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    To:                   Chris Cochran, Ph.D., Practicum Instructor, and Health Care
                          Administration Program, University of Nevada Las Vegas

 From:                    Neha Chadha

Subject:                  Nevada State Health Site

   Date:                 September 26, 2006

    On September 26, 2006 our class visited the Nevada State Health Division Bureau of
Licensure and Certification. It was hosted by Lisa Jones, Health facility Surveyor and
Kerry McKinney, Program Director. Nevada State Health Division is a government
organization. The purpose of the organization is to protect safety and welfare of the
public three promotions and advocacy of quality healthcare through licensing, regulation
enforcement and education.

           Nevada State Division Health primary responsibilities is Management
Research, Compile survey and complaint data, Financial and other data analysis,
Contribute to internal reports, Update website information. Nevada Health Division their
job requirements are computer proficiency and communication skills. Nevada State
Health Division has three major problems like medical and other health facilities, medical
laborites and Personal and Emergency Medical Service. Particularly, NSHD are looking
for nurses that are clinically experienced. Immediate openings are available in the public
service, Management Analyst I and Management Analyst II. Nevada Health State
Division offers various services such as Aging Services, Child and Family Services,
Mental Health and Developmental Services, Health Division, Welfare and Supportive
Services, Health Care and Financing Policy and Public Defender. The major source of
revenue comes from the Children’s Trust Fund, community Food and Nutrition
Community Services Block Grant, Family Resource Center Fund, Family Connection
Fund and Fund for a Healthy NV, all these funds are in excess of $30 Million.

           This organization wouldn’t be a good match for my internship due to the fact I
am more interested with insurance companies. Our class has been visiting different sites.
Therefore, I am undecided yet. No, I don’t intend to pursue this organization as a
potential practicum site.

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