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Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows that it must run faster then the
fastest lion or it will be killed.

Every morning a lion wakes up. It known than it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will
starve to death.

It does not matter whether you are a lion of a gazelle When the sun comes up you had
better be running.

There is no underdeveloped country in the world today which is not struggling for
change. Change that is induced by the internal and external forces of trade, commerce
and industry through science and technology, demand, rapid, individual and social
adjustment and it renders obsolete products and process, skills and attitudes and with
them men and jobs. Meeting this challenge of change is the primary responsibility of
management. An institution lacking adaptability to change has no future. Adaptability to
change is a necessary quality of good management.

The most challenging issue by the Indian industry today is not the obsolescence of
machinery but the obsolescence of manager at all levels. And to combat obsolescence,
professionalization of management is the need of the hour. The modern manager has to
act as a change agent. In order to provide creative leadership in a complex competitive
environment in which everybody from the labor to the government and the consumer are
making continuous demands upon the resources of an enterprise, management needs
above all scientific knowledge of this discipline.

This report has been presented on the basis of practical training studies undergone at
AJANTA QUARTZ. The information printed in this report are the perfect match of the
theoretical concepts and practical application. Most of the information have been
collected directly from the related officers and same from the company website.
Information have also been collected by taking interviews of managers and departmental
heads of the organization.

I, the undersigned Doshi Urvashi M. a student of T.Y.B.B.A. hereby declare that the
project work presented in this report is my own work and has been carried out under the
supervision and guidance of Prof. Smita C. Vyas of J H Bhadolia Women’s College,

This work has not been previously submitted to any university for any other examination.

Date :

Place : Rajkot

                                                           (Signature of the Student)

                                                               Doshi Urvashi M.

I, the student of T.Y.B.B.A. studying in J H BHALODIA WOMEN’S COLLEGE,
Rajkot, as a part of my studies I have undergone an industrial training at the AJANTA
QUARTZ, for a a period of ten days. I am happy to present this project report of my
industrial training at AJANTA QUARTZ.

I express my deep gratitude towards the principal and the staff of my college for
encouraging me. I am thankful to Prof. Smita C. Vyas who helped me in preparing the
questionnaire and guiding me throughout my industrial training project. I am also
thankful to the principal of my college ____________________ who encouraged me in
persuading my industrial training.

I owe a deep sense of gratitude to the marketing manager Mr. Shrinivasan and Mr.
Murlidharan for giving me permission to take training in AJANTA QUARTZ, for the
vocational training for 18 days and also for extending complete co-operation for the
enhancement of my knowledge.

Lastly, I am also thankful to my friends and also my family members who always
encouraged and co-operated with me for the successful completion of the project report.
In short, I am very much thankful to all those who helped me in my industrial project

                                                           Doshi Urvashi M.

                          Part - 1
                        The +

Sr. No.       Particulars                          Page No.

   01     History of Quartz
   02     Introduction of Ajanta
   03     Ajanta at a Glance
   04     Organisation Chart
   05     Market Share of Ajanta
   06     Ajanta’s Views Towards Markating &
          Potential Strategies

                            Part - 2
          Company’s Views Towards Marketing

Sr. No.       Particulars                          Page No.

   01     Promotion Mix                                10
   07     Six W’s of Promotion Mix                     11
   08     Purposes of Promotion Mix                    12
          Objectives of promotion Mix                  13
   09     Effectiveness of Promotional Programme       14
   10     Factors Affecting Promotion Mix
          Potential Strategies                          16
                            Part - 2

Sr. No.       Particulars                      Page No.

   11     History of Quartz
   12     Introduction of Ajanta
   13     Ajanta at a Glance
   14     Organisation Chart
   15     Market Share of Ajanta
   16     Ajanta’s Views Towards Markating &
          Potential Strategies

             Company’s Views Towards Marketing

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