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					                                       St. Bernadette School
                                                 101 Marsellus Drive
                                                 Barrie, ON L4N 8R6
                                                Phone: (705) 733-0459
                                          April 2009 Newsletter

Dates to Remember
Apr. 01       Dental Screening
Apr. 2-9      Easter appeal for the Barrie Food bank
Apr. 03       Holy Spirit Youth Group in the gym (evening)
Apr. 06       Annual Health and Safety Inspection
              Jr Girls basketball game
Apr. 07       Presentation on Kenya from St Joan of Arc - intermediate students
              Transition meetings for some grade 8 students
              Jr Girls basketball game
              Hot dog day
Apr. 08       Cardboat Boat Race at innisfil Rec centre for 2 grade 8 teams
              Jr Boys basketball game at WC Little
Apr. 09       Grade 1 swimming begins at Holly Rec Centre
              Stations of the Cross presentation at 1:30 pm in the gym
              Jr Boys basketball game in Angus
Apr. 10       Good Friday
Apr. 12       Easter Sunday
Apr. 13       Easter Monday - no school
Apr. 14       The Rosary Aposolate will be leading students in the Rosary
              Father Keith visits with Grade 6 classes and grade 8 classes in the library (pm)
              Sub day
              Jr Girls basketball game
Apr. 15       “Frenchstock” celebration for grade 4 students
              Father Keith visits with the grade 2 classes (am)
              Jr Boys basketball game
Apr. 16       Feast of St Bernadette. Mass at 1:15 pm
              Grade 1 swimming
              Jr Boys basketball game at WC Little
Apr. 17       Dance-a-thon pledge envelopes due back to school
              Hot Dog Day for A day Kindergarten
Apr. 20       School Council meets at 5 pm in the library
              Jr Girls basketball game in Angus
              Hot dog day
Apr. 21       Grade 8 students to visit the National Film Board of Canada in Toronto
              Some grade 6 students to attend Kenneth Oppel, author presentation
              School Council presentation on cyberbullying 6:30 pm in the gym
Apr. 22       Earth Day
              Grade 2/3 trip to Wye Marsh
              Jr Boys basketball game
Apr. 23       Grade 1 swimming
              Dance-a-thon for kindergarten B day - afternoon
              Jr Girls basketball game at St Nicholas
              Jr Boys basketball game at Our Lady of Grace
Apr. 24       City of Barrie Spring Clean Up
              Dance-a-thon for kindergarten A day and all grades 1-8
Apr. 27       Primary and Joseph choirs perform at the Kiwanis Music Festival
              Jr girls basketball game at WC Little
Apr. 28       Recorder group performs at the Kiwanis Music Festival
              Spring pictures (family groupings)
              Sub day
              Battle of the Books - Barrie Public Library
Apr. 28-May 1 Grade 8 trip to Camp Celtic, Owen Sound
Apr. 29       Jr Girls basketball zone tournament - pm
              Jr Boys basketball game at Holly Meadows
Apr. 30       Junkyard Jonny performs for Kindergarten and grades 2-7
              Grade 1 swimming
              Dental screening
              Jr Boys basketball game at St Mary’s
May 1         Professional Development Day - No school

Important notes for May!
May 4-8       Catholic Education Week
May 6-7       School Musical “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.”
May 12        Rosary May day celebration
May 13        “Shakespeare’s Magic” presented by Theatre By The Bay.
                                                 Food drive and the ongoing support for the
                                                          Church Building fund.

                                                        Kindergarten Registration

     Loving and glorious God                     Kindergarten Registration will take place
   We praise you with Easter joy                 during the month of April. Please call the
 because Christ is our redeemer.                 school for an appointment before April 30th,
                                                 2009. To be eligible for JK, a pupil must be 4
Christ has broken the power of sin               years of age by Dec. 31, 2009, born in 2005.
   and healed an injured world.                  To be eligible for SK, a pupil must be 5 years
                                                 of age by Dec. 31, 2009, born in 2004. Upon
 Christ has made us whole again.                 registration, parents are to provide: one or both
Bless our celebrations and our joy.              parental Roman Catholic Baptismal Certificates
  We ask this through Christ our                 or student Baptismal certificate, student Birth
                                                 certificate, student Immunization Record and
               Lord.                             Proof of Address.
                                                 Please remind students that they are to walk
         Principals Message                      their scooters and bicycles while on school
 As we approach the joyful time of Easter        property. Roller blades and skateboards are
                                                 also not to be used on school property.
    with the renewal of Spring let us
remember our focus this year on “Faith,
            Hope and Love”.
  We have had several sad losses in our
 school community including a parent,
grandparents, uncles and family friends
and we ask you to keep these loved ones in
your prayers through the Easter season.          As warmer weather approaches students will
                                                 once again be able to ride their bicycles,
                                                 skateboards and scooters. This is a reminder
St Bernadette School has had a busy March        that bicycle helmet use is mandatory in
   and will continue in April with Bearcat       Ontario. Students without helmets will be
     Awards, Maple Syrup making for the          asked to call home to arrange collection of their
 kindergarten classes and the Kozlov Music       bike from school. A helmet provides increased
Festival followed by the celebration of Holy     protection in the event of a spill or a fall from a
  Week and the Stations of the Cross using       bicycle or as a result of a collision. For more
our new back projection screen on the stage.     information check the Highway Traffic Act of
   Our thanks to Mrs Frost who so kindly         Ontario.
    made this for us. Other activities this      Thank You
  month include swimming for the grade 1
    classes, Cardboard Boat building and
  racing for a team of grade 8s, Frenchstock     PHONE LINES
 for the grade 4s, an author presentation for    St. Bernadette School has only 2 phone lines.
a grade 6, a trip to the Wye Marsh for grade     Thus, it may take time for a staff member to
   2/3, The Battle of the Books at the Barrie    return your call because the two phone lines
  Library, a presentation on Cyberbullying       have to be shared by over 40 staff members.
     for parents, Spring pictures, Kiwanis       We appreciate parents using the “Safe
 Festival, a visit to the National Film Board    Arrival” program to let the school know when
   of Canada for grade 8, many basketball        your child will be absent or late. Otherwise,
   games, Junkyard Jonny for most grades         the secretaries are using the phone lines to call
      and the grade 8 trip at the end of the     your home. Thank you for your continued
                     month.                      support. Please continue to use student
   A very big thank you goes out to all the      agendas to keep communication lines open
    staff and parents for their enthusiastic     with your child’s teacher.
support of our activities at St Bernadette. It
    is in providing interesting and varied                 SPRING ACTIVITIES
extensions to the curriculum through hands       Bearcats are encouraged to bring their own
 on activities that we provide opportunities     skipping ropes, soccer balls and basketballs
 for deeper learning and the ability to make     from home to play with at recess. Please make
      connections to the world around us.        sure names are clearly marked on them. Thank
  Thank you also for support of our Easter       you!
By the Kids Music Festival                           Once students arrive on school property they
On Tuesday March 31st the Primary Choir              are not allowed to leave the property to go to
and the “Joseph” cast plus Performance choir         the adjacent park or parking lot. Thank you
performed at the Kozlov centre                       for supporting us. We are trying to keep all
                                                     Bearcats Safe!!
The Performance choir returned on Sunday
April 5th to perform in the finals. We are           BARRIE FOOD BANK
pleased and proud to announce that our choir
won first place at the festival receiving a cheque   We have had an urgent appeal from the food
for $200 in celebration of the 10th anniversary      bank for non-perishable food items. The
of this festival.                                    Barrie Food Bank is experiencing higher
                                                     needs than usual due, in part, to the downturn
    WELL DONE CHOIR MEMBERS!                         in the economy. We thank families who have
                                                     already sent in food items for our Easter food
                                                     drive and appreciate the items yet to come.
                                                     We will be delivering our collection to the
                                                     food bank after Easter and the classroom
                                                     collecting the greatest number of items will be
                                                     receiving an easter treat. Thank you for your

                                                     SPRING CLEAN UP

                                                     The City of Barrie is promoting the annual
                                                     spring clean up on Friday April 24th. The
                                                     school will be receiving clean up supplies and
                                                     an extra waste collection that day. Under
                                                     supervision, students will assist with clean up
The Kiwanis Music Festival will be on;               on the school property and in the park while
                                                     wearing protective gloves to ensure their
Monday, April 27th - Primary choir at 9:30 am        safety. Please help our community by picking
and the “Joseph” choir at 10:30 am. Both             up all the winter grabage that has been left on
choirs will perform at Willow Creek Baptist          our streets and continue to keep Barrie a
Church in Midhurst and parents are welcome           beautiful city!
to come and cheer on the choirs.
Tuesday, April 28th - the recorder group will                      School Council
perform at The Salvation Army Citadel in
Barrie on Lilian Drive at 1 pm.                      A sure sign of spring is the St. Bernadette
                                                     Dance-a-thon which is to take place on April
Don’t forget to keep May 6th and 7th free and        24, 2009 (“B” Day Kindergarten classes will
plan to attend the school production of              be April 23)! Your support of this Annual
“Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour                 Event is greatly appreciated as always! Please
Dreamcoat” at St Bernadette.                         remember to send your pledge forms in by
                                                     April 17th!
Many people have dogs as pets. However, not          Please note that the meeting for this month is
everyone is comfortable with dogs. We have           scheduled for April 20th 2009 at 5 pm, look
been having problems with dogs messing in            forward to seeing you there!
the school yard. Please remind your
neighbours that there are no dogs allowed on         CYBERBULLYING PRESENTATION
school property. Thank you for your                  Please note that there will be an important
understanding.                                       presentation in the school gym on Tuesday
                                                     April 21st on Cyberbullying, This very timely
                                                     imformation is presented by the Police
DRESS CODE                                           Community Liaison Officer and is open to all
With the warmer weather approaching, we ask          parents in the surrounding communities.
that you review with your child the Dress            Refreshments will be served.
Code in the St. Bernadette Code of Conduct.          Please attend this presentation which provides
As you know, the Code of Conduct is found            information and insight into the issues facing
in the front of your child’s agenda.                 our children as they make connections on the
                                                     internet. It can be a very frightening place to
MORNING SUPERVISION                                  be and parental knowledge is essential to
A gentle reminder that staff supervision starts      safeguard our children.
every morning at 8:35 am and finishes at the
end of the day at 3:35 pm                            Thank you.
Therefore, students who arrive at school
before 8:35 am and/or who stay at the school         Colleen Mendes
after 3:35 pm are unsupervised. Please have          Council Chair
your child/children leave the school property
at 3:35 pm unless they are getting extra help
from a teacher or playing a school organized

                                          Loving our glorious God
                                        We praise you with Easter joy
                                      because Christ is our redeemer.
                                     Christ has broken the power of sin
                                        and healed an injured world.
                                      Christ has made us whole again.
                                     Bless our celebrations and our joy.
                                    We ask this through Christ our Lord.
                          Bearcat Winners from January

Christian Living: Brianna Sproule, Jessica Gauvin, Emilia Szczepkowski, Zoran
Ladouceur, Aurora Ladouceur, Madison Rutledge, Jacob Molnar, Keifer Lessard,
Sebastien Marto Granata, Emily Mantini, Jessica Agostino, Morgan Strojny, Sydney
Devine, Nicholas Saracino, Kamila Kolodziejczyk, Connor Breuer. Alicia Lamarche,
Kassidy Lessard, Alison Lamarche, Lexi Dimovski, Kayla Mastrodicasa, Justine
Champagne, Andre Campos

Academic Achievement: Bryony Paton, Cole Lequier, Patrick Makowski, Emily
Jelinek, Olivia Braun, Zacary Lequier, Hayden Fox, Jessa Sundberg, Amanda
Tomaszewski, Diana Favaro, Damien Vanderhorst, Grace Matthews, Elyssia
Roseblade, Jessa Vasquez, Daylan Calladine, Monica Lee, Jerome Champagne,
Cierra Hassall, Olivia Petersen, Chelsea Brunelle, Alicia Roleff, Ella Dimovski, Lisa
Kovacs, Brittany Hartson, Jared Thompson, Alaine Naidas, Kara O’Donnell, Matthew
Portman, Lawrence Canale

Most Improved:      Kenton Dearing-Simpson, Marco Mastrodicasa, Emma
Macdonald, Kayleen Estay-Trajtma, Linda Shino, Anthony Moniuszko, Cristian
Chimienti, Arianna Yra Santos, Nicholas Pannone, Phil Correia, Carlos Santos,
Helder Gouveia, Joshua Robinson, Julian Galluzzo, Jordan St. Onge, Ryan Gysel,
Sarah Cassidy, Samantha Flynn, Isaac Viera, Elia Favaro, Luke Fera, Nuno Raposo,
Evelyn Blevins, Tevin Cochrane, Eric Methot, Jack Norris

Super Reader: Julianna Babicki, Adam Mutuchky, Owen Peterson

Good Friend: Andrea Zecca, Britney Gomes, Matthew Soares

Class Helper: Logan McGean

Music Award: Emily Mantini, Chrissy Gougeon, Kiarra Ann Costa, Jessica Agostino,
Josiephine Agostino, Anita Antunes, Wyatt Beaudet, Elizabeth Mattinson, Kara
O’Donnell, Jordan Moreau, Cierra Hassall, Samantha Flynn, Noah Ulett, Julia
Skoczypiec, Jed Hurd, Alban Flynn, Ally Welton, Synolie Pratt, Nicole Pelletier,
Christopher Hartson

French Award: Amy Raposo, Karina Wisniewski, Josh Ray, Emilee Coleman, Jazzlyn
Young, Robert Kilcullen, Justin White, Ryan Raynor, Kelli McFarlin, Joelle Connolly,
Hayden Fox, Magdalena Grzywna, Daniel Timmerman, Koreena Dearing-Simpson,
Olivia Blevins, Faith Walton, Piolo Santos, Alicia Jelinek, Ethan Boivin, Logan O’Hara,
Patrick Kelly, Denzel Morrow, Katie MacNeil, Lauryn Oviedo, Tyson Walsh, Luis Felipe
bravo, Hayden Cuthbert, Kaitlyn Neto, Chrissy Gougeon, Lucas Jelinek, Jennifer Lee,
Emma Taylor, Cameron Costa, Kaelyn Bamford, Joshua Coulter, Damian
Winners from the Gr. 8 Parent Teacher interview night for Horseshoe Resort Draw
Kyle Muscat, Brad Banting, Austin Robinson, Kyle Bain, Kassidy Lessard, J.J.
Carringal, Zack Ray, Kaitlyn Neto, Mrs. Lopes, Nick Squires, Eric Methot, Jessica
Wright, Mrs. Emdin, Melody Dunlop, Lisa Kovacs, Cam Bamford, Daniel Gary, Brad
Girard, Hannah Stafano, Mrs. Hollinger, Mrs. Furlani, Mrs. Portman, Mrs. Wells, Tyler

                              March Bearcat Winners

Academic Achievement: Marianne Champagne, Victoria Dennis, Mariah Simons,
Shane Poirer, Angela Duong, Brooke Ramos White, Emily Norris, Katie MacNeil,
Thomas Danford, Mackenzie Pelletier, Liam Ostler , Sara Taus, Justin Demelo, Kayla
Johnston, Luke Sheehan, Keili Dallaway, Nicole Lachance, William Boily, Kristian
Granata, Kaitlyn O’Donnell, Jacklyn MacNeil, Charmaine Druken

Most Improved: James Hadaway, Logan Correia, Jessica Findlay, Alisha Da Silva,
Victoria Mendes, Cam Bamford, Alex Mendes, Matthew Wren, Jon Pannone, Michael
Melo, Joseph Harris, Kristen Gallacher, Tevin Cochrane, Pasquale Spadafora, Philip
Eflovski, Emily Breult, Kristen Whitter, Autumn Gallacher, Alex Staron, Marlena Cassin,
Mateos Chittenden-Vargas, Rachel Patton

Christian Living: Julia Magi, Bradley Banting, Tajae Neary, Faith Winter, Elizabeth
Babicki, Alexandria Babicki, Erin Taylor, Adam Gajic, Kali McGean, Matthew Saracino,
Connor Morris, Kaitlyn Sproule, Danica Zecca, Melody Dunlop, Mitchell French,
Courtney Sutton, Krystalle French, Kyle Warner-Smith, Sarah Wright, Marcus Rollason,
Sydney Coombs, Samantha Flynn

Good Reader: Kalem Sdao

Class Helper: Victoria Cassin,

The Arts: Bianca Demelo

French Award:       Alban Flynn, Alison Paton, Brittany Ingraham, William Foster,
Morgan Strojny, Danica Zecca, Kayla Mastrodicasa, Brooklyn McKinley, Angie malpica-
Muniz, Logan O’Hara, Cierra Hassall, Eric Sega, Kyle Fallows, Jacqueline
Cunnington, Joshua Robinson, Grace Matthews, AJ Fallows, Madison Sampogna,
Keifer Lessard, Kolton Lessard, Alison Lamarche, Callum Lawlor, Joshua Dowling,
Nicole French, Matthew Castro, Cameron Patton, Angela Duong, Christopher Hartson,
Daniel Canale, Shannon Whitter, Rhianna Christina, Heather Staron, Michael

Music Award: Nathan Traganitis, Tristan Kemp-Camelo, Kaitlyn Neto, Callum
Lawlor, Jason Patton, Sofia Malpica-Flores, Nicole Fennell, Sophia Bates, Benjamin
Portman, Kyle Bain, Samantha Ray, Hayden Fox, Courtney Bamford, Sarah Martin,
Noah Macdonald, Isaac Vieira, Noah Brown
   Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board
                                   welcomes parents to

      Raising Resilient
Children & Adolescents                       with Dr. Robert Brooks
      April 30, 2009
      St. Joan of Arc High School
      460 Mapleton Avenue
      Barrie, Ontario
      Come and hear internationally renowned speaker and author Dr. Robert Brooks describe
      factors that help children and adolescents manage stress and pressure effectively and
      become more resilient. He will also discuss
          the importance of empathy in understanding and responding to children,
          why some children have more difficulty developing a positive self-image and resilience
          than other children,
          the importance of identifying and reinforcing each child or adolescent’s “islands of
          specific strategies for nurturing self-discipline, self-esteem, responsibility, caring, hope,
          and resilience in our children.

      All parents welcome. Free!
      For more information, visit

      No pre-registration is required. However, if you do pre-register by April 24,

               ...You have a chance to win one of Dr. Brooks’ books.
      Simply fill in this portion and return it to your child’s school main office. Schools will forward
      your entry form.

      Name: _______________________________             Child’s school: _________________________

      Several draws for books will be made during the session.

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