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									7th Grade Persuasive Essay Topics: Important Bay Area Issues

Here are just a few examples of ideas you may wish to use for your 7th grade persuasive essay.
I suggest that you do some online research, read some newspapers, or talk to your parents
about current and important topics in Marin so that you find something to write about that
really interests you. The more you care about your topic, the better your essay will be!

   1) The SMART Train: last year voters approved a 20-year quarter-cent sales tax increase
      to build a 70-mile commuter rail line from Larkspur to northern Sonoma County. Will it
      be worth it to build this train line?

   2) Marin General Hospital: on July 1, 2010, Marin General Hospital will become a stand-
      alone, privately run hospital. In five years the hospital will need seismic retrofitting,
      which means that voters will need to approve a $400 million bond. What will it take
      for Marin voters to say “yes” to this bond, or if they say “no” what will be the fate of
      the hospital? That’s a lot of money. What should voters do?

   3) San Quentin’s Death Row: the prison needs to build – there are 700 convicted
      murderers on death row and there is not enough space for them. What should be done?

   4) Closure of State Parks: Mount Tam SP, Samuel P. Taylor SP, Tomales Bay SP and Angel
      Island SP are open daily thanks to a $390,000 grant from the National Park Service;
      Olompali SP and China Camp SP campsite will suffer severe reductions and only be
      open weekends in 2010. What can be done to keep our parks open for the public to
   5) Marin Clean Energy: Cities are weighing if they want to adopt some more renewable
      energy alternatives to PG&E, but critics say it’s too risky. What choices should Marin
      residents have regarding clean energy sources?

   6) Desalinization Plant: The Marin Municipal Water District board has approved a $105
      million plant that will convert 5 million gallons of bay water into freshwater daily.
      Construction will possibly start in mid 2011. Is this plant a good idea or a bad one and

   7) Homelessness: Marin’s homeless are estimated at 1,700. Homeward Bound has 400
      beds a night for those sober and seeking work. For the substance-abusing or mentally
      challenged, there are less than 100 “emergency” beds. Local churches and synagogues
      also house some of our county’s homeless population. What else should or can be

   8) 142 Throckmorton Theater: this beautiful and historic theater in Mill Valley needs
      major renovations. Should it be saved, and if yes, how?

   9) Dairy Farming in West Marin: can we preserve and protect the small family farms that
      have been in Marin for generations?

   10) College of Marin: is the $260 million finally being spent?

   11) Marin Public Schools: California’s state budget has a $26 billion projected deficit for
       each and every year for the foreseeable future. How can the county provide an
       excellent education for all its students in the face of a crippling state budget crisis?

(Ideas above are borrowed from Marin Magazine, January 2010)

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