Mechanized Cavalry October 2008 Newsletter by C0vcd6US


									                              MECHANIZED CAVALRY
                                                              CAMP 2134
                                           SAINT LEONARD, MARYLAND

                                                      Volume 10----October 2008

MEMBERSHIP UPDATE                                                       TREASURER’S REPORT

Currently, 19 Active Members.                                           Beginning balance      $791.00
                                                                        Income                 $197.00
REMEMBER: Dues are due on October 15 . The                              Payables               $ 40.00
amounts are as follows:                                                 Balance                $948.00
       $40.00 Active
       $15.00 Associate                                                 Payables include: a bank charge.
       $10.00 Life

Make checks payable to Mechanized Cavalry Camp                          NEXT MEETING/RIDE
2134 and forward to PO Box 763, Clarksville, MD 21029.
Any questions contact Danny Adams at 410-531-5014.                                                                   th
                                                                        The next meeting and ride will be on October 4 at
                                                                        Grotto’s home during the Turkey Shoot. Directions are
                                                                        as follows:
                                                                        Directions from Harley Davidson at Rt 5 & Rt 231 in
Paul Behne  Commander                                                   Hughesville: Take Route 231 East (Toward Prince
                                                                        Frederick) approximately one mile to Goode Road and
Rick Smith  Lt. Commander
                                                                        follow the signs in.
Danny Adams Adjutant/Treasurer
                                                                        Directions from Prince Frederick: Take Route 231
                                                                        East, across the bridge at Benedict, and go
UPCOMING EVENTS—MARK YOUR CALENDAR                                      approximately 5 miles to Goode Road (Just past
            st         th
October 1 - 5 Myrtle Beach Fall Bike Rally for                          Jimmy’s Corner) and follow the signs in.
              information see
October 4
                            Turkey Shoot (see attached flyer)           MOMENTS IN HISTORY: SEPTEMBER
                 th                                                               th
October 11                  Maryland Division Mid-Year Meeting          October 19 1864 – Battle of Cedar Creek
                 th          th
October 16 – 19 Biketoberfest, Daytona Beach, for                       October 20 1819 – General Daniel Sickles Born
              information see                     October 21 1861 – Battle of Ball’s Bluff
October 25                  Army of Northern Virginia-Meeting at
                            Point Lookout                               SUBMISSION DEADLINE
November 1                  Bikers with Heart Toy Run, Fort
                            Washington for information see              The deadline for submission for the November
                                         Newsletter is October 29, 2008. Your articles and
                       th                                               photos can be sent to
November 16                 Massing of the Colors in front of the
                            Naval Academy Chapel at 1:30 PM
November 22                 Remembrance Day Parade, Gettysburg
                            at 12:00 Noon
LT COMMANDER REPORT                                         will be a big event for the camp and all hands are
                                                            expected to attend and pitch in. Make sure to bring yer
Members, Saturday the 20th of September was a fine          scatter gun, so for those who do want to shoot and don't
day weather wise and for the Maryland SCV. We               have a gun, you can borrow one.
attended the Trimble event at the Howard County
Courthouse with 15 members riding their iron-horses,        The Camp meeting for Nov will be held on the 15th at
two passengers and one prospective camp member in           noon time, hosted by Lee Cox. Lee has invited everyone
his cage. We arrived a tad late, but they say the cavalry   to meet at his place of business. So mark yer calendars.
has always made its mark in history as being late, so we
                                                            Compatriot Eric Smith, my brother and one of our
carry on the tradition today. And as always in their
                                                            newest camp members is home safe with his family in
splendor the Maryland Color Guard gleamed in the
                                                            Taneytown, Maryland after his military tour overseas in
midmorning sun as the flags of the Confederacy waved
                                                            the "Sand".
gallantly in the breeze. We were thanked by Compatriot
Terry Klima for our attending this event during his         Looking forward to seeing ALL camp members at the
acknowledgments of those who did attend. After placing      TURKEY SHOOT and remember to tell yer friends,
flowers at the base of the monument and Taps being          family and bring guests.
played, the Mechanized Cavalry camp members headed
back to Danny Adam's house for some grub.                   With Confederate Regards
We had approximately 30 or so members and guests at         Lt Commander Rick Smith
Danny's to partake of food and share in some Southern
hospitality. To my amazement our Chaplain had
attended the event and actually showed to our feast,        ADJUTANT PARAGRAPH:
but then of course he only lives down the road a piece.
Thanks to Danny and Debbie for opening their home to        Suggestions for Group Riding:
us and Debbie for all the fine homemade vittals! I would
also like to personally thank those who attended the        Dangerous Riding: (reprint from Sept. 2008 Dixie Biker)
event and our meeting, those in attendance was:
                                                            Hey Dixie Biker:
Dan Adams/ Debbie Hylton/ Amanda Arbaugh
Rick Smith                                                  I saw a couple of bikes riding close behind a tractor-
Lee Cox                                                     trailer today and felt obligated to write. I drove over-the-
Bob Linkenhoker and son                                     road for 10 years and have seen a lot of crazy stuff
Whitey Whitt                                                happen. I had another truck pass me one day, and just
Jay Barringer                                               as he came back into my lane he blew a trailer tire.
Commander Clarence Woods                                    Truck tires almost always blow, and the outer casing
Jay Moore                                                   comes completely off in a large strip of rubber and steel
Carl Berenholtz                                             belting flying wildly down the road. This tire casing flew
Vanessa Knight                                              up and hit my windshield hard enough to break the
Sheila McDowell                                             glass.
James Shaffer, Jr.
Dave Demisch                                                Every time I get behind a big truck or see someone else
Bill and Linda Atwell                                       riding behind one, I remember that day. The break in
Bill Spencer                                                the wind you get from riding behind a semi is not worth a
Dave Brown Sr                                               tire blowing up. I try to never ride behind a truck unless
Doug Jaeger                                                 it can not be avoided and when I am forced to, I leave as
Jerry Holden                                                much room between me and the truck as possible so I
Robb Peters                                                 have time to react. Those tire casings could break you
Richard Tranter                                             neck or even take your head off.
Robert Knight
Randy Stonesifer Sr.                                        RIDE SAFE!                         Tom A., Jacksonville

Sorry if I missed anyone and I know I did, these names      FIREARMS REFRESHER:
were taken from the sign in sheet, again THANKS to all
for attending!!                                                 1. If guns cause crime, then matches cause arson.
                                                                2. When you remove the people’s right to bear
Our next event is the TURKEY SHOOT, Saturday Oct                   arms, you create slaves.
4th, being held down at Grotto's place in Southern              3. The American Revolution would never have
Maryland. Anyone not knowing what he can do to help                happened with gun control.
before and during the event should contact one of the           4. Guns, the original Homeland Security.
camp officers to receive an assignment for that day. This

Confederate Cemetery in Mt Jackson, Virginia
Lt Commander visited while on the road.                Mechanized Cavalry Meeting in Ocean City, Maryland
                                                       during Bike Week

Cemetery Bench in Mt Jackson, Virginia                 The picture says it all!

Monument to the Confederates of Mt Jackson, Virginia   New member Jeff Mitchell with his colors gets a salute
                                                       from Jerry.
These Colors Don't Run!                             Jeff proudly displays his new colors!

A proud sponsor of the cause!                       Ocean City Bike Week encampment

What else do you do at OC Bike Week? Look at.....   Big Grizz
Bluegrass Band at the Trimble Ceremony         The troops at Danny's ready for some vittles!

The troops on their way to the Howard County   The troops gather around.
Courthouse Event

Our colors in the Howard County Museum         Danny and the "Doc".
                                                            The biker replies, “I’ll take the rat but you can keep the
                                                            story old man.”

                                                            The biker leaves the store with the brass rat under his
                                                            arm and as he mounts his iron horse, two live rats run
                                                            out of a storm drain and begin to follow him. By the time
                                                            he has gone a mile, a hundred rats are right behind him.
                                                            He cracks the throttle as thousands of rats swarm from
                                                            the storm drains, basements and vacant lots. When he
                                                            sees the Monocacy River at the bottom of the hill, he
                                                            gives his iron horse all the throttle it has.

                                                            He reaches the edge of the river and jumps up and
                                                            grabs a tree limb with one hand and pitches the brass rat
                                                            into the river. Pulling his legs up and holding on to the
                                                            tree, he watches his bike and all the rats go into the river
                                                            and drown.
Redneck shares the Shine!
                                                            In amazement he walks all the way back to the antique
                                                            shop. “You’ve come back for the story?” asks the
                                                            owner. “No,” says the biker, “I want to know if you have
                                                            a brass Yankee?”

Redneck finishes the Shine!


A biker from the Mechanized Cavalry is putt’n thru the      His application is under review.
historic district of New Market, when outside of an
antique shop he spots a highly detailed, very unique,       The Finger
brass sculpture of a rat. The biker is so impressed he
asks the shop owner for the price.                          A carpenter calls his wife from a hospital emergency
                                                            room to tell her that he just cut off a finger at work.
                                          “It’s $50.00
                                          for the rat and   “Oh my God,” she screams. “Not the whole finger?”
                                          $1,500.00 for
                                          the story that    “No. The one next to it,” says the guy.
                                          goes with it,”
                                          says the                                             Submitted by Bushlicker

             SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2008
                        WELCOME ONE AND ALL
                               Sponsored by
              MECHANIZED CAVALRY CAMP # 2134

Directions from Harley Davidson at Rt 5 & Rt 231 in Hughesville:
Take Rt 231 East (Toward Prince Frederick) approximately one mile to Goode Road
and follow the signs in.

Directions from Prince Frederick: Take 231 East, across the bridge at
Benedict, and go approximately 5 miles to Goode Road (Just past Jimmy’s
Corner) and follow the signs in.

                             gates open at 11:00 AM.
                              we provide all ammo.
                               leave yours home.

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