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Podpora rozvoje cizích jazyků pro Evropu
                21. stol.

Tento projekt je spolufinancován Evropským sociálním fondem a státním
                       rozpočtem České republiky.
                Animal Categories
   Amphibians – frog, salamander
   Arthropods ("jointed feet") – insects (tarantula, cricket,
   Birds – sparrow, pigeon, crow, parrot, bird of prey
   Mammals – there are app. 5,400 species of mammals
    (blue whale)
   Reptiles – crocodile, turtle, rattle-snake etc.
              Animals vs. Humans
   Dangerous to humans – spiders, snakes, bear, lion,
    hippo, viper, wolf etc.
   Domestic animals – livestock, sheep, chicken etc.
   Pets – cat, dog, guinea-pig, budgie etc.
   Animals used for work – horse, camel, donkey etc.
         Typical Animals in the CR
   DEER – have antlers, widely hunted
   HEDGEHOG - easily recognized by their spines
   SQUIRREL - in the early 21st Century in the UK, wild
    squirrel has become a more popular meat to cook with
    showing up in restaurants?
   FOX – typical features are a long, narrow snout, and a
    bushy tail
   SWALLOW X MARTIN – build mud nests, threatened
    with extinction and generally endangered
    Extinct and Endangered Animals
   Pre-modern – dinosaurs
   Modern – dodo, Bali tiger, golden toad
   Endangered species – Siberian tiger, Javan rhino,
    blue whale, giant panda, snow leopard, albatross
   Vulnerable – cheetah, wolverine
                  Animal Hunt
   Seal hunt -
   Whale hunt -
   Ropáci – Jan Svěrák, 1988 (fictive documentary)
   About 350,000 species of plants
   Photosynthesis - plants use the energy in sunlight to
    convert carbon dioxide
   Land plants are key components of the water cycle
   Parts of plant/tree:
    leaves/conifers - coniferous x broadleaf
                Devision of Plants
   Food - cereals (wheat, corn), vegetables, spices,
    fruits, coffee, herbs etc.
   Nonfood – woods (for construction, furniture making),
    cotton (for clothing), medicines derived from plants
    (quinine, morphine) + drugs (nicotine, opium)
   Aesthetic uses – cut flowers, botanical gardens,
    indoors and outdoors flowers
   Negative effects – plants that cause allergic reactions
    (hay fever), poisonous plants
             Typical Plants in CR
   Trees – fruit trees, spruce, pine, oak, lime tree,
    maple, birch, sequoia etc.
   Herbs and flowers – camomile, daisy,
    snowdrop, dandelion, peppermint, sunflower
   Berries – raspberry, blueberry, strawberry,
    blackberry etc.
             National Parks in CR
   Šumava
   Krkonoše
   National Park České Švýcarsko
   Podyjí
                  Air Pollution
•   Includes smog, acid
    rain and "holes" in
    the ozone layer.
•   Divided into outdoor
    and indoor pollution
•   Invisible pollution
                 Outdoor Pollution
•   Smog is a type of large-scale
    outdoor pollution
•   It is caused by chemical
    reactions between pollutants
    derived from different
    sources, primarily automobile
    exhaust and industrial
•   The Greenhouse Effect, also
    referred to as global warming,
    is generally believed to come
    from the build up of carbon
    dioxide gas in the
                   Indoor Pollution
•   We spend indoors app 80%
    of our lives
•   Sources of indoor air pollution
    - tobacco smoke, cooking and
    heating appliances, and
    vapors from building
    materials, paints, furniture,
•   Radon - a natural radioactive
    gas released from the earth
          Invisible Pollution - Noise
•   Neighbours making noise
•   Building sites
•   Pubs and loud discos
•   Car alarms that go off during
    the night
•   Roadworks
•   Dogs that bark when people
    walk past the house
•   Heavy traffic, trains, plains
•   People who play music loud
    with the windows open

Tato výuková prezentace byla pořízena z finančních
prostředků hrazených Evropským sociálním fondem
           a rozpočtem České republiky.

Tento projekt je spolufinancován Evropským sociálním fondem a státním
                       rozpočtem České republiky.

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