What should you do to recover after Breast Augmentation?

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What Should You Do to Recover After Breast

More and more women are opting for cosmetic breast surgery to get
more shapely breasts. Augmentation mammoplasty or surgery to
enhance the size of the breasts can result in a more appealing
appearance       and     does       wonders   to
enhance     a   woman’s      self    confidence.
However, as with all surgeries, proper
post-operative care is important. You
should make sure to ask your surgeon
what you should do to recover after
breast augmentation.

Options for breast enhancement include
saline   and     silicone    implants.     These
implants are placed through incisions
placed underneath the breasts, around the areola or through the
armpit. Your breasts will be covered with gauze bandages following
breast implant surgery. Drainage tubes may be placed at the incision
for several to drain off any fluid that forms in the area.

The chest will feel heavy for several days following the surgery.
Bruising, swelling and soreness are common. Cold compresses and ice
packs can help reduce the swelling. The chest muscles will slowly
stretch to accommodate the implants.

Care after Breast Augmentation Surgery

Post-operative care should focus on preventing risks and complications
such as infection, internal bleeding, fluid accumulation, delayed wound

                              Breast Augmentation
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healing, capsular contracture or implant collapse, and so on. Adhering
to the following will make recovery easier:

   •   Medication: Take the prescribed antibiotics and pain and
       muscle relaxants

   •   Bathing: Shower only after the gauze dressing and bandages
       are removed (normally 24-48 hours after the plastic surgery).
       Keep the area around stitches clean. A bath is advised only after
       the incisions have healed completely, which takes about a month

   •   Activity: Avoid arm lifting or strenuous chest/arm exercise for
       4-6 weeks. Avoid activities that involve lifting and stretching. Do
       not carry heavy weights. Driving should also be avoided till pain
       medication is over and free arm movement is possible

   •   Wearing a bra: Do not wear an underwire bra until the
       implants have attained their proper position. Your plastic
       surgeon will probably advise a support bra and also tell you
       when you can resume wearing a normal bra.

   •   Returning to work: Returning to work would, of course,
       depend on the extent of activity your job involves. You should be
       able to resume routine office work within 3-5 days if your
       implants are placed above the muscle and within 5-7 days if
       they are placed behind the muscle. The bottom line is return to
       work when you are comfortable.

   •   Bleeding and complications are rare. Call your doctor if there is
       any    noticeable     asymmetrical     swelling,   excessive   pain,   or
       increase in bleeding or bruising.

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Recovery after cosmetic breast surgery varies among patient to
patient and depends upon the implant technique and the site of
placement. Following your surgeon’s instruction carefully will help
ensure quicker and easier healing. It is also important to remember
that relaxation and rest are an important part of recovering after
breast augmentation surgery.

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Description: Recovering from breast augmentation surgery is easy if you take care to diligently follow your surgeon’s instructions. Such advice is aimed at preventing infection and bleeding and quickening the healing process.