hosting by huanghengdong


									Data Only

Option                           Cost(first year)   Cost(thereafter)   Comments
Amazon SimpleDB                  Free (up to 25     Same               Accessible from iOS, android, and php
                                 machine hours                         No environment to maintain
                                 and 1GB)
Amazon Relational Data Service   $.11/machine hr    Same               Full mySQL instance if relational database is required
Google App Engine Data Store     Free               Free               Need to write web service access to data as an app engine client
SQL Azure Database               $9.99/mo           Same               Probably overkill

Full hosting

Option                           Cost(first year)   Cost(thereafter)   Comments
Web Host                         $3.99/mo +         $7.99/mo +         Provide apache, php, mysql
                                                                       Allow us to host web pages and mysql instances
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud     Free               $.02/hr            Entire virtual machine access
                                                    ($14.88/mo if      Can choose pre-configured OS install
                                                    up 24/7)           More flexible than web host
Google App Engine                Free (up to        Same               Access data through web services
                                 certain                               Web apps must be written in Java or Python
Windows Azure Compute            $.05/hr            Same               Full windows environment
                                 ($37.20/mo if up
University-provided machines     ??                                    Require physical space on campus
                                                                       We would have to maintain environment

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