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                                             Message from the Principal
    Green                                    Our school play this year was the musical Peter Pan. During the
                                             performances, I couldn’t help but think of Sr. Mary Karla, who died this

    &Gold                                    past year. Sister, during her years of teaching at Regina, was the director
                                             of numerous musicals. I had the privilege of teaching with Sister Karla
                                             my first two years at Regina. Her love for the arts was contagious.
                                             Drama, theater, movies, and literature gave her a lens that opened up
 Board of Trustees
                                             the beauty and mystery of creation.
 Sr. Melannie Svoboda, SND ’62
     Provincial Superior, Chardon Province
 Sr. Margaret Harig, SND                     An outstanding Catholic writer, Flannery O’Connor, was quoted once as saying that she wrote the
 Sr. Sally Huston SND ’62
                                             way she did because of her faith, not in spite of her faith. I believe that the arts provide a way for
 Sr. Joanne Miller, SND
 Sr. Virginia Reesing, SND                   faith to come to life in the printed word, the oil on canvas and the notes of a musical score. This
 Sr. Mary Valerie Sweeney, SND
 Sr. Patricia Teckman, SND                   issue of the Green & Gold provides a glimpse of the arts…alive and well at Regina High
                                             School. The importance of science and math education for women does not diminish the need for
 Advisory Board
                                             the arts. As we continue to enable young women to learn, serve and lead, it is important for the arts
 Anthony Fistek,
     Chairperson                             be a part of their education. The message of the gospel can be communicated through the arts in a
 Anthony Zupancic,
                                             way that is often not possible in any other medium. Regina’s tradition is rich with stories of
     Vice Chairperson
 Janice Hornack,                             alumnae, students and faculty who have touched the lives of others through their involvement
 Sr. Maureen Burke, SND ’73,                 in the arts. We are happy to share those stories with you in this issue.
 Sr. Sally Huston, SND ’62,                  This is our second issue that has come to you in a new format and with a new masthead—The
     Assistant Principal
 Barbara Brown
                                             Green & Gold. We welcome any comments or suggestions on how we can use this communication
 Hermine Stefanski Cech ’57                  piece to keep you in touch with Regina.
 Colleen Conway Cooney ’74
 Alana Fitzpatrick Cooney ’90
 Mary Lynn Dickman-Engel                     God bless,
 Sr. Mary Jean Hoelke, SND
 Edward Icove
 Ann Lang                                    Sr. Maureen Burke, SND ’73, Principal
 Anthony Lelli
 Phillip Mazanec
 Susan Pellettiere ’82
 Sr. Mary Marthe Reinhard, SND
 Sr. Beth Anne Tercek, SND
                                             Unfourgettable…that’s how the awesome fourth straight state title won by Regina’s basketball
 Sheree Vaughn                               team in March should be described. In the long and storied history of Ohio basketball, neither a boy’s
 John Zbiegien
                                             nor a girl’s team has ever won four championships in a row. Not until your Regina Royals did it! Yet
 Alumnae Board                               the glory doesn’t belong only to the team. Coach Pat Diulus won his 400th game this season. And,
 Sr. Kay O’Malley, SND                       by winning this fourth title for Regina, it gave Coach his seventh total state title…more than any
     Director of Alumnae Affairs
 Janet Buzzelli Carey ’65                    other coach. He even was named Cuyahoga County Coach of the Year! Stop by to see the wonderful
                                             hardware on display near the gym. There are four tall gleaming trophies that stand as a testament
 Amy Wahl Breen ’83
 Judith Ann Mucci Colasante ’57              to our dedicated and talented team, and also to the fans that supported them along the road to
 Candace Tulley Kermode ’68                                                                          Columbus. It was an unbelievable season for
 Marisa Warrix ’73
                                                                                                     Siedah Williams, the senior standout who was
 Rosanna Sturtevant Sprague ’65                                                                      named Player of the Year in Ohio’s Div. III,
   Director of Communication                                                                         Cuyahoga County, All-Sun, and News-Herald.
   & Admission, Editor
                                                                                                     Si will attend the University of Virginia next
                                                                                                     year. Stacey Little, the other senior standout,
                                                                                                     who was designated Honorable Mention on
      HIGH       SCHOOL
                                                                                                     just as many teams, will attend the University
    Learn    Serve   Lead                                                                            of Akron next year. She’ll play for head coach
 1857 South Green Road                                                                               and Regina alumna, Kelly Kebe Kennedy ’89.
 South Euclid, Ohio 44121                                                                            The season was unfourgettable, four sure!
                                             The history-making FOUR-TIME STATE CHAMPIONSHIP
 Tel: 216.382.2110 Fax: 216.382.3555
                                             basketball team. Go Royals!!!
                                             Cover photo of Peter Pan and Lost Boys from school spring production.
Development News Takes the Stage
The Queen’s Gate Annual Scholarship Luncheon at Executive Caterer’s at Landerhaven on
March 29th was a signature event co-chaired by Mary Jo Mannen Bordonaro ’64 and
Hermine Stefanski Cech ’57. Lilting classical music by Lina Brezinskas ’03 on the piano and
flutists from the Cleveland Institute of Music provided an unmistakable ambiance. Lisa
Moran ’78, owner of Lisa Moran, Ltd., orchestrated a fabulous fashion show that enter-
tained the 500+ crowd. Each attendee was lavished with gifts: snack mix from King Nut
(Karen Metti Valenza ’86), fragrances from Kaufmanns, bottled water and gift certificate
from Lisa Moran ’78, a gift certificate from John Robert’s Salon and Spa (Kathy DiJulius              Admiring auction items (l-r) Lynn Reardon Fistek ’75, Hermine Stefanski
Cheyfitz ’75), and gift bag and a cubic zirconium stone from Ashcroft and Oak Jewelers                Cech ’57, and Mary Jo Sticht Lander ’57.
(Barbara Vrabel Zeman ’66). One lucky person in the crowd has a half carat diamond!

                                                                 From the invitation designed by Lynn Manson Davet ’65 to the exquisite topiary center-
                                                                 pieces created by Nancy Miller Mack ’66, the afternoon was one to celebrate and remember.
                                                                 A bagpiper led senior Legacy Scholars to the podium to thank all who made their educa-
                                                                 tion at Regina possible. “…We would not be here without you…” Each mother of a senior
                                                                 received a red rose. Area artisans were on hand for boutique shopping while the Silent
                                                                 Auction sparked competition for unique items and antiques. Two of the prizes in the Raffle
                                                                 finale were: The Taste of Cleveland -$1000+ restaurant certificates, and a log cabin quilt
                                                                 made by Peggy Murphy Dudash ’74 and Catharine Dougherty Zbiegien ’77 and Mary and
                                                                 Elizabeth Zbiegien.

                                                                          The corporate sponsors, and businesses and individuals who donated auction items made
                                                                          this luncheon an outstanding success. Regina is grateful for the friendship and commitment
Mary Jo Mannen Bordonaro ’64, scholarship luncheon chair, introduces
Legacy Scholars (t-b) Erin Petrovic, Jessica Toth, Caitlain Lynch, Amelia of the 2003 Committee members who worked tirelessly on this event: Sr. Kay O’Malley,
Bartucci and Claire Zbiegien.                                             Alumnae Director; Co-Chairpersons, Mary Jo Mannen Bordonaro ’64 and Hermine Stefanski
Cech ’57; Janet Buzzelli Carey ’65, Alumnae Board Chairperson; Joan Ward Anderson ’76, Judy Burke Bartel ’75, Marilyn Rossman Bartucci ’70, Amy
Wahl Breen ’83, Marilyn Cassidy, Anita Crawford, Jeanne Hvala Cunningham ’72, Lynn Manson Davet ’65, Phylis Farinacci Ferrara ’72, Lynn Reardon
Fistek ’75, Marilyn Henderson, Ruth Holton, Lucy Iemmolo ’74, Diane Otto Johnston ’74, Sheryl Johnson, Lee Iemmolo Liebenauer ’71, Kathleen
Winterich Lynch ’75, Nancy Miller Mack ’66, June Mangione, Jan Minor, Mary Staiger Murphy ’74, Jeanette Bodanr Muellner ’63, Beth Ulery Parnin ’63,
Kate Brown Petrovic ’68, Joan Mangione Powers ’73, Caroline Timura Pursey ’80, Karen Scimone, Diane Orosz Toth ’74, Marisa Warrix ’73, Cathy Quinn
Welsh ’73, Phyllis Vitello Whelan ’74, Michelle White, Catharine Dougherty Zbiegien ’77, and Mary Lou Zingale ’66.

  ANNUAL FUND UPDATE                                                                SCHOLARSHIP BREAKFAST 2003
  Be part of the team that puts us over the top! The Annual Fund is 15%             On February 26th, the first Scholarship Breakfast was held to acquaint
  away from the most ambitious goal in the history of the school—                   scholarship donors and recipients. Scholarship donors briefly intro-
  $250,000. With your help we can boost our participation levels to an              duced themselves and provided background information about their
  all-time high. Second gifts are welcomed too!                                     named scholarships. Students shared their career goals, favorite
                                                                                    subjects and extracurricular interests. The students were happy
  School spirit is contagious. Be inspired by the young women who work              to meet their benefactors and donors enjoyed meeting students
  to the best of their ability: succeeding in the classroom, championing            who express their gratitude by using their talents and dedicating
  for the hungry (13,700 cans of food in one week), praying for peace,              themselves to their studies. If you want information about setting
  winning an unprecedented 4th consecutive state basketball champi-                 up a named scholarship or special award, please contact the
  onship, excelling in music competitions and performing in popular                 Development Office.
  musical productions. Be a part of their educational success!

  Send a gift today! Use the envelope in this issue of the Green & Gold.
  Gifts and pledges must be in by June 30th in order to be acknowl-
  edged in the 2003 Annual Report of Donors and Gifts.

                                                                                                                                                    The Green & Gold 1
Students in the Limelight…
      s   Alumna Maureen Hurley Antalovich ’79 was keynote speaker at
          jam-packed Mother/Daughter Luncheon.
      s   Basketball team wins Surf ’N Slam Tourney in San Diego.
      s   All grade levels are involved in retreats.
      s   College Focus dinner held for junior parents.
      s   Winter Ball held at Tizzano’s Party Center.
      s   Seniors experienced a multitude of career options through
          Project REAL.
      s   Honors assembly celebrates excellence in the classrooms.
      s   Catholic Schools Week: Making a World of Difference.
                                                                                         Sr. Maureen welcomes Keynote Speaker, Maureen Hurley Antalovich ’79, at the annual
                                                                                         Mother/Daughter Luncheon in January.

                                                                                              s    Reverse Raffle sold out…moved to a larger site!
                                                                                              s    Sophomore parents enjoyed dinner and the PLAN Test explanation.
                                                                                              s    The Guidance Department hosted Jesuit College Fair for
                                                                                                   18 universities.
                                                                                              s    Provocative Black History Day assembly on the life of Harriet
                                                                                                   Tubman stirred students.


Freshmen rest up after huge Harvest for Hunger collection.                                    s    Ohio Music Educators Association honored Regina students:
                                                                                                   Highest VOCAL ratings went to:
                                                                                                     Kate Wagner ’03             Larissa Laughlin ’05
                                                                                                     Kelly Pekar ’04             Laura Vandiver ’06
                                                                                                   Highest rating for FLUTE SOLO went to Christina Stickan ’05
                                                                                                   Second highest rating for CLARINET SOLO went to
                                                                                                     sophomores Katie Saporito ’05 and Devney Ayers ’05
                                                                                                   Robin Lerch ’05 received the third highest rating for her
                                                                                                   FLUTE SOLO.
                                                                                              s    Harvest for Hunger Campaign reached new heights this year as
                                                                                                   275 students donated over 13,000 cans of food, plus $750.
                                                                                              s    The Regina Scholarship Luncheon at Landerhaven doubled past
                                                                                                   attendance numbers with 538 attendees.
                                                                                              s    Peter Pan, the first musical production in fourteen years, played
                                                                                                   to great crowds.
                                                                                              s    Uniform changes approved include a hunter green dress uniform
                                                                                                   sweater to replace the navy blue, and khaki pants for winter wear.
                                                             Harvest for Hunger senior
                                                             captains, Meaghan Oblak
                                                                                              s    The Class of 2007 registered showing a 20% increase from last year.
                                                             and Ashley Buchanon stand        s    The Regina basketball team won its FOURTH STRAIGHT STATE
                                                             by their tower of mac ’n              CHAMPIONSHIP and will graduate only two seniors!
                                                             cheese. The fifty-seven
                                                             seniors collected more           s    Alumnae Career Day was held with 20 alums speaking
                                                             than 5000 cans of food!               with students.

2 The Green & Gold
April                                                                             Welcome to the following
     s      Homerooms supported Easter Basket Project for needy.
                                                                                  alumnae daughters who
     s      Stations of the Cross presented by Clown Ministry during Holy Week.   will join the Regina Class
     s      Our Gospel Choir is joined by the Shaker High choir in concert.
     s      Senior Portfolios and Project REAL experiences shared.
                                                                                  of 2007:
     s      Sisters of Notre Dame Superior General, Sr. Sujita, visited Regina    Kristen Andersen
     s      Softball and Track teams kicked off busy seasons.
                                                                                     (Joan Ward ’76)

                                                                                  Sierra Anderson
                                                                                     (Anita Carter ’87)

                                                                                  Christine Appell
                                                                                     (Kimberly Roberts ’87)

                                                                                  Erin Bannan
                                                                                      (Mary Ann Sweeney ’73)

                                                                                  Alyson Campbell
                                                                                     (Laura Ruggiero ’73)

Peter Pan (Maureen Walsh ’05) and Wendy (Justine Roth ’05) share a song.
                                                                                  Erin Clawson
                                                                                      (Peggy McKinley ’75)

                                                                                  Hallie Gromek
                                                                                     (Mindy Spackman ’75)      Nine daughters of alumnae, who currently
                                                                                                               attend St. Gregory the Great School, will be
                                                                                  Caitlin Klingman             Regina freshmen next year!
                                                                                     (Lynne Lombardo ’77)

                                                                                  Charlene Lichtinger          Alexandrea Quinn
                                                                                    (Nancy Laux ’75)              (Monica Marotta ’83)

                                                                                  Kaitlynn Matteo              Colleen Sweeney
                                                                                     (Patricia Matteo ’74)        (Laura Longville ’75)

                                                                                  Catherine O’Hara             Allison Walter
                                                                                     (Janet Smrekar ’70)           (Martha Stein ’79)

Students get into the spirit of the championship basketball game in Columbus.     Victoria Owens               Mary Zbiegien
                                                                                     (Karen Leeth ’84)           (Catharine Dougherty ’77)

    Wish List
            Art Supplies, paper,                      Software for the Music
                                                                                  Thanks for...special gifts
        s   CD player                             s   Laptop computers            and in-kind donations:
        s   Digital Camera                        s   Dumbbells for Fitness         5 Alumnae Association – Carole Prochaska Smith ’57
                                                      Room                          5 Student Council and Drama – Mary Brown ’75
        s   Carts for Audiovisual                                                   5 Technology – Lisa Lauria, Jennifer Savage ’90, and
            Department                            s   Magazine subscriptions          Progressive Insurance Co.
                                                      for the Library               5 Julie Room – Rosemary Lips
        s   SMART pens

                                                                                                                                        The Green & Gold 3
Spotlight on the Arts
Profiles of alumnae and faculty whose stars shine bright.
                                       Deborah Sell Perez-Stable ’71
                                       Picturebook Portraits, Illustrations, Children’s Stories

                                       After receiving a BA in Visual Arts from Ursuline College in 1975, I remained there as an associate faculty member
                                       in the Arts Department encouraging students, hanging exhibits and illustrating college publications. Through the
                                       years I have taught classes, especially drawing, to children and adults, at the College, in schools and privately.

                                       I have also continued to produce art. Juried shows and invitational exhibits have accepted and awarded my pieces. My work
                                       has been shown throughout Ohio, including at the Cleveland Museum of Art. (Wouldn’t Sr. Giovanne, our art teacher, be proud?)
                                       Recently at a conference in Detroit, I showed my work and won the first place award of a page in a catalogue highlighting books
                                       for children’s markets. Since I want to eventually illustrate books for children, this opportunity will be very exciting. Hopefully, I’ll
                                       have my first book in hand soon.
Deborah Sell Perez-Stable ’71
                                         The art program at Regina served to establish a foundation for further development of my God-given abilities. The elements
of art and the principles of design, along with examples through Art History, were fully explored and applied. Individual expression was encouraged and appreciated.
Deadlines for projects gave cause for respecting the gift of time and its use. I remember that Sr. Giovanne served her students with enthusiasm and a sense of humor
along with an awareness of the spiritual aspects of artistry. She considered art expression a form of prayer and I learned to approach it with the same attitude.

This has been a helpful gift given my wonderful family, including husband, Diego, to whom I have been married nearly twenty-eight years and our four children.
Matthew is finishing at Northwestern en route to Notre Dame Law School, Sarah is a sophomore at Notre Dame University, Rachael is a high school junior and
Hannah is in seventh grade. Along with various dogs and cats, the house and my life are full!

Barbara Vrabel Zeman ’66

What I do, I’ve always felt, is preparing me for something bigger. Since childhood, my very existence has somehow
been connected directly to God. From grade school at Gesu, to Regina High, through the University of Detroit, strong
spiritual teachers have instilled in me a sense of determination, faith and courage.

Over the years I’ve gone from part-time radio station secretary to studio engineer, from “token” TV station woman cameraperson
to agency scriptwriter, then writer-producer. Although each step brought me closer to material success, it never seemed that I
was moving closer to God’s plan. But I was wrong.

I began my own production company in Chicago in 1984 and spent a decade working with a wide variety of clients. I produced
radio and television commercials for clients like Whirlpool, Sears, Jolly Rancher, United Healthcare, ProScout and Ashcroft &             Barbara Vrabel Zeman ’66 at the new
Oak Jewelers.                                                                                                                             Beachwood Place store.

Somewhere back in 1995, I began to dream about producing a documentary on Rome. I was at Loyola Rome Center at the time working on a master’s degree in theology,
which I completed at Loyola University Chicago in 1998. By that time, I had been a writer/producer for more than 25 years and I was determined to do something that
would connect the dots: theology…writing…film/video…God. So, I set out to make my video. With the encouragement of my family of friends in Chicago, I plunged
forward. The Sisters of Providence hired me to shoot portions of the beatification of Mother Theodore Guerin and I was on my way.

On Palm Sunday of 2000 my dream came true. “Rome Pilgrimage—Journey Into Jubilee” aired on PBS in Chicago and 13 other major cities in prime time. Since then,
it has been seen by over a million people and is now in the Vatican Archives. This dream…this video…came to fruition through a series of what the material world
would consider “coincidences.” But we Regina alumnae know better. This miracle happened as a result of my trust that God is now and always, putting me exactly
where I have needed to be to do His will.

Recently, through my work with client Ashcroft & Oak Jewelers, I was able to be part of the scholarship luncheon. It was good to connect with the Regina family again,
renewing friendships and greeting former teachers. It’s wonderful when two important parts of your life can merge successfully.

4 The Green & Gold
Focus on Faculty in the Arts
The school’s theatrical production this year was the musical Peter Pan, which played to full houses for all performances. Marilyn Lelli, who moderates the
Drama Club, directed the play. She also teaches sophomore English and Communication classes. Steven Winkler, who teaches British Literature and
upper level Spanish classes, was responsible for all staging and flying Peter! More than forty students were involved both backstage and onstage, with
many girls playing several characters.

Perhaps the faculty spotlighted below helped shape your future, or they may be new faces to you. Each faculty member though, in her own way, truly
helps to make the many art programs at Regina shine brightly for our students.

                                Mary Kreager, English and Gifted & Talented Instructor
                                Founder & Advisor, Clown Ministry
                                Alumnae who attended Regina after 1984 are well aware of the Clown Ministry Troupe and its reputation of service to the
                                community. Their performances of the Living Rosary and Stations of the Cross are both spiritual and uplifting. Mary Kreager,
                                the creator and founder, has a unique way of blending the performing arts with service projects. Because service is such an
                                important component of the Regina education, this makes her an easy faculty member to spotlight.
Mary Kreager
                              Initially inspired by the musical Godspell, Mary began the Clown Ministry at Regina with only five students. She had attended a JCU Clown
Ministry workshop and there met several other artists from diverse traditions and cultures. They all shared a common denominator: stressing service to the poor, hungry,
ill and lonely. From further workshops, Mary was able to devise her own unique way of doing Clown Ministry. “I try to incorporate singing, dance, mime and sign
language with acts of service to our school, hunger centers, nursing homes, hospitals, etc.,” Kreager states. It is definitely a hit at Regina where CM is now one of
the largest organizations with forty students involved.

Mary gains satisfaction from being part of the entire Regina community. She says that it’s easy to feel the family atmosphere that pervades the school. However, it’s
the creativity and dedication of the Clown Ministry members, who come every Sunday to practice, and generously give to others, that inspires her now.

                                Sr. Mary Seton Schlather, SND                                                          Kathleen Gardner
                                Instructor, English, music,                                                            Art Department Chair
                                  journalism, piano
                                                                                                                       In the past eighteen years, if you’ve taken Art I-IV,
                                Advisor, Prism and REGENT
                                                                                                                       made a facemask in Exploratory Art, worked
                                As the saying goes, if you want something done,                                        the potter’s wheel, or designed your personal
                                ask someone who’s busy. At Regina, your go-                                            ceramic tile in the art labs of Regina, you have
Sr. Mary Seton Schlather, SND   to person would be Sr. Mary Seton. She has               Kathleen Gardner              experienced Miss Gardner. This unique woman
her fingers in every aspect of the musical arts programs plus she is the                 dresses the part of the eccentric art teacher so very well, yet she has the
driving force behind all student-written publications.                                   ability to guide her students toward success in a subject where most feel
Sr. Seton has been on faculty at Regina for twelve years, having grown up in             totally inept.
Elyria as the oldest of thirteen children…eight boys and five girls! She entered
                                                                                         This patience and caring comes from growing up in a large family of fourteen
the convent right after high school and received a BA in English from Notre Dame
                                                                                         children. Kathy has eight brothers and five sisters. If you ask, she will tell you
College and a master’s in music education at Bowling Green. She has taught
                                                                                         that it was crazy, but fun…with emphasis on the crazy! She attended Cleveland
English and music at Notre Dame Academy in Virginia; Notre Dame Academy
                                                                                         State University receiving her B.A. in Art Education and Art History. Then, at John
in Chardon (now NDCL); St. Peter’s (Cleveland) and now, at Regina.
                                                                                         Carroll she earned a master’s in comparative religious studies.
If she’s not teaching, editing or writing, Sr. Seton might be found in the darkroom
                                                                                         Kathy says that she has always loved art and gets so much joy out of inspiring
as photography is her avocation. Or, she could be out tending the Regina gardens.
                                                                                         students to develop their own creative vision. Watching the girls produce art
Just for fun, Sr. Seton plays for Mass at St. Louis parish; directs a small bell choir
                                                                                         pieces of which they are so proud, and seeing the amazement in their eyes, is
at St. Jude Church in Elyria and also accompanies the Notre Dame Collegiate
                                                                                         totally fulfilling. In the supportive environment of Miss Gardner’s art studio, students
Choir…as time permits. She just completed work as the musical director of
                                                                                         become confident and courageous. They take risks and love to challenge them-
Peter Pan.
                                                                                         selves to move into new areas. “My only regret,” she said, “is the time limitation.
Talk about role models; Sr. Mary Seton is the consummate Renaissance woman!              Sometimes I just want to keep the art students all day so we can really dig into a
But if you’ve had her in class or know her at all, you’ll just call her awesome.         project and stay there.” Well, with a sounding board of thirteen siblings someone
                                                                                         should be able to help discover how that can be done!

                                                                                                                                                        The Green & Gold 5
Alumnae News
                                       Harvey Chicoine, father of Leslie      Arthur Schultz, father of Janice       Thomas Jagger, husband of
In Memoriam:                            Chicoine Wake ’64 and Sally            Schultz-Aldrich ’63                    Sandra Cashane Jagger ’67
Barbara Slocombe Michalski ’59,         Chicone Heaney ’67                    Thomas Lynch, father of Beth            and brother-in-law of Donna
 sister of Diana Slocombe              Theresa Selvaggio, mother of            Lynch DeBaggis ’78, father-            Cashane Naymon-Briant ’65
 Gombos ’63                             Lucy Selvaggio Stickan ’68             in-law of Kathleen Winterich           and Pam Cashane ’68
Cynthia Owens ’81, sister of           Loretta Yano, mother of Loretta         Lynch ’75, Sue Hlavin Lynch ’80       Mary Lewis, mother of Patricia
 Natalie Owens ’84                      Yano Schultz ’59 and Michele           and Ann Hlavin Lynch ’83,              Talty Boehm ’57
                                        Yano Garrick ’67                       grandfather of Erin Lynch ’01         Louise Endres, mother of Jane
Kathy Parey ’81
                                                                               and Caitlain Lynch ’03                 Endres Moser ’72 and
John Dick, father of Patty Dick        Jeanne Dolphin, mother of Mary
                                        Ann Dolphin O’Hanlon ’70,             George Ranney, father of Helena         Margaret Endres Bangs ’73
 Stein ’66 and Eileen Dick
                                        Jeane Dolphin Debelak ’73,             Ranney Finke ’58                      Jim Hogan, father of Ruth Hogan
 Lanchman ’77
                                        Maureen Dolphin O’Hanlon ’78,         Frank Simoncic, father of Patricia       Baker ’64
Harry Holzheimer, father of Janet
                                        grandmother of Meghan                   Simoncic Von Dorn ’61                Medard Nolan, father of Patricia
 Holzheimer ’59
                                        O’Hanlon ’95, Katie O’Hanlon          Patrick Tomchey, son of Pamela          Nolan Swantek ’68
Andrew Shoby, father of Mary            ’98 and Maureen O’Hanlon ’99           Duale Tomchey ’61                     Dr. Carl Opaskar, father of
 Shoby Stefanko ’68
                                       James Lombardo, father of Lynne        Elsie Haubrich, mother of Elaine        Patricia Opaskar ’61, Nancy
Mary Haas, mother of Mary Lou           Lombardo Klingman ’77                   Haubrich Soucek ’59                   Opaskar Benander ’63, Mary
 Haas Fasko ’67
                                       Florence Lucha, mother of Joan         Frank Hornikel, father of Cathy         Ann Opaskar Trost ’66, Carol
Anthony Comai, father of Marcia          Lucha ’60 and Judy Lucha                                                     Opaskar Dossa ’70, Jane
                                                                                Hornikel Sheridan ’79 and
 Comai Breznay ’69, Denise               Tomasello ’71                                                                Opaskar Bortner ’73, grand-
                                                                                Lisa Hornikel Torres ’84
 Comai Hocevar ’75 and father-                                                                                        father of Elizabeth Benander ’87,
                                       Omar and Madalyn Hine, parents         Marie DiCorpo, mother of Ann
 in-law of Patricia Blasse                                                                                            Kathleen Benander-Kadlub ’92,
                                        of Sr. Kathleen Hine ’73 and           DiCorpo Cicchella ’58, Eleanor
 Comai ’70                                                                                                            Megan Benander ’02 and
                                        Jeanine Hine ’75                       DiCorpo Frato ’61 and Judy
Frank Sims, father of Joanne                                                                                          Amander Benander ’04
                                       Jennie Carter-Jones, mother of          DiCorpo Plescia ’68
  Sims Kirk ’67                                                                                                      Patricia Donnelly, mother of
                                        Shirley Carter Hunter ’86
                                                                                                                      Denise Donnelly Kowalski ’72

                                                    Class of 1962                                       Ruth Hogan Baker’s father passed away in
Class Notes:                                        Francine Ratino Kennedy writes “We had a            February. On March 1st, her daughter, Jessica,
Class of 1958                                       great 40th reunion in August at Regina! A           was married.
Lynne Joyce Widlitz Pilot’s first grandchild,       wonderful event—thanks to Sally and Dolly.”
                                                                                                        Class of 1965
Grace Elizabeth Perkins, was born in October,
                                                    Class of 1964                                       Kathleen Wenstrup Fife is a grandmother for
2002. Grace is the daughter of Tracy Lynn Pilot
                                                    Carole Rossman Price appeared on Who                the third time. She received her MBA in 1997,
Perkins and Christopher. Lynne’s mother, Irene,
                                                    Wants to be a Millionaire and won $250,000.         her certificate in Human Resource Management
lives in Arlington, VA very close to Lynne.
                                                    Chris Rossman Foster ’67 and Dian Sonnhalter        in 2002 and she is presently the Manager of
Class of 1961                                       Oliver ’64 accompanied Carole to New York.          Human Resources at LaGrange Memorial
Mary Ann Tayerle Stoker has lived in Las                                                                Hospital in Illinois.
                                                    Virginia Eimutis Zymonas directed a 60-person
Vegas for 40 years! She has three children and
                                                    cast in Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor          Ellen Diemer Doyle and her husband, Tom,
one grandson. She retired from the Las Vegas
                                                    Dreamcoat last June. In August, Virginia and        have been living in Tulsa for the past 25 years.
Police Department over a year ago. She would
                                                    her husband, Joe, celebrated their 35th wedding     “Our kids are all graduated from college and
like to get together with other alumnae in the
                                                    anniversary. She asks for prayers for Joe who       living independently! Yeah!!”
Vegas area. Mary Ann also writes “Sorry to
                                                    has been diagnosed with lung cancer.
hear about Sr. Karla, she was a great lady.”

6 The Green & Gold
Class of 1967                                                                                                   Class of 1982
Mary Schwendeman, after eleven years as                                                                         Bridget Garin-Simenc and her husband are
president of Leamington Consulting, Inc.,                                                                       training to do a half-marathon in Anchorage,
was appointed Chief Executive Officer for the                                                                   Alaska to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma
Alzheimer’s Association. Mary and her husband,                                                                  Society on June 21. Like to donate? Email her
Peter Halbin, reside in Cleveland Heights.                                                                      at

Class of 1968                                                                                                   Class of 1984
Kathleen Millett McHale graduated from                                                                          Arthea “LaToya” Jackson-Bates and her
                                                     Cathy Quinn-Welsh ’73 discusses nursing in today’s world
Ursuline College in May, 2002 with a degree                                                                     husband, Brian, are the proud and very tired
                                                     during Career Day.
in interior design.                                                                                             parents of 21-month-old twins, Brian Whitfield II
                                                     Class of 1974
                                                                                                                and Bria Latoya Nicole. Latoya is an LSW for
Barbara Turk Elersich is retiring from the           Janice Damsel Brady writes that her twin
                                                                                                                the Arlington County Department of Human
Mentor Public Schools after 31 years of              daughters, 21, are both doing well. Rebecca is a
                                                                                                                Services and Brian is an accountant for the
teaching vocal music.                                CT03 in the U.S. Navy, assigned to the USS Essex
                                                                                                                ATF. They reside in Laurel, MD.
                                                     naval ship, stationed in Sasebo, Japan, work-
Class of 1970                                        ing as a cryptologist. Rachel is an art student
Patricia O’Brien Vitale is a CPA, Tax Manager        at Virginia Marti Art College in Lakewood, Ohio.
for Hausser + Taylor CPA-aka American                Her son Vincent, 13, attends school in Mentor.
Express Tax and Business Services.
                                                     Kathy Trivisonno-Wilkinson, her husband, Graig,
Class of 1971                                        and sons, Nicholas and Benjamin, live in Green,
Teresa Reilly Kowalski is living in Rocky River      Ohio. She is taking courses at Tri-C Western
with her husband, Dan. They are celebrating          Campus in the Deaf Interpreter Services program            Kyllan Thomas Hughes ’82 speaks to students about social
one college graduation, one high school gradu-                                                                  work during Career Day.
                                                     and will be a sign language interpreter when
ation, Dan’s retirement and Teresa’s 5-year
                                                     she completes the program. She works for the
cancer survivor anniversary this year.                                                                          Class of 1985
                                                     State of Ohio at the Adult Parole Authority. In
                                                                                                                Lisa Owens Pryor married Richard Pryor, Jr.
Linda Labrador Tomc and husband, Jim, are            June, she had gastric bypass weight loss sur-
                                                                                                                on December 28, 2002 and resides in South
living in Tequesta, FL in South Florida on the       gery and weighed in at 338 pounds. Her goal
                                                                                                                Euclid. Lisa has been an R.N. for 10 years and
east coast. Linda has been an RN since 1975          is to get to 180 and she is 15 pounds away! If
                                                                                                                currently works at Marymount Hospital in
and “I am proud to work for Hospice, wearing         anyone would like information or would like to
                                                                                                                ICU/CCU. Richard is a carpenter for Certa Pro
many hats, and helping wherever needed to            get in touch with her please feel free to email
help patients and their loved ones.”                 her at
                                                                                                                Meg Mucci McKeon is married with four
Class of 1972                                        Class of 1980
                                                                                                                children: Danny, 8; Sean, 6; Colleen, 4 and
Constance Bodnar Herron graduated from               Rhonda Vitanye has been named a Managing
                                                                                                                Patrick, 2. “I enjoy the busy life of a stay-at-
John Carroll in ’76, married in ’88, her husband     Director of Barclays Global Investors based in
                                                                                                                home mom and wife.”
died in ’99, and her mother died in 2000. She        San Francisco.
would love to hear from classmates at                                                                           Class of 1988
                                                     Class of 1981                                                                                             Andrea Jackson-Cohran and her husband,
                                                     Therese Jira MacWilliams has been married
                                                                                                                Edward, are very busy parents to Edward
Class of 1973                                        for three years and has a son, Charles, 1. The
                                                                                                                Ross III, 8 and Asia Elizabeth, 7. Andrea is
Mary Schneider Jalwan is vice president of           MacWilliams live in Olmsted Township. Therese
                                                                                                                a sales service associate for the U. S. Postal
Sales CORAM Health Care. Mary has four children:     enjoys being a stay-at-home mom and would
                                                                                                                Service. Edward runs his own business—
Andy, 24, working as athletic coordinator at         love to hear from classmates, especially
                                                                                                                Cohran Builders Complete Home Remodeling.
University School; Katie, 23, at Indiana State;      Jennifer Stokes. You can email her at
Kristin, 22, at Ohio State and Scott, 19, at BGSU.   t.macwilliams@WORLDNET.ATT.NET                                                                (continued on page 8)

                                                                                                                                               The Green & Gold 7
Alumnae News                                         continued

Angela Munford-Royster and husband,                    Anglia Eatman is an Advanced Clinical Nurse            Class of 1999
Derreck, are the proud parents of son, Derreck II,     on an adult oncology bone marrow transplant            Katie Palof will graduate from Hiram College
(Andrea Jackson-Cohran is the proud god-               floor. She has worked at University Hospital for       in May.
parent). Angela and Derrick are the CEO’s and          the last six years.
Executive Producers of Wreckanize Records
                                                       Nicole Masielli Sambuchino received a
Inc. Recording Studio in Cleveland.
                                                       bachelor’s degree in science from John Carroll
Colleen Murphy Miklus is enjoying being a              University and then received her master’s and
stay-at-home mom with her 2-year-old daughter,         certification in school psychology in 1999 from
Morgan. She is expecting their second baby in          Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. She has               Charles Anthony, son of Teresita Prcela
September. Colleen enjoyed coaching swimming           worked as a school psychologist and in admin-             Shepherd ’89 and husband, Kevin
this year at Regina High School and Andrews.           istration in alternative education schools in
                                                                                                                Isabella, daughter of Lynn Marke
Hi to everyone!                                        both Pittsburgh and Erie, PA. She was married
                                                                                                                  Gonzalez ’88 and husband, Marcelo
                                                       in October, 2000 and she lives in Erie, PA with
Class of 1990                                          her husband, Kevin and son, Drew.                        Liam José, son of Jennifer Murphy-
Gina Griesmar Hutter moved to Twinsburg
                                                                                                                  Torres ’86 and husband, José
on December 26 (which she would not recom-             Class of 1994
mend). Jack, 1, just started walking around the        Christa Freas is engaged to Scott Garman and             Rebecca Grace, daughter of Sandra
time all the boxes covered the floor! Maggie, 3,       plans to marry in June, 2004. Hillary Fox is              Trausch Vober ’87 and husband,
continues to impress and surprise them. Gina           one of the bridesmaids. Christa is currently a            Richard
can be emailed at               Regional Advertising Representative at Litugical
                                                       Publications Inc. and Scott is a paramedic in            Steven Philip, son of Kathy Morris
Heather MacDonald started at new job in                                                                          Hauck ’89 and husband, Bill
September as the Youth Development
Coordinator for the Alameda County Health              Class of 1995                                            Monica Rose, daughter of Aileen O’Brien
Care Foundation. She supports Oakland youth            Kim Trenton graduated last May from the                   Schneeberger ’79 and husband, John
in a job-training program in the county health         University of Central Florida with a BA in Political
                                                                                                                Michael Alexander, son of Daphne Bernal
care facilities.                                       Science. She is working at Darden Restaurant
                                                                                                                 Warner ’86 and husband, Walter
                                                       Support Center in the Red Lobster Remodel
Class of 1991                                          Department. Kim ran in the Disney Marathon               Natasha Therese, daughter of Cynthia
Tiffany Mixon has taken a job with the                 last January to raise money for the Leukemia              Smith Nagy ’93 and husband, Jay
Cleveland Heights University Heights School            & Lymphoma Society. She resides in Florida.
District teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th grade SLD
students in English and reading.                       Jamie Wolfrom graduated from Cleveland                   Marriages
                                                       Marshall Law School and passed the bar exam              Margaret Kloss Thorp ’61 to
Class of 1992                                          in 2002. She is engaged to be married in May,             Gerard Orlowski
Janice Troha Smallwood gave birth to Emma              2004 to Thomas Nagle of Maple Heights.
Elizabeth on May 26, 2002. “There were many
complications following delivery and I now             Class of 1996
cannot have other children, but it was all worth       Jamie Krovojntka has been working as a
it to have our beautiful girl!” Janice is teaching     paralegal for the Cincinnati Insurance Co. in
third grade part-time at O.H. Perry School in          Akron for over a year. She has enrolled at Case
Cleveland. You can contact her at                      Western Reserve University and is working                                      toward a degree in political science and hopes
                                                       to be done in 2004.

8 The Green & Gold
Career Day
On March 26, twenty graduates returned to share their careers and their
lives with the students of Regina. After a “spirited” keynote address
by Annette Pryor Anderson ’83 on commitment, enthusiasm, creativity,
excellence and using our talents, the students went to various sessions
on career interests.

Thanks to the following alumnae for sharing their time and talent with
the student body; Annette Pryor Anderson ’83, Robin Martin-Black ’86,
Peggy Staiger Breetz ’81, Meg Cosgriff ’83, Angela Eatman ’92, Hillary
Fox ’94, Anne Tupta Hallisy ’85, Helen Jarem ’85, Kyllan Thomas-
                                                                                   Los Angeles reunion in December 2002 gathers old friends together.
Hughes ’82, Teri Murphy Johnson ’68, Kelly Kebe Kennedy ’89,
Pam Koeth ’75, Christine Lattimore ’95, Sue Monroe Longville ’75,
Susan Pellettiere ’82, Connie Peplowski ’67, Joelle Petric Schmidt ’92,
Dr. Jameelah Strickland ’85, Cathy Quinn Welsh ’73 and Kim Erb
Wendel ’68.

  3’s & 8’s Reunion Weekend
  June 20-22, 2003
  Invitations will be mailed out at the end of April. Call your
  friends and have a great time renewing friendships and
  reliving memories. For information contact Sr. Kay O’Malley
  at or 216.382.2110 Ex. 262
                                                                                   Sr. Maureen and Sr. Kay, Alumnae Director, travel to Chicago for an April reunion.

  We would love to hear from you!
  Name _______________________________________________________________________________________Yr. Grad. __________________

  Address__________________________________________________________________ City _________________________________________

  State____________ Zip __________ Home Tel No. _____________________ Work Tel No. ___________________ E-mail _____________________

  News _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  ❑ Would you be willing to serve on the Alumnae Board? ❑ yes ❑ no.
  ❑ Would you be willing to be a class rep? ❑ yes ❑ no.                                                               Please return this form to Sr. Kay O’Malley
  ❑ Would you sponsor a student for Project Real? ❑ yes ❑ no.                                                         1857 South Green Rd., South Euclid, OH 44121
  m If yes, what field?___________________________                                                                    E-mail:
                                                                                                                      Phone: 216.382.2110 Ex. 262
  ❑ If you live out of state, would you be willing to help plan alumnae gatherings in your area? ❑ yes ❑ no.
  Deadline for next Green & Gold is September 1, 2003.

                                                                                                                                                     The Green & Gold 9
    Lighting the Way with Fifty Candles                                                    Calendar of Events
    The light of one candle casts an incredible glow. Witness the unforgettable
    light of Regina celebrating the tradition, education and vision of fifty years.
                                                                                              May 2
    Plans are underway to kick-off the fiftieth anniversary of Regina High School               Spring Choral Concert
    on Saturday, September 13, 2003. The entire Regina community of alumnae,
    family and friends is welcome to attend the special gala celebration at StoneWater        May 16
    Country Club in Highland Heights. The day will begin with a morning golf outing             Senior Prom
    sponsored by the Regina Dad’s Club. An evening gala will follow. Circle your
    calendar NOW.                                                                             May 29
                                                                                                Academic Awards Night
    To defray printing and postage costs, a limited number of invitations will be
    mailed. The invitation will be posted on the Web site (               June 1
    Reservations forms can be printed online. If you wish to receive an invitation,
                                                                                                Baccalaureate Mass & Brunch
    please call the Development Office.

    To help sponsor this Gala Celebration or donate an item, tickets, condos, or              June 2
    timeshares to the auction, please contact Kate Petrovic in the Development                  Graduation for Class of 2003
    Office at 216.382.2110 Ex. 243.
                                                                                              June 20-22
                                                                                                Alumnae Reunion Week-End

                                                                                           50th Anniversary Celebrations:

                                                                                              September 13
                                                                                                Golf Outing and Evening Gala
                                                                                                at StoneWater Golf Club

                                                                                              September 14
                                                                                                Family Mass & Picnic

  Great Memories…Golden Moments
  Help write the history of the first fifty years for all those who follow in the next fifty years.
  Describe a defining, “golden moment” at Regina that has had an impact on your life. What is your favorite Regina memory? Which teacher or
  classmate inspired you? We want to record your stories. Jot them down and send them to the Alumnae Office. E-mail is also an option:

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