ANGLE BROKING by pketan52

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									          CLASS              : s.Y. B.B.A.

          ROLL NO.           : 82

      ACADEMIC YEAR         : 2009 - 2010




                  : GUIDED BY:

              MR. SAvan rupala


                             “Experience is the best teacher.”

                Those things which can learn by experience cannot be learnt by theory.
Theory just shows direction towards our goals and how to achieve those targets. But practical
knowledge teaches us to experience those things. It may be possible that what theory says is
not always right in practical life. But if we experience that thing practically, we shall come to
know that in reality such things happen in this way.

                I think that, that is why university has made compulsory to prepare project
report for students who are in B.B.A.

                The visit is very useful to the students get the practical knowledge about the
working of industry & seeing the atmosphere of business units. With the help of this visit,
student develops his awareness about business field.

                As a B.B.A. student, I had got an opportunity to visit, “ANGEL BROKING
LTD.” It was a great experience for me. I have tried my level best to get as much possible as
information about stock market, mutual fund, insurance etc. I thanked all members who
helped me to get information.

Date:                                                             Signature

Place: Rajkot                                                (Harshad D. Pipaliya)

                                  ANGEL BROKING LTD.                              PAGE: 2

                As a B.B.A. student, I take this opportunity to express sincere thanks to Mr.
SAVAN RUPALA who admired me for this report. I would also like to express my thanks to
my service sector for giving me permission for this project report.

             “A needle alone can’t do anything, but when accompanied by threat, it can stitch
good cloths. The same way without any practical experience, a person has to go through a big
challenge regarding this project.” I would like to all those persons who have helped me
directly or indirectly in completing this report.

             I would like to thanks MR. VIMAL JANI asst. branch manager of the ANGEL
BROKING LTD. & all the staff members, who have provided me all necessary information.

Date:                                                            Signature

Place: Rajkot                                               (Harshad D. Pipaliya)

                                  ANGEL BROKING LTD.                            PAGE: 3

                   I undersigned, HARSHAD D. PIPALIYA, a student of S.Y.B.B.A, hereby declare
that the project work which is presented in this report is my own work. I have prepared this project
report under the supervision & guidance of Mr. SAVAN RUPALA of R.P. BHALODIA COLLEGE,

                 I feel very good to prepare this project report. This project report is submitted to
Saurashtra University. By preparing this report I got an opportunity of practical study.

Place : Rajkot                                                             Signature

Date :                                                                (Harshad D. Pipaliya)

                                    ANGEL BROKING LTD.                                     PAGE: 4
              MAIN INDEX

                General Information
  ……………………………    06
                Service department
  …………………………………. 16
                Marketing department
  ………………………………   32
                Finance department
  ………………………………   41
                Human resource department
                 ……………………               47
                SWOT analysis
  …………………………………………        55
                Suggestions
  …………………………………………..      58
                Conclusion
  …………………………………………..      60
                Bibliography
  …………………………………………..      62

             ANGEL BROKING LTD.    PAGE: 5



                          Angel Broking in short
    ………………………………           08
                 History
    …………………………………………      09
                          Mission & Vision
    ………………………………           10
                 Awards
    ………………………………………….    11
                          Branch Network
    …………………………………          12
                  Privacy Policy
    …………………………………. 13
                          Organization Chart
    …………………………….           14
                          Angel’s Motto & Business
    Philosophy ………….       15

               ANGEL BROKING LTD.              PAGE: 7
                    ANGEL BROKING IN SHORT


REGISTERED OFFICE        :    32/34, Akbarally's, Fountain Mumbai-01 Mumbai,
                               Maharashtra, INDIA PIN-400 001


                              208 - Orbit Plaza

                              DR. Yagnik Road, RAJKOT

BRANCH MANAGER           :    MR. Kiran Marathak

FORM OF ORGANISATION     :    Public Limited

ACCOUNTING YEAR          :   1st April to 31st March

SCALE OF UNIT            :    Large scale

M.D                      :    Mr. Dinesh Thakkar


NO. OF EMPLOYEE          :    2200 (app.)

PHONE NO.                :    (022)-2022057 / (022)-2840011

FAX                      :     (022)-2840885

URL                      :

                       ANGEL BROKING LTD.                              PAGE: 8

        In a short span of 20 years since inception, The Angel Group has emerged a one of the
top 5 retail stock broking houses in India, having memberships on BSE, NSE and the two
leading commodity exchanges in the country i.e. NCDEX and MCX. Angel Broking Ltd is
also registered as a depository participant with CDSL. It is the only 100 % retail stock
broking house offers retail centric services like Research, Investment Advisory and Wealth
Management Services Broking & commodities to individual investor.

        The group is promoted by Mr. Dinesh Thakkar who started this business as a sub-
broker in 1987 with a team of 3 and today professionally managed by a team of 2200+ direct
employees. It has a nationwide network comprising 21 Regional Centers, 75 branches, 6810+
registered sub brokers and business associates and 7000+ active trading terminals which cater
to the requirements of more than 5.9 lakhs retail clients.

        At Angel, It habitually generate value added features without the cost burden being
passed onto the clients as we strongly believe that better understanding of client’s needs and
wants is our top priority. Our e-broking facility is one such effort, which gives you a platform
to access state of the art trading facility at the ANGEL BROKING LTD. of a button.

                                   ANGEL BROKING LTD.                            PAGE: 9
                       MISSION & VISION

                        MISSION STATEMENT

The main mission statement of angel broking ltd is to be on top in and around
Rajkot and Sauras htra peninsula with the help of retail, bulk and PAS
business within three years.

For FY 05-06 focus will be on Bulk business from existing sub -brokers of
competitors by giving those competitive pricing, better connectivit y and Post
trading Back-up software in post centralized and direct billing era.

                        VISION STATEMENT

                                    To Provide

                               Best Value for Money

                               To Investors Through

                               Innovative Products,

                      Trading / Investments Strategies,

                        Stat-Of-The-Art Technology,

                               Personalized Services

                            ANGEL BROKING LTD.                     PAGE: 10

              They are extremely glad to share the glimpses of Dun & Bradstreet
Equity Broking Awards 2009, held in Mumbai on 26th May. It gives them immense
pleasure to announce that Angel Broking was awarded with 2 out of 7 awards for the

       “Broking House with Largest Distribution Network”
                       “Best Retail Broking House”

                             ANGEL BROKING LTD.                       PAGE: 11
                          BRANCH NETWORK


   Andheri(E)                South Mumbai
   Ahmedabad                 Bangalore
   Chennai                   Hyderabad
   Indore                    Kolkata
   New Delhi                 Pune
   Rajkot                    Surat


Andheri(W)                Bhavnagar         Ankaleshwar

Bandra(W) – 2 Offices     Gandhinagar       Chembur

Borivali(W) – 2 Offices   Jaipur            Gondal

Ghatkopar(E)              Jalgaon           Indore

Goregaon(W)               Junagadh          Vishakhapatnam

                             ANGEL BROKING LTD.              PAGE: 12
Kalbadevi      Jodhpur                 Baroda

Lokhandwala    Nasik                   Surat

Malad(W)       Nadiad                  Valsad

Malad(E)       New Delhi – 3 Offices   Vapi

Mulund         Rajkot - 4 Offices      Ahmedabad – 5 Offices

Santacruz(W)   Anand                   Vile Parle(W)

                  ANGEL BROKING LTD.                       PAGE: 13
                           PRIVACY POLICY
         Angel Broking Ltd., Angel Securities Ltd. and Angel Commodities
Broking Pvt. Ltd., Angel Capital & Debt Market Ltd. (hereinafter referred to
as 'Angel') has its own unique privacy policy features. That can be shown as

     Features of Privacy policy :

     This Privacy policy covers Angel's behavior towards the personal
information which is stored while you are exploring our site and using the
services on the site.

        Gathering and Utilization of Information.

         Angel collects personall y identifiable informati on while registering for
Angel account, Online Trading, Derivatives.

        Information Sharing and Disclosure.

         Angel preserves personal information without selling or renting it to
anyone. Onl y those people or companies will have access to the information
that is authorized to do so.

        Security Angel Account Informatio n is password -protected for privacy
and securit y.

        Amendments in the Privacy policy .

         Whenever Angel changes the policy the customers are being notified by
posting a prominent announcement on their pages in case of subs tantial
amendments in the way ANGEL use their personal information.

                               ANGEL BROKING LTD.                      PAGE: 14
                        ORGANIZAT ION CH ART

                             Board Of Directors

                          He ad o f th e Dep ar t men t

           Compliance       Risk                  Advisory   E-Broking   HR


Development                            Demat/

                              Regional Managers

                               Branch Managers


                             ANGEL BROKING LTD.                     PAGE: 15

                                                ANGEL’S MOTTO:
                            To have complete harmony between quality-in-process
    and continuous improvement to deliver exceptional service that will delight our
    Customers and Clients.


                           Ethical practices & transparency in all our dealings
                           Customers interest above our own
                           Always deliver what we promise
                           Effective cost management

                           ANGEL BROKING LTD.                             PAGE: 16

                     SERVICE DEPARTMENT

 Introduction to Service Department   …………………………..   18
 Product   Detail    ………………………………………………               19
 Services of Angel Broking   …………………………………….         21
    E-Broking        ……………………………………………...            22
    Back- Office Services ……………………………………...          23
    Demat Services       ……………………………………….            24
    Commodities Services …………………………………….             25
    Mutual Fund ………………………………………………                   26
    Daily Service ………………………………………………                 27
    Portfolio Mgt. Services ……………………………………           28
    Fundamental Services …………………………………….             29
    Technical Services …………………………………………              30
    Quality Assurance Services ………………………………..        31

                       ANGEL BROKING LTD.        PAGE: 18

       As we know that production is the main function of industry or factory. Similarly, to
provide services is the main function of such firm or organization. Services include different
type of services such as Broking Services, Banking Services, Insurance Services, and
Financial Services etc. Angel Broking Ltd. is a Broking Services firm.

       Angel Broking Ltd. provides different types of services to their clients. Due to its
different types of services the Angel Broking Ltd. is creates its good image in the market and
the leading broking services in the whole country. Angel Broking Ltd. is continuously
developing the F & O product of the NSE & BSE. It has a wide network of broking services
in India which is rarely any other firm having in this particular field.

                                  ANGEL BROKING LTD.                            PAGE: 19
                           PRODUCT DETAIL

Angel Broking ltd. Provide its best services by its Products which represent
the whole image of Angel in the mind of customer and those products are:

                              Angel Products

  Angel Trade                  Angel Diet                  Angel

         Speciall y designed for the net savvy traders and investors who refer
operating from their home or office through the internet. They c an access
state of the art technology with our 3 different E -Broking products and voila
trading on BSE, NSE, F&O, MCX and MCDEX is just click away !

                           ANGEL BROKING LTD.                      PAGE: 20
 Angel Trade :

    User-friendly browser-based online trading platform.
    Streaming quotes
    Can be used in proxy as well as firewall environments.
    Advantage to access your account from anywhere with        the help of website

 Angel Diet :

  Application-based platform for day traders
  Hi-speed trading terminal on your desktop
  Streaming quotes for real time rate updates
  Multiple exchanges on single screen
  Online fund transfer facility
  Integrated Back office: Access account information – anytime, anywhere

 Angel Anywhere:

     Application-based platform for day traders
     Trading based on historical charts and technical tools
     Streaming quotes for real time rate updates
     Online fund transfer facility
     Integrated Back office: Access account information – anytime, anywhere

                         ANGEL BROKING LTD.                            PAGE: 21
                    SERVICES OF ANGEL BROKING

                                               Value Added Back office Services

                     -day calls & flash news
                 technical tools
                                                              E-contract notes cum bills
Demat Services

                 pay-in                                            -of-the-art internet trading


Investment Advisory Services                   Research

            Angel      offers  personalized
            advisory services to HNI
            investors and actively assists
            them     in    managing   their

                                    ANGEL BROKING LTD.                       PAGE: 23
                            E- BROKING SERVICE
          In past time, there is no facilit y of trading using internet platform.
Most of persons who want to trade their securities or commodities, they have
to go the broker for the trading of securities of commodities which is more
time consuming and long procedure. Bu t now-a-days, using internet and also
mobile, trading of securities or commodities become very easy which is
called ‘E-Broking Services’.

         Angel Broking is providing this E -Broking Services. They provides
us an opportunit y to trade on BSE(Bomb ay Stock Exachange),NSE(National
Stock    Exachange), NCDEX(National         Commodities    &     Derivative
Exachange),MCX(Multi Commodities Exachange). They provide this E-
Broking services from our office as well as home also.

    M-Connect:

                     Angel M-Connect is a mobile application developed by Angel
Broking for its users to explore the complete stock market spectrum on mobile phone. It is a
value added service which will enable investors to access market information: Equity, F&O,
Commodity               and            MF            on            Mobile            Phone.
         Angel M-Connect supports all JAVA enabled GSM and Black Berry handsets
having GPRS connectivity.

                                ANGEL BROKING LTD.                            PAGE: 24
                       BACK- OFFICE SERVICE
                 In the bach office services, the informati on relatede to the
trading of securities, it means that purchase of securities and selling of
securities and balance amount is shown in the written statement which is
called ledger. A part from this, contract bills delivery report, holdoing report,
demat account’s information can be got related to any particular deal of share
through back office sevices. Thus the combination of all these becomes back
officce servicces. There is a website of Angel Broking for getting
information related to back office. The n ame of website is .

                             Web enabled centralized Back-office:
                                                    All the clients of angel are
       free to 24x7 access to their web enabled centralized software to get the
       information related any particular share deal, ledger. Holding
       statement, delivery report status, net position, profit & loss statement,
       trade cconfirmation report etc.

                             Centralized help desk services:
                                            The Angel Group has a centralized
       help team at it’s orporate office which is available from 9:00 a.m. to
       7:00 p.m. to sove our queries and complaints on an online basis. The
       team is available either via the telephone (022) 28355000 or the e -mail .

                             E-Contract Notes Cum Bills:
                                          The information related to shares are
       purchased at what price and what is the quantit y of shares. This
       information is shown in ‘Bill’ form which is available on inetrnet.
       Hence, it is called ‘E - contract notes cum bills’. We can also download
       this E-contract notes cum bills from computer into softcopy.

                            ANGEL BROKING LTD.                       PAGE: 25
                          DEMAT SERVICES

               Demat means Dematerialization of shares. Angel Broking is
the member of NSDL(National Securities And Depository Limited) and
CDSL(Commodities Depository Services Limited) . The information related to
buy and sell of shares can be got through “Demat A/c ”. It is compulsory for
any client who want to deal with share market. Client’s demat A/c is having
the membership of Angel Broking and Angel B roking’s demat A/c is having
the membership of “NSDL” and “CDS L” but the biggest advantage is that we
shall be ensured of a risk free, prompt and efficient depository process

                          ANGEL BROKING LTD.                    PAGE: 26
                      COMMODITIES SERVIES

                Indian traders and investors have benefited from commodity derivatives - a
new avenue for investors to create wealth. Today, commodities have evolved as the next best
option      for     diversifying     the     portfolio     after  stocks     and     bonds.
Based on the fundamentals of demand and supply, commodities form a separate asset class
offering investors, arbitrageurs and speculators immense potential. Angel attempts to make
the investors aware of this market before taking a step forward.

              Angel provides user-friendly online platforms for commodity trading in the
leading commodity exchanges like NCDEX(National Commodities & Derivative
Exachange),MCX(Multi Commodities Exachange). For this, the Angel Group has
started ‘Angel Commodities Broking Pvt. Ltd. Now hedging your future is easier than before.
           It providing facility of trading in commodities like

              Metal Commodities:
                       Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc etc.

              Agro Commodities:
                       Channa, Tuver, Alad, Gehu etc.

              Gas/oil:
                       Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Petroleum etc.

     Commodities Tech Speak:
                                        In this service, the insight information regarding the
      future price changes in different commodities is given to the clients by experts who
      help clients to the trade on MCX segment in commodities like Gold, Silver, and
      Copper etc.

                                 ANGEL BROKING LTD.                             PAGE: 27
                               MUTUAL FUND

       Mutual Fund and portfolio management services are almost same but the difference is
that in portfolio management, the minimum amount required for investment is Rs.5 Lac and
in Mutual Fund, the amount may be Rs.10,000 or Rs.50,000 or Rs.1,00,000. It depends on
organization or Firm.

       The Angel Broking Ltd. is also providing the service of Mutual Fund. The amount
which is got as Mutual Fund amount is invested in good scripts by Angel Broking Ltd. The
price of share which is increased, is known in mutual funds as ‘units’. Generally, those
investors who invested their amount in mutual fund, they get mostly profit.

                                 ANGEL BROKING LTD.                           PAGE: 28
                            DAILY SERVICES

  Market Outlook at
   9:30 AM
                A crisp pre-market report that arms our clients with sensitive
       information before the opening bell. Key corporate developments, polic y
       announcements, geo -political news and views are anal yzed for their
       impact on the market.

   Technical Report at
     6:00 PM
                     This report analyses trading patterns, historical background, market
        position of key stocks and offer short term (1 to 5 days) as well as medium term (10
        to 20 days) views. Tracking individual scrips as well as the Sensex and Nifty, its
        insight cuts through the market maze.

 Derivative Analysis

                  The report provides FII activity in derivative segments, change in open
        interest, put call ratio, cost of carry of stock and index based derivative products. Our
        derivative analysts use the above tolls to project the movement during the next trading

                               ANGEL BROKING LTD.                              PAGE: 29

              Those persons who don’t know that at which place, he invests his money. At
that time, Angel Broking Ltd. is providing these kinds of investors to invest money in Angel
Broking Ltd.’s portfolio Management. The minimum amount of investment is Rs.5 lakh. The
Angel Broking Ltd. is doing all things in place of investor relating the purchase and sell of
security or investment in any other place etc. But it gives the guarantee to the investor that it
gives minimum profits to the investor in his investment of Rs.5 Lakh.

                                  ANGEL BROKING LTD.                              PAGE: 30
                    FUNDAMENTAL SERVICES

   The Sunday Weekly

                This weekly report is ace of all the reports. It offers a comprehensive market
         overview and likely trends in the week ahead. It also presents top picks based on an
         in-depth analysis of technical and fundamental factors. It gives short term and long
         term outlook on these scrips, their price targets and advice trading strategies. Another
         unique feature of this report is that it provides an updated view of about 70 prominent
         stocks on an ongoing basis.

  The Industrial Watch

                    This report provides an in-depth look at specific industries which are likely
         to outperform others in the economy. It analyses their strength and weaknesses and
         ascertains their future outlook. The final view is arrived at after thorough interaction
         with industry experts.

  Stock Analysis
                     Angel’s stock research has performed very well over the past few years and
          angel model portfolio has consistently outperformed the benchmark indices. The
          fundamentals of select scrips are thoroughly analyzed and actionable advice is
          provided along with investment rationale for each scrip.

 Flash News

                  Key developments and significant news announcement that are likely to
       have an impact on market / scrips are flashed live on trading terminals. Flash news
       keeps the market men updated on an online basis and helps them to reshuffle their
                               ANGEL BROKING LTD.                              PAGE: 31
                       TECHNICAL SERVICES

 Intra-day Calls

                      For day traders’ angel provides intraday calls with entry, exit and stop loss
          levels during the market hours and our calls are flashed on our terminals. Our analysts
          continuously track the calls and provide the recommendations according to the market
          movements. Past performance of these calls in terms of profit/loss is also available to
          our associates to enable them to judge the success rate.

 Posting Trading Calls

                    Angels “Position Trading Calls” are based on a through analysis of the price
         movements in selected scrips and provides calls for taking positions with a 10 - 15 days
         time span with stop losses and targets. These calls are also flashed on our terminals
         during market hours.

 Derivative strategies

                     Our analyst take a view on the NIFTY and selected scrips based on
          derivatives and technical tools and devise suitable “Derivative Strategies” , which are
          flashed on our terminals and published in our derivative reports.

                                 ANGEL BROKING LTD.                             PAGE: 32

               They are committed to providing world-class products and services which
exceed the expectations of their customers, achieved by teamwork and a process of
continuous improvement.

                              ANGEL BROKING LTD.                         PAGE: 33


                      Introduction to Marketing
  ……………………….. 34
 Current scenario or trend …………………………………          35
 Channel of Distribution ………………………………….           36
 Promotional activity …………………………………….             37
 Competitors of Angel Broking …………………………..        38
 Network …………………………………………………                      38
 Marketing of Mutual Fund ………………………………            39
 Marketing of Demat A/c ………………………………..            39
 Catalogues ………………………………………………                    40

                 ANGEL BROKING LTD.          PAGE: 35

        It is very important to know the meaning of market, marketing before going to the
meaning of marketing management.

        In Simple Words,

        “Market is a place where buyers and sellers meet directly or indirectly for the
exchange purpose and an exchange may be of goods or services. Here, place may be real or

        According to the American Marketing Association,

        “Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing,
promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy
individual and organizational objectives”.

        “Marketing is typically seen as the task of creating, promoting and delivering goods
and services to the consumers.”

        Thus, the marketing is the combination of three activities – creating, promoting and
delivering goods.

                                  ANGEL BROKING LTD.                          PAGE: 36

        As we know that now-a-days stock market is the most important market like capital market
and commodity market. The growth of the stock market is reflecting in the development in the
economy of India. Indian economy is also known as ‘Mixed Economy’ because in the development of
Economy, the public sector units and the private sector units play a very important role. In the stock
market. Both these sectors play very important role.

        Now-a-days, financial sectors are going on boom position. There is a large development of
financial services. The growth of the stock market is also because of financial services. The
development of the stock market depends on the growth of the different companies which are working
in different sectors and the growth of the Indian economy is depend on the development of stock
market. We can say that ‘stock-market is the heart of Indian economy’. There is daily thousands of
crores transactions is possible only in the stock market.

                                     ANGEL BROKING LTD.                               PAGE: 37
                    CHANNEL OF DISTRIBUTION

       The term channels of distribution is used to refer to the various alternative link roads,
which connects the producer with the consumer. The possible paths by which
products/service may be canalized to the consumer are varied in number and character.

   The ANGEL BROKING. Follows below shown channel of distribution:

                           “CSO” – Central Support Office
Thus, every regional branch is connected with ‘CSO’ which in turns, facilitate other branches
of the respective branch and sub-brokers ultimately to provide best possible service to

                                 ANGEL BROKING LTD.                              PAGE: 38
                       PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES

“Advertising consists of a diverse collection of affective tools, mostly short term, designed to
stimulate quicker and/or greater purchase of a particular product.”


        Advertising is non-personal communication advertising may be made throw
newspapers, pamphlets, T.V., radio, etc.

        Advertising is one channel of information for consumes. They get to know about new
products, improvements pricing changes, packaging innovations, special credit terms and so
on from advertising.

        Angel Broking ltd has chosen news channel i.e. CNBC, NDTV etc. and their primary
mode for advertising. The company selected this mode because it helps to attract the relative
customers like business man, professional and many more. Also they advertise their product
in the regional language for the convenience of their customers.

        Promotional activities at Angel Broking ltd are done by web, e-mails and personal
contact Angel Broking ltd is also organizing seminars and presentations and promotes its
services to the clients. It is spending Rs.20000 per month for promotional activities.

                                   ANGEL BROKING LTD.                                PAGE: 39

       In modern era, there are many competitors of Angel Broking Ltd. Competition is very
important for the growth and development of the business as well as to show the potentiality
of the business in the current market.

    Competitors of Angel Broking Ltd. are as under:

                      Marwadi Shares and Finance Pvt. Ltd.
                      Share Khan
                      Ajay Natverlal
                      Mataliya Stock Broking Pvt. Ltd.


                                 The Angel Broking Ltd. is spreading very quickly in the
field of stock broking company. At present time also Angel’s network is very huge. In Angel
Broking Ltd. , Nation-wide network of 21 Regional Hubs Presence in 124 cities Over 6810
Sub-Brokers & Business Associates More than 5.9 lakh Clients Viz, Junagadh, Mumbai,
Rajkot, Delhi, Indore, Baroda, Ahemdabad etc.

                                 ANGEL BROKING LTD.                           PAGE: 40

            One of the most important objectives of Angel Broking Ltd. is that to increases
the clients or investors of Mutual Fund as possible as. Hence, a part from providing different
types of services, Major concentration was given on Marketing of Mutual Fund. There are
two types of chain for Marketing of Mutual Fund.

             First Chain:
              Angel Broking Ltd.           Sub brokers             Clients of Mutual Fund

             Second Chain:
              Angel Broking Ltd.            Direct retail clients of Mutual Fund

                    MARKETING OF DEMAT A/C

            Angel Broking is providing services of Demat A/c. One of the
most important another objective of Angel Broking is to increses the clients
which are having Demat A/c in Angel Broking. For that purpose, Angel
Broking has appoints 5 to 10 salesmen who are doing Marketing of Demat
A/c in Rajkot cit y. They are doing door to door contact and giving
information about importance of Demat A/c and filling all information of
DRF (Demat Request Form) which is first necessary to open Demat A/c .

                                 ANGEL BROKING LTD.                             PAGE: 41

       Catalogues give information about goods and Services in greater derails with the help
of figures, charts and illustrations in blue or black colors. A publisher, Travel Agencies, life
insurance companies, big companies, Financial Services provider firm often uses Catalogues.

       Angel Broking Ltd. is providing different Research Reports, Services information
Browser, companies technical charts in catalogues. Different Research Reports such as E-
broking Research Report, commodities Research Report and portfolio management services
Report etc. it also provides information of all services which is provided by them.

                                 ANGEL BROKING LTD.                              PAGE: 42


 Introduction To Finance Department …………………….   43
 Financial Planning …………………………………….             44
 Accounting System …………………………………….              45
 Capital Structure    …………………………………….           46

                ANGEL BROKING LTD.        PAGE: 44
                    INTRODUCTION TO FINANCE
       The finance function covers both acquisitions of funds as well as their optimum
allocation in various sources. In past, the main function of finance manager is only to find out
sources of finance wile. In modern era, the main function of finance manager is to find out
sources of finance and their optimum allocation into various sources.

       In Simple Words,

       “Finance means procurement of funds and their effective utilization in the business”

       Hoagland Says,

       “Financial Management is concerned mainly with such matters as how a business
corporation raises its finance and how it makes use of it.”

       J. C. Van Horne Says,

       “Financial Management is concerned with the acquisition of funds, financing and
Mgt. of assets with some overall goal in mind.”

       The responsibilities for finance managers are spread throughout the organization in
the sense that financial Mgt. is to an extent an integral part of the job for managers involved
in planning, allocation of resources and control. Financial Mgt. is highly specialized in nature
and is handled by specialists. The job of the chief financial executive does not cover only
routine aspects of finance and accounting. As a member of the top management, he is closely
associated with the formulation of policies as well as decision making.

                                 ANGEL BROKING LTD.                              PAGE: 45

         Financial planning is the most important function of the management. It is an
executive function of financial management. Finance manager has to make plan for
investment, resources of acquiring money and also, he has to achieve many objectives in
future which is planned out in present. Such as expansion of the business, increases profit of
business etc.

Angel Broking Ltd. is having different Financial (Future) Planning which is described as

    To expand the business of broking services.
    To increase the clients of the business.
    To increase the volume of trading of day to day transactions.
    To give maximum satisfaction to the clients by providing best facilities.
    To increase the revenue of firm.
    One of the most important future, planning is to development of Branches.
    To increase the clients of Mutual Funds.
    To increase the branches of commodities broking services.
    To avail the membership as depository participant.
    To start the research base activities.
    To start PMS facility for the clients.
    To develop the product of Cash & F& O of the NSE.
    To develop the scope of the company across the India.

                                 ANGEL BROKING LTD.                              PAGE: 46
                          ACCOUNTING SYSTEM

        Accounting Function is a necessary input into the finance function that is, accounting
is a sub function of finance. Accounting generates information relating to activities of the

           In Angel Broking Ltd., Accounting is maintained but there is no separate account
is maintained. But there is centralized accounting is being maintained by the head office of
the Angel Broking Ltd. in Mumbai regarding Services. Mainly, the income statement (P & L
A/c.), the statement of changes in financial position (sources and used of fund statement),
The Balance Sheet is to be prepared.

                                 ANGEL BROKING LTD.                             PAGE: 47
                            CAPITAL STRUCTURE

       The firm should select a financing capital structure, which will help in achieving. The
objective of financial management. The capital structure is to be decided as per the type of
business of firm or organization.

       In simple words,

       Capital structure means the portion or ratio of debt equity mix, in any firm or

       The Angel Broking Ltd. has not received money from public to create capital but it is
having its own capital. There is no any amount of public in it but the amount of capital is the
promoters its own amount. Promoters are able to received money from relatives as well as
from bank in the form of loan.

       Thus, there is a more ratio of equity in compare to debt.

                                    ANGEL BROKING LTD.                           PAGE: 48


 Introduction to Personnel Management ………………….   49
 Recruitment & Selection …………………………………           50
 Induction & Orientation …………………………………           51
 Training ……………………………………………….                    52
 Transfer & Promotion ………………………………….             53
 Rewards and Incentives …………………………………            54

                ANGEL BROKING LTD.          PAGE: 50

       In simple words,

       “The objective of personnel management is to understand what has happened and is
happening and to be prepared for what will happen in the area of working relationships
between the managers and the managed.”

       According to Edward Flippo,

       “Personnel Management is the planning organizing; directing and controlling of the
procurement, development, compensation, integration, maintenance and separation of human
resources to the end that individual organizational and social objective are accomplished.”

       Human resource management cannot be separated from the basic management
function. The scope of HRM is very wide; it covers labour, welfare and industrial relations
aspect. HR managers do not manufacture or sell goods but they do contribute to the success
and growth of an organization by advising employees are workers working in the
organization. Human resource management is concerned with employees as individuals as
well as groups It is the task of dealing with human beings in an organization. It is the process
of bringing people and organization together so that the goals of each are met. Human
Resources are most important element in an organization.

                                 ANGEL BROKING LTD.                              PAGE: 51

     Recruitment:

                          According to Edward Flippo, “Recruitment is the process of
searching for prospective employees and stimulating and encouraging them to apply for jobs
in an organization.”

                          Recruitment is a positive function because most of persons who are
eligible for jobs are applied for job.

        Recruitment is pervasive function because all organizations are engaged in recruiting
activity. But the volume and nature of recruitment varies with the size, nature and
environment of particular organization. Recruitment methods such as direct, indirect and
third party methods are means by which an organization establishes contact with potential
candidates, provides them necessary information and encourages them to apply for jobs.
Different medias are used for recruitment such as advertising is news paper, pamphlets and in
Internet etc.

     Selection:

                    Selection is the process of choosing the best out of those recruited or
applied for job. Recruitment is positive because it aims at increasing the number of
applications for wider choice or for increasing the selection ratio while selection is negative
because rejects a large no. of applicants. Recruitment involves prospecting or searching
where as selection involves comparison and choice of candidates.

                                   ANGEL BROKING LTD.                            PAGE: 52
           The purpose of selection is to pick up the right person for every job. Selection is an
 important function because no organization can achieve its goals without selecting the right

                            INDUCTION & ORIENTATION

           Orientation & Induction is “The process of receiving and welcoming an employee when the
 first joins a company and giving him the basic information, he needs to settle down quickly and
 happily and start work.” Induction helps in minimizing shock which a new employee feels in reality.
 Thus, induction or orientation is very necessary for new employees in any organization or firm.

           When a new employee joins an organization, he is completely a stranger to the staff, work
 place and the work environment. Therefore, he is likely to feel insecure, shy and nervous. In the
 absence of information and support, these are likely to be anxiety and fear in his mind. In Angel
 Broking Ltd., when any new employee is going to join an organization, first of all he or she is
 introduced to all his or her concern department staff members and at the same time he or she will be
 given a brief information about Angel Broking Ltd. as well as all services which is provided by them.
 Then, on the job training is to be given to the new employee

            In Angel Broking Ltd., When any new employee is going to join the organization, first of all
he or she is introduced to all his or her colleagues & concerned department. At the same time he or she
will be given brief information about Angel Broking Ltd., as well as the services provided by them. On
the job training is to be given to the new employee.

                                      ANGEL BROKING LTD.                                 PAGE: 53

        Training is a process of increasing the knowledge and skills of the knowed for doing
a particular job. It is an organized activity designed to create a change in the thinking and
behavior of people and to enable then to do their jobs in a efficient manners.

       Angel has undertaken a campaign to strengthen the staff’s Customer Relationship
Management skills across the organization, by planning highly interactive training sessions
with the aim to provide effective services to our clients.

       The programs will be conducted by our HR team with assistance from an outsourced
Trainer & will be held at our in house training centre at Akruti. The training programs will
have sessions like; Effective Customer Service Skills, Effective Business Communication,
Telephone Etiquette, E-Mail Etiquette, Time Management, Interpersonal Skills, Effective
Selling Skills, Handling Customer Complaints effectively.

        We emphasize that we expect serious commitment and participation from the staff
members for all the training initiatives. These people development programmes are an
integral part of the performance appraisal process and those excelling in these programs can
look forward to be suitably rewarded.

                                  ANGEL BROKING LTD.                             PAGE: 54
                     TRANSFER AND PROMOTION

     Transfer:

        Transfer is a horizontal or lateral movement of an employee from one job, section,
department to another at the same or another place where his salary, status and responsibility are the
same. It generally doesn’t involve a promotion.

        In Angel Broking Ltd., transfer of employees happens in rarely case. Here generally, positive
transfer takes place. Means if any employee wants transfer from one branch to another branch, he is
free to do this. Except such cases transfer doesn’t happen in Angel Broking Ltd.

     Promotion:

                Promotion of any employee is generally depends on the performance of an employee.
        In such organization, promotion is some time given to build up moral, loyalty and a sense of
        belonging on the part of the employees.

                In Angel Broking Ltd., promotion is given on the bases of the target achievement. If
        any big target is achieved by employee which is comparatively very tough, at that time. The
        person has promoted at big post. Thus, promotion is depending on the performance of a
        person or the achievement of target.

                                    ANGEL BROKING LTD.                                PAGE: 55
                     REWARDS AND INCENTIVES

    Incentives:

       An incentive scheme is a plan or programmes to motivate individual or group
performance. An incentive programme is most frequently build on monetary rewards but may
also include a variety of non-monetary rewards or prizes.

       In Angel Broking Ltd., incentive plans are designed to improve productivity and to
secure better utilization of human resources of the enterprise. Incentive is given in the form of
‘Annual appraisal policy’ which is given to motivate employees at every six months.
Incentives are sometimes given for the achievement of targets.

    Rewards:

       Rewards are very important for employees because it creates satisfaction in the mind
of employee. Therefore, an employee can not go at anywhere, due to this, increase loyalty of
employee towards the enterprise or firm.

       In Angel Broking Ltd., rewards are given in the form of bonus which is given to all
employees in every Diwali. Bonus is generally given in the form of money.

                                  ANGEL BROKING LTD.                              PAGE: 56

                                  SWOT ANALYSIS

        No firm can work for the sake of work. Each and every firm wants to have their own prestige
in market there can be many other objectives like to earn more profit, to satisfy customers need to
maintain quality. But none of above can be achieved or got without analyzing firms own performance.

        Every firm wants to compare its performance but we all know that if any firm will not
consider its weakness in performance, it cannot know about their true strengths.

        Thence, SWOT Analysis is one of the tools to measure company performance. It includes
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. For any particular firm this is the parameter which
includes both the aspects i.e. areas which has been already improved and areas which are needed to be
improved. A firm has try to maintain their strengths, reduce their weakness, look for new
opportunities, competitors strengths should be consider in the form of threats in new formulating
strategies, that is what SWOT is all about.

                                    ANGEL BROKING LTD.                                PAGE: 58

     Well maintained infrastructure
     Dedicated, intelligent and loyal staff
     Competitive brokerage
     The best investment advice through dedicated research and reports.
     Wide product range to enable the clients to choose the best alternative
     A positive image in existing clients


     Time consuming process for account opening, resolving the problems of the
     Customers etc.
     Company is present in only one business, i.e. Stock Broking, so there is no
     Scope for cross-selling


     Attract the customer who are dissatisfied with other broking company
     Online trading a/c market has vast potential
     Derivatives and Commodities markets are growing so, there is enormous
     Potential for these markets

     Increasing competition from existing as well as new players
     A threat of losing clients for any kind of weakness of the company
     Government policy
     New multinational and national players are coming with competitive

                                ANGEL BROKING LTD.                              PAGE: 59



   Angel needs to make its marketing team strong and also it should increase marketing
    activities such as promotion campaigns.

   Company should show the benefits of trading on online trading.

   Angel should turn existing customer (who are trading in equity only) towards online

   Angel can also use newspapers and local new channels as a medium of advertising.

   Angel may also use its helpline number for giving education on trading.

                             ANGEL BROKING LTD.                               PAGE: 61



      I got an opportunity to work as a summer trainee in Angel Broking Limited, Rajkot.
My project guide was Mr. Vimal Jani. He gave me the liberty to choose what I wanted to
work on. I decided to go through different departments of the organization and study the
working of different departments.

       Initially I did not know from where to start. I simply learnt about the company by
reading their different Report and asking about my doubts to the people around me. My guide
introduces me to the employees of the company wherever there is a need to work with them.
There was formal induction done for me.

       For another week or so, I spent my time getting acquainted with how all the
departments work. I would introduce myself to people who did not know me and ask them to
help me out. I would then ask them a few questions that I had prepared before-hand. This
whole exercise was learning in itself for me. Most of the time, my guide introduced me to the
other employees. I would be asked to wait or come another time. But I would wait with
patience and get my doubts cleared.

As my summer internship was in marketing department, but I also learnt that it is not only
enough for an employee to work only in his department rather he should have a sound
knowledge of the other departments as well. My guide helped me a lot in this. He explained
me each and every step how I have to go for the process but this is the field where you have
to do a lot of home work for understanding the function. More important than all this, I got to
see how an organization works from up-close.

                                 ANGEL BROKING LTD.                             PAGE: 63



      Books:
                Personnel management
           -C.B. memoria & s.v.gangkar

               Marketing management

           -S.A. sherlekar

                Financial management

           -N.Y.khan & P.K. Jain

                            WEBSITES:


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