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Rotary Club of the Valley of the Moon Rotary Club of the Valley of the Moon


									                           Rotary Club of the Valley of the Moon
                                Number one Mid size Club in District 5130
                              6572 Oakmont Drive, Suite A, Santa Rosa, CA 95409
       Volume IX            Issue No. 13    Gordon Freedman, President    October 16, 2009

                                                             Try not to become a man of success but a
                                                              man of value. [Albert Einstein]
                                                             He who has never learned to obey cannot
                                                              be a good commander. [Aristotle]
                                                             Do not forget small kindnesses and do
                                                              not remember small faults. [Chinese
                                                             Never tell people how to do things. Tell
                                                              them what to do and they will surprise
                                                              you with their ingenuity. [George Patton]
                                                             Some people have 20 years of experience
                                                              and some people have one year of
                                                              experience twenty times.        [JERRY
The Four-Way Test of things we think, say or
                                                         VISITING ROTARIANS AND GUESTS
Is it the Truth?
                                                      FRED ADAIR introduced his son, Chris,
Is it Fair to all concerned?
                                                      visiting from San Luis Obispo.
Will it build Goodwill and better Friendships?
Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?
                                                             PRESIDENT ANNOUNCEMENTS
                             OPENING                  President Gordon started club announcements
                                                      by sharing the 1966-1967 Rotary motto: “A
                     PHIL WIGEN led us in the         Better World Through Rotary” by President
                     Pledge and JERRY DION            Richard L. Evans.
                     gave the Thought For The
                     Day based on various great       Thank you to MIKE ISOLA AND GARY
                     quotes from a wide variety       MCCLERNAN for their strenuous work at the
                     of people. The following         Sierra Youth Center using a trenching machine
                     are just a few of them:          to dig 100’ of trench for the electrical service for
                                                      the out-building that this Rotary Club built in

      If at first you                                Please remember that the Valley of the Moon
       don’t succeed,                                 vision session will be this Monday 10/19 at 5:00
       try, try again.                                in the new central addition. Dinner will be
       Then        quit.                              served and no alcohol please.
       There’s no use
       being a damn                                   The SCARC Dinner will be Thursday, October
       fool about it.                                 29 in Rohnert Park. The cost is $40. The topic
       [W.C. Fields]                                  is “Social Media to Enhance Your Club”. Please
let PRESIDENT GORDON know if you want                                         RICH              IRWIN
to attend. The presidential limo has room for                                 followed up on last
one more person.                                                              week’s       presentation
                                                                              regarding Foundation
                                                                              raffle tickets. Rich will
PRESIDENT                                                                     prepare and pass out
GORDON          reminded                                                      statements      regarding
everyone to see DAN                                                           amounts                of
GROW for tickets for                                                          contributions for tax
the    Veteran's     Day                                                      deduction purposes and
Luncheon on November                                                          status of each member
5. Tickets are $15 each.                                                      with the Paul Harris
                                                   Award. He also reminded the membership about
                                                   the Rotary Foundation Dinner scheduled for
                                                   November 14.         The speaker will be Cliff
                       Our club is responsible     Dochterman. Rich also asked that members
                       for giving 4 bottles of     specify the purpose of each check submitted so
                       champagne      to    the    that the dollars will go to the correct fund.
                       November              14
                       Foundation       Dinner.    CAROLINE
                       Please look around your     KELLER gave a
                       wine bars and if you        “bird’s eye view” of
                       have any champagne          Vocational Services.
                       that you don’t ever plan    She      thanked    the
on using, please give me a call or bring to our    members for their
next meeting.                                      incredible
                                                   involvement       with
There is a Board meeting at 9:15 at Sonoma         community service
Bank following our regular meeting today.          activities.    Caroline
                                                   presented a summary
 REPORTS & ANNOUNCEMENTS                           of the Vocational
                                                   Services Budget.         She pointed out that
JOHN DERBY gave a report on the progress on        fundraising and activities are co-dependent.
                          the club’s Raffle.
                          John elaborated on                                  LOIS          KELLY
                          W.C. Fields about                                   announced for PAT
                          giving up after you                                 GOOLER that the
                          try. John reminded                                  next Bunco session is
                          everybody to try, try                               scheduled          for
                          before giving up.                                   Wednesday, October
                          John     issued    the                              28 at 6:00 at the East
                          Rotarian        Raffle                              Rec. Center. Seats are
                                   Grandparents                               available. There will
                          Challenge – “What if                                be a Halloween theme.
                          each            VOM                                 This will be the last
grandparent bought a ticked for each grandchild?   Bunco for the year.
A sign-up sheet was circulated. John also
suggested that we adopt a new message to reflect
on what Rotary is doing for the community.
   BIRTHDAYS, ANNIVERSARIES                          probably will not be rescheduled. Ken asked,
       & HAPPY DOLLARS                               “Perhaps a holiday party?”

LOIS KELLY is still celebrating her birthday,        RICH IRWIN saw an eye doctor on Tuesday,
October 13th. She was taken to a surprise            one year after his cornea operation. “Everything
birthday dinner at the Osake restaurant. Today is    is very successful. “
her granddaughter’s 29th birthday.                   BILL SHAVER announced that today’s raffle
                                                     pot is $29.50. BILL SWASEY was the holder
DAN GROW celebrated his birthday by having           of today’s lucky ticket. Bill announced that this
dinner at the Quail Inn with seven of his friends.   was the first time in ten years that he held the
                                                     lucky ticket. He drew the Ace of Hearts and won
FRANCINE                                             a free breakfast.
Dorshkind birthday is
next week, but she is                                   GUEST SPEAKERS / CRAFT TALKS
beginning to celebrate
today.      She and her                              In place of having a guest speaker this week,
granddaughter are going                              Craft Talks were given by two new members and
to Disneyland. Francine                              two founding members. FRANK SITES
has pictures from the                                introduced the first speaker.
Whited        Elementary
School reading program                               JERRY DION opened his talk with two quotes,
that will be presented in                                                     “I am the luckiest guy
the future.                                                                   that I know” and “I’d
                                                                              rather be lucky than
                        TODD VanDenburg’s                                     good.” Jerry was born
                        twin     daughters    are                             and raised in San
                        celebrating their 13th                                Francisco. He attended
                        birthday. The girls were                              the University Of San
                        given      the     Cooter                             Francisco (USF) and
                        Aptitude Test and scored                              majored in accounting.
                        97 in the area of                                     One day he was in
                        Finance.                                              downtown            San
                                                     Francisco and “saw the suits in downtown San
                      MAC         MCHENRY            Francisco with keys in their backs” and decided
donated Happy Dollars for Debbie opening up          that a career in Accounting was not for him.
Sonoma Bank for flu shots and snacks.
                                                     He joined Navy flight school with John McCain.
                            RON NICHOLSON            That is a story to be told later. He flew carrier
                            won the $178.50          aircraft. His career in the Navy was limited
                            raffle last week. Ron    because he was in the Navy Reserve. He left the
                            returned the check to    Navy in 1963 and attended the University of
                            the     club    as  a    California at Berkeley. These were tumultuous
                            donation. Thank you,     times at Cal. Jerry’s wife was also in the Navy.
                            Ron.                     Jerry left Cal and joined Pan Am as a
                                                     commercial pilot on 8/14/64. This was also the
                          KEN          YOUNG         first day of the Viet Nam War. He rose to
                          thanked those that         become one of the youngest 747 captains.
                          signed up for the
                          Sierra Youth Center        Jerry started winemaking as a hobby and won
picnic. The picnic was cancelled due to rain and     awards.     He built a house on acreage in
Kenwood. Pan Am’s future became bleak and            California and moved to Kenwood almost ten
Jerry flew for Delta Airlines for six years. The     years ago. Gary met his wife, Steph, at a party in
Delta culture was much different than the Pan        Hermosa Beach, CA. They have been married
Am culture. Jerry flew out of Portland and lived     28 years and have two children, aged 25 and 24.
in Vancouver. He sold his home and moved to          His son, Devin, was injured in a Little League
Oakmont nine years ago.                              baseball accident about 12 years ago. This
                                                     accident made him not able to speak clearly and
RON MOTTA semi-quoted Abraham Lincoln,               to be in constant pain.     Devin had a brain
                              “Three score and 15    surgery operation known as Deep Brain
                              years ago….” Ron       Stimulation last year. Devin’s speech improves
                              was born in New        slowly and he is able to communicate much
                              York. He attended      more clearly now. Gary’s daughter, Kelly is a
                              college           in   recent graduate of UCSF with a major in
                              Worcester,     MA.     industrial design.
                              Ron attended Law
                              School and worked      Gary spoke about his 30 year career in corporate
                              in the D.A.’s office   accounting. He made the distinction between
                              in Oakland, CA. He     corporate accounting and public accounting. He
                              hung     his   own     clarified to the club what it means to be a
                              shingle and opened     Certified Management Accountant.
                              an      office    in
Fremont, CA. He served three terms on the            Gary then elaborated to the club how his
Board of Education. Ron has practiced in many        profession could help the recipients of our
areas, including of in front of the Supreme Court,   service activities at the individual and the
Workers’ Comp courts, city councils and              organizational level and how his profession
planning commissions.                                could help our club and upstream Rotary
Ron met his wife, who worked in a probation
office. In the 1990’s, Ron retired to Arnold, CA     KEN YOUNG was born in Oakland, CA. He
where he ran a ski school for the blind at Bear      has an older sister who lives in Pismo Beach,
Valley.    He joined the Domestic Violence                                     CA. He lived in San
Council. He retired to Oakmont two to three                                    Jose, CA where he
months ago. He is in Oakmont to be nearer to                                   knew         ARNIE
his grandchildren. Ron has four children. His                                  LAMB        as    a
oldest son is a trial lawyer in Alamo, CA. His                                 youngster. Ken went
oldest daughter is a marriage and family                                       to Cal.     His dad
counselor in Sonoma, CA.           His youngest                                owned 17 acres in
daughter words in a recreation program in Santa                                what is now the
Cruz, CA and his youngest son is training to                                   Stevens Creek auto
                             work in alcohol and                               row in San Jose.
                             drug           abuse
                             programs.      Ron’s                                Ken attended one
                             father and father-in-                               year of dentistry
                             law are Rotarians.      school. He learned that he was cut out for a
                                                     different vocation and he got a job with General
                                         GARY        Electric in a transformer production lab. Ken
                            MCCLERNAN is             met his wife while on a picnic to Tillman Park in
                            an     almost-native     Alameda, CA. He learned that he took piano
                            Californian.     He      lessons with her as a child. They have been
                            grew up in Southern      married 49 years and have 2 children. His
daughter is a teacher at a Christian school and by
her he has three grandchildren. His son is a         Cut and put in your wallet
police officer in the San Jose Police Department.
His son writes programs used by police                      You are invited as a guest
departments.                                         of_____________________________to attend
                  CLOSING                            a breakfast meeting of Valley of the Moon
                                                     Rotary. The Club meets Friday mornings at
President Gordon thanked RON MOTTA for               7:15 a.m. at the Quail Restaurant 7035
being the Greeter, KEN YOUNG for leading the         Oakmont Drive in Oakmont.
pledge, JERRY DION for the Thought of the
Day,      DENNIS       DESOUSA,      JOHN                FUTURE CALENDAR EVENTS
setting up the room and BILL SHAVER for
managing the weekly raffle.
                                                     10/19/09 Vision Planning Session – Room B Central
Remember to bring a potential Rotarian as a
                                                     Facility 5:00-9:00 (For Board and invitees)
guest to breakfast. Please tell or email Fred or
Gordon if you are bringing a guest.
                                                     10/23/09 Rotary International Foundation – David
                                                     Mark Raymond
                                                     10/28/09 Bunco – East Rec Center 6:00 PM
“If you throw thorns, don’t go barefoot. [Italian
                                                     10/29/09 SCARC Windsor
“Rotary is in your hands!”                           10/30/09 WWII film: North Sea convoys by Walter
 The meeting was closed with the ringing of the
                     bell                            11/5/09 Veterans Day Luncheon at Veterans Hall
                                                     Santa Rosa
                                                     11/6/09 DARK (because of previous day luncheon)

No new member postings this week.                    11/13/09 Alzheimer’s Association – Noelle Anna
Share Rotary with your friends. We should
invite business friends and neighbors to a           11/14/09 RI Foundation Dinner – Double Tree Inn
meeting. Who do we do business with, what            Petaluma
neighbors do we know, what former Rotarians
could be asked to join us? Clip and save the         11/19/09 SCARC Rohnert Park/Cotati
invitation below to give to a friend, neighbor,
or business associate. Please tell or email          11/20/09 The Veggie Queen’s Health Care Solution
Gordon or Fred Polkinghorn if you are                Jill Nussinow
bringing a guest.
                                                     11/27/09 DARK due to Thanksgiving
Guests and potential Rotarians are invited
twice at the Club’s expense.                         (Holding) Oakmont Emergency Preparedness Project
                                                     – Fred Polkinghorn
          ASKED THEM!

Please submit any corrections or omissions to
Barb Spangler for insertion in the next bulletin.

Guest Editor:    Gary McClernan
Publisher:       Jack Monahan
Photographer     Jack Monahan

President: Gordon Freedman; President Elect: Valerie
Hulsey; Secretary: Pat Randall; Treasurer: Arnie
Lamb; Jerry Dion; Sgt-At-Arms

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