TOWN OF TIMBERVILLE MINUTES OF JULY 10 2008 TOWN COUNCIL MEETING The regular monthly meeting of the Timberville Town Council was held Thursday July 10 2008 at by KWo6W5


									                       TOWN OF TIMBERVILLE

The regular monthly meeting of the Timberville Town Council was held Thursday, July 10, 2008
at 7:30 p.m in the Timberville Town Council Chambers with Mayor Donald Delaughter

MEMBERS PRESENT:             Robert Blosser, Tyler Jessup
                             Sharon Jones, Ellen Nash
                             Juanita Price, Carl Turner

PRESENT:                     Austin Garber, Town Manager
                             Wilda Wine, Clerk/Treasurer
                             Michele Zirkle, Office Assistant
                             Richard Sullivan, Police Chief
                             Mark Callahan, Town Attorney
                             Beverly Garber, Plains District Memorial Museum

GUESTS:                      Michael Gray, Dusty Whetzel
                             Michael Riggleman, Blake Miller
                             Kenton Dove, Justin Whetzel

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Mayor Donald Delaughter led the group in the Pledge of
Allegiance to the American Flag.

MINUTES: A motion was made by Carl Turner and seconded by Robert Blosser to approve the
minutes of the June 12, 2008 Town Council meeting. The motion carried with all members
voting in favor.

TREASURER’S REPORT:                 General Fund                  $63. 181.61
                                    Water/Sewer                    206,100.06
                                    Park Fund                        4,041.97
                                    Cert. of Deposit               596,394.62

BILLS FOR PAYMENT: A motion was made by Tyler Jessup and seconded by Juanita Price
to pay the bills as presented. The motion carried with all voting in favor.

POLICE REPORT: Chief Sullivan reported 25 summons and $2303.00 in fines collected. He
stated that he and Larry Crider had been working with the residents of the Timber Hills
Apartments and Plains Apartments to establish a Neighborhood Watch Program. The Town will
furnish signs for both driveway entrances. The old police uniforms were donated to the Page
County Sheriff’s Department. Chief Sullivan also reported that quite a few of the guns had been
recovered from the Farm Bureau break-in. Carl Turner reported that Cindy Ware began her
police duties on July 1st.

PUBLIC WORKS: Town Manager Austin Garber read a list of the projects and jobs completed
by the maintenance employees since last month. A copy of the report will become part of these
He also stated that concerns had been expressed about Emergency Plans and Notifications at a
prior meeting. He spoke to the Fire Department concerning the issue. Rockinham County
Emergency Services coordinate all services within the county. The County is in the process of
updating and rewriting the county emergency plan. A copy will be sent to the Town as soon as it
is completed. Austin also contacted Bridgewater because they had developed a plan to fill in the
gaps of the county’s plan. He will look at Bridgewater’s plan and develop one for Timberville.
Chief Sullivan also reported that the police department has completed several emergency
response classes for the state.

Letters have been received from Representative Goodlatte’s Office and the Postal Service
concerning the address change from Broadway to Timberville for the area annexed area on the
east side. The Postal Service stated that the formal process has begun.

Mayor Delaughter asked about the status of the road paving projects. Austin explained that they
were waiting on the third estimate.

Carl Turner asked if the town could trim the shrubs at the town welcome signs.

SETH TURNER ANNEXATION REQUEST: The Planning Commission reviewed the
request from Seth Turner to annex two lots north of the town limits. However, Mark Callahan
stated he had reviewed the annexation agreement the Town entered into with Rockingham
County. The town can not annex any area not in our stated growth area. Seth Turner could
petition the court to allow annexation. Robert Blosser stated that Mr. Turner should be made
aware of this option and if he did not wish to pursue it, he could request out of town water and
sewer connections.

CHARLES BELL LOT LINE REVISION: The Planning Commission had reviewed the
request of Charles Bell to remove lot lines for four lots located on Cherry and Belvedere Streets.
The lot line revision would create two lots. Each lot would have one dwelling located on it. A
motion was made by Tyler Jessup and seconded by Ellen Nash to approve the recommendation
of the Planning Commission to remove the lot lines. The motion carried with all members
voting in favor.

BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY: Chairman Ellen Nash reported that the Business and Industry
Committee would meet July 15th at 7:00 p.m.

ZONING ACTIVITY: Wilda Wine reported the following zoning activity for the month:
293 Walnut Drive- Enclose carport
291 Center Street- Convert garage to dwelling
14735 Daisy Lane- privacy fence
14850 Sunnybrook Court- accessory building and deck
The Orchards- 4 town house units
405 Sherando Court- deck
16819 Spar Mine Road- front and side porches
BEAUTIFICATION COMMITTEE: Sharon Jones reported that Modern Woodmen had
purchased another tree for the park and will give $500 for equipment. The three grills need to be
replaced along with 3 picnic tables along the parking area Wilda has received estimates of
approximately $2700 for the items. The new tables would be coated for withstanding weather
conditions. One would be ADA compliant. Michael Gray stated that he would check with the
American Legion to see if they would help fund one of the items. An estimate has also been
secured for a tube slide at the pool. Council was asked to consider this for next season. Tyler
Jessup asked about insurance liability. Wilda will check with the insurance company.

FINANCE: Robert Blosser had no report.

PERSONNEL: Tyler Jessup had no report.

PLAINS DISTRICT MEMORIAL MUSEUM: Beverly Garber stated that the new building
has been turned over by the contractors and moving will probably begin as soon as the appraisal
of artifacts is completed. He read several historical notes for Timberville.

BROADWAY WASTEWATER AGREEMENT: Mark Callahan explained several areas of
concern relating to the inter-jurisdictional agreement with Town of Broadway. He cited the
appointment of the enforcing agent for the Town of Timberville and the consequences for failure
to meet compliance requirements. He suggested that each council person receive a copy of the
agreement that he had “red lined” and that they should review it and voice any concerns. Mayor
Delaughter asked that the council review the agreement within two weeks and address any
concerns.. After which time, he and Austin would discuss setting up a meeting.

OTHER BUSINESS: Ellen Nash stated that there were at least four houses on North Main
Street that are unoccupied and in disrepair. She stated one owner lives in Fairfax but lists this as
his permanent residence for taxes. The house is not being maintained. She asked if there was
any statue the town could enact to require property owners to maintain the property. Chief
Sullivan explained that the town could enforce the mowing and junk ordinances because they
could become a safety hazard. Mayor Delaughter stated there was nothing the town could do as
far as making sure taxes were being paid in the correct locality. Mark Callahan stated he felt it
would be unconstitutional to legislate how people maintain their homes unless it becomes a
safety issue. Austin stated if it became a safety issue, the town could ask the county to condemn
the property.

RML meeting on Wednesday July 16th. The meeting will be held at the Thomas House
Restaurant. Anyone attending should let Wilda know by July 14th.

PUBLIC COMMENT: Michael Riggleman, 11093 Phillips Store Rd., Broadway asked if the
town could help him and his friends to find an area they could park in and hang out until about
11:00 p.m. He stated they caused no trouble, but wherever they park to socialize, they have been
run off. He said he also planned to approach the Broadway Town Council about finding a
solution to the problem. Mayor Delaughter stated council would check on the problem and see
what was available. Council thanked Mr. Riggleman for coming to council with the problem.
ADJOURNMENT: No further business, the meeting adjourned.


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Wilda Wine, Clerk                          Donald Delaughter, Mayor

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