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					                       Spring Swim Program Registration Form
                     REC Team, Stroke Clinic, Guppy Classes March 17-May 1
Spring Swim Team— This spring WAAC is hosting a seven week spring swim team !! Swimmers in this program
must be comfortable moving across a 25 yard pool with face in the water and be familiar with the four competitive
strokes, although being able to do them correctly is not a requirement. The team will practice Monday-Thursday, March
17—May 1 and swimmers may come as many days as they wish. We recommend that swimmers come at least twice a
                   week, The team will work on stroke mechanics, starts, and races. The team will have the
                   opportunity to compete in three fun swim meets. This is the perfect program for swimmers getting
                   ready for a summer swim team program or those who swim and want a refresher before summer
                   activities start. Cost $110 members, $135 non-members
                   M-Th 3:45-4:45 8 & younger
                   M-Th 4:45-5:45 9 & older
                    (9 and 10 yr olds may request to swim at earlier time)

Stroke Clinics     -    A great way to prepare for summer swimming is to attend a stroke
clinic. This is a marvelous way to be ready for summer swim teams, camps, or just having
fun around area pools and lakes. WAAC’s stroke clinics are for children from 4 through
high school. The clinics meet twice a week for seven weeks. Clinics are designed for both
beginners just learning the four competitive strokes and experienced swimmers who want to improve their strokes.
Starts, turns, and race finishes are also practiced. Swimmers in stroke clinic must be able to swim across a 25 yard pool
with their face in the water. Stopping a few times is OK. Swimmers not yet able to swim this distance should sign-up for
Guppy classes. Clinics begin March 17 and run through May 1. Clinics are limited in size, and each must have at least 5
participants or they will be combined. Cost is $115 members/$145 non-members (Saturday only clinics cost $50 memb, $75
MW 4:15-5 8 & younger Beginners                        MW 5-6 7 & older
TTh 3:45-4:45 10 & younger Intermediates
SAT 11:30– 12:30 Beginners                             SAT 12:30-1:30 Intermediates

Guppy Classes - The Guppy Program at WAAC is a unique way for swimmers 4-8 years old to become prepared
for summer swim teams. The Guppy Program meets twice a week for seven weeks and teaches freestyle and
backstroke. Swimmers also learn to swim across the pool which is a requirement for most area swim teams. To be in the
Guppy program a child must be able to jump from the side of the pool, submerging their head, and motor 5-8 feet to
an instructor with their face in the water. More beginner swimmers should join swim lessons.
Guppy Program runs March 17 thru May 1. Classes are limited to 6 swimmers and must have at
least 4 participants or they may be combined with another class. Cost is $125 members/$150
non-members. (Once a week Saturday classes cost is $60 member, $85 non-member.)
MW 3:30—4:15                                 MW 6-6:45
TTh 4:45-5:30                                TTh 5:30-6:15
SAT 4 & 5’s 10-10:45                         SAT 6 & older 10:45-11:30

                                           Become a WAAC Member

                                      Quarterly Family Membership $325
                                     Quarterly Individual Membership $185
                                        (must begin on first of month)

  Annual Family Membership $960 (10% discount $864 if paid annually), $80 per month paid monthly
 Annaul Individual Membership $600 (10% discount if paid annually $560), $50 per month paid monthly

Enjoy WAAC’s facilities, get discounts on programs, swim in Adult Swim class for free !!
                                                      Registration Form
Participant Name:                                                                        Birthdate:

Parents’ Names:                                                                          Email:

Address:                                                                                                                   Zip:


Circle Class:                                                                                                   Member, Non-member
Spring Swim Team                            M-Th 3:45-4:45                    M-Th 4:45-5:45                    $110        $135

Stroke Clinic                    MW 4:15-5              MW 5-6                TTh 3:45-4:45                      $115                 $145

Stroke Clinic                    SAT 11:30-12:30                   SAT 12:30-1:30                                $50                  $75

Guppy Classes MW 3:30-4:15 MW 6-6:45 TTh 4:45-5:30 TTh 5:30-6:15                                                 $125                 $150

Guppy Classes                    SAT 10-10:45                      SAT 10:45-11:30                               $60                  $85

Medical Information & Parental Consent:
I, the minor’s parent and/or legal guardian, understand the nature of fitness activities of West Austin Athletic Club’s Camps, and the minor’s experience
and capabilities and believe the minor to be qualified to participate in such activity. I hereby release, discharge, covenant not to sue, and AGREE TO
IDEMNIFY AND SAVE AND HOLD HARMLESS each of the Releasees (West Austin Athletic Club, their administrators, directors, agents, owners,
members, volunteers, and employees) from all liability, claims, demand, losses, or damages on the minor’s account caused or alleged to be caused in
whole or in part by the negligence of the Releasees or otherwise including negligent rescue operations, and further agree that if, despite this release, I,
the minor’s parent and/or legal guardian, or anyone on the minor’s behalf makes a claim against any of the above Releases, I WILL INDEMNIFY, SAVE,
AND HOLD HARMLESS each of the Releasees from any litigation expenses, attorney fees, loss liability, damage, or cause any may incur as the result
of any such claim.
I give West Austin Athletic Club and its Releasees permission to perform medical treatment for the minor child as needed. Included below is information
about my child’s medical history and emergency contacts.
 I GIVE OR DO NOT GIVE my child permission to go down the water slide and off the diving boards.

Parent’s Signature & Date: ______________________________________________

Payment must accompany registration form. Nonrefundable deposit is 50% of fee. No refund will
be given for cancellations after two weeks prior to class start.
       __ WAAC Member Charge
       __ Check
       __ Credit/Debit Card VISA MASTERCARD

Credit Card # ________________________________________________ Exp _________ Sp Digits _______

                      Return to WAAC, 1024 Patterson Rd. Austin, TX 78733 FAX: 263-0131 john@wfly.com

                      Questions: 263-4282 OR john@wfly.com www.wfly.com

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