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We Can Clone Grapes. Can We Clone Him by wangping12


									July 29, 2011                                             CASA Magazine • View online edition at                                                                                    35

Someone’s in the Wine Cellar
       We Can Clone Grapes. Can We Clone Him?
     By RICHARD and AMANDA PAYATT                got him interested in the business. For a      tasted over 30 of these wines, and were
             Special to CASA                     dozen years Doug helped Clendenen and          delighted by them all. Sadly, there isn’t

         T THE TENDER AGE OF THIRTEEN,           Lindquist make the wines. He wasn’t the        room to begin to describe these wines
         Doug Margerum was at the                winemaker, but he was working with two         here. It would require a book.
         storied Clos des Papes winery in        of the finest winemakers in California.              The Margerum tasting room also has
         France, doing barrel tastings of            In 2001 Doug made the big move to          a great collection from small producers in
Chateauneuf du Pape, when it hit him:            making his own wines. He kept it simple        France. Many of those wines are ones that
This is it! Wine is good living! He had          at first. His SYBARITE Sauvignon Blanc,         are imported by... Margerum Wines. If
been eating and drinking his way across          the ÜBER Syrah, and his M5 blend of five        Doug likes a wine that he encounters in his
France and Italy with his parents, and           Rhone Valley varieties (Syrah, Grenache,       travels, and if he likes the people making
really enjoying himself. But this was a          Mourvèdre, Counoise, and Cinsault,) were       it, he arranges to import it. The upshot of
taste of something that really changed his       the starting lineup. The wines got rave        all of this is that every bottle on offer has a
life. Now, his life is like a dream, traveling   reviews at the restaurant and in the tasting   story behind it, and Doug to vouch for it!
and tasting in France, California, and           room. Soon Doug was consulting for a                The Margerum tasting room is an
Washington, making wine, and sharing all         series of vineyards in the Santa Barbara       integral part of our Urban Wine trail. It        Doug Margerum
his discoveries and creations with the rest      area. And he just kept making wine until       is not just a place for Doug to sell these
of us.                                           it became apparent to him that he could        wonderful wines. For him, it is a place to
     Doug worked in restaurants through          either run a restaurant, or make wine. He      hang out and return to his roots in the          you the story behind the bottle. You won’t
high school and college. It was with some        had to choose. So, in 2007, he sold The        business. With the restaurant on one side,       believe how quickly the hours will fly by.
persuasion that he talked his father into        Wine Cask to focus on wine.                    and Intermezzo bar-café on the other,
                                                                                                                                                 Margerum Wines Tasting Room, The Wine Cask,
opening the original Wine Cask in 1981,              In 2010 The Wine Cask reopened             there is the opportunity to have fantastic       and Intermezzo are located at 813 Anacapa St.
which they turned into a wine shop and           under Mitchell Sjerven’s direction, with       wine pairing evenings. Examples would be         Reach them at (805) 895-4084.
tasting room. A bistro followed suit, and        Doug as a partner. The adjacent tasting        the recent Memorial Day weekend event,
soon the restaurant that we all know and         room reopened, and now it features not         celebrating the opening of Jim Clendenen’s
love.                                            just Doug’s line up of Margerum Wines,         new tasting room next door; and the                                        Amanda and Richard
                                                                                                                                                                           Payatt combine
     In 1986, Doug started making wines          but also the wine labels he makes for other    upcoming BBQ event on August 13th,                                         their considerable
in conjunction with two of the guys that         wineries, or consults on. This includes        from 1pm to 4pm, with four chefs pitting                                   writing skills with their
he had met when he first opened up The            such labels as BARRACK wines, Ten~Goal,        Memphis-style BBQ against our local                                        incredible knowledge
Wine Cask shop: Jim Clendenen and                PIOCHO, CHUKKER, Cimarone, and                 tri-tip variety. Lucky for us, Doug spends                                 and experience of
                                                 Cent’anne. This gives him the ability          a lot of time at the tasting room, because                                 fine dining to bring
Bob Lindquist. He had been buying their                                                                                                                                    you this column.
wines for the restaurant, but he wanted to       to create a huge variety of wines with         it is where every aspect of his life comes
actually get into the wine making part that      different moods and purposes. We recently       together. If he is pouring, ask him to tell

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