Mark the correct answer on your scantron sheet for each of the following questions.
1. What amount of each FBLA member’s dues pays for a       a. $1.25                            b. $3.00                   c. $2.25                     d. $1.75
   subscription to Tomorrow’s Business Leader?
2. The 2001-2002 national theme is                         a. Tune in to Business.             b. Tune Up Your Business   c. Tune to a Winner—         d. FBLA—Tuning Up for
                                                                                               Skills.                    FBLA.                        Business.
3.   The conference held annually to select a state’s             a. Institute for Leaders.    b. National Fall           c. Regional Spring           d. State Leadership
     representatives for national competition is the                                           Leadership Conference.     Conference.                  Conference.
4.   FBLA is one of ten CTSOs recognized by the U. S.             a. Career and Technical      b. Career and Technical    c. Computer Technology       d. Community and
     Department of Education. For what does CTSO stand?           Services Organization        Student Organization       Student Organization         Technology Services
5.   What is the amount of the non-recurring fee for              a. $23                       b. $20                     c. $25                       d. $30
     chartering a new FBLA chapter or reactivating an
     already chartered chapter?
6.   The National Center mortgage was burned in                   a. 1991.                     b. 1997.                   c. 2001.                     d. 2002.
7.   What are the membership divisions of FBLA-PBL, Inc.?         a. FBLA, FBLA-Middle         b. FBLA, FBLA-Middle       c. Active, Honorary,         d. FBLA, FBLA-Middle
                                                                  Level, PBL, Alumni           Level, PBL, Professional   Honorary Life,               Level, PBL, Honorary
8.   The state of South Dakota is located in the                  a. Eastern Region.           b. Western Region.         c. Mountain Plains           d. North Central Region.
9. The FBLA National Center is located in which region?           a. Atlantic Coast Region     b. Mid-Atlantic Region     c. Eastern Region            d. Southern Region
10. Chapter activities are classified into what five functional   a. Leadership, promotion,    b. School service,         c. Professional              d. Professional
    areas?                                                        community service,           community service,         development, civic,          development, business
                                                                  business skills, financial   leadership, promotion,     service, social, financial   skills, service, financial,
                                                                                               social                                                  social
11. Who nominates candidates for National Vice-President          a. state chapter             b. local chapter           c. chapter adviser           d. state president
    during the regional meetings at the National Leadership
12. The name “Future Business Leaders of America” was             a. 1940.                     b. 1942.                   c. 1945.                     d. 1950.
    chosen in
13. An experimental chapter was chartered on February 3,          a. St. Albans, West          b. Johnson City,           c. Reston, Virginia          d. Nashville, Tennessee
    1942, in what city and state?                                 Virginia                     Tennessee
14. Which organization is not a national affiliation of           a. ACTE                      b. NASSP                   c. NBEA                      d. NEA
15. On what day is American Enterprise Day observed?              a. November 15               b. February 15             c. April 15                  d. June 5
16. FBLA-PBL is divided into how many administrative              a. 3                         b. 4                       c. 5                         d. 9
17. Which group is responsible for the general oversight and      a. National Business         b. National Center Staff   c .National Board of         d. National Executive
    policy of FBLA-PBL?                                           Advisory Council                                        Directors                    Council
18. Who is responsible for submitting FBLA’s annual               a. Chairman of the Board     b. FBLA-PBL                c. FBLA National             d. FBLA National
    budget to the Board of Directors?                             of Directors                 President/CEO              Treasurer                    President
19. When was FBLA-PBL granted independent status as a             a. 1946                      b. 1958                    c. 1969                      d. 1979
    nonprofit educational student association?
20. What state became the first FBLA state chapter?               a. Tennessee                 b. West Virginia           c. Virginia                  d. Iowa
21. Who is the 2001-2002 FBLA National President?                 a. Ashlee Clair              b. Natalie Bennett         c. Jeff Jordan               d. Erich Heneke
22. What FBLA publication offers potential national officers    a. National Officer           b. Chapter Management         c. The Competitive Edge       d. National Officer
    complete details about qualifications for office,           Handbook                      Handbook                                                    Candidate Guide
    procedures for campaigning, and the officer application?
23. What is the minimum number of active chapters               a. 5                          b. 8                          c. 10                         d. 12
    required in order for a state to be issued an FBLA state
    chapter charter?
24. The official FBLA colors are                                a. blue and white.            b. blue and gold.             c. red, white, and blue.      d. blue and beige.
25. What is the street address of the FBLA-PBL National         a. 1912 Organization          b. 1912 Leadership Circle     c. 1912 Association           d. 1912 Winners Circle
    Center?                                                     Drive                                                       Drive
26. Who developed the concept of FBLA?                          a. Dr. Hamden L.              b. Dr. Harold L. Folks        c. Dr. Edward D. Miller       d. Dr. Hollis Forkner
27. The term of office for national officers begins             a. immediately upon           b. at the beginning of the    c. during the NFLC.           d. at the close of the
                                                                election.                     school year.                                                National Leadership
                                                                                                                                                          Conference at which he
                                                                                                                                                          or she was selected.
28. The 2003 National Leadership Conference will be in          a. Nashville, Tennessee.      b. Dallas, Texas.             c. Orlando, Florida.          d. Washington, DC.
29. Of the following, who is not an ex officio, nonvoting       a. Professional Division      b. Chairman of the Board      c. FBLA-PBL                   d. State committee person
    member of the FBLA National Executive Council?              President                     of Directors                  President/CEO                 for each national officer
30. What group involves civic-minded community leaders in       a. National Executive         b. National Action            c. Business Advisory          d. Business Leaders
    chapter activities and serves as the chapter’s liaison to   Board                         Council                       Council                       Coalition
    the business community?
31. The current FBLA-PBL President/CEO is                       a. Betty McKie.               b. Lisa Frye.                 c. Jean Buckley.              d. Bobbie Timmermann.
32. The 2002-2003 Professional Division President is            a. Diane Zawadzki.            b. Dennis Garrow.             c. Shayne Harrison.           d. Betty Penzner.
33. The toll-free number for the FBLA-PBL National Center       a. 800/FBLGOLD.               b. 800/FBLAWIN.               c. 800/FBLAPBL.               d. 800/FBLAWOW.
34. The FBLA-Middle Level Division was established in           a. 1989.                      b. 1994.                      c. 1991.                      d. 1999.
35. Tomorrow’s Business Leader is published                     a. monthly.                   b. quarterly.                 c. semiannually.              d. semimonthly.
36. The FBLA-PBL fiscal year is                                 a. August 1 – July 31.        b. October 1 – September      c. July 1 – June 30.          d. January 1 – December
                                                                                              30.                                                         31.
37. The Wednesday of FBLA-PBL Week is                           a. Free Enterprise Day.       b. Helping Hands Day.         c. Adviser Appreciation       d. Make a Difference
                                                                                                                            Day.                          Day.
38. FBLA-PBL Week coincides with what other national            a. Career and Technical       b. American Management        c. National Education for     d. American Education
    observance?                                                 Education Week                Week                          Business Week                 Week
39. What is the address of the FBLA-PBL website?                a. www.fbla-pbl.edu           b. www.fblapbl.net            c. www.fbla.org               d. www.fbla-pbl.org
40. What are the amounts for a Lifetime membership in the       a. $375 with a state rebate   b. $400 with a state rebate   c. $375 with a state rebate   d. $350 with a state
    Professional Division and the state rebate for that         of $37.50                     of $50                        of $23                        rebate of $50
41. In the March of Dimes Mission LIFT program, LIFT            a. Leadership, Integrity,     b. Leading Into the           c. Leading Into the           d. Leadership Incentives
    stands for                                                  Fairness, Trust.              Future, Team.                 Future, Together.             for Teams.
42. FBLA-Middle Level membership is open to students in         a. 7-12.                      b. 9-12.                      c. 8-9.                       d. 5-9.
43. From where can your chapter order FBLA competitive          a. FBLA-PBL Resource          b. FBLA-PBL                   c. Resource and               d. Incentives for Leaders
    event study guides?                                         Center                        MarketPlace                   Curriculum Catalog            Resource Center
44. What is the certificate leadership program held in          a. Institute for Leaders    b. Incentives for Leaders   c. Leadership Institute    d. Management Series
    conjunction with the National Leadership Conference
    that equips members and advisers with essential career
    and business management skills?
45. If there are no applications for a particular national      a. June 1.                  b. June 10.                 c. June 15.                d. June 15, or 10 days
    office by the May 15 deadline, then the deadline for that                                                                                      prior to the National
    office will be extended to                                                                                                                     Leadership Conference,
                                                                                                                                                   whichever comes first.
46. The business education professionals on the FBLA-PBL        a. 1-year terms.            b. 2-year terms.            c. 3-year terms.           d. 3-year terms with an
    Board of Directors are elected to serve                                                                                                        additional year as Board
47. What national partnership offers an entrepreneurship        a. BizTech                  b. Affinity Online          c. Sprint                  d. Alamo
    program that teaches business, information technology,
    and workplace concepts via the Internet?
48. Phi Beta Lambda was created in                              a. 1950.                    b. 1958.                    c. 1960.                   d. 1964.
49. How many FBLA-PBL goals are there?                          a. 5                        b. 6                        c. 7                       d. 9
50. Each state chapter is entitled to send how many voting      a. 2                        b. 2 and 1 alternate        c. 2 and 2 alternates      d. 3
    delegates to the National Leadership Conference?
51. A local chapter with 73 members is entitled to send how     a. 2                        b. 3                        c. 4                       d. 5
    many voting delegates to the National Leadership
52. How is a state committee chairman selected?                 a. Recommended by the       b. Recommended by the       c. Recommended by the      d. Recommended by the
                                                                National Center staff and   National Center staff and   National Executive         FBLA-PBL
                                                                approved by the Board of    approved by the National    Council and approved by    President/CEO and
                                                                Directors                   Executive Council           the Board of Directors     approved by the Board
                                                                                                                                                   of Directors
53. The 2002-2003 Phi Beta Lambda National President is         a. Erich Heneke.            b. Brian Ferrell.           c. Jeff Jordan.            d. Dennis Garrow.
54. The grammatical source for all FBLA-PBL, Inc.,              a. Chicago Manual of        b. MLA Style Manual.        c. New York Style Guide.   d. Reference Manual for
    publications is the                                         Style.                                                                             Publications.
55. Before candidates for FBLA national office can be           a. President/CEO.           b. National Executive       c. Board of Directors.     d. Officer Screening
    nominated, they must be certified by the                                                Council.                                               Committee.
56. What is the national program that encourages FBLA-          a. Linking Members          b. Going for the Gold       c. Connecting Chapters     d. Teaming Chapters
    PBL chapters to team up with other chapters to leverage
    their potential for success?
57. The publication for Professional Division members is        a. Hotline.                 b. The Professional         c. The Professional E-     d. FBLA-PBL Edge.
                                                                                            Edge.                       Line.
58. Proposed amendments to the FBLA national bylaws are         a. April 1.                 b. May 1.                   c. May 15.                 d. June 1.
    to be submitted in writing to the President/CEO no later
59. National officers are elected by majority vote. How         a. 4                        b. 3                        c. 2                       d. 1
    many ballots are taken before the candidate with the
    lowest number of votes is dropped from the next ballot?
60. The vote required for adoption of amendments to the       a. majority vote of the       b. two-thirds vote of the     c. majority vote of all     d. two-thirds vote of all
    national bylaws is a                                      state voting delegates        state voting delegates        members of the Board of     members of the Board of
                                                              attending the National        present and voting at the     Directors.                  Directors.
                                                              Leadership Conference.        National Leadership
61. Business of the FBLA National Executive Council can       a. Three fourths              b. Majority                   c. Two-thirds               d. One-half
    be conducted by mail at the discretion of the FBLA
    President with approval by the President/CEO. For
    adoption, action by mail requires what type of vote?
62. In a standard order of business, new business comes       a. at the discretion of the   b. immediately after          c. after unfinished         d. after calling the
                                                              presiding officer.            reports of officers.          business and general        meeting to order.
63. A member makes a motion, in most cases, by saying         a. “I move that . . .”        b. “I motion that . . .”      c. “This member moves       d. “I wish to move that . .
                                                                                                                          that . . .”                 .”
64. When a member “has the floor,” this means that            a. a main motion need not     b. anyone else in the         c. another member may       d. recognition has been
                                                              be seconded.                  assembly may speak from       also stand to make a        received from the chair.
                                                                                            his or her seat.              motion.
65. Minutes should include all of the following except        a. the name of the maker      b. the reasons given by       c. the wording and          d. a complimentary
                                                              of each motion.               the chair for his or her      disposition of each         closing above the
                                                                                            rulings on points of order.   motion.                     secretary’s signature.
66. A main motion is one that                                 a. brings business before     b. can be made while          c. has the highest rank.    d. must be ratified by a
                                                              the assembly.                 another motion is                                         resolution.
67. In the Officer Installation ceremony, the tall white      a. all chapter officers.      b. the national               c. the community in         d. the entire chapter
    candle symbolizes                                                                       organization.                 which the chapter is        with all members
                                                                                                                          located.                    working together.
68. Three sites for the 2002 National Fall Leadership         a. Charlotte, North           b. Orlando, Florida;          c. Cincinnati, Ohio;        d. Columbus, Ohio;
    Conferences were                                          Carolina; Cleveland,          Philadelphia,                 Denver, Colorado;           Boulder, Colorado;
                                                              Ohio; Salt Lake City,         Pennsylvania; Phoenix,        Jacksonville, Florida.      Miami, Florida.
                                                              Utah.                         Arizona.
69. In appreciation for the grant from Sprint that funded     a. Show Us the Members.       b. Thanks for the Money.      c. 20 Members for 20        d. 20 Grand With 20
    membership recruitment materials, the national officers                                                               Grand.                      Percent.
    and National Center staff have issued a challenge to
    chapters for setting a goal for increasing membership
    over last year’s membership. This thank-you challenge
    is called
70. Among the 2001-2002 national fundraisers are              a. Teen People Plus, J-       b. Teen USA, Expressly        c. Helmets Unlimited,       d. Data Match, Student
                                                              Edgar Sportswear,             Yours, Cookies Galore,        JAD Acrylics, Tom-Wat,      Organization Network,
                                                              Custom Pewter;                Delight Lollipops.            Lollipops, Inc.             ET Plus, T-Wat.
                                                              Hotstuff Pizza
71. Through which of FBLA’s national partnerships can         a. BizTech                    b. Life Path                  c. Wonderful Online         d. FBLA Virtual
    members compete to develop the most successful                                                                        Training                    Business Challenge
72. Which of the following is not an FBLA-PBL goal?           a. Create more interest in    b. Promote growth and         c. Encourage and practice   d. Encourage scholarship
                                                              the American enterprise       development through           efficient money             and promote school
                                                              system                        social activities             management                  loyalty
73. FBLA-PBL’s mission is to                                   a. prepare students for        b. bring business and       c. develop competent        d. ensure that students are
                                                               successful careers in          education together in a     business leaders through    prepared for leadership
                                                               business through support       positive working            innovative programming.     experiences by
                                                               for curriculum                 relationship through                                    establishing occupational
                                                               development and                innovative leadership                                   goals.
                                                               innovative assessment          and career development
                                                               tools.                         programs.
74. What are the first two words of each stanza of the         a. I believe                   b. I promise                c. I will                   d. I do
    FBLA-PBL Creed?
75. I will dress and act in a manner that will bring respect   a. Creed.                      b. Mission.                 c. Code of Ethics.          d. Pledge.
    to me and to my school is part of the FBLA
76. What is the last word of the FBLA Pledge?                  a. Everyone                    b. Work                     c. Leader                   d. America
77. Based on the FBLA-PBL Dress Code, which of the             a. Sport coat, dress slacks,   b. Skirt or dress slacks    c. Dress shoes and socks    d. Hats or denim
    following is not acceptable attire?                        collared shirt, and necktie    with blouse or sweater      or dress shoes and nylons   clothing of any kind
78. Which competitive event is named for Hollis and Kitty      a. Parliamentary               b. Gold Seal Chapter        c. American Enterprise      d. Local Chapter Annual
    Guy?                                                       Procedure                      Award of Merit              Project                     Business Report
79. What are the categories of FBLA national events?           a. Chapter, individual,        b. Chapter, member,         c. Individual, award,       d. Group, chapter,
                                                               recognition, team              award, group                chapter, team               recognition, individual
80. What group is responsible for administering the            a. Events Series Program       b. National Recognition     c. National Events          d. National Awards
    competitive events program?                                Committee                      Committee                   Administration              Program Committee
81. To be eligible for national competition, FBLA members      a. January 31.                 b. February 15.             c. March 1.                 d. December 1
    must have paid dues on or before
82. The 2003 topic for the Emerging Business Issues event      a. whether or not              b. whether or not           c. whether or not           d. whether auditing
    is                                                         government should              workplace security can      bankruptcy                  firms have an obligation
                                                               prohibit rising                overstep privacy issues.    reorganizations affect      to investors and the
                                                               commercial insurance                                       advertising competition.    market.
83. What is the name of the fictional corporation to which     a. Data Match, Inc.            b. Merck Corporation        c. Merit Corporation        d. Sprint Corporation
    participants in the Job Interview event can apply for a
84. What are the lengths of the speeches for the Public        a. Public Speaking I,          b. Impromptu Speaking       c. Impromptu Speaking       d. Public Speaking I,
    Speaking I, Public Speaking II, and Impromptu              Public Speaking II,            and Public Speaking I, 4    and Public Speaking I, 5    Public Speaking II, 5
    Speaking events?                                           Impromptu Speaking, 5          minutes; Public             minutes; Public Speaking    minutes; Impromptu
                                                               minutes                        Speaking II, 5 minutes      II, 4 minutes               Speaking, 4 minutes
85. What is the method for breaking tie scores in objective,   a. Determine the order in      b. Design a rubric format   c. Evaluate students’       d. Eliminate the final ten
    machine-graded events?                                     which tests were               to determine if students    performance on the final    questions of the exam and
                                                               submitted                      met expectations            ten questions of the        re-score
86. Not counting the front and back covers, the maximum        a. 25.                         b. 30.                      c. 35.                      d. 40.
    number of pages allowed for written reports such as the
    Community Service Project is
87. One of the new competitive events for 2002-03 is           a. Networking Concepts.        b. Visual Basic             c. Technology Concepts.     d. Business Ethics.
88. Which FBLA events are classified as “skill events”?         a. Computer Applications,    b. Computer Applications,   c. Website Design, Word     d. Computer
                                                                Desktop Publishing,          Multimedia Presentation,    Processing, Desktop         Applications, Desktop
                                                                Multimedia Presentation      Network Design              Publishing                  Publishing, Word
                                                                                                                                                     Processing I and II
89. All FBLA members are eligible to participate in Open        a. Business Ethics, Visual   b. Leadership, Insurance    c. Computer Hardware &      d. Business Ethics,
    Events at the 2002 NLC. Three of this year’s Open           Basic Programming,           Operations, Chapter         Operating Systems, C++      Leadership, Insurance
    Events are                                                  Chapter Website.             Management.                 Programming, Business       Operations.
90. The event that recognizes outstanding leaders from the      a. National                  b. FBLA Business            c. Businessperson of the    d. Entrepreneur of the
    business sector for their local, state, and national        Businessperson Award.        Leader.                     Year.                       Year.
    contributions to FBLA-PBL is the
91. School site testing applies to only                         a. chapter events.           b. team events.             c. individual events.       d. skill events.
92. Which of the following statements about competitive         a. A member may              b. A member taking the      c. A member who             d. A member representing
    event eligibility is not true?                              represent his or her         National Parliamentarian    participates in a pilot     his or her chapter in the
                                                                chapter in any number of     selection test may          event cannot compete in     oral portion of the
                                                                chapter events.              compete in another event.   that same event when it     Community Service
                                                                                                                         becomes an official         Project may compete in
                                                                                                                         competition.                an individual event.
93. Which corporate sponsor is offering one free on-line        a. Brainbench                b. Knowledge Matters        c. Certiport                d. Microsoft
     certification test?
94. The recognition for advisers and state chairmen with 20     a. Outstanding Adviser       b. Distinguished Adviser    c. Adviser Wall of Fame.    d. Adviser Tribute Award.
     or more years of service to FBLA-PBL is the                Award.                       Award.
95. The entry form and required documentation for the           a. the end of business       b. April 15.                c. the end of business on   d. May 15.
     Winners’ Circle recognition program must be submitted      April 1.                                                 the second Friday in May.
96. The competitive event that honors members who have          a. Future Business           b. Who’s Who in FBLA.       c. Job Interview.           d. Business Leader of the
     demonstrated leadership qualities, FBLA participation,     Leader.                                                                              Year.
     and evidence of skills essential for successful business
     careers is
97. Of the following events, which is only for members in       a. Business Calculations     b. Business Math            c. Impromptu Speaking       d. Business Procedures
     grades 9-10?
98. For what award are FBLA members eligible if they            a. Membership Madness        b. Local Recruitment of     c. Market Share Award       d. Membership
     recruit at least five new members?                         Award                        Members                                                 Achievement Award
99. This year’s sponsor of the Distinguished Business           a. FBLA-PBL                  b. Data Match.              c. Johnson & Wales          d. UPS.
     Leader Scholarship is                                      Professional Division.                                   University.
100. The program that will recognize FBLA chapters with the     a. Count ‘Em Up!             b. Community                c. Count on FBLA!           d. FBLA Volunteers!
     most community service hours is                                                         Countdown!

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