executive_summary_sample by jianglifang


									                            EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

The [Agency Name] respectfully requests funding to implement a new computer-
aided dispatch (CAD) system for a consolidated, primary 911 public safety
answering point (PSAP) that our agency jointly administers with the [Agency
Department Name]. Our objectives in implementing the new system are to
reduce emergency response times, promote data and resource sharing between
city departments, as well as with neighboring state and local agencies; increase
the effectiveness of our emergency response services, improve the efficiency of
our city departments, improve responder and civilian safety, and bolster
homeland security efforts in our region.

Located [Describe the geographic area of the agency], the City of [City Name] is
situated in [County Name] (population XXX,000) along the [Describe nearby
industry and interstate infrastructure]. [City Name] is [Describe location based on
major metropolitan areas. For example, XX miles north of Portland and XX miles
east of Seattle].

Our existing computer-aided dispatch system was implemented in 19XX and
does not provide the functionality required to enable our personnel to share
information and provide effective response services. The current system has no
recommended units function nor does it provide any mapping functions to allow
us to accurately pinpoint calls for service. In recent years, cellular phone use has
significantly increased throughout our jurisdiction, due to growing traffic on
Interstate XX, as well as the increasing number of residents who choose wireless
phone service over wire line as their sole source of phone communication.

The City of [City Name] is actively involved in collaborative efforts, including
regional homeland security efforts, with neighboring agencies in [State] and
[State]. For more than two decades, our agency has worked to promote
interoperability, information exchange, coordinated planning, and resource
sharing among local agencies within our county. Our proposed project will
complement these efforts by enabling us to handle calls for service with greater
efficiency and ensure that the most appropriate and closest responders are
accurately dispatched to those in need of emergency services.

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