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Eno02/11/12                                                                    Weekly Newsletter of the
                                                                               KIWANIS CLUB OF ARLINGTON
                                                                               Mailing Address: P.O. Box 100131
                                                                               Arlington, VA 22210-3131

    Meets at 12:00 pm every Wednesday at the Knights of Columbus, 5115 Little Falls Road, Arlington
              Direct Membership Inquiries to David Levy: (703) 314-4667, e-mail:

John H. Finlator                                                     Co-Editors: Jim Thomas & Richard Barr
Editor in Memoriam                                                          Editor of the Week: Jim Thomas

Volume: 78                                                                   April 29, 2009          Number: 28

President Khalid Siraj called the meeting to order and Salvation Army Major Earl
Fitzgerald delivered the invocation and he later provided the benediction. Preceding the
group’s recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, led by Arlington County Board
Member Mary Hynes, Dick Ball and our Pianist, George Barber, led the group in singing
“God Bless America.” Pres. Siraj to yielded to Bankhead Thornton Davies, Jr., who
introduced his sister Ms. Vera Litchtenstein who was accompanying their father Bankhead
T. Davies, Sr. and Larry Demarest, who introduced Ms. Carmen Fernandez (of HICAN
fame), and noted that she is a Prospective Member. Pres. Siraj noted that last night he had
delivered a letter of appreciation to Abad Ramirez for his long-term service to our
Community and informed him that we’d made a donation to the Arlington Philharmonic
Association, one of Abad’s favorite charities. Pres. Siraj then introduced Ms. Connie
Ramirez to make a few remarks. She began by expressing her heartfelt thanks for our
Club members’ support for Abad and for her during the past eight months – since he had
his disabling stroke. She also announced that their Arlington home was sold last night and
that in three weeks they would be moving to their home at 211 Scott Drive, Wardour;
Annapolis, MD 21401; Phone 410-263-4319; e-mail:; Cell 202-297-
2033. She invited everyone to stay in touch and to come to visit them.

Dave Carlson led a “Welcome Back” to recent car accident victim, Lachi Morrison.
Thursday’s “Washington Post” noted the April 26th death of a former member of our Club,
T.S. Ary, at the age of 84. A Memorial Service was held on Saturday, May 2nd and the
family suggested that in lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to the Mt. Olivet
Church’s “Program for Youth Missions” or to a charity of your choice.

InterClub Chairman/PG Warren Kane highlighted several opportunities for members’
InterClub visits that were identified on flyers on the tables, placing special emphasis on the
South Arlington Club’s Annual Auction fundraiser Saturday evening, May 2nd; the Annual
Steak Fry sponsored by the Manassas Club at The Inn at Vint Hill at 6:00 PM on May 14th;
the Capital District’s annual “Go-to-Church Sunday” at the U.S. Naval Academy’s Chapel
at 10:00 AM on May 17th; and, Dulles Club’s major fundraiser, a Miniature Golf
Tournament at “Woody’s Golf Range” (rated in the Top 5 Mini Golf Courses in America
by “Newsweek”) at 11801 Leesburg Pike in Herndon at 1:00 PM on May 17th.

PP Jim Meehan announced that candidates for next year’s officers now include Julia
Wright for Vice President and for Members of the Board: Dr. Greg Craddock, Rachel
Sparico, and Jim Thomas. PP Meehan called for nominations from the floor and, there
being none, he announced that voting by Club’s membership would occur next week.

Our Foundation’s Chairman, PG Kane, announced that Edd Nolen will continue on the
Board of Directors next year, three candidates who have been identified for positions which
come open next year are PP Mary Anthony, Pres. Siraj, and Tom Parker. Nominations
from the floor will be permitted before next week’s balloting by the Club’s membership.

Maj Gen (USAF, Ret) Jim Frankosky and Tom Parker presented the April 2009
“Arlington Kiwanian of the Month” award to Rachel Sparico in recognition of her very
active involvement in many Club activities and especially for the recent work to upgrade
our Web Site and last winter’s work supporting our “Bell Ringing” effort.

Bill Cochran presented one of our Club’s “Terrific Parent” awards (and an accompanying
check) to Ms. Vanesa Lopez, who described her baby, Stephanie, and her aspirations to
finish high school and go on to college in order to take good care of Stephanie. Bill
also introduced Ms. Mana del Uuller, who is one of the supervisors of the Teenage
Parenting Program in the County’s schools.

Vice Pres. Chuck Vasaly announced that there would be a planning meeting for the
Antiques & Modernism Show at 11:00 AM next Wednesday, at “The Knights.”

Pres.-Elect Will Wilson, on behalf of the ARLINGTON KIWANIS FOUNDATION
and our Club, assisted by the Honorable Ms. Hynes, presented a check for $2,000.00
to the “Our Lady Queen of Peace Early Learning Center.” Father Leonard
Tuzzolo, “Our Lady’s” Pastor, expressed thanks for the gift and our long-term
support, and explained how it will be used in support of pre-schoolers, ranging in
age from 3-months to 6 years.

Pres. Siraj announced the imminent move of Don Hall (to Fairfax County on June
10th!), which will create a very critical “gap” in our Club’s support organization –
“Chairman of the Administration Committee.” Don’s departure presents an urgent
requirement for someone to “step-up” to fill this loss!
provide splendid opportunities to bring a friend (and/or prospective member) as
your guest.)
     - May 6th – The Assistant Director of the Arlington Career Center, Ms.
Nancy J. Opsut, will discuss activities at that Community resource.

     - May 13th – Ms. Barbara Favola, Chairwoman of the Arlington County
Board, will provide an update concerning current Arlington County Issues.

                                       WEEKLY PROGRAM
Salvation Army Major Earl Fitzgerald introduced Mr. Bruce Lugn, an Arlington
County Government Retiree, current Divinity Student, Contemplative Prayer
Leader, and Author of From The Heart: A Wife's Struggle With Cancer, A
Husband's Journey Of Love, (published by iUniverse, Inc; 2007). The “eBooks”
synopsis says: "This book has become not only a poignant tale of a husband caring
for his dying wife and the process of healing following her death, but also a book
about a relationship awakening, about longed-for intimate moments found, and
about the imprints Teresa's life has left on those she left behind." … From the Heart
is a meaningful tribute not only to Teresa, but also to the memories and lives of the
many courageous women and families who have faced breast cancer.” Mr. Bruce
invited members of the audience to “just relax … to shift from their ‘every day
thinking’ … and to focus on what makes our lives so great, so precious … as he
shared with them ‘readings’ from several sources by writers of different religious
faiths. The over-arching theme of these readings involved “… turning toward each-
other, because in isolation there is no life.” Mr. Lugn can be contacted at:
No one drew the “Red Dot” for the “50/50 Drawing” and its pot keeps growing.

CLUB Officers
President                  Khalid Siraj      703-280-8342
President-Elect            Will Wilson       703-228-0071
Vice President             Chuck Vasaly      703-538-3606
 Secretary                 Richard Barr      703-524-6520
Assistant Secretary        Warren Kane       703-524-0997
Treasurer                  Bankhead Davies   703-273-0319
Assistant Treasurer        Ben Chatfield     703-538-7044
Immediate Past President   Ted Kramer        703-304-1140

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