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									    A PROJECT REPORT

         PREPARED BY



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       I, the undersigned DHARMESH B. MEHTA, a student of
S.Y.B.B.A., here by declare that the project work which is presented in
this report, is my own work. I have prepared this project report under
the supervision and guidance of Ms. KHYATI PANDYA of Shri R. P.
Bhalodia College, Rajkot.

       I feel very good to prepare this project report. This project report
was submitted to saurashtra university of Rajkot. By preparing this
project report, I got an opportunity of practical study.

       Place :   Rajkot
       Date :

                                             - DHARMESH MEHTA


       It is great pleasure for me to submit this project report. It has
provided a wonderful learning experience.

       “ A needle alone can not do anything , but when accompanied
by a thread , it can stitch good clothes. The same way without any
practical experience , a person has to go through a big challenge
regarding this project .” I would like to all those persons who have
helped me directly or indirectly in compliting this report .

       First of all I would like to thank saurashtra university &
R.P.Bhalodiya college for providing me an opportunity to get practical
knowledge apart from thoratical knowledge.

       I would like to thank my project guide ms. Khyati Pandya for
giving me super guidance to make this report.

       I would also like to thank mr.Dhilan Bhatha manager of “KARVY
STOCK BROAKING LTD.” & all the staff members , who have provided
me all necessary information.

       At last , I would like to thank my parents & other family members
and my all friends for giving me moral support and god for giving me
strengh to make this project.

       Place : Rajkot
       Date :
                                           - DHARMESH MEHTA


       The practical study is more important than theorical study.
Practical studies are the part of B.B.A. course, B.B.A. is a special
professional course regarding business. Practical study implied by
Saurashtra University in B.B.A. under this subject, the student requires
to visit one service sector.

       The visit is very helpful to the students because students get the
practical knowledge about the working of industry and seeing the
atmosphere of business units. With the help of this visit, student
develop his awareness about business field.

       As a B.B.A. student, I had got an opportunity to visit, “KARVY
STOCK BROKING LTD”. it was a great experience for me. I have tried
my level best to get as possible as information about stock market, I
thanked all members who helped me to get an information.

       Place : Rajkot
       Date :
                                         - DHARMESH MEHTA

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  2       Service Department             13-20

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  4       Finance Department             28-33

  5       Human Resource Department      34-41

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              Index of General Information

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  1       Karvy Stocck Broking ltd. in short           8

  2       History and Development                      9

  3       Awards                                      10

  4       Time-Keeping System                         10

  5       Organization Chart                          11

  6       Strength’s of Karvy Stocck Broking ltd.     12

1.       Karvy Stock Broking in Short :

Name of Firm            :   Karvy stock Broking Limited

Year of Establishment   :   1981

Name of Promoter        :   Mr.C Parthasarathy

Address                 :   101, Race Course Plaza,
                            Near Income Tax Office,
                            Race Course Ring Road,
                            Rajkot – 360 001

Registered Office       :   G-1, Akruti Trade Centre,
                            Road No. 7, MIDC Marol,
                            Andheri (E), Mumbai – 400 093.

Phone No.               :   (0281) 2463291, 2440818, 6451910

E-Mail                  :   Feedback@angeltrade.com

Website                 :   www.angeltrade.com

2.   History and Development :

            The birth of Karvy was on a modest scale in 1981. It began with
     the vision and enterprise of a small group of practicing Chartered
     Accountants who founded the flagship company …Karvy Consultants
     Limited. Karvy started with consulting and financial accounting
     automation, and carved inroads into the field of registry and share
     accounting by 1985. Since then, Karvy have utilized their experience
     and superlative expertise to go from strength to strength…to better
     their services, to provide new ones, to innovate, diversify and in the
     process, evolved Karvy as one of India’s premier integrated financial
     service enterprise.

            Thus over the last 20 years Karvy has traveled the success
     route, towards building a reputation as an integrated financial services
     provider, offering a wide spectrum of services. And karvy has made
     this journey by taking the route of quality service, path breaking
     innovations in service, versatility in service and finally…totality in
     service. Their highly qualified manpower, cutting-edge technology,
     comprehensive infrastructure and total customer-focus has secured for
     us the position of an emerging financial services giant enjoying the
     confidence and support of an enviable clientele across diverse fields in
     the financial world.

            Their values and vision of attaining total competence in karvy
     servicing has served as the building block for creating a great financial
     enterprise, which stands solid on our fortresses of financial strength -
     our various companies.

            And today, karvy can look with pride at the fruits of our mastery
     and   experience       –   comprehensive   financial   services   that   are
     competently segregated to service and manage a diverse range of
     customer requirements.

3.      Awards :

            Karvy stockl Broking Limited has been awarded with ‘The Best
     trader of the year 2000-01”for the major volume in the Day to Day
     trading of securities. This award has been given in the year 2001-02 by
     CNBC TV18. Karvy stock Broking is also having ‘ISO 9002’ Certificate
     for their Portfolio Services.

4.      Time-Keeping System :

            Time is very important for any organization. “The time one gone
     will never come back”. Time is as important as other factors of

            As Karvy Stock Broking engaged mostly in share broking
     services. It is very essential for such firm or organization to have proper
     time management. Work of the Karvy stock Broking started from 9:30
     a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and after work started from 3:30 p.m. to 8:00
     p.m.There is a lunch break between 1:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.

     5.   Organization Chart :

                             Board of Directors

                          Head of the Department

 Business     Compliance Risk Mgt. Demat /    Advisory   On line-          HR
Development     (HOD)     (HOD) Operation      (HOD)     Broking         (HOD)
   (HOD)                           Services               (HOD)

                              Regional Managers

                              Branch Managers


6.   Strength of Karvy Stock Broking Ltd. :

            Karvy stock Broking’s highest strength is that it understands the
     needs of it’s client very well. It tries to provide the best value for money
     to it’s investors. Ethical business practices has enabled them to grow
     rapidly in an increasingly competitive market. It’s commitment of
     providing world class broking services to its investors. This spirit of
     innovation helps to grow your business with it. It has always provide
     timely research based advice. Its research team comprises of
     experienced fundamental and technical analysts, sector specialists,
     derivative strategists and commodity analysis that are constantly
     looking for new trading ideas investment opportunities.

              Index of Service Department

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  1       Introduction to Service Department     15

  2       On line broking Services               16

  3       Off line Services                      17

  4       Commodities Services                   17

  5       Portfolio Mgt. Services                18

  6       Mutual Fund                            18

  7       Daily Services                         18

  8       Fundamental Services                   19

  9       Technical Services                     20

1.      Introduction to Service Department :

            As we know that production is the main function of industry or
     factory. Similarly, to provide services is the main function of such firm
     or organization. Services include different type of services such as
     Broking Services, Banking Services, Insurance Services, Financial
     Services etc. Karvy is a Stock Broking Services firm.

            Apart from share broking services, Karvy stock Broking provided
     different types of services such as Commodities Services, Mutual Fund
     Services, on line – off line Services etc. Due to its different types of
     services, Karvy Stock Broking is the leading broking services in the
     whole country. Recently, it is emerged as one of the top 3 retail stock
     broking houses in India. It has a wide network of broking services in
     India which is rarely any other firm is having in this particular field.

2.      On line Broking Services :

            In past time, there is no facility of trading using Internet. Most of
     persons who want to trade their securities or commodities, they have to
     go to the broker for the trading of securities or commodities which is
     more time-consuming and long procedure. But now-a-days, using
     Internet, trading of securities or commodities become very easy which
     is called ‘On line Broking Services’.

            Karvy Stock Broking is providing this On line Broking services.
     They provide you an opportunity to trade on BSE (Bombay Stock
     Exchange), NSE (National Stock Exchange), NCDEX (National
     Commodities & Derivative Exchange), MCX (Multi Commodities
     Exchange). They provide this On line Broking services from your office
     as well as home also.

3.       Off line Services :

            In the Off line services, the information related to the trading of
     securities, it means that purchase of securities and selling of securities
     and balance amount is shown in the written statement which is called
     ledger. Apart from this, contract bills, delivery report, holding report,
     can be got related to any particular deal of share through Off line
     services. Thus the combination of all these becomes Off line services.
     There is a website of Karvy Stock Broking for getting information
     related to Off line Services. The name of website is www.karvy.com.

4.       Commodities Services :

            Karvy Stock Broking is also providing the facility of trading in
     commodities. It started its operations in Indian commodities market by
     acquiring membership in India’s two main commodity market i.e.
     NCDEX (National Commodities & Derivative Exchange) and MCX
     (Multi Commodities Exchange).

            It providing facility of trading in commodities like

           Metal Commodities:
                   Platinum, Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc etc.

           Agro Commodities:
                   Chawal, Channa, Tuver, Alad, Gehu etc.

           Gas/oil:
                   Soyobean, crude Oil, Natural Gas, Petroleum etc.

5.      Portfolio Management Services :

            Those persons who don’t know tat at which place, he invests his
     money. At that time, Karvy Stock Broking is providing these kind of
     investors to invest money in Karvy Stock Broking’s portfolio
     Management. The minimum amount of investment is Rs.5 lacs. The
     Karvy group is doing all things in place of investor relating the purchase
     and sell of security or investment in any other place etc. But it gives the
     guarantee to the investor that it gives minimum profits to the investor in
     his investment of Rs.5 Lac. The Karvy Stock Broking ltd. is taking
     Annual 2.5% charges for providing this kind of facility to the investor.

6.      Mutual Fund :

            Mutual Fund and portfolio management services are almost
     same but the difference is that in portfolio management, the minimum
     amount required for investment is Rs.5 Lacs and in Mutual Fund, the
     amount may be Rs.10,000 or Rs.50,000 or Rs.1,00,000. It depends on
     organization or Firm.

            The Karvy Stock Broking ltd. is also providing the service of
     Mutual Fund. The amount which is got as Mutual Fund amount, is
     invested in good scripts by Karvy Stock Broking ltd. The price of share
     which is increased, is known in mutual funds as ‘units’. Generally,
     those investors who invested their amount in mutual fund, they get
     mostly profit.

7.      Daily Services :

            The Kavy Stock Broking ltd. is providing such Services daily
     which is called ‘Daily Services’. It includes

                 Market watch at 9:30 A.M.
                 Day’s high & low report at 6:00 P.M.

8.       Fundamental Services :

           The Karvy Stock Broking ltd. is providing services related to the
     information of fundamental or important matters of different company
     which is called ‘Fundamental Services’. e.g. – Information regarding
     growth of company, profit of company, dividend, bonus share, earning
     per share balance sheet etc. it includes:

                 The Saturday Weekly Report.
                 The Industrial Watch.
                 Day to Day report

          The Saturday Weekly Report: -
                  In Saturday weekly report, the information related to the
           important change which is made during the week in the stock
           market is provided.

          The Industrial Watch: -
                  In this report, the information related to the specific
           industries which are likely to outperform in the company is
           provided. Also, it’s strengths and weakness is also analysed by
           industry experts.

          Day to Day report: -
                  In Day to Day report, the current updated information
           regarding any specific scripts of company is given to the
           investors on an online or telephone basis by person who sitting
           on trading terminals.

9.       Technical Services :

            The Karvy Stock Broking ltd. is also providing services related
     to the information of technical or mechanism matters of different shares
     or commodities which is called ‘Technical Services’. This information
     provided to the clients. It includes:

                  Info Tech talk.
                  Commodities Talk.

            Info Tech Talk:-
                   In this service, the insight information regarding the future
            price changes in different agricultural products is given to the
            clients by experts which helps clients to trade on NCDEX and
            MCX segments in agro products like pulses (Channa, Alad),
            Spices (Jiru, Haldal) etc.

           Commodities Talk:-
                   In this service, the insight information regarding the future
            price changes in different commodities is given to the clients by
            experts which helps clients to the trade on MCX segment in
            commodities like Gold, Silver, Copper etc.

            Index of Marketing Department

Sr. No.                     Particulars                  Page No.

  1       Introduction to Marketing                        23

  2       Current Scenario / Trend in the stock Market     24

  3       Promotional Activities                           25

  4       Competitors of Karvy Stock Broking ltd.          26

  5       Network                                          26

  6       Marketing of Mutual Fund                         27

  7       Catalogues                                       27

1.   Introduction to Marketing :

     In Simple Words,
            “Market is a place where buyers and sellers meet directly or
     indirectly for the exchange purpose and an exchange may be of goods
     or services. Here, place may be real or virtual.”

     According to the American Marketing Association,
            “Marketing is the process of planning and executing the
     conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and
     services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational

            “Marketing is typically seen as the task of creating, promoting
     and delivering goods and services to the consumers.”

            Thus, the marketing is the combination of three activities –
     creating, promoting and delivering goods.

2.      Current Scenario or Trend in the Stock Market :

            As we know that now-a-days stock market is the most important
     market like capital market and commodity market. The growth of the
     stock market is reflect in the development in the economy of India.
     Indian economy is also known as ‘Mixed Economy’ because in the
     development of Economy, the public sector units and the private sector
     units play a very important role. In the stock market. Both these sectors
     play very important role.

            Now-a-days, financial sectors are going on boom position. There
     is a large development of financial services. The growth of the stock
     market is also because of financial services. The development of the
     stock market depends on the growth of the different companies which
     are working in different sectors and the growth of the Indian economy
     is depend on the development of stock market. We can say that ‘stock-
     market is the heart of Indian economy’. There is a daily thousands of
     crores transactions is possible only in the stock market.

3.      Promotional Activities :

            Promotion mix is one of the most important mix of the marketing
     mix. Without promotional activities, marketing or selling of any product
     becomes very tough. Promotional activities includes:
                  Advertising
                  Publicity
                  Personal Selling
                  Sales promotion

            The word advertising is derived from the lation word viz.
     “Advertero”, “Ad” means “towards” and “Vertero” means “I turn”.
     Literally it means, “To turn people’s attention to a specific thing.”

            Webster says advertising is “to give public notice or to announce

     In simple Words,
            Advertising is paid form of mass communication of goods, ideas
     and services through different media by identifying sponsor.”

            Advertising is very important for the selling of goods or products
     because when new products are launching in the market, consumer
     don’t aware about launching of new product. At that time, to create
     awareness about new product, Advertising plays very important role.

            Karvy Stock Broking ltd. is done advertising in television. There
     is a advertisement of Karvy Stock Broking ltd. in channel ‘CNBC TV –
     18’ regarding create awareness of different types f services into to
     mind of consumers about different types of services. Also, Angel –
     broking giving advertisement in news – paper ‘Financial Express’ –

     Three days in a week. Karvy Stock Broking is also participate in ‘Trade
     Fairs’ when it is in Rajkot city. Yearly, There is a one trade fair of Karvy
     Stock Broking . At every year.

4.      Competitors of Karvy Stock Broking ltd :

            In modern era, there are many competitors of Karvy Stock
     Broking. Competition is very important for the growth and development
     of the business as well as to show the potentiality of the business in the
     current market.

            Competitors of Karvy Stock Broking ltd. are as under:

                  Share Khan
                  ICICI Securities Limited.
                  Kotak Securities.
                  India Infoline Limited.
                  Indiabulls Limited.
                  Marwadi Shares and Finance Pvt. Ltd.
                  Angel Broking

5.      Network :

            There is a very wide network of Broking seroicies of karvy which
     perhaps, any firm or organization is having. Karvy Stock Broking ltd.
     has Total 64 branches in all over India including Registered and
     corporate office.
            There is 2 head offices, 10 Regional offices and 52 Branch
     offices of Karvy Stock Broking ltd.. Karvy Stock Broking ltd. is having
     clients more than 1,20,000 and more than 7000 terminals.

6.       Marketing of Mutual Fund :

            One of the most important objective of Karvy Stock Broking ltd.
     is that to increases the clients or investors of mutual Fund as possible
     as. Thence, Apart from providing different types of services, Major
     concentration was given on Marketing of Mutual Fund. There are two
     types of chain for Marketing of Mutual Fund.

           Chain :
            Karvy Stock Brioker           direct retail clients of
            Mutual Fund

7.       Catalogues :

            Catalogues give information about goods and Services in
     greater derails with the help of figures, charts and illustrations in blue or
     black colours. Publishers, Travel Agencies, life insurance companies,
     Big companies, Financial Services provider firm often uses Catalogues.

            Karvy Stock Broking ltd.         is providing different Research
     Reports,karvy Services information Browser, companies technical
     charts in catalogues. Different Research Reports such as E-broking
     Research Report, commodities Research Report and portfolio
     management services Report etc. it also provides information of all
     services which is provided by them in karvy corporate Branchis

             Index of Finance Department

Sr. No.                   Particulars         Page No.

  1       Introduction to Finance               30

  2       Financial plannings                   31

  3       Accounting in Karvy Stock Broking     32

  4       Capital structure                     32

1.       Introduction to Finance :

               The finance function covers both acquisitions of funds as well as
     their optimum allocation in various sources. In past, the main function
     of finance manager is only to find out sources of finance while in
     modern era, the main function of finance manager is to find out sources
     of finance and their optimum allocation into various sources.

     In Simple Words,
               “Finance means procurement of funds and their effective
     utilization in the business”

     Hoagland Says,
               “Financial Management is concerned mainly with such matters
     as how a business corporation raises its finance and how it makes use
     of it.”

     J. C. Van Horne Says,
               “Financial Management is concerned with the acquisition of
     funds, financing and Mgt. of assets with some overall goal in mind.”

               The responsibilities for finance managers are spread throughout
     the organization in the sense that financial Mgt. is to an extent an
     integral part of the job for managers involved in planning, allocation of
     resources and control. Financial Mgt. is highly specialized in nature
     and is handled by specialists. The job of the chief Financial executive
     does not cover only routine aspects of finance and accounting. As a
     member of the top management, he is closely associated with the
     formulation of policies as well as decision making.

2.       Financial (Future) Plannings :

            Financial planning is the most important function of the
     management. It is an executive function of financial management.
     Finance manager has to make plan for investment, resources of
     acquiring money and also, he has to achieve many objectives in future
     which is planned out in present. Such as expansion of the business,
     increases profit of business etc.

            Karvy Stock Broking ltd. is having different Financial (Future)
     Planning which is described as under:

           To expand the business of broking services.
           To increase the clients of the business.
           To increase the volume of trading of day to day transactions.
           To give maximum satisfaction to the clients by providing best
           To increase the revenue of firm.
           One of the most important future, planning is to development of
           To increase the clients of Mutual Funds.
           To increase the branches of commodities broking services.

3.      Accounting in Karvy Stock Broking Ltd. :

            Accounting Function is a necessary input into the finance
     function that is, accounting is a sub function of finance. Accounting
     generates information relating to activities of the firm.

            In Karvy Stock Broking ltd., Accounting is maintained but there
     is no separate accounting is maintained by each branches. But there is
     centralized accounting is being maintained by the Head Office of Karvy
     Stock Broking ltd.     in Hyderabad regarding Services. Mainly, the
     income statement (P & L A/c.) The statement of changes in financial
     position (sources and used of fund statement). The Balance Sheet is to
     be prepared.

4.      Capital Structure :

            The firm should select a financing capital structure, which will
     help in achieving. The objective of financial management. The capital
     structure is to be decided as per the type of business of firm or

     In simple words,
            Capital structure means the portion or ratio of debt equity mix, in
     any firm or organization.

            The Karvy Stock Broking ltd.        has not received money from
     public to create capital but it is having its own capital. There is no any
     amount of public in it but the amount of capital is the promoters it’s own
     amount. Promoters are able to received money from relatives as well
     as from bank in the form of loan.

      Thus, there is a more ratio of equity in compare to debt. capital
in Karvy Stock Broking ltd.

          Index of Staff Management Department

Sr. No.                     Particulars         Page No.

  1         Introduction to Personnel Mgt.        36

  2         Recruitment and Selection             37

  3         Recruitment and Selection Process     38

  4         Induction or Orientation              39

  5         Training                              39

  6         Transfer and Promotion                40

  7         Rewards and Incentives                41

1.      Introduction to Personnel Management :

     In simple words,
           “The objective of personnel management is to understand what
     has happened and is happening and to be prepared for what will
     happen in the area of working relationships between the managers and
     the managed.”

     According to Edward Flippo,
           “Personnel Management is the planning organizing, directing
     and controlling of the procurement, development, compensation,
     integration, maintenance and separation of human resources to the
     end   that   individual   organizational   and   social   objectives   are

           Human resource management can not be separated from the
     basic management function. The scope of HRM is very wide; it covers
     labour, welfare and industrial relations aspect. HR managers do not
     manufacture or sell goods but they do contribute to the success and
     growth of an organization by advising employees are workers working
     in the organization. Human resource management is concerned with
     employees as individuals as well as groups It is the task of dealing with
     human beings in an organization. It is the process of bringing people
     and organization together so that the goals of each are met. Human
     Resources are most important element in an organization.

2.   Recruitment and Selection :

            According to Edward Flippo, “Recruitment is the process of
     searching for prospective employees and stimulating and encouraging
     them to apply for jobs in an organization.”

            Recruitment is a positive functions because most of persons
     who are eligible for jobs are applied for job.

            Recruitment is pervasive function because all organizations are
     engaged in recruiting activity. But the volume and nature of recruitment
     varies with the size, nature and environment of particular organization.
     Recruitment methods such as direct, indirect and third party methods
     are means by which an organization establishes contact with potential
     candidates, provides them necessary information and encourages
     them to apply for jobs. Different medias are used for recruitment such
     as advertising is news paper, pamphlets and in Internet etc.

            Selection is the process of choosing the best out of those
     recruited or applied for job. Recruitment is positive because it aims at
     increasing the number of applications for wider choice or for increasing
     the selection ratio while selection is negative because rejects a large
     no. of applicants. Recruitment involves prospecting or searching where
     as selection involves comparison and choice of candidates.

            The purpose of selection is to pick up the right person for every
     job. Selection is an important function because no organization can
     achieve its goals without selecting the right people.

3.   Recruitment and Selection Process :

           In Karvy Stock Broking ltd., recruitment and selection process
     taking place like in other firms. There are few particular steps for
     recruitment and selection process / procedure. Let’s see one by one:

     (1)   Recruitment process begins when personnel / HR department
           receives      requisition   (official   order)   for   recruitment   from
           department of Karvy Stock Broking ltd.. This requisition contains
           details about the position to be filled, number of persons to be
           required, the duties to be performed, qualification required from
           the candidate, terms and conditions of employment and the time
           by which persons should be available for appointment etc.

     (2)   The Head of HR, decides sources of recruitment to be used like
           newspaper, consultancies or by using reference of other
           employees of Karvy Stock Broking ltd..

     (3)   After deciding sources, he will put into a practice and the
           prospective employees will inform to send their applications
           within a specific time.

     (4)   After getting application, selection procedure gets started. They
           will carefully examine applications and suitable person will ask
           for interviews and rest of applicants will be rejected.

     (5)   Now, Executives and head of concern department etc. will take

     (6)   After taking interviews, the training session is to be started
           formulated for giving training. To new employees regarding the
           working of concern department.

4. Induction or Orientation :
                   Orientation or induction is “The process of receiving and
            welcoming an employee when the first joins a company and
            giving him the basic information, he needs to settle down quickly
            and happily and start work.” Induction helps in minimizing shock
            which a new employee feels in reality. Thus, induction or
            orientation is very necessary for a new employees in any
            organization or firm.

                   When a new employee joins an organization, he is
            completely a stranger to the staff, work place and the work
            environment. Therefore, he is likely to feel insecure, shy and
            nervous. In the absence of information and support, these are
            likely to be anxiety and fear in his mind. In Karvy Stock Broking
            ltd., when any new employee is going to join an organization,
            first of all he or she is introduced to all his or her concern
            department staff members and at the same time he or she will
            be given a brief information about Karvy Stock Broking ltd. as
            well as all services which is provided by them. Then, on the job
            training is to be given to the new employee

5.   Training:
            After the induction or orientation process is to be finished. The
     training activity will be started. In any organization, training is generally
     given to the new employee when he first joins an organization. With the
     help of the training, an employee will know that what work he or she
     has to do, in the organization or firm.

            In the Karvy Stock Broking ltd., there is a training session of 8
     days for a new employee. During these days, he or she has given
     practical work which he or she has to perform in an organization. The
     period of training is comparatively short.

6.   Transfer and Promotion:


            Transfer is a horizontal or lateral movement of an employee
     from one job, section, department shift to another at the same or
     another place where his salary, status and responsibility are the same.
     It generally doesn’t involve a promotion.

            In Karvy Stock Broking ltd., transfer of employees happens in
     rarely case. Here generally, positive transfer takes place. Means of any
     employee wants to transfer from one branch to another branch, he is
     free to do this. Except such cases transfer doesn’t happen in Karvy
     Stock Broking ltd..


            Promotion of any employee is generally depends on the
     performance of an employee. In such organization, promotion is some
     time given to build up moral, loyalty and a sense of belonging on the
     part of the employees.

            In Karvy Stock Broking ltd., promotion is given on the bases of
     the target achievement. If any big target is achieved by employee
     which is comparatively very tough, at that time. The person has
     promoted at big post. Thus, promotion is depend on the performance of
     a person for the achievement of target.

7.   Rewards and Incentives:


            An incentive scheme is a plan or programmes to motivate
     individual or group performance. An incentive programme is most
     frequently build on monitory rewards but may also include a variety of
     non-monitory rewards or prizes.

            In Karvy Stock Broking ltd., incentive plans are designed to
     improve productivity and to secure better utilization of human
     resources of the enterprise. Incentive is given in the form of ‘Annual
     appraisal policy’ which is given to motivate employees at every six
     months. Incentives are sometimes given for the achievement of

            Rewards are very important for employees because it creates
     satisfaction in the mind of employee. Therefore, an employee can not
     go at anywhere, due to this, increase loyalty of employee towards the
     enterprise or firm.

            In Karvy Stock Broking ltd. Rewards are given in the form of
     bonus which is given to all employees of Karvy Stock Broking ltd. in
     every Diwali. Bonus is generally given in the form of money.

                     SWOT Analysis

       No firm can work for the sake of work. Each and every firm
wants to have their own prestige in market there can be many other
objectives like to earn more profit, to satisfy customers need to
maintain quality. But none of above can be achieved or got without
analyzing firms own performance.

       Every firm wants to compare its performance but we all know
that if any firm will not consider its weakness in performance, it can not
know about their true strengths.

       Thence, SWOT Analysis is one of the tools to measure
company     performance.     It    includes   Strengths,   Weaknesses,
Opportunities and Threats. For any particular firm this is the parameter
which includes both the aspects i.e. areas which has been already
improved and areas which are needed to be improved. A firm has try to
maintain their strengths, reduce their weakness, look for new
opportunities, competitors strengths should be consider in the form of
threats in new formulating strategies, that is what SWOT is all about.

                            Vast area of various
                            Good reputation in
                             the market.
                            Vast number         of
                            Vast network        in
                             allover country.

   Opportunities                                            Threats
 To be a leading                                      Govt. Policy.
  Broking      services                                National
  provider firm                   SWOT                  Competitors.
 To be a loading                Analysis              Changes in trends
  commodity Broking                                     of stock market.
  Services      provider

                            Less Manpower.
                            Less services are
                              available in
                              commodity Broking
                              in compare to stock
                              broking services


      Karvy Stock Broking ltd.     has good reputation in the field of
providing best broking services. But then also at some place, Karvy
Stock Broking ltd. lacks. So I would like to give suggestions for areas,
which have to be developed. There are lots of chances for Karvy Stock
Broking ltd.    to come out as a better services provider firm.
Suggestions are as under:

(1)   There should be one separate department that focus only on
      current market trends and situations. Means they should know
      what is going on in the market and what types of services
      customer demands.

(2)   There is no any separate customer care department but they are
      having only one website and telephone for solving queries and
      complaints of clients which is also centralized. But if they are
      solve queries and complaints face to face by meeting them, it is
      more beneficial for both organization as well as clients. Due to
      this, client can get maximum satisfaction and satisfactory
      suggestions to solve queries and complaints.


               During my visit,I got a complete information about Business
Development Department ,Risk Management Department ,Advisory Services
Department ,On line broking services Department and Human Resource
Department.I marked that the firm is more Concentraiting on Personalized
               I have come to the conclusion that this firm is having efficient
ability to be one of the leading broking Services firm in all over countryin near
future.During my study, all the staff members are found good and co-opertive.
Working Environment of Karvy Stock Broking ltd. is also very systematic.
Karvy Stock Broking ltd. having good Research Team which constantly in
touch with current market Situation and consumers preferences. Karvy Stock
Broking ltd. possess advance technologies in the field of broking services and
they are also using it at optimum level.I wish them to achieve their targets in


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   Marketing Management
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   Financial Management
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   Projects of previous year

   www.karvy.com.


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