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Celebrating the best of independent filmmaking
and world cinema while embracing the epicurean
pleasures of one of the most sought-after
destinations – Legendary Napa Valley.
Exclusive Founding Sponsorship Opportunities 2011
     Picture this. You’re mingling poolside at the
     LEED-Certified Bardessono Hotel in
     Yountville, the culinary heart of Napa Valley.

     The Fall sun sparkles, its rays seeming to
     penetrate your glass of Sauvignon Blanc from
     the nearby Hill Family Estate winery. The
     Winemaker himself has just poured his new
     release and casually mentions how celebrity
     chef Michael Chiarello’s appetizer - Monterey
     calamari, crisped with Arborio rice flour and aioli
     nero - is the perfect match for the wine.

     While the food and wine are seductive, so
     is the conversation. The Director of tonight’s
     VIP film premiere is regaling you and your
     guests with the harrowing and yet inspiring
     “back story” of her film’s characters. You head to
     the nearby theater in a historic barrel room with
     a new perspective on what you are about to

1   Napa Valley Film Festival   | Sponsorship Opportunities 2011
    Introducing the Napa Valley Film Festival.
                                                                   Immerse yourself in an extraordinary festival where
                                                                   inspirational films, intimate conversations and epicurean
                                                                   adventures converge under the sun and stars of
                                                                   legendary Napa Valley.

                                                                   November 9 – 13

2   Napa Valley Film Festival   | Sponsorship Opportunities 2011
     Reserve your seat at a
     world-class cultural event
     set in the exceptional and
     majestic Napa Valley wine
                                                                   JOIN OUR FLIGHT

     Desirable Destination                                         Accessible to the Audience                       Affluent Adventurous Consumers
     From Victorian Napa to old west Calistoga, the                One hour north of San Francisco. Over            A large and attractive array of consumers attends
     stunning countryside is filled with vineyards,                8 million people living within 2 hours driving   the festival* with two primary groups making up
     world-renowned wineries, Michelin-starred                     distance. Served by 3 major international        the core audience, both affluent, well-traveled, and
     restaurants, exclusive spas resorts and hotels,               airports (San Francisco, Oakland,                ready for a cultural road trip.
     and charming communities.                                     Sacramento).                                     1. Classic baby-boomers, empty-nesters and
                                                                                                                        aging Gen Xers (age range 45 to 65+)
                                                                                                                    2. Pre-kid professionals with flexible schedules
                                                                                                                        and disposable income (age range 21 to 35)

                                                                                                                        Note: 60% female, 40% male
3   Napa Valley Film Festival   | Sponsorship Opportunities 2011
     Our Celebrity Triangle – Film, Food, and Wine – serves as a magnet for a
     large culturally-savvy local, regional and national consumer audience.

FILM                                                                                                                         WINE

      Food and wine have become much more than simply eating and drinking. Like film, they serve as both a source of entertainment and a true
      catalyst for conversation. Complementing Napa Valley’s celebrity winemakers and chefs, we toss into the festival “soup” a host of celebrities
      from film, television, venture capital and technology. Let the conversations begin!

 4   Napa Valley Film Festival   | Sponsorship Opportunities 2011
    Experiential Luxury
     Indulge in a luxurious extended weekend during the
     gorgeous tail end of the annual Napa Valley Harvest
     Season. All participants – consumers, sponsors,
     filmmakers and celebrities – will enjoy prestigious
     new independent and pre-release films and a pletho-
     ra of epicurean adventures.

     The Format:
     •   Wednesday evening through Sunday night
     •   75+ new independent films and world cinema
     •   Screening venues clustered in walkable festival
     •   Q&As with the filmmakers after most screenings
     •   Food and wine tastings at most venues
     •   Interactive panel discussions with filmmakers,
         industry executives, and celebrities

     •   Sneak Previews of holiday season studio releases
     •   Opening Night Festival Gala
     •   VIP Receptions and Exclusive After-Parties
     •   Tributes to Industry Luminaries and Celebrities
     •   Series of Celebrity Chef and Winemaker Dinners
     •   Closing Night Awards Celebration and Wrap Party

5   Napa Valley Film Festival   | Sponsorship Opportunities 2011
    The Napa Valley Film Festival features four
    distinct festival “villages”
                                                                   1. Napa
                                                                   Historic and renovated riverfront and town center – the
                                                                   cultural and commercial center of activity for the valley with
                                                                   new restaurants and hotels continuing to open.
                                                                   Venues:*          Napa Valley Opera House
                                                                                     Jarvis Conservatory

                                                                   2. Yountville
                                                                   Surrounded by acres of vineyards, and considered the culinary
                                                                   capital of the Valley with more celebrity chefs and Michelin
                                                                   stars per square mile than anywhere else around the globe.
                                                                   Venues:*            Barrel Room at V Marketplace
                                                                                       Yountville Community Center

                                                                   3. St. Helena
                                                                   The quintessential storybook small town in the heart of Napa
                                                                   Valley, with a Main Street lined with boutiques, restaurants,
                                                                   tasting rooms and art galleries.
                                                                   Venues:*           Merryvale Winery Cask Room
                                                                                      Cameo Cinema

                                                                   4. Calistoga
                                                                   Where the old west meets Wine Country - home to hot
                                                                   springs, mud baths, and laid back tasting rooms at top
                                                                   wineries including the famed Chateau Montelena.
                                                                   Venues:*          Solage Resort
                                                                                     Mount View Hotel

6   Napa Valley Film Festival   | Sponsorship Opportunities 2011
                                                                                                                     *Sample of film venues (subject to change)
    A day at the festival
     You’re perusing your program guide over espresso,
     fresh berries and croissants at Bouchon Bakery.
     Your morning screening is across the street at the
     enchanting V Marketplace Barrel Room. You stroll
     to the theater, walking in the very moment the lead
     actress does. She smiles. You introduce yourself. You
     watch her lighting up the screen.

     High noon. Lunch is served outside on the inviting
     covered patio at Michael Chiarello’s Bottega. You
     and your festival friends share stories about the films
     you’ve seen and compare notes on what the rest of
     the day will hold in store.

     Your 2:30 pm screening is back across the street at

     Yountville’s new and stunningly transformed
     Community Center. The powerful documentary has
     you glued to your seat and eager to learn more.
     The lights come up and the director explains how he
     approached piecing together such a sensitive and              Your VIP reception is a few miles up the road in   Riveted from the film, you head to the crown
     complex story, and how he accessed his archival               St. Helena at Longmeadow Ranch Winery &            of the Napa Valley for dinner at the Michelin-
     footage.                                                      Farmstead. A glass of wine, an appetizer, more     Starred Solbar at Solage Resort & Spa in
                                                                   stories… and you’re walking up the street to the   Calistoga – an evening hosted by a hot new film
                                                                   historic Cameo Cinema for your third film of the   critic from LA-based Variety Magazine. After
                                                                   day: a sneak preview of a new release that has     dinner, you linger with new friends, not wanting
                                                                   Oscar buzz all over it.                            the day to end. Then you realize you get to do it
                                                                                                                      all over again tomorrow!

7   Napa Valley Film Festival   | Sponsorship Opportunities 2011
     Why fly with us?

                                                                    Your platform for showcasing and sharing your
                                                                    products and brand with a hip, educated, and affluent

                                                                    •   The average attendee will view 6 films during the
                                                                        extended weekend (with some seeing 10 or more)
                                                                    •   Total attendance projected at 30,000 year one,
                                                                        growing to over 100,00 by year five
                                                                    •   Source of consumer attendance: 25% Drive-in,
                                                                        35% Fly-in, 40% Local
                                                                    •   Film Industry attendance: 250 Film industry
                                                                        guests consisting of Directors, Writers, Actors,
                                                                        and Producers presenting their new films along
                                                                        with film industry executives and celebrities
                                                                        participating on panels, as jurors, in celebrity
                                                                        tribute programs and at all special food and
                                                                        wine events.
                                                                    •   Local, SF Bay Area Regional, and National Media
                                                                        will promote and cover the new festival. Anticipat-
                                                                        ing over 100 credentialed members of traditional
                                                                        and new media in attendance.

 8   Napa Valley Film Festival   | Sponsorship Opportunities 2011
    A look at the festival audience:
     Approximately 20% of total
     attendance will have VIP status
     •   Sponsor/Partners
     •   Founders & Patron Pass Holders
     •   Entertainment Industry Leaders
     •   Top Tier Media

     •   Festival VIP Receptions, Premiere Screenings,
         After-Parties, Tributes, Private Food and Wine

         Experiences, Year-round VIP Events, Exclusive
         high-level Sponsor experiences and exhibits

     General festival audience
                                                                   Napa Valley Community/Local/            Extended Community
     •   Festival & Day Pass Holders
                                                                   Regional Bay Area Residents             The Festival extends its presence...
     •   Last-minute Ticket Buyers                                 Marketing and outreach connects with:   •   Online Community - opt-in audience
                                                                   •   120,000 Napa Residents              •   Social Media Community - websites, blogs
                                                                   •   8M Bay Area Residents               •   National Advertising and Publicity with Major
     •   Panels, Discussions, Sponsor Exhibits
         and Experiences                                                                                       Media Partners
     •   Food and Wine Tastings

9   Napa Valley Film Festival   | Sponsorship Opportunities 2011
     Choose your seat.
     Sponsorship levels range from $15,000 to $250,000+ with each program highly customizable to
     deepen the immersion at the festival and to extend your reach both geographically and throughout the
     year. All with the aim of maximizing your ROI.


     For Your Brand
     Brand Awareness opportunities at all key
                                                                    For the Audience
                                                                    Brand Activation opportunities
                                                                                                                  For You
                                                                                                                  Corporate Entertainment at its finest
     consumer touch points                                          •   One on one education                      •   First class Corporate Hospitality
     •   Website and Social Media Outreach                          •   General sampling                              Packages and Concierge Service
     •   Campaign Posters and Collateral                            •   Gift Basket opportunities                 •   Loyalty and Reward opportunities for
     •   Program Guide, Festival Passes and Lanyards                •   Film Festival Evangelist Program              company executives, guests, clients,
     •   Press Kits                                                 •   Interactive – online promotions               business partners
     •   Main, Directional and On-site Signage and Banners          •   Custom and exclusively sponsored events   •   Special Access to films, filmmakers and
     •   Custom Hospitality Promotional Material                                                                      celebrities

10   Napa Valley Film Festival   | Sponsorship Opportunities 2011
                                                                     We offer you the ability to customize your sponsorship
                                                                     program to work best for you and your brand. A few

      Make your own wine if you like!                                things to sip on as you devise your plan:

                                                                     Our four “walkable” festival villages afford many
                                                                     possibilities to create meaningful experiences for
                                                                     your brand – providing you the ability to reach this desir-
                                                                     able consumer set. Unique opportunities for brands from
                                                                     footwear, to travel accessories, to technology. Let us work
                                                                     with you to align your goals with the many options
                                                                     available in Napa Valley.

                                                                     What happens outside of the theater is just as
                                                                     important as inside. We create “campfires of
                                                                     conversation” and extend the experience beyond the
                                                                     screen. Wine-tastings, vineyard tours, after-parties, dinner
                                                                     parties, or just coffee table community events are all ways
                                                                     to speak directly to our audience, your customers.

                                                                     While our unique festival supports the art of independent
                                                                     filmmaking, we are also a business. Customer satisfac-
                                                                     tion and loyalty are keys to future customer retention.
                                                                     Let’s work together so we can toast to a relationship
                                                                     where goals are outlined, pursued, and achieved.

                                                                     We can drink to that, and we hope you can too!

 11   Napa Valley Film Festival   | Sponsorship Opportunities 2011
     Sponsorship Opportunities
                                                           $250K                          $125K                    $75K                        $40K                     $15K
            PROGRAM                                        PRESENTING                     DIRECTOR                 CO-STAR                     CAST                     CREW

            Brand Promotion
            Marketing Materials                            First Placement                Second Placement         Key Placement               Key Placement            Basic Placement
                 •	   Festival Ads in Regional and
                                                                •	   LOGO                     •	   LOGO
                      National Media
                 •	   Official Poster                           •	   LOGO                     •	   LOGO                 •	   LOGO
                 •	   Cards/Flyers                              •	   LOGO                     •	   LOGO                 •	   LOGO
                 •	   Mini-Guides                               •	   LOGO                     •	   LOGO                 •	   Name                   •	   Name                •	   Name
                 •	   Press Kits                                •	   LOGO                     •	   Name                 •	   Name                   •	   Name                •	   Name
            Main/Home Page                                 Presented by… LOGO             LOGO … In Rotation
            Other Pages                                    Presented by… LOGO             LOGO … In Rotation
                                                                                          Second with logo, link   Third with logo, link and   Fourth with logo, link   Fifth with logo,
            Sponsor Listing Page                           Lead w/logo, link and copy
                                                                                          and copy                 copy                        and copy                 link and copy
            Social Media
                 •	   Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.
                 •	   Partner sites
                 •	   Blogs                                     •	   Presented by… LOGO       •	   LOGO                 •	   Name                   •	   Name
            E-Newsletter & Email Notifications             LOGO & COPY                    Name                     Name
            On-site Signage & Graphics
                 •	   Festival Lanyard                          •	   LOGO, Exclusive
                 •	   In Theater Recognition                    •	   Always                   •	   In Rotation
                 •	   Festival Banners                          •	   Presented by… LOGO       •	   LOGO
                 •	   Festival Merchandise                      •	   Presented by… LOGO       •	   LOGO
                 •	   Sponsor Listing Banners                   •	   Presented by… LOGO       •	   LOGO                 •	   LOGO                   •	   LOGO                •	   Name

12   Napa Valley Film Festival   | Sponsorship Opportunities 2011
     Sponsorship Opportunities
                                                   $250K                           $125K                     $75K                       $40K                       $15K
           PROGRAM                                 PRESENTING                      DIRECTOR                  CO-STAR                    CAST                       CREW

           Original Advertising
                                                         •	   C4 or Inside Front
                •	   Festival Mini-Guide                                                 •	   Full-Page 4C         •	   Full-Page B/W
                                                              Double Truck
                •	   Online Commercials                  •	   Yes                        •	   Yes
                •	   In-Theater Commercials              •	   Yes                        •	   Yes
                                                         •	   C4 or Inside Front
                •	   Souvenir Program                                                    •	   Full-Page 4C         •	   Full-Page B/W         •	   Half-Page B/W
           Consumer Experiences
           Sponsored Film Presentations            Yes                             Yes
           Sponsored Events w/Signage &
                                                   Yes                             Yes
           Sponsored Awards & Tributes             Yes                             Yes
           Custom Programming                      Yes                             Yes                       Yes
           VIP Gift Bags                           Yes                             Yes                       Yes
           Product Sampling                        Yes                             Yes                       Yes
           Booth Space                             Yes                             Yes                       Yes                        Yes                        Yes
           Corporate Hospitality
           VIP Patron Passes                       6                               4                         2
           Premium Passes Plus                     10                              6                         4                          2
           General Festival Passes                 20                              10                        6                          4                          2
           Concierge Services                      Dedicated                       Dedicated                 On-Call                    On-Call                    On-Call

13   Napa Valley Film Festival   | Sponsorship Opportunities 2011
      Festival Team

                                                                     Proven track record
                                                                     Brenda & Marc Lhormer have a combined five
                                                                     decades worth of experience in management,
                                                                     marketing, and event production.

                                                                     From 2001 to 2008, Brenda and Marc built
                                                                     the Sonoma Valley Film Festival into a top ten
                                                                     destination festival, with award-winning programming
                                                                     and attendance growing by a factor of 10. They also
                                                                     produced the hit feature film Bottle Shock, about the

                                                                     historic victory of Napa Valley Wines over the French
                                                                     at the 1976 Judgment of Paris.

                                                                     Brenda and Marc have assembled a stellar line-up
      Marc and Brenda with Mathew Modine and friends.                of both independent and full-time staff, as well as
                                                                     hundreds of eager volunteers, to support the launch
                                                                     of the new Napa Valley Film Festival.

 14   Napa Valley Film Festival   | Sponsorship Opportunities 2011
                                                                            be there
“Cinema transports you to a place you’ve never been but have always
 wanted to go. No other art-form so completely immerses you in an
 altogether entertaining and sense-awakening experience, especially
 in a darkened and full movie theater.
Academy Award-Winner Quentin Tarantino

                                             Reserve your seat at the new
                                             Napa Valley Film Festival

                                             Contact: Deb Connor

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