Retraction Demand by dara1111


									Retraction Demand

Dear _______________:

Please retract your statement published _________________________________.

Said statement has caused me irreparable harm because:
Demand is hereby made, pursuant to federal and state statutes, that you immediately publish a
correction of said information in substantially as conspicuous a manner as was the above-stated
article, and that in said correction you state:
In the event that such retraction is not made timely under the applicable law, legal action will be

Damaged Party

Retraction Demand
Review List

This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its
preparation. Retraction requests are generally sought by individuals, as opposed to companies,
and are more successful when pursued by an individual due to the larger damages usually
awarded in such situations. These requests can be made of website owners as well as the
traditional media. Website owners are just as liable and can be prosecuted in any state, due to
the national, if not international, nature of their distribution.

1. Make multiple copies. Send one or more to the relevant parties from whom you seek a
retraction. Often sending out multiple copies will assist in getting their attention. Keep a copy
with the related transaction file.

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