AH istory of the Mountain Dulcimer by d5EDa5


									    ALL ABOUT THE MOUNTAIN DULCIMER – RESOURCE LISTING with Interactive links

                             HISTORY OF THE MOUNTAIN DULCIMER
                   McSpadden Mountain Dulcimers          http://www.mcspaddendulcimers.com/
                        Bear Meadow          http://www.bearmeadow.com/smi/histof.htm
              Gila Mountain Dulcimers              http://www.gilamountaindulcimers.com/pete.htm
    Appalachian Cultural Museum       http://www.museum.appstate.edu/christmas2002/pages/dulcimer.shtml

                              DULCIMER FESTIVALS, & GATHERINGS
Ohio Valley Gathering,                                                    Feb 2010 Lexington, KY
Kentucky Music Week, http://www.kentuckymusicweek.com/                    Jun 2010 Bardstown, KY
Bluegrass Creek Dulcimer Festival, http://www.bluegrasscreek.com/         Sep 2010 Evansville, IN
Dulcimer Chautauqua on the Wabash,                                        Oct 2010    New Harmony, IN
15th Annual Traditional Music Festival,                                   Nov 2010 Elizabethtown, KY

 Danny Shepherd, http://mountaindulcimerforchildren.com/index.html        Hopkinsville, KY
 Maureen Sellers, http://www.maureensellers.com/                          New Albany, IN
 Stephen Seifert, http://stephenseifert.com/                              Nashville, TN
 Molly McCormack, http://www.mollymccormack.com/index.html                 Louisville, KY
 Lorinda Jones, http://www.lorindajones.com/                              Elizabethtown, KY
 Dave Haas, http://www.davehaasmusic.com/                                 Charleston, WV
 Larry Conger, http://www.larryconger.com/                                Paris, TN
 Jeff Furman, http://www.jefffurman.com/index.htm                         Chapel Hill, NC
 Shelley Stevens, http://www.shelleystevens.com/                          Springfield, OH

                                     YOUNG DULCIMER ARTISTS
 Jeff Hames, http://www.jeffhames.com/                                     Madison, MS
 Sarah Elizabeth, http://www.sarahelizabethmusic.com/                      Nashville, TN
 Aaron O’Rourke, http://www.aaronorourke.com/News/News.html                Tallahassee, FL

                             DULCIMER MAKERS – AND ACCESSORIES
McSpadden Dulcimers, http://www.mcspaddendulcimers.com/                       Mountain View, AR
Mike Clemmer, http://www.clemmerdulcimer.com/                                 Townsend, TN
Prussia Valley Dulcimers, http://www.prussiavalley.com/introduction.htm       Waverly, OH
The Bag Lady – Lee Felt, http://www.dulcimerbaglady.com/                      Marengo, OH

                                      DULCIMER PUBLICATIONS
 Dulcimer Player News , http://www.dpnews.com/                 Signal Mountain, TN
 Everything Dulcimer, http://www.everythingdulcimer.com/       HUGE On-line Resource
                 Compiled by: Danny Shepherd - Mountain Dulcimer for Children
           www.mountaindulcimerforchildren.com/ email: mdforchildren@yahoo.com
          420 Pyle Lane, Hopkinsville, KY 42240-5122, 270-886-5659 or 270-305-2198

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