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									                                      July 26, 2010

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               Armadillo Records Celebrates AWHQ Birthday

AUSTIN - Armadillo Records celebrates the 40th Birthday of storied Austin concert
venue Armadillo World Headquarters with the release of Taking Turns (CD1002), a
song circle among musical friends – twelve exciting vocalists, supported by great
session players and captured by great recording engineers. Produced, composed, and
arranged by Armadillo Records Executive Director Fletcher Clark, Taking Turns
showcases fifty Austin and Central Texas musicians working in ten of the region’s best
studios. Beyond the fine material, musicianship, and technical support, the project also
showcases the versatility of Austin’s recording scene.

“The nature of the album doesn’t lend itself to the typical CD release party,” Clark says,
“so we’re having a Cast Party on Sunday, August 8, at Threadgill’s Old No. 1 - a fitting
end to the Armadillo World Headquarters Birthday Week with a bow to the past, and all
eyes and ears aimed at the future”.

Armadillo Records is also taking the occasion of the AWHQ Birthday (August 7, 1970)
Week to feature Carry Me Home (CD1001), from Hank & Shaidri Alrich with Doug
Harman (quietly released last December at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar). The trio
will kick off the celebration Thursday August 5 at Threadgill’s Old No. 1 (6416 N. Lamar,
Austin TX at 7:00pm). Threadgill’s, owned by Eddie Wilson, founder of Armadillo World
Headquarters, is an equally storied venue, host of so much great music for more than
three-quarters of a century.

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On Saturday August 7, Austin blues legends The Cobras will reconvene at Threadgill’s
World Headquarters (301 W. Riverside, within spittin’ distance of AWHQ) for the
Birthday Night. Then on Sunday August 8, it’s back to Threadgill’s Old No. 1 for the
Taking Turns Cast Party & CD Release to finish off the Birthday Weekend.

Armadillo Records first emerged in 1969 with a single by Shiva’s Head Band. Picked up
by Capitol Records, manager Eddie Wilson used part of the signing bonus to lease an
abandoned National Guard armory in South Austin. Hank Alrich built a recording studio
in the AWHQ complex, offering quality live concert recordings as well as studio projects,
and he oversaw releases by The Bugs Henderson Group, Balcones Fault, Kenneth
Threadgill, Lindsay Haisley, The Cobras, and more. Alrich assumed the Armadillo helm
in 1976 (with Wilson headed to the restaurant business), guiding it to its international
stature as a premier performance venue - until its closing December 31, 1980, following
the sale of the leased property. Taking Turns and Carry Me Home represent the re-
emergence of Armadillo Records to herald the 40th Birthday. In Alrich’s view, “They are
the fruit of special seeds born of a rich root system nurtured in the fertile soil of Austin’s
professional music community”.

The twelve artists/ensembles featured on Taking Turns include: Shaidri Alrich, Tommy
Elskes, Craig Toungate, Michael Durbin, Mady Kaye, Denim, Shake Russell, Beto y los
Fairlanes, Greezy Wheels, Elizabeth Wills, Rose Kimball & Judy Painter, and Lindsay

The supporting cast for Taking Turns reads like a Who’s Who of the Austin studio
scene: players Hank Alrich, Ponty Bone, Bill Browder, (the late, great) Tony Campise,
Eddie Cantu, Fletcher Clark, Ian Davidson, Layton DePenning, Floyd Domino, James
Fenner, Joe Forlini, Jim Franklin, John Fremgren, Arturo Garza, Laurie Gibson, Sally
Gibson, Rich Haering, Mike Harris, Cleve Hattersley, Mary Hattersley, Lissa Hattersley,
John Inmon, Art Kidd, Danny Levin, John Mills, David Moerbe, Laura Mordecai, Mike
Mordecai, Larry Nye, Riley Osbourn, Paul Pearcy, Penny Jo Pullus, Mike Rieman,
Russell Scanlon, Robert Skiles, Spencer Starnes, Steve Summer; engineers/studios
Fred Remmert/Cedar Creek, Layton DePenning/Elmo’s Lab, Eastside Flash/Flashpoint,

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Mark Hallman/Congress House, Marty Lester/Tequila Mockingbird, Gary Powell/Powell
Productions, Larry Nye/La-Z-L. Mixing was done by Chet Himes/AMS, mastering by
Jerry Tubb/Terra Nova.

“Armadillo has always offered a wide range of talents and styles to provoke the
adventurous and discriminating tastes of our audience’, Clark wrote as liner notes. “It is
within this tradition that we are Taking Turns.” The music is artfully complemented by
the cover illustration from Guy Juke.

Carry Me Home’s acoustic Americana sound has been well received by select radio
programmers from Texas to Alaska, California to Massachusetts, the Netherlands, Italy,
Israel, New Zealand, etc. As Texas music writer Joe Nick Patoski wrote, “Over the
course of three days in November 2009, this album happened. It marks not only the
rebirth of Armadillo Records and its sibling publishing company, Armadillo Music, but
the debut recording of a daughter-father duo whose dedication and determination to
make music on their own terms – music for music’s sake – shines through”; or as John
Conquest put it succinctly in his 3rd Coast Music magazine review (4 stars) of February
2010, “ten timeless tracks”. The trio’s August 5 appearance in the excellent listening
environment at Threadgill’s Old No. 1 presents a welcome opportunity for central
Texans to experience this music live.

Taking Turns and Carry Me Home are available at selected local outlets, including
Waterloo Records/Austin and Sundance Records/San Marcos, and on-line from and


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