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					                   COLORADO PASOS
     A Chapter of the Great Western Paso Fino Horse Association
                            SPRING 2007

                          What’s New With You?
                        From your Prez, Suzie Tiller

It won’t be long until all of the snow is melted! As this goes to press, the
latest snowfall has given us what can only be called the longest real winter
in memory here in Colorado. And when the snow finally melts, we WILL
get to have a play day WITH OUR HORSES at Nancy Wenlock’s place
(date to be determined). I am so ready for a day out! June 8th and 9th are
Limon Days trail ride and parade; wouldn’t it be fun to see a passel of
Paso’s riding into town? Come on let’s do it! Let’s see if we can get at least
20 Paso Finos to show up. I think that would be so much fun!

Colorado Chapter is gearing up for our Fun Show May 27th at the Jefferson
County Fair Grounds in Golden CO. This year promises to be something
new and exciting! Carol Terry, Lynne Strauss and Meg Purnell are cooking
up some great classes that will knock your socks off. For the "something
new" part, how about a new name? "Pony Tracks"! Yep, that’s what it will
be called! Also with this new name is the emphasis on FUN! The fun show
team has decided to make this an all breed show. Many new fun classes are
being added (and Another Mystery Class?????). We will all want to sign up
for that one! As the team gets all the kinks ironed out we will get that class
list posted on the website so you can get your entries in early. We are
expecting a huge turnout and you don’t want to be standing in line to
register. (For more info on the Fun Show, see the article in this Newsletter -

Cindy Griffeth is very excited about coming out to Colorado and instructing
our clinic, May 26. The registration forms are on the website now, so if you
are interested, get it filled out and sent in with your payment and
registration form. And remember: whoever pays by April 30th will be
entered into a drawing to have their spot (Horse and Rider) FREE.


For those of you who wish to audit, this is a wonderful chance to learn some
valuable information. Cindy will cover many important topics and
information that all of us can use. We all tend to ask for help from one
another from time to time. This will be a chance to get those questions
answered by a professional who has grown up showing and training the
Paso. I’m sure she has just about seen it all! So get those forms in. The
forms can be found on line at:
How about this? Get your form in by April 30, with payment, and you
too will have the opportunity to have your name put into the drawing
and win your audit for FREE. Now how’s that for a good deal?

Ft. Robinson is not a go. Unfortunately there was not enough interest soon
enough to get the reservations.

October 6th is the date for the GW Futurity and fun show. We will be
hosting this show at the Douglas County Fair Grounds in Castle Rock,
Colorado. This is a very nice facility and I’m excited that they were able to
get us a date! This is going to be an all Paso show, so make sure you plan
on being there. We will need all of you to make this a success! As we get
closer we will post all of the information on the website. I hope you are as
excited about this as we are. In conjunction with this show we will also be
holding our Awards Banquet and a membership meeting. All of these
details will need to be put together before it is gospel, but I can tell you it’s
going to happen! I was starting to worry we wouldn’t be able to find a
place! So any of you that want to help...hint, hint. Please put this date on
your calendar now so you can plan around it!
As riding season gets underway don’t hesitate to plan a ride and invite the
rest of us Paso People! We would love to see you on the trail.
The Website Task Force is hard at work on the final modifications
necessary to go live. We will still have some areas under construction, but
aim to get them up and running as soon as possible. The home page will
spotlight a slide show of ten photographs that will be changed each month.
The monthly themes follow beginning with the month we intend to go live:

April: “My Best Friend”; May: “Spring Foals”; June: “Promotion”
(parades, clinics, shows, cow cutting, etc); July: “Geldings”; August:
“Summer Fun”; September: “Fall Foals”; October: “Best Costume”;
November: “Trail Rides”; December: “Christmas Spirit”; January:
“Stallions”; February: “My First Ride”; March: “Mares”.

Each current Great Western member will be allowed to submit one photo
for each month, so everyone dig through your photos and send them to
Suzie, noting which photo is for which month. Send photos by email or by
snail mail.

We will also have buttons on the home page for our website sponsors. For a
yearly fee we will provide a link back to your personal website. This is a
great way to help offset the cost of operating the website. If you don’t have
a website but would like to participate, we will create a webpage for you.
This is an excellent opportunity to advertise your farm or stallion and
support Great Western at the same time. We will have two large buttons for
$200 per year, and three small buttons for $100 per year. We have
three commitments already, so hurry to take part in this awesome

We hope everyone is as excited as we are about the Great Western
Website Committee:
Suzie Tiller:
Stacy Bjerke:
Denise Ireland:
Judi Bradbury:
                         Fun Show Time!
                          By Carol Terry

Spring is here! Get those trusty (rusty) steeds ready for a real
good time at our own fun show Sunday, May 27.

This year it will be an all-breed show---all the better to show off
our wonderfully versatile Paso Finos. Get your horse prepared
for a challenging trail class—last fall at the Boulder Fun show,
Meg Purnell with Primo took 1st place and Frambueasa and
I took home 2nd place -- in a class of 25 horses! Meg’s putting
together the obstacle course for our show so get ready. She’s
also planning a Beginner Course for the greenhorns and
youngsters. We’ll have open classes, a Best Gaited Class,
lots of fun classes—one involving whipped cream—and an
Equi-Theatre class.

We’ll need every bit of support---please call me or call Lynne
Strauss and let us know how you can help.

Carol Terry
303 778-0100 Office
303 601-2085 Cell

Editor's Note: Following is the Class List for the Fun Show. The
Sponsorship and the Entry Forms are also included (with the page
number at the top so you know what pages to print off). Send your
forms in ASAP. How about sponsoring a class or three!?!
                               PONY TRACKS

                           ALL BREED FUN SHOW
                       Sunday, May 27, 2007--10 AM
                 Jefferson County Fairgrounds, Golden, CO

                                              -   Lunch Break -
1. Lead Line                               12.    Equitheater
2. Freestyle Open Halter                   13.    Largo Race
3. Telephone Book*                         14.    Soccer on horseback
4. Open Pleasure, Youth 12 & under         15.    Spoon race*
5. Surprise class—Meg Purnell announcing                16. Open Western
6. Open preferred gait – 2 gait            17.    Pole bending –in gait
7. Ribbon ride*                            18.    Pole bending—full out
8. Open preferred gait – 3 gait (canter)   19.    Whipped cream relay*
9. Paso Fino Pleasure                      20.    Open trail pleasure
10. Barrel race—in gait                    21.    Musical chairs*
11. Barrel race—full out                   22.    Keyhole
                                           23.    Bobbing for apples
24. Trail class-novice-5 obstacles
25. Trail class-10 obstacles

 Trail classes will be run concurrently in East arena from 10am-1pm
                              ENTRY FEES
               $55—All the classes you can ride all day
                              $10 Per class

                        TRICK RIDING EXHIBITION
                        MEDIEVAL GAMING TROUPE

So you see - there will be lots of fun classes to enter and to watch.
Bring friends who haven't seen gaited horses before! Bring people
who just want a great day of horse fun! Let's pack the place with
spectators and entrants alike!
                              (Page 6 - for printing purposes)
                                     PONY TRACKS
                        ALL BREED FUN SHOW - ENTRY FORM
               Great Western Paso Fino Horse Association - Colorado Chapter
                              Sunday May 27, 2007 -- 10AM
                       Jefferson County Fairgrounds -- Golden, CO
                                  Judge Cindy Griffeth

  Name of Horse: ________________________

  Owner Name: __________________________

  Telephone ________________________ cell: ___________________

  Rider: ___________________________________ Class No(s)._____

Show Secretary: Denise Ireland
Show Chairs: Lynne Strauss & Carol Terry
Entry Fees -- $55/day OR $10/class
Check Payable to GWPFHA-CO Chapter
Mail entry to: Carol Terry
               9209 S. Hillview Road
                Morrison, CO 80465

Fax entry to 303 733-2900
PH: 303 601-2085

  Total Class Fees: _________
  Stalls @ $20: ____________
  Total Fees: ______________

   I hereby enter the above horse at my own risk and subject to all the rules and regulations
   of the show. I further agree that if any damage is occasioned, or loss to the horse
   exhibited, to any vehicle or other article, which I may send with such horse, I will make no
   claim against the Great Western Paso Fino Horse Association. I understand that neither
   Great Western Paso Fino Horse Association, the Jefferson County Fair Grounds, nor
   Cindy Griffeth, the judge, their officers, the host, nor the property owners accept any
   responsibility for accidents, damage, injury or illness to the horse, owners, riders,
   employees, attendants, spectators or any other person or property owner in connection
   with this event.
Signature:___________________________________ Date: _____________
                            (Page 7 - for printing purposes)

                            PONY TRACKS
                         SPONSORSHIP FORM
                        ALL BREED FUN SHOW
Sponsored by Great Western Paso Fino Horse Association--Colorado Chapter

                       Sunday, May 27, 2007--10AM
                 Jefferson County Fairgrounds, Golden, CO
                         Judge: Ms. Cindy Griffeth

    Show Chairs:    Lynne Strauss & Carol Terry
    Show Secretary: Denise Ireland

    Mail form to: Carol Terry, 9209 S. Hillview Road, Morrison, CO 80465
    Fax:           303 733-2900
    Phone:         303 601-2085

    Please show your support for this annual show by sponsoring a class or two.
    Sponsorships are $15 per class or $40 for 3 classes. Your sponsorship
    will be recognized at the introduction of your class. All donations are tax
    deductible. A portion of all profits will benefit the Emily Griffith Opportunity
    School which brings special horses and traumatized youth together in a
    that initiates teaching and healing.

    City,                               State,         ZIP
    Telephone No.

    Class No. or Name you would like to sponsor (please list 5 choices)
    1st Choice
    2nd Choice
    3rd Choice
    4th Choice
    5th Choice

                Check enclosed (make payable to GWPFHA- CO Chapter
                Will Pay at show         Amount pledged:

    Signature                                         Date
                      Calendar of Events - 2007

March 9-11 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo. National Western Complex.

March 16-18 - The Carousel Charity Horse Show in Scottsdale, AZ.

Saturday Mar 24 - Driving Clinic with Vic Vickroy. Kiowa. Contact Sandy
Clayton at 303-646-3595.

Saturday Mar 24 - Medieval Gaming Clinic. Rohan Farm, Conifer.
Introduce your horse to the equipment and weapons used in medieval games on
horseback. Contact: Kari Crawford. 720-323-8900.

Sunday April 1 - Leslie Desmond demo. Wellington, CO. Registration by
1:30. Demo goes from 2:30-6:30. $35. Contact: Robin Davis

April 28 - Kenlyn Urban Challenge, Aurora. 15, 25 and 50 mile rides. Entry
fee includes a T-shirt and dinner.Contact Meg Purnell 303-651-9627

May 5 - NWHA affiliated Fun Show All Gaited Breeds. Kit Darrow Judge
Jeffco Fairgrds. (tentative) Contact: Kathy Foreman at 303-659-3326

May 12-13 - Liz Graves Gaited Horse Clinic. Jeffco Fairgrounds. Contact:
Sharyl Walls at

Saturday May 26, 2007 - 9:00 a.m. "You and Your Paso Fino" Clinic with
Cindy Griffeth, Paso Fino Judge and Trainer. $ 65.00 per rider. Pay by
April 30th and be entered in the drawing to win your spot in the clinic
FREE! Same offer for auditors!) Jefferson Cty Fairgrnds. Contact: Suzie Tiller
303-688-3771 or:

Sunday May 27, 2007 - “Pony Tracks” All Breed Fun Show @ Jefferson
County Fairgrounds
Starts @ 10AM. We want your help and input for a great show and good time! Co-
Chairs Carol Terry and Lynne Strauss or
Lynne at

June 1-3, 2007 - Vail Valley Horse Expo. Craig Cameron hosts the
Extreme Cowboy Race.
June 8, 2007 - Limon Days. Contact: Denise Bachman or 303-646-1531

June 17, 2007 - TWH Fun Show (All Gaited Breeds!) Jeffco Fairgrnds.
Contact: Kathy Foreman. 303-659-3326 or go to

June 24 - Competitive Trail Ride at Cripple Creek. 25 miles. Contact: Meg
Purnell 303-651-9627

July 4th - Annual Natural Horse Show. Colorado Horse Park.

July 4th - Cripple Creek Parade. Contact Marylyn Jansen
or at (719) 689.0114

July 18-21 - Craig Cameron Clinic. Kiowa. 3 day clinic and the 4th day will be
Extreme Cowboy Events. $700. Auditors: $30 per day or $100 for all 4 days.
Contact Sandy Clayton at or call 303-646-3595.

July 20-22 - 3-day Foundation (mornings) and Advanced (afternoons)
Horsemanship Clinics with Brent Graef, Castle Rock, CO. $300 per clinic or $
500 for both. Contact info: Marti Haygood at

July 20-22, 2007 - Las Vegas Gold Cup (new date)

July 20-22 . 2007 - NWHA Celebration Championship Show
National UMHA Affiliated Championship
Douglas County Fairgrounds Castle Rock, Colorado
Kathy Foreman
PH: 303-659-3326. Classes for TWH, MFT, and United Mountain Horses and
Open Gaited Breed Classes. Dressage and other versatility classes.

August 4-5 - Competitive Trail Ride Buffalo Creek. 40 miles. Contact: Meg
Purnell 303-651-9627

August 18-19 - Competitive Trail Ride Westcliffe. 40 miles. Contact Meg
Purnell 303-651-9627

Sept 15-16 - Competitive Trail Ride GoldenGate State Park, Golden. Contact:
Meg Purnell 303-651-9627

Oct. 6 - The Great Western Paso Fino Horse Association Futurity and Fun
Show. Location: Douglas County Fair Grounds in Castle Rock. Contact: Suzie
Tiller 303-688-3771 or:
Oct. 6, 2007 - Kenlyn Urban Challenge Aurora. 15, 25 and 50 mile rides.
Contact Meg Purnell 303-651-9627

Please let me know of any other events or clinics that should
be included here! The more the merrier.-Nancy


                 Regional News for PFHA Needed!

Do you have any news for the Regional section of the PFHA
magazine? Our news has to be submitted before the end of
March so it's time to put this information together.
Activities? Health related information? Stallion news?
Anything at all. Send it to me (Nancy) and remember to put
the full horse's name in, with the full names of the people
involved. Please remember to put in exact DATES, PLACES,
etc. And if there are photos, please make sure the
photographer is credited and that the photos are not
copyrighted to someone. Questions? Just call or email me at

                      "You and Your Paso Fino"

                           Cindy Griffeth
                    Paso Fino Judge and Trainer

                      May 26, 2007 (Sat) @ 9:00 a.m.
                 Jefferson County Fair Grounds, Golden, CO
Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to improve your knowledge &
skills at a very affordable price. This is a great introduction to the breed for
those considering buying a Paso Fino.

                              Topics to be covered:

   Recognizing the Paso gaits & how to help your Paso achieve its best gait.
   Training the young Paso and problem solving with “broke” horses.
   Intro to Showing - this is a great opportunity to try your new skills at the fun
    show the next day.
   Paso equipment
   Ride in a Group or a Private session.
   Work on your personal goals. You do the riding so you learn as well as your

About Cindy Griffeth:
Cindy has been involved with Paso Finos full time since she was a child. She has
raised, trained, & bred Paso Finos for trail and show. Cindy is a certified Judge
with PFHA and has judged and shown Paso Finos at the National level, having
won several championships under saddle and in Bella Forma. Cindy works with
youth and amateur owners.          She is a well respected clinician, great
communicator, lots of fun and will spend whatever time is needed to assist you
with accomplishing your goals during the clinic.

Cost: $65.00 per Horse/Riders - limited to 12. You are considered
registered and in the clinic when we receive a deposit & registration form. All
participants who have paid in full by April 30th will be entered into a
drawing for a chance to win their clinic spot for FREE!

Forms can be downloaded from: or by contacting
Suzie Tiller. You may AUDIT/OBSERVE the clinic for $25/day. There is room
to camp or reserve an RV hook-up to power & water for $20 per day, first come
first served. Children must be supervised.


Contact: Suzie Tiller
303-688-3771 hm 303-947-6292 cell
PO Box 306 Franktown, Co 80116

(if you would like to see a link added, please send it to the Editor)

Our own Colorado Paso Fino website:
Colorado Horse Council:

Gaited Horse Club of Colorado

                          Colorado Chapter of Great Western

President                                           Advertising Rates
Suzie Tiller                                         Non-members
P. O. Box 306
Franktown, CO, 80116                            Full Page        $40.00
(303) 688-3771                                  Half Page        $25.00                                        Members
Secretary                                        Full Page              $25.00
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