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Title : Top 10 Tips to Send Valentine Gifts to India from USA

Description : Top 10 tips to send Valentine gifts to India from USA, UK, Canada etc is the subject
of this article. It discusses about how to send Valentine gifts through online gift portals.

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Valentines day calls for love. When we can feel love in the air, we know it’s Valentine coming. It’s a day people
take off from their busy schedule to spend time with beloved. Here are top 10 tips to send Valentine gifts from far
away land.

1. Plan beforehand - If you are planning to send Valentine gifts to India from USA, then you need to hurry up
as last minute rush can spoil the whole effort. So plan month ahead, at least 1 month beforehand. In this way
you can arrange matters like choosing the gifts, selecting the best ones etc in a better way.

2. Hit the search engines - Now once you have made up your mind in sending Valentine gifts to India from
USA then waste no more time and hit the search engines. Go to Google, Yahoo and Bing; and most probably
you will get what you are looking for. If you have any specific preferences then try to put that also in your search

3. Check out the premier shops - As you hit the enter for the online shops through which you can send your
Valentine gifts to India from USA, you will see thousands of sites with similar names in front of your eyes. But
don’t their alluring statement fascinate you in taking a wrong decision. Always go for the premier online gift

4. Browse through carefully - After you shortlist few sites, spend some more time browsing through each of the
sites carefully before you choose one to send Valentine gifts to India from USA or UK. Check out the business
history of the site, it’s reputation in the market, previous customers’ feedback. If you think of cross-checking,
there are numerous consumer complaint forums from where you can get the real story.

5. Check Valentine collection - You are doing all these because you want to surprise your beloved with your
Valentine gifts to India from USA. Then should not you check the exclusive Valentine special collection at the
online stores? Some of the e-gift shops are Valentine special only. You can also check them out for better
collection of gifts.
6. Be cautious with delivery date - After all these browsing, checking and cross-checking you will get to know
which one to go for. Then check out the time it will take to get your Valentine gifts to India from USA delivered
at the doorstep of your special someone. Some site ensure quick delivery, some not. So ask them before making
the final deal and act accordingly.

7. Secured Payment Methods - Once you are confirmed about their quick and timely delivery of Valentine gifts
to India from USA, it’s time to pay the bill. Now, before you step forward to payment, you need to complete
some formalities without which your efforts will not make any sense.

8. Delivery charges - Does the online gifting charge extra bucks for remote delivery? Ask this question, or else
you can end up paying double for getting your Valentine gifts to India from USA delivered properly.

9. Quality Assurance - Make it sure that you are paying for the best quality gifts, not any cheap ones. They are
bound to provide with the finest quality Valentine gifts to India from USA.

10. Shipping and Billing Forms - This is the last yet most important tips to send your Valentine presents from
miles away. Carefully fill up the billing and shipping forms with accurate information.

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