Administrator in Forensic Psychology by wuzhengqin


									                       Belen Pocon
Careers in Forensic Psychology 10’
   Someone who administers, one who works
    as a manager organizing and supervising
   In Forensic Psychology, an Administrator
    is someone who manages and directs
    programs for victim advocacy, substance
    abuse, sex offenders and juvenile
   This kind of work oversees government
    agencies, often providing counseling
    services, monitoring fiscal responsibilities,
    implementing programs and training staff.

   documenting research
   filing judicial reports
   acting as court professional witnesses
   managing case studies
   Program coordination
   Fiscal supervision
   Working with offenders as they re-adjust to their new lives
    outside of the detention center
   Caseworkers responsible for overseeing hundreds of convicts
   Analyzing programs that are already in place
   Identifying problems that are starting to develop
   Developing progress reports
   Designing and evaluating delinquency prevention programs
    and treatment programs
   Coordination of staff and their training, and quality assurance
   Managing budget
   Administrators work in:
   Adult and juvenile Correctional settings
         Juvenile Hall, “Juvie”
   Juvenile court divisions, Courts
   Non-for-profit organizations
         Substance abuse treatment programs
   Government Agencies such as the F.B.I.
   In Hospitals
   Social Service Agencies
   And sometimes in schools
   In the U.S. Department of Justice, Jeff
    Slowikowski is the Designated Acting
    Administrator of OJJDP-The Office of Juvenile
    Justice and Delinquency Prevention
   He was designated by President Obama in
    January of 2009
   His responsibilities include managing grants that
    support training and assistance programs such
    as: drug court, juvenile violence, mentoring,
    underage drinking initiatives, and more.
   Slowikowski has a Bachelor of Science Degree in
    Criminal Justice, a certificate in Police
    Administration and a Master of Public
   Requirements vary depending on the setting
    you want to work in. There are some jobs that
    have a minimum requirement of a four year
    college degree, in a related field, and one to
    two years of experience
   Most require a M.A. with some experience
   Few require a Ph.D
   $42,870 -$90,140.

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