                                  The kidney Walk
   The DC101 Chili Cook-Off benefiting the National                      The Kidney Walk offers a family friendly
   Kidney Foundation is DC’s biggest street festival                     environment with a Kids Corner, a wellness area
   featuring top bands and the area’s best chili cooks                   and various pre and post-walk activities. The Walk
   competing for top honors. The Chili Cook-Off is the                   is a great way to meet new friends and to support
   second largest fundraiser for the National Kidney                     the local efforts of the National Kidney Foundation.
   Foundation of the National Capital Area.

   Casino night                                                          Sporting Clays Classic
   Casino Night attracts a diverse and affluent group                    The Sporting Clays Classic gives the Foundation an
   of more than 600 guests and volunteers from the                       opportunity to reach a different audience through
   business, medical and philanthropic communities in                    this unique and growing sport. The Sporting Clays
   the Greater Washington, DC region. The evening                        Classic continues to grow in attendance and in
   features casino-style gaming a silent auction and                     stature. Experts and novices are both welcome to
   raffle, spirit tastings, dancing and live music.                      participate in this event.

                                  5335 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Suite 300 • Washington, DC 20015-2030
                     Phone: 202.244.7900 • Fax: 202.244.7405 • www.kidneywdc.org • United Way #8134/CFC #43584

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