The Personal Interest Project [PIP]

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					The Personal Interest
    Project [PIP]
• Your idea that eventually develops into
  a PIP needs to be connected to Society
  and Culture.
• The key is to select appropriate
  concepts that establish the
  relationships of your topic to the
  course and ensure that you use these
  in your writing.
• What is my topic?
• Can I relate my topic to these fundamental
  concepts of Society and Culture: persons,
  society, culture, environment and time.
• Which key concepts of a depth study can I
  use to help unlock my topic and keep my
  PIP tightly related to the course?
• When I’m writing sections of my PIP, am I
  integrating the concept I have chosen
  smoothly and with understanding?
• Am I demonstrating social and cultural
      The Nature of the PIP
• Synthesis of personal experience and
  public knowledge.
• It should integrate the micro and
  macro worlds and be the result of
  appropriate research methodologies.
• Flexibility and a willingness to take
  constructive advice.
           Getting started
• ‘Where can I get a good idea for a topic?’
• Passion needs to evolve as a driving force
  behind your research.
  – you could find yourself developing a real
   interest in a topic as you research it;
  – research into the topic could lead you to
   discover a fresh direction or an entirely
   different idea;
  – keep researching!
            Sources and ideas
• Use these sources to help you with ideas:
  –    personal world;
  –    an issue that strikes you;
  –    social issues raised in the Preliminary course;
  –    social issues arising from films, novels, TV shows,
      magazines and/or newspapers;
  –    inspiration from past PIPs;
  –    community issues and/or events;
  –   interests and hobbies;
  –   future career ideas.
         Ethical research
• Research into some topic areas may
  involve you in situations that either
  put your safety at risk, or expose you
  to information that is offensive and
• Objectivity means understanding your
  research topic from a viewpoint that
  disregards your own values and
  perspectives [avoid bias].
• Primary research methodologies
  require personal involvement with real
  people, not individuals described in
  books or journals.
• Social researchers face ethical issues
  and an important one that you will
  encounter is privacy [knowledge and
     Cross-cultural content
• To achieve the Society and Culture
  goal of becoming socially and
  culturally literate, you must
  incorporate a cross-cultural
  component. This means that you
  should show some knowledge and
  understanding of viewpoints other
  than your own.
• The cross-cultural perspective needs
  to be integrated into the central
  material of the project, not just
  outlined in your PIP introduction.
• Some examples:
  –   socioeconomics
  –   gender
  –   ethnicity
  –   location
  –   culture
  –   belief systems
   Putting together your PIP
• The process of putting together your
  PIP should be documented in a diary
  or journal.
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             The next step…
1.   Defining: what do you want to find out?
2.   Locating: where can you find out what you need
     to know?
3.   Selecting: is all the information you have
     collected useful?
4.   Synthesising: how can you best use your
5.   Presenting: within the prescribed format of the
     PIP, how can you best convey your information?
6.   Evaluating: What have you learned from your PIP?

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