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									                                      An IRS Section 501(c)(6)    Asian Contractor
                                      Nonprofit Organization
                                                                 Association (ACTA)

ACTA Publications

1. A Brief for Construction-related
   Contractors -- Business,
   Procurement, and Technical
   Information, May 2009
2. Technical Documents and/or
   Requirement Process, April 2009                               4201 Ed Bluestein Blvd.
3. Documents of Translation in                                          Suite 2105
   Asian Languages, February 2008                                  Austin, Texas 78721

                                                                    Tel: (512) 926-5400
                                                                    Fax: (512) 926-5410

                                                                  Email: acta@cs.com
                                                                  Web Site: acta-austin.com
Mission                                      Services provided by ACTA                              Contact Information
                                                                                                          Board Members
Asian Contractor Association                  Provide referral services on marketing,
(ACTA) is a nonprofit organization. The        contracting, and technical assistance for            Mahesh Naik, PMN Builders,
mission of ACTA is to promote                  members, contractors, suppliers, and the                Chairman, 785-0599
construction-related businesses and to         general public.
improve the availability of small and                                                             George Chang, Asia-Tex Services
minority businesses, especially Asian         Provide information regarding contracting                    947-8838
American firms, to perform work on             opportunities with the City of Austin and
projects of the public agencies as well as     other public and private sectors.                  Sung R. Cho, KoAmerica Concrete
the private sectors.                                                                                      Fence, 773-0001

                                              Assistance in obtaining minority business                  Li Li, IBM Corp.
Objectives                                     certifications with the City of Austin                         699-0298
                                               and other governmental agencies.
   Provide an organization for the                                                                    Thong Vo, Vo Properties
    promotion of Asian American               Sponsor or cosponsor networking events to             _______________________________
    contractors and related businesses.        meet fellow contractors with common
                                               interests and concerns.                               Staff Member and Contacts
   Enhance the communications
                                                                                                            Allan Leung
    among Asian American contractors          Receive and organize construction plans and               Program Manager
    and the community at large.                reports delivered from various agencies.                      576-2816
                                               Provide plans and repots for reviews by
   Implement information exchange             contractors. Assistance in access to the City of            Aletta Banks
    programs through seminars,                                                                         Program Coordinator
                                               Austin On-Line Plan Room for obtaining                        300-7644
    workshops, and networking events.          detailed project and bidding information.

                                                Consult with contractors concerning
                                                 construction-related and other issues.

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