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Cambridge Newnham School of English

School description
The school is housed in an elegant and traditional Edwardian building, located in a quiet residential
area, 20min walk from the city centre. Facilities include a multimedia centre, a Structured Study
room and free wireless internet access as well as a coffee shop and large garden to relax in after
class. You will find the atmosphere of learning in the School infectious as you study surrounded by
great history and magnificent architecture. While planning your free time you can chose from
exploring the historic colleges, punting on the River Cam or visiting the prestigious museums and

School facilities
    [ICON] Classrooms: 8 large and airy classrooms
    [ICON] Wi-Fi: Free Wi-Fi anywhere on premises
    [ICON] Study: Self Study Room & Library
    [ICON] Computer Room: 3 computer labs
    [ICON] Café: Drinks, lunch meals and snacks
    [ICON] Relax: A large garden with outdoor eating area

Courses Offered

English Courses
     General English
     Intensive English
     Business English

University Preparation
     Cambridge Exam Preparation (FCE, CAE)
     IELTS Exam Preparation (Intensive or Supplementary)
     Academic Year and Semester (General or Intensive)

   1. Homestay
         Distance to School: 30min
         Minimum age: 16
         Twin or Single Rooms
         Half Board: 14 meals/week
                   Shared or Private Bathroom
                   Laundry Facilities
                   Bed Linen & Towels
                   Telephone & Internet available

              Homestay Brochure

           2. Student Apartments
                 Distance to School: 20min
                 Minimum age: 18
                 Single Rooms
                 Self Catering with kitchens
                 En-Suite Bathroom
                 Bed Linen
                 Telephone & Internet available
                 24hrs emergency Wardens plus CCTV

    Student Residence Brochure

    Leisure Activities

    The School organises an exciting programme of activities, where you can meet other students and
    learn about the city. A typical month may include trips to Cambridge University, racing and football,
    river punting, conversational clubs, cinemas, theatres and museums. Weekend trips are also
    available to places of interest, such as London, Bath, Oxford and even Paris, Scotland or Amsterdam.

    Sample Programme:
Mon               Tue              Wed               Thu               Fri             Sat       Sun

Welcome           Tour of          Cinema            International                     Trip to   Trip to
                  Cambridge                                            Salsa Lessons
Party                              Night             Club Night                        Belgium   Brighton
Official          Fitzwilliam                                          Fiesta at       Trip to   Trip to
                                   Punting           Tussauds
dinner            museum                                               Fez Club        London    Oxford
              Cost of excursions is not included in study programme.

    Student Information

    Minimum age: 16 years

    Student ages
    Average age: 23 years

    Typical Nationality Mix
    Flick: See graph supplied earlier

Staff profile


“...I love using the latest technology in the classroom...” read more

Full text:

I’m the Blended Learning Specialist at the School. I love using the latest technology in the classroom
and find the whole teaching experience really rewarding as I can see my student’s progressing.


“...I love seeing students develop...” read more

Full text:
I’m a Senior Teacher and have worked at the school for many years. I really enjoy teaching because I
love seeing students develop and get satisfaction from being able to give students to the tools to
express themselves.

Student Testimonials

Maria Isabel Garcia, Colombia (studied for Academic Year Course)

“... I speak fluently...” read more
Full text:

When I started the course I was in Intermediate level but now I’m preparing for my IELTS and FCE as
well. I can communicate better with English people and speak fluently with more natural

Alexander Floto, Germany (studied for Intensive CAE course)

“...I don’t need to think carefully before speaking!..” read more
Full text:

I really recommend visiting the old university colleges and the city centre. I’m happy because now I
know a lot more vocabulary, and don’t need to think carefully before speaking!

         Course                           Lessons                         Price per week                  Start Dates

                                  20 General English + 7
General English                                                               £230
                                     Structured Study

Intensive General                 28 General English + 7
English                              Structured Study

                                  20 General English + 8
English for Business               Business English + 7                       £265
                                     Structured Study

                                  20 General English + 8
IELTS Preparation
                                   IELTS + 7 Structured                       £265
Supplementary                                                                                            Every Monday

IELTS Preparation                28 IELTS + 7 Structured
Intensive                                Study

Cambridge Exam
Preparation (FCE,                28 + 7 Structured Study                      £265

                                  20 General English + 7
                                                                        32 weeks = £4990
Academic Year                        Structured Study                                                    Jan 3; Apr 10;
(General / Intensive)             28 General English + 7                                                Jun 18; Sept 24
                                                                        32 weeks = £5490
                                     Structured Study

                                  20 General English + 7                20 weeks = £3500
                                     Structured Study                   24 weeks = £4190                Jan 3; Mar 19;
Academic Semester
                                                                                                        Apr 10; Jun 18;
(General / Intensive)                                                   20 weeks = £3950
                                  28 General English + 7                                                Sept 24; Oct 15
                                     Structured Study                   24 weeks = £4715
Course price includes: orientation meeting, use of computer room and internet, placement and progress testing, end of course


                                                                     Semester         Semester              Academic
            Homestay                       £ per week
                                                                    (20 weeks)*      (24 weeks)*              Year*

Single Room,
                                               £175                   £3000              £3530                 £4700
Half board (14 meals/week)

Twin Room,
                                               £150                   £2700              £3170                 £4200
Half board (14 meals/week)
Note: Twin room is only available to 2 students booking together.
*Price for Academic Semester and Academic Year includes accommodation during school holidays.
                                                                     Semester        Semester     Academic
        Student Residence                      £ per week
                                                                    (20 weeks)*     (24 weeks)*     Year*

Residence Tripos, Single Room,
                                                   £205               £3900            £4590       £6250
No meals
Note: Twin room is only available to 2 students booking together.
*Price for Academic Semester and Academic Year includes accommodation during school holidays.

                            rd  th
Christmas Supplement (23 –29 Dec): £50 per week
                         st       st
Summer Supplement (1 Jun – 1 Sept): £30 per week
Homestay Special Diet £30 per week
Airport Transfers, one way per person:
     Heathrow £170
     Luton/Stansted £130
     Gatwick £195
Registration Fee £60
Accommodation Fee £60
Visa document courier fee £80
Visa registration fee £10
Duty fee £100

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