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               Project Report

Brand Awareness and Consumer’s Perception
  of UNITLINKED Insurance Products Of

  “ICICI Prudential Life Insurance”
                  At Ahmedabad

                  Submitted by:
            Naresh D. Jadav (MBA-III)

      T. N. Rao College of Management Studies
           Saurashtra University – Rajkot

                                           Prepared by N.D. Jadav
       An Industrial, Business or service organization by taking up a project
study is most important part of our M.B.A course & is must as per the syllabus
prescribed by Saurashtra University. Our MBA course is of administrative and
managerial activity of industrial, Business or service organization. The main
objective of this project study is to help the student to develop ability to
practical technique to solve real life problem related industrial. Business or
Service organization.

     According to the rules, I have taken my summer training in ICICI
Prudential Life Insurance. Our gardeners, professors and banks sum
manager’s gives the knowledge and guidance of this bank to us.

        The summer training programmed for student of M.B.A Sam-III training
is for two months in the time of summer vacation theoretically knowledge and
class room discussion is not sufficient for the student but training given them
practical and day to day working of bank.

      In this project report I had tried to analyze the needs of the customers
and suggest them the most suitable insurance solution. As well as I also
analyzed the brand awareness among the people.

                                                                Prepared by N.D. Jadav

      To take training is a part of our MBA programming and is an important
part. Training quit valuable and important aspect to provide practical
knowledge student of management studies.

     It was very useful and experience which I got during my training in
“ICICI Prudential Life Insurance”.

      I was able to prepare this training report with the co-operation of various

       First of all I am very much thankful to in charge Director and professor
our institute

Mr. Dharmesh Raval & our professor Miss Roopal who has given me an
opportunity and he has helped me very much in preparing the report by his

       All the person of the bank who have given me constant support during
my training period

                                                                 Thanking you

                                                                 (Naresh Jadav)

                                                                  Prepared by N.D. Jadav
       I undersigned Mr. Naresh D. Jadav. The student of MBA Sam III here by
declare that the project work in my own work and has been carried out under
the guidance of In charge Director Mr. Dharmesh Raval and Prof. Miss. Roopal
madam of T.N.Rao College of Management of Studies in Rajkot. This Report
has been submitted to Saurashtra University for Evaluation.


Place: Ahmedabad

Naresh Jadav

                                                              Prepared by N.D. Jadav
                  Objective of the Study
       Management as a profession can’t be taught merely in the four walls of
classrooms. Only theoretical knowledge is not sufficient to build competitive
managers. Practical knowledge of the business environment is equally

       In today business world, insurance sector is running towards its
booming stage. This industry still has many things to come up to, so many
changes and opportunities will be given by insurance industry. So I choose
insurance industry for my training session in M.B.A.

       I choose ICICI Prudential Life Insurance is one of those private
insurance players who entered the market before few years and made its own
place among all its competitors.

       This report is shows insurance sector & how insurance is most
important part of life. And understand insurance definitions, different providers
of life insurance and comparisons. It also shows ICICI Prudential Life
Insurance’s Products.
       As a Trainee ICICI Prudential Life Insurance give me very practical
knowledge about life insurance and how to working in organization, How
manage work, how to maintain relations with top level management as well as
colleges and bottom level management. So, this experience will helpful in
future. I am pleased by taken training at India’s one of the best insurance

                                                                   Prepared by N.D. Jadav
           T ABLE OF C ONTENT
No.   Particulars                            Page No.

1     Nature of Insurance & Definition               1
2     Characteristics of Insurance                   4
3     Introduction of Insurance Company              8
4     Life Insurance Company at a glance             12
5     Retail Market Share: Private Players           17
6     Introduction of ICICI Prudenti al
       About Company                                20
       ICICI Bank                                   21
       Prudential Plc                               22
       Management                                   24
7     ICICI Pru.‘S Products                          26
8     Finance Department                             29
9     Marketing Department                           38
10    Operation Department                           41
11    Human Resource Department                      45
12    Research Methodology                           54
13    Questionnaire                                  67
14    Conclusion                                     70
15    SWOT Analysis                                  71
16    Bibliography                                   72

                                               Prepared by N.D. Jadav

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