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					                                                              The Mainsheet
Proud restorers, Peter Kovats and Mike Davies from Chicago.

                                                                      A Letter from the President
                                                                                     Here it is, The Mainsheet i        y      b so
                                                                                                                 issue syou’ve been
                                                                                waiting for with the NORs and entry forms for the
                                                              1-3               Rhodes 19 East Coast and National Championships.
                                                                                Now is the time to start planning to tune up the
                                                                                boat and your sailing skills.
                                                              4-6                    As we get ready to sail and race our Rhodes
                                                                                I’d like to acknowledge the efforts of a few people
                                                              7-11              who have made a significant effort in making the
                                                                                Rhodes 19 the active class that it is today.
                                                              11                     First my predecessor as Class Association
                                                                                President, Wiley Crockett:        Wiley steered us
                                                                                through the implementation of the new class rules.
                                                              12-14             I got to know Wiley as we worked together on the
                                                                                Mainsheet. There are few in the class who care
                                                                                as strongly for the Rhodes 19 and its integrity as
                                                              15                a one-design class. The mission he consistently
                                                                                drove home was to promote racing in boats of
                                                                                equal performance and to maintain the Rhodes
                                                                                19 class as a moderate cost option on the race
                                                                                course. We all owe him a debt of gratitude for
                                                                                                            continued on next page
 the hard work and time he gave for the future                The resignations by George and John weren’t
 benefit of the class.                                    the best news I’ve received since becoming Class
     Early this winter George Randal let me know          President and they both left big shoes to fill.
 that after four years he wanted to step down as          Fortunately the Rhodes Class has a tradition of
 Measurement Committee Chair and Chief Measurer.          attracting considerable talent and members willing
 George’s role was one that goes largely unnoticed        to contribute their time and effort to make things
 until the rubber hits the road and we need to            work. Jerry Blouin has agreed to accept the
 measure boats for the Nationals. What doesn’t            role as Measurement Committee Chair and Chief
 get noticed is the preparation and planning of           Measurer. A past Rhodes 19 National Champion,
 the process that makes the measurement process           he was also a member of the Rules Rewrite
 work smoothly. During George’s tenure as Chief           Committee. Jerry recently relocated from New
 Measurer the revised rules with several new mea-         Orleans to Marblehead. Other than that possible
 surement points were implemented. As with any            lapse of judgement, Jerry is highly qualified for
 transition there were a few issues; one of the           this role. Welcome and thanks, Jerry.
 more interesting and entertaining was convincing             This issue contains the notice of our annual
 every skipper that they had to drill a 3/8 inch          meeting on August 19th in conjunction with the

 hole just above the waterline in their boat’s tran-      Nationals in Padanaram. If you are unable to
 som.    Ever the diplomat, George eased the pain         attend, please designate a proxy so your vote
 with good humor.                                         can be counted and to insure that we have a
     Recently another stalwart in the class, John         quorum to conduct the meeting. A proxy card
 Durlak, announced that he wanted to resign as Mid-       is included in this issue and is also available on
 West Measurer and member of the Measurement              the website and can be downloaded and emailed
 Committee. Like George, much of John’s effort            to the Class Secretary, Peter Meissner, at peter.
 was behind the scenes but he has contributed    Your email address will
 greatly to the measurement process and one               indicate that the proxy came from an active mem-
 design integrity of the class. In addition to his        ber and will be accepted as a signature.
 role as a Measurer, John contributed significantly            The Fleet Roundup indicates several fleets are
 to the growth and development of the Chicago             picking up new members and it is great to hear
 Fleet. Guy Whitney’s article in the last edition         from Chris Schreiber and the folks in St. Croix
 of the Mainsheet documents this well and John            that Rhodes 19 sailing is continuing and growing
 hopefully will continue his role as a mover and          in the islands. There must be a way to work in
 shaker.                                                  a midwinter regatta with Fleet 40. There has also
                                                          been correspondence from a group at Savannah
                                                          Yacht Club who are considering the Rhodes for a
  Mainsheet Advertising Rates                             new one-design fleet in their area. This is in addi-
                              Quarter Half        Whole   tion to the existing Rhodes 19 fleet on Skidaway
  Individual Placements       $60        $110     $200    Island. Hopefully we will have more to report and
  Year Discount Total*        $110       $200     $360
                                                          welcome a new fleet soon.
  Savings                     $10        $20      $40
     * 2 Issues, Spring and   Fall, if paid in advance         On a mundane note, it is dues time. Many
                                                          fleets collect Class Association dues as part of
  Schedule                                                spring registration so that is essentially automatic.
  Submission Deadline         15-Apr   15-Oct             For those who pay individualy, dues a membership
  Publication Date            30-Apr   31 Oct             form is on the website
                                                          pdf/08membershipform.pdf. Your Mainsheet mail-
                                    c       B o
  To place your ad in The Mainsheet contact Barbara       ing n
                                                            a label shows youra current a c
                                                                        r t    b                      rt    a
                                                                                           membership status.
  Wilson, or Tom Despres,          If it says “Inactive Member”, we haven’t received                                 dues from you for over a year and you will be

|The Mainsheet
dropped from the list with the next issue of the
    The Rhodes Class lost a long-term advocate
of the class this past winter. Sadly, Fleet 35, the
Rhodes 19 Class and the sailing fraternity have
                                                                    TOM DESPRES
lost Bob Taber, a Narragansett Bay icon and
                                                          48 Evans Rd., Marblehead, MA 01945
sailor’s sailor. Bob was featured in a 2003 Fleet
Profile and lived a life full of sailing experiences
and introduced countless locals to the sport he
                                                                    P            E
                                                                    PETER MEISSNER           T            E
      Jim Finch in Gundog with Dave Legier crewing.

                                                           42225 W Belle Plaine Ave., Unit 2E
                                                                   Chicago, Il 60641

                                                                    CHUCK BECKER
                                                            110 N. Lake Shore Dr., Apt 3-B,
                                                                  Chicago, IL 60611

                                                                    ROB PATERSON
                                                           19 Way Rd., Gloucester, MA 01930
Notice of                                                            978-283-0316
2008 Annual Meeting
    The Rhodes 19 Class Association’s Annual
Meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 19,                    RICHARD WITHERSPOON
2008 from 5P.M. to 8P.M. at the New Bedford                3257 N Hoyne., Chicago, IL 60618
Yacht Club, South Dartmouth, Massachusetts.                         773-718-3784
The Agenda will be in accordance with Article XII       
of the Class Constitution.
    For those who are not able to attend the
meeting, please consider naming a proxy, so that                      DAVE LEGIER A G
                                                                      D     E                     V   I
we can meet the quorum requirement of 1/3 of             1 Canebreak Place, Fairhope, AL 36532
the active membership. A proxy form is provided                      251-928-9401
with this issue.                                       
    Proxies must be received by the Class Secretary,
Peter Meissner, 41115 W. Belle Plaine Ave, Chicago,
IL 60641 or by email at peter.meissner@corinthian.                   DAVID CURRY
org at least 7 days prior to the meeting (August       24 Whitney Woods Ln., Cohasset, MA 02025
5, 2008). Members who name a proxy may with-                         781-820-4414
draw the proxy and vote in person at the Annual        
    Only votes from members who have paid their
dues for the current year will be valid. Proxies
received will be compared to an updated list of the                  J          E
                                                                     JERRY BLOUIN          R              R
2008 membership before recording the votes at          132 West Shore Dr., Marblehead, MA 01945
the Annual Meeting. A membership form is avail-                       781-990-3548
able on the class website (http://www.rhodes19.        
                               f) a
org/pdf/08membershipform.pdf) and you m  y     may o
                                                n          d    u
                                                                a            y
include your 2008 dues with your proxy.

                                                                                        Spring 2008
                                                         Organizing Authority
                                                              Hosted by
                      New Bedford Yacht Club, Dartmouth, Massachusetts
                              AUGUST 20 TO AUGUST 22, 2008
                                            NOTICE OF RACE (4/15/08)
         1. RULES
            1.1. The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing (2005-2008).
            1.2. Following the measurement and entry of a boat, the measurement protest provisions of the RRS will apply.
            1.3. The Rhodes 19 Class Rule RB 17.00.03 is changed as follows:
                     One U.S.C.G. Approved PFD of Type I, II, or III per crewmember.
                     One U.S.C.G. Approved PFD of Type IV (Throwable).

         2. ADVERTISING
            Advertising will be restricted to Category A.

            3.1. This regatta is a championship event sanctioned by the Rhodes 19 Class Association. Competitors shall
            comply with the eligibility regulations of Article B 12.00 of the class rules.
            3.2. The regatta is open to all Rhodes 19 keelboats that are certified as in compliance with the Class Rules by the
            event measurer.
            3.3. Eligible boats may enter by completing an Official Entry Form and sending it with the required fees to the
            registrar by August 19, 2008. Entry forms are available from the New Bedford Yacht Club web site

         4. FEES
            4.1. The entry fee is $290 per boat with US Sailing membership and $315 per boat without. A $25.00 discount is
            extended to US SAILING members. To receive the discount, the US SAILING membership must be in the name of
            the Person in Charge. If the Person in Charge is not the Helmsman, then the Helmsman must also be a US Sailing
            Member. You must present your membership card or other proof of membership at registration to avoid this fee.
            4.2. Entries postmarked after July 26, 2008 will be subject to an additional $50 late fee.

         5. REGISTRATION
            Eligible competitors shall register with the Organizing Authority at the New Bedford Yacht Club during the following
            dates and times:
               Date                    Time
                 Sunday, August 17    1500-2000
                 Monday, August 18    1500-2000
                 Tuesday, August 19   0800-2000

         6. MEASUREMENT
            All boats will be measured for compliance with class rules. Any boat is subject to remeasurement or examination
            during competition. Competitors are asked to present their boats for measurement during the following dates and
             Date                                                        Time
            Sunday August 9 – Sunday August 17            call for times   Local Boats only
            Sunday, August 17                                              1500-2000
            Monday, August 18                                              1000-2000
            Tuesday, August 19                                             0800-2000

|The Mainsheet

    Date                                 Warning Signal
    Tuesday, August 19           1400    Practice Race
    Wednesday, August 20         1030    Up to three races
    Thursday, August 21          1030    Up to three races
    Friday, August 22            1030    Up to two races

     A maximum of eight races shall be held during the course of this regatta.


      The Sailing Instructions will be available at registration.


      The race area will be outside Padanaram Harbor in Buzzards Bay.


      10.1. Per Class Rule B 10.00, the regatta will be scored as provided in Appendix A of the RRS using the Low Point
      Scoring System.
       10.2. One score shall be excluded if five or more races are completed.


      The following perpetual trophies will be awarded:
               National Championship Trophy – awarded to the overall winner
               Cressy Trophy – awarded to the overall 2nd place finisher
               Don Quixote Trophy – awarded to the highest finishing competitor who has never finished in the top five
               in any previous National Regatta
               Novice Trophy – awarded to the highest finishing competitor who has never competed in the event previ-
               Robert Jensen Masters Trophy – awarded to the highest finishing skipper over sixty years of age
               Corinthian Trophy – awarded to the highest finishing amateur skipper under 25 years of age
               Travel Trophy – presented to the competitor who has traveled the farthest with the greatest effort to attend
               the regatta
      In addition, the daily race winners will be presented with an award.


      Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See RRS 4, Decision To Race. The Organizing
      Authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with
      or prior to, during or after the regatta.


      See the New Bedford Yacht Club web site at for general information and directions to the
      club. For regatta information, see For further information,
      please contact Scott Lindblom at or 508-878-2969.

                                                                                                             Spring 2008      |
                                              ENTRY FORM                             !!"#$%&'


  BJ277,<K-!/06,!! !    !      !      XP,- X3*!!
                                       !      !                     L*6,!M)*3,!!  !        N1),<!M)*3,!

  E++<,--!!!    !       !      !      !      !                      O$D024!E++<,--!
  521PA!B101,A!Q27!! !  !      !      !      !                    X P,- X 3*!! !!!!M<,;,<<,+!C0P!R!S26,!T23+*9!
                                                                   !        !
  !        !         !  !      !      !      !                     !        !       !!!!EU0240@4,V!B?3+0P!76A!D*3+0PA!S?,-+0P!06!
  5<,9!W!%!!    !       !      !      XP,- X3*!!
                                      !       !                     5<,9!W!F!     !       !      !      ! XP,- X3*!!

  IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!                     D**<238!*<!C*>J!*U,<328)1-V!!!X E44!-,1!$!)0U,!6P!*93!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  =0>)1!54?@!*<!M*<1!*;!5044!! !      !       !                     !      !        !!!!!!!!!!X!/,,+!-*6,1)238!"P*?!60P!@,!<0;1,+'!!!

  :*01!/06,!!   !             B024!W!! !     !!!!!!!!L?44!5*4*<! !      (%.!Y4,,1!W!   B72330J,<!5*4*<"-'!

                                                     Skipper's Certification

  BJ277,<!"M<231!/06,'!! !  !      !!!B28301?<,!! !   !      !     !      C01,!

                  ENTRY FEE: $290 per boat ($315 if not a US Sailing Member)
           Entry Fee!!        !        !         !!cIIIIIIIII!!!!!!dB!B024238!6,6@,<-)27WV!IIIIIIIIIIIIII!
           e01,!Y,,!cfG!"0;1,<!`?4P!FaA!FGGH'!! !!cIIIIIIIII!
           O_1<0!S)?<-+0P!+233,<!12>J,1-!c#G,0!!cIIIIIIIII!                                           E4-*A!23+2>01,!-2j,!*;!
           :*_!e?3>),-!"c.!,0>)'!!! !            !!!cIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!WIIIT,+!!!IIIS)?<!!!IIIY<2!!!!!D,01!7<,;,<,3>,V!!IIIIIIIIIII!
           !      !        !        !            !        !         C,42!-03+92>)A!>)27-A!;<?21A!+<23J[!!M2>J!?7!@P!.06!,0>)!+0P[!
                          Total Enclosed:        cIIIIIIIII!!!

  D0J,!>),>J!70P0@4,!1*!New Bedford Yacht Club. N<!7<*U2+,!><,+21!>0<+!W!921)!-,>?<21P!>*+,!03+!,_72<012*3!+01,!

|The Mainsheet
                                                         as the Rhodes continues to provide one of the
                                                         best options for competitive racing in the harbor.
                                                         Among our newest members are Dave Reynolds
                    FLEET 4, Fairhope, Alabama           and Jeff Shoreman, Larry and Kath Durkin,
                    By Dave Legier                       Scott Krypel and possibly Susan McMullen and
                       Fleet 4 Rhodes 19ers began        family. We all look forward to seeing them on
                   their season with the FYC             the water and helping them get acquainted with
         Dogwood Regatta on March 29th and 30th.         sailing a Rhodes.
         Three Rhodes 19’s participated in two
         days of racing on Mobile Bay. Weather                      FLEET 9, Padanaram, Massachusetts
         conditions were ideal with plenty of wind                  By Geoff Marshall
         and sunshine for the sailors. Tony Lowery                     Spring is finally here and everyone
         finished in First Place, Steve Odom was                    here in Fleet #9 is getting primed for
         Second and Jim Finch was Third.                 a full schedule of racing this summer. We all
              On April 19th Fleet 4 R19ers will gather   recently convened for an early season cookout/
         at Jane and Dave Legier’s for a short           fleet meeting where many topics were tossed
         meeting and social. At the meeting, plans       around amidst some cold drinks and hot food off
 call for election of Fleet Officers for 2008. Also,     the grill. Racing begins the first Wednesday in
 a short discussion of our 2008 Race Schedule            June and we are expecting to have an average of
 is planned and a brief review of the fleet’s            15 boats out every week which is a slight increase
 plan to submit a bid for the 2009 R19 National          from last year.
 Championships.                                               The highlight of the upcoming season will be
     The new clubhouse for FYC is progressing            the Nationals which the New Bedford Yacht Club
 very well and is on schedule for a July/August,         is proud to be the host. Measuring and regis-
 2008 completion and move-in. Everyone is getting        tration for this event will be held on August 18
 excited about our new club house and photos             and 19 with racing from August 20 - 22. The
 can be viewed at http://www.fairhopeyachtclub.          complete schedule of events, the NOR, the entry
 com/index.htm.                                          form and lots more information is all posted on
     Regards from Fairhope, on the Eastern Shore         the NBYC website,
 of Mobile Bay.                                          rhodes_19.html. I encourage all those planning on
                                                         competing in this event to sign up early. We are
           FLEET 5, Marblehead, Massachusetts            hoping for a large turn out and some competitive
           By Tom Despres                                racing in blustery Buzzards Bay.
              Suddenly spring is in the air here in           Scott Lindblom, who did such a great job of
           Marblehead and there is the feeling that      coordinating last years East Coast Championships
 this year’s sailing season is coming on fast. Fleet     has been persuaded to be the chairman for this
 5 held a well-attended late winter/spring party to      years Nationals in August. Many of the same
 get members talking and thinking about sailing          committee members are back and the organizing
 back in March. Our spring fleet meeting is in late      is well under way. We look forward to seeing
 April and we’ll get together and finalize the rac-      as many of you as possible in August and hope
 ing plans for the racing season. The Marblehead         everyone has a fun and safe season of R-19 rac-
 Racing Association has tweaked the schedule,            ing.
 breaking the season into a Spring Regatta, two
 summer series regattas with racing on Saturday,                          FLEET 12, Chicago, Illinois
 and threw in two weekend Saturday and Sunday                             By Peter Meissner
 regattas to provide variety. All that, along with                            The harsh winter has almost
 the NOODs, aka Marblehead Raceweek, the East                             released its grip here in Chicago.
 Coasts in nearby Winthrop in July and the Rhodes        Spring is teasingly around the corner. Frostbiting
 19 Nationals at Padanaram in August, provide            almost began last weekend, but the ying and yang
 multiple options for getting on the racecourse          of weather didn’t cooperate. Perhaps next week-
 with great competition. With this many races and        end.
 regattas available there should be an opportunity           The sailing hiatus, which the winter months
 to fit everyone’s schedule.                             bring, are a mixed blessing for our fleet. It means
     Our fleet has picked up a few new members           we are not doing what we love, out on the water

                                                                                               Spring 2008 |
 sailing. We don’t have the opportunity to work on       organized the race committee schedule for the
 our skills, our tactics, or developing new sailing      Sunday race series and special regattas. It’s one
 stories. It does mean we have time for those            of those thankless but critically important jobs to
 activities which build our fleet such as featuring      make the sailing season work at an all-volunteer
 the boat and fleet at the Strictly Sail Show, pot-      club. Communications is a huge component to
 lucks to share old stories with new potential crew      growing our fleet. For as long as I can remem-
 or skippers, plan the new season, sign-up race          ber, Marc Culler has maintained a ListServ for
 committee, develop new communication chan-              Skippers and Crew to use. Our humble thanks go
 nels, teach crew school, and upgrade or restore         to Marc, as we transition to a new service with
 our boats to pristine conditions. These activities      greater functionality. Check out our postings, pic-
 have involvement from all members of the fleet.         tures, schedules and links at:
 Everyone brings a unique skills to help the fleet.      com/group/rhodes19fleet12/
     High Honors go to the following members.                Magna Cum Laude goes to the “restorers” of
 Brian Morgan for organizing the Pot Luck fol-           their boats to gain that elusive competitive edge.
 lowing the Strictly Sail Show. We had a great           Gary & Pat Scott are upgrading Uno Mas with
 response from new folks contacted at the show.          new hardware and paint. Jen Wolhberg is learn-
 Good food, good company and great stories. The          ing the joys of ownership with refinishing floor
 room was buzzing from the energy! Dave Nelson           boards and welding a cracked mast. Mike Davies
 and Jen Wohlberg have graciously volunteered            is coming to the end of his multi-year project
 their time to help teach Crew School at the yacht       with a new black-metallic paint job on Maximus.
 club this spring. While the crew training is targeted   Christa Georgeson and Laura Reischel are in
 for “big boats”, the Rhodes 19 fleet consistently       the final throws of a total restoration of a derelict
 finds a few individuals who are looking for more        hull which was headed for the junk yard. They
 action than to be “rail meat” on some behemoth.         are taking suggestions on naming the boat with
 Lightning sailor Tom Hennessey is moving to the         Tinkerbelle and Phoenix in the lead.
 dark side with the purchase of a pristine Rhodes            Summa Cum Laude goes to one person. This
 19. Huge thanks goes to Sally Hamann who has            person has selflessly lent his time and expertise

|The Mainsheet
to insure boats are primed and ready for the              various Caribbean’s a small island, so
upcoming season. When I see 20 boats on the               we all sail everything! But we’re ready to move
line this season, I will know that it is, in no small     into one design time again, and hopefully will be
measure, due to Peter Kovats. He has done three,          seeing 5 to 7 R-19’s on the line in the upcoming
and soon to be, four rib jobs. Two boats fully-           series.
faired, sanded and primed – ready for finish coats.           Mike Weber and his Jezebel are anxious to
Include a few “minor” repairs to keels, rudders and       show their stuff, as are Morgan Dale’s Rhodes
other miscellaneous items on lots of boats – just         Runner and Beech Higby’s nameless Rhodes (can
incredible. Additionally, he made a dozen “control        you imagine???).
platforms” for fleet members to install under their           Together, those three boats are the resurrected
cuddy for simplifying the handling of sheets on           Bitter End Rhodes 19’s, completely refurbished and
their boats. One will be installed on my boat,            looking sharp! We’ll see if fleet champion Chris
804.      My thanks as Fleet Captain goes to the          Schreiber can hold his own with the reconditioned
inspiration he has given to all in the fleet through      boats and if the two St. Croix Yacht Club boats
his willingness to get the job done.                      can hang as well! Look for reports and pictures
                                                          in the next Mainsheet.
                   FLEET 39, Gloucester,
                   By Carter Hall
                       Blue Streak went in
the garage March 1st. That is the first sign
of spring, even surer than the first robin
on the lawn. Not much else has happened,
though. The garage is not heated.
    However, racing at Eastern Point Yacht
Club is taking shape already. Our race sched-
ule is set with our basic Sunday afternoon
racing off the breakwater, sometimes outside
and sometimes inside. Appy Chandler, our
new Race Committee Chair, has made con-
tact with the Cape Ann counterparts, and
we are working to have interclub events.
This year we hold the Cape Ann Rhodes-19 Appy Chandler of Fleet 39 has taken some compelling pictures. This collage
Championships on (tentatively) July 20 at                  should start to get the racing juices flowing!
EPYC. It is a simple one day afternoon 2 or 3
race event. We have had great racing the past                               FLEET 45, Winthrop,
2 years with Sandy Bay, and hope this year to                               Massachusetts
entice boats from Manchester and Marblehead                                 By Angela Hickey
(and points beyond) to join us with the promise of                               Hello All, Cottage Park Yacht
an afternoon of fine racing. NOR to follow.         Club’s Rhodes 19 Fleet 45 held its spring party and
    Same fleet is back, with the addition of meeting at Tom Bailey’s house a few weeks ago.
Ben Richardson sailing Tern Too. Competition It was good to get out, see our summer sailing
is cranked up a notch, with Rob Paterson in friends and think warm thoughts. The discussion
Tuxedo, Ben in Tern Too, and Eben Moulton ranged from a review of our successful frostbite
in Nonameasyet expected to provide some fine season to the upcoming summer schedule.
competition for the rest of us. We have a beautiful     The Rhodes 19 Frostbite Series has been a
sailing venue, and everyone is welcomed at any great success. Due to the popularity of the Series
time to show up and race with us.                   and the limited pier space for parking boats,
                                                    the 2008 Rhodes 19 Frostbite Series will be an
                   FLEET 40, Saint Croix, US        Invitational Event.
                   Virgin Islands                       The 2008 Schedule will be finalized within the
                   By Chris Schreiber               next month. Check the CPYC/R19 website for
                       STX Fleet 40 has been quiet details. Some exciting events happening this year
lately, as we’ve all been off island racing in the include the R19 East Coasts being held at the

                                                                                                     Spring 2008  |
|The Mainsheet
CPYC on July 11 – 13. The club has also agreed       held every Thursday evening at 6 pm.
to host a Match Racing Series that will be sailed        Fleet 45 is looking forward to hosting the 2008
in Rhodes 19’s on 6/21 & 6/22. This is a great       Rhodes 19 East Coast Championship, July 11 – 13
opportunity for exposure of both the Rhodes 19       and plans are well underway. We are anticipat-
and CPYC as it is a Ladder Event to the Prince       ing a great turnout and a terrific event. The
of Whales Cup. Also, as a fleet we are planning      NOR is included in this issue of the Mainsheet
to race every Saturday with a start time of 1        and is available on the class website http://www.
pm. We will join the Star’s on the outside line.[1].pdf.         John
    An Adult Sailing program is also planned. This   Siljander is doing a fabulous job as Event Chair
is a great way to introduce new members to           and watch for more details.
sailing and the fun of sailing a Rhodes 19 and           Once again, thanks to Tom Bailey for hosting
an opportunity to build our fleet. Rhodes 19s        our party the meeting. Looking forward to a great
and volunteer instructors are needed to make this    summer!
successful. Classes will start in July and will be

    Spotlight on
      Salem, MA - Some seafarers from Salem, MA are looking ahead to the warmer weather, when
 they plan to launch the city’s first community sailing program on Winter Island. Sail Salem Inc.,
 would operate much like Community Boating Inc., its Boston relative, offering economical member-
 ships for adults and providing children with weeklong sailing lessons for only $1. The program is
 still in the early stages of development, having recently been approved by the city’s Parks and
 Recreation Commission and earned nonprofit status.
      A five-person board, headed by local maritime attorney David Smith has worked to garner funds
 from local residents and businesses. Sail Salem aspires to have 50 boats, a mixture of 8-foot
 Optimist Dinghies for children, and Rhodes 19s for adults. When the program gets running, it will
 ideally become self-sustaining with the $300 season-long adult memberships funding the children’s
 classes. The full memberships will give sailors the ability to reserve boats for sailing in Salem’s
 historic harbor.
      Winter Island is the site of a former Coast Guard station at the entrance to Salem Harbor with
 a commanding view of Salem Sound and the open ocean. Now owned by the City of Salem, the
 facility is home to two historical buildings once used by the Coast Guard and needing renovation
 which over time could become Sail Salem’s home.
      Youth sailing will take place in protected enclosed areas where a string of children can safely
 follow their instructor. There are many protected areas along Salem Sound where students can
 safely move from following the instructor to sailing on their own. The more advanced children will
 be able to sail out to “middle ground,” an area outside Salem Harbor where they won’t have to
 worry about competing with the city’s ferry.
      At this point Sail Salem’s board is working to gather funds and plan classes, which will begin the
 last week in June and are geared toward children age 8 to 12. They hope in the second year to
 have earned enough funds to open up lessons to older youths as well. “Because we’re limited by
 money we are starting with the youngest and building around them,” said Smith. “As they advance
 in age and ability we’ll adapt to their needs. If we raise enough money we’ll have enough boats
 to give older kids lessons.”
       “We have eight miles of coastland and most people don’t get to go out on the water and
 see Salem Sound from a different perspective,” said Bob McCarthy a member of Sail Salem’s
 advisory board and chairman of the city’s Open Space and Recreation Committee.. “This is a great
      To learn more about Sail Salem, or make donations, visit

                                                                                          Spring 2008 |
                                   Cottage Park Yacht Club & Rhodes 19 Fleet 45
                                                       Mass Bay, Winthrop, Massachusetts
                       Rhodes 19 Class Association 2008 Eastern Regional Regatta
                                             Friday, July 11th - Sunday, July13th, 2008
                                                            NOTICE OF RACE
The 2008 Rhodes 19 Eastern Regional Regatta will be held in the waters             Sailing Instructions: Sailing Instructions will be available at registration.
of Boston Harbor, off Winthrop July 11 – July 13, 2008.                            Amendments to the Sailing Instructions will be posted at the Cottage Park
Hosts: The Cottage Park Yacht Club and the Winthrop Rhodes 19 Fleet                Yacht Club by 0900 hours daily. It is the responsibility of each competitor
45.                                                                                to check the Official Notice Board for any amendments or other notices.
Rules: The regatta will be governed by the racing Rules of Sailing 2006            Schedule of Races: There will be a harbor start at 1000 hours each day
- 2008 (RRS) as amended, the prescriptions of US Sailing, the Rhodes               of racing. The Race Committee will attempt to run as many races as
19 Class Association rules (except as they are modified by this Notice             possible. No races will start later than 1400 Sunday.
of Race and the Sailing Instructions), and any amendments thereto, this            Scoring: The Low-Point Scoring System, RRS Appendix A2 will apply.
Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions. Sailing Instructions will be          If five or more races are completed, one race will not be counted in
made available at registration check-in as described below. RRS 30.3               determining the contestants’ series scores, but all races will be used to
may be used.                                                                       break ties. Three races will constitute a series.
     Rhodes 19 Class Rule, Article XII, Section B, Part 12.02 stating that
                                                                                   Protests: Protests and requests for redress will be heard by a jury
the minimum total crew per boat for a class sanctioned event shall be
                                                                                   appointed by the organizing committee. An arbitrator will also be
three for all races shall be waived for this event in favor of the following:
                                                                                   appointed who will conduct a pre-hearing meeting with the protester and
     Entrants will be authorized to sail with either a two person or a three
                                                                                   the protestee. Decisions of the Jury will be final in accordance with RRS
person crew providing the following conditions are met:
     a. A boat wishing to apply for a waiver to Rhodes 19 Class Rule,
           Article XII, Section B, Part 12.02 for the East Coast Regional          Mooring and Haul-Out: Boats requiring a mooring during the regatta
           Championship Regatta must declare in writing (see Official              should so indicate on the entry form. No haul-outs will be permitted
           Entry Form), that it will sail the entire regatta with two crew. Such   from 1700 Thursday July 10, 2008 until after the finish of the final race.
           declaration must be submitted no later than June 27, 2008. No           Exceptions to this rule in order to undertake repairs may be granted
           exceptions will be made for any reasons to the number of crew           only by the Race Committee in writing. In the event of severe weather,
           once a boat has declared. A boat that is not declared by the            all competitors will be required to follow any instructions given by the
           waiver date will be required to sail with a three-person crew.          Wharfinger of the Cottage Park Yacht Club regarding moorings and haul-
     b. Boats sailing under the 2 person waiver will be subject to                 outs.
           a minimum crew weight of 375 pounds, with the difference                Prizes: Series prizes will be awarded (number depending on the number
           between the actual crew weight and the 375 pound minimum                of entries).
           to consist of closed containers of water ballast which shall
           be installed inside the cuddy and above the floorboards and             Disclaimer of Liability: Competitors participate in the regatta entirely
           sufficiently secured so that they cannot shift while sailing.           at their own risk. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for
           Crew weights will be determined while wearing dry clothing              material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with
           not weighing more than 5 lbs, including footwear. There is no           or prior to, during, or after the regatta.
           minimum weight limit for 3 person crews.                                Schedule of Events:
Eligibility: The regatta is open to all Rhodes 19 Class yachts as defined          Day & Date       Time                  Event
by the rules of the Rhodes 19 Class Association. All boats must meet all           Thursday, 7/10   1400 - 2000           Registration
ownership and class membership requirements and class eligibility rules,           Friday, 7/11     0800 - 0930           Registration
and must have paid all event fees before becoming official competitors.                             0930 - 1000           Skippers Meeting
                                                                                                    1000                  Harbor Start
Registration/Fees: Entries shall be submitted on the official entry form                            1700                  Social Event (TBA)
contained in the Mainsheet or posted on the Fleet 45 or National web site,         Saturday, 7/12   1000                  Harbor Start
and received no later than June 27, 2008. The entry fee is $175 per boat.                           1700                  Social Event (TBA)
Boats whose entry fees are received later than June 27 will be subject to          Sunday, 7/13     1000                  Harbor Start
a $40 late fee. Completed entry forms, with the entry fee, check made                               1500                  Awards Ceremony
payable to Boston Harbor Rhodes 19 Fleet 45, and shall be mailed to
John Siljander, 28 Sleigh Rd., Chelmsford, MA 01824.                               Directions to the Club: The Cottage Park Yacht Club is located at One
     Registration will be at the Cottage Park Yacht Club between 1400              Baker Square, Winthrop MA 02152. Please see our website www.cpyc.
and 2000 hours on Thursday July 10 and between 0800 and 0930 hours                 org for additional information.
on Friday July 11. Each boat or representative must complete registration          Housing: Accommodations are available in Winthrop area hotels, inns
by checking-in and picking up their skipper’s packets during these times.          and local member’s homes. Housing contact: Denise Economides, 617-
Measurements: All boats shall conform to the Class By-Laws and                     846-6591,
the Class Rules as prescribed by Rhodes 19 Class By-Law Article XV,                Information: For additional information, contact John Siljander, Regatta
Section B 15.00. The actual measuring of boats and sails are waived for            Chairman at (978) 256-9332, email address or see
this regatta in accordance with the Rhodes 19 Class Association Rules.             the Fleet 45 web site at

 |The Mainsheet
Spring 2008
                                  OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM
                    Rhodes 19 Class Association 2008 Eastern Regional Regatta
                            Cottage Park Yacht Club & Rhodes 19 Fleet 45
                                   Mass Bay, Winthrop, Massachusetts
                               Friday, July 11th - Sunday, July 13, 2008

 Skipper’s Name                                Home Phone                  Work Phone

 Address                                       E-Mail Address

 City, State, Zip                              Do you require a mooring?

 Crew # 1                                      Crew # 2

 Boat Name                                     Sail #                      Hull Color

 Fleet #                                       Spinnaker Color(s)

 Do you require housing?                       If so, with a local fleet member or hotel?

Skipper’s Certification
I hereby certify that my boat conforms in all respects to the latest rules set forth in the Rhodes 19
Class Association rules. The same crew will sail all races with me, and no changes will be made
without prior permission of the Race Committee. I agree to be bound by The Racing Rules of Sailing
and by all other rules that govern this event.
  Skipper (Print Name)                      Signature                                   Date

Waiver of Class By-Law, Article XII, B 12.02
I hereby request a waiver from Rhodes 19 Class By-Law Article XII, B 12.02 requiring that I compete
with at least 3 crew members. I understand that I must sail the entire regatta with two crew members
and that if our combined weight does not meet or exceed 375 pounds, then additional ballast must be
carried sufficient to meet that weight limit.
  Skipper (Print Name)                       Signature                               Date

Your entry fee of $175 per boat received on or before June 27, 2008, entitles three people per boat
to great racing, all scheduled evening festivities and coffee each race day morning. Entries received
after June 27, 2008 are subject to a late fee of $40. Reservations and a $40 fee are required for
each additional guest to entitle them to attend all scheduled evening events. Please indicate the
number of guests and add the expense to your entry fee. Make check payable to Boston Harbor
Rhodes 19, Fleet 45 and mail with this form to: John Siljander, 28 Sleigh Rd, Chelmsford, MA, 01824,, (978) 256-9332.
                         Entry Fee $175                         $_________
                         Late Fee (after June 27, 2008) $40     $_________
                         Social Guests $40 each                 $_________
                                            Total Enclosed      $_________

|The Mainsheet
Conrad Langenhagen -
A Quick Study
                   By Fred Brehob
    The     title   aptly    characterizes     Conrad
Langenhagen’s short association with the Rhodes
19 Class. In a scant five year time frame, the new
Fleet 46 Capitan has learned how to race our
quirky craft while gaining an effective understand-
ing of its unique place on the sailing scene.
    Competitively, he has captured his fleet’s last
three championships, finished second in the 2005
East Coast Championship at home and gained a
fourth in 2007 at Padanarum with a deeper field.
These above average results have been accom-
plished in an off the shelf craft that has not
enjoyed outsourced upgrades.
    Making these accomplishments more remark-            the fleet almost ten years ago.”
able is the fact that #3120 is the first racing              For readers wondering how Conrad got it so
sailboat Conrad has skippered. He attributes his         right so quick, the answer is simple, a lifetime on
racing success to the dedication and elbow grease        the water. He had the good fortune to be born
of his primary crew Marc Hambley plus the open-          into a sailing family and grew up in Hingham,
ness of Rhodes sailors from Hingham, Hull and            Massachusetts, a seaside community. His dad fiber
Marblehead. He says, “Every single question I            glassed an old wooden turnabout, named it Kraut
had was answered with completeness, thoughtful-          and passed it down to each of his three sons.
ness and perhaps more information than I could           Conrad was number two and when he had learned
digest.”                                                 all he could from it, he used paper route profits
    When he purchased it in 2003, #3120 was a            to buy a Laser, great for “hacking around on” and
“very used” Stuart, set up for cruising with genoa       capsizing endlessly on hot summer days.
tracks, winches, running lights, battery and motor           He sailed with his family on an Indian, an
bracket. Most significant was the original, Dwyer        Ensign and a Bristol 34. Subsequent trimmer slots
pole mast. Instead of taking the needy craft to a        on bigger boats, 40 footers to 12 Meters, deep-
professional, he and Marc, an ex Thistler, rolled up     ened his understanding of sails, wind and waters.
their sleeves and did it themselves. They removed        Most notably, as trimmer for Tripp 40 crew he
the cruising paraphernalia, rigged new lines and         helped win the Lloyd Phoenix Trophy for the U.S.
blocks, added spinnaker gear, internalized hal-          Offshore Championship in 1991.
yards and raised the original mast to conform to             A good education, BSE, Duke, ‘88 and MBA,
the new rule. A moderately handy crew can copy           Stanford, ‘97 helped Conrad understand and
them, thereby saving money, gaining a sense of           structure his experiences into effective sailing
self-accomplishment and contributing to the true         techniques. After starting his own family; wife Lori
spirit of one design.                                    plus Morgan (8), Sydney (6) and Conrad (2); he
    By sailing with Fleet 46, Conrad has gained          realized his changed lifestyle was incompatible
a deep understanding of the need to keep a               with the big boat scene. The travel and time com-
balance among the more committed class level             mitment became a burden on his family life, while
racers, the club “fun” racers and those who are          the crap shoot IMS-PHRF scoring was challenging
primarily pleasure sailors, slightly interested in the   his patience.
laid back camaraderie that non -spinnaker, eve-              When he sought a good local fleet with strength
ning races can provide. , “We are trying to find         in numbers in order to continue his sailing and
the right level of activity with peoples’ increasingly   to teach his kids, he chose the Rhodes 19, the
busy schedules.” It follows that the Langenhagen         “dominant race fleet in Hingham Bay.” Lucky us!
style for Hingham is, “Maintaining the spirit of rec-
reational racing on which Dick Callahan founded

                                                                                             Spring 2008 |
                                     From Fleet 45
    Fleet 45 is looking forward to hosting the East Coast
Championship being held at Cottage Park Yacht Club July 11-
13. We welcome all to come a day early and participate in our
Wednesday night series to get a trial run of sailing at CPYC. Our
starting time is 6:00 PM. and moorings are readily available.
    Our regatta committee has been working diligently to make
on the water and shore side activities a great success. Notice
of Race and entry forms have been posted at the class website.
Further information about CPYC is available at
    Please pass the word to encourage as many participants as
 you can.                                 -John Siljander

 Fairhope Fleet Captain Steve Odom in Rhodes to Perdition with the
                 FYC committee boat The Guardian

              Barbara Wilson
              1 Foley Beach Road
              Hingham, MA 02043

Return Service Requested

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