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December 2011 - January 2012 Bridge


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									 Blue Water Council, BSA                  December 2011-January 2012
 924 7th Street, Port Huron MI 48060        810-982-9529     1-888-98SCOUT              Editor: Melissa Pinskey

From our Scout Executive:                                                            Adult Leaders Wanted For
                          Solidifying Strong Next Century of Scouting                2013 National Jamboree
                                  On November 1st, the Executive Boards of nine      Blue Water Council is now ac-
                                  Boy Scout Councils across Michigan an-             cepting applications for adult
                                  nounced that their board members and char-         leadership. Requirements and
                                  tered organization representatives voted on a      applications can be acquired at
                                  plan to pave the way for Scouting’s future in      the Scout Service Center for
                                  Michigan. The Blue Water Council passed the        anyone interested.
                                  vote with 76 yes votes to 12 no votes margin.      The Jamboree will take place July 15th - 24th,
                                  The Council’s Executive Board and associates       2013 at Summit Bechtel Family National Scout
                                  voted resoundingly to accept the Crossroads        Reserve in New River George, West Virginia.
                                  Recommendation, a volunteer-led effort de-
                                  signed to combine the administration of nine       The application deadline is February 1, 2012.
                                  Michigan Councils to reinvent the delivery and
                                  structure of Scouting and make it a more vi-       Scout Shop News
                                  able, efficient and sustainable organization.      The holidays are just around the corner! Visit the
“For more than 100 years, the Boy Scouts of America have made a positive             Scout Shop for gifts for your favorite Scout. Go to
difference in the lives of millions of young people, including youth right here in to make your list before visiting
Michigan,” said Ed Hansen, Chairman of the Crossroads Recommendation                 the Scout Shop. If we don’t have what you’re look-
Task Force. “As good stewards of Scouting, we must do what allows us to most         ing for in stock, it can be special ordered at no
efficiently accomplish Scouting’s mission and create an opportunity for more         additional charge. The Scout Shop is open Mon-
                                                                                     day-Friday 9am-5pm. If you are unable to make it
young people in the area to benefit from Scouting’s leadership and charac-
                                                                                     in person, call, email or fax your order and we can
ter development programs.”
                                                                                     ship it to you.
The Crossroads Recommendation outlines a new “unit-focused Scouting”
structure that the local volunteers have determined will better support a vital,     We have Youth Denim jeans (for only $9.99), Boy
growing and sustainable Scouting program. The top-line recommendations               Scout and Cub Scout t-shirts in stock. Get them
                                                                                     while they are hot, they would make a great Christ-
                                                                                     mas gift for your Scout! We also have some fun
    ⋅ Reinventing Scouting’s program delivery at the community level                 new stocking stuffers - check them out before they
     to provide more access to Scouting programs for all youth.                      are gone! Whether shopping for a gift for your
    ⋅ Providing a new structure that focuses more staff and volunteers               Scout or Leader, we have something for everyone.
                                                                                     Pinewood Derby kits are available for your Pack to
     on local Scouting programs, including more youth-serving execu-
                                                                                     give out at December Pack meetings. Call and
     tives, which will help increase the number of adult volunteers and
                                                                                     preorder yours to make sure they are available
     youth.                                                                          when you come in.
    ⋅ Streamlining  the administration of the nine councils to ensure                The Scout Shop will be open until 7pm on
       more resources are available for local Scouting program.                      Wednesday, December 14th & January 8th to ac-
To read more about the recommendation, please visit the project website at           commodate the leaders attending Roundtable. We                                               will offer this service to you on the second
"This is an important day for the 900,000 youth across the state who aren't cur-     Wednesday of each month. Just a reminder: the
rently experiencing the life-changing programs of Scouting. Our Council lead-        Scout Shop will be closed December 23-26th and
ers stepped up and took a critical first step to ensure we are serving more          30th as well as January 2nd & 16th.
youth. We congratulate them for their foresight," said Steve King, BSA Central
Region President.
This remodeling of the delivery of the Scouting program was led by a group of
more than 100 dedicated Boy Scout volunteers and professionals, who con-
cluded that the traditional Scouting business model in Michigan was no
longer viable. These volunteers and Scouting leaders invested more than
9,000 hours developing a comprehensive plan to reinvent the delivery of the
                                                                                     “     When kids volunteer, it tells
                                                                                           others that they don’t have
                                                                                           to be perfect or famous or             “
                                                                                           even grown up to make a
Scouting program.
An interim transition board has been appointed to guide the process through-               difference.
out the next few months. In the meantime, Scouting will continue as it has with                  Kalynn Dobos,
no interruption in the delivery of the program or the service of youth in Michi-                         age 7
gan. The process is expected to be completed by the summer of 2012.
                                                              Paul W. Schwartz

                              This newsletter is being mailed to the addresses of all registered adults.
                                                                   2012 Council Pinewood Derby
                                                                   Patch Design Contest
                                                                   Please make sure that your Scouts have the op-

                ub Scout News                                      portunity to enter their creative design in this
                                                                   year’s Council Pinewood Derby patch contest!
                                                                   The form can be found on the Council website
                                                                   and copies are also available in the Scout Service
                                                                   Center! NOTE: The deadline for entering the
Mom & Me 2011:                                                     patch design contest is January 3rd – all forms
                                                                   must be submitted to the Scout Service Center by
A Splashing Success!                                               5pm.
What an awesome weekend for an
                                                                   Event Details:
Ocean Explosion! Great weather,
                                                                   The 2012 Pinewood Derby will be held on Satur-
great people, great activities and lots
                                                                   day, March 10th. Family members of Cub Scouts
of goldfish! Thank you to all of the
                                                                   are also encouraged to participate in the race
Scouts and Moms who came out for
                                                                   this year! The Pinewood Derby Race flyer will be
all the ocean fun. It could not have
                                                                   available soon. There will be a separate racing
turned out better. Thank you to
                                                                   division for those who participate that are not
Tabitha Kaboni for chairing the event.
                                                                   Scouts. Please make sure to pass along the infor-
Her great ideas made it successful.
                                                                   mation in advance to your Scouting families.
Also, thank you to everyone who
staffed Mom & Me - we could not                                    Questions? Please contact Troy Longman at
hold our events without the volunteers                   
who give of their time. Can’t wait for
next year!

 Cub Scouts Spooked At Cub Scare Night
 Amidst a little rain and chilly weather, Cub Scouts and their   Get Warmed Up For Cub Winter Fun Day
 families came out to Silver Trails for a fun-filled Halloween              Come out for your Polar Adventure! Just
 adventure at Cub Scare this year! Scouts enjoyed trick-or-                 like the bears, you can play in the snow
 treating at the cabins and the OA Trading Post. They also                  and learn how to stay warm with some fire
 enjoyed a spooky straw maze, thanks to the help of Troop                   and shelter building Scout skills. Earn belt
 104. Following the festivities up-top of camp, Scouts took a               loops, go on a hike and track down some
 trek down the spooky back steps that led to the haunted                    animals. The best part…this is a family
 Kane Cabin where goblins, goons and spooky monsters             event! You can bring mom, dad, brother and sister!
 made the cabin a loud and scary journey for those who           Flyers with all the details will be available soon in the
 dared to enter. Hayrides through the forest provided a          Scout Service Center and on the Council website.
 spooky ride in the dark, ending with hot cider and fresh
 donuts. A big thanks to Crew 296, the Biskner family and all
 the volunteers who made the event great. A good time
 was had by all!

                       Cub Scout Roundtables
                       Do you like to make cinnamon tree ornaments, ride a
                       broom or make talking sticks? Well those are just some of
                       the things we did at roundtable this past month! We left
                       that room very messy...but mess equals fun! We used our
                       Leave No Trace skills to clean it up. We want you to
                       come get messy too, so bring your ideas, input and
                       Scouting knowledge or just come for fellowship and
                       fun to the December 14th Roundtable where we’ll hit on
    positive attitude and some Pinewood Derby tips. Don’t forget: you need to
    attend 4 roundtables to get your Scouters Knot!
                                                            Kathy and Joni CSRTC

                                                                               We congratulate the following
                                                                               young men for earning their

                     oy Scout News                                                   Eagle Scout rank.
                                                                                               Troop 169
                                                                                            Jackson Harmer

                                                                                              Troop 216
                  Order of the Arrow News                                                  Thomas Anderson
                  Chickagami Lodge 180
                   Chickagami 180 has been very active              Eagle Scout Award Kits are being sponsored by the Port
                   all year long. One thing we accom-               Huron Kiwanis Club in memory of Clayton Berdan. Each
                   plished at Silver Trails this year was re-       Eagle Scout receives an award kit which includes the
                   pairing seating and steps at the council         Eagle Scout patch, Eagle Scout medal and parent pins.
                   ring and chapel. We also worked on the           Thank you to the Kiwanis for this generous contribution.
 trails located behind the chapel. If there are any service
 projects at camp you would like to see done for next
 year, please let me know. We are also preparing for elec-
 tions starting in January. Contact me at al-
                                                                                          District Award Of Merit to set up your Order of the Arrow
                                                                                          The District Award of Merit is a
                                                                                          Council award presented by Dis-
                                 Matthew Allen, Lodge Chief
                                                                                          tricts to Scouters who are nomi-
                                                                    nated and then chosen by a committee. The nominee
                                                                    must be a registered Scouter and have rendered note-
                                                                    worthy service to youth in Scouting, outside of Scouting
                      Silver Beaver Award
                                                                    or both. For more information or to nominate a deserv-
                     The Silver Beaver Award is a na-
                                                                    ing Scouter, go to the Blue Water Council website or
                     tional award presented by the
                                                                    stop by the Scout Service Center. The deadline for
                     Council to Scouters who are nomi-
                                                                    nomination forms is March 1st.
 nated and chosen by a committee. The candidate
 must be a registered Scouter with outstanding service
 and exceptional character to youth by registered Cub
 Scouters, Scouters and Venturing leaders within the
 local Council. Tenure for a Silver Beaver candidate is
 generally ten years or more. For more information or to                        Klondike North 2012
 nominate a deserving Scouter, go to the Blue Water                             Looking to make an event great with all
 Council website or stop in to the Scout Service Center.                        your own ideas? Now is your chance. The
 The deadline for nomination forms is March 1st.                                Klondike needs a new chairperson! Con-
                                                                                tact Cyndi at the Scout Service Center and
                                                                               start planning. The event dates are February

Klondike South 2012
Winter weather is upon us and what better way to enjoy
the outdoors than to participate in this year’s Klondike                         Boy Scout Roundtables
South! Mark your calendar, gather your Troop, invite some                        What a great program from Chris Knuth
Webelos and make plans for the Saturday event on Janu-                           at November’s roundtable! Whether for a
ary 21st. This is an opportunity for the Scouts to practice                      Troop meeting or a winter campout, it
cold weather skills, learn the importance of winter safety                       was all about getting your boys pre-
  and compete in the fierce sled race for top sled! The                          pared. Some of the suggestions included
  event will be held at Algonac State Park.                                      creating a survival pack, competition
                                                                      with the boys or patrols, having knot and lashing re-
        The cost of registration received by 5pm on                   lays, and shelter building. Don’t miss the next round-
        Wednesday, January 4th is $13 per Scout/Adult.                table on Wednesday, December 14th at 7pm at the
        Any registrations received after January 4th will             Scout Service Center for more great ideas! Roundta-
        cost $16 per Scout/Adult.                                     ble dates for the next year are:

        If you have any questions or would like to help               Wednesdays: January 11th, March 14th, May 9th
       with the event, please contact Dan Steinmetz at                Fridays (at events): February 17th, April 20th

                                                           Sea Scout Update
                                                           The weather is growing colder and the boats
                                                           Caprice, Kilimanjaro and R-Toy are resting in
                                                           the Desmond Marine Yard. As the water cools

                      ews for All                          off and winter comes upon us, I thought it
                                                           would be a great time to reflect on 2011 and
                                                           dream about 2012.
                                                           The four Blue Water Squadron (BWS) Ships lo-
                                                           cated in Algonac, Lexington, Port Huron and
                                                           Yale are ending the year with 30 Sea Scouts and slightly
                                                           more adults registered in the program. Ship 277 in Algonac
 Cub Scout Pack 222                                        has their Scout vessel in a local yard and work is planned for
 Hosts Drug Awareness Program                              the vessel to be in the water for 2012. Ship 320 in Lexington
                   If you were unable to attend            has three operational Flying J sailboats that are being stored
                   the Drug Awareness Program              in Lexington and anticipate an additional FJ to be ready to
                   organized by Pack 222, you              go for the 2012 sailing year. I am happy to report that most
                   surely missed out on a great            of those registered in Sea Scouts got some sailing in during
                   event!    The evening show-             the summer months. I would like to extend special thanks for
                   cased youth in the area that            those responsible for the generous donations of boats, as
                   are committed to being drug             well as those who participated in fundraising activities to
                   free, with a promise contract           support the local fleet and make this program possible.
                   they signed that evening and            In addition to local programs, some Sea Scouts engaged in
                   a pledge to stay away from              an adventure that hadn’t been offered for Sea Scouts until
                   drugs. A very special thanks            this past summer. They sailed the boats Griffin and White Wa-
                   to Marc Ketterer and the                ter - both Mackinac Race boats - from Mackinac City to Port
                   leadership of Pack 222 for              Huron after the race ended. Sea Scouts and leaders from
                   bringing together community             Ships 109, 133 and 320 embarked on this exciting adventure,
                   organizations and leaders to            which included 5 days on the water and visits to 4 different
                   present and inform youth that           ports on Lake Huron. Great times were had by all.
 there are many other options other than to turn           As a result of the Lake Huron sailing trip, the BWS has applied
 to the use of drugs. Senator Phil Pavlov, Attor-          for this opportunity to be an annual event for the Central
 ney John Adair and St. Clair County Drug Task             Region and National Sea Scouting Program. I am excited to
 Force, in addition to many other organizations            announce that this trip has been recognized as a Centennial
 were there in support of this initiative. Thank you       Sea Scout Event in 2012, the 100th year of Sea Scouting in the
 to all and we hope that this event can continue
                                                           USA. Plans are being made to use this recognition to pro-
 for years to come!
                                                           mote Sea Scouting and provide special recognition to those
                                                           who participate. Watch for more information on this and be
                                                           sure to sign up by March 31st to embark on this exciting cen-
                                                           tennial event!

Mackinac Island Honor Troop
Our first meeting for the 2012 Mackinac Island trip will
be held at the Port Huron American Legion on 6th St.
                                                                        Volunteers Needed For Dad & Lad 2012
at 2pm on January 15th. Anyone who is interested in                     It’s time to start planning Dad & Lad and the commit-
going must attend this meeting. We will not have our                    tee needs your help! If you are interested in assisting in
trip dates scheduled until December. If you would like                  the planning of the event or in helping to staff, please
to hear more about our trip, we can arrange to have                     contact Emily Mason at
a representative come                                                   or Jason Markel at Dad & Lad
to one of your Troop                                                    will be May 18-20th. This is going to be an event you’ll
meetings or you can                                                     want to be a part of!
check out a DVD from
the Scout Service Cen-
ter. Please contact Kirk
Seibert at 810-765-2892 if
you have any questions.

Time is precious, yet almost every adult citizen of the
                                                                  Unit Re-Charter Is Fast Approaching
                                                                  Unit leaders will be receiving re-charter packets from Coun-
United States gives some time to volunteer service. No
                                                                  cil. In the packet will be all the information you need to help
other country in the world depends so heavily upon volun-
                                                                  you set up your unit for another year of Scouting. There will
teer effort and in no other country have citizens accepted
                                                                  be a link on the Council website to the internet re-chartering
so universally the idea that volunteer service is a require-
                                                                  page. There, the software will allow you to enter new mem-
ment of good citizenship. Since most Americans accept
                                                                  bers, renew current members and update information for
this principle, and since there is no shortage of good
                                                                  any registrant. Once you’ve completed the internet re-
causes to serve, each of us must make a choice.
                                                                  charter process, a new unit roster will be submitted to Scout-
                                                                  NET and a Unit Charter Renewal Report Package will be
Scouting thrives because of its volunteers and could not
                                                                  printed. This package will include a unit charter application.
exist without them. The question is, why should you choose
                                                                  You will need to acquire the signatures for the charter and
Scouting for your volunteer service? Perhaps these ques-
                                                                  send it, along with the rest of the package, any new youth
tions will help you decide.
                                                                  and adult applications, and all fees, to the Scout Service
• Do you wish to make a difference with your life? Most of
    us do. Scouting’s volunteers believe they are making a
                                                                  The Council website will have a link to the internet re-
    difference in the lives of youth.
                                                                  chartering tutorial. If you have any questions, please con-
•   Do you care about children and young people? If you           tact Janice Dubay at the Scout Service Center or email her
    care, we are for you and you are for us.                      at
•   Do you care about the future? Most of us keep busy
    enough with today’s problems, but if you care about the
    future of your country and its children, then you will find
    volunteer service in Scouting very satisfying. One of the
    best ways to have a hand in shaping the future is to help
    young people who will ultimately own it and run it.
•   Do you care about the principles of the Boy Scouts of            Thanks To Our Newly Trained Leaders
    America? If you believe they are worth strengthening
                                                                     This year’s Cub Scout and Boy Scout Leader and Den
    and spreading, then Scouting is a cause worth your gift
                                                                     Chief trainings were a huge success! Thank you to all
    of time.
                                                                     the participants who came to the training sessions dur-
•   Would you like your volunteer service to be different from       ing the fall season. The key to running a successful unit is
    your everyday work? Well, Scouting is different, and you         a great program and getting trained is a big part of
    might find that refreshing. The skills you use in your work      that. Who is keeping track of training in your unit? Does
    may be helpful to your volunteer service, but it won’t just      your Pack have a Pack Trainer? Does your Troop have
    be more of the same.                                             an Advancement Chair? Do you train your youth lead-
•   Do you enjoy relationships with spirited people? If so,          ers? There are great programs for training Boy Scouts
    come on in! Scouting volunteers all serve a common               how to run a ‘Boy Led Troop’. Contact Cub Scout Chair
    cause and it shows in our relationships with each other.         Dawn Almstadt 810-392-2805, Boy Scout Chair Dave
    We know why we are here, and we are enthusiastic                 Zarling 810-987-0226 or Den Chief Chair Randy Smith
    about what we’re doing.                                          810-305-0783 if you have any questions.

One of the greatest ways to serve youth through Scouting
is to work as a district volunteer.

                   Recycle & Reuse!
                   Have any of the following items laying unused around the house? Recycle
                   them! Training Chair Dawn Almstadt is in search of materials to use for fu-
                   ture Outdoor Leader Skills training sessions. Email her at
          if you’re interested in recycling.

                                   Cardboard Egg Cartons
                                  Mesh Screen - New or from old windows/doors
                                                (No frames please)
                                  35mm Film Canisters with Lids

                   Also, if you have a special camping recipe you would like to share, email it
                   to Dawn for use at training sessions held out at camp!

                     CONGRATULATIONS Blue Water Council! I would like to
                     thank all Scouts, Kernels, Leaders and Parents for your
                     superb effort in this year’s popcorn sale! The council
                     had a GREAT sale this year, exceeding last year’s re-
                     sults by almost $30,000.00 (11%). This result is especially
                     gratifying considering the economic conditions that
                     we face here in Michigan.
                                        Win Knowles, Council Popcorn Kernel

Cub Scouts
Top Pack Sellers:
  Pack 261 $23,245   Cub Scout Top Salesmen
  Pack 246 $15,341   Black River Basin District
  Pack 296 $12,542    Ethan Durecka - Pack 320
                         Seth Hiles - Pack 327
Boy Scouts
                       Justin Trigger - Pack 351
Top Troop Sellers:
                        Three Rivers District
  Troop 245 $7,197     Ryan Hubbert - Pack 296
  Troop 216 $6,695                                    A big congratulations to
  Troop 333 $5,083                                       our new unit sellers!
                         Tyler Ellery - Pack 261
                                  $1,816                      Pack 123
                      Brendan Harter - Pack 261               Troop 141
                                  $1,729                      Troop 327
                                                              Troop 328

                                                            Boy S
                                                            Dav        Top S
                                                                id Fo       al   e    smen
                                                                           in - Tr
                                                          Riley        $1,51       oop
                                                                Mac          0         245
Free Registration To Scouting Events!                    Ben B       $1,13 - Troop 1
                                                                           4            32
Congratulations to the following Scouters                      oven
for selling over $1,000 in popcorn:                                $1,11 - Troop 32
                                                                         3             7
     Danny Kennedy - Pack 154
     Elias Pagurko - Pack 154
     Daniel Saunders - Pack 178
     Cody Heier - Pack 201
     Daniel McKeown - Pack 222
     Erik Parker - Pack 222                 Kayak Raffle Winners!
     Jason Brack - Pack 222                 The following Scouts sold at
     Justin Prevost - Pack 222              least one 5-way popcorn
     Jacob Nutaitis - Pack 245
                                            tin, entering their name
     Ethan Warn - Pack 246
     Nick Hong - Pack 246                   into a raffle for a brand
     Andrew Redlawski - Pack 261            new Kayak!
     Brendan Harter - Pack 261               Cole Ferguson - Pack 178
     Gavin Lang - Pack 261                   Grant Lang - Pack 261
     Grant Lang - Pack 261
     Lucas Measel - Pack 261
                                            High Adventure Trip Winner!
     Noah Murav - Pack 261
     Tyler Ellery - Pack 261                The following Boy Scout sold over
     Christian Bell - Pack 282              $1,500 of popcorn, winning him an
     Caleb Varndell - Pack 296              all expense paid High Adventure
     Desmond Schoen - Pack 296              trip to North Carolina & Tennessee:
     Johnathan Markel - Pack 296
     Mitchell Sobolewski - Pack 296            David Fountain - Troop 245
     Ryan Hubbert - Pack 296
     Ben Kelley - Pack 320
     Ethan Durecka - Pack 320               Airplane Ride Winners!
     Kenton Wood - Pack 327                 The following Scouts sold
     Seth Hiles - Pack 327                  over $500 of popcorn, enter-
     Alex Muma - Pack 333
                                            ing their name into a raffle
     Justin Trigger - Pack 351
     Ryan Duda - Troop 111                  for an airplane ride!
     Riley MacDonald - Troop 132             Andrew Tallmadge - Troop 168
     Ethan Zalac - Troop 216                 Nicholas Mosey - Pack 200
     David Fountain - Troop 245
     Ian David - Troop 322
     Ben Bovenschen - Troop 327

Greetings from Silver Trails
Now that Scouting is in full swing for the winter, it’s time to assemble our Shooting Sports Committee
and go over some of the new guidelines the National Boy Scouts Committee has put forth. In order for
any youth to earn their rifle or shotgun merit badge, there must be a few things in place: All shooting
must be done at a BSA approved range (camps, gun clubs and NRA registered shooting ranges).
There must be 1 NRA certified Range Safety Officer for every 8 Shooters. There must be 1 Council Cer-
tified Merit Badge instructor.

According to the new guidelines, only individuals with NRA instructor certification and Council Trained
Certified instructors can approve and sign for rifle and shotgun merit badges. Therefore, unless you
possess a NRA certified instructor card, you must be retrained under the new guidelines. If you do
have these certifications, a copy must be posted at the range while you are shooting, and a copy
must be given to the camp master or camp Ranger.

In order to teach and sign archery merit badges, the new guidelines state that you must be either a
USA trained archery instructor or council certified instructor. The range layout has completely
changed with the new guidelines.

Training: BSA 30-minute rifle briefing taught by a National Camping School shooting sports director
certified as an NRA rifle instructor or an NRA certified rifle instructor or NRA/USA Shooting/CMP certified
rifle coach. Note: If a youth has completed the NRA FIRST Steps Rifle Course, the NRA Basics of Rifle
Shooting Course or has earned the Rifle Shooting merit badge in the past and has written documen-
tation of completion with them, they do not need to take this training.
Safety: Eye protection is required for air rifles. Cartridge-firing rifles require eye and hearing protection.
Range supervision: A certified NRA range safety officer is to directly supervise all live fire on the range.
Additionally, the instruction offered must be done by a currently certified National Camping School
shooting sports director certified as an NRA rifle instructor or an NRA certified rifle instructor or an NRA/
USA Shooting/CMP certified rifle coach. These must be two separate individuals.
NRA range BSA BB Gun Range Master
    • Eighteen years of age or older and trained by a National Camping School shooting
       sports director or National Rifle Association rifle instructor, or NRA/USA Shooting/CMP
       certified rifle coach.
    • Is in charge of the firing line at any time it is in operation.
    • BB gun training must be renewed every two years, and this person Shooting Sports Pro-
       gram Counselors and Aides.
    • Sixteen years of age or older and trained for specific duties by a National Camping School
       shooting sports director.
    • Under on-site supervision of an NRA range safety officer, may exercise crowd control, serve as
       training assistant for specified topics assigned by the NRA range safety officer, move and main-
       tain equipment and act as a coach in a student coach/pupil setting.
BSA Archery Range Master
    • Eighteen years of age or older and trained by a National Camping School shooting sports direc-
       tor or USA.
    • Archery/NFAA Level archery instructor to set up and operate a safe archery range for a Cub
       Scout or Boy Scout archery program according to BSA standards located in Section V of the
       manual, “Cub Scout Shooting Sports.”
    • Archery training must be renewed every two years, and this person must have a current Training
       Course supervise any live fire must have a current Training Course safety officer per eight shoot-

There will be a shooting sports training at STSR sometime in February. More information is to follow. If
you have any questions or would like to be involved, please contact me directly.
                                                                                         Ranger Jerry

              Commissioner’s Corner
                The Blue Water Council is well into an-
                other Scouting year. Unit plans made
                during the summer are now coming to
                fruition. Many Cub and Boy Scout adult
                leaders have been trained to provide
                excellent Scouting programs. These
                programs will be both fun and informa-
                tive for the Scouts and teach important
values that will be useful to them throughout their
                                                               Scouting For Food Program
lives. Our annual popcorn sale is just about complete,         The Blue Water Council and the Salvation Army are
and it appears that it was a success. Fall Camporee            teaming up for the 2011 Scouting for Food program.
and Mom and Me provided great opportunities for                November 21st was the kick-off dinner hosted by the
Scouts to enjoy the outdoors at Silver Trails Scout Res-       Salvation Army. The details of this year’s program are:
ervation. I was privileged to complete my vigil with
the Order of the Arrow. It proved to be a great time           December 3rd: bag drop off
for reflection and fellowship.                                 December 10th: bag pick-up - deliver bags to Sawmill
                                                               Commons Shopping Center by 2pm. Information and
Our Commissioner Staff is hard at work assisting their         bags are available at the Scout Service Center. Maps
assigned units to provide the best program possible            will be available to sign up for your neighborhoods.
for their Scouts. They do this by passing on important         Please call or email Cyndi at 810-982-9529 or
information from Council and District about upcom-   
ing events and other important Scouting information
like the Journey to Excellence. Becoming a Unit Com-
missioner is one of the most important ways that an
adult Scouter can serve in the Blue Water Council. He
or she serves their assigned unit as a valuable re-
source and should be the first contact point when a
unit leader has a question about Scouting. We need
additional Unit Commissioners so that every unit may
have one. Unit Commissioners receive training to               Black River Basin News
help them provide maximum assistance to their Pack,            The Black River Basin District covers the geographic ar-
Troop, Crew or Post. Please consider stepping forward          eas of Port Huron and all of Sanilac County. This includes
to make this valuable contribution to our young peo-           the 100 and 300 numbered units.
              Steve McPherson, Council Commissioner            Membership! Membership! Membership! We are so
                                                               close to reaching our goal for the year, so get all those
                                                               applications to the Scout Service Center! Good job to
                                                               all the Cub Scout Packs. Round-ups were very well at-
                                                               tended this year. We will be doing membership invento-
                                                               ries to check your roster with ours to make sure that all
                                                               your new Scouts are registered. It is just as awesome
                                                               that some of our Troops and Crews have added new
Thank you to all of you who submit articles for The            Scouts also! Good job everyone!
Bridge newsletter. This publication would not be
possible without all of your help and hard work!               If you have made a Friends of Scouting pledge, please
                                                               make sure to get that in. We need all the help we can
If you are interested in submitting an article or pic-         get to reach our finance goal of $15,250 for our district.
ture for an upcoming issue of The Bridge, feel free
to email me. The deadline for submitting articles is           As always, we are looking for dedicated Scouters to join
the 15th day of the month prior to the issue (ie: No-          our District Committee. If you have a passion for fi-
vember 15th for the December/January issue).                   nance, membership, camping, training, advancements
                                     Melissa Pinskey           or unit service as a Commissioner, contact me at the
                                                               Scout Service Center. Our Nominating Committee is
                                                               gathering to nominate next year’s Committee volun-
                                                               teers. You can be one!
                                                                                                    Cyndi Jagodzinski

                                                                 Three Rivers District Operations
A Note From Your District Executive                              The Three Rivers District would like to welcome Eric
Time sure has flown by since I began working for all of you      Boucher as our new District Commissioner! Eric
in June of 2010 - where did all of it go? Since joining the      comes to the leadership of this position with years
Blue Water Council, there has been a lot for me to learn,        of experience in the Scouting program. His enthusi-
and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you    asm is an excellent addition to our Commissioner
wonderful volunteers for your service and support. As we         Staff, and we look forward to all of the unit service
all know, this organization does not exist without the help      support that Eric will be able to provide in accor-
of dedicated volunteers, leaders and the guidance of             dance with the existing Commissioner staff. Please
committed people like you to instill the values of our Scout-    join us in welcoming him.
ing program in the youth of our communities. Thank you for
all that you do and for allowing me to be a part of this         We would also like to welcome two new Unit Com-
great organization. I am blessed to work with such wonder-       missioners to the Three Rivers District. Congratula-
ful individuals that make an impact on our youth every           tions to Greg Ewert and Ted Ander-
day. So as we head into this holiday season, I would like to     son for taking on a new role within
give thanks to you, the volunteers within our great organi-      the Scouting organization as Unit
zation, for letting me learn so much alongside so many of        Commissioners We look forward to
you. Please have a wonderful holiday season, Merry Christ-       your continued support through
mas, Happy New Year and God Bless!                               unit service, working with units as
                                              Korissa Kramer     wonderful resources.

                                                     Cub Scouts Meet Hometown Heroes
                                                     Featured in a November issue of The Times Herald, Blue Water
                                                     Council’s own Pack 130 spent some time thanking and honoring
                                                     their local police officers, firefighters and paramedics on a recent
                                                     Thursday evening. Port Huron Police, Port Huron Firefighters and
                                                     representatives from Tri-Hospital EMS met Scouts outside of Gar-
                                                     field Elementary School, where they learned about the different
                                                     routines these heroes perform each day. The event, which was
                                                     part of the Pack’s program on citizenship, provided a great op-
                                                     portunity for youth to meet rescue crews.

Merit Badge Counselor Re-registration
The term for Merit Badge Counselors in the Blue Water Council is
December 1st through November 30th. All Merit Badge Counselors
that were registered on November 1st were sent a packet of infor-
mation asking if they would like to renew their registration for an-        2012 Polar Bear
other year. Those people who received a letter and did not notify           Get ready to “Grab
us will be automatically re-registered for the merit badges they            the Adventure” with
are currently listed under. Merit Badge Counselors who have not             other Scouts from De-
completed Youth Protection Training will not be re-registered. If           cember 1st until
you no longer wish to be a Merit Badge Counselor for one or all of          March 19th for this
the merit badges you are listed under, you must contact Melissa             year’s Polar Bear -
at the Scout Service Center.                                                and you can earn this
If you think you are registered as a Merit Badge Counselor but did          “cool” patch!
not receive a packet, your registration as a Merit Badge Coun-
selor may have expired, and you will need to fill out a new appli-
cation (this can be found on the Council website). A new Merit
Badge Counselor list will be available in January 2012.

From Steve Down’s Backpack . . .

          Wandering the trails in and around Bozeman, Montana offered a much needed respite from nor-
mal routines here at home. I didn’t track it exactly, but during the course of the week, my legs told me
that I had logged 25 to 30 miles on my morning and afternoon hikes.
          The scenery was incredible. Wherever I looked there were great mountains, all making up the
Rocky Mountains. The Bridger Mountains, named after the famed mountain man Jim Bridger, stood dark and
ominous. They are a fitting tribute to one of the most celebrated and colorful mountain men. Jim Bridger’s spirit
epitomizes the wilderness and all it stands for.
          The Gallatin Mountains stood tall and snow capped to the south and west. These mountains are named
after the Gallatin River, which joins the Jefferson and Madison Rivers at Three Forks just a few miles from Bozeman.
The confluence of these three great rivers gives birth to the Missouri River, the longest river in North America and the
pathway of Lewis and Clark. The associated history would fill volumes.
          Last but not least were the Absaroka Mountains to the east. Absaroka means “crow” in the native Indian
tongue. The Absaroka Mountain range contains the Beartooth Mountains and the famed Beartooth Pass. Rugged
and formidable, they stand like a sentinel gateway to the east. The Beartooth Pass is famous for its many
switchbacks and unguarded hairpin turns. Those who have traveled it fall into two groups: they either can’t wait to
travel it again, or wish they had never seen it at all!
          The Rocky Mountains are a young mountain range, especially when compared to the Appalachians. The
Appalachian Mountains are typically lower in profile and more smoothly finished than the Rockies. The wind and
rain have eroded them substantially through millions of years. The Rockies are tall and jagged, with sharp edges
and sleek faces. These are the marks of a young mountain range, as the wind and rain haven’t had their way with
them yet. The Appalachians are a much older mountain range. In fact, the Rockies are only about 80 million years
old, compared to the Appalachians, which are about 500 million years old! It is amazing that the rain and wind
over that length of time can wear down a mountain range so much.
          As I hiked the trails, the first thing I noticed beyond the natural beauty that surrounded me were the fre-
quent signs that said “Warning – Bear Activity High”. This area is home to brown bears and grizzly bears, and being
only a stone’s throw from Yellowstone National Park, I thought the warning signs were probably fairly serious busi-
ness. The number of folks I passed on the trail, many of whom had dogs, gave me comfort that the bear problem
was not instant. Surely if the locals were wandering these trails freely there shouldn’t be a problem. Of course, the
presence of so many dogs would probably be annoying to bears and perhaps keep them away as well.
          I felt a sense of pride when I came across an information sign on a trail built and placed by a local Boy
Scout Troop. The information sign identified some of the geology in the area, as well as offered a map. The informa-
tion was carved into a wooden plaque and mounted on a post. “Good stuff” I thought.
          My walks took me through low wooded areas and along a high bluff. From the bluff, the town of Bozeman
and the surrounding areas were visible. The low wooded area I had walked lay 200 feet below me and a quarter
mile away. What a view!
          The treks continued through the week even though we received 6 inches of snow midway through. The
snow offered a totally different window through which to look. Walking the low wooded trails, I became absorbed
in studying the tracks in the snow. It had turned my hikes into a completely new experience. Other hikers, some on
cross country skis or snow shoes, were leaving their marks. Tracks from dogs and other critters followed the trails and
sometimes crossed it. When I saw fist sized tracks, not those of a dog or other small critter, I was compelled to stop
and take a closer look. They were bear tracks! The side trail I was using had been used by a bear since the snow fell
the previous night. I studied the tracks for a time and continued down the trail - this time I was singing and whistling!
I reflected on the bells and pepper spray I had been offered for my hikes. I had decided they just weren’t neces-
sary, though maybe that had been a bad choice! Thereafter, I constrained my hiking to broad daylight!
          Get the Scouts out! Take a hike, look about you and learn together about all that surrounds you. Teach the
Scouts to ask questions about what they see, share together and understand all that the Great Master has given
you. The blessings are countless.
                                                                                            Steve Down, November 2011

                                       The Scout Service Center will be closed
                                December 23rd, 26th and 30th as well as January 2nd and 16th.

               The BRIDGE                                                                                Non-Profit
               COUNCIL                                                                                      PAID
                                                                                                       Port Huron, MI
        924 7th Street                                                                                 Permit No. 307
        Port Huron, MI 48060

                                                                                   RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED

                                                                      From everyone at the Blue Water Council

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  12      Executive Committee Meeting                            9    Executive Board Meeting
  14      Boy Scout/Cub Scout Roundtables                       11    Boy Scout/Cub Scout Roundtables
  21      District Committee Meetings                           16    Scout Service Center Closed
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 24-25    Silver Trails Scout Reservation Closed                21    Klondike South
   26     Scout Service Center Closed                           25    Properties Committee Meeting
   27     Eagle Board of Review: Westminster Church 7pm         26    FOS Family Meeting
   28     Archery Committee Meeting                             31    Eagle Board of Review: Westminster Church 7pm
   30     Scout Service Center Closed

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